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4th Week of October Daily Summaries

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October 26
You Better Protect Me.

Carly tells Omar that she has to go back to shore to see Bo while he stays on the boat and plays nurse to Rafe. She tells him that Bo seems to be moving up in the world. Omar worries that a cop could do her a lot of damage. She already has another idea: Justin. After she puts on her 'disguise' she heads into town and over to the mansion. She hopes it's past Victor's bedtime and knocks on the door. She ducks out of the way when Henderson answers and then rushes off to Bo's. Walking through the graveyard, she flashes back to being buried alive. "Salem: A memory behind each tombstone," she quips.

Justin is helping Hope pack up her stuff. Bo comes in as they try to squeeze her suitcases out. After some awkwardness, Justin leaves them alone and they bicker about their feelings. He refuses to let her tear Ciara away from him. Justin putters in and out with her stuff. Bo reminds her that they were trained never to corner someone in a volatile situation. The situation turns baffling for him when she explains that she is going to stay with Victor. "Please tell me you're joking," he says. He tells her she can't live there and offers to sell their house. She refuses, accuses him of being a hypocrite and walks out. Justin drives her over to the mansion. She's starting to think she is making a terrible mistake. Meanwhile, back at home, Carly breaks into Bo's house. He tackles her. "Sorry to drop in on you like this," Carly says.

Sami walks into the Java Cafe, kicking herself for just handing all of her money to Nicole. As she tells herself that EJ deserves what he's getting, he pops up and asks her what she's mumbling about. They trade barbs and she empties her purse to look for change. He offers to buy her a coffee and invites her to talk about Johnny. She gets instantly defensive. He warns her against aligning herself with Nicole. He tells her that he lost both of his daughters and won't let Johnny suffer. As he drinks his chilled latte, she tells him how stupid and miserable he is acting. "This from one of the great intellects of Salem," he grunts, refusing to discuss Nicole with her. Sami tells her that Nicole's gone. She took her baby and ran. "She's still taking care of your daughter," she says. Since she didn't have any money, he guesses Sami must have helped her. Sami tells him that Nicole loves him and they could have been happy if only he wasn't a DiMera. "You're wrong," he says as she leaves. She goes home and hopes that Nicole is doing well.

Stefano calls Nicole and orders her to come to the hospital or she'll regret it. "I am finally out of your jurisdiction," she tells him. "I did not turn away from the light to get lip from someone like you," he says. He can hear the stewardess announce the flight is going to Rio. He laughs and says she'll never see it. After she hangs up on him, a flight delay is announced. Stefano calls her back to say that someone is waiting for her outside. After she gets off the plane, she heads straight to the hospital to confront Stefano. He jokes around until they argue about where Sydney is going to live. "You are insignificant. All that matters is the baby," he says. She tells him about Chad's quest to get the baby and how she refuses to let that happen. He repeats that what she wants doesn't matter. When she threatens to tell EJ about everything they did, Lexi walks in and demands to know what's going on. She takes Nicole out of the room and orders her to go home. Nicole goes back to see Stefano instead. He admires her tenacity. She points out that she has nothing to lose and that makes her dangerous. Stefano doubts she has enough power to be dangerous. She's sure that she can convince EJ about the role he played in all of this and then he can say goodbye to his grandchildren. "You better protect me," she warns him. He points out that everyone who has threatened him has come to regret it. While she is issuing another threat, EJ walks in on them.

Brady and Ari lounge in her bed. He says the secrecy is exciting, but she's less enthusiastic about it. She won't talk about her problems so they make out instead. Ari wishes they could be together, alone in the room, separate from the world. "I've always had a complicated relationship with real life," he says. They joke around and he tells her he wants her to be happy all the time. When he says that what they have is great, she tells him he's right. He asks her to open up to him about her deep, dark secret. Her phone rings. She flashes back to being arrested with a table full of cocaine. He tries telling her that everything will be alright but she doesn't believe it. She decides to distract him from the topic with some sex.

October 27, 2009
The Entire Truth.

At the pub, Ciara is miserable because they only have vanilla ice cream. Her mother sends her to get some cookies from Caroline. Hope tells Justin that moving to the mansion feels like pulling off a band aid. "What if this is a mistake?" she wonders. Justin says that moving in with Victor isn't a permanent solution and advises her to give Bo a little time alone. He takes her over to the mansion. She looks around and tries to be positive. "At least Kate's not here," she says. They sit down and she complains about how people always get away with doing the wrong thing. Victor listens in. After Hope unpacks and puts Ciara to sleep, she bumps into Victor and they chat. She tells him how sorry she is about the situation and then goes up to bed. "Bo's an idiot," he grumbles to himself. Hope runs into Justin and they talk about how hard splitting up is for the kids. He wonders if that means she'll go back to Bo before she's ready. She says that she will if it's best for Ciara. Justin tells her that things will get better from now on.

When Carly breaks into Bo's house, he tackles her to the floor. He's shocked to see her face glaring up at him. He turns on the lights and complains about her smashing his window. "My life is in danger," she explains. He gets some diet beer and they talk about Lawrence's death. She admits that she's the one who stabbed him. He gets uncomfortable. "Killing people: It's a difficult topic," he says. She asks why Hope left with Justin. This is even more uncomfortable so they go back to talking about her. She insists that she killed her husband in self-defense. Lawrence had changed and began doing evil things, she explains, but her story is cut short when Victor calls and orders Bo to get off his ass and bring his wife home. Bo says he's busy. Victor shouts at him and hangs up. Carly can see that there are problems and offers to leave. Once again, he asks her what happened to Lawrence. "He had to pay," she says, and she's sorry that she hadn't killed him sooner. Bo says that if he's going to help her, he needs full disclosure. He gets her some nuts and more beer so she'll open up.

Lucas calls Nate from rehab and tells him to go ahead and move into his place, even if he will be getting out soon. Mel walks in as Nate says that he plans on moving tonight. He gets off the phone and explains that he has to respect his promise to Maggie. Mel thinks she should be the one to move out. He tells her that Maggie needs her. After packing, he begins searching for his fountain pen. It used to belong to his grandfather. She finds it. He shakes her hand in thanks. They giggle as he tries to say goodbye. Meanwhile, Lucas calls Maggie. She tells him about Nate moving out and he tells her to 'butt out'. When she goes to the pub, she runs into Mel licking ice cream off of Nathan's lips. Maggie sits down and tells them that she doesn't want them to resent her. They assure her that they don't and this is all for the best. Relieved, she invites Nate over for Sunday dinner. After she leaves, Mel worries that she won't get to see him much. Nate promises that he won't let that happen and kisses her.

At the hospital, Stefano rolls his eyes as Nicole threatens to expose the fact that he's known about the baby switch all along. EJ bursts in and demands to know what's going on. His father says they have to discuss 'the entire truth'. EJ shoves Nicole away from the bed and gets angry when his father tells him he brought her back. "Sydney is a DiMera," Stefano insists. Elvis shakes his head. Stefano says he's being rash and doesn't know the whole story. "Are you gonna tell him or am I?" he prompts Nicole. EJ is baffled. Kate flounces in, eyes rolling, and begins flirting with Stefano. The others cringe until Kate kicks them out, claiming that everything will be fine now that she is there. She sits with her husband and begins digging for information. He's not forthcoming. They talk about whether she was trying to kill him or not. "If I'd tried to kill you, you'd be dead," she assures him. He laughs. She tells him that the mansion is no fun without him. They joke about how grim the thirty somethings are. Yawning, he asks her to send Nicole in before he goes to sleep.

EJ chases Nicole down in the hall and tells her that he doesn't want his father under any stress. He asks her what his father was about to tell him. She says that she's concerned that his father could have mental issues thanks to the coma. Elvis explains that his father was suggesting that he knows what she was up to all along. "That's ludicrous," she says. Kate interrupts to say that Stefano wants to talk to each of them alone. Nicole goes in first. "I went to your wedding, I don't want to go to your funeral," he tells her before sending her away. Maxine comes in to drug Stefano. She leaves as EJ comes in. His father yawns and says that he will speak to him tomorrow. When EJ walks out, Nicole is waiting with the baby. She asks him if he wants to hold Sydney. He's silent and walks away. Nicole calls Sami. "I need to tell you something before you hear it from someone else," she says.

October 28, 2009
Hope For The Rest Of Us.

It's morning. Carly has spent all night telling Bo her story. After calling Omar, she decides to head back to the boat. Bo stops her, throws a blanket on her and has visions of kissing Hope. They're interrupted when Maggie shows up at the door. Carly hides in the dining room as Maggie comes in, looking for Hope. He tells her she's gone and he's busy with a houseguest. Once Maggie's gone, Carly wants to run. Bo stops her again.

At the mansion, Philip is surprised to see that Hope has moved in. He's sorry to hear she is taking a break from Bo but tries to joke about it. Hope doesn't find it funny and leaves the single men alone. "If Bo and Hope are having problems, is there any hope for the rest of us?" Philip wonders. Justin offers him some words of wisdom he got from a fortune cookie and Philip putters off. Meanwhile, Maggie runs into Hope at the Java Cafe and asks about her new house guest. Bo's new friend is news to Hope and she asks if she got a good look at her. Hope doesn't want to talk and runs off. She goes home and searches around for Ciara's coloring book. "I hear we have a houseguest," she says. Bo says that Maggie must have misunderstood. Hope digs for details but he's not forthcoming so she stomps out. "You're so lost without her," Carly observes as she comes back. She's eager to leave. Bo tells her that he needs to keep her hidden and protected for as long as it takes.

At the hospital, Steph asks Maxine why Nate and Mel are acting like they barely know each other when they've been dating. This is the first Maxine's heard of it and she immediately confronts them. Mel insists that they are not an item. Once Maxine drags Nathan off to work, Mel accuses Steph of sending Maxine after her because she's jealous. Steph claims she thinks they are a nice couple. Later, Philip arrives and hands Nathan a citation from the hospital board for his work with Melanie. He asks him to bring one to Mel as well. Nate informs him that he doesn't live with her anymore. "Then I'll deliver it in person," Philip says with a smile. As he leaves, Nate admits to Steph that he knows what Philip just misunderstood but will let Mel sort him out. Philip heads straight to Maggie's to give Mel her citation. He asks about how things are going with Nate and she insists they are actually going well. He hopes she will be happy... "But you'd be happier with me," he offers.

Stefano calls his son and demands he come over before the nurses drug him again. As EJ's about to leave the house, Chad runs in, demanding to see his daughter. He leaps around, yelling for Nicole. EJ forbids him to behave like this in his house. Chad challenges him and asks if he wants to fight him on this. EJ refuses to fight; he can't let himself care. If he did, he'd want to strangle Chad every time he showed up like this. "Is that what you'd prefer?" EJ asks. Mia and Will arrive. She begs Elvis not to let Chad take the baby, especially since she's seen what a wonderful father he is. EJ refuses to get in the way of another father, but he will be keeping an eye on him. Chad thanks him and walks out. Will asks EJ how he can just give away his daughter. "Maybe you should ask your mother. It's all on her," Elvis says. He tells them to leave. Mia cries on Will's shoulder and tells him she would do anything to stop Chad from taking Sydney.

Nicole takes Syd over to Sami's. She's sure that Stefano is about to reveal the truth so she decides to speak to her first and give the baby back. Sami is startled to find her on the doorstep and asks why she came back. After the women hug, Nicole gives Sami her money back. Sami urges her not to stop fighting for her daughter. Nicole explains that she can't fight anymore thanks to Stefano. He dragged her back to town. When she takes Sydney into Allie's room to put her to sleep, Sami sneaks out. Nicole returns and assumes she's run off to see Stefano. "It's too late!" she cries. She doesn't know how she will be able to go on if she loses her baby.

Back at the hospital, Stefano is arguing with Maxine and ranting about how useless the nursing staff is. After she leaves him alone, he imagines telling Elvis all about the baby switch and how his child is still alive. EJ takes it well and then Stefano has his goons drag Nicole away screaming. He snaps out of it as Sami storms in and begins berating him. He asks her what Nicole said to her. "Haven't you made her suffer enough?" she asks. He doesn't think so, and not just for what she's done to EJ, but for what she's done to Sami as well. Sami rants at him and he asks her to keep her mouth shut so he can tell her the truth. She sneers and barks that the child needs to be with her mother. "I couldn't agree more," he says.  Meanwhile, as Nicole sits with the baby and tries to say goodbye, Chad rushes by and serves her some legal papers.

October 29, 2009
It's Not Working.

On the boat, Rafe dreams of Sami... but it's only a dream. He wakes up and sees Omar looking down at him. Meanwhile, Carly tells Bo that she's uncomfortable having him lie for her and she needs to go back to the boat. He insists on protecting her and offers to drive her there. She wants to go alone. He sends her upstairs. As soon as his back is turned, she runs out the door. When she gets to the boat, Rafe is gone. Bo sneaks up on her and asks her who she is looking for. She explains that she fished someone out of the water and now they've run off. Omar comes in and Bo offers to check with the station about the guy who drifted off. Bo and Carly go back to his place. She suddenly breaks down and begins crying uncontrollably.

Sami is at the hospital ranting at Stefano. He tells her that Sydney should be with her real mother. Before he can tell her who that is, she explodes and shouts about how the little girl is nothing to him. "Wrong. I am her grandfather," he says. Sami cuts him off and continues bellowing. He tries to explain again but it only makes her more furious. He says that Nicole is 'irrelevant' and Mia is a misguided 'imp'. This makes Sami even angrier. Stefano starts shaking his head as she continues to moan. He tells her that she has her mother's spunk but none of her class. Sami can't argue with that but she blames Stefano for everything that's ever gone wrong in her life. He finally yells at her to stop. EJ stomps in and asks her to leave. Stefano stops her to say that, "The hand that rocks the cradle may rule the world, but what cradle do you rock?" She's baffled by his cryptic remark. He lays into her for her lies and tells her it's only right that she goes home to an empty crib. Elvis stops Sami from leaping onto his father and pushes her out the door. Stefano tells him that the 'slut' gets under his skin, but he won't allow her to do it anymore. "I nearly made a hideous, costly mistake," Stefano admits. EJ asks why he called him down there. His father is too worn out to talk and asks him to leave. Elvis strolls out to his sister and complains about how impossible his father is.

"Arrogant much?" Mel asks Philip after he tells her that he's better for her than Nathan. He says they're prefect for each other. She slaps him. He smirks. She throws cranberry muffins at him, accusing him of abandoning her whenever she needed him. He insists that he has genuine feelings for her. "Leave me alone," she whimpers. He assumes he's hit a nerve and swears he isn't messing with her head. Mel doesn't want two men fighting over her because she always makes the wrong choice. He tries kissing her but she wants to be treated right for once and orders him to go.

At the hospital, Steph tells Nate that he was great with the kids at the Halloween party. She offers him a cupcake as a peace offering. He says she did nothing wrong. She claims she's been a bad friend and has wished for his relationship with Mel to fail. Steph is jealous and needs to work on being a better person. Nate thinks there is no need for improvement. Later, Mel arrives and tells Nate that she can't wait to see him so she can show him how she feels. He asks her where this is coming from. She kisses him and asks if they can go back to his place to celebrate. Meanwhile, Philip runs into Steph at the Java Cafe. He now knows that Mel and Nate are still together, but says that things can quickly change. She tells him to leave Mel and Nate alone. He advises her to do the same.

Chad hands Nicole a court order for a DNA test. "You really are so clueless," she groans. She won't fight him on it though. Chad is confused. He sits down and talks to Syd, promising her that they can start hanging out soon. That makes the baby cry. Nicole's tired of Chad playing the victim so she lets him hold the baby for once. "What do I do?" he asks, baffled as the baby glares at him. Syd cries. "It's not working," he says, begging Nicole to take her back. Sydney calms down when she's back in Nicole's arms. She tells him that he better get used to babies crying. "Are you absolutely sure you want to be a full time father?" she asks. Rafe creeps along the pier and hides in the bushes as Nicole tells Chad how stupid he is. "My baby will never forget about me!" she yells at him. He demands his kid back. "She is not yours!" she blurts out, storming off. Stefano calls her and orders her over to the hospital. When she gets there, she expects that he's told Sami and Elvis everything. She begins rambling until he yells at her to be quiet. He explains that he's decided Sydney's parentage should remain a secret forever. Sami's visit reminded him that Nicole is the lesser of two evils. He wants her to remain Syd's mother and EJ's wife. "I will make it happen," he promises.

Rafe stumbles into Sami's apartment. Sami helps him sit down and he tries telling her about Sydney, but she seals his mouth with kisses. This is only a dream. Rafe passed out by the pier. He wakes up and begins shuffling along the street. Meanwhile, EJ shows up at Sami's. "Shoot me now," she groans as he comes in. "If only that were an option," he moans. As they begin arguing, Rafe starts knocking on her door.


October 30, 2009
Everything Depends On Keeping A Secret.

Carly breaks into tears. She tells Bo there is no way she won't pay for what she did to Lawrence. He tries to reassure her and claims he understands why she did what she did. "They're coming for me Bo," she warns. She tells him her marriage ended years ago but she stayed because she was weak. "You're not alone," he says. On the other side of the world, Lawrence's ashes are delivered to Vivian. She tears up photos of Lawrence and Carly. She calls in one of her goons and orders them to hunt Carly down. "Then I'll deal with her personally," she says.

Mia shows up at Sami's to hug her. EJ stares at them uncomfortably before leaving to take care of some 'business'. Mia weeps to Sami, who reminds her that Chad has rights but promises to think of something to help remedy the situation. She rushes off to see Brady at the Java Cafe. Sami tells him she's disappointed in him for letting Nicole down. He insists that he's done everything he can to help her but he's stopping short at helping her become a fugitive for life. Sami admits that she tried paying for Nicole to leave but the plan fell apart. Brady's relieved that she's still around to face up to things. She tells him what a great friend Nicole has been. Brady tells her that his people have been looking for Rafe but they haven't had any luck. She tries to play it cool.

T is telling Chad to stop bad mouthing Mia. Will arrives and admits that what Chad is saying is true. "I'm a daddy," Chad says. Will tells Chad he's a sleaze bag and orders him to stay away from Mia.

At the hospital, Nicole is confused to hear that Stefano wants to 'take care of everything'. He doesn't want Sami any closer to his son than she already is. She worries what the DNA test will show so he explains his plan. They call Mia to the hospital. Nicole tells her about Chad ordering the DNA test and explains that, while she can't fix things herself, Mia can. She takes Mia to see Stefano so he can explain. He tells her that he has grown to love Sydney as part of his family. Then, he says that her 'ex-paramour' can never have the baby, but to make that happen, Stefano needs her to lie to everyone and never turn back. He explains that he can make the DNA test show whatever he wants, like Chad not being Syd's father. To make that believable, she'll have to tell people she's slept around. Mia freaks out. Nicole tells her not to abandon her daughter now and ruin her life. With some difficulty, she calls Chad and asks to meet with him. Stefano tells her she's made the right choice. Mia already regrets this but she's doing it for her baby. Nicole thanks her from the bottom of her heart. After Mia leaves, Nicole feels bad. Stefano says she may look innocent, but she knows how to lie just as well as they do. "I am going to tell you how to get Elvis back in your bed," he says.

Mia meets Chad at the pier and asks him to call off the paternity test. "I don't think you're the father," she says. He says she's lying. She spins him a story about going partying in Chicago with her cousin after he left. "I liked being anonymous," she says, claiming she slept with a lot of guys and one of them got her pregnant. "This is total crap!" he says. She says she never told him before because she didn't want Will to think she was a slut. Will pops up on cue.

Elvis goes home and sadly remembers hanging out with Syd. He makes a call. Moments later, one of his new thugs arrives. It's Troy. "You work for me, you work only for me," EJ makes clear to him before asking for details about all of his dealers. Troy hands him a list. Elvis is shocked when he sees Ari's name on it. "I wonder if Rafe has any idea? Mr. FBI..." EJ smugly muses to himself.

Rafe shows up at Ari's door. He falls onto her bed. "Everything depends on keeping a secret," he mumbles. He tells her about being attacked and held captive by Meredith before being dumped in the river. He held on to a log for awhile to survive. "I think Stefano was involved in this," he says. She wants to go to the police but he refuses. After he has a nap, he tells his sister about the woman who saved his life. His sister makes him some soup. They can see that Brady has been calling her. She admits she's back with him but they're keeping it quiet. She worries that Brady won't always be as caring for her as he is now. They discuss Nicole and she tells him that everyone knows the baby isn't hers. When she tells him that the baby is Mia's, he gets a weird look on his face.

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