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1st Week of September Daily Summaries

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August 31, 2009
Baker Is Dead.

In the park, Brady confronts Ari about what he just saw between her and Troy. She insists he's overreacting and tells him that Troy was just high when he hassled her and came to the pub to apologize. "You are a very forgiving person," he says. She tells him he's taught her to see that people change. He apologizes and hugs her. They make out. He wants to be alone with her but his grandfather calls him and asks him to come home. She offers to go home with him. He's impressed by the way she thinks and they run off. When they get to the mansion, she jokes about smashing an ancient vase. She wonders if they will ever be able to understand each other since he never had to struggle to support himself. He suggests that the difference could make things interesting. They make out in the living room and then he suggests they swim. She doesn't have a suit. "I don't either," he says. That sounds good to her. After their naked swim, they make out as they share a towel. He asks her if she wants to go further. She doesn't want to stop.

Daniel stumbles around the pier with his shirt open. As he drinks, he calls Kate and tells her he doesn't want things to end the way they left them. He's sure there are more 'dark twists and turns' for them. She accuses him of taping their conversation but he begs her to trust him and listen. He asks to meet her in the flesh. After getting off the phone, she paces and wonders if he is playing her. The phone rings. She answers and snaps before realizing it's Lucas. He sadly tells her he needs her help deciding what to do with Chloe.

Melanie and Nathan go down to the pier to meet Daniel. The intern is still reluctant to help unless Daniel can convince him that he isn't out to finish the job on Chloe. Daniel says that he was set up and only wants to save her. If Nate says no, he will find another way, but he thinks that Nathan should remember the oath he took to protect patients. Nathan agrees to go along with him. "Yay!" Melanie cheers. As Nathan gets Chloe's chart, Mel warns Daniel that the clock is ticking because Lucas is going to pull the plug tonight. When Nate returns, Daniel grabs the files and says he has to give her the drug himself. Nathan gets an idea.

Lucas meets his mother at the Cheatin' Heart. He tells her that it may be time to take Chloe off of life support. "You just made me so happy," Kate blurts out. He's shocked she can react like that. "Her mind is already gone," Kate says. Her son explains that this means Daniel could be facing murder one. Kate says that Justin may be able to save the doctor. They wonder what goes on in Daniel's mind and then she reminds him he has a decision to make. She tells him it's time to bring this painful chapter to a close.

At the hospital, Melanie begins chatting up the guard outside Chloe's room. Nathan slips past them and places the drug beside Chloe's bed before knocking on the side door. As he slips back out, Daniel comes through the side door. He stares into Chloe's eyes and weeps before reaching for the drugs. As he fills the syringe, Kate and Lucas arrive outside. Lucas decides he can't go through with this. His mother tells him to give himself some peace and do it. He agrees. When he walks off to see the nurse, she decides to go see Chloe for a final chat. As she approaches the door, Daniel finishes the injection and tells Chloe how much he loves her.

At the mansion, Nicole calls Stefano and tells him she needs to talk to him. Elvis walks in and asks her why she is so desperate to speak to him. She claims that she has pictures of Sydney to show him. He grabs her and tells her to stop playing him for the fool. "This stops. I've had enough of it," he says. She claims she isn't hiding anything. He's fed up with her deflections and furtive conversations. He orders her to prove how much she cares by telling him what she wanted to talk to his father about. Stefano wanders in and tells her to go ahead. He explains that they were planning a surprise kick off for the honeymoon. Elvis hangs his head and apologizes. The baby cries so he runs off to see to her. Stefano tells Nicole she is losing her touch. She thinks everything is going to Hell in a hand basket. He assures her that Dr. Baker isn't a problem anymore. She doesn't follow what he just said and keeps worrying so he mocks her. She's sure that Rafe will be pumping the doctor for information. "Perhaps we can kill two birds with one stone," he says. EJ returns and Stefano makes himself scarce. He apologizes for his paranoid predisposition. As they hug, Stefano interrupts and sends his son off to take a business call. Nicole asks for an explanation again. "Baker is dead," he tells her, spelling it out. She thinks this means it will never be over. Nicole tells him about the letter. "Who has this accursed letter?" Stefano demands.

Rafe arrives in the Dominican and sneaks into Dr. Baker's room. He tries talking to him until he notices that he's turned purple and there is a rope around his neck. Two people in masks ambush him and knock him to the ground. A moment later, Sami comes in and finds him on the floor. She wakes him up. When she tries to do the same for the doctor, she starts to scream. He knows she may think he's a killer but he promises that he didn't kill Baker. She stops hyperventilating until a knock comes to the door. It's housekeeping. Rafe yells at them to go away and then tells Sami that he must have been set up for this. He searches Baker's body, taking his phone and wallet. They jump out the window when they hear the cops outside.

September 1, 2009
The Letter.

Sami and Rafe are on the plane asking each other what they were doing in the Dominican. She came looking for him. She tells him about Baker's call and how it made no sense to her. Sami thought that Rafe might have real evidence against the doctor so she followed him down. Still, she has the feeling he's not telling her something. They bicker and that makes them soften to each other. She remembers the lawyer's card they found on the corpse and wonders if he can help them. When they get back to town, he walks her home and thanks her for rescuing him. They share a lingering look until a text message from Doug and Julie interrupts. They say goodnight and she asks him to stay safe. "I'll try," he says.

At the mansion, Nicole tells Stefano all about the letter which Dr. Baker left behind. He's outraged that she never told him about this. He rants and tells her that all of her lies will now become public knowledge. "Isn't there a way we can stop it?" she asks. A call comes in for him. After taking it, he explains that he tried to frame Rafe but he left the Dominican before he could be captured. Nicole has had nightmares about this. Stefano worries that his only son will despise him for this. He calls around and tracks down Baker's lawyer before sending his men off to fetch him. The lawyer soon arrives after being searched. Stefano asks him about the letter. The lawyer claims it's a confidential matter. Nicole tells him to name his price. Stefano warns him that his reputation is well-deserved and he doesn't take no for an answer. The lawyer pulls out the letter. Nicole looks it over. Stefano takes a call and then asks him not to talk to Rafe. He suggests that he move far away and offers him a generous check. After Stefano walks away, the lawyer admits to Nicole that there is something else... there were two other letters he was told to mail and he already sent them. One was for Mia and the other was for Sami.

Victor walks out to the patio and interrupts Brady and Arianna as they make out under a towel. "You have a room Brady, try using it," Victor growls before he walks away. They get dressed, go up to his room and undress again. He tells her she's beautiful and they have sex. They talk about when they met first and always used to argue. When he slips off, she calls Troy and he tells her she has ten minutes to get to the pier for a meeting with the boss. She gets dressed as Brady returns and explains she has to go. As she heads for the pier, Victor is already there waiting for her.

At the hospital, Mel and Nathan are trying to cover when Lucas comes in to see Chloe. She asks him what his decision about his wife was. He tells her it's none of her business. She babbles. "You're ridiculous," he says, stomping off. Meanwhile, Daniel finishes injecting the antidote into Chloe. He tries to tear himself away as Kate looms at the door outside. The doctor tells Chloe he will always be there for her. Nate runs up to Kate to stop her from going in. He explains that he needs to check on the patient and take some notes first. When he gets into the room, Daniel has just left. Mel smuggles him out to the park.

Back inside, Nate asks Lucas if he has second thoughts and suggests he wait a few days. Lucas refuses. Kate is already in Chloe's room, telling her that Daniel will never save her. As Lucas and Nate walk in, Chloe's heart rate suddenly goes up. Nathan checks her out and says it seems to be a miracle. Kate smirks. Nathan slips away and calls Daniel to tell him things are looking good but she's not out of the coma yet. He returns to Lucas and Kate, telling them that they will put things on hold for now. The intern calls Daniel again to tell him things are still going well. He promises to keep Kate away from Chloe. Daniel walks through the park and tells Chloe how much he loves her. At that moment, Chloe opens her mouth and says, "Daniel."

September 2, 2009
You Sure Know How To Pick 'Em.

Brady wanders the patio and thinks about making out with Ari. She suddenly calls him and they tease each other. She offers to get together in the park later. Meanwhile, Victor is meeting with Constantine, his head drug dealer, and Troy. He wonders why they want him to meet a dealer. Troy says Arianna moves drugs faster than anyone else. Victor's ears perk up and then he hides as she arrives. Troy introduces her to Mr. Constantine as the boss. She doesn't believe he's really the boss and, if he is, she's out of this. After threatening to take her business elsewhere if they don't give her a meeting with the real boss, she walks away. Victor comes out of the shadows. "She's very smart. I don't like this, I don't like it at all," he says. He orders them to keep working with her until he figures out what to do. "Man Brady, you sure know how to pick 'em," he mumbles.

At the hospital, Kate tells Craig that Chloe's signs of recovery are just a fluke and they should make 'Doogie Howser' pull the plug. He can't believe her. Everyone walks into the room as Lucas stands there and Chloe mumbles 'Daniel'. Kate bites her lip as Chloe groans. They file out as Lexi checks her over. Kate reminds her son that he made a decision and he should stick with it. Lexi says that Chloe slipped back into the coma but her vitals are much stronger. Craig thinks this is a great sign. Lexi explains that Chloe actually spoke to her. She couldn't make it out though... Kate is dismissive and Lexi wonders why she seems so insistent that Chloe won't get better. The doctor explains that the choice is no longer Lucas' and they will be keeping her on life support. Craig is thrilled and leaves to call his wife.12

Daniel is pacing around the park. Melanie wonders if he's okay. He thinks he's losing it. Nathan calls and tells him that Chloe woke up and said his name. Daniel is stunned speechless. He has to sit down. Nate explains what happened to Mel. She laughs and hugs Daniel as Maggie arrives. Mel tells her the news. Maggie gets giddy and Daniel runs off. He goes back to the mansion and tells Brady the news. But things aren't over yet, he warns. They still have to protect her from Kate and administer a few more doses of the antidote. Brady urges him to stay calm and then leaves for the hospital. Daniel picks up a photo of Kate and vows to make her pay.

Brady gets to the hospital and Mel and Nathan fill him in on everything. They tell him Craig is with Chloe now. Remembering their history, he gets uncomfortable, but goes in anyway. Nathan asks Mel out to a 'mutual dining situation' and they run off. Meanwhile, Daniel calls Brady and tells him he has to stop Kate before she makes her next move. "Time to give Kate a taste of her own medicine," the doctor says. Across the room, Kate is still trying to convince her son to take Chloe off of life support. She insists that everyone is grasping at straws and not really thinking about what Chloe would want. "When you opened your eyes, it was like the sun came out... and then you asked for him," he mutters as he stares in at Chloe. Maggie arrives. She's surprised that Lucas looks so miserable. He tells her what Chloe said and claims he can handle this on his own, regardless of what the doctors think. Lucas goes into Chloe's room. He thinks of her saying how much she loves Daniel. "I hate you," he tells her.

Philip and Stephanie are at the Cheatin' Heart playing pool and making out. The sleazy motel clerk walks in and, after leering a bit, calls a friend to gossip about Philip's latest woman. Steph thinks they should clam down and order some nachos. Philip tells Steph that he needs to prove himself to her. In his family, they lie about everything. "There's something I think I should tell you," he says. He wants her to know what a 'great dude' he is and asks her to put the engagement ring back on. She thinks that's the next logical step. As he slips it on her finger, Mel and Nate walk in. They get called over to look at the ring. Mel and Nate awkwardly congratulate them. Philip and Mel go to the bar to order champagne. She makes some pointed remarks about him lying to get what he wants. He begs her not to start crying. "You don't care if I cry. You just don't want Stephanie to see," she says. She offers to keep their secret safe. While they argue, Steph tells Nate that she's a lucky 'dudess' and she's learning to trust Philip. She takes a piggyback ride on Philip's back and Mel and Nate decide it's time to leave. The intern reminds her to feel happy about what they did tonight. After they leave, Phillip and Steph also leave to take the next step in their relationship. The sleazy clerk smirks and calls his associate to say that they are going to make a killing on the video of Philip and Mel.

Brady runs into Troy in the park and tells him that they have a lot in common and he would be willing to help him. Ari walks up on this confusing conversation. Brady talks about rehab and Ari tries to cover. Troy walks away and Ari wishes Brady had given her a heads up. She's been talking all day and doesn't want to do that anymore. As they make out, Victor arrives and interrupts. He has something to tell them both.

Daniel meets with Justin and tells him that there may be evidence to support his theory that Kate has been behind Chloe's coma. He tells the lawyer about Kate wearing gardening gloves and being protective of her appetizers. The doctor explains that the poison will still be on the gloves if they can find them. Justin warns him not to take the law into his own hands. Henderson walks in and explains that Kate will be gone until tomorrow morning. Daniel begins searching the grounds and then heads upstairs to look. As he does, Kate comes through the front door, exhausted and ready for bed.

September 3, 2009
Wouldn't That Be Lovely.

Lucas is in Chloe's hospital room telling her how much he hates her and will never forgive her. Craig interrupts. Lucas apologizes, but he still hates her. Craig isn't going to tell him how to feel, but he's not going to leave his daughter in his care if they don't straighten a few things out first. Craig has to leave to look after his family, but he needs to know that Lucas will live up to his responsibility. They bicker. Craig knows his daughter had made mistakes but she needs to be protected right now. He tells his daughter that he loves her and then tells Lucas he hopes things get better. After Craig leaves, Lucas wonders how he can take care of Chloe. He tells her that he will never forgive her.

Daniel creeps into Kate's room looking for the gloves. As he searches her shoe closet, Kate comes in. He tries to hide but just knocks over a box. As he hides amid her dresses, she checks on her shoes before walking out to take a shower. Once the water is running. Daniel finds the gloves conveniently poking out of a dresser drawer. When he rushes to the door, Kate comes out and demands to know what he is doing there. He claims that he just stopped by to talk. She smells the booze on him. He tells her he came to apologize. He's had time to think and has realized that she threw him for a loop when she dumped him. Daniel claims that Chloe was just an attempt at revenge and he's sorry. She's sorry for hurting him. "I think we could have had it all," he says. "Wouldn't that be lovely," she says, before telling him she's exhausted and she's going to bed alone.

Bo puts Ciara to sleep and then joins Hope for some herbal tea. He claims he's fine. She thinks he should have spent some time in the hospital for his concussion. "I want this house to feel as normal as possible," he says, offering to start over again. She still hasn't forgiven him so he offers to sleep in the guest room. They argue over things. Ciara calls out for them and they rush up the stairs.

Victor catches Justin on the phone in the pub. He demands to know what he was talking about. Justin's evasive but Victor reminds him that he hired him. They argue about how to handle things and Justin breaks the news that Chloe came out of her coma. Victor warns him not to investigate Kate while she's dealing with the problems of her sons. He tells him not to defy him and walks away. Justin wonders if he's just trying to protect Kate because of what she's done.

Philip and Steph relax in her bed. She likes being alone with him. He wonders what they will do with all of their free time. They make out. He checks the kitchen for food but it has all come back to life. He offers to go out and get them food. She wants popsicles. As he fetches them, he runs into his father on the street. Victor is sarcastic but Philip tells him he's happy and engaged again, confident that nothing can ruin things for him now.

Dean anxiously sits in the park playing with his lighter and flashing back to killing Brenda. "That reward money is mine," he grumbles. He heads over to the Brady's. After seeing Ciara is awake, he offers to leave. Hope takes her daughter into the kitchen. Dean tells Bo he's never killed anyone before and is thinking of using the reward money to take time off. "I'm sorry but you're not eligible for that reward money," Bo says. Hope comes in and offers to work something out. She wants to make sure he's compensated. Dean apologizes for barging in and leaves. "That man saved our daughter's life!" Hope barks at her husband. He tells her they can't violate policy. Ciara comes in and interrupts. "Why are you fighting?" she asks. They put the little girl to bed and then Hope tells Bo that they can't go back on their word and have to give the reward. He leaves to get some air. "What's happening to us?" she wonders. She can hear Justin outside arguing with his wife on the phone. She lets him in after he hangs up. They sit down and she talks about the fight she's been having with her husband.

Mel and Nathan go home and she eats Cheerios. He offers to help her study and then slips off for a shower. "You make it hard to hate you," she mumbles. Maggie comes in and tells Mel that seeing the way she looks at Nathan makes her smile. "I would never... in your house... with your grandson," Mel claims. Mags thought they would have been a done deal by now and tells her to let Nate make the first move. Mel is baffled and says that she's not good enough for Nathan. Maggie tells her to be proud of herself just like she is proud of her. She would be 'totally okay' with them getting together. Nate walks out and asks what they're talking about. Maggie makes herself scarce and they sit down to study. "You're not exactly what meets the eye," he remarks. They study through the night over many bowls of Cheerios. He goes to bed and she gets an instant message. It's a link to the video of her having sex with Philip. She freaks.


September 4, 2009
Officially Official.

Nicole is at the mansion blowing bubbles with Sydney. She tries calling the post office to get the letter to Sami stopped but it's already gone. Meanwhile, Melanie freaks out when she sees a video of her in bed with Philip online. Nathan walks in. She leaps up and closes the computer. "I saw it," he says before she can run. He's talking about her practice test. Relieved, she runs to the door and into the postman. He has a letter for Mia. She signs for it and leaves it on the counter before running off.

Steph and Philip wake up in her bed. He has to get a job so they can set a marriage date. She gives him some lucky Irish clover cufflinks for his job interview. They have breakfast and talk about moving to Chicago. She doesn't care where they go, she just wants to be with him. He walks her to work and then leaves for his flight. She shows off her ring to Maxine. Nathan pops up and asks her if she wants to do some work for the Horton Foundation. She tells him she might be moving. Nate flirts with her while one of the trainee nurses gives her the evil eye. Some of them hang out at a computer and laugh while they peer over at Steph.

Rafe barges in on Hines, the lawyer, before he can leave town. Hines pretends to be ignorant as Rafe questions him about why the doctor had his business card. He threatens to call the DiMeras on him. Hines refuses to talk. Rafe whips out a gun and orders him to start talking. When he continues to refuse, Rafe threatens to take his money and passport. The lawyer gives in and tells him about the letter, though he has no idea what it said.

At home, Sami is unloading all of the school supplies she bought her son for school. He tells her she should take it back until she gets a job and can afford things like paper. He knows she misses her kids but she can't sit at home and feel sad all the time. "If I was acting like you, my friends would tell me to get a life," he says. Mia arrives to pick up Will. Nicole calls and wants to meet up with her. Mia turns her down and then wonders what that was all about it. She and Will leave. Sami sits down to cry. She stops when Nicole comes to the door to cheer her up. Nicole keeps her eyes open for the mail and they talk about Dr. Baker's mysterious phone call. Sami tells her he's dead. Nicole gasps. They sit around and get bored. Sami offers to let her power nap while she takes Sydney out to get coffee. Nicole lets them go and then looks through the mail. The postman arrives and she signs for Sami's letter. She reads it and shoves it in her purse as Rafe arrives.

Mia and Will go to the park. She wonders if she can afford to cut her hours so she can cheerlead. He brings up her mother and she refuses to talk about her. "We're like going out and I don't know basic stuff about you," he points out. "We're not officially official," she reminds him. He asks about her diary and tells her that his mother's diary was stolen once and it ruined her life. Meanwhile, Kinsey goes into the Java Cafe in her neck brace to rant at Chad about Mia stealing her cheerleading spot. They sit down and he says he can prove how Mia really feels about him by stealing her diary and finding proof. Mia arrives and Kinsey begins sniping at her. She drops her bag and makes Mia pick it up. Chad swipes her keys and leaves. Will and Mia have coffee and he asks if they are 'officially official'. She gives him a kiss and says the deal is sealed. She notices that her keys are gone. Chad goes to Maggie's and searches for Mia's diary. He finds the letter and stares. 

Ari calls Brady and he asks her over to the house. When she gets off the phone, her brother walks into the pub. She guesses things didn't go well for him. She's right. Leaving her gloomy brother behind, she heads to the mansion to make out with Brady. As they grope each other on the couch, Mel barges in and tells Brady that he owes her. "There's... this video... the sex kind," she explains. It's her and Philip and it's on the internet. She worries that this will ruin things for Philip and Steph, not to mention the fact that she doesn't want every old perv she gave a sponge bath to watching it. She has a pretty good idea who is responsible and tells him. Brady says he will take care of it. She runs off to take her exam. Brady and Ari go to the sleazy motel and take the same room Mel and Philip did. They corner the clerk. "We're really going to enjoy shutting you down," Brady threatens him. The clerk plays stupid but it doesn't work. Brady threatens to go 'Kiriakis' on him.

Lexi is at the hospital with her father and brother. Abe calls to tell her Dr. Baker is dead. She tells her family that he was murdered. Stefano flies off the handle until his daughter calms him. The siblings walk off and wonder what is going on with their father. They worry about his diabetes and look at his latest tests. Lexi wonders what could be going on. EJ has no idea. Stefano is busy ranting on the phone at one of his cronies, ordering them to tie up the loose ends of this mess with Dr. Baker. Elvis returns and Stefano tells him to stop worrying. EJ wants to alleviate his stress. Stefano admits that he finds it hard to let go of the business and there are a few things he needs to deal with himself.


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