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3rd Week of September Daily Summaries

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September 14, 2009
The Man Is Ballistic.

Roman and Ari meet in the motel. He hopes she's had a change of heart about backing out of her undercover operation. She hasn't. He tells her that she can't just back out. She explains that she fell in love. "What the hell did I do to deserve this?" he shouts. She tells him it's Brady and he could figure things out. He agrees but refuses to close the operation. "Brady cannot find out about my past," she says. "I didn't want to talk to you like my daughter, but you're being so damned stupid..." he begins. He explains that if Brady can't get past her past, he doesn't deserve her but she shouldn't sell him short. Roman threatens to reveal her past to Brady if she quits.

Brady runs into Mary and Sydney in the park. EJ comes out of the shadows and tells him to step away from his daughter. Elvis sends Mary home. "You really are a total jerk," Brady tells him. They begin taunting each other. Brady nearly blows up and tells him something about Nicole. He stops himself and walks away. Elvis wonders what that was about.

Nicole flies over to Sami's and begs her to call Rafe off. Sami says he doesn't listen to her. She thinks Rafe is just grieving in his own way. Nicole says there is something terribly wrong with Rafe and he needs professional help. This makes Sami angry. He helped her through a hard time and she still cares about him. She complains about how hard the grief is for her and for Rafe. "You will not turn me against him no matter what you say," she sobs. Nicole shouts apologies but Sami remains cold and asks to be left alone. Once Nicole leaves, Sami rushes off. She goes to the convent and talks to a nun. They both worry that Rafe is going crazy. Sami wants some answers and is sure that the nun can help her.

Daniel runs into Maggie's to see Mel and Nate. Nathan tells him that the poison he found doesn't match up with the gloves. Daniel sighs. He asks the intern for help administering another dose of the antidote. Mel offers to do it since Nate is reluctant. They argue about who is the boss of who. Justin calls Daniel and tells him they have to meet with the DA at the courthouse. "Look innocent," he advises. When he gets off the phone, Nathan offers to give Chloe the drug. Daniel thanks them and hurries off.

Daniel and Justin meet with DA Woods at his office. He offers them a deal. The doctor says he'll take his chances instead. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Mel tries to grab the drug. Maxine catches her. Mel says she's filling in for a friend and then slips into Chloe's room where Nathan is waiting. They administer the drug.

Kate is at the pub. Stefano comes in to chat. She doesn't want to talk to him after he tried to kill her son. He thinks she's being very 'holier than thou' and drops a hint that he knows what she's done. Sitting down, he tells her she wouldn't be wise to reject him when she needs his help. When he brings up how Victor is paying for Daniel's defense, she gets even more annoyed. He smirks and tells her she can always come to him. "Not in a million years," she says. Stefano goes home and tells his son that his diabetes is under control so he can go on his honeymoon. Elvis says he won't be going anywhere and asks his father if there is something he's not telling him.

Nicole bumps into Brady in the park. He complains about EJ and she warns him to be careful. "He doesn't go ballistic. The man is ballistic," he says. They talk over their problems and she promises she will never forget everything he's done for her. As they hug, Ari walks by, spots them and pouts. Nicole pulls back, points to Ari and tells him to make her smile. After she slips off, Ari approaches. He thought they were supposed to avoid each other. She doesn't think that's realistic and apologizes. "You look like you don't have a friend in the world right now," he comments. Brady wonders if they can be friends. She doesn't want hugs and support from her exes. She asks him what he helped Nicole with.

Rafe is at the Java Cafe trying to get his head around what Nicole was doing at the convent and the clinic. He calls the woman from the clinic over to meet him. When she comes in and sits down, he tells her that Nicole killed Dr. Baker. That doesn't make her want to get more involved with this. He asks her if it's possible that Nicole did something to the baby to make her sick. The nurse explains there is no way Nicole could have caused the meningitis. She refuses to talk to him anymore but offers to pray for him. "You're all wrong," he says. As he mumbles to himself, Nicole walks in and hands him a restraining order.


September 15, 2009
You Can Never Touch Me.

In the park, Ari asks Brady what he did for Nicole. He tells her it's none of her business and he isn't in the mood to talk to her after the way she's treated him. She's still worried about him. He's sick of her family passing judgment on everyone in town. Meanwhile, at the Java Cafe, Nicole shoves a restraining order in Rafe's face. He's sure this proves he's on to something and taunts her. She tells him to let this go for Sami's sake and walks out. Ari comes in and he complains that he doesn't know what to do now. When she tells him about catching Brady talking to Nicole, he asks her to make up with him and find out what it was about. She says that won't work. "Then I'll have to find out on my own what he knows," he says.

Nicole goes home and talks to Sydney in French. EJ tells her that her French is hideous and they aren't going to Paris. She's not happy. He says that the judge just called looking for a bribe in thanks for the restraining order. Nicole claims she was just trying to handle things on her own. He accuses her of lying. Getting angrier, he demands to know what Rafe has on her. She insists that Rafe is just crazy with grief and blaming her. Nicole was afraid that Elvis would believe Rafe's ranting. She points out that her own husband seems to hate everything about her and she is tired of feeling bad. He kisses her and tells her that he loves her. They go to bed.

Mia is at the Java Cafe writing in her diary. She thinks it's time Will knew the truth about the baby. Taking out her phone, she calls Will and explains that there is something she should have told him a long time ago. They agree to meet. After they hang up, Brady sits with her after eavesdropping. "You cannot tell Will that Sydney is your baby," he says. She claims she won't tell him everything... probably, but it's her life and her decision. As she storms away, he calls Nicole. She sneaks out of bed as EJ sleeps and rushes off to meet Brady. Rafe follows her in the shadows.

Mia meets with Will at Maggie's. She tells him that she never went to rehab or did drugs. The real reason she left school was because her mom kicked her out of the house when she was pregnant. He guesses that Chad must have been the father. Mia says that he doesn't, and can't, know. Will wonders where the baby is now.

Sami heads over to the convent and chats with a nun. She feels like the answers she needs are in the convent. She calls Will and tells him she'll be away for a couple of days. That sounds good to him. The nun tells Sami that time away from her distractions should be good for her. They drink chamomile tea and the nun says that, maybe in time, she will be able to help Rafe. Sami thinks there is nothing between them now that Grace is gone. After she goes to sleep, she dreams of Rafe coming to her and telling her he never wants to lose her.

Daniel calls Kate and tells her the DA offered him a deal. She's outraged. He thinks she deserves to know the terms because they involve her. They meet. She orders him to take off his shirt so she can make sure he's not wired. He claims that Justin now thinks they can make the case go away. Kate says there is too much evidence for that. "They are starting to believe me," he says. There's enough evidence to convict at least two people. He adds that Victor knows and she shouldn't be confident that she can trust him. He points out that her gloves are in Victor's house and he will let the police take them. She doesn't know why he cares. "I know this is my fault. I don't think I can do anything to help Chloe but maybe what I should do is try to help you," he says. None of this makes sense to Kate. Before she can run off, Daniel stops her and they begin kissing. He shoves her off and tells her that he just wanted to look her in the eye and say, "You are going down bitch... and you can never touch me." She yells at him, reminding him that she took Chloe away from him. He says she'll be getting what she deserves. She laughs until he reveals that everything she just said was recorded. He waves his miniature tape recorder in her face and tells her it's over.

At the hospital, Nathan and Mel administer another dose of the antidote to Chloe when Lucas barges in and demands to know what they are doing. He lays into Mel but Nate stands up for her. "She's going to chew you up and spit you out," he tells Nathan. Chloe begins flatlining. Mel pushes Lucas out of the room as they try to revive her. Lexi checks her out and decides to run more tests. Nate and Mel step aside and worry. She's sorry she got him involved. Lexi tells Lucas that it looks like Chloe got another dose of the poison tonight. He has an idea of who was behind it.



September 16, 2009
Is That A Confession?

In the park, Brady warns Nicole that all of the secrets that she's been keeping hidden are coming out tonight. She rants. He urges her to keep her voice down. Rafe listens from the bushes as Brady explains that Mia has decided to tell the truth. She hears someone moving around. Brady looks in the bushes but finds nothing. "EJ can never find out that I had a miscarriage," she insists. They split up and Rafe ponders what he just heard. He runs off to meet with the woman from the clinic again. She admits that the clinic would have been a good place to get away with something shady. When she tries to run off, he threatens to call the cops and make sure she loses her child if she doesn't tell him what he needs to know. "I wasn't a part of it," she blurts out. She runs away and Rafe decides to talk to someone else.

At the hospital, Mel babbles after Lexi and Lucas question her. Nate stands up and explains that he is the one who made the injection. Lexi flips out and assumes Daniel put him up to this. She calls the cops. Lucas tells Lexi that he was all ready to say goodbye to Chloe but now he doesn't know what to do. Meanwhile, Mel and Nate try apologizing to each other. They start worrying that Daniel may have been trying to kill Chloe. "Is that a confession?" Roman asks them as he pops up. He begins questioning them and Nate insists that Mel is innocent. He arrests them both anyway. Lucas comes out and asks for a minute with his cousin. Nathan says he was only trying to help. A nurse rushes out and tells them that Chloe seems to be waking up.

At Maggie's, Mia tells Will about the baby she had. She explains that it was a closed adoption so she doesn't know what happened to her. He guesses this is why she was so attached to Grace. She's sorry that she lied to him but she was scared. Will guesses there is more she lied about and is ready to walk out. "Can you forgive me?" she asks. He doesn't know. He leaves to think and she collapses in tears. Chad comes to the door and walks in. They bicker and she tells him it's her fault that she broke up with Will. After she kicks him out, she wonders if she should just let the whole world know the truth. Before she can send out a mass email about it, Nicole bursts through the door and rants. Mia admits that she already told Will her secret and he won't say anything. Nicole doesn't think that's good enough and worries that Mia will tell him more. After Nicole spots her diary entry open on the computer, she freaks out even more and tells her she'll wish that she was never born if the truth comes out. Mia deletes it and Nicole repeats that the truth can never come out. Mia repeats that the truth will never come out.

EJ wakes up in bed and wonders where Nicole ran off to. He thinks she may have gone to the park so he takes the baby for a walk with him. They search the park without luck. When he goes to the Java Cafe, he runs into Will. The young Horton tells him that he broke up with Mia because she's a liar. Elvis tries digging for information but has no luck. EJ explains that a lie told by someone who cares about you isn't the same as one told out of malice. Will asks him if he would love Nicole if she told a humongous lie. He avoids answering and asks him what Mia lied about.

Kate and Daniel struggle for his tape recorder. "You are such a bastard!" she barks, kneeing him in the groin. They wrestle around until he throws her on the bed and tells her to save her energy for prison. "Your ass is going down," he tells her. They continue arguing and he insists that he and Chloe kept their distance even if they couldn't turn their feelings off. Changing tactics, she claims that she's sorry she implicated him in all of this and offers to find a way to get him out of this. He tells her that Chloe will recover thanks to him. She taunts him, suggesting that she could be dead already. The doctor tells her she is a repulsive homicidal maniac. She thought that he might still feel something for her. All that he feels is hate. When he tries to call the police, she knocks him on the head with a rock. After checking that he's alive, she kicks him. Sure that Daniel would ruin her life and run off with Chloe, she decides to take drastic action. After smashing the tape recorder, she tells herself that she has no choice. After gagging him and tying him up, she ponders her next move.


September 17, 2009
Baker's Black Market Babies.

EJ and Will are at the Java Cafe. Elvis digs into what Mia was lying about. Meanwhile, at Maggie's, Mia tries reassuring Nicole that no one will find out about their secret. Elvis calls and tells his wife he's having a chat with Will. He asks her to join them... immediately. After she hangs up, she tells Mia and the two women wonder what's going on. Mia insists Will won't blab. Nicole tells her that she'll be in a 'world of pain' if he does. After giving her some orders, she runs off in tears, vowing to fix this. When she reaches the Cafe, Will is just leaving. EJ tells her that Mia has been dishonest with Will. "How?" she asks. He wonders why she cares. She tells him she wants to go away and never come back.

Maggie comes home and asks a distraught Mia what's wrong. She asks if she's had a 'slip'. Mia sobs and says that people shouldn't keep secrets. She admits that she was lying to everybody. When she tells Maggie that she had a baby, Mags eyes nearly pop out of her head. Mia tells the baby story and worries that Will will never forgive her. Maggie says that this is not an insurmountable problem. Her phone rings and she learns that Mel and Nathan have been arrested. She runs off. Will shows up. She wishes she could tell him everything. "If you can't, you can't," he says, pulling her in for a kiss.

At the convent, Sami fantasizes about making out with Rafe. Simultaneously, at the pub, Rafe tells his sister that he is on to something. He tells her about Nicole's miscarriage, although he's not sure when it happened. He ponders and suggests that Brady could have been the father. Sami calls. Ari decides to leave and do inventory. Sami explains that she had a dream, but refuses to say more. She tells Rafe how lucky she feels to have known him. They reminisce about Grace and she relates how the baby was taken away from her. She explains that the doctor had to take her away to clear her airway. He probes for details but she hangs up. Walking out, he calls the nurse and threatens her again. "Dr. Baker was buying and selling babies illegally," she admits. Pacing in the woods, he thinks over all the evidence and puts things together and realizes Nicole got one of Baker's black market babies and then figures out it must have been Sami's baby with EJ. "Sami's baby is still alive! Sami's baby is Sydney!" he gasps.

Sister Claire sits with Sami. The blonde one confesses that she just made everything worse. She talks about what a great guy Rafe is and the dreams she has which she fears will never come true. The nun assures her that miracles can still happen. Sami thinks she's run out of miracles.

At the hospital, Nate and Mel babble until Roman tells them that they are being taken to a holding cell. He walks off to check on Chloe. She's awake in her room with Lucas. She asks him what happened. "A hell of a lot has happened," he says. He launches into a rant about how she's been lying to him. When she asks him where Daniel is, he blows up at her. After Lucas storms off, Roman questions her. She can't believe it's the middle of September. He begins telling her about the evidence against Daniel but she insists that they are in love and would never hurt each other. After she fills in some details for him, he plods off to find Daniel. She tries climbing out of bed when Lucas returns. He begins ranting at her again. "You're in love with him aren't you?" he demands. She admits it and asks him where the doctor is.

Daniel wakes up gagged and tied to a bed. Kate stands over him and starts loading up a syringe. She wishes they could turn back the clock and ungags him for a final farewell. He calls her a 'bitch' so she shoves the sock back in his mouth and prepares to jab the needle in his neck. She's interrupted by a call from her son. "I'm in the middle of something," she says. Lucas tells her that Chloe is awake and defending Daniel. She advises him to stay calm and hangs up. Daniel offers to help her if she unties him. She walks out instead and goes straight across town to Stefano's. "I need your help," she says.

Nathan and Mel are brought down to the station. He feels relieved that Daniel is in the clear and Chloe is alive. Mel doesn't understand how he could risk everything for someone he doesn't even know. He says he was only doing the right thing. He wonders why she took all of these risks and offered to take the blame for him. "It means a lot to me," he says. She admits that she's scared of disappointing him. Their tender moment is interrupted when Maggie bursts in demanding answers.


September 18, 2009
Brain Mush.

At the Java Cafe, Nicole tells EJ how much she wants to run off to Europe right now. He says that's not going to happen. He can't abandon his children, but he offers to take her on their honeymoon. Excited, she begins babbling about all of the places he can visit. He gets a business call and walks off. Then he makes the travel arrangements and tells his wife they can leave immediately. She promises him the best time in the world. They go home to pack and he worries about leaving his father on his own. As he searches for his father to say goodbye, she tells the baby that they are never coming back. They finish packing and she says goodbye to the mansion.

Rafe paces around the park. He figures out that Sydney must really be Sami's baby... but what if he's wrong. He calls in a favor with an old friend and runs over to the pub to meet him. Rafe gives him the details of his situation and asks him about getting DNA samples. He gives him a contact and walks off. Meanwhile, at the convent, Sami is about to give up on miracles when Sister Claire reminds her that miracles can happen at any moment. She urges Sami to go to the chapel and meditate. Rafe calls and the nun picks up, telling him that Sami is in seclusion. He tells her that this is very important and hangs up. She gives Sami the message and urges her to talk to him. Sami mulls it over.

When Rafe leaves the pub, he is followed. He heads to Sami's and takes her hair brush. As he does so, he finds Grace's hat and sighs. Suddenly, the door shuts behind him and Meredith appears. He's shocked. She claims that she is there to apologize for ruining his relationship with Sami. He urges her to forget what happened so they can move on. She can't do that. When he tries to brush her off, she gets angry, claiming they need to talk about him killing her sister. Sami starts calling. As he turns to answer, Meredith clubs him in the cranium with a firepoker.

At the hospital, Lucas is irate when Chloe wakes up and asks to see Daniel. She insists that the truth can come out now and the doctor is innocent. "He loves me and I love him," she says. She explains that the affair happened before the marriage and she was faithful to Lucas while they were married. Then she tells him about her promise to God and apologizes for hurting him. He's not impressed and tells her that her 'lover boy' wants her dead. She flashes back to Kate's crazy behavior and then tells him, "It was your mother." That's not what he wants to hear. He tells her that her brain has finally 'turned to mush'. She reminds him about his mother's crazy behavior and starts worrying that she may have gotten to Daniel. He rants at her but she dismisses his arguments. She tries to get out of bed to search for Daniel. He refuses to let her move. Meanwhile, Daniel struggles as he's bound to the motel bed. He spits the gag out of his mouth and yells for help. After getting one arm free, he passes out.

Kate shows up at Stefano's. "I need your help. You're my only hope," she tells him. He thinks she needs a drink and a game of chess. She's not in the mood but he brings her to the board anyway. As they play, she tells him that her life is about to turn into a long nightmare. He already knows what she did. "I got a little over confident, but Daniel is a loose end that can't stay tied up forever," she says. Kate tells him how her plan has all gone wrong. He asks her why she didn't go to Victor for help. She says he won't lift a finger to help her. Stefano's deeply moved that she's come to him for help and tells her that his terms for doing so will be non-negotiable. Taking her chess piece, he laughs. "The queen. I captured her!" he says. She takes the hint and agrees to his terms. They head to the motel to find Daniel. Kate freaks out when he's gone.

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