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4th Week of September Daily Summaries

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September 21
Stefano And I Are Getting Married.

At the hospital, Chloe begs Lucas to stop his mother before she tries to kill someone else. She tries getting out of bed. He calls the nurses in to keep her in bed. "Daniel's going to have get somebody else to help him," he says.

At the motel, Kate freaks out when she sees that Daniel has disappeared. Stefano tries reassuring her and makes some calls to fix things. The cleaning service he called arrives to remove all of the evidence. Lucas calls and tells his mother about what Chloe has been saying. As he confronts her, she stays silent and then acts offended. She and Stefano go back to the mansion and toast to her freedom. She thanks him for his help and he reminds her that there is a price. He hands her some papers. She's outraged as she reads them over and realizes what they are. They wrestle and he tells her to watch her temper and thank him. "Thank you my love," she says, choking on the words. He laughs at her reluctance and tells her that her family will have to understand. After he shoves a pen in her face, she signs. He's happy until he receives a call and discovers his plan isn't going as he'd hoped.

Roman stops by the mansion looking for Kate and finds Philip. He tells him that his mother is now a 'person of interest'. Philip sighs. Meanwhile, Maggie goes to the station and tells Mel and Nathan that they may have saved Chloe after all. They're thrilled but she tells him that they may still need to post bail. A call comes in freeing Nathan to leave... but Mel has to stay. Roman arrives and explains that Nate has no criminal record and can go, but Mel has a record in Europe, even if the charges against her there were dropped. Nate offers to bail her out. After he and Maggie leave to get the money, Philip arrives. He tells her that he is bailing her out and then talks about how much he admires Nathan for saving Chloe. She explains that it was all Daniel's idea. Philip is angry and tells her that his mother is good and innocent. "Maybe you shouldn't bail me out after all," she suggests. He claims he will never walk away from her.

Daniel collapses in the park. Waking up, he mumbles Chloe's name and drags himself off the ground. He hobbles to the hospital where one of Stefano's men, dressed as a cop, grabs him. Before he can take him away, Lucas comes out and punches Daniel. The nurse comes and gets Daniel. They give him an x-ray and realize he's had a head injury. Lucas calls his mother to tell her that he's just been arrested for punching Daniel. As she leaves for the station, Philip calls and tells her that Roman dropped by. She assures him that everything will be fine. "There may be a loose end or two that I missed," she tells Stefano as she gets off the phone. Back at the hospital, a nurse helps Chloe into Daniel's room. He wakes up when she touches his face. "Please tell me this isn't a dream," he says. She tells him she loves him. They kiss.

Maggie has to stop Nathan from taking all of his stuff to a pawn shop to bail Mel out. "Are you doing this because you want to be Melanie's savior?" she asks. She points out how infatuated Mel is with Philip. He claims he doesn't think of her that way and can take care of himself. When he heads to the station to see Mel, she tells him that Philip is taking care of her bail. Roman comes in and gives her the release papers to sign and then tells them to stay out of trouble. Philip returns and Nathan tells him that he won't let him mess with Mel anymore. Nathan admits that he's interested in her. Mel's jaw drops. Elsewhere at the station, Roman rants at Lucas for punching Daniel. Kate comes in and Roman leaves them alone. Stefano comes in and Kate explains that she has some wonderful news. "Stefano and I are getting married," she says.

Hope and Ciara go home to Bo. Hope sends the little girl upstairs to pack. "Pack for what?" Bo asks. She informs him that they are leaving. Being in the house isn't healthy for Ciara and she needs a new environment. They're going to stay at Doug and Julie's vacation house. She asks him not to take time off because he's not coming with them. The tension in their marriage is making things worse for Ciara. "You gambled with our daughter's life," she says. This makes him furious and he accuses her of trying to put him through hell. He thinks that she is looking for a reason to leave... just like when Zach died. "You pushed me away," she says. They argue more and she tells him that they have nothing without trust. As he gets angrier, Justin arrives to speak to Hope. Bo walks out. Justin advises her to go after him. "If you let him go, it will be the biggest mistake of your life," he says. She explains that this isn't about leaving, it's about healing. He doubts leaving will help. Later, as Hope packs, Bo plays with Ciara. When Hope comes downstairs, Bo asks her if Justin was here looking forward to their first night together. She tells him that his saying that makes her know it's the right thing to leave. Bo hugs his daughter and tells her that he'll miss her. He watches as they leave.

September 22, 2009
The Old Wolf Is Getting Hitched Again.

On the jet, EJ pours champagne so he and Nicole can toast to their honeymoon and a future full of happiness. "To a beautiful wife who has taught me so much about love and honesty," he says. She toasts to a new life, but he stops her, saying that he's perfectly happy with things as they are. He can't think of any reason why they can't be together forever. However, he has a confession to make. If she hadn't been pregnant, he never would have married her. He can only admit this now because he's realized that she and Sydney are the best thing that's ever happened to him. She looks uncomfortable.

Brady meets Victor at the pub so he can fill him in on what happened with Chloe. Now that he has Daniel off the hook, he knows the suspicion will fall on Kate and he's afraid that Philip will want his head for it. Victor offers to take care of Philip 'the mama's boy' and tells his grandson how proud he is of him. Brady decides he should settle things with Philip himself. When Victor leaves, he bumps into Maggie. When she tells him that Daniel was brought into the hospital, he rushes off.

Daniel and Chloe are getting cozy in her hospital room. She can barely believe they are together. They make out until a cop interrupts. They tell him that he needs to stop Kate before she tries to kill again. Lexi comes in and tells Daniel that he is well enough to go home. He's not leaving until Chloe is released. Father Matt arrives and Chloe asks for some time alone with him. She tells the priest that she broke her vow and has been punished. She wonders if the punishment will ever stop. "How can God expect me to give up the man I love?" she asks. He tells her that she did what she could and has suffered enough. If she embraces what is in her heart, she will feel God's blessings. She thanks him. After he leaves, Daniel returns. They make out some more and then she tells him that the priest gave them his blessing. "We are meant to be together," he says. Victor bursts in and asks him what happened. "Kate happened!" Chloe blurts out. They explain that Kate tried to kill him. Victor says there is no way she is going to get away with this and storms off.

Philip takes Mel home and asks her what is going on between her and Nathan. "Why? Do you care?" she asks. He smirks and pretends he doesn't care. When they talk about saving Chloe, she starts to think he's upset with her for siding against his mom. He claims that he isn't upset, he just doesn't understand what would make her risk so much for Daniel. "That would be me," Brady says as he walks in. After he explains, Philip is outraged that he has been disloyal to the family. Before they can punch each other, Mel gets between them. Philip orders Brady to leave Mel out of his hero games from now on. After Philip storms out, Brady wonders what's wrong with him. She tells him that Nate and Philip have been fighting over her and starts to giggle.

At the station, Kate tells Lucas that she and Stefano are getting married. He's not happy and demands to know what is wrong with her. Stefano says he'll come around but Lucas doesn't see how she can marry a man who took out a hit on her son. Roman comes in and tells them that he's had the charges against Lucas reduced. Lucas and Roman file out leaving Kate and Stefano to talk. She doesn't see how she can sell their marriage to her children. He has faith in her. After he leaves to plan the wedding, Roman walks in looking for some explanations. Charges against Daniel are being dropped and the evidence is all pointing against her. Lucas returns and tells his mom to live it up with her new husband because he's all she'll have from now on. After he storms off again, Roman tells her that they have new evidence against her... sort of. Everywhere she went has been completely wiped clean and that means she's had someone's help covering things up. Kate's tired of listening to this and leaves.

Kate goes back to the mansion and discovers that her special poisoning gloves are gone. She calls Stefano and tells him that her room has been ransacked. He tries reassuring her and advises her to have happy thoughts about the wedding they are having tonight. She doesn't even know how this is possible but he gives her instructions.

Stefano calls Lexi over to the mansion to announce his news. "The old wolf is getting hitched again," Stefano explains. His daughter is shocked, especially when she learns that he's marrying Kate. He tells her that everything has been cleared up with Kate, even shooting Philip. Now, everyone can live in peace and harmony. Lexi is far from convinced that that is what this is all about. EJ calls her to check in. She tells him their father is losing his mind. She offers Stefano the phone but he refuses to speak. After she makes an excuse and hangs up, she asks her father why he is keeping Elvis in the dark. He changes the subject and asks her to stand up for him at the wedding. She thinks this is insane but agrees to do it if it will make him happy. He gives her a hug. She rolls her eyes.

Maggie bumps into Lucas in the park. He's snide and tells her to leave him alone. Philip approaches and Maggie leaves them alone. They talk about their mother. Lucas explains that she is going to marry Stefano. Philip shudders. Meanwhile, Victor storms home to confront Kate as she gets into her wedding clothes. "Damn it Kate! What have you done?" he demands.


September 23, 2009
We'll Face The Music Together.

Philip rants at his brother after he tells him that their mother is marrying Stefano. "She marries that man and she's not my mother anymore!" Philip bellows. Lucas tells him that he's the only one who can stop their mother. He wonders if this could just be cosmic payback for everything their mother has done. Marrying Stefano must be worse than prison, Lucas says. Philip is sure that this is just Stefano's sick way of getting payback for what happened to Tony.

"I'd like to come in and throw you out on your ass!" Victor shouts at Kate as he walks into her room at the mansion. She defends herself and tells him that Daniel is scum. Victor tells her to take what she can carry and get out he's making sure that she is completely cut off. She puts on perfume. "You want to smell nice on your trip to skid row?" he asks. She tells him to congratulate her on getting married and smugly says that there is no proof against her. When she informs him that she's marrying Stefano, he laughs hysterically. He's sure she won't go through with it since it will cost her Philip. They throw blame back and forth until she admits that she doesn't want to do this but she can't go to jail. Victor starts to think that it's best that their son will finally see her for who she really is. "I'm a survivor," she says. He agrees, but adds that she'll also end up alone. Once Victor leaves, she calls Lucas and invites him to the wedding. When she turns around, Philip walks in and tells her she has some explaining to do. She weeps as he rants about how she is getting in bed with a man who tried to kill him. Kate starts throwing blame around and insists that she would never intentionally hurt him. She cries that everyone hates her. He suggests she try an insanity defense. "We'll face the music together," he promises, but if she marries Stefano, she won't be his mother anymore. She screams at him after he tells her that Stefano will 'grind her soul into powder'.

Maggie walks into Chez Rouge and is shocked to see that it has been decorated with orchids. Stefano swaggers out and tells her that he and Kate are getting married tonight. Maggie has a mini asthma attack. Abe, Lexi and Theo arrive. As Stefano shows Theo the cake, Maggie and Abe talk about the 'train wreck' they are there to witness. "I think they are going to honeymoon in North Korea," Maggie jokes. Roman arrives and tells Abe that any evidence against Kate has been wiped clean. Stefano walks over and tells Roman that his presence will upset his bride. Roman hangs around as Victor arrives. He and his old enemy trade barbs and Stefano threatens to throw him out. Victor claims he won't be disrupting anything but warns him that Kate considers 'till death do us part' a viable option to divorce. He points out that Philip was storming into the house to see his mother just as he was leaving. Stefano calls Kate to tell her again that, as long as she is with him, she is safe. "I'll be right there," she tells him. Hearing this, Philip tells her to go to Hell and storms off.

At the hospital, Daniel stops by Chloe's room to tell her the nightmare is officially over. She hopes so but she has no idea what's next. "You are going to come home with me and what you are going to do is be really, really happy," he says. They go back to his place and he complains about how Lucas hasn't been willing to stand up and take control of his own life. Chloe just wants to talk about how they move on from now. She tells him again about her vow and the fact that she is still his wife and has to obey her vows. Daniel says he's willing to wait, even if it's hard for him. They make out and she sends him off to sleep on the couch.

At Maggie's, after looking at pictures on the wall, Mia is agog over all of the relatives Will seems to have. They talk about her baby and she tells him she's never had anyone like him in her life. They kiss. Chad sticks his head in and his eyebrows twitch. T barges past and they come in to work on their homework. Chad explains that they have been assigned to carry around an egg to find out what being a parent is like. Mia seems upset. They assign Mia to be the mother. "Who's your baby's daddy?" T asks. After Chad and T make jokes about kids, they argue with Will and knock the egg onto the floor.

Lucas goes to the Cheatin' Heart. Couples make out in the corners. He imagines that Chloe and Daniel are mocking him for being a failure. Lucas orders a scotch... and then another... When he's drunk, the bartender orders him a cab. He hallucinates Maggie joining Daniel and Chloe to mock him. After being picked up, he's dropped off at Maggie's where he collapses on the floor in front of Will and his friends.


September 24, 2009
A Hot Mess.

While Philip grouses around the docks, he overhears Melanie babbling on her phone about planning to sue the cops. Before he can avoid her, she stops him and asks after his mother. When he tells her about the wedding, she's stunned. She laughs and begins making jokes about it. He's not laughing and explains that Stefano probably cleaned up after his mother's crimes in exchange for this. He thinks his mother has chosen Stefano over him. She tells him to stop moping and be more determined, like his mother, reminding him that the wedding isn't over yet.

"Don't you look radiant," Maggie tells Kate at Chez Rouge. Maggie rubs it in, joking about how Philip never had time to throw a bachelor party for Stefano. She accuses Kate of using her to frame Daniel and never caring about anyone other than herself. Stefano pops up and orders her back to work. He tells Kate that she's just jealous. Kate asks him why they have to have so many guests. "What's the point of having a trophy if you can't show it off?" Victor chimes in. She's sure he's there to make things worse. He suggests that he give her away. Across the room, Lexi is having trouble coping with this fiasco. She rants to Abe and Maggie about how hard it is to see Kate free after what she did. Kate cringes when she hears this. She begs Stefano to get this over with. He walks over to Abe and Lexi and asks them to stand up for him. They refuse... until Theo begs his mother to do it.

Victor continues mocking Kate. She insists that she has no choice in this matter. Stefano comes over to say it's time. "And so begins the life sentence you so richly deserve," Victor toasts. Moments later, he leads her down the aisle and the ceremony commences. Philip arrives and glares. The wedding continues. Kate weeps as she makes her vows. They are pronounced man and wife. Victor slowly claps.

During the party, Victor tells Kate that he almost feels sorry for her. Stefano passes around champagne. Theo throws a tantrum when he doesn't get any and ends up making Kate spill hers all over her dress. Theo apologizes, but Kate says it's okay and leaves to get something to eat with him. "One big happy family," Stefano tells his daughter. He takes his bride back to the mansion. She tells him that he better put a bottle on ice if he wants her to live up to the next part of the bargain. He says that they are in, what the kids today call, 'a hot mess'. "We are going to be a glorious couple," he says. Pouring them champagne, he tells her it's her time to be happy.

At Maggie's, Will is prepared to abandon his father passed out on the floor but Chad and Mia think that's a bad idea. Lucas wakes up and babbles. Will tells his friends to go. Lucas wants to celebrate Kate getting married. He begins demanding his keys. Will calls Maggie and tells her that his father has been drinking. Lucas collapses. They call an ambulance and rush him to the hospital to have his stomach pumped. Maggie arrives and Will tells her what happened. She says that his father has been through a lot. Back at Maggie's, Mia thanks Chad for his help. He brings up rehab and accuses her of lying about it. "Maybe someday you'll tell me what happened," he says.

In the park, Ari continues badgering Troy to get her a meeting with the boss. She gasps when she bumps into Brady. He tries to avoid her, but he walks right into the pub anyway. He makes it clear that he is only there to meet a client. They try to be mature about the situation but he hates doing that. She gets him some coffee on the house and he taunts her about the man she left him for. She admits that her ex isn't coming to Salem. "Most imaginary boyfriends tend to be fickle," he says. He wishes she could be truthful with him. She reminds him that she isn't the only one with secrets and brings up Nicole, demanding to know what he is covering up for her. After she hints that she knows something, she walks off to take a call.

At Sami's, Meredith has just clobbered Rafe. She sticks a cushion on his head as Sami stands on the other side of the door, looking for her keys. Before she can open the door, a nun calls her. Sami tells her that she is ready to move on with her life. Once she gets off the phone, she walks in and Meredith is nowhere to be seen. Sami begins calling Rafe. Meredith, hiding around the corner, grabs his phone and turns it off. Sami leaves a message as Rafe's body slumps on the floor behind her. She decides to run off and see if Ari knows where he is.

Sami goes to the pub looking for Ari. She runs into Brady and tells him she has a really bad feeling. She tells him about going to the convent and how much she sucks at soul searching. He thinks that she and Rafe may just need some time to smooth things out. She hopes so. He advises her not to decide what Rafe is thinking until she talks to him. After the pain they've been through, she should cut him some slack. She tries calling Rafe again but just gets voicemail. Across town, Meredith has Rafe tied up in a basement. "Welcome to your new home," she tells him. "My sister loved you," she says, accusing him again of killing her sister. The phone rings. She can see that it's Sami. "She's never going to talk to you again," she says.

September 25, 2009
The Honey In Honeymoon.

In Paris, EJ stumbles with Nicole's bags. She slips off to change and he googles until Nicole comes out in lingerie. Picking up some honey, she offers 'to put the honey in honeymoon' and smears it on his chest. They have sex and she suggests they get the nanny to keep Sydney at the park a little longer. His phone rings it's Stefano. "I got married last night," he tells him. EJ's eyes nearly pop out. He throws a tantrum. Stefano hangs up and Nicole returns. He doesn't tell her the news. They make out instead.

Kate lies in bed and imagines making out with Daniel. She wakes up and stares at the photo of Stefano by her bed and gasps. When she goes downstairs, Philip arrives to confront her. "Thanks to your lies, your son tried to kill himself last night!" he tells her. Kate's confused so he explains that Lucas went on a bender. Stefano comes in and offers to help. She's afraid he'll make things worse and runs off. Philip warns Stefano to stay away from his family. Stefano chuckles and reminds him that the last time he threatened him, it didn't work out well for him.

Lucas wakes up in the hospital. Nurse Maxine tells him he had alcohol poisoning. Outside, Will blames all of this on Chloe. Maggie tells him that someone else pushed his father over the edge Kate. Will is flummoxed. They go in to see his father. Lucas says he feels better now and they can move on. He promises that this will never happen again. Maggie begins arguing with him and he berates her for making him look like a fool. Sami storms in angrily. She sends the others away and tears into Lucas. This is making his headache worse. Sami warns him that if he doesn't stop his downward spiral, she will never let him see his daughter again. He's heard this from her before. "I don't have to lie this time. You're the one who is obviously unfit to be a parent," she says. Until he can get his disease under control, she doesn't want him being a father. She orders him to check himself into rehab. He gives in and offers to get help. Maggie and Will come back in so Lucas can apologize to them. After he does, they tell him they've already found him a place in rehab... but he'd have to leave Salem. Lucas sends everyone but Sami out and tells her that she can't run off to her nuns; she'll have to stick around and look after her children. She says that she won't give up on life. He tips her off that Mia is an addict.

Chloe arrives at the hospital and is shocked to overhear that Lucas has fallen off the wagon. Sami comes out and tells her that Lucas wants to see her. Chloe goes in and apologizes. Now that he's in rehab, he apologizes too and asks for forgiveness. She grants it. "I guess I'll see you around," he says. Wiping away some tears, she walks out. Lucas gets dressed and Philip comes in to tell him about their mother's wedding. "I never want to see that lying bitch as long as I live," Lucas says as Kate stands by the door. Philip makes excuses for her but Lucas isn't as forgiving. "As far as I'm concerned, our mother is dead to me," he says. Kate runs off before they can see her. Maggie and Will come in to tell Lucas that the limo is there to take him to rehab.

Daniel wakes Chloe up and tells her that he will never leave her. He goes out to the park and corners Kate. After he notices her huge wedding ring, she tells him about her new husband. "You're even more psycho than I thought," he says. She warns him to be careful and stomps away. Chloe comes to him and tells him that Lucas forgave her. He's amazed. "Soon I'll be a free woman," she says. "Not for long," he adds, getting down on one knee. He's been waiting for her his whole life and can't move on without her. The doctor pulls out a ring and tells her he wants to love her for the rest of his life. That's what she wants too.

At the pub, Ari rants at Troy and warns him that his boss is going to lose his top distributer if they continue refusing to meet with her. She offers to be 'very grateful' to him if he does this for her. Brady interrupts and demands his breakfast order. As she runs into the kitchen, Brady quizzes Troy about rehab. Troy mumbles about donuts and runs. Ari comes back and Brady points out that she was coming on to Troy. She snipes at him about Nicole. They bicker and he insists that he isn't jealous. She blurts out that she knows about his secret with Nicole. "I found out Nicole had a miscarriage," she says. He warns her not to tell anyone about this. "If you do, you are going to ruin more lives than you can imagine," he says. After he leaves to find Nicole, he tries calling her phone. EJ picks up the phone. The static is so bad that Brady can't hear him and unknowingly tells him that the secret is out. Meanwhile, Ari heads to Sami's and demands to see her brother.

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