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5th Week of September Daily Summaries

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September 28
You Can't Be Serious.

Brady gets a shock when he calls Nicole in Paris to tell her the secret is out only to discover that it's actually EJ on the line. Elvis demands an explanation. Brady hangs up. Nicole comes out and starts talking about the evening she's planned when she notices that something is wrong. Her husband asks her what secret Brady was talking about. She plays stupid. He suggests they call Brady together. She can talk and he will listen. Nicole tries to avoid it but has no luck. She confesses that she has been talking to Brady... because she thinks he's on coke again and she can't believe his denials and erratic behavior. That sounds more like her to him. He's tired of her spewing lies at him and grips her face in his hands. Nicole pulls away, pouts and snacks. EJ knows that she's had a hard life and tends to 'dissemble' and then confronts her again. She still refuses to call Brady and he vows to find the truth. He decides to talk to him in person and announces that they are leaving immediately. They pack and get on the plane. When he badgers her again, she offers to tell him the truth.

On the pier, Daniel proposes to Chloe. "Of course I'll marry you," she says. They kiss. She can't stop smiling. He thinks they need to tell someone about his engagement... Victor. He's hoping that his godfather won't be so cruel to her this time around. She hopes so too. The doctor decides to go and tell him now. She has someone important to tell too. Chloe calls Father Matt over for a chat. They sit down and she tells him that she never really loved Lucas and was lying to him and herself. There was no love so it wasn't a real marriage. She wants an annulment so she can be blessed by him and God.

Daniel goes to see Victor who congratulates him on getting his job back at the hospital. Victor wishes he had done more to help him but he had to consider Philip. When the doctor tells him that he is going to marry Chloe, Victor blurts out, "You can't be serious?" He starts drinking and then points out Chloe's abysmal track record. Daniel says that the men who were involved with her before were already screwed up. "I'll be damned if I'm going to let her destroy you too," Victor says. As Chloe arrives, Victor makes it clear that he would rather die than see him marry 'that whore'.

Chad calls Mia to gab about Lucas and accuses her of lying about going to rehab. He can't wrap his head around her getting hooked on drugs. She fobs him off and tells him to stay away from her. After she hangs up, Will arrives. He tells her how crazy his family is and how much he respects her for giving away her child so they wouldn't have to have the kind of life he had. Loving a child is great but you have to be able to raise them properly. She admits that she nearly changed her mind many times but he's right. She slips up when she talks about how great the parents are. He thought it was a closed adoption. Mia makes up an excuse to cover. Her phone rings but she is reluctant to answer because she doesn't recognize the number. When she does, she finds it's Brady. "Whatever you're doing, drop it! I need to see right now," he says. Mia tells Will that she needs to talk to Maggie. He kisses her and she tells him he's the best person she's ever met. Once he's gone, Brady arrives and tells her that he's screwed up big time and her baby might not be having a happy life from now on. He advises her to prepare herself. She worries. Chad watches through the window. Brady tells her that she can get through this.

Ari shows up at Sami's door looking for her brother. Sami has no idea where Rafe is but offers to call her dad to look into it. Ari hopes he's just having some alone time. His entire life has been dominated by her, even after they broke up. "You were never good enough for him," Ari says. Sami agrees but she loves him anyway. Ari apologizes for venting at her and leaves. Will comes in. "We need to talk about Mia," Sami says. Will is defensive and explains that rehab was just a cover-up story so people wouldn't know Mia had a baby. Mia calls him and tells him to never tell anyone about her baby. He runs off to Maggie's where Chad is confronting Mia about the baby. He's already guessed that it was his.

Meredith has Rafe tied up in a basement. He repeats that he didn't kill her sister and encourages her to be a good person and let him go. She's sure she's doing the right thing. Rafe doesn't see how she can get away with this. "I don't even want to," she admits. She lost her job for being unstable. "Just because you lost your job doesn't mean you can't be happy," he says. She can't be happy without her sister and doesn't care if she gets arrested or dies as long as he dies first. He tells her that she is making the tragedy of her sister's death worse. She thinks she's avenging her death and begins spouting poetry as she pounds on him with a brick and tells him his death will be slow and painful.

September 29, 2009
Chloe Is Not A Siren.

When Rafe stumbles into Sami's, she tells him he's dead to her and slams the door in his face. Rafe snaps out of it. It was just a dream. Meredith is standing guard as he grunts in and out of consciousness. She reads him newspaper clippings and holds up baby pictures of her sister. Meredith tells him he's going to Hell. He stares as she hacks into his phone messages and finds the Mass card for Grace's funeral. She continues taunting him and says that the world will be a better place once he's gone. Then she starts sending messages with his phone.

Ari shows up at Sami's again. They're both desperate to talk to Rafe and decide to look for him together. Ari tells her that her brother has vanished like this once before. She admits that she had a falling out with him and explains that she made a terrible mistake and Rafe had to help her. Then she reminds Sami that Rafe helped her with EJ and Elvis and Nicole just happened to leave the country at the same time that he went missing. When she mentions Nicole, Sami starts to quiz her but Ari won't say anymore. Suddenly, a message comes in from Rafe saying that he is away getting his head together. A message comes for Ari next. It says that he needs some time alone. She doesn't think this is right at all. Sami blames herself and prays she hasn't ruined Rafe's life too. Meanwhile, Meredith continues to gloat to Rafe and even tells him that Stefano brought her back to town. He passes out and imagines telling Sami about the baby switch. Outside, Ari spots Meredith.

At Maggie's, Chad confronts Mia about giving away their baby. He says he never would have let her go through the pregnancy alone. She thinks he would have sent her to an abortion clinic. "I might have," he admits, before demanding to know where the child is. After she lets it slip that it was a girl, he asks for more information. She says that the child was adopted and she doesn't know anything else. He refuses to believe she would hand her kid over to a stranger. Chad threatens to get a lawyer and get his daughter back. Mia loses it and tells him he has no rights at all. He tries to grab her computer. Will rushes in and they begin fighting. Mia stops them and Chad begins shouting for the baby again. "Think this is over? Think again! I'm going to find my kid!" he bellows, limping out the door. Will tries to reassure Mia by telling her that the adoption can't be undone. He calls Mickey to ask him if Chad would have any rights. When he leaves her alone, she walks out the door and follows Chad down to the pier. They talk about the kid and she repeats that they couldn't have given the child a good life. "You need to let it go," she begs... then maybe they can have their life again too. "You want to get back together again?" he asks.

On the jet, Nicole finally agrees to tell Elvis the truth. She wonders how she and Brady could keep a secret from him and his father. "I would never do anything to hurt you," she insists. "You certainly know how to play the innocent victim," he says. When Syd starts crying, Nicole leaves to tend to her. When it looks like the baby may have a fever, EJ starts to flip out. Nicole assures him that this is nothing like what happened with Grace. She talks about how worried she was to be a mother but how naturally it all came to her. The topic turns back to Brady. EJ really wants to believe that he's just a cokehead. "I love you very much, but if you've been lying to me, there will be hell to pay," he grumbles.

At the mansion, Daniel doesn't know why he thought Victor would be supportive of his plans to marry Chloe. "Loving her will be your downfall," Victor warns him. Chloe listens in as he says that he'd rather die than see him marry 'that whore'. Daniel tells him never to talk about her like that again. Victor reminds him of the story of Odysseus and the siren's song. "Chloe is not a siren," Daniel says, threatening to walk out of the family if he can't respect his choice. Chloe thumps in and says Victor is right - she's not worth it. Daniel tells her never to think that. Before he can lead her out, Victor stops them. He admits that he's made his share of mistakes and agrees to accept whatever they decide, though they don't exactly have his blessing. They thank him and Chloe promises she won't make him regret this. She goes outside to wait. Victor and Daniel hug before the doctor leaves. He and Chloe go to the park and he tells her that she will be his wife someday soon. She can hardly wait. Victor stays at home, grouchily thinking over the previous conversation. Henderson comes in and tells him he was very gracious. "Yes I was. Too bad the cheap slut didn't deserve it," Victor growls.


September 30, 2009
We're Roomies.

After dropping in to visit a doctor for Sydney, EJ and Nicole go home. They bicker about Brady. She still insists that Brady only called her because he was high. He trudges off and she turns around to see Kate coming down the stairs. "We're roomies," Kate informs her. Kate pours a drink and Stefano walks over, chuckling, and fills Nicole in on his nuptials. Nicole is shocked. Stefano tells her to hug her new mother-in-law. "Have you checked your blood sugar today?" she asks. EJ comes in and congratulates his father and Kate. Nicole's not thrilled that he kept this from her. "You're not the only one who can keep a secret," he says with a smirk. They walk into the foyer so they can bicker about who spoiled the honeymoon. Nicole's sick of this and threatens to leave with her daughter. "You're not going anywhere," he says, violently gripping her arm. Meanwhile, Kate has Stefano's favorite dessert brought out. He reminds her that he has diabetes and she goes on and on about how rich and tasty the tiara misu is. Nicole and EJ return in time to stop him from taking a bite. Nicole says he should hire a food taster now that he's married to Kate. Elvis takes Kate out to show her around. Stefano orders Nicole to treat Kate with respect; she's his 'soul mate'. "I would be careful where I put my soul when she's around," Nicole advises. They bicker some more and she explains that the honeymoon was a disaster and tells him about Brady's slip up. She worries. He eats cake and tells her he'll help her later.

Elvis and Kate talk about Sydney and what a family man Stefano is. He asks her what she did that she needs his father's help so desperately. Kate claims they got together because they were lonely. He wonders how Victor and Philip took the news. She tells him not to be cynical. "I may very well be the one who brings the Kiriakis and DiMera families together," she suggests. He laughs and then tells her that if she hurts his father, there will be no warning and no forgiveness. She reminds him about their 'fun times' and the fact that she isn't easily intimidated. Then she tells him that he made a whopper of a mistake by marrying Nicole. He tells his new 'mummy' that he's a 'big boy' and can take care of himself. They reminisce about 'the areas' of each other they used to enjoy. Stefano comes out and says it's time for a toast. The newlyweds get ready to toast and Nicole sneaks off to try and call Brady.

Arianna runs into Meredith in an alleyway. When Meredith drops her shopping bag, Ari notices that she is carrying around mortar mix. Meredith says she needs to fix some cracks in her parents' house. Ari offers to buy her a drink and Meredith agrees. They go into the Cheatin' Heart and Ari apologizes for how they left things. Meredith doesn't hide the fact that she still blames Rafe and still thinks he hasn't suffered enough. "Your brother killed my sister and he snuffed out my life too!" Meredith blurts out. Ari tells her again how much Rafe hurts over having lost Emily. Meredith tells her that there will be peace soon and leaves. Ari goes to the pub and meets with Roman. She asks him to dig into Meredith's past for her. Roman already knows the name because Sami had him run a check on her too.

On the pier, Mia tells Chad that they can't get back together unless he stops trying to find out what happened to their baby. "I'm not going to give up my baby just so I can get my old girlfriend back," he says. She tells him that he can't have her baby. He claims that he just wants to see her and hold her and take care of her. She understands that he feels left out but she was only doing what was best for the baby and they have to move on. Mia sniffles and sobs but Chad won't drop it. His whole life changed when he discovered he had a baby. She repeats that it isn't their baby anymore. He knows that they can't go back in time, but they can still be together. Mia says that will only happen if they forget their past. He tells her that she has to push Will out of her life if they are getting back together. She weeps.

At home, Sami babbles to herself about how Rafe walked out on her. Will comes in and asks her what's wrong. She tells him Rafe is never coming back. He tells her about Mia's problems and how Chad is going to make her life miserable. They go to the pub. Mia walks in and Will tells her that he's getting some information from Mickey. He walks out to take the call and Sami tells Mia how brave she is for telling Will the truth about her baby. Mia is shocked but pretends it's okay. Will comes back in and Mia asks to speak to him alone. Sami makes herself scarce and Mia confronts him for betraying her trust. "It's over. We're over," she tells him, walking out. She calls Chad for a meeting. When he shows up, she tells him that she's finished with Will. Across town, Will mopes home and tells his mom he screwed up by telling her about the baby. He asks for her help.

In the basement, Rafe goes in and out of consciousness and mumbles to himself about Sydney being Sami's baby. He struggles with the handcuffs and notices a nail on the floor. After getting onto the floor, he tries to pull it over with his shoe. Meredith returns and pounds on him some more. "Now you will never get away," she says. She smiles as she mixes up some mortar and then begins building a brick wall around him.

October 1, 2009
Love Is Not A Choice.

At the mansion, Stefano pours champagne so they can toast to marriage. Nicole is busy in the foyer berating Brady on the phone for calling her in Paris and ruining her life. He asks her to meet him at the pier. Before she can leave, Elvis catches her. She claims that she was talking to Syd's pediatrician and is going out to get some rash medication. He drags her back for more toasting first. Stefano is spooning tiara misu into Kate's mouth when they walk in. Stefano toasts to his granddaughter and then his other grandchildren. Nicole runs off and Kate asks EJ, "Is she running away from me or is she running away from you?" After she steps out, Elvis sits down with his father to drink and eat cake. EJ asks him if he thinks of Tony when he looks at his new wife. "Love is not a choice," Stefano tells him. His son still doesn't see how he can trust her, especially around their business. His father says they can do business at the office and dismisses him. He's tired and decides to take a nap as Kate comes back in. EJ calls in one of his minions and then sends him off with instructions. Kate begins digging. He tells her to learn to be a good DiMera wife by keeping her eyes closed and her mouth shut. Kate starts pushing his buttons about Nicole instead. Stefano calls down for his drink. EJ warns his new mom that whatever his father made disappear, he can make reappear.

At the Kiriakis compound, Victor can see how upset Philip is and asks him to talk about it. "Kate DiMera is a traitor and a psychopath, she's not my mother anymore," Philip declares, taking a drink. He trudges out and bumps into Steph in the foyer. She claims she is only there as a friend. He says she's lucky she broke up with him before this mess with his mother happened. She admits that she doesn't think their break-up was a good thing. It was sad and awful, she explains. Victor listens to them and then says, "It seems like I'm the only one who is glad you two broke up." After he leaves, Stephanie surmises that Philip is back at Titan. She doesn't approve. They bicker and she walks out. Victor returns and complains about how women always want to change you. "I know a woman who likes me just the way I am," Philip says.

Melanie arrives at home as Nathan gets a call saying they have both been reinstated at the hospital. She jumps into his arms gleefully. After an awkward moment, she climbs off of him. Maggie comes in as Nathan asks Mel out. Melanie smiles. Maggie looks worried and interrupts them. She asks Mel to go to the basement and look for Halloween decorations. Once she's gone, Maggie tells her nephew that going on a date with Mel would be a huge mistake. They argue and she reminds him that Mel still has feelings for Philip. He feels like she thinks he can't compete with Philip. Maggie just worries that he'll be hurt. "Don't borrow trouble," she advises. He insists that Philip doesn't see Mel for who she really is. Mel returns. "Why do I feel like you guys are talking about me?" she says. Nate walks out and Mel corners Maggie for talking about her behind her back. Maggie admits it but says that she is only trying to protect her nephew. After she leaves, Nate returns and they talk about his aunt's warnings. He asks her out for a date anyway and she agrees. They hold hands.

Brady paces at the pier until Nicole arrives. They bicker and she asks him what he let slip out. He explains that Arianna knows about her miscarriage. Nicole tells him she told EJ that he had a relapse. Brady worries that people could find out and it could ruin his career. He refuses to lie about his sobriety. She tries to talk him into this but he's sure this would destroy his life. EJ's henchman hides behind some crates and listens as Nicole moans that she will lose her little girl if EJ finds out the truth. She asks him to be the friend he was when she lost her baby and then asks him if he wants to traumatize her daughter by taking away the only mother she has ever known. Nicole calms down and sobs. She's never loved someone as much as she loves Elvis and the baby. Brady still won't lie for her... but he will lie for Sydney. She cries on his shoulder and tells him he's the best friend ever. "You make Sydney happy," he says. They share a close moment and nearly kiss.

Stephanie drops by the hospital and congratulates Nathan on being reinstated. Noticing the time, he runs off. Across town, Philip arrives at Maggie's door. "Hurt Melanie and you answer to me," she warns him. Meanwhile, Mel hops into the pub and tells Brady that things are looking up for her. She notices he seems distracted and probes for details. He says he's doing a favor for a friend and she may hear some unsavory things about him soon. She digs more and assumes that this is all about Nicole. "You're still in love with her aren't you?" she asks.

EJ's goon has already returned to the mansion and plays a recording of the conversation to EJ. Elvis is shocked as he listens to his wife talk about her miscarriage. He listens to it over and over again and broods as he thinks back over the past few months. When Nicole returns, she notices how tense he is. He tells her that he found out something but he needs to digest it.


October 2, 2009
Belly In A Box.

Brady and Nicole meet at the Cheatin' Heart. She tells him that her husband is digesting whatever it is that he learned. She assumes that he doesn't know the whole truth and they sit down to get their stories straight. Nicole is sure that EJ will buy the story about him falling off the wagon. Brady still doubts that EJ will fail to put things together eventually. "We both know damn well we are just postponing the inevitable," he says. She's tired of him being so dire and assures him that everything will soon be 'normal' again.

Sami is googling around for job openings. She gets easily distracted by thoughts of Rafe. Mia arrives, looking for her chemistry notes. Before she can escape, Sami begins asking her about Will. Mia explains that she already got back together with Chad. Sami asks her what's really going on. Mia claims she just has a really strong connection with Chad and then walks out.

At the pier, Will admits to Chad that he broke up with Mia but tells him that doesn't mean that Mia going back to him will happen. "Dude, it already has," Chad says. Will doesn't believe it but Chad says that what he has with Mia is super deep. "You're a moron if you think she has feelings for you," Will says, walking away. Chad calls Mia and asks her to meet him.

Roman walks into the pub and tells Ari that Meredith's story checks out. Ari's disappointed. They chat about Rafe and he offers to call her if he hears anything. He heads to the Cheatin' Heart to play pool. Sami walks in to kill some time before her job interview. He's amazed. She tells him it's only an entry level position at a spa. They chat and he brings up Meredith. Sami's baffled that she's back. Back at the pub, Brady drops in to see Ari. He tries to talk to her about yesterday. "I hope everything works out for you," she says, cutting it short and walking out. Sami comes in and moans to Brady about her appointment at the dog spa and the nasty poodles there. "You would think my experience with bitches would help me, but no," she says, telling him about fighting off a teacup poodle attack. He says that she should run a daycare center, it's almost the same thing. He offers to have his people search for Rafe. She thinks that would make her look pathetic.

At the mansion, EJ calls his minion for an update on everything Nicole has said or done. He listens to the recording of Nicole talking to Brady about the miscarriage again. A call comes in. "You sure?" he asks before brooding some more. Nicole and Brady arrive to explain the phone fiasco. EJ keeps drinking and Brady tenders his apology and excuse. "Go home," EJ tells him. Brady tells him he's lucky to have a wife like Nicole and walks out. "I am so sorry I ever believed a word out of your poisonous, lying mouth!" he shouts at her. He takes out a box and orders her to open it. She finds a fake baby belly in the box. EJ fakes a gasp. "What are you, digging through my trash?" she asks. He admits that it's not the one she bought but he got it at the same store. She claims that she bought it to help her buy maternity clothes. When he asks her why she was so upset when she bought it, she says she was just hormonal. He plays the recording of her discussion with Brady. Nicole looks terrified. "That was a private conversation," she says. He screams that it was about his baby. She tells him it wasn't his baby. Her miscarriage happened a few years ago and she never brought it up. "You lost my baby and I don't know who that is upstairs," he says, demanding the truth about Sydney. He's sure she had a miscarriage in the winter. "That was the night you lost our child!" he shouts. Nicole sobs and claims she carried the baby for nine months and gave birth to her. He admits that every fiber of his being tells him that Syd is his daughter, but he's sure his daughter is really dead.

Rafe opens his eyes and notices he's surrounded by a brick wall that wasn't there when he was knocked out. He mumbles. Meredith looks over the wall and taunts him, saying that she is just making sure he never sees the light of day again. He repeats that he loved Emily and mutters about Sami's baby still being alive. "Maybe I did hit you on the head one too many times?" she wonders. Her phone rings. She can see it's Ari, who leaves a message saying she is coming over. Meredith calls her back and tells her it's not a good time. Ari insists that she needs to talk but Meredith refuses, even though Ari refuses to take 'no' for an answer. Meredith turns to Rafe and wonders what to do next. Moments later, Arianna arrives and finds the wall. Meanwhile, Meredith has dragged Rafe to the pier and dumps him into the water. On the other side of the world, Carly and Lawrence fight, she stabs him.

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