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1st Week of August Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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August 2, 2010

Terribly, Terribly Wrong.

On the pier, Sami reminds EJ that they were going to wait to get married. She thinks something monumental has changed and he loves her and wants them to raise a family together. Sami cries as she proposes again. "I can't," she gaps. He feels awkward. She explains that she cares about him but she can't marry him while she has feelings for Rafe. Holding her mouth, she runs off. He follows and they argue all the way back to the mansion. She refuses to lead him on but he'd be glad to be married to her while she loves another man. "It's a good thing," he says, because it won't always be that way. Sami doesn't understand why he wants her. He wouldn't want the old Sami but she's grown up and that's why he fell in love with her again. He wants them to have a fresh start and asks for a chance. She continues to refuse, even when he tells her Rafe is an idiot. He asks her to take the ring anyway so she can look at it once and awhile and think of him. Telling her that he loves her, he presses the ring into her hand and says he will wait. Johnny walks in and asks his mom why she's crying. Sami says she wasn't crying because she was sad. Johnny wonders if they're getting married. EJ says that would be wonderful but it's not going to happen.

Fay is at work finishing her coffee when Rafe shows up to question her. She asks him to let her finish her shift. When she goes back to work, he breaks into her locker and finds an envelope from Nicole. It's empty. He puts it back as Fay returns. They discuss Nicole and he claims he'd hate to see her get in trouble now that she's involved with EJ again. She's reluctant but he makes her open up.

At her dump, Nicole gives Marco Baker's picture and address and orders him to 'put him under house arrest' until she decides what to do with him. Marco grunts and leaves. Brady shows up and asks her who the guy was. She claims he was just someone from the station. He starts making out with her. "Wow," she says, saying this is sudden. It doesn't feel sudden for him. "You are the one," he says. She finds this hard to believe. Brady says he loves her. They make out more. His shirt comes off and they get into bed. After sex, he says he can't fight his feelings for her anymore and things will be good from now on.

In her room, Hope puts on her alternative face and vows to kill Bo. As she goes downstairs, Viv approaches her and asks if Carly poisoned her mind against her. Hope says that Carly has a case for killing Lawrence, but she's still not on her side. She advises her to stop obsessing over her dead nephew and keep an eye on her living husband. Hope heads to Casa da Bo and starts preparing things. She calls Baker to say goodbye. Meanwhile, Viv heads to Maggie's. The redhead rolls her eyes as she answers the door. Maggie's reluctant to let her in and they begin bickering about Victor. Viv gets threatening and Maggie orders her out, telling her to 'bite' her and slamming the door. "My bite is worse than my bark," Viv says. Across town, Baker meets with his contact at the pier and gets a payout on a bet. The doctor says he'll be leaving town for good. He sits down and writes a letter to Hope.

In the park, Ciara tells Bo all about the wallets and who they belonged to. Detective McCarthy arrives and Bo leaves his daughter with her. Justin calls and asks to meet with him. They meet in the pub and Justin explains that Hope seems to have turned into two different people. Hope calls Bo and says she needs to talk to him about Ciara and will be waiting for him at home. When he gets home, Hope is already there. He says that something is obviously 'terrible, terribly wrong'. She tells him that he caused everything that's wrong. After mentioning all the memories she has in the house, she explains it's time to put a period at the end of the sentence and say goodbye. She pulls out a knife. "On behalf of women everywhere, goodbye Bo Brady!" she shouts, stabbing at him.

August 3, 2010
You've Made That Pretty Clear.

Baker is at the pier saying goodbye to the town when a cop suddenly grabs him and arrests him. Meanwhile, Brady and Nicole lounge in her bed and she tells him this is the happiest day of her life. He says he will make every day the best day of her life. He notices she keeps looking at the clock and she explains that she's supposed to be on the news. They keep making out. She makes a sandwich. He finds the sonogram for her baby. They get dour until Baker calls and interrupts to say that he's been arrested for gambling. She tells Brady she has to run off to work. He offers to drive her but she tells him to wait there. She heads to the station and tells Dick she can't help him. He threatens to rat her out but she has a plan to get him out of town. Meanwhile, Brady answers Nicole's phone. It's her bank. They're worried that there has been unusual activity on her account. He sighs and cleans up the apartment, discovering her five million dollar wire transfer.

At work, Fay refuses to tell Rafe about her daughter. She claims things are even worse than he suspects. He explains that he's not after Nicole, they actually have the same enemy: the DiMeras. Fay sits down and opens up with what she knows. She thinks her daughter could be blackmailing someone with whatever is in the package she was sent. He asks to see the package but she refuses at first. Reaching into the trash, she hands him the DVD and note that her daughter sent. They've been smashed and burned. He decides to take them to the lab anyway.

Chloe goes home, bickering with Philip on the phone. As soon as she hangs up, she notices Mel is there. They begin discussing how different pregnancy makes Chloe feel. Mel envies her because she really wants Philip's baby. They look at a baby book and Mel talks all about her baby plans and how her husband wants to wait to have children.

At the hospital, Carly takes a sample of Daniel's DNA and claims it's for a study. They discuss Bo and then he admits that he wishes he'd been around to raise Mel with her. Mel shows up and gabs with her parents but Daniel runs away when they begin discussing spandex. Mel tells her mom that she doesn't think Chloe likes her. Carly tells her Chloe is just pregnant and moody. The doctor heads over to Daniel's to see Chloe. After they talk about what happened to Bo, Carly says she got the DNA sample and worries that she'll lose Daniel and Mel if they find out that she's been keeping her secret. Carly explains that she's scheduled her at St. Mary's tomorrow. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Daniel invites Mel to accompany him to a chat about skin grafts at St. Mary's tomorrow.

At Casa da Bo, Hope lunges at Bo with a knife. He holds her back and acts baffled. She accuses him of going after any woman who needs help as long as it isn't her. "I'm going to rip your heart out," she vows, explaining that she was the one who tried to burn him alive. She accuses him of slowly killing her and their daughter and dumping them to be with Carly. When she lunges at him, he knocks the knife from her hands and holds her still. He doesn't want to hurt her. "You killed me," she gasps. He gets her to sit down, cuffs her and then calls Carly to ask her about the drug that was found in his system. She explains that it's the same one Hope is on and it causes erratic behavior. He claims everything is fine and then hangs up. Hope tells him the pills didn't drive her over the edge, he did. She begins telling her story and complaining that Ciara has been a problem the whole time. After she rationalizes all of her attacks, she explains that they let her realize the only way she could have peace would be if he was dead. Hope asks him to kill her and screams over and over that she hates him. "Yeah, you've made that pretty clear," he says, adding that he still loves her. She weeps and then passes out. He turns off the video recorder he had on and then puts her on the couch to sleep. "What have I done?" he wonders.

4, 2010
I Would Never.

At Casa da Bo, he googles about the drug Hope is on and wonders how it can be legal. He flashes back to Hope trying to gut him with a butcher knife and then sadly looks down at her as she sleeps on his sofa. She wakes up, confused and disoriented. He stammers and asks her what she did last night. When she tells him she took a sleeping pill, he pulls out the vial and tells her it's the answer to all of her questions. She's bewildered. He shows her the video of her confession last night. Bo watches as Hope bursts into tears and shakes her head. "I would never!" she shrieks and sobs, wondering why she would do all of this. He plays more of the video so she can explain it to herself. They watch the tape all over again and she cries. He tells her it was all the sleeping pills but she insists that she is responsible for this mess. She thanks him for being so understanding and tells him he has to arrest her. Hope thinks she should be behind bars. Ciara arrives. Hope kisses her and cries.

At Nicole's, Brady bickers with her bank about her mysterious five million dollars. Mel calls and he tells her something is seriously wrong, then hangs up. Meanwhile, Nicole is on the phone talking to Baker and assuring him that his bail has been paid. She orders him to go home. Brady calls her and she says she's on the way home. He stares at the bank transfer until she gets there. When she walks in, he sucks on her face and begins asking about her financial investments. She claims she is practically broke. He pushes her against the wall and lifts her legs. They tear off their clothes and go to bed. When he gets dressed, she starts to get uncomfortable as he rants. "I am done being your victim. That little fling that we just had, I hope you soaked it up because that's the last time we are ever going to be together," he says. He confronts her for lying to him again and says he's sick of it. Back at the station, Roman receives a sketch of the guy who bought the stuff to roast Bo. He recognizes Baker. Roman begins questioning Dick, who refuses to speak without a lawyer. Roman calls his brother to say they've taken someone into custody.

Adrienne arrives at the pub to natter with Steph. "I think I made a terrible mistake," Steph groans. She explains that she found a picture of Nate and Mel and it made her want to puke. She worries that he stares at it and wishes he was still with Mel. Her aunt tells her not to tell him about this. She doesn't want Nathan if he is still living in the past. Adrienne thinks she's going to look pathetic if she makes a big deal out of this. Meanwhile, Philip drops by Steph's and finds Nate. He thanks Nate for his help with the pediatric's ward and then asks him out for coffee to go over a proposal. Nathan is weirded out when Philip tells him he's a decent guy. They wander over to the pub and into Adrienne and Steph. They decide to go somewhere else for breakfast and leave. Steph and her aunt talk about how oddly Philip has been acting. They guess he must be hiding something.

Carly calls Chloe and tells her to get over to St Mary's. Before Carly can leave, Daniel pops up and says they can spend the day together. She tries to talk him out of it but he refuses. She claims she has to go and buy opera tickets in Chicago. He offers to go with her and licks her knuckles. Suddenly, he gets a call and has to go to work. She runs out the door. Chloe and Carly meet up at St. Mary's. Chloe uses the fake name, Dana Scott. Carly gives her some tickets to corroborate her story and Chloe thanks her for being so helpful. They begin joking around and Chloe suggests she be her baby's godmother. Carly's touched. Meanwhile, Daniel goes to see Mel at her place and tells her the latest weirdness from his fiancée. She says Chloe must be keeping a secret... maybe about the baby. She talks about what a wonderful dad he is. They head over to St. Mary's to do a consult for someone named Donna Scott. When they ask for the file, the nurse hands him Dana Scott's file by accident. He goes into the consultation room. Chloe can hear his voice and starts to freak out.

August 5, 2010
Mommy Did Something Wrong.

At St. Mary's, Carly bumps into Mel and begins babbling. A nun walks over and they tell her they are related. The nun is amazed and says she was just talking to Mel's father. Carly panics when she hears this and that only gets worse when she hears that Daniel is with Miss Scott right now. Carly starts to flip out so the nun explains that they have two patients with nearly the same name. The nun is called away and Carly sends her daughter off to get some soda. The doctor asks the orderly where she sent Daniel. She realizes that she sent Dr. Jonas to the room where Chloe is.

In the examining room, Chloe grabs a hold of the curtain when she hears Daniel's voice on the other side. He thinks she's Donna Scott and tries to assure her that he is there to help her. The doctor babbles. Chloe shakes and doesn't make a peep. When he announces he's calling his friend Chloe, she grabs her phone and turns it off. He leaves a message and then goes on and on about trust and the importance of family. Chloe starts crying. That sounds familiar to him. He assures her that he is only there to help her. Before he can open the curtain, Carly runs in. She tells him he's with the wrong patient. He doesn't understand why she hasn't said anything so Carly claims she doesn't speak English and sends him down the hall. Carly opens the curtain and Chloe whines about how bad she feels. Carly assures her that things will be okay and then goes off to see Daniel. He wonders about all of these strange coincidences. Mel walks over to say that the woman is just there for an amnio. He wants to apologize to her. Despite Carly's protests, he insists on trudging off to make a full apology to the woman who doesn't speak any English.

At Nicole's crib, she defends herself but Brady says she's a liar and she's done something really bad. She doesn't understand so he shoves the wire transfer in her face. He demands to know what's going on. She tells him that he's always been her guardian and her love for him has never gone away. He keeps demanding answers and she keeps digging up their history. That only makes things worse. Brady asks her to go down to the station with him and talk to the cops about her large illegal account. She doesn't want to do that and offers, again, to explain everything. He refuses and insists that they go to the cops. They head to the station.

At the station, Baker tells Roman that they don't know each other. Roman accuses him of buying the stuff to burn Bo. Baker wants his phone call but Roman demands some answers. Roman gets a message reminding him of who Baker is and then questions him about the baby switching. The doctor refuses to talk. When he is taken out of the interrogation room in cuffs, he runs into Brady and Nicole. She acts shocked to see him. Roman strolls over and asks Nicole if she will testify against Dick. She continues acting shocked. No one buys it. Roman wonders why Brady brought her down there in the first place.

Ciara runs into Casa da Bo and hugs her mom. Bo and Hope explain that they have to go. Hope cries and says she won't be back any time soon. "Mommy did something wrong," Hope says, promising to explain things eventually. She hopes that one day she will be forgiven for what she did. Hope tells her daughter how much she loves her. Ciara throws her arms around her mom and begs Bo to keep her with them. Julie arrives and suggests that the couple stay there and work things out while she looks after Ciara. Hope is determined to go down to the station. She cries and hugs her daughter some more. Julie looks confused. Ciara runs upstairs in tears. Hope tells Julie to watch her daughter carefully. Julie demands to know what is going on and blames Bo for whatever it is. Hope begs her to stop and says this is not Bo's fault. He leads her out the door. When they arrives at the station, she comes face to face with Dick. "Hope?" he blurts out.

August 6, 2010

You Are Dead To Me.

Chloe continues to hide out at St. Mary's as Daniel tries to apologize to he through the curtain. Carly runs in to stop him again but he insists on being courteous whether anyone likes it or not. Carly keeps refusing to allow it and that freaks him out. Finally, Carly says 'Miss Scott' can show her face because she's from the Middle East. That raises even more questions so Carly makes more excuses. He finally takes Mel off to see the burn patient. Chloe stops hyperventilating and Carly says they can go on to the test now. The doctor swears once more that she will keep her secret if Daniel is the dad. Chloe prays for that. After she has her test, Carly returns and says it will be a few days until they know the answer.

Meanwhile, Sister Ann corners Mel and suggests that she come and work there after she graduates. Mel is shocked and flattered but she wants to work with her parents. She babbles about finding them. Carly wanders by as the nun bustles off. As the mother and daughter go off for coffee, Chloe tries to leave the hospital and bumps into Daniel in the corridor. She claims she came to find him so they can spend the day together. He's thrilled.

Doug drops by Casa da Bo and Julie explains that something has gone wrong with Hope. Ciara wakes up on the couch and asks where her mom is. Julie urges her to take another nap but she's upset. Caroline stops in and the adults discuss all the tension there has been in the house. Julie puts all of the blame on Carly. When she mentions Hope was on pills, Doug and Caroline start to worry. They wonder what's going on. Ciara asks her if her mom is ever coming back.

At the station, Nicole faces Baker. Before they can say anything, Bo walks in with Hope. The doctor blurts out her name. Bo guesses they must know each other but Baker tries to cover. Roman announces that they have plenty of evidence on the doctor. Hope says she saw him on the pier but can't remember much else. Baker insists she's not involved. "I am involved," Hope suddenly says. Bo stops her and tells her to be careful. She confesses everything to Roman. Everyone is shocked so she repeats her confession. Roman doesn't believe it so she repeats that it's true and apologizes to them. The cops take Hope into the interrogation room. Roman continues refusing to believe her story but Bo confirms it but tells her to get a lawyer. Since Roman remains skeptical, she continues to insist on her guilt and orders Bo to show Roman the tape. They watch it and then Bo explains about the personality altering pills. Roman's heard enough. Hope says she loves him and apologizes again. He hugs her as she weeps. "We're good," he says. Bo apologizes next and says this is all his fault. She says it's her fault but he blames the pills. She tells them to arrest her and asks for a moment alone with Bo. Once Roman is gone, she begs Bo to read her her rights. He arrests her.

Back in the office, Brady grabs Baker and pounds on his face. A cop pulls him off. Nicole yells at him to stop. He begins accusing her of being involved in this and she calms him down. The cops order him to leave and he takes Nicole with him. They go back to her dive and she thanks him for not ratting her out to the cops. She assumes things are okay but they're not. He thinks she has blackmailed someone and refuses to listen to her excuses. Brady tells her that she is a 'true whore' because she has sold her soul and has no self-respect. He's disgusted for believing in her and letting her manipulate him. "You are dead to me!" he declares. She begs him not to go but he shoves her aside and storms out.


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