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2nd Week of August Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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August 9, 2010

I'll Validate Your Death Wish.

Sami wanders around Casa DiMera looking at her ring when Roman shows up. He breaks the news that they arrested Dick and Hope. Sami is shocked and doesn't know what to say. They worry about Ciara and she warns him that EJ will be going after Baker. Before she can bustle off, he demands to know what has been going on between her and EJ. She refuses to answer his questions. He says that she is breaking his heart by being sucked back into EJ's family. He's sure that if she's stupid enough to do that, her children will suffer.

At the station, Dick gets dropped into a waiting room. He yells for a lawyer. EJ is sitting in the corner. Dick tells the 'pompous jerk' to get lost. Elvis tells him he's not going to get away with what he did and pulls up a chair. They begin airing their dirty laundry and comparing their crimes. Elvis offers him a deal. "You don't mention Nicole Walker," he says. That request shocks Baker. Sami walks in and begins ranting. EJ backs her off and declares the doctor can't hurt them anymore. Baker laughs hysterically when he learns that they are a couple. He warns Sami that her life will be shot to Hell if she sticks with EJ. The doctor and Sami get into a bickering battle and then Elvis grabs Dick by the throat. "If you have a death wish comrade, I'll validate it for you," EJ threatens. Roman bursts in and breaks them up. Sami and Elvis go home and she continues to yelp about how much she wants to kill Dick. EJ smiles.

Carly goes to Casa da Bo. Julie is there and things are frosty between them. Meanwhile, over at the station, Hope refuses to get a lawyer, no matter what Bo says. She tells him that she is a danger to everyone and needs to go away for a long time. When he puts the blame on the drugs, she insists that it was all because of how she felt deep down. Bo tells her to fight. He tells her he's always believed in her. Carly and Justin show up and ask what's going on. Bo wants to keep it quiet but Hope insists on confessing to him. She is left alone with Justin and tells him all the details, refusing to let him 'coddle' her. Hope refuses to get a lawyer and explains she is pleading guilty so her daughter won't have to testify.

Bo and Carly go down to the pier and he asks her if Hope will stop the crazy behavior now that she is off the drugs. Carly's not sure. He worries about Ciara and Carly warns that none of this will be easy for anyone but they'll get through it. She blames herself and then says they are all responsible. When he returns to the station, Justin runs into him and tells him he should have realized what was happening with Hope. Bo returns to Hope. She wants to go through booking and he wants to be there for her when she does. They start the process and she hands him her necklace with a picture of Ciara on it.

Brady is at the pub drinking alone when Ari grabs his glass away and demands to know what he is doing. As he yells at her to give his drink back, Mel walks in. Ari wants to call Maggie. Brady moans at them and says they have nothing to do with this. They guess Nicole pushed him over the edge. Brady asks them if they have something better to do and advises Ari to get a job. He breaks the news that her name has been cleared. After he explains everything, Mel says this is good news. Brady urges Ari to go down to the station. After she heads off, Mel gets a text from her mom so Brady urges her to go too. Once she's gone, Justin arrives and they chat about Hope. Meanwhile, Mel meets with her mom and tells her how kind she is for always worrying about other people. She begs her mother to give herself a break.

August 10, 2010
Put A Cork In It!

Julie arrives at the station to see Hope, who looks dejected. She asks Julie to look after Ciara and Bo. Sobbing, Hope sends her away. Down the hall, Rafe is surprised that Ari isn't happier that she's been cleared. He and Gabi ask what's wrong. She rants about how a cop framed her and the other cops didn't figure it out. Ari runs off to find Hope and runs into her in the hall. They are taken into a little room so Ari can rail at her and demand some answers. She wants Hope to pay for what she did. "So do I," Hope weeps. Ari doesn't buy it and tells her that the inmates in prison will see right through her. Once Ari leaves, Doug arrives to talk about lawyers. She refuses to hide behind the drugs excuse. He begs her to try. She cries and apologizes. "Put a cork in it!" he moans, promising that he will never walk away from her and will fight like hell to keep her free.

At Casa DiMera, Will puts on his tie and tells Kate that he feels nervous about his interview with Stefano. He admits that he kind of likes Stefano. Meanwhile, Chad goes into the pub and tracks down Stefano to ask him about his mom. Stefano doesn't see the point of digging this up and cuts things short. "I can't help you," he says, walking off. Stefano rushes home and tells Kate he had to run from Madeline's son. She thinks trying to dodge him will only make things worse.

Will arrives at the pub and Chad explains that he scared Stefano off. Will worries that his friend is beating himself up too much over his mom and tells him things will get better after he leaves town. They discuss Will's internship and he asks Chad to work with him on a project. Charles wanders in and tells his son that he has to leave town for business and they have to forget their plans to drive south together. Chad thinks he shouldn't even bother going to Lake Forrest now. His father shrugs and leaves for work. Kate wanders over and sits with him. He tells her about his father and all the plans he had for him. "The guy just doesn't want me around," he concludes. He stops himself from saying anymore, telling her that they aren't family. Kate mumbles to herself that he's wrong about that.

On the beach, EJ gets out of the water and towels off. He and Sami watch Mary look after their kids. She says that she knows what he's up to and she won't let him get away with it. He tells her how much he loves her and she asks him not to push her. As he continues to talk about how much he loves her, she fantasizes about Rafe. When EJ snaps her out of it, she talks about original sin and blames herself for everything that happened with the baby mess. Elvis defends her and says that she's the strongest person he's ever met. "Yes, I'll marry you," she abruptly declares. He jumps up stuttering and then swings her around. He wants to tell the children but she thinks they need to inform everyone together. They kiss and then she wanders off and bumps into Rafe. Things are awkward. They talk about not fighting with each other and then he asks what's new. She laughs uncomfortably and stares. They discuss Baker and the Sydnapping and she blames herself for it. This quickly turns into an argument about Elvis and she becomes flustered. "I don't know you anymore," she says. The bickering about EJ continues and he tells her that money won't buy her happiness. She accuses him of still loving her. He confirms that he does. Sami says he loves an ideal, not the real her. Rafe thinks she's grasping and walks off.

Will arrives at Casa DiMera and asks Stefano if Chad can work with him on his project. Stefano refuses to allow it and claims it's because Chad's dad is the DA. Will wonders what he doesn't want him to know. Later, Sami arrives and nervously tells her son that she has accepted EJ's proposal. Simultaneously, EJ calls Stefano to tell him the news. Rafe just happens to be standing a few feet away from him as he does so.

11, 2010
I Thought My Relationship Was Strange.

At the mansion, Viv complains to Henderson about the paparazzi outside looking for Hope. Brady drifts in and starts sniping at her. She suggests that he be more civil. Brady tells her that Victor's whole world is crashing down around him. He's sure his grandfather will realize he's been wasting his time on her and will kick her out. After Brady stomps off, Viv tries calling her husband and then attempts to locate him with her GPS.

Victor arrives at Casa da Bo and demands some answers from his son. Bo doesn't want to hear him rant. His father apologizes and they discuss the dark side of Hope. Victor is sure they can get through this. Bo blames himself for the whole mess. Victor blames Carly for everything and says she's 'a plague'. Maggie strolls in and asks for an update. She urges Bo not to let Hope push him away. Bo gets snippy with his dad and then leaves them alone. Maggie asks Victor out for a walk. They wander to the pier and she admits that she wanted to spend time with him so she could complain about her troubles. That makes him smile. She's scared for Hope. "I don't know what happened to that little girl in ice skates," she sobs. Victor cuddles her as Viv shows up and stares. She sneers as they leave for coffee. Viv decides she's going to have to teach Maggs a lesson. The redhead takes Victor to her place and makes tea and cookies. They begin bickering and she tells him to respect his wife. Then things cool down and they are thankful for their friendship. Meanwhile, Gus arrives at the mansion where Viv is ranting about Maggie's disgusting world of donuts, rag rugs and Christmas ornaments. She's determined to make her rival pay.

At the station, Abe confronts Hope over not getting an attorney. She refuses but Abe wants to help. She begs him not to give her any special treatment. He just wants her to get a fair trial but she screams and says that nothing can justify what she did. Abe lectures her and accuses her of acting like she doesn't give a damn. Lexi barges in and tells him to stop but Hope says he's right. Lexi sends her husband out and hugs her friend, urging her to take care of herself for Ciara's sake. When she's left alone, EJ makes his way in. Hope apologizes to him and he taunts her. She says he can't make her feel any worse. "Let's see about that," he says. He's not in a forgiving mood considering what she did to him. Bo barges in and tells Elvis not to threaten his wife. EJ says she won't have a 'get out of jail free card' this time and leaves. Beauregard rants. Hope isn't happy to have him involved in this case. Brady shows up and Hope agrees to talk to him. Bo leaves them alone and Hope apologizes again. He commiserates with her about being a pill popper and urges her not to be hopeless.

Lexi and Abe are at the beach. They chat as Ciara and Theo play. The adults worry about the little girl and how much help she will need. Abe says that he feels like their relationship is finally strong again and it's time for them to expand their horizons.

On the pier, Rafe overhears EJ tell his father on the phone that Sami has accepted his proposal. "It's not going to happen pal," Rafe mumbles as he walks off. He goes over to the gym and beats up a punching bag. As he pummels the bag, he moans about finding the truth. At Casa DiMera, Sami informs Will that she's accepted EJ's proposal. "Cool," he groans. She asks for his honest reaction but he's sure she doesn't want that. He asks her not to pretend about why she is really doing this and insists that they talk about Rafe. Will thinks she's lying to herself about what she wants. She insists that she's doing this because EJ has become totally honest. They take a walk to the pier and she
asks him to keep the engagement to himself. Will rushes off to the pub and Rafe walks by, all sweaty from jogging. He congratulates her and then speeds away. He goes back to the gym and has shower. Sami barges into the locker room and they 'discuss' her engagement. As he pulls on his pants, she gets in his face and tries to force him to admit that he pushed her into EJ's arms. Rafe accuses her of lying to herself. They start making out.

Bo pops over to Casa DiMera to tell Elvis that he will kill him if he tries to retaliate against Hope. EJ smirks and mocks him. Grouchy Bo leaves. "I thought my relationship was strange," EJ muses to himself.

August 12, 2010
We're On.

Philip arrives at the hospital and gets a call from Chloe. She needs to talk to him about the baby. They arrange to meet and then he goes off to talk to Justin and Daniel about Hope. When Philip runs off, Justin mutters and says there are no words to describe what's going on.

Steph joins her aunt at the Cheatin' Heart and declares that she is dropping her concerns over Nate and Mel. Adrienne thinks that's super and asks her to have a drink but Steph has to run off to Maggie's. Meanwhile, Nathan is at Maggie's and they're chatting about Hope. She leaves to take a business call. Mel wanders in. They discuss Hope and she gives him a hug. As they embrace, Steph arrives outside and spots them through the window. She runs off. Maggie returns and interrupts the friends in their hug fest. Mel quickly leaves and the redhead asks Nate what's going on. He insists that he's with Steph and loves her. Maggie thanks goodness for that. They leave and Daniel drops in to see his daughter. All the while, Steph has run back to the Cheatin' Heart to moan to her aunt about what she just witnessed. She worries that Mel and Philip are finished and she's now turning to Nate for comfort.

Justin goes to the beach and stares at the water. He thinks about Hope. Adrienne shows up and they talk about how awful things are. She guesses this is breaking his heart. He doesn't want to talk about it. Neither does she so she leaves. She goes to the pub and Caroline chats with her about Bo and everything else.

As Chloe is about to leave her place, Nicole shows up looking for advice. Chloe looks for excuses but Nicole begins blathering about her problems and how she blew things with the only man she ever loved. Nicole decides Chloe's obviously not interested in listening and leaves. Chloe goes off and meets Philip on the pier. She tells him about the crazy situation at St. Mary's and how she was nearly caught. Philip promises to make sure the results are kept confidential. As she gives him a hug, Steph strolls by. "Well well... together again?" she snipes at them. Chloe flounces off and Steph interrogates Philip who then stomps away. Stephanie guesses they must be keeping a secret.

Maggie and Nathan go to the pub. Caroline greets them and they discuss Hope until Caroline gets snippy with Maggie. When she walks off, Nate asks what that's all about. Maggie explains that Caroline thinks she's too friendly with Victor. "Didn't he just get married?" Nate asks. Maggie makes faces. Across the room, Mel startles Chloe when she finds her sitting alone. They talk about Daniel and how worried he is about Carly. Mel babbles about the consult she went to with Daniel and Chloe decides she has to leave. "You better start telling people you're pregnant or they'll just think you're a bitch," Mel mumbles. She goes home and finds Philip there. He spins her around. Meanwhile, Chloe drops by the hospital to see Daniel. He wants to tell everyone about the baby but she wants to tell her parents first.

Steph heads to the hospital and begins asking Daniel for information about a claim she is making for him. When his info doesn't check out with something Philip said, Steph heads over to Daniel's, finds the spare key and goes inside to look for clues about what Philip and Chloe have been up to. She tries hacking into Chloe's computer. Caroline suddenly calls and interrupts. Steph can hear Chloe and Daniel outside the door and starts to panic.

Sami and Rafe make out in the locker room. He pulls back and says this was a mistake. He asks her to go. They make out some more instead. He reminds her that she is engaged to EJ and then steps away and apologizes. She challenges him to stop her from marrying Elvis. He won't. Sami wonders how he even knows about the engagement and then runs off. He heads off to the Cheatin' Heart for a beer. Nicole shows up and suggests that they drink together. They toast to the future not sucking as much as the present.

At Casa DiMera, EJ is playing with Syd and telling her he will spend the rest of his life making up for what he did to her mother. Sami bustles in and accuses him of lying to her and breaking the news to Rafe behind her back. He insists he didn't and it doesn't matter because people will find out anyway. She claims she needs to get used to being his fiancee before making it public. EJ knows she still has feelings for Rafe and asks her if their engagement is off or on. "We're on," she says.

August 13, 2010
She Drove You To Drink, Eh?

As Daniel and Chloe return to their place, Steph hides inside in the closet. He's eager to tell her parents that she's carrying his child and they start talking about names. He gets called away to do an appendectomy. Once he runs off, Chloe calls Philip and asks to meet him. Steph's face contorts. Philip rushes over and they begin discussing how weird Steph has been acting lately. They worry about the baby's paternity and she says she'll have the results tomorrow. As they ponder what the fallout of him being the father could be, Steph cringes. They leave for a walk. Steph walks out of the closet and realizes Mel will run back to Nate if Philip is the father. She calls St. Mary's and tries to get some information. She heads over to the hospital. Meanwhile, Chloe and Philip walk by the water. He tries to put a positive spin on things and says that if he is the father, they can raise the baby together. She thanks him for being her best friend.

Mel and her dad go to the pub for a bite after they've removed an appendix. He becomes concerned when she complains about Steph and he wonders if this is really about Nate. She talks about how swell her life is now and then explains that she has a job interview at St. Mary's. She doesn't want people to think that she got a job at the same hospital as him because of who her parents are. He tells her she should do that if that's what she wants. After they hug, she bustles off. He figures out that he loves his daughter and then goes off to buy some jewelry. Meanwhile, Mel shows up at St. Mary's and is startled to find Steph there.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Nicole and Rafe drink. He claims he is there celebrating his sister's freedom. They bicker about Brady and Ari's break-up and she admits that she blew things with him just like he blew them with Sami. Tim calls him and says they've put the recording together. Rafe turns back to Nicole and tells her to do something for the right reasons for once. After he leaves, she takes out the CD and wonders if she should play it for Brady. She realizes that it would only make things worse. Meanwhile, Rafe heads to the station to get the CD from Tim. When he plays it, most of it is indecipherable apart from EJ saying he was out of his mind. He sits and ruminates, realizing there must be more CDs.

Wet and shirtless Brady pours himself some booze at the mansion. Victor strolls in and takes a jab at him. "She drove you to drink, eh?" he says. Victor tries to figure out which woman drove him to it and isn't pleased to realize it was Nicole. He says that Nicole is close to a mythical monster and she's impossible to deal with. When he calls her a 'slut', Brady snaps at him. After he gets dressed, Nicole shows up and asks him to go to the station with her so she can turn herself in. She's willing to put herself in prison if that will help her win him back. Nicole makes up a story about a corrupt developer who gave her money to shut down a story she was doing. He decides to believe this and she asks him to tell her he still loves her. "You drive me nuts," he says. "I love you too," she tells him. They kiss.

Sami paces around the mansion huffing and puffing and thinking about shirtless Rafe. EJ strolls in wearing his pink shirt and she tells him she wants to set a date for their wedding. He's shocked. He begins to stammer and then slips the ring on her finger. He thinks they should get married today, or at least this week. She says that's too soon and they need to set a date together. Sami wants to get married at the church where they had Grace's funeral. He's reluctant but agrees. As she says she wants a big wedding, Kate and Stefano walk in. When EJ informs her that Sami will be her new daughter-in-law, Kate's lungs nearly leap out of her throat. Stefano offers his condolences. Kate cringes. Stefano decides to get some champagne so they can toast. After they all have a drink, EJ goes off to book the church. Stefano suggests that Sami and Kate plan the wedding together. Then he sneaks out to see his son, who tells him how happy he is. The couple gets back together and discusses their wedding. They think they really have a chance at happiness this time.

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