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3rd Week of August Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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August 16, 2010

What A Putz.

Steph is at St. Mary's digging through the computer records to find the results of Chloe's test when Mel walks in and startles her. Mel tells her that she has a job interview there so Steph gets overly excited for her. Mel leaves for her interview and Steph heads home. She calls some dude over and asks him for a favor. He's reluctant. She says she needs the results to a paternity test. The dude agrees to help.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano walks in on Sami and EJ kissing and thanks them for letting Kate work on their wedding. "So this train wreck is really going to happen?" Will snipes as he walks in. She tries to tell him this is all grand but he storms off. She runs after him and he mocks her for wanting to get married in white for the 'thirty-third' time... and to EJ no less. They debate her disastrous romance and he says that things could have actually worked with Rafe. He walks out and EJ comes out to comfort her. She's not looking forward to telling her family their news. They head over to the pub to see Roman and Caroline. When they tell them about the engagement, Roman says she's out of her mind. Elvis says he understands their anger because he loves Sami as much as they do and he wants what's best for her too. He makes his case for why he's the best thing for Sami. Caroline nearly explodes but Sami insists that she has not come for their blessing: the decision has been made. The couple leaves.

Back at Casa DiMera, Will admits to Stefano that he's not thrilled about his mom's choice. Stefano says he had problems with it too but he's changed his mind. A big part of the reason why is that he's gotten to know Will and discovered that Sami could actually have a good child. "I believe in the power of family," he tells Will. Later, EJ arrives and his father warns him to be careful about rubbing all of this in Rafe's nose. As he mentions the kidnapping, Sami walks in.

At the mansion, Brady pulls back from kissing Nicole so she kisses him harder. He pulls off her top and they make out on the couch. Once they're practically naked, he leaps away and orders her to get dressed, declaring that this is all wrong. He claims that sex is just a drug for them and begins drinking. "You're the problem and I've gotta kick the habit," he says. Brady laughs in her face and says he doesn't care about her.

Rafe stands in the woods and talks to himself about nailing Nicole. He makes a call and asks someone to help him. Soon, Victor shows up and asks him what he wants. Rafe explains that he knows that Nicole has info that could take EJ down. Victor doesn't really care. Rafe tells him what he thinks EJ did. "What a putz," Victor snarls. Rafe needs Nicole to roll on EJ and hopes Victor can give him something to help make that happen. "What's in it for me?" Victor asks. The Fed explains that he can get Nicole away from Brady. Victor tells him that Nicole's father launched her porn career and made her wish she had a savior. He suggests that Rafe convince her that he's her white knight and then she might help him. Rafe heads off to the Cheatin' Heart and finds Nicole in tears.

Nate interrupts Philip and Chloe on the pier and things are awkward. When he leaves, Philip assures her that Nate hasn't figured out that they slept together. He goes off to meet his wife at a clinic in a bad neighborhood and refuses to leave her there alone. Nate shows up because he's going to be working with her. "Do you have a problem with that?" he asks Philip, who claims he is just surprised. After he leaves them alone, some dope fiend comes in and grabs Mel. Meanwhile, Philip is drinking at the pub. Brady joins him.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Daniel shows Carly some jewelry he bought for Chloe and then talks about how excited he will be to tell people he's going to be a father. She looks like she has a headache. He says he's worried about her and wonders what's wrong. Carly declares that she can't have this conversation and walks out. Chloe arrives and he hands her a gift. It's a present for the baby. She's so happy she has to go to the lady's room. Once she leaves, Sister Ann walks in and begins chatting with Daniel. Chloe comes out and notices the nun. She freezes up. Carly returns and spots the nun. She spots Chloe and then moves in to provide a distraction. The nun heads off and Daniel gets called back to work. Once he's gone, she calls Chloe and asks to talk. They meet up at the pier and Chloe thanks her for covering yet again. Daniel randomly wanders over and asks them what they are up to.

August 17, 2010
The Jerk.

At the court house, the new public defender is confused about why Hope wants him as her lawyer. She just wants this over with fast. Bo comes in and says that's not going to happen. The former couple ask for some time alone and argue about her options and what they mean for Ciara. He feels like they are trapped in a nightmare and insists her daughter needs her. She tells him to go away so he calls her a coward. She's shocked. Doug and Julie arrive. Doug drags Bo off and Julie berates Hope and encourages her not to throw everything away. Bo later joins Doug and Julie and they wonder what to do. The cop talks to the attorney and then they inform Hope that the plan has changed.

At the clinic, Mel is attacked by some dude. Nate runs in as she's being choked. The dude runs off. Mel thanks Nate. They sit around and discuss her bruise. Meanwhile, hacker Ian is at Stephanie's. She invited him over to hack his way into Chloe's paternity records. He finds the file but the results aren't in. Nate arrives and demands to know what's going on. He calms down and apologizes to Ian for acting like an ass. When he goes off for a shower, Ian tells Steph they can try again tomorrow. "A girl as pretty and as nice as you shouldn't have to fight to keep a guy," he comments as he leaves. Nate comes back out and Steph makes a joke about Mel being attacked. He doesn't appreciate it.

On the pier, Daniel walks up on Chloe and Carly as they're discussing meeting tomorrow. The women tell him that they are trying to get along now because they want what's best for him. He's a bit weirded out by this. Carly stares uncomfortably. Chloe says she's learned a lot about Carly and she's not so bad. Daniel gropes her bump and talks about what a happy family they will be. He sends his fiancee off to run some errands and then thanks Carly. Mel arrives and her parents jump when they see the bruises on her throat. She assures them that she's alright.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Nicole shoves her CD into her purse and mumbles to herself, cursing her luck. She feels like getting the goods on EJ just screwed up her whole life. Rafe peers in and spots her whimpering. When he goes in and sits down with her, she throws her drink in his face. He orders her a replacement drink. When she reaches for her purse, he notices the CD inside. His eyes bulge and she tells him to get lost. Once he walks off, some plaid wearing dude comes over. He recognizes her as Misty Circle and begins calling his friends. She cringes. Rafe comes over and grabs the guy, forcing him to apologize before shoving him out the door. She thanks him. He tries to get her sympathy by badmouthing EJ for being a jerk to her. He pretends to get drunk and tries to bait her by suggesting that Elvis has become a good guy. She accuses him of wearing a wire so he asks her to frisk him. After she pats him down, she falls into his lap.

Over at Casa DiMera, EJ is shushing his father about the Sydnapping when Sami walks in and asks what they are talking about. Elvis covers by saying they just wanted to keep the kids away from her for a little while after the wedding. Lexie walks in. "Are you two getting married?" she blurts out. Lexie makes some jokes and then asks Sami to let her know if she needs any help. After Sami walks off, Lexie congratulates her brother and says she's proud of him. They argue about Rafe and he claims that the Fed must have realized that it's all over. Meanwhile, Stefano corners Sami and tells her that she makes his son happy, so he's decided that he was wrong about her and they should have a fresh start. She leaps away when he tries to hug her. Sami returns to EJ and his sister and tells them that their father was just being nice to her. Lexie congratulates them again and leaves. On the way out, she stops to chat with her dad, saying she suspects there is more going on than is being said. He says they should let the past go away. Meanwhile, Sami babbles to EJ until he pulls her onto his lap and into a liplock.

August 18
, 2010
Where Did We Go Wrong?

At Casa DiMera, Sami and EJ sit on the couch and make out. He wants to take her upstairs and teach her what marriage is all about. As they head for the stairs, Johnny startles them. While EJ takes their son to bed, she plays with the penguin he left in the living room. Elvis returns and starts sucking on her lips again. He stops her from unbuttoning his shirt to ask what's wrong. She says that Johnny ruined the mood. He spots the penguin. "I understand completely," he mutters. They sit down and discuss their wedding. When he promises to make all her dreams come true, she tells him he's perfect.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Nicole gives Rafe a pat down to see if he's wearing a wire. She ends up falling into his lap. They start making out. Ari stomps in and demands to know what's going on. Ari assumes this isn't about 'wonderbitch'; it must really all be Sami's fault like usual. Rafe tells his sister to put a sock in it. When she stomps off, Nicole asks Rafe is he is just trying to make Sami jealous. He says that he and Sami are just like her and Brady. They discuss what train wrecks they are but she thinks that he's the perfect guy. He helps her home and he asks her to let him in for a nightcap. She turns him down and asks what he really wants. He acts confused so she invites him in. As they drink, she wonders what his angle is. He claims that he just likes her because she's straightforward and uncomplicated. She asks him to prove he's genuinely interested in her by taking off his clothes. Rafe begins his strip tease as she hops up and down on the bed.

Justin and Adrienne are at the pub discussing Hope's sentencing. All of this has made him think about the life that they had together. "Where did we go wrong?" he asks. Meanwhile, at the court house, Bo and the public defender tell Hope that there has been a change of plans. She still insists on pleading guilty. When Bo asks for Hope's trust, Julie explodes at him and accuses him of being to blame for all of this. Adrienne and Justin arrive and sit at the back. The judge comes in and Hope enters her guilty plea. The people's defender offers a list of character witnesses but Hope insists that they just go ahead with the sentencing. The DA demands Hope be sentenced to 30 years without parole. Justin leaps up as Hope's lawyer stutters. The parade of witnesses begins even Hope asks them not to. Justin takes the stand and speaks on her behalf. He says that simply releasing her would be a mistake when what she needs is treatment. Abe speaks next and says that Hope is a victim in all of this as well. Hope's family starts to look hopeful until Ari shows up and declares that she wants to say something. She goes up and says that she was sentenced and served her time and the same should happen to Hope. "You do the crime, you do the time," Ari says before walking off. Bo is called up last and tells the court that he's as guilty as Hope. He relates the story of the collapse of his marriage and then rants about the medicine that his wife was given. Bo vows to be there for Hope. She sobs. The judge recognizes that Hope isn't a hardened criminal and only sentences her to two years. Everyone is relieved. Julie tells Bo that he saved the day. He tells Hope that he's sorry he wasn't there for her before. Hope thanks and hugs all the witness (except for Ari). They tell her to get well. Doug and Julie promise they will bring Ciara to visit her. Bo says this isn't goodbye and he will see her soon.

Brady brings some flowers to Isabella's grave and wishes that he'd known her. He heads over to the pub and gets plastered. Sami shows up and they begin taunting each other. He says he's celebrating for getting Nicole 'the last freakin' monkey' DiMera off his back. Brady tells Sami she's no better than Nicole and accuses her of being addicted to EJ. He recalls that she used to be a spoiled, rotten brat... but then she got better before blowing it when she broke up with Rafe. "I'm Sami! I'm screwed up and proud of it!" he moans, mocking her. When Sami goes outside, she runs into Ari and asks her where her brother is. "I bet he's at Nicole's place right now," Ari groans. Sami thinks he must finally have the evidence and runs off.

August 19, 2010
This Is Forever.

Roman runs into his daughter down by the pier. He repeats that she shouldn't marry EJ. Her dad encourages her try being open and honest with Rafe again. She fantasizes about walking in on Rafe arresting Nicole for the Sydnapping. Sami pushes Nicole out of the way and makes out with Rafe. Snapping out of it, she decides that could happen for real.

Rafe gets embarrassed as he starts to strip for Nicole in her dive. He buttons his shirt up and she accuses him of using her to make Sami jealous. She teases him and accuses him of pulling a charade. Rafe claims that he thought they had a connection. He knows men have always used her and says she deserves better. They talk about how EJ drove her to do crazy things. She doesn't want to talk about that. They decide they don't want to be unhappy anymore... "I think I want to give this, us, a chance," she says. He kisses her and takes her top off. She peels off his shirt. Sami arrives outside, stares at them through the window and starts to gag. Nicole spots her and plays it up. Sami rolls her eyes and leaves. Nicole slips into the bathroom to freshen up. When she comes back out, she announces that she wants to sleep alone. Before he leaves, she changes her mind and asks him to stay and hold her. They lay down together. Once she falls asleep, he grabs her purse and takes the CD.

Gus arrives at the mansion and Viv tells him she is going to be a victimizer again. She has a plan to get Maggie out of Victor's life. Meanwhile, Victor runs into Maggie at the hospital. As they chat, Viv strolls in and tells Victor that she has a solution for his pain, and she's not talking about divorce. Maggie walks off and Viv explains that she wants to do something for Victor's dearly departed daughter. She wants to get a big sarcophagus for her, just to prove that she loves him.

At Casa DiMera, EJ calls Nicole to threaten her to keep up her end of their agreement. As he heads for the door, Ari arrives and reminds him that they had a meeting scheduled. They sit down and go over her paperwork to erase the arrest from her record. He informs her about his engagement and she tells him that Sami is a train wreck. Elvis is touched by her concern. Sami storms in and Ari excuses herself. Sami declares that she wants the whole world to know they are getting married and then pulls EJ into a kiss. She loves him and can't wait to marry him. "Let's just get married," she decides, suggesting they do it tomorrow. He doesn't understand the rush so she claims that they deserve to be happy and shouldn't wait. "This is for forever," he says.

Kate, Stefano and Will are at the pub discussing Chad. Will wanted to give his friend a distraction. Stefano says Chad will bounce back. Kate stares and then goes down to the water to find Chad. She finds him staring at the water, complaining about how he has been abandoned by his family. He tells her how much he wishes that Charles wasn't his father. She tells him that his father needs him. Chad mopes away. Kate flashes back to one of her arguments with Madeline. It becomes clear that Chad is actually Stefano's son and Madeline forbade her from ever revealing this. Kate snaps out of the flashback. Lexi, Theo and Ciara wander by. "I miss my mommy," Ciara says. Kate asks Lexi if her father could handle some unpleasant news. Lexi thinks he'd be fine. Kate asks her if she's ever wished Stefano wasn't her father. She admits that sometimes she wishes he wasn't; sometimes she's ashamed to be his daughter.

Back at the pub, Chad wanders in and Will asks where he's been. Chad tells him he can't work on their project anymore because his head is in the wrong place. Will asks him to the movies but Chad turns him down and walks off as Stefano returns. Will asks him why he doesn't like Chad and worries about how he can help his friend. Stefano admire his generosity but insists that the young man is not their problem.


August 20, 2010
I'm Really Happy.
(recap with photos posted on the blog)

 Nicole wakes up in her hovel and sees Rafe sitting at the table. She guesses the snugglefest is over and asks what's up. He holds up the CD. She leaps onto him. They wrestle and she rants at him for his lies and deceptive cuddles. Rafe explains that he hunted down her mom and orders her to tell him everything she knows. She refuses. He offers to do what he can to keep her out of prison. She claims this is about more than prison. Sobbing, she relates how terrified she is of EJ and begs him for protection. EJ calls to make sure that she isn't going off the deep end. She says she has five million and will be fine. After she hangs up, she turns to Rafe. "Let's make a deal," she says. He offers her immunity and then sets up his recorder so she can explain everything. She explains what led up to the recording she made and then he turns the CD on. He listens to EJ and Stefano's conversation. It stalls half way through. Rafe fiddles around and gets it going again. He hears the whole thing and smiles. "That's all I need," he says. He did all of this for Sami.

At Casa DiMera, Sami stares at her dress and thinks of Nicole making out with Rafe. She tells herself that she's doing the right thing. Will shows up and asks his mom when she was going to tell him about this. She claims there is no reason to wait... and she hasn't told the rest of that family because she doesn't want them talking her out of this. Sami would like him to walk her down the aisle but doubts that he's likely to do that. She says that EJ needs her. He hopes they'll be happy together and agrees to give her away. They hug.

Kate and Stefano are startled when they walk into their living room and find that there are a bunch of people milling around and putting out flowers. Elvis walks in and announces that it's all for his wedding. "Is Sami pregnant again?" Kate asks. Stefano doesn't understand the hurry. Lexi arrives and Will leads the children in. EJ is glad he's willing to be part of this. The judge arrives and Sami comes down the stairs. Johnny moans because Syd has to stay up stares since she has the sniffles. The ceremony begins. Will walks his mom down the aisle.

At home, Mel is about to make pancakes when Philip reminds her they are supposed to be going to Chicago. She reminds him that it's Chloe's birthday and they are supposed to be at the party. He thinks that's a bad idea. Mel tries to talk him around and guesses he knows what's been bothering Chloe.

Mel runs after Steph and Nate. She stops them at the pier and begins balling about Philip being the mother of Chloe's baby. She leaps into Nate's arms. Steph snaps out of this nightmare and calls Ian to come over and work his computer magic. Nathan comes out of the bedroom and tells her that he doesn't have to rush off to work. She encourages him to get an x-ray for his aching elbow and chases him to the door. Ian shows up. Before they can get started, Nate returns to get something and asks what's going on. Ian says he's just there for his flash drive. Nate grabs his stuff and leaves. Ian is starting to have second thoughts about committing a felony for her but she talks him around. As he hacks, Nate calls and asks if Ian is still there. She says he's just showing her some shortcuts. She gets off the phone and Ian shows her the results. "Oh my God!" she gasps.

Chloe and Daniel roll around in bed. He promises her the best birthday she's ever had. She remembers she's supposed to get the lab results with Carly today. She goes pale and says she's queasy. He offers her a cracker and says that he'll be spending all day with her. She asks him if she can open a present now. He chuckles and goes off to get one while she searches for her phone. Later, Carly shows up, anxious to get going. Daniel catches them and asks what's going on. He has to take a call so Chloe asks Carly to go off and get the results. As soon as she leaves, Daniel returns and hands her some jewelry, promising it will be the first of many surprises today. She tells him that she loves him with all of her heart and she just wants to be worthy of him. Mel and Philip arrive. Chloe and Philip sigh and stare anxiously. Chloe blows out her candles and then asks to open her gifts. Mel gives her some kind of shiny smock and gabs about how she wants them all to be a family. Chloe cries. Daniel looks confused. Philip's eyebrows twist so much they almost fall off. "I'm really happy," Chloe claims.


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