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4th Week of August Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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August 23, 2010

This Is A Total Nightmare.

At Nicole's, Rafe gets the CD to play and he hears the whole lurid tale. Nicole pouts and Rafe smiles smugly since he finally got what he's been looking for. She tells him Sami isn't worth it because she would break his heart for a box of popcorn. He tells her this is all her fault. She worries that she could end up dead because of this and begs him to show he cares. He assures her that she will have FBI protection, but that doesn't impress her much so she walks out. Rafe chases her down and they go to the station. He says she's in his custody until they have ink on a deal for her. Agent Lou comes in and starts the paperwork. Rafe gets a message from Gabi and she tips him off about the wedding. He rushes out the door.

The wedding ceremony continues at Casa DiMera. The judge rushes through it and everyone watches uncomfortably. When they get near the end, a loud banging begins at the door. Will smirks. Since the staff are all busy, Kate walks off to answer the door. It's Roman and he's there to arrest someone: Sami. Everyone is shocked but he thinks this is the only way to stop his daughter from making the biggest mistake of her life. EJ gets his knickers in a twist and Will almost falls over laughing. The judge goes outside to admire the flowers and Sami tells her dad she doesn't need his protection because she's in love. When she begs him to let her be happy, he agrees to back off and apologizes. They go off to the foyer and she asks him to stick around. They discuss Rafe and she claims that he turned out not being who she thought he was. She insists that she loves EJ and will be happy with him. Meanwhile, Stefano admits to his son that he thought Roman was going to arrest him for the Sydnapping. Sami returns and announces that it's time to continue. They skip to the end and EJ talks about how great the family is and how the children taught him to love. He can't imagine living without all of that love. Sami says it has always been her dream to marry someone who loves her for who she is. She's sure he will be the best husband she could ever hope for. He agrees to honor her for all the days of his life. Rafe runs in before they can kiss and stops the wedding.

At Daniel's, the doctor and his daughter go off to get the cider while Philip barks at Chloe to keep it together. Their loved ones return and they all toast to the birthday girl. Daniel declares that everything will be better from this day forth and all of their dreams will come true. Philip suddenly declares that they have to go. He claims he has a business call and leads Mel out. Chloe and Daniel go to bed. She sleeps and he says he would do anything for her. Then he wanders down to the pier with his blackberry and urges himself to do something.

Carly paces at St. Anne's. The nun hands her the results of the test and then takes them back to explain that 'Miss Scott' didn't sign the right form so she can't hand it over. She offers to call Miss Scott but Carly says she can't be reached and claims that the form must have been misplaced. When the nun goes off to look for it, Mel calls and tells her mom about the birthday party. The nun returns with the form and Carly checks the results. Simultaneously, Philip makes a call, asking someone to pull something off for him and Mel logs into her computer and types away. "That's that," she says.

At Steph's, Ian hacks into the hospital computer and gets the results. "This is a total nightmare," she gasps as she sees them. She's sure that she will lose Nate to Mel now. Ian is baffled by all of this so she explains the entire convoluted situation. She runs to the pier in tears and he follows her. He attempts to give her a pep talk but she's pretty sure she is screwed. Unless... They go back to her place and she asks him to hack into the computer again and change the test results. He's reluctant, but she makes a pouty face so he agrees. When he gets in, he says he can't touch them because someone else already has.

August 24, 2010
Annoying Interlude.

At the hospital, nurse interrupts Nate while he putters around on his computer. He shuts it down and runs off. Meanwhile, at her place, Steph and Ian ponder who could have changed the test results. Since Chloe can barely spell her own name, she's not likely to be the computer genius behind this. He tells her the result is all that counts. Nate walks in and asks what's going on. Ian heads out, leaving the couple to argue about which of them is more on edge. She gets confused and thinks he's onto her, but he just thinks she's a bit slow with the new program at work and was getting tutored. They go to bed. After their romp, she tells him that things between them are 'too great' and she worries she will screw them up.

Mel is at home telling herself that what she just did was best for everyone. Philip shows up thanking God he just took care of things. Before he and Mel can slip off for some afternoon delight, he notices she was on the St. Mary's website. She says that they offered her a job but she doesn't want it. They begin talking about where they want to buy a house. His phone rings. Mel notices that it's Chloe sending him a text and she wonders what's up with that. He says that she has good news and wants to see them.

Carly show up at Chloe's to tell her the news: the baby is Daniel's. Chloe's thrilled and they hug. Daniel wanders to the door, telling himself that he just did the right thing. He goes in and asks why the other doctor is there. Carly gives Chloe a baby gift. The mother-to-be wants to buy a cradle and tell the town about her pregnancy. There are loads of hugs and Daniel tells his fiancee that he got them tickets to "Carmen." She thanks him and rushes off to call her parents. Daniel wonders why Carly has a sad look on her face. She claims that she's just been worrying about a patient and then begins sobbing and hugging him, hoping she didn't screw up his life. He says everything has worked out fine. Philip and Mel arrive and they all get a glass of sparkling cider so they can toast. Chloe thanks everyone, saying that her life is perfect and toasts to the baby.

Rafe crashes the wedding at Casa DiMera. Sami tells him she's moved on. EJ points at the door. Sami continues asking Rafe to leave. Roman stands up for Rafe and says that she should listen to the Fed. Stefano tries to threaten Rafe away. Sami gives in and agrees to talk to Agent Hernandez, but promises EJ that nothing he can say will change her mind. Elvis drinks a bottle of champagne and assures his father that he will be keeping the 'Brady Bunch' away from Sami once they're married. The family pace around and Will tells Kate he's used to his mom's drama. Lexie wonders if her brother is worried about this interruption but he claims he's not. Kate sits with the groom next and reminds him that it's not too late to call off the wedding. He refuses to walk away. "Don't say that I didn't warn you," she says. Meanwhile, Sami and Rage stand in the foyer and bicker. She admits she saw him ripping off Nicole's clothes and orders him to go. "This is about Sydney," he says. She begins ranting at him and he tells her that EJ doesn't deserves to be a father after what he's done. She orders him to leave. He begs her to listen to him. A moment later, she returns to the guests and asks everyone to leave... except for EJ. She wants to hear what Rafe has to say, but only with Elvis present. Stefano groans so he his son asks him to let him deal with this 'annoying interlude'. Grudgingly, Stefano and the family trudge off. Lexie gets called back to work. Kate guesses her husband knows what's going on with Rafe. Back at the house, Sami rants at Rafe, who slowly begins explaining what he knows. Sami is sick of all of this and wishes he would just get it over with. Rafe announces that he finally has

August 2
5, 2010
Soft Sarcophagi.

At Casa DiMera, Sami simpers and asks Rafe if he is there to ruin her happy day. She's sick of this thing he has about EJ. Rafe declares that it is all over because he finally has proof. EJ drinks champagne and Sami cocks her head. Elvis suggests that Rafe has just manufactured evidence against him. "It was him. He ordered Anna to kidnap Sydney. Him," Rafe states. Sami groans. EJ gives him the talk to the hand sign and declares this is delusional. Rafe recounts the whole ordeal and Syd's return. Sami goes into denial. EJ stutters and threatens to throw Rafe out. Rafe whips out the recording and plays Nicole's confession. They listen. Sami furrows her brow. EJ tries to stop blinking wildly and Rafe looks on smugly. EJ rips the recording from his hand. Sami's not impressed so far, since it's just Nicole. When he tells her that he loves her and only wanted to prove what a sick bastard EJ is, she slaps him. Elvis smiles and asks Rafe to leave. Rafe continues to make his case and Elvis and Sami yell at him. She asks Rafe to leave but he has more to say and asks Sami if she'd believe what he claims if it came from EJ's own mouth. He whips out the CD and says it's time for EJ to pay. Elvis goes into a panic, but Sami tells Rafe to play it.

Roman and Bo are at the courthouse. They talk about Hope as Dr. Baker is led in. Bo is determined to make sure he pays. They sit behind Baker and Bo growls until the doctor begins taunting him for falling off his game and calls him clueless. Roman has to hold Bo back as he flips out. Carly arrives and they sit Bo down. He mopes. The judge comes in and Baker's lawyer moves to have the charges dropped. The prosecutor objects but the judge isn't sympathetic to her. Bo sits and fumes, vowing to make Baker pay one way or another. Roman takes the stand and can't do much to help. The judge calls the lawyers into his chambers. Roman heads back to work and Carly goes off to check her messages. Bo tells Baker that he should have stayed dead and warns that he will pay for what he did to Hope. Baker reminds him that he saved his life and Bo's the one who pushed Hope off the rails. The judge returns and dismisses dismissing the charges. Bo is called to the stand and questioned. He admits that he feels guilty and blames himself for what happened... then begins railing at Baker and calling him 'scum' before threatening him. The judge orders him off the stand. The defense calls Hope to the stand.

At the pub, Victor is annoyed when Viv wants to look at sarcophagi for Isabella with him. He thinks this is all crazy. Maggie strolls in and he invites her to join them. They look at the coffin catalog together and Viv shows her her fave. "It's one of the softest looking sarcophaguses I've ever seen," Maggie says. Viv goes off to the Kiriakis tomb where Gus is waiting. They talk about her plan to bury Maggie alive so she can spend eternity with pillows that clash with her hair.

Nicole is at the mansion when bearded Brady walks in. She tells him she needs him and it's a matter of life and death. "EJ's going to kill me," she says. "If he hasn't killed you by now, I think you're safe," he says. She explains that she finally gave Rafe the proof he needs to put EJ away. She has to relate the whole sordid story about the Sydnapping and how she blackmailed Elvis. He lectures her for doing all of this to Sami and then tells her to call the cops if she wants help. She knows that could land her in prison. He wonders if he should turn her in but decides she isn't worth the trouble and walks away. Victor walks in clapping. He was watching and decides to have a drink to celebrate how devastated she looks. He soaks it in and admits that he sent Rafe after her. "Call Vivian. She'll help you pick out your coffin," he suggests with a laugh. Meanwhile, Brady goes to the pub for a drink and Maggie corners him. She suggests they go for a walk. He tells her that he's not Mr. Nice Guy anymore. He decides to get a soft drink and she asks him to go to a meeting with her. Brady explains that he's found out that his grandfather was actually right about something and that makes him mad.

August 26, 2010
Baker Was Right About Me.

At Baker's hearing, Bo and Carly worry about what the sentence will be. They worry more when Hope is placed on the stand. Roman returns as Hope is sworn in. The lawyer questions her until Bo leaps up and orders him to stop. The judge threatens to throw him out. As the questioning continues, she has to read her own profile of the attacker and admit that she has no idea if she is even mentally competent. Baker can't handle seeing Hope curling up into a ball and asks them to stop. The questioning goes on and Baker leaps up again, changing his plea to guilty and begging the court to let Hope go. The judge declares that Baker has a constitutional right to be an idiot. Baker pleads guilty again. "I'm not the only one," he says as he looks at Bo. The judge accepts his plea and Baker is led away. Since the transport for Hope isn't there yet, Roman hangs out with her. Carly putters off and Bo approaches his wife. Roman heads out. Hope asks Bo to stop worrying about her. "Baker was right about me," he admits to her. She's freaked out that Baker knows the real her but she doesn't. He claims that's not true and she tells him to keep thinking that.

In the Kiriakis mausoleum, Viv happily tells Gus all about the sarcophagus she's bought to bury Maggie in. He's concerned about her plan and he's sure someone will notice if Maggie vanishes. Gus reminds her that burying someone alive didn't work too well last time.

At Casa DiMera, EJ insists to Sami that the CD is a bunch of rubbish but she asks Rafe to play it anyway. EJ keeps begging her not to do this but she has to hear it. When he refuses to allow it, she says she won't marry him until she's heard it. Finally, Rafe plays the CD. EJ stops it. Rafe smiles smugly. They turn it on again and listen to the whole recording. "You did it. You did it," she says to EJ in tears. He tries to claim it's a fake but that doesn't work. EJ tells them the CD isn't admissible in court. Rafe rants at him and then walks out. She asks EJ to look her in the eye and confess. He does. Sami begins tearing into him. He knows that what he did was wrong, but he wanted her to suffer like she made him suffer. They both turn red as they yell and rehash what they did to each other. "You're a monster!" she says. He's sure she knows in her heart that that isn't so. EJ tells her how much he wanted to destroy her but he realized that he loves her and they shared some of the most wonderful moments in his life. He claims that what he did was a horrible nightmare and he's been trying to make up for what he did to her. "I want to spend the rest of my life making up for what I did to you," he says.

Kate and Stefano sit at the pub and groan about the showdown going on at the mansion. She wonders what's up and he claims he doesn't know. He says they should change the subject. She wants to call and see what's happening because she's afraid that a conversation between those three might never end. Stefano wants some air. When he stands up, Nicole walks in. After they all snipe at each other, he takes Nicole aside and demands to know what she was doing with Rafe. She claims she has no idea what's going on but he can see she is afraid.

Mel is at her kitchen table trying to knit and sputtering out a load of swears. Maggie comes in and joins her. She explains that she's been thinking of leaving town... but not forever. She just wants to visit her daughters and take a cruise. Mel pouts but Maggie says she'll be okay. Mel heads over to the hospital to see her mom. They discuss knitting and how they both suck at it. Carly tells her about the hearing and how upset it made Bo. The doctor goes home for a nap. Bo shows up and joins her for a cuddle. When he falls asleep, he dreams of Hope coming in and asking him to save her. Meanwhile, Rafe meets with Roman by the pier to learn the latest. The Fed tells him the wedding is off and hands him the CD.

August 27, 2010

I'll Kill Nicole.

Daniel and Chloe drop by the mansion to see Victor. He hopes they're there to tell him they're breaking up. He suddenly notices that she is fat so she tells him she's pregnant. "Is the baby Daniel's?" he asks. She fumes. He thought she was barren and then apologizes, saying a baby is always a blessing. Chloe claims God was very good to her. Victor's surprised the deity bothered with her considering all the problems in the world. Daniel decides this visit is a nightmare but Victor declares that this child will be family. After she heads off, Danie tells Victor he's sick of the way he treats Chloe. Victor wonders why Chloe is so upset and on edge when she claims she has everything she wants.

Viv drops by Maggie's to chat about Victor. Viv takes out her earring and then tells her about the sarcophagus and asks her for the funeral director she used when Mickey died. This causes bickering. Maggie asks her not to make dropping in a habit and goes off to find the mortician's business card. Viv looks around and discovers that Maggie is planning a trip. She gets giddy with the opportunity this provides. Mel drifts in and wonders why she is there. Viv covers and walks out. Maggie returns and Viv slips away to call Gus, who informs her that the sarcophagus has arrived. Viv decides to write Maggie's farewell letter. She meets with Gus at the mausoleum and admires the sarcophagus, saying her plan will be a breeze this time.

Down by the pier, Rafe and Roman talk about how much they hate EJ. Meanwhile, at the pub, Stefano accuses Nicole of hiding something from him and being terrified. She runs off and Kate asks him what's up. He orders her to get the kids and then calls Marco. Nicole rushes home and starts packing. Some dude shows up at the door. She can hear him and hides. When he spots her, she screams. He puts down his gun and shows her his FBI badge. He introduces himself as George and she informs him that she is going on the run. She calls her bank and discovers that her accounts have been frozen. She heads across town to Chloe's with a present. Pretty quickly, she notices that the diva is suddenly very pregnant.

At Casa DiMera, EJ tells Sami that she heard how much he hated what he'd done to her. He tells her that he couldn't leave with her children in the end and has been trying to make up for what he did ever since. That doesn't make things okay for her. He thinks that, of all people, she should understand what he did. She says that every word out of his mouth is a lie. "I love you and you still love me," he says. She claims love has nothing to do with this but he says it's all about love. He thinks that they've changed and can get through anything with a love like theirs. He gets down on his knee and begs her to marry him. She explains that she turned to Rafe last night to give him a last chance but saw him with Nicole. That's why she agreed to marry EJ."Anything I felt for you, you killed!" she shouts, vowing to take her kids away from him forever. Stefano wanders in. Sami starts ranting at him. He tells her she'll only take her kids away over his dead body. Rafe walks in and says that it will be over his dead body if he tries to stop her. Kate arrives and wonders what's going on. Rafe is happy to fill her in. Sami collects the kids but Johnny is reluctant to go. She leaves with all of her children, refusing to let Elvis say goodbye to Syd. EJ stares out the door and cries. He turns back to his father and Kate guesses that her husband knew about this all along. Elvis explains Nicole was behind this. Stefano sends his wife away and EJ explains that Nicole blackmailed him. His father is furious and wonders if his love for Sami has ruined his mind. Elvis says that he will fix things. "I'll kill Nicole," he declares.

Kate goes down to the water. She calls Will and asks him to meet her there. Chad stumbles by and asks her if she needs to talk. They discuss the wedding and Stefano shows up. He tells Chad to go and then asks her what she was talking to Chad about.

Roman goes to the pub and tells his mom that the wedding is off. Ari listens in as Roman explains what EJ did. They worry about whether Stefano will let Sami leave. He claims that the DiMeras will be going down for this. Sami, Rafe and the kids arrive. The kids run into the kitchen for cookies and Sami tells her dad that she feels like a fool. She worries about what EJ will do next and hugs her father. Roman tells Rafe he did a good job and then leaves him alone with Sami. She thanks him for saving her again and hugs him in tears. Ari heads over to Casa DiMera to see EJ. He thinks she's there to get some digs in like everyone else.


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