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1st Week of December Daily Summaries 

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December 6, 2010
Until The Cows Come Home.

At the pier, Victor promises Kate that he won't let Viv hurt her. Stefano approaches them and gets snide, demanding to know what's going on. She claims they are just talking about family issues. He assumes she is keeping something from him again. Victor insists that there is nothing going on between them. Viv eavesdrops on the arguing and slips off. Stefano mopes away.

At the pub, Gus is skeptical about Viv's plan for epic revenge. She orders him to step up to the plate and help her. She goes over to Casa DiMera to see Stefano and offers him all the answers he's looking for. Viv spills about being locked in a sarcophagus and how the Kiriakis clan kept her in there, even Kate. This doesn't bother him much but she insists that his wife has made a fool of him by working with Victor behind his back. He doesn't see why he should believe a troublemaker like her. She hints that there is more but leaves as Kate arrives. He tells her that he applauded her part in Viv's ordeal but she should have told him about it. She insists that he's the only man she cares about. He thinks she has a strange way of showing that. Stefano pours a drink and explains that Chad is his son after all. Since he doesn't want to discuss it, she decides to give him time to cool down. "It's a lot worse than you think. Much worse," he grumbles.

Jennifer takes Maggie home and mollycoddles her. Maggie urges her to go Christmas shopping. They get weepy and hug. Jenn agrees to go because she knows Philip and Mel are on their way over. Once she's alone, Maggie sobs and talks to Mickey's picture, hoping she will have the strength to put her ordeal behind her. Brady shows up. He worries about her but she's more worried about the fact that he left Viv to die. Brady justifies what he did and says he would do it again. She thinks he sounds like Victor and lectures him. "You can compliment me until the cows come home, but you're still a disappointment to me," she says. He says that he's realized he's a lot like Victor and that's not such a bad thing. After he storms off, Victor shows up and tells her again that he loves her. She shuts the door in his face. Meanwhile, Brady goes down to the pier and drinks when Viv approaches him. He yells at her to get lost.

Bo is in Carly's hospital room telling her about Hope's latest mishaps in prison. They realize something rotten must be going on in there. Meanwhile, Jenn arrives at the hospital and runs into Ben and Maxine talking about a dying patient who needs a heart transplant. Jenn goes in to see Carly and tells her that she knows the whole Bo and Hope mess was not her fault.

At the prison, the warden tells Lee about her chat with Bo. They're jumpy and Lee is angry when the warden tells her that Hope thinks she has homicidal tendencies. They bring in Charlene and inform her that they are going to transfer her. She's furious and gets threatening. Down in solitary, Hope isn't happy when Keisha tells her that Lee and the warden are super tight. Hope realizes that the warden knows everything. As Keisha eats Hope's fish sticks, the former cop knocks her out and runs out. She's easily caught and brought to the warden's office. Charlene recognizes her as the cop who arrested her and starts pounding on her. Charlene is dragged out. Lee wants to take Hope to the infirmary but Hope doesn't like that idea. The warden mocks her and accuses her of having paranoid delusions. She declares that Hope has lost all rights and will be transferred to a high security prison up north. Hope accuses her of trying to get rid of her. The warden gleefully talks about what a paranoid Hope is. The ex-cop is dragged off to be transferred with Charlene. Lee thinks this is a bad idea. Ben calls the warden and tells her that he needs a heart quick. She tells him she can get him one by tomorrow. After she hangs up, Lee starts to panic but the warden assures her that Hope will be handcuffed when they send her off and Charlene won't be.


December 7, 2010
Damn Him.

Sami has a nightmare about running to a cop to report a Sydnapping only to find that EJ is the cop. She wakes up and Rafe calms her down. She explains her dream and he promises that they'll get the kids back. He takes her into the living room and shows her the Christmas tree. They argue about it being crooked and then start planning Christmas.

Nicole walks around the mansion thinking about EJ's ultimatum that she choose between Brady and Syd. "Damn him!" she curses. Brady walks in and she gives him a big hug. She worries that her happiness will go away. He assures her that he can protect her from Vivian. Over at Maggie's, Philip asks Mel to come back to bed and make a baby. She stutters but he thinks it's time. Before they can get started, Brady show up and interrupts. Philip takes a call and Brady tells Mel he was responsible for what happened to Viv. She assumes that Nicole blackmailed him into going back to her. He tells her she's wrong about Nicole.

Elvis packs the kids up for Christmas shopping. Johnny wonders if they're shopping for his mom. "No, we're going shopping for Nono," EJ says. They go by the pub and Caroline tries to bring them in for hot chocolate. EJ turns her down. She gets upset and doesn't know why she should be deprived of the children. Johnny's confused. They go down to the pier. Nicole runs into them. They hang out and discuss Christmas. He invites her to spend the holiday with them. She'd love to. He reminds her that she has to dump Brady. "How much do you love Sydney?" he challenges. Sami and Rafe stumble by. Johnny wants to see his mom but EJ refuses to allow it.

At the hospital, Steph calls her grandma. "I'm busy," Caroline snipes. Steph complains about the paternity test but her grandma hangs up on her. Nate catches the end of the conversation. Steph is bursting to explain. When she starts, he gets beeped off to work so they agree to meet up later. She heads to the pub to confront her grandma again but Caroline doesn't like her 'getting fresh' like this. She claims that Bo and Roman would never let her skate out of jail if the truth came out. Besides, it would ruin Chloe and Daniel's marriage. Steph hushes her and then insists she has to do what she thinks is right. Caroline worries about Sami and tells Steph the latest. She sobs and tells her family has to come first. Nate wanders in. Steph sends him to the corner and tells her grandma that she will keep things quiet. She joins Nate and tells him about all the drama in her family. As she sobs, he tells her they're lucky they have her to hold them together. "Marry me?" she whimpers.

Kate wanders into Casa DiMera to apologize to Stefano and ask if they can work through their problems. That's something he really wants but he lists her many mistakes and betrayals. She gets weepy and insists none of it was done out of disrespect. He believes it when she says she loves him, but he needs her to regain her trust. He asks her to act as his proxy and hands her instructions. She cringes as she reads them. He calls Daniel to congratulate him on his new baby and thank him for saving his son's life. He's sending a gift over. Stefano hands it to Kate and tells her to follow the instructions. "Never," she says, accusing him of being vindictive. He reminds her that he saved her from prison and points out that he was prepared to kill Daniel for her but the doctor ended up saving his son. She cries but sucks it up.

Kate heads over to Daniel's with the gift. Chloe's eyes boggle as Kate congratulates them and tells them how great they are together. Daniel is shocked as Kate apologizes for what she did to them and tells them how jealous she was of how wonderful Chloe is. She walks out gagging. "Was that the strangest thing that's ever happened in the entire history of the whole universe?" Chloe asks. Kate returns to Casa DiMera and takes a drink. Her husband explains that they are having a dinner guest and he needs her to deliver the invitation... to Vivian. Stefano needs her to prove her loyalty. "You can shove your loyalty and respect and go straight to hell!" she says, storming out.


December 8, 2010
I'm The Nice Guy.

Kate arrives at the pub and is informed that she will not get service there or anywhere else in town. She heads home and accuses Stefano of being crass by canceling her credit cards. She reminds him that she has cards of her own and claims she only used his cards because she like being a DiMera. He follows her out to the garden and lectures her for getting EJ shot. Kate says that she was hardly the only reason for that. She reminds him that he knew what she was like before they got married and she refuses to change for anyone. They admit that they've made each other happy, but she doesn't think they can live together if he keeps punishing her. He refuses to compromise for her so she accuses him of being addicted to revenge and decides it is best for her to go. "I wish things could have gone differently," she says, kissing him goodbye.

At the mansion, Brady and Victor joke about Viv coming after them for revenge. Victor assures him he will take care of Viv. He doesn't actually have a plan though so he wants to set up a meeting to create one. Victor worries that they won't be able to rely on Kate or Nicole. Brady assures him that they can trust Nicole. His grandfather goes down to the pier and runs into Kate. He can see that she's rattled and guesses she's been having marital problems. She explains what happened with her husband. Victor starts chuckling when she admits she left Stefano and then asks her to move in with him for protection. They laugh about how Stefano would react to this and she agrees to it.

Vivian and Gus meet in an alley and he gives her the info he's gathered. She's giddy about all of the destruction she's going to cause. "They're all going to have to learn what it's like when they treat me badly," she says. She goes to see Stefano and finds him in the garden. He's in a foul mood and tells her to go play her games somewhere else. After he storms off, she calls Gus to gossip.

Rafe and Sami stumble on EJ, Nicole and the kids at the pier. Johnny runs away from his father and hugs his mom's leg. EJ reminds Sami of the rules. Johnny begs her to take him with her. She has to turn her son away. Elvis leaves with him and Sami promises Allie that things will be okay. Nicole and EJ go back to Casa DiMera. She worries but he says the kids will be fine. When she's about to leave, he accuses her of going to see Brady and orders her to say her final farewell to Syd. "What's wrong with you?" she asks, pointing out how much he is hurting his children. He reminds her that if Sami is going to be seeing Syd, she won't be. "I'm the nice guy," he says, telling her to stop mewling. She wonders why he seems determined to make her suffer. He brings up her lying about the baby and she accuses him of just wanting everyone to be as miserable as he is. EJ thinks that's absurd because he's the 'king of the world'. She accuses him of being nastier than his father. He refuses to listen to this but she demands to know why he hates Brady so much. Elvis repeats his Syd vs. Brady ultimatum. She chooses Syd and walks out, returning to the mansion. Brady pours her a drink and she tells him about EJ's ultimatum. He's furious but she says she has no choice. He tells her that she's not going anywhere.

Sami and Rafe go home and she vows that her crying days are over. This sounds impossible but she doesn't think she has a choice. He warns her not to try fixing things because she'll just make them worse. Rafe assures her that he can take care of EJ. She makes him promise not to go off and pop the guy. He claims that all will be well and leaves. She hears Allie scream and runs to her. The little girl was having a bad dream. Sami says that she's safe because she'll never leave her. Allie doubts that considering what just happened with her brother. Sami assures her that won't happen again because she has a plan. Over at Casa DiMera, Johnny asks his father why his mommy hates him. "Um...oh... you're mummy doesn't matter anymore," EJ says.

December 9, 2010
Why Is He The Boss Of You?

Hope paces around her cell when the warden shows up and announces it's time for her to go. She's packing her up for transfer with Charlene. Hope laughs bitterly, realizing this is a death sentence. Hope struggles with the guard, telling her that she is being set up and begs her for help.

Carly walks into the pub and lectures Bo for swearing at his phone. He worries that no one is returning his calls about Hope. The governor calls and Bo tells him his worries. The warden calls him a moment later and asks to see him. He rushes off. Jennifer arrives and chats with Carly about Jack. She shows her pictures of Jack in Australia with koala bears. Carly worries that her friend will get in trouble if she tries to help Hope. Ben wanders in and spots the ladies. As he walks to them, the warden calls and he thanks her for the heart she sent him. She says that they have a problem that she has to sort out and the next order will be delayed. He sits down with Jenn and they discuss Christmas shopping. She offers to help him out with his.

Back the prison, Lee is shocked when the warden tells her that she is calling off the transfer because the governor called and warned them that nothing can happen to Hope. Soon, Lee leaves and Bo arrives. She informs him that his wife has been causing problems, attacking other prisoners. He's sure she's trying to pull something and refuses to believe Hope would act out without the wonky medication. The warden makes her case and he demands to see his wife. She refuses but lets him see the psych report. Meanwhile, Lee informs Hope that the transfer has been called off. Hope flatly asks her why she's been killing the inmates. Lee claims she's innocent but adds that, "There are a few prisoners who are worth more dead than alive." The warden arrives and sends Lee away. "You're going to do exactly what I say," she orders Hope.

At the mansion, Brady tells Nicole that they are not going to break up just because EJ says so. He's amazed she doesn't have a plan to get out of this. "I fell in love with a baby girl," she explains. He thinks that she's going to end up with nothing and doesn't want to put up with EJ and his smug smirks. Brady has a plan: he thinks they should have an ugly public break-up so everyone thinks they are finished. Then they can meet up in cars and seedy motels. "That sounds sexy," she says, but she can't do it. She doubts EJ would believe it. He points out that she convinced EJ she was pregnant for months and then starts kissing her and tells her all of that will be gone if she doesn't go along with his plan. He whips off her top so they can have break-up sex on the couch.

At Casa DiMera, EJ shows Johnny a bike he got him for Christmas. Johnny runs away. Stefano wanders in and wonders what's up before turning the topic to business. The head down to the pier to receive a shipment. As they wait, Stefano explains that Kate is moving out. He talks about how Kate got under his skin and he fell for her. Marco calls and says there will be a delay. EJ worries about his kids but his father insists that when children are small, they have small problems. Elvis doesn't care for that advice and decides to head home.

At the Safe loft, the family finish dinner and Allie wonders if her mom is going to give her back to her daddy. Sami sends her off with Rafe and then cries to Will. She asks him if he still has his key to Stefano's. He claims he doesn't. Rafe returns and wonders what's going on. Will thinks his mom needs to chill. Rafe gets a call from his spy and rushes off to see what EJ and Stefano are getting at the pier. As soon as he's gone, Sami gets ready to leave. Will tries to talk her out of it but she's determined to tell Johnny that she loves him. He goes to get the key. She heads straight to Casa DiMera and sneaks into Johnny's room. He wakes up but she hears someone coming so she hides. It's just Mary. She tucks the kid in and leaves. Sami sneaks back in and her son asks her why she hates him. She tells him not to think that and says his father just loves him so much that he doesn't want to share him. "Why is he the boss of you?" he asks. She can't explain but makes him promise to keep her visit a secret. Sami teaches him a sign to say she loves him. She rushes downstairs and out the back door.

Back at the loft, Gabi arrives to see Will. They talk about how much they miss their siblings. She talks about how much her sister loved Christmas. "There won't be any tamales this year," she sobs. They hold hands and talk about courtly love. They kiss.

December 10, 2010

You Are A Complete Idiot.

In the prison, the warden orders Hope to write a letter telling Bo that she's had a relapse but is seeking treatment. When Hope refuses, the warden warns her that she'll have to find another way to shut her up. Hope doesn't think a letter will work but Jane says this is her only chance. The ex-cop is sure that Bo and the family will come to save her and warns the warden about how bad the fallout will be for her. Jane repeats her demands and then dictates the letter. She wishes Hope had just left things alone and leaves with the letter.

At the pub, Bo tells Carly that he doesn't believe Hope could be acting violent again. Meanwhile, Daniel and Chloe are at home hanging out with the baby. She says that all of her dreams have come true and they kiss. Bo and Carly show up. Bo says the doctor and Chloe are lucky about how things worked out. The diva gets jumpy. Bo talks about what a miracle the baby is. The men get beers and the women worry. Chloe thanks her friend again for keeping her secret. Bo gets a call that Hope has sent him a letter so he leaves to get it at his office. When he gets there, he reads it and notices that something is up. "What the hell?" he mutters. Back at Chloe's, Carly admits to the diva that she's been feeling tension from Bo because of everything that's happening with Hope. Meanwhile, Caroline goes to the church to confess. She didn't mean to hurt anyone; she just wanted the baby to have good parents. She's willing to take the secret to her grave, whatever the punishment.

When Sami sneaks into the DiMera garden, Rafe grabs her. She bites him. "I hope you had your shots," he yelps. They hide the bushes as EJ comes out. Kate pops up and they begin taunting each other. He says there is a snake out there. Rafe and Sami cringe. He picks up the huge stuffed snake in the bushes and says Syd won't sleep without it. They go inside and Rafe and Sami hurry off. Inside, EJ asks Kate if she's found a a half-way house for over the road hookers. She's amazed that Sami could be incompetent enough to mess up shooting someone drunk at close range. Elvis declares that he has won. "You are a complete idiot," she tells him. When she lectures him, he shoots back about what she's done to Sami in the past. They bicker and she warns him that she went through what Sami did and it didn't turn out well for Curtis. EJ tells her she is a horrible person and didn't deserve to be a mother. She's sure his kids will hate him when they find out what he's done. Harold comes in and announces that Johnny has been calling for his mother. When EJ gets upstairs, his son tells him to bring his mother back in. Elvis says Sami's not interested in them anymore. Johnny wants his mommy. "I hate you,"  he tells Papa Elvis. EJ goes back downstairs and Kate asks him what lie he just told his kid. He mumbles to himself that he needs to have another chat with Samantha.

On the pier, Rafe lectures Sami and he says that if she doesn't listen to him, she'll never get her kids back. They sit down and talk about how surprised they are by how far EJ has gone this time. She worries that she'll go crazy without her kids. Back at the loft, Gabi and Will kiss. She thinks she should go. He tells her to stay. They have an awkward moment and kiss again and again. Rafe and Sami show up and ruin the mood. Gabi's embarrassed and runs. Will goes off and Sami and Rafe continue to worrying about Johnny. They go to bed and he assures her that Johnny knows she will never leave him. Meanwhile, Will and Gabi start exchanging corny texts.

At the mansion, Victor fumes about Viv sending him the bill for the sarcophagus. Philip strolls in and they discuss what she must be up to. Philip heads to the pub and one of the women who works for him at Titan buys him a drink. He tells her he's a married man. "Married men are a specialty of mine," Sabrina the office floozy says. He's very married and wants to keep it like that. When she tries to suck on his face, he leaps away as Daniel comes in. The doctor looks like his dog just died. Victor strolls in and tells her that Sabrina is a real man eater.

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