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Second Week of December Daily Summaries 

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December 13, 2010
His Name Is Santa, Stupid

At Maggie's, Philip and Chloe chat. He's been going through his old boxes and found the song she wrote in high school. He thought she might want to sing it to Parker. She thanks him for being the first boy to look at her twice. They flash back to high school and then thank each other for staying in their lives.

At home, Daniel starts to worry when his daughter admits that she and Philip are trying to have a baby. She wants him to change the subject. He hopes they're sure they are ready and assumes there is more going on. Mel explains that life is short and she wants to give a child all she never got. He reminds her of what she said about Nate and tells her that having a baby won't erase her feelings for him. Chloe walks in and Philip follows after. He strolls over to check out the baby's dimple.

At the pub, Steph repeats to her grandma that she won't be ratting her out. She doesn't want to get her into trouble or rock the boat with Nate. He shows up and she tells him that her parents will be unreachable for awhile but she doesn't want to wait to get married. Will comes in to see Gabi. She apologizes for kissing him but he's not sorry. They make a date and then she shows him wedding pictures. He's disturbed when he notices something. They decide to show the pictures to Rafe.

At Casa DiMera, Johnny refuses to look at his father. "You hate me!" the little boy accuses before calling EJ stupid for referring to Santa as Father Christmas. Elvis shows him a picture he drew and Johnny tears it up. Meanwhile, Sami is at the loft throwing things when Rafe walks in. She explains that wrapping Syd's gifts was making her angry. "Better you throwing Christmas ornaments than throwing in the towel," he says. They start making out but he has to go to work. He heads out and she sings Christmas carols until EJ calls and declares he needs to see her. She shows up and he tells her that their son has been throwing tantrums and begging to see her. They bicker and he tells her to give their son closure. "What are you? A therapist now?" she asks. He orders her to tell their son that she doesn't love him anymore. She says that would destroy the little boy. EJ actually thinks it would make his life easier. Sami tells him to go to hell and storms out.

Rafe heads over to the mansion to see Victor. The old curmudgeon hopes he's there to help him kick Nicole around some more. Rafe informs him that he's signing on as a detective with the SPD but wanted to offer him a deal first. He wants EJ out of his wife's life permanently. Victor's impressed by his strategy, especially since he must be an idiot for being involved with Sami. They toast to it.

Abe drops by the hospital to see his wife and Theo. Abe's amazed when the little boy starts reading. When he's done, he doesn't recall any of it. Lexi takes her son out to the bus and then returns. She's frustrated that her son doesn't understand what he reads. The topic turns to Sami and she tells him the latest. Abe runs over to the station to order Bo to actually find out what happened to EJ and bring Sami in if she pulled the trigger. "You want to keep your job or not?" he asks. Bo calls Sami in. Abe lectures Bo on how he's been handling things. Bo gets snide and Abe threatens to fire him. Sami hears this and storms in to rant about Abe's flaws. Bo arches his eyebrow and makes Sami promise that no one will come forward and accuse Rafe of being an accessory to attempted murder. When the mayor and chief leave, she calls EJ and offers to say what he wants if he does her a favor.

Sami heads back to Casa DiMera and makes EJ promise not to prevent Rafe getting a job. He shrugs and calls Johnny in. The kid is hyperventilating to see her. EJ explains she's there to say goodbye because she has too many children. "I don't love you enough to have you stay with me," she says. With more prompting, she tells her son she doesn't love him and gives him the sign. He shows her the sign too. After Sami leaves, Johnny tells his father that he's fine.

Back at the hospital, Ben finds Lexi looking upset. She explains her disappointment with Theo. He tells her that she can unload on him any time. He gives her a hug as Abe walks in. Out in the waiting room, Stephanie tells Caroline that she thinks everything will be okay. When she says that no one ever needs to know that Philip cheated on Mel, Daniel just happens to be standing nearby to overhear.

December 14, 2010
A Sucky Idea.

At the pub, Mel confronts Nate about moving up the wedding day and asks if he knocked Steph up. He brings up what happened in quarantine and repeats that he loves her. He tries to run away but she needs him to explain what's going on. Nate explains that he doesn't need his soul mate and they may have a connection but don't even know each other and can't blow the good in their lives on a whim. She agrees and then informs him that she's trying to have a baby.

At the hospital, Abe walks in on Dr. Ben comforting Lexi. He gets paranoid so Ben excuses himself. When she says that nothing was going on, he's skeptical. This leads to much eye rolling and then bickering. Lexi doesn't know where this is coming from. He says it must have been seeing Sami and her reminding him that they've had a rocky history. He feels like he's failed her and Theo. She insists that she loves him with all of her heart and soul.

Down the hall, Caroline runs into Steph and they talk about how it's too bad her parents won't be able to be at the wedding. Steph says this is the right thing and no one needs to know that Philip cheated on Mel. Daniel just happens to be two feet away when she says this and thinks to himself about killing his son-in-law. The women notice him and start to chat with him but he muddles off. Nate and Mel arrive. Wedding talk ensues but Ben sticks his head in and rains on their parade, reminding Nate how ill he was and suggests that he be examined first. Later, Steph starts rubbing the wedding in Mel's face. "I wonder if you know how Nathan really feels..." Mel blurts out.

Philip drops by Chloe's with some take-out. They discuss cuisine until Brady pops in with an elephant for the baby. He breaks the news that he broke up with Nicole. When Chloe putters off to change a diaper, the men discuss the Vivian problem and Philip worries that they may not have Nicole on their side now. The diva returns and Philip heads out. Brady holds the baby and tries to convince Chloe that the breakup is for the best. She calls Daniel and he seems distracted. Philip wanders by so Daniel hangs up and confronts him for cheating on his daughter. Philip plays dumb but the doctor asks him about Sabrina. He defends himself but the doctor she he's lying and grabs him by the scruff of the neck. Chloe comes by as Daniel demands the truth.

When EJ answers his door, Nicole slaps him across the face. He's snide but guesses she gave Brady the heave-ho. "Life's tough," he says. "I would jump for joy, but I haven't had my coffee yet." She demands to see Syd but he tells her she needs to move out of the mansion first and asks her to move in with him. She can live in the cottage. She heads back to the mansion and has a drink with Brady. When Henderson strolls in, she smashes a glass and starts bellowing. They have a big argument until Henderson runs off. They make out and then go up to bed and talk dirty. After sex, he tells her that moving into the cottage is a 'sucky idea'. She is sure this is the only way to have him and Syd.

Will and Gabi show Rafe the pictures of Johnny and explain that his pupils seem to be white. They go back to the loft to try and print the pictures to see if it was just a glitch. After five attempts, they keep coming out the same. Rafe tells them to keep it to themselves and let him handle this. He heads over to Casa DiMera where EJ tells him what happened last night between Sami and her son. Rafe doesn't let himself be baited and shows him the Johnny pictures. "I know what he looks like. I don't need to see pictures," EJ says. Rafe argues with him about the eye and the EJ shuts the door. While he looks at the pictures, Rafe goes home and Lexi shows up.

December 15, 2010
Morticia And Gomez Are No Longer Together.

Nicole shows up at Casa DiMera with her stuff. EJ's distracted by worries for Johnny. He accuses her of keeping something from him. She confesses that she hasn't completely cut ties with Brady... because of Vivian. He tells her she won't be meeting with Brady to plan her defense and offers her a guard instead. Then he begins barking more orders at her and decides to limit her access to Syd. The little girl comes down to play with her new crayons.

Lexi drops by the loft ranting at Rafe about about Sami. She tells Rafe to tell his wife to go to hell. He gets her to calm down and says that something might be wrong with her nephew. She takes a look at the pictures from the wedding and starts to worry. They decide to go and see EJ. He's not happy to see them but Rafe suggests the doctor take a look at the kid. EJ gets snippy with them. Lexi tells Rafe to leave and offers to keep him informed. Once he's gone, she strolls in and bickering erupts. Nicole's confused so Lexi tells her to get lost so they can have a family argument. She goes outside and runs into Rafe where they argue about EJ. Back inside, they bring the kid down and Lexi examines his eyes. She sends her nephew off and then informs EJ that something is seriously wrong.

Maggie is at Daniel's babysitting Parker when Victor shows up. He insists that he didn't know she would be there. She lets him stick around to see the baby. After he does some baby talk, she cleans the schmutz off his jacket and he admires Daniel's baptismal gown. He remembers the baptism and then tells her that he only kept Viv locked up for her sake. She finds that reprehensible but appreciates how he looks out for people. When he tells her that Kate is moving into the mansion because 'Morticia and Gomez are no longer together', she's shocked. He wonders if it bothers her. They bicker and she shows him the door. He leaves smiling that she cares about him and she tells herself that she doesn't care.

Adrienne drops by the hospital looking for her niece and runs into Nathan. He tells her that Steph has moved up the wedding date. Elsewhere, Steph quizzes Mel when she hints that Nate has been telling her how he really feels. Mel says that he confessed something about the woman he actually loves. This leads to name calling and confusion. Nate comes in and Mel runs off. He's confused and leaves fast. Adrienne and Steph start bickering and Steph explains that Caroline switched the paternity results and they have to protect her. Adrienne doesn't think she can keep the secret from everyone but Steph warns that she will never forgive her if she opens her yap. They go around in circles and Adrienne agrees to back off for now.

On the pier, Daniel starts pounding on Philip while accusing him of cheating on Mel. Chloe yells at him to stop. Philip punches him off and random men rush over to split them up. After Philip leaves, Daniel vows to make him pay. Chloe looks worried. She asks her husband how he knows all of this and suggests he misinterpreted what he heard Steph say. He claims he could see the guilt on Philip's face. She accuses him of just wanting this to be true and forbids him telling anyone about this. Chloe urges him to stay out of this but he claims they should both be loyal to his daughter. They keep arguing and she insists that if Philip did it, it was just one time. "He is scum," Daniel says. He would dump anyone who would cheat on him. Chloe tells him how much she loves him and says he's making a mistake. He won't let this go and decides to have it out with Philip before he goes to his daughter.

Philip heads over to the hospital looking for his wife. Nate finds him and wants to disinfect his bloody face. They begin bickering about Mel. A nurse interrupts and tells the husband that Mel is gone for the day. Philip tells Dr. Horton to concentrate on his fiancee and strolls away. He heads to Daniel's and starts banging on the door until Maggie opens up. She wonders what's wrong. He claims he needs a second opinion on the face he got smashed in and walks off, running into Chloe in the hall. Meanwhile, Mel arrives at Maggie's. Daniel shows up.

December 16, 2010
Is She Poisoning Me?

Rafe paces outside Casa DiMera when Sami calls to see what he's up to. He's not explanatory. After she hangs up, Allie shows up and says she needs cookies for school. Sami is excited to make cookies for Johnny and the other kids. Allie explains that her brother wasn't at school today. Meanwhile, Will and Gabi are doing homework on the pier and worrying about Johnny. They talk about her problems but she's glad to be able to focus on someone else's problems for a change. They go off and write exams and then go home to the loft. As they discuss the pictures, Sami overhears them and demands to know what's going on. He covers and then she asks about the wedding photos. They stutter and then are forced to explain. Sami goes into instant panic. Will begins apologizing profusely.

At Casa DiMera, Lexi tells her brother that there seems to be something wrong with Johnny's eye. She looks for the number of an ophthalmologist. Johnny wanders in with a cookie the size of his head as she calls a specialist. The little boy doesn't want to go to the doctor; he wants to see his mom. As they leave, Rafe is still standing on the doorstep. They tell him to go home. Lexi loads the kid in the car and EJ tells Rafe that he's only getting a thank you for bringing this to his attention. Rafe shows up at the loft as Sami panics. He offers to take her to the hospital to see her son.

At the hospital, Johnny gets checked out by Dr. Kim. He tells EJ that they need to run more tests and they require a general anesthesia to keep the child still for them. Johnny calls for his mom. Lexi tries to keep him calm as she takes him away for tests. Sami rushes in demanding to see her son. EJ tells her that she's late. She curses him and he accuses her of doing something to their son just so she has an excuse to see him again.

Philip runs into Chloe outside her apartment and they try to figure out how to stop things before they spiral out of control. She doesn't want him to take the fall for this himself. Maggie comes out and interrupts them on her way out with Parker. Once she's gone, they slip inside and continue debating. He tells her that Daniel thinks he cheated with a secretary and she explains that Steph knows too. She thinks it's time they tell the truth. Maggie returns with Parker. When she puts the baby to bed, Philip plans to track down Daniel and stop this but Chloe's sure they're screwed.

Daniel pounds on Maggie's door and is surprised when Mel answers and notices he's bleeding. She wonders what he was fighting about. He explains that he was fighting with Philip and she blathers about how what she has with her husband is real love. He tries to stop her but she doesn't stop. She explains that Philip caught her kissing Nate. The doctor calls Philip and announces that he is talking to Mel. Chloe assumes they are screwed but Philip thinks he can fix things. After he leaves, Maggie comes out and Chloe runs off to run an 'errand'. The diva pops up at Maggie's and finds Mel all alone. Mel doesn't feel well so Chloe wonders if she's pregnant. Meanwhile, Philip and Daniel meet on the pier. Philip confesses that he cheated. "It's so awful," he says.

At the prison, Jane drops by solitary to see Hope, who grills her about all the dead women. Jane is smug and says that even Bo is forgetting about her. Hope doesn't believe that but the warden says she's insane and shoves a sandwich in her face before leaving. "Is she poisoning me?" Hope wonders. A guard comes in and rips down Hope's picture of Ciara. Hope cries and then prays for a Christmas miracle.

Bo is at the station reading Hope's letter again when Jennifer shows up. He gives her the letter and tells her the warden thinks Hope is losing it again. He points out that Hope spelled 'Ciara' with two 'r's. Bo is sure that something is up. She's sure something stinks too and then starts babbling about how Carly is her friend, but Hope really needs him right now and they have to hatch a plan. Bo furrows his brow and explains he has no plan and doesn't know what to do. She vows to get Hope out. He says he'll let her know when he comes up with a plan. She leaves determined to do something immediately.


December 17, 2010
You're Not Going To See Johnny Again.

At Chloe's, she and Mel talk about how all of the tension going on may be upsetting Parker. Mel says that everything will be okay between her dad and Philip. Carly shows up to see the baby. Chloe announces that she has to run an errand and heads out the door. Carly wonders what's going on. Her daughter has no idea. Carly explains that Bo is in a lot of pain right now and she's not sure about their future. Mel tells her that she's starting to like Chloe and has decided not to tell her dad about her infidelity. She starts talking about how she wants to have kids of her own so Carly can spend time with them to make up for the time they lost. That makes sense to Carly.

In his office, Bo tells a cop that he'll be gone for awhile but he'll be in touch. Ciara comes in with Julie, who wonders where he's going. He sends the little girl off with the cop and explains to Julie that he has to resolve the case he's on. She'd be delighted to look after Ciara but she guesses that something is up. He's not explaining anything. He goes to see Ciara and tells her she can open her Christmas gift. She wants to wait for her mom. He says that the present is from her mom and she wants her to open it before Christmas. Ciara opens it and finds Hope's necklace inside. Thrilled, she puts it on and then he depresses her by saying that he has to go away and might not be back for Christmas. After he tells her how important she is, she gives him one of her barrettes so he can hold it when he misses her. Once Ciara leaves, Carly arrives and asks him what's wrong.

At the pier, Philip admits to Daniel that he's an idiot and he cheated on Mel. He apologizes for betraying her... and him. "Me? What the hell does that mean?" the doctor asks. Philip covers and wishes he could take back what he did. Dan thinks that's lame. His son-in-law says he was wasted and immature but it was just one mistake. He asks him not to tell Mel. Daniel reminds him that he had a one night stand with Carly and it has come back to haunt him. The doctor tells him to leave Mel and move on. "Are you really going to let my stupid mistake destroy your daughter's life?" Philip asks. Daniel thinks this over and then agrees to keep his mouth shut for now but promises to make him suffer if he ever lets her down again. They wonder what to do about everyone else who knows. Philip says he will take care of it. After the doctor departs, Chloe arrives and Philip fills her in. They both worry about Steph and her big gob.

Nate and Steph are in the pub planning the wedding. He informs her that John Hopkins' want him to reconsider the fellowship they offered. She thinks that's awesome and they should move to do it right away. He leaves to take a call and Caroline sits down. She overheard that they might move and thinks that's a great idea. Nate returns and tells her he's going to see Adrienne. As soon as he leaves, Daniel bustles in and tells Stephanie that he overheard her earlier, confronted Philip about it and now he knows everything. He orders her not to talk about what happened to anyone. "Trust me, my grandmother and I are not going to say another word," she promises. Caroline stands by, sure that she did the right thing and everyone will live happily ever after.

At the hospital, EJ accuses Sami of creating a health scare just so she can spend time with Johnny. She screams and then slaps him. He yells back and she's about to slug him when Rafe rushes over and gets between them. As they bicker, Dr. Kim comes out and says that they have no definitive answers yet. Sami's allowed to go in and see Johnny. He wants to go home with her. Sami grins. EJ asks to see her alone. They leave Rafe to entertain their son and EJ admits to her that he's been overreacting and he's feeling guilty for not noticing something was wrong earlier. They agree to put Johnny first. She goes back to see her son and promises that he will be fine and she will be with him all the time. As they hug, Elvis looks in and hears her as she and Johnny discuss the secret signal. EJ clears his throat. Feeling betrayed, he takes her and Rafe out into the hall and orders them to get out. "You're never going to see Johnny again," he says. Dr. Kim interrupts their fight to say that the results are in and the news is not good.

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