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Third Week of December Daily Summaries 

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December 20, 2010
Off Her Trolley

At the station, Bo admits to Carly that he's having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit. He babbles and then explains that he's leaving. She guesses that this must be about Hope. He explains that Ciara will be staying with Doug and Julie while he does whatever he has to do to save his wife. "This hero thing is very attractive," she sobs. He tells her he doesn't want to leave and she says she will always love him. When he leaves, she breaks into tears.

Warden Jane goes to see Hope in her cell and tells her that Bo now thinks she's 'off her trolley'. She tells her that nosy girls have to be punished. Lee comes in wearing a Santa hat and they start taunting Hope. She thinks they're insane. Jane leaves them alone and Lee takes out her towel and oranges, explaining that she can use the old police trick of beating someone with them in a way that doesn't leave a bruise. Lee gets Hope to stuff stockings with oranges. Hope chucks one at her so Lee calls in the guard to tie Hope down. Lee starts beating the ex-cop with a stuffed stocking.

At the hospital, Dr. Kim explains that Johnny has Retinoblastoma but it is highly treatable. "My son does not have cancer!" Sami panics. They want a second opinion. Lexi agrees with Dr. Kim, who recommends surgery. Sami starts to go into denial as he explains that he'll have to take Johnny's eye. The doctor warns them to make their decision fast because the cancer could metastasize. Sami goes in to see her son and discusses the case with Ben. He says eye removal is the only option. He leaves and Rafe comes in. Sami starts blaming herself for not catching this sooner. Rafe tries to calm her down by saying that bad parenting doesn't cause cancer. She cries about the hell she's caused for her children. "That kid knows you would go into a burning building for him," he says. She suggests that he bring Will over. After he leaves, EJ wanders over to her and says he's sorry for his earlier accusation. They repeat that the most important thing is their son. He wants a temporary cease fire between them. They begin bickering about it. She thinks he should be thanking Will and the family he doesn't want Johnny around for saving him. "I will never ever let him go. Not ever," she vows. Ben comes out and explains that Johnny won't be in any pain and after the surgery, "He'll look like a pirate." Sami's sure he'll like that. Then they'll give him a prosthetic eye.

At the loft, Will starts singing Emily Dickinson to Gabi. She thinks he must be worried about his brother. He's also distracted by how hot and pretty she is. They kiss and then he tells her life is weird. Rafe calls and tells him the news. Will sadly tells Gabi and she tries to comfort him. They head over to the hospital and he visits his brother. Johnny just wants to go home to his mom's. Will goes out and hugs his mom. She and EJ take some alone time with Johnny. They explain that he can't go home yet. "What's wrong with me?" he asks.


December 21, 2010
All Mine.

Hope twitches in her cell until Bo arrives, disguised as a guard. She tells him that the warden is behind everything. He tries to help her up but she can barely move and tells him to run. He refuses to leave her there to die and tells her they need to do this for Ciara. As he helps her up, Lee arrives. Bo plays stupid. When she tries to get the head guard, Bo grabs her and Hope knocks her out. "I enjoyed that," Hope says.

Gus meets with Viv in the park. She sends texts to Victor's family and friends. Meanwhile, Brady and Nicole keep having sex on the Casa DiMera floor as someone photographs them through the window. They get dressed and he rushes out the back as Mary comes downstairs. Nicole gets a message from Victor and hurries off.

Maggie stops by the mansion to drop off some of Mel's stuff. Victor tries to lure her away to Paris but she has no interest in talking to him. He doesn't buy it but she tells him to 'stuff it'. "You don't have much of the Christmas spirit," he notices. When he gets sappy, she lectures him for not regretting leaving a woman for dead. He gets flirty until Kate comes in, getting touchy-feely with Victor so that Maggs gets uncomfortable and runs off. Kate tells Victor to stop looking like a puppy or he'll never get the redhead back. Philip shows up, surprised that Victor sent him a text. Victor's offended by the idea and says he would never send a text. Brady and Nicole arrive next. Victor realizes Viv must have got them all there. Viv arrives before they can all scurry off. "It's the end of the line for all of you. Now you're mine. All mine," she declares. This includes ordering them all to get makeovers. She hands over a deed to Titan and declares she owns it now. She became the primary stockholder while Victor was distracted by thoughts of Maggie.

At home, Daniel and Chloe talk about the mess with Philip and Mel. Lexi calls and asks him to come in and help with the eye surgery. He rushes off. Over at the hospital, Sami tries to explain her son's illness to him. That doesn't work so EJ asks him just to hold his mom's hand and explains that the doctors are going to take out his eye. "Okay. When do I get it back?" Johnny asks. His parents explain he won't get it back. That upsets him and he wants to go home. His mom promises that it won't hurt. EJ takes Sami aside to chat. They bicker until Johnny yells at them to stop. They tell him that his other eye will still work but he's still scared. As Johnny is led away, Rafe comes in to comfort Sami. Losing Grace was the hardest things she ever went through and she couldn't have done it without him. EJ butts in to say they won't lose Johnny. Rafe gets defensive. They bicker and Elvis says he's been magnanimous but, after this, she doesn't get to see Johnny again. Lexi comes over and orders them to act like adults. She suggests her brother call their dad. Meanwhile, Johnny undergoes the surgery. Once it is over, Daniel and the other doctors begin wondering if they managed to get the cancer in time.

Maggie drops by Chloe's to see how she's doing. She sensed that something was going on with Philip. Chloe claims it has all been worked out and then breaks the Johnny news. "Oh mother of God!" Maggie blurts out. She worries that EJ might not be able to handle this

December 22, 2010
I Don't Want You Polluting His Life.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Viv tells Brady, Philip, Nicole, Kate and Victor that she's having the last laugh on all of them. She bought Titan out from under them and is now majority shareholder. Victor barks that he won't let her get away with this. He calls the company to confirm it. Mel strolls in as Viv continues to gloat about how she is now their boss. Nicole and Kate say that she is not the boss of them and they threaten to throw her out. Viv explains that the mansion is hers too because the corporation owns it so Victor could dodge paying taxes on it. Victor groans and mopes away. Viv begins describing the rest of her revenge plan. Victor returns and tells everyone that they are going to fight this and they all have to stay there to stake their claim. Mel wants to stay and fight and tells Viv she hasn't thought this through. Nicole tries to leave but Viv orders her to stay. She bellows for Henderson and orders rum spiked eggnog all around. Kate feels like she's in Hell. Victor's afraid Vivian will never shut up. Viv tries getting everyone to carol with her. Philip tells his wife that they can't stay there but she thinks they should torture Viv together. They run off to make out. Viv goes off and Kate tells Victor they need to make sure the next time Viv goes in a coffin she's dead first. Vivian chases Nicole outside and pulls out photos of her and Brady doing it on the DiMera floor.

At the hospital, Lexi checks in with the other doctors. Dr. Kim shows them his findings. Meanwhile, Johnny's parents pace around and wait for news. Sami thinks this is taking too long and senses something is wrong. Rafe tries to be reassuring. She worries and EJ stares at them as they hug. He walks over and suggests they set some ground rules. Will arrives. "Ground rules? How about you stop being a jerk?" he shouts at him. Sami stops the fight as Dr. Kim and the other trails in. Kim explains that the surgery went well and there has been no sign the cancer has metastasized so far. The parents go in to see their kid. EJ tells his eye-patched son that he'll be alright because he's a DiMera. Sami says she's going to sleep in there with him. EJ's not thrilled with the idea and says that they are going back to her being out of his son's life. He threatens to throw her out if she sticks around but says she can stick around until Johnny wakes up. "You're toxic. I don't want you polluting his life," he adds, threatening to send her to jail is she stays the night. Johnny wakes up and EJ plods Sami to leave. He begins hugging their son as Sami slouches out. Meanwhile, Rafe goes to chat to Daniel about cancer and they decide to have Allie checked out. He spots Sami coming out. She falls into his arms in tears. He takes her back to the loft. "I just want this to end," she cries.

Jenn shows up at the prison in disguise as a new employee. An alarm starts going off as Bo attempts to smuggle Hope out. This isn't going well since she can barely move. He picks her up and carries her out. Suddenly, they are out in the woods and he kicks his way into a cabin. He makes her some broth from whatever he dug up and tells her he would carry her to the ends of the earth. She explains that the warden has proof she's a 'crazy lady'. Bo is sure that it's the beginning of the end for Jane. Hope thinks that they are in mortal danger and tells him to go back to Ciara so she won't lose both of her parents. He insists that they will go home together.

Back at the prison, the warden finds Lee as she wakes up and explains that Bo and Hope clobbered her and ran. Jenn rushes up to them and offers to help. The warden explains that Jenn is a new hire and orders her to write a press release on the escaped prisoner. Once Jenn is gone, Lee thinks hiring a journalist is a bad idea and accuses Jane of just hiring Jenn because she's cute. Jane tells Lee to shut up and says that having Bo bust out Hope could be good for them. A guard comes in with a surveillance shot of Bo. The warden is smug. They issue an APB on Hope and Bo

December 23, 2010
Are You Stupid Or Just Dumb?

Rafe is at the station with Roman talking about Johnny when the warden bursts in and demands to know if Roman helped his brother bust Hope out of the prison. He says he's not helping anyone but she's not that impressed. They bicker until Rafe tries to get them to relax. "Are you stupid or just dumb?" she asks Detective Hernandez. They look at the security shots which clearly show Bo breaking Hope out. She points out that Bo has broken Roman out of jail before and she's not letting him call the shots this time. She's already called the state police in to take over the search. He starts telling her to shut up but she vows to catch his brother and storms out. Roman tells Rafe that he has to step aside because he's related to Bo. That means he wants Rafe to be in charge of the Salem PD. Rafe reminds him that he's married to a Brady but Roman doubts the other cops will figure that out. Hernandez doesn't know what to do. Roman advises him to question Carly. Meanwhile, the warden returns to the prison and tells Lee that the state police won't just be capturing Bo and Hope, they'll kill them.

In the cabin, Bo finds Hope reaching for her phone and tries to get her to take it easy. She thinks he should leave and plead momentary insanity or something. He won't budge. She continues to fear that he will lose Ciara if he helps her. Bo gives her a pep talk about taking the warden down so he can get her back to their little girl. They hear something outside and panic.

On the mansion doorstep, Viv flashes Nicole the pictures her spies took of her and Brady in Casa DiMera. She teases her and Nicole twitches. "Bird in your brain?" Viv asks. Nicole mopes away. Vivian goes inside and meets with Gus. Meanwhile, Nicole goes back to Casa DiMera. Mary fills her in on what's happened to Johnny.

Maggie runs into Brady on the pier. She wonders why he was just calling Nicole if he broke up with her. He explains the latest in the Vivian situation. She offers to hide him at her place but he says they have to stay in the mansion and fight. Maggie worries about Mel and Victor. Brady smiles and teases her about her feelings for Vic. He explains that Viv isn't out to kill them, she has something else in mind.

Stefano arrives at the hospital to see Johnny and EJ. Elvis explains what happened and blames Sami for it. He says that Sami destroys everything she comes in contact with. Stefano thinks he's exaggerating but EJ thinks that Sami stressed out Johnny with all of her secret signals and theatrics to the point that it gave him cancer. He's determined to keep mother and son separate from now on. Stefano tells his son to be strong and takes him out for a walk. As they walk, Nicole arrives to offer EJ some support. Viv barges in and introduces herself to Elvis before announcing that she has something to tell him about Nicole. She says that the 'tramp' has defied him and he should break her 'scrawny little neck'. Elvis doesn't care; he just cares about his son right now. Viv gets embarrassed and leaves. Nicole asks about Johnny but he tells her to get lost. She reminds him that she was a mother to Johnny for months and this is breaking her heart. Exhausted, he tells her the latest on his son. They stare in at the little boy. "There's nothing I can do to make him whole again," EJ sadly says. Brady arrives and sees them together. He wonders what's going on.

In the hospital, Daniel and Carly are at the nurses' station. He thought she had the night off and notices she's upset. The doctors go over to his place to talk it over. Adrienne has been watching Parker. She leaves them alone but Carly won't open up about what's going on. A news bulletin comes over the radio about Bo breaking Hope out. Daniel guesses Carly knew about this. He tries to give her a pep talk about Bo coming back to her. She says that she'll always love Bo but she's starting to think that they might not have a future. She cries about how she always screws things up. Meanwhile, Chloe is at the pub happily wrapping gifts. Adrienne strolls in and they talk about the baby. The waitress interrupts them to say that Bo broke Hope out. Chloe heads home immediately and finds Daniel comforting Carly. The diva asks her to stay the night and says that they are all family now

December 24, 2010

Since When Is A Horton Christmas Normal?

In the cabin, Bo and Hope start to panic when they think they hear someone outside. He pulls out his gun and goes outside to check it out. Suddenly, there's a big noise. It's just Bo falling on his ass. He goes back inside and explains. "At least I didn't shoot myself in the foot," he tells her. As he makes a fire, she gets into an old jersey and they remember when they made out on a football field. She's still sure that she's headed back to prison. He sets up the short wave radio and then puts her to bed.

Rafe calls Daniel looking for Carly. Daniel says that she's with him but he's not taking her to the station because it's swarming with press. Rafe understands. Carly gets on the phone and agrees to see him. Rafe shows up and she agrees to tell him what she knows as long as he does all he can to help Bo. They go down to the pier to talk and she tells him everything she knows. Meanwhile, Warden Jane and Lee are at the prison keeping tabs on what's going on. Lee is in a panic but the warden is hopeful that the escapees will get killed in a shoot out. She calls Rafe and reminds him that the state police are out for Bo and Hope. He knows but he's still investigating and wants to talk to her. She says it will have to wait until after the holidays and hangs up on him.

Jenn wanders around the Horton house and talks to Alice's picture about how it won't be a normal Horton Christmas. "Since when is a Horton Christmas normal?" Julie asks as she, Doug and Ciara arrive. Jenn explains that her kids are stuck in London. Julie tries to cheer her up as she sadly decorates the tree. Jenn keeps thinking of all they lost this year. Ciara chimes in to say that her parents will be there for Christmas. Doug and Julie tell her not to expect that. They talk about Santa and then Doug turns on the TV. Ciara sees the news bulletin about her parents and guesses Santa heard her wish. They try to convince her that Santa might be too busy to help her parents but she doesn't believe it.

Nate meets Steph at the pub, eager to go to Baltimore. She breaks the news that they can never go. Steph explains what just happened with Bo and Hope and how this will tear her family apart. He decides moving is out of the question and he'll have to turn down the position. Nate leaves for a minute and Philip shows up, spotting her pile of Baltimore brochures. She tells him about Nate's job and he gets excited and congratulates Nathan as he returns. Philip bustles off. Steph decides that they should move after all. They high five and he gives her a golden crab.

At the mansion, Philip and Mel make out. He wishes their first Christmas was better than this. She's happy just to be with him. They make out more and then have holiday sex. This is interrupted by a radio bulletin about the prison break. Mel goes to see her dad and Chloe. She worries about her mom and then tells Chloe that she's realized she is a good person deep down. Carly arrives and starts crying. Daniel tells her things will be alright. Chloe takes out the trash and runs into Philip. He can't believe what his brother has done. Then he tells her about Steph and Nate moving.

Brady arrives at the hospital and gets in EJ's face when he catches him with Nicole. He starts ranting and tells her that she is a sucker for EJ. Elvis orders him to leave and goes to see his son. Brady is upset to hear about Johnny. Nicole asks him to wait for her in the lounge and then follows EJ into his son's room. She assures him again that she has no regrets choosing him over Brady. Stefano wanders in saying that he won't be going around 'ho-ho-hoing' about having her back in his son's life. Nicole leaves and EJ explains to his father that she is the solution to his problems. The kids love her and having her around makes Sami unnecessary. Johnny wakes up as they debate. Meanwhile, Nicole meets Brady down the hall. She tells him that Viv has pictures of them going at it so they could be screwed and she might never see Syd again. She heads back to the men as Johnny asks for her. She gives him a monster hug and Stefano rolls his eyes. She does some magic tricks for Johnny and he laughs

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