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Last Week of 2010 Daily Summaries

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December 27, 2010
Merry Christmas Son.

Rafe shows up in Johnny's hospital room dressed as Santa Claus. He tells him how brave he's been and gives him a toy. When he walks out, he runs into another Santa Claus. It's Brady. They chat about Johnny and decide to run off before someone notices them together. Brady finds Nicole and asks her to sit on his lap. She threatens him with a candy cane until he pulls down his beard and they make out.

Down the hospital hall, Lexi tells her brother that Johnny is ready to go home today. Kate shows up and wonders what's going on. They fill her in about the cancer. When Stefano shows up, the siblings leave Kate and Stefano alone. She asks about Chad but he says it's none of her concern. Kate leaves and Lexi and EJ continue bickering about Sami down the hall. EJ insists that his son will thrive without Sami in his life.

At the loft, Sami anxiously calls the hospital about Johnny. Steph answers and Sami demands to know what's happening, regardless of what EJ says. Steph tells her that Johnny is fine and is being released. Rafe shows up and explains that he went to visit Johnny. She's impressed. He puts ornaments the kids made on the tree. Everyone gathers around the tree and unwraps gifts. Sami gets a family photo and wishes they could all be together again. She and Rafe go down to the pier. He gives her the safe house key and she gives him the same thing. They're amazed that they both did this and remember how they fell in love there. He tells her that the safe house is still on the market and she thinks they should go and check it out. Later, the kids join them at church but Sami gets upset and walks out.

Vivian has her portrait put up over the mansion mantle. Victor strolls in grumpily and they start trading barbs. He looks for a glass big enough to drown his sorrows. He wishes she would disappear and storms off, refusing to celebrate the holidays with her. Later, Kate wanders in and finds a gift with her name on it. It's a lump of coal. Viv wanders in and laughs at her and then tells her to enjoy sleeping in her empty bed.

Ciara upsets the adults at the Horton house when she tells them that she doesn't believe in Santa. She explains that if there was a Santa, he would have brought her parents home. Maggie, Jenn, Doug and Julie assure her that things will be okay and hug her. Nate and Steph arrive with a bag of gift cards. Doug and Julie wish Alice was there because things are getting gloomy. She suggests they try channeling Alice. They all have dinner and then Nate breaks the news that he's moving to Baltimore. Maggie's sad but tries to be excited for them. The Carvers show up and Theo gives Ciara a stuffed dog. Julie takes Maggie aside and suggests that she get out and meet some new people because she's afraid of her being lonely. The redhead reminds her that it's been less than a year since she lost her husband. She cries on Julie's shoulder, who tells her that Mickey wouldn't want her to be alone. Julie decides to call Victor and asks him to keep her informed if his men manage to find Bo and Hope. He asks her to wish Maggie a merry Christmas. Maggie won't talk to him. She joins everyone else as they decorate the tree.

EJ and Nicole go back to Casa DiMera with Stefano and the kids. The little boy wonders where his mom is. Nicole manages to keep him calm and sends him off to unwrap gifts. Stefano slips off and calls Chad, who promptly hangs up on him. "Merry Christmas Son," he sadly mumbles. His daughter and her family arrive and they join everyone else to unwrap gifts. Nicole feels like she should go out to the guest house but EJ asks her to stay. Theo reads the Christmas story and Abe and Lexi feel blessed. Sami watches everyone celebrating together through the window in the garden and cries.

December 28, 2010

No Need For Additional Fruitcake.

At the loft, Rafe finds Sami clearing up the Christmas trash. He's glad Christmas is over and tells her she did a great job. She has a confession. He guesses that she went to spy on the kids at Casa DiMera. She didn't get caught so he's cool with it. Sami talks about how awful it is not to be there for her son and Rafe assures her it won't always be like this. She has to take Allie to the hospital to get checked out so he tells her to stay out of trouble.

At Casa DiMera, EJ walks in on Nicole playing with Syd. He tells her that Johnny had a rough night and thanks her for staying around to help. Elvis says Syd has an appointment with an ophthalmologist and he's busy so he wants her to take her. She tells him Chloe's christening is at the same time. "Okay, then you can spend the rest of your life with someone else's baby," he snaps, taking Syd away from her. She agrees to back out of the christening and insists that the little girl is everything to her.

At the pub, Steph tells her grandma how happy she will be to get out of Salem. They both hope that this will be an end to all the worry over the paternity secret. Over at the hospital, Nate fills Mel in on his move to Baltimore. He tells her that he's got a job there and he wants better clam chowder. She'll miss his arrogance. "I'll miss your fat mouth," he says. They hug as Steph walks in. Mel hopes they get all they want and Steph drags him off. Mel eats the plastic off a candy cane. Nate and Steph go down to say goodbye to the pier. He assures her that they will make new friends and get to know somewhere new. They go home to bed and he says he will spend the rest of his life making her happy.

At the mansion, Victor and Philip discuss the christening. Victor tells him of all the duties of a godfather and asks Philip if he is really willing to step in as a father if something happens to Daniel. He tells his son about how much he had to stand up for Daniel when something happened to his parents. Philip says Parker is a cool kid and this should be good practice for when he has kids. Maggie suddenly walks in. She's catering the reception so she wanted to make sure things were all good. Philip hurries off and Victor tells her about the holidays. "When Vivian is around there's no need for additional fruitcake," he says. He teases her about the Horton Christmas and then assures her he is trying to get Hope and Bo back safely.

At home, Chloe tells Daniel how important her faith is to her and how glad she is to have Parker christened. Carly shows up and the two women talk in private about Chloe's worries over the paternity. Daniel joins them as Mel and Philip arrive. The women leave the men alone. Philip promises to be there for whatever Parker needs. Daniel says that letting him off was a one time thing. The women return with Parker in his christening gown. Mel lets her husband hold the baby. Chloe then takes Parker to the church. Father Matt greets her and wonders if she's told Daniel about the problem with Philip. She's never told him and doesn't plan to. She wonders if not being in a state of grace poses a problem. He says it's not the baby's fault and rushes off to the hospital as Daniel and the family arrive.

At the pub, Roman fills Caroline in on the latest on Bo and Hope: he doesn't know anything. Rafe arrives and Caroline starts threatening to lace EJ's clam chowder with rat poison. He tells them about how Sami snuck off to spy on the kids and worries that she might screw things up more. They go back to discussing the escapees as Kayla wanders in and scares the crap out of her mom. "You don't seem happy to see me?" Kayla asks. Caroline changes her tune and they fill her in about the escape. Kayla's impressed that her mom and Roman are still on good terms. He's confused. Caroline sends him away and then changes the subject. Kay changes the subject back and her mom starts growling and tells her to drop it. Meanwhile, Rafe and Roman meet to discuss what's happening with Bo. Roman's happy that Sami finally married someone he likes who can actually handle her.

When Sami and Allie arrive at the hospital, they find Syd and Nicole there. Allie runs over to see Syd. Sami begs to be allowed to hold the baby. Nicole can't allow that and rushes off with her. After she takes Syd to the doctor, she returns to Sami and bickering erupts. Sami tells her she can't seriously think EJ will let her back into Syd's life so Nicole explains that she's living with him again and looking after the children. Sami becomes enraged and clocks her one and then Nicole tries to fight her off with a stuffed animal.

Down the hall, EJ meets with his sister and they discuss Johnny. When the topic of Nicole comes up, she reminds him that she stole the baby once. He insists that Syd needs a mother figure in her life. Lexi wonders if there is more to it than that. Elvis says Nicole has paid and the kids are his responsibility so he will make all the decisions about them.

December 29, 2010
Give It A Rest.

At the hospital, Nicole and Sami bicker. Nicole says that Rafe will eventually get sick of her and dump her. Sami gets on her high horse and punches Nicole in the face. Nicole tries to fight her off with a stuffed animal while EJ watches until orderlies eventually run in to break them up. Sami keeps screaming and saying she would rather die than see Nicole with her children. EJ smirks and wanders off as the restraints are brought in for Sami and she's dragged away. While Nicole fixes her makeup, EJ comes in with Syd and says that she will be just fine. He asks her about her little pummeling from Sami and suggests that she press charges.

Caroline is berating Kayla at the pub for acting self-righteous. Kayla guesses that the paternity truth didn't come out and accuses her mom of playing God. Her mom is sure that if God had a problem with how things turned out, he would have done something about it. Kayla's amazed her mom doesn't see how bad all of this is so her mom pulls out the argument about how a Kiriakis can't be a good father. Adrienne shows up and steps into the argument, admitting that she's known the truth for some time. Kayla continues to fret. "Give it a rest," her mom groans. Adrienne backs this up. After she leaves, Caroline begs her daughter to let all of this go. They continue bickering about this until Caroline gets fed up and walks away.

Nate and Steph are enjoying their first class flight to Baltimore. They worry about Bo and Hope. He nods off and she thinks back to her arguments with her mom. When he comes to, he wonders if Chloe will be a good mom since she tends to go off the deep end. He worries that Parker will never have a good life with Chloe.

Philip and Chloe are at the chapel with his family, Maggie and the baby. He talks about how great babies are and how smart Parker will be. Across the room, Carly tells Daniel that he has beautiful kids. He feels blessed. Victor wanders off to answer his phone. It's Rafe. He warns him that the state troopers will go after anyone who tries to help Bo and Hope. Victor isn't about to say anything on the phone about this. Father Matt calls Chloe to say he will be delayed. Daniel thanks them all for coming. The mother asks Daniel to take some time off so they can go on a vacation. Victor returns and sits with Maggie. He hates having to behave himself and they worry about Bo and Hope. Later, Carly corners Maggie to ask if Victor has heard anything. He hasn't. Victor is across the room telling Daniel and Chloe that he thinks of the baby as his grandson and wants him to have a happy family. He starts to choke up and she thanks him for coming. Father Matt arrives and the ceremony begins. The baby is blessed and baptized. As they open the doors, they find Kayla chasing after her mom up the steps. "You have got to tell everyone that Daniel is not the father of Chloe's baby!" Kayla shouts. Everyone stops dead as they hear this.

Sami is hauled down to the station and brought to Rafe's office. She rants about Nicole and says they have to do something. He's not thrilled that she just attacked someone in a public place. "The only reason you haven't been arrested is that you're related to half the police force and you're sleeping with the other half," he says. Nicole storms in and says she wants to press charges. She tells her side of the story and Rafe refuses to believe her, he even threatens to arrest her. Nicole backs down but warns Sami that she will be back with EJ if she steps out of line again. After she leaves, Rafe tells his wife to ratchet it down. She doesn't know how she can and starts throwing books on the floor. He holds her still and tells her to think of the children.

Elvis returns to Casa DiMera and tells his father that he's been having a fine afternoon. He relates the day's events to his father as they play chess. EJ wants to see Sami committed and thinks that can happen if she flips out again and again. He plans to make her self-destruct. His father is skeptical about this strategy. Later, Nicole shows up and tells him what happened. He's happy that Sami is now on notice and announces that he wants to talk about them. "I would like you to marry me," he says

December 30, 2010
Beyond Stupid.

Everyone in the chapel goes into shock as they overhear Kayla and Caroline arguing about the baby's paternity. Daniel sends the baby home with Maggie and orders Caroline to explain everything. Philip tries to usher Caroline out but she refuses to budge. She explains that Daniel is not the father. Kayla thinks they shouldn't be having this conversation in a church. Caroline points at Philip and declares that he's the father. Philip says she's crazy. She starts to rant about the Kiriakis men and explains that she changed the paternity test results. Daniel guesses she must be right. He starts to pound Philip into a pew and then tries to crack his cranium with a crucifix. Melanie manages to stop him. Daniel starts bellowing and demanding the truth. He reveals that he knows Philip cheated on Mel and says that children aren't 'exchangeable toys' and he can't pass his bastard off on him. Carly tries to calm him and Mel guesses her mom has known what's been going on all along. She admits it and that she's the one who administered the paternity test. This outrages Daniel even more. Caroline suddenly starts twitching and grabbing her head. She insists that she was just trying to do the right thing and rails at Victor before collapsing. Daniel tends to her and Victor pushes his son out, telling him this is all his fault. Philip defends himself but Victor just thinks he's a damn fool. Mel comes out so Victor walks away. She tells her husband to go to hell. Carly comes out and suggest he back off. After he slouches away, Carly begins swearing she didn't know he was the father. "Yeah, you never lie do you?" Mel snipes. She doesn't even know where her home is anymore and wonders what else her mom has been covering up. She thought that having a family would make her problems go away, but it's only given more people the power to hurt her. Meanwhile, Chloe runs out of the chapel and Victor and Philip keep bickering. Philip tries explaining himself. "You are beyond stupid. Chloe is stupid. You're moronic. An imbecile. Have you ever heard of a condom?" Victor lectures, telling him that Mel is the best thing that ever happened to him.

Caroline is rushed to the hospital. Ben gets info from Kayla and she asks him to keep Daniel off this case. When Ben goes into Caroline's room, Daniel is there and declares that he's removing himself from the case. He trudges out and Kayla waits around. Victor shows up and Maggie finds him there. He fills her in on what's happened. She's shocked about what Caroline has done. "I really don't know if I want her to survive this," he admits. Down the hall, Kayla runs into Carly and tells her that this is all her fault.

At the mansion, Brady confronts Viv so she sends Gus off and begins mocking Brady and insisting that she will destroy Nicole. He gives her an envelope to open. She opens it up and finds photoshopped versions of the photos she has, only with him replaced by half the other men in town. "What are you trying to prove? That your beloved is a whore?" she asks. He explains that he's going to show the photos to EJ and insist that she faked all of them so he won't believe her. He strolls away pretty pleased with himself but she thinks she can handle EJ... maybe. She rushes off.

At Casa DiMera, Elvis shocks Nicole by asking her to marry him. He doesn't want a conventional marriage, just a useful arrangement. She doesn't know if she can do that. He tells her that she could be a better mother than Sami ever could. She suggests that he take an ad out of Craigslist if he just wants a picture perfect family. Nicole pours herself a drink and he begins talking terms. EJ needs her to stop drinking and screwing around. "It's so hard for me to resist you when you talk so sweet," she says. He mocks her grammar skills. She thinks he just wants to drive Sami crazy and warns him not to bully her. Elvis gives her till the end of the day to make her choice and strolls out. She sobs and worries about what Brady will say. Brady calls her and they meet at the pier. He informs her of his run-in with Viv. She's distracted. "Guess what? I'm getting married," she explains. Meanwhile, Viv shows up at Casa DiMera with a teddy bear for Johnny. She hands EJ the photos and says that Nicole and Brady have been making a fool of him.

December 31, 2010
Holy Crap.

Chloe is at home with Parker when Daniel arrives. He fills her in about Caroline and then asks to hold the baby. After they put the child to bed, he drops a picture of them in the trash and demands the whole truth from his wife. She says this has all been a horrible shock to her. The doctor has already put most of the pieces together. The diva gets distraught and tries to explain herself but he's in a rage and accuses her of doing all of this out of resentment. They calm down and he gets her to admit that she confessed everything to Carly, Nicole and Father Matt before him. She begs him not to throw their life with Parker away. They kiss until he pushes her off and runs out the door.

Nicole startles Brady on the pier by telling him that she's getting married. "Holy crap," he says. She insists that she's only marrying EJ for the children. She doesn't think things have to change between them but he's sure they do. "We'll be married in our hearts always," she coos. He jokes that they can be friends on Facebook but she wants them to sneak around and be together. She starts kissing him. He heads back to the mansion. Kate is there and she's had an epiphany: they've been acting like fools. He gets an idea. They go over to the pub and he suggests that they kidnap Vivian and strand her on one of Victor's private islands.

Viv drops by Casa DiMera to show EJ her pictures of Nicole and Brady going at it on his floor. He thanks her and she leaves. After he sighs, Nicole arrives and agrees to marry him. He's not that thrilled and shows her the pictures. She claims they were doctored. That defense doesn't impress him much. He flies into a rage about her betrayal and then storms off. When he returns later on, she tells him how unbearable it is to be without Syd. EJ offers to give her one last chance: marry him or be with Brady.

At the hospital, Victor breaks the news to Maggie that Philip is the father of Chloe's baby and Caroline changed the paternity test results. "She played God with my family and everyone knows that's my job," he says. She reminds him that Philip and Chloe are the troublemakers. He says that Caroline shares the blame with Chloe and Carly. Down the hall, Carly gets offended when Kayla suggests that it's her fault Caroline had a stroke. Carly points out that Mrs. Brady is hardly innocent in all that's happened. Carly starts defending herself but realizes it's pointless. Kayla flounces off. Maxine gives her an update on Caroline and says that the doctors are impressed by how well she is doing. As they go off to see her, Victor corners Carly and they begin exchanging insults. He says it's a relief Bo finally dumped her and got some class.

At the church, Mel is hoping this is all a nightmare. She swings around and slaps Philip, telling him that they're over. He swears that it only happened once but this lame excuse makes things worse. He explains that he thought she'd betrayed him with Nathan. "You had sex with Chloe and decided to make a child to prove your undying love for me?" she asks. He confirms that, which only makes things worse again. Philip says the love he feels for her is strong and real. Crying, she admits that she loves him too but she can't forgive him for what he did to her father. He reminds her that her father slept with Chloe while she was married to someone else. Mel insists that her father is a good man and, besides Maggie, he's all she's got. She goes back to the mansion and packs her stuff. Daniel shows up and she asks him not to try and point out what's good in this situation because nothing is. They hug and worry about Parker. She suggests that he take custody of the child. Meanwhile, Philip goes to see Chloe and tells her that their spouses aren't coming back any time soon. He wants to see his son.

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