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1st Week of February Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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February 1, 2010
Damn You Brady!

At home, Bo is video chatting with Ciara when someone comes to the door. It's Carly. She gives him a peck and comes in to gush about her quality time with Mel. She's sure that the young woman is ready to hear her secret. Bo says it's too dangerous. Carly's going to find it hard to keep her mouth shut. She talks about how much she has in common with her daughter and jokes about Viv. They make out. Bo has left the video screen on so Ciara is watching. After she closes the laptop, Caroline comes in and ushers her out the door. They arrive at Bo's as Carly is about to walk out the door. Caroline stares her down. Carly escapes as Ciara runs in. She hops up to her room to draw. Caroline gives her son the evil eye. "Do you ever think about anyone except yourself?" she asks. They argue about what's best for his daughter. He blames everything on Hope and says that she's impossible to talk to. Caroline understands, but she still doubts having Carly around is good for his daughter.

At the mansion, Hope listens in as Viv calls Mel for a date at the day spa. When Vivian gets off the phone, Hope begins quizzing her. Viv claims she is 'just wrapped up in the joy of Melanie's life'. Hope is sure there is more to it and suggests she's trying to secure a position in the family. Viv doesn't understand the antagonism from a fellow victim of Carly. She flounces off for a hair appointment, but goes to the Java Cafe instead.

Maxine nearly gags when Melanie shows up at the hospital. Mel explains she is there to get her finger x-rayed. Maxine spots Nate and appoints him to the task. When he tries to touch her finger, she makes him back off. He says they obviously can't have a doctor-patient relationship anymore and walks away. Carly stands a few feet away watching. She comes over and checks out her finger and then begins asking her about her wedding vows and talking about what a 'person of substance' she is. When she comments on how intense things looked between her and Nathan, Mel says he still has feelings for her. Carly thinks there is more to it and tells her to stop trying to be an adult and enjoy being a kid. "Are you saying I should leave Philip and give Nathan another chance?" Mel asks. Carly suggests she slow down and think. Mel wonders why she stopped hating her all of a sudden and then invites her to the wedding.

Chad goes to see his father to thank him for the trip to the Olympics. The DA is muttering to himself about a trial. He tells his son to have fun and he's glad Mia is out of his life for good. Meanwhile, at Java, Kenzie is gushing about Chad and their upcoming trip to Vancouver. She begins teasing Gabi about how Chad wants to warm her up between bouts of luging. Mia eavesdrops and grimaces. When Chad arrives, Kenzie is talking about how excited she is at the prospect of seeing some curling. Chad asks Gabi what she's bringing. Mia gets uncomfortable, declares she needs to see Maggie and leaves. She heads over to the DA's office. He's not happy to see her. He's even more unhappy when she tells him that Chad invited her to Vancouver with him.

Justin runs into Steph at the pub. She's hopped up on coffee and tells him she's in love with someone who doesn't love her back. "He's an idiot," he says, telling her the guy must not be good enough for her. She explains that it's Nate and he claims he's over the other woman but is probably lying to himself. He advises her to ask him straight out. Justin walks off to take a call. After that, he spots Hope coming in and confronts her for calling Adrienne and asking her to give him another chance. She ignores this and drags him off. They go to the mansion to look for Vivian's box. As Hope busies herself upstairs, Justin keep a lookout. Vivian shows up. He runs interference as Hope sneaks around. When Hope comes in, Viv walks off. "I think we have a bit of a problem," Hope whispers to Justin. They sit down and try to open Viv's box. As soon as they do, she finds a note. "Damn you Brady!" she grumbles. Meanwhile, Viv meets with Gus at the pub and tells him that she will be rubbing Mel out on her wedding day.

Will goes to see Maggie and check in on her. They talk about Mia and he explains that she has changed into a different person since Grace died. Later, he meets with Mia at Java and asks her why she never showed up at Maggie's. Mia claims she decided Maggie didn't need to deal with her problems. She watches as Chad gets a call from his father. He suddenly tells his friends that his father is now refusing to let them use the condo in Vancouver. Mia smiles as Kenzie flips out.

In the park, Nate is warming up Stephanie toes. He explains that he's getting a few days off and wants to go skiing in Alpine Valley. Nate wants her to accompany him. When he explains he wants to go on Valentine's Day, she says no. She has to help with the wedding that day.


February 2, 2010
That's What I Do.

At the chalet, Elvis is blowing kisses and rubbing Syd's head. Anna remarks on how happy he seems to be now that he's destroyed Sami's life. "She gets what she deserves," he says. He insists that what he is doing is 'just cruel enough'. She accuses him of sounding like his father. Elvis pours some tea and reminds her that she works for him and has no choice in any of this. Anna worries that Syd is going to end up paying for this mess. He tells her not to presume that Syd will ever know her mother at all. Anna frowns. Syd plays with a bear. EJ blows her a kiss and then lectures Anna about her attitude. Syd picks her nose as Elvis claims that he is only doing what's best for his daughter. After he leaves, she tells Syd that her dad is proving to be a real DiMera.

At the hospital, Carly frets after Mel invites her to the wedding. Melanie wants to make up for being rotten to her. As they hug, Bo watches from across the room. Mel tells Carly that she should probably hang out with her while she has the chance. After she putters away, Bo walks over and lectures her for her public display with her secret daughter. She tells him about the wedding invitation. Bo complains that he's running out of options to keep her safe and orders her to move back in with him. He wants them to take a chance together and hopes that everyone else can just move on with their lives. She can't turn that down.

Nate and Steph are at the Java Cafe reading all about Alpine Valley. He just wants to spend his time serving her hot totties. When he tries to book on Valentine's Day, she bites his head off and reminds him that she can't go then. He gets paged by the hospital and asks her to sort it out. Ari arrives as he bustles off. She informs Steph that she might not be able to make it to the wedding. Outside, Mel bumps into Nate. He's cold with her and walks off. When Mel walks in, she finds Ari explaining that she might be in jail on the wedding day. Mel says that Steph can fill in for her if she has to. Ari gets a call and runs. They bicker about the wedding. Steph thinks that her joining the wedding party would be awkward. Mel accuses her of being hung up on Philip. Mel begs her to be in her wedding party. Steph finally gives in. When she notices Steph is planning a vacation, she starts to probe. Meanwhile, Roman informs Ari that she isn't going to prison after all and she is actually getting a commendation. She thanks and hugs him. Before she leaves, she tells him that Anna is back in town. He's startled. She explains how she knows. This bewilders Roman even more so he decides to call the woman himself. When she answers, she claims she's in Spain. He confronts her about actually being in Salem.

Vivian impresses Gus at the pub when she tells him she'll be offing Mel on her wedding day. "Gives 'till death do us part' a real punch," she says. Viv wonders how she will get Carly there to see the carnage. He points out that the bride's demise will be on the wedding video so she can watch it over and over. She doubts she'll do that; she actually likes Mel. Victor comes in and asks what they're doing. Gus compliments his tie and walks off. Victor sits down and asks Viv if she's hatching another stupid plot. "That's what I do," she says. He reminds her that she can't kill Mel. She gabs about their shared values and she promises to get him his happy family back. After he departs, Gus calls and says he picked up the stuff she asked for. He meets her at the pub. She goes through his shopping bag and he tells her that he took care of his other task without being noticed.

Back at the hospital, Nate begins hyperventilating when he mucks up a surgery, Carly pushes him out of the way and starts sewing the body up. After the surgery, Carly asks the intern what's up. He wasn't concentrating. She assumes he was thinking about Mel. He refuses to discuss his personal life and walks out. She stalks after him and continues to pry. Meanwhile, Bo goes home. After he sends off the babysitter and puts some of Carly's luggage in the living room, he goes outside to take a call. When he returns, he finds that Carly's stuff has been opened and thrown all over the room.

At the mansion, Justin and Hope break into Vivian's box of mystery and she pulls out some papers. "Damn you Brady!" she grumbles before explaining that her marriage to Bo is now officially over. She reads him the threatening letter from Lawrence and then shows him the proof that Carly had a baby. Hope assumes that Bo is the daddy. He's skeptical but she thinks this is the same thing as what happened with Billie. She calms down and realizes that it can't be Bo's child after all. She wishes that Bo had just been honest with her. He reminds her that she moved out. She starts feeling bad for Carly and then returns the papers and the box to Viv's room. As she hugs Justin for being such a great friend, Victor watches them. Once Hope leaves, Victor comes out and orders him again to stay away from her. Justin says that Bo 'nailing' Carly is a bigger problem than he is. "Bo and Hope are history and there is nothing you can do about it," Justin insists. Victor barks at him. Justin tells him to go to Hell. Meanwhile, Hope bumps into Viv on the pier. Vivian drops her bag.

February 3, 2010
Running With Scissors.

Hope bumps into Vivian in the park and knocks over her box. Viv is jumpy. Hope is suspicious. They begin discussing the wedding and Mel's absent mother. Viv fobs her off and hops away leaving Hope wondering what she is really up to. Viv walks off and meets with a contact. She hands over her box and he offers to have it ready later today. He returns a few minutes later with the elaborately wrapped box and warns her that it is 'exceedingly lethal'.

At the hospital, Carly continues questioning Nate. He tells her he'll get over Mel and asks her why she cares so much. She keeps probing. He points out that he never asks about her personal life. Daniel arrives to break things up. Nathan escapes and Carly apologizes to Daniel for just crossing the line with the intern. She gabs about Philip being a lady's man and tells him that Nate needs to resolve his feelings for Mel.

Bo is shocked when he walks into his home and finds Carly's stuff thrown all over the room. He runs off shouting for Ciara. She runs out of the kitchen with scissors and tells him she didn't trash the clothes. He informs her that Carly is moving back in. "Again?" she groans. He offers to do anything he can to make things better. "Can you tell Carly to leave?" she asks. He thinks she should give her a chance. Ciara hates her. Her vocabulary shocks him so he asks her if she trashed Carly's clothes. Ciara decides this isn't worth discussing and goes upstairs. Hope shows up and sees the mess. Bo explains and lets her know that Carly is moving back in. Hope says their daughter has been traumatized by everything. Bo claims he always puts their daughter first. "You invited a murderer back into our house!" she shouts at him. He asks her not to use Ciara as leverage. She can't let her daughter spend time in the house anymore. "I'm not sure that you should see your daughter anymore," she says. Carly stands in the doorway listening in shock.

At the Java Cafe, Rafe informs Brady that Ari isn't going to prison after all. Brady thinks that's awesome, but Rafe worries that his sister might be safer in prison since Mr. Big will be wanting revenge. Meanwhile, EJ walks Ari into the pub. He tells her not to worry about Mr. Big coming after her. He suggests that they do some drinking so she whips out the beer and limes. As they suck them down, Brady and Rafe arrive. They give her a hug and EJ decides to leave. Ari gives her brother a pep talk and tells him not to give up on finding the baby. After Rafe leaves, Brady smooches Ari and then takes her upstairs to get her mind off Mr. Big.

At the mansion, Kate is showing Stefano her new dress. Suddenly, some guy shows up and serves him an eviction notice. Stefano starts to laugh, waves it off and changes the topic to her son's wedding. She moans about Vivian. He tells her not to be intimidated by 'an opportunistic nutjob' like Viv. She's inspired and runs off. EJ returns home and his father informs him that he is finished with tolerating his 'unending tantrum'. He understands necessarily punishing someone, but Elvis is getting a perverse joy out of it.

Philip meets Mel at the Java Cafe and she gabs about miniature hamburgers and fries for their wedding. They go over seating arrangements. As they begin sucking face, Kate strolls in and offers to help with the wedding. Mel runs off to the florist. Philip asks his mother to share the spotlight with Vivian. Kate explodes. He just wants everyone to be happy on his happy day. She agrees to come anyway. As soon as he leaves, she mutters, "I would not have to get along with you Vivian if you weren't here." Meanwhile, Mel meets with Viv at the mansion to see her new dress. "You're my guardian angel," Mel says. Viv pulls out her gift. "Let's open it and get it over with," Viv suggests.

Roman is on the phone with Anna, asking her why she is lying to him. Syd starts laughing at her. Anna claims she is just in town on business and he digs for more. All of her 'weird vibes' are making him suspicious. She explains that he's going to hate her when she tells him the truth. Anna's vague and says it involves Sami. He prods her to go and visit his daughter. She gets off the phone and tells Syd she is going to see her mom, the one who has too many extra kids. Anna goes into town. When she gets to Sami's, there's no answer so she writes a note. As soon as she slips it under the door, Rafe arrives.

February 4, 2010
This Is All So Wrong.

Carly walks in on Bo and Hope arguing at the home they used to share. Hope has just threatened to take Ciara away. "Why would you do that?" Carly bellows. The women bicker and Carly throws around clichés until Hope gags. She claims she's done everything she can to protect her daughter, but now she has no choice but to take her away and file for sole custody. She accuses Bo of further traumatizing Ciara by bringing a murderer into her life. Bo chews on his lip. Before Hope can run, he tells her that his concern has always been with his daughter and they need to figure out what's wrong with her. He hints that she's been badmouthing him and Carly to the little girl. Hope protests that she's innocent. Ciara runs in and begs them to stop fighting. Bo tells her that he loves her. Hope bundles her up and leads her out. Bo blows up. Carly decides to move out but he refuses to lose her as well. She unpacks.

Hope and Ciara go over to the Java Cafe. Hope tells her that trashing property is bad and they should talk if she's angry. Justin wanders in and gives Ciara a hug. He sends her off to get some hot chocolate and asks Hope what happened. She explains everything that just happened. Ciara comes back and Hope leaves Justin with her. He wipes whipped cream on her nose. "This is all so wrong," Hope says, watching.

Kate shows up at Maggie's exclaiming that she needs to warn Melanie about Vivian. She rants. Maggie concedes that Viv has some problems. Kate thinks she's dangerous and nothing good can come of this. Maggie tips her off that Mel is with Viv as they speak. Kate runs off. Maggie groans.

At the mansion, Vivian gives Mel a gift for the wedding. "Let's just open it and get it over with," Viv groans. Mel strokes the box. Viv suggests that she turn around and close her eyes. She fantasizes about sticking the poisoned hair comb in Mel's head as Carly runs in and screeches. Suddenly, she changes her mind and decides they should wait until the wedding day. Mel pouts. "Boo," she says before asking for a hint of what's in the box. "It's something you'll absolutely die for," Viv says. They discuss flowers. Mel's impatient. Viv tells her that good things come to those who wait. As she plays with Mel's hair, Kate arrives. When Viv mentions 'sacrifices for love' Kate walks into the conversation and begins sniping. Mel heads for the door. Viv makes her leave the box behind. Once Mel has slinked away, Kate accuses Viv of using Mel to get back at her. Vivian answers her phone and wanders off, leaving Kate to steal Viv's gift for Mel. "You will not steal my son," Kate says, walking off. When Viv returns, Gus is waiting. She notices that the gift is gone and gasps, "Kate!" Meanwhile, Kate wanders around with the gift and prepares to drop it in the harbor. Before she can, she gets curious and begins unwrapping it.

Mel returns to Maggie's and complains about her many 'mothers'. She sobs and asks Maggie if she will be the mother of the bride. "I would be so honored," Maggie says. They hug. Mel starts crying and admits that she can't wait until the wedding is over so she can get on with her life.

Sami drops Johnny off at Casa DiMera. EJ tells him that he has some new video games for him. They send the little boy up to his room. Sami finds a brochure for a pirate adventure tour. Elvis informs her that he is taking their son because he needs a distraction from the hell his life has become. Sami doesn't understand. They bicker about Syd. He suggests they go away as a family. Johnny returns. Sami says goodbye and throws the child into his father's arms. After she leaves, EJ tells his son about pirates. Johnny claps. Elvis flies him around the room. "It's going to be good. Just you, me and your sister," he says.

Anna's relieved when she goes to Sami's and no one is home. She scribbles a note and slips it under the door. Before she can escape, Rafe magically appears and begins interrogating her. He explains that he's Rafe Hernandez. Anna gulps. He shoves her into Sami's room and asks her about the note. Anna tries to think something up but that doesn't work. "It wasn't my idea," she says. Rafe needs an explanation. As he shouts at her, Sami rushes in and makes the introductions. Anna says that she just stopped by to give her her best wishes. She's eager to go but Sami tells her that she has to stay for a visit and refuses to let her leave. Anna's petrified. Rafe sneaks off to finish packing his junk. Sami complains to Anna about the 'sick maniac' who is keeping her away from her little girl. Anna inches to the door. Sami stops her and asks all about how Syd was when she was little and living in the mansion. Anna insists that no one would hurt Syd and tells her to stay strong. When Rafe comes back, Anna manages to leave. Rafe points out how jumpy Anna was. Sami shrugs. He tells her again that they are getting closer to getting Sydney back every day. She shuts the door on him as he walks out with his boxes. Anna heads back to the chalet and tells Syd how much her mother misses her. Meanwhile, Rafe heads over to EJ's. When he drops Anna's name, EJ's eyebrows nearly leap off his face.

February 5, 2010
Deadly Little Gift Box.

Brady shows up at Sami's townhouse. She babbles about Anna and how strangely she was acting. They put it down to Anna feeling bad for her. Sami remembers growing up with Carrie and everyone else. She worries that her kids won't have the same kind of childhood. He tells her not to start feeling defeated. She says it was easier to be hopeful when she was with Rafe. He suggests she turn back to him but she claims she needs him to stay away for her own sanity. After Brady leaves, she thinks of how Rafe once brought her daughter back to her and then lurches out the door.

At home, Elvis pours himself a drink and thinks of his children. Rafe arrives and immediately begins asking him about Anna. EJ starts blinking. He gulps as Rafe explains that he just spoke to her. Elvis starts shaking nervously. He stutters and pours another drink as Rafe probes about Anna and suggests that she may know more than she seems to. Elvis tries to kill that idea, which only makes Rafe more suspicious. EJ becomes very insistent that Anna couldn't have had anything to do with the kidnapping and then changes the subject to Sami. He begins taunting the FBI man until Sami walks in. EJ orders them to leave. When they get back to her place, she tells him that questioning Anna is a dead end. He tells her that he is not clutching at straws... but he does want her back. He will always love her. She loves him too. They make out.

At the mansion, Viv flips out after realizing that Kate has stolen her poisoned gift for Mel. Meanwhile, Mel startles Kate when she runs into her on the pier. She recognizes the box as the one Viv was going to give her. Kate claims that she and Vivian have made peace and wanted to give the gift together. She suggests that Mel open it to see what's inside. As Mel begins, Viv runs over to them shouting at her to stop and rips it out of her hands, saying that Kate stole it from her. Viv and Kate argue and Mel runs away. The women keep arguing. Viv taunts Kate and tells her she's been marginalized from her family. "The collateral damage is quite satisfying," Viv gloats. Kate is baffled and warns her that she will figure out what's going on. She storms off as Gus arrives. They bustle away. She takes her deadly little gift box home.

Carly finds Daniel at the hospital and asks him if she can work the shift happening when Mel is supposed to get married. She needs an excuse to stay away from the ceremony. He wonders why she is so obsessed with Melanie. She asks him to drop this. Chloe comes in. Daniel runs away. Carly advises Chloe to tell Daniel how much pain she's in over not being able to conceive. Chloe thanks her for caring and then abruptly walks away. Mel arrives later and Carly informs her that she has to work and can't attend her wedding. She places a bracelet on her to compensate. "Looks like a family heirloom. It should stay in the family," Mel says. Carly insists it's not so Mel agrees to take it. After Mel leaves, Kate walks in and overhears Carly talking to Bo on the phone, saying that they have to keep the truth from Viv. Kate approaches her and says that they need to help each other. She asks her what connects her to Vivian and Mel.

Nathan props up at the bar in the pub and drinks. He gets a message from Steph saying she's on her way. He drinks a pint. When Steph shows up, he's slightly drunk. He complains about Mel so she suggests they talk about their ski trip. She has to walk off to take a call. There's a problem at the jewelry store. Nate offers to go with her. Steph can see that he can barely stand so she asks him to stay there and wait. He drinks some more and then pours the last of his beer on the newspaper article about Mel and Philip's wedding. He stumbles outside and sits down. Mel walks by. He throws snow and sings the wedding march before telling her that he wishes she wasn't marrying Philip.

Chloe meets with Father Matt at the Java Cafe and tells him about everything she has been through. She has faith that there is still one more miracle for her. The priest tells her that's not the way things work. Sometimes God's plan doesn't coincide with what you want. He gets a call and has to head to the hospital. After he leaves, she tells herself that she can't accept what he told her. She's sure that God wants her to have a kid. She spots Steph and corners her. As they talk, Chloe realizes that it's nearly Philip's wedding day and she hasn't even talked to him. Suddenly, she wonders if she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Brady and Daniel jog around town. They stop by the pier to talk about their love lives and stretch. Daniel goes silent when Brady brings up Chloe wanting kids. The doctor says that he would like kids but, "Timing is everything."

At the chalet, Anna tells Syd how hard this all is after actually seeing Sami suffer. Syd plays with her kangaroo. Anna can't do this anymore. "I have to make it right," she declares, making a call to Carrie. After that, she babbles to Syd that her dad is going to throw a fit when he finds out what happened. Elvis calls and berates her. "You are going to be very, very sorry," he threatens. He soon shows up in person and tells her that they've been compromised so she has to leave immediately. She asks him about the money he owes her. He won't pay her for failing and decides to call his bodyguard. Anna won't be tossed out like garbage and tells him this isn't his decision.


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