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2nd Week of February Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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February 8, 2010
He's My Boy Toy.

At the chalet, EJ tells Anna to get out and refuses to give her a penny for her work. She refuses to be thrown out like garbage. "I'll make you regret it," she warns him before claiming she isn't threatening him. He calls her an 'overpaid nanny' and rants at her for running around town blabbing. She tells him that it would hurt Syd's feelings if he separated them now. Anna cradles the baby and talks about how much she loves her. EJ's unimpressed and says she's replaceable and stupid. Anna gets fed up. When she heads for the door, EJ gets in her way. She rants about how miserable Syd will be if she loses the little stability she has. Elvis shrugs. He holds his daughter as she plays with an orange hippo. He agrees to leave things as they are for now. Anna tells him she's proud that he's putting his daughter first. When he says he's waiting for the appropriate time to leave with the kids, she suggests that leaving Sami behind is the last thing he wants. "You are an airhead," he tells her. She thinks Sami still floats his boat. "You're the loneliest guy on earth. Your life sucks," she points out. He just wants his children and the knowledge that Sami is miserable and alone.

At the hospital, Kate confronts Carly about her connection with Mel. She suggests that she be completely honest so they can help each other out. Carly stutters. Kate makes insinuations and Carly accuses her of bluffing. Before Kate walks away, Carly stops her and offers to tell her everything. They discuss Vivian and Kate explains eavesdropping on Viv and Gus. Kate tells her to watch her back and then walks away. Carly worries about what Vivian might know.

A drunken Nathan stumbles out of the pub. He chucks snow on Mel and tells her he wishes she wouldn't marry Philip. Mel's eyes droop. Steph comes out. The two women decide to walk Nathan to Maggie's. When he gets there, he sits on Mia's lap and knocks Mel's phone out of her hands. He begins muttering. Mel leaves to get his keys while Steph makes him a sandwich. He starts slapping his head and grumbling about talking to Mel. Steph asks him what he said. He says he should have told her to stop looking at him like she feels sorry for him. Meanwhile, Mel hurries back to the pub to find Nate's keys. Once she does, Lucas walks in. He tells her that Nathan has been 'out to lunch' lately. They sit down and he explains that the intern must have girl trouble. She returns to Maggie's and Steph grabs the keys to drive him home. They trudge away and Mel stares. When they get to the Java Cafe, he sobers up a lot and groans about the wedding.

Over at the mansion, Vivian is on the phone gabbing to Gus and imagining bumping off Mel with her poisoned comb. When Victor walks in, she snaps out of it and acts busy. He confronts her about her meetings with Gus. "He's my boy toy," Viv claims. He doesn't buy it. They bicker about her plotting and she brings up her problems with Kate. She's sure that her old enemy is going to muck things up for her. Later, Carly shows up. The two women begin bickering until Carly spots the gift. When she asks if she can see it, Viv tells her to leave it alone. They continue sparring and Viv sticks the knife in about how Carly already alienated her other child. Carly runs out. "She knows! I have to find Melanie," she says to herself. Mel shows up at the mansion a moment later. She's in tears and tells Vivian that she can't marry Philip. "If I can't talk you into marrying Philip, we'll have to go to Plan B.," Viv says, staring at the gift.

Kate tracks Victor down at the Java Cafe and warns him that Vivian has gone 'completely around the bend'. He chuckles. "She said the same thing about you," he says. "Obviously she has you whipped," Kate quips before warning him about how dangerous Viv is. He thinks that's hilarious coming from her and threatens to have her barred from the wedding.

Rafe is at the townhouse telling Sami that he will always love her. Before he can leave, she says that she loves him too. They kiss passionately and leap onto the couch. She stops him and pants. They talk about how much they blame themselves for not finding Syd. He tells her that they have to stop looking back and start looking forward. He promises that he's not leaving her again. "Together we can do anything," he says. The couple recollects their past and talks about the 'infamous penguins'. Sami says that Syd is his too because he brought them back to her. They make out and then go into the bedroom.

February 9, 2010

Carly arrives outside of Victor's, determined to tell Mel the truth. She pounds on the door and then slips. As she lies on the doorstep, Victor comes out and steps over her so he can get his morning paper. He goes inside and tells Henderson there's a heap of trash outside and he should call an ambulance to have it taken away. Meanwhile, Bo sits in the pub mumbling to himself about where Carly could be. He runs off. When he gets over to the hospital, he discovers that Carly has just been admitted. She mumbles about how she has to tell her daughter the truth. He leaves. Daniel comes in to check on her.

At the pub, Philip calls his brother to thank him for the bachelor party. Kate runs in to warn him about Vivian again. "I gotta go," he says. She tells him he has to trust her this time and he needs to keep Viv away from the wedding. He refuses to accept this and plods off with her chasing after him. When he gets to the mansion, Kate bangs on the door until he lets her in. She keeps accusing Viv of planning something so he tells her she's ruining his special day. He stomps off. Victor slips in and calls Henderson over to drag Kate out. She leaves before he can.

Upstairs, Vivian wakes up Melanie. Mel repeats that she can't marry Philip. Viv thinks she's just having a case of the jitters. The bride to be wants to talk to Philip but Viv says she is not going to humiliate them by running away from this marriage. Vivian slips a necklace on Mel and gets emotional as she talks about the wedding. She tells her not to be 'foolish, weak and fickle'. Mel doesn't appreciate that and they bicker. Mel accuses her of being mean for trying to trap her into this marriage. "You're going to marry Philip even if it kills you," Viv says. She guesses that Mel is pining for someone else. Mel admits it. Viv guesses it's Nathan she's pining for and tells her that she can't back out now. Pouting and crying, Mel says she doesn't like being talked to like this. As she hyperventilates, Philip walks in. Viv leaves the lovebirds alone. "Wassup?" Philip asks. She claims she feels unworthy of him. He's perplexed. He kisses her and tells her she's swell. Meanwhile, Viv bumps into Gus in the hall. He tells her that Carly was taken away in an ambulance. She worries things could go wrong. After she has him fetch the gift for her, she sends him off to check on Carly. Philip comes out and assures Viv that everything has been worked out. When Viv goes in, Mel says that Philip was very sweet and she is going to go ahead with the marriage. Vivian hands her the gift.

Daniel is at the Java Cafe giving video game advice to some random kid. Brady comes in and watches, impressed. When he tells the doctor that he can pass such knowledge on to his own kids someday, Daniel gets anxious and tells him that's not going to happen. He explains that chemo severely damaged Chloe's ovaries and it's unlikely she could get pregnant. When he walks out, he bumps into Lucas and sheepishly asks him for a favor. He says that Chloe misses Allie a lot and would like to spend some time with her. Lucas refuses to allow that. "Why don't you give Chloe a child of her own?" Lucas suggests.

Chloe wanders around with her product placement paper bag and pulls a pregnancy test out of it. Ari bumps into her and spots the test. They have an awkward conversation. Chloe says she can't tell Daniel, no matter what the results are. When Ari goes to work, Brady comes in and sucks face with her for a minute and then whips out a ring box. It has a bracelet which belonged to his mother inside. She thanks him and he apologizes for giving it to her in a ring box. She loves it anyway. Meanwhile, Chloe goes home and administers the test.

When Hope stops by the station, some cop tells her that they miss having her around. Abe pops up and asks when she's coming back to the force. She wants to go back to work and sense of normalcy immediately. They talk about her ruined marriage and she says that Bo has more than 'a little crush' on Carly. Abe knows how painful this situation is for everybody, but he's most concerned for Ciara. Hope doesn't want to listen to this, but Abe advises her to fight hard for Bo, at least for her daughter's sake. She gets straight back to work. Kate arrives and tells Hope that she's worried about Viv and her strange obsession with Melanie. "Vivian needs to be stopped," she says. Hope offers to look into this.

February 10, 2010
Happy Voyage.

At Casa DiMera, Kate is disappointed to find that Stefano isn't going to the wedding. He tells her to pick up one of the homeless people at the gas station if she needs a date. Kate needs some moral support today since she has to share the spotlight with Vivian. He offers to have her problem with Vivian eliminated. After he makes a call, he announces that he will go with her after all. "I want to get even with Victor for attending our wedding," he says. After he gets dressed, Kate tells him how lighthearted she feels. "Vivian won't know what hit her," she says with a giggle. He offers to help her get rid of Mel if she has any problems with her. She suggests that he destroy the evidence he has against her. "Don't be ridiculous," he says.

At the mansion, Victor assures his son that no one loves him more than he does. He won't let anyone screw up his wedding day for him. When Lucas arrives, he asks his brother if he's sure that Mel is really over Nathan. Philip doesn't appreciate this and they bicker about which of them has screwed up their life more. Philip tells him that he admires Mel for being able to deal with his crazy family. He's sure that even Kate couldn't do her any harm. They worry about their mom bringing Stefano. Philip wishes he had eloped.

Upstairs, Vivian strokes her poisonous gift box and fantasizes about Carly watching her daughter die. She goes into Mel's room. Mel has calmed down and decided to marry Philip after all. Viv hands her the gift. Mel pries it open and says that the comb is rather unusual. Before Viv can jab it in her hair, Ari and Steph rush in with champagne rations. They begin toasting to the bride. As they down the glasses, Mel tells Ari that she feels nervous and asks her to try and get rid of Viv. They ask her to step out while they prepare. "I wish you a very happy voyage," Viv says, weirding Mel out. Once Vivian is gone, Ari gives Mel more champagne. Mel complains that Viv is driving her insane. She gets jumpy when Steph touches her comb.

In the hall, Viv feels bad about killing Mel. Gus informs her that Carly is in the hospital. Vivian can't kill Mel without Carly watching. When she walks back into Mel's room, she freaks out when she sees the comb in Steph's hand. Mel asks her to dial it down. Ari ushers Vivian out. After Mel is completely prepared, they open the door to get Viv. She's been leaning against the door and tumbles in. Before she can stick the comb in, Maggie calls. Crying, Maggie tells her that she's not feeling well and can't make it to the wedding. Mel weeps. When she gets off the phone, she declares that she can't do this.

At the hospital, Daniel asks Carly why she was at Victor's. She groans. He gets called away. She tries to figure out what has been going on. After some tossing and turning, she remembers that Vivian knows her secret. Gasping, she tries calling Bo and has to leave a message. Then she calls Mel and leaves a warning. As she gets out of bed, Nathan comes in and orders her back in. As soon as he leaves, she gets dressed. Before she can escape, Gus pops up at her door disguised as an orderly. He throws her down and chloroforms her. He smuggles her out on a gurney. He takes her to a warehouse. When she wakes up, he informs her that she is six feet under. "Bring back any memories?" he jokes.

At home, Chloe is shocked to discover that she is pregnant. She lies in bed and talks to her belly. Daniel arrives. He collapses in bed and grumbles about his hard day. He's so exhausted that he falls asleep. When she tries to tell him her news, she notices he's unconscious.

At the station, Hope wonders what's going on between Viv and Mel. She heads over to the pub and meets with Justin. She explains that Mel is Carly's daughter and Viv knows it. Hope goes over the evidence. Suddenly, Ciara walks up to them and explains that Melanie really is Carly's daughter. Hope's impressed and sends her off to get some cookies. "We need to get to Melanie," Hope decides. She sends him off to look after Ciara while she goes after Viv. Victor comes in and sits down with her to complain about all the people running around his house chattering. She wonders if there is something he'd like to tell her about Vivian.

February 11, 2010
Happily Ever After.

At the pub, Hope questions Victor about Vivian. He assures her that she is not a real threat. Hope is skeptical and worries that Viv might hurt Mel. He thinks she's been buying into Kate's conspiracy theories. He jokingly asks her if Viv's read Medea and then repeats that Mel will be fine. He leaves, and leaves his bag behind. She searches through it and then call Bo to tell him that his father has been up to his old tricks. Hope hurries to the station looking for Bo. He's gone and he left his phone behind.

Lucas shows up at Casa DiMera as Kate and Stefano are about to leave. He tells them he's going to make sure that the wedding goes off without a hitch and doesn't want trouble from them. After he's finished this task, he runs back to the mansion to tell his brother that everything has been taken care of. Philip gets a call. "What the hell?" he blurts out. He tells his father that the justice of the peace has the flu. Kate and Stefano walk in. Philip isn't happy to see him. Stefano points out that he brought Abe along and he can save the day. He agrees to do the deed and officiate. Kate pays her son a compliment on his tux. He runs away.

When Nate drops by Maggie's, he finds her looking at her jewels. She explains that she can't go to the wedding because she would be a downer. He decides that he will cancel his trip since he can't leave her alone like this. She tells him he has to go. He's sure that Mel already knows she's sad and would still want her there.

At the Kirikakis compound, Mel pouts to her bridal party about how depressed Maggie must be today. Ari leads Viv out and Mel whimpers to Steph about how miserable Maggie is now. When Steph leaves her alone, she writes a letter to Nathan. She seals it and hands it over to Steph, requesting that she give it to Nate. Steph runs off. She drops by the hospital looking for Nathan. He's gone so she decides to wait. As she does, she reads the letter. Mel wrote that if there is any chance for them, then she can't marry Philip. Part of her will always love him... Steph shoves the letter in her purse as Nate walks in. She babbles to him and then runs off.

Carly comes to and discovers that she is stuck six feet under with Gus. He asks her if she has a sense of deja vu. He turns on the monitor so that Viv can talk to her from the mansion. Carly gasps as Vivian tells her that she will be making sure that her little girl's happiest day is also her last day. She goes into Mel's room and puts the poison comb in her hair. Carly watches and screams. She clobbers Gus and freaks out like a rat dropped in a toilet. Gus revives so she uses her death grip to knock him out.

At the mansion, Mel asks Viv to leave her alone. She wonders why Nathan hasn't responded yet. Suddenly, Brady and Ari rush in and notice that she doesn't look well. They wonder if they should get her a doctor. Steph returns and ushers Ari and Brady out. Steph tells her that Nate refused to even open the letter when he saw that it was from her. "I'm ready to get married," Mel declares. After Steph leaves, Mel weeps and flops onto her bed. Meanwhile, Viv drinks champagne and thinks about Mel kicking the bucket in Carly's arms. She gets a message from Gus and runs off. The message was really sent by Carly using his phone. The doctor then sends a text to Bo asking him to meet her there. When Vivian arrives, Carly is waiting and she has a wrench in her hands. She tells Viv that killing her could be lots of fun. She barks that Mel is going to be living happily ever after. Viv informs her that she should actually be dead in half an hour. They ratchet up the sarcasm and bicker about Lawrence. Carly issues more threats. Viv's unimpressed.

Back at the mansion, Will plays with Allie while Mia and Maggie gab about Mickey and how he used to bang on pats and pans at weddings. Lucas and Justin stare at Maggie and then call Nate to tell him that she looks like she's handling things well. The guests mill around. Philip searches for Viv. Stefano chats with Lexi and asks her over for supper. She throws the fact that he deceived EJ back in his face and flits away. Justin drifts over to Victor, who assures him that they have nothing to worry about from Viv.

Chloe wakes up Daniel in his bed and shows him some buns she just took out of the oven. He didn't know she knew where the oven was. She tells him she's giving up caffeine and alcohol and begins babbling about the bun in her oven. Since he's a scientist, he doesn't understand euphemisms so she shows him the half dozen tests she just took. "So you're pregnant with a baby, baby?" he asks. She is. He's over the moon happy. They go over to the hospital and she teases him about baby names. After she departs, Daniel spots Nate and asks him if he threw in the towel. Nathan assures him that he is fine and he is already moving on with Steph.

February 12, 2010

At the mansion, EJ is on the phone with Anna telling her that they are now in endgame. He's ready to run off with the kids and leave Sami wondering what's going on. Getting off the phone, he vows to take the children to an island where Sami will never find them. He smiles as he thinks of her being haunted by her missing children. Meanwhile, Rafe and Sami are in her bed. She's happy that Allie is away spending time with her father so she can be alone with him. He promises that she will never lose him. They make out and she wishes she had Syd back. He promises again that he will get her back and their lives will be perfect. After they get dressed, they go to the pub. "My childhood was here," she says. He leaves to take a call and she gets pie. EJ mopes in. Rafe returns and sucks face with Sami. EJ begins to implode. Sami tells him that she and Rafe miraculously got back together and he will find their daughter. Elvis says that's not going to happen. "Is there some reason you don't want to get Sydney back?" Rafe asks. There's more bickering until Rafe has to leave to see his sister. Sami tells EJ he's a creep. EJ insists Rafe is just worming his way back into her life.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Steph lies and tells Mel that Nate refused to even look at her letter. In that case, Mel decides she's ready to get married. She sends Steph out and begins to cry. Suddenly, she collapses on the bed. Chloe arrives downstairs. Ari greets her and asks what happened with the pregnancy test. Chloe admits that she's pregnant and makes Ari promise to keep it quiet. She bustles away as Allie and Lucas come in. Allie leaps into Chloe's arms. Moments later, Victor comes in and growls at her. "I need a drink," Kate snorts, walking off. Chloe offers to leave but Philip tells her to stay. Meanwhile, Stefano tells Kate that the people he hired to detain Viv can't even find her.

As the guests join together, Victor corners Kate alone and asks her if she's behind Vivian's disappearing act. She wishes she was. Lucas leads her down the aisle. Everyone is seated. The bridesmaids come in and the wedding march plays. Philip smiles broadly as the doors open. Brady comes in and shakes his head. Philip scowls. The guests whisper and wonders what's up. Brady goes upstairs to check on Mel. Moments later, she comes down on his arm. The wedding resumes. Abe officiates and Philip tells Mel that he is crazy about her because she is fun, unpredictable and she loves life. Mel tears up and says it was love at first sight for her and she can't believe he chose to be with her. They make their vows. Mel hesitates during hers and then the rings are slipped on. "Happy Valentine's Day Mrs. Kiriakis," Philip says as he kisses her. Everyone begins drinking champagne. Kate is happy that something must have happened to Viv. Lucas wanders over to her and her husband to bicker with his mother and ask her to stay out of trouble. Across the room, Austin calls Philip to congratulate him and Maggie tells Mel what a beautiful day it is.

Nate rushes into the hospital. He thinks about Melanie. Daniel notices him staring into space and asks him what he's doing. "The wedding is probably over by now," he says. Nathan thinks about Mel some more and then runs out the door. He rushes over to the mansion. When he gets to the door, he bumps into Chloe. She tells him the bride is busy and then runs off to be sick. Back at the hospital, Daniel runs into Bo and asks him if he's seen Carly. He hasn't. They worry.

In the cannery, Viv whips out her phone to show Carly a picture of Mel. She explains that the comb in her hair was poisoned. Carly goes into denial and threatens to kill her. Viv says this is a done deal and all she has to do now is suggest that they bury her in her wedding gown. Carly lurches at her. As she starts strangling her, Hope rushes in and pulls her off. "She didn't do it!" she shouts. Hope explains that Victor switched the combs. Carly laughs and Hope arrests Viv. Gus wakes up and overturns some crates onto Carly and Hope. Carly mutters. Viv tells her that Hope is dead. "Congratulations! Your dream has come true," Viv jokes. Carly begs Viv to kill her and leave Mel alone. Vivian won't do that. After she and Gus leaves, Carly manages to pull herself out from under a crate. She tries moving the crate on top of Hope, but it's too heavy. She calls the cops for help and then runs off with Hope's gun. Meanwhile, Vivian arrives at the mansion eager to get Mel alone.


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