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3rd Week of February Daily Summaries

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February 15, 2010

Pre-empted for Olympics

February 16, 2010
Thank You, Carly.

At the pub, Elvis and Sami continue to battle over who is to blame for their daughter going missing. EJ sneers. Sami barks. "You should be ashamed. Shacking up with him with your daughter missing. We both have to face reality," EJ says. This challenge outrages her. She stands up for Rafe. EJ trashes him. "To hell with you. To hell with Rafe!" he finally curses. She thinks he's gone mad with grief... and just as they were starting to get along again. "That was before Rafe. He is the reason your daughter is gone. Think about that the next time he holds you," EJ bellows. They bicker some more and she flits off. Later, she returns to the pub and Rafe joins her. When she tells him about her little battle with EJ, he nearly explodes. She calms him down for once and he promises once again to find Syd.

Angry Elvis arrives at the chalet to see Anna and Syd. "She's supposed to be alone but instead she's shacked up with a hack! I will not stand for her to be happy with any other man," he rants as Anna cringes and Syd plays with her kangaroo. EJ won't rest until Sami is left with nothing. After he thumps away, Rafe calls Anna and tells her they need to talk. He asks her to meet him at the station. As they are sorting out the details, Elvis returns. Anna spots him and gulps. When she gets off the phone, she stutters an excuse. He tells her that when she gets to the station, she better stick to the script. "I really need to know what you are going to do. Are you going to kill Sami?" Aunt Anna asks.

Over at the Kiriakis compound, newlywed Philip starts prodding Brady about when he's going to tie the knot. Across the room, Ari is busy telling Mel how worried everyone was when it looked like she was bailing on the ceremony. Mel insists that she wasn't having any second thoughts; she just wanted things to be perfect. The wedding photo session is about to start so she goes looking for Steph. Viv intercepts her on the way to the door. "I have a life changing gift I want to bestow on you," Viv declares. She has information about her mother. Mel's startled. Vivian leads her upstairs so they can talk alone.

Outside, Stephanie tells Nathan that she got his text. He's eager to leave for their vacation. Before that happens, she tells him that she wants the kind of love Philip and Melanie have. "I really want to find true love. I think I can find that with you," she says. He claims that he feels the same way. They head to Alpine Valley and slip into their room to make out. Before things get too intense, she stops to ask him if he still has feelings for Mel. He claims he doesn't. She remembers the note Mel wrote him. They start making out but the mood is ruined when he receives a call telling him that he left his car lights on. He runs off to take care of this. She looks through her purse and then reads Mel's note to him again before crumpling it into a ball.

Bo rushes into the cannery and discovers Hope lying face down under some crates. "Fancy Face! Fancy Face!" he yelps. He yanks her out and carries her off to the hospital. After she's checked over, a doctor explains that she will be okay. He sits by her side and begs her to wake up. Moments later, she does, and she wonders what happened. "Carly," he starts to explain, asking her to stay calm. She begins convulsing so a doctor runs in to stabilize her.

Chloe pops in at at the hospital to see Daniel. He called her over for a special afternoon surprise and she came as soon as she was done with her morning sickness. He takes her in for a sonogram. Her pants have been getting tighter for awhile so she wonders how long she's really been pregnant. The doctor comes in and they begin. As they start to look at the monitor, the doctor soon becomes rather disturbed. "There is no easy way to say this. I can't find evidence of a baby. I am so sorry," the doctor explains. Chloe is flummoxed. Daniel stares at the monitor. He tries to explain that there is no baby. Chloe can't believe it.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, the guests continue to mill around. Will and Mia get together. "So... what do you think of Valentine's Day... on the cheesiness scale?" Will asks Mia. She doesn't think it's cheesy at all so he decides he should give her a gift. He hands her a box. There's a necklace inside. She smiles and has him put it on her. They show it off to Lucas. He tries to force some enthusiasm until Philip pulls him away. "Your dad still doesn't like me," she surmises. They sneak off. Across the room, Brady has tracked down his date. "I never got Philip and Melanie as a couple, but Philip seems happy. It makes me want to go down on one knee right now," he tells Ari. She laughs, embarrassed.

Victor approaches Maggie. He's sure today must have been hard for her, but he's glad she came. "We welcome Melanie with open arms," he says. As he walks away, Carly storms in, desperate to find Mel. Maggie says she went upstairs with Viv. As Carly runs up the stairs, Philip starts asking this guests if they've seen his bride anywhere. Stefano gets a business call and tells Kate he has to leave. Before he can, she tells him that she's had a change of heart about Viv. She's afraid that if her son found out he offed his other mommy, he would never forgive her. Stefano promises that Viv is no longer on his radar.

Vivian and Mel are out on the balcony. Melanie is terrified of heights but Viv prompts her to look over the edge to take in the view. "It's like being in heaven. Look now because you'll never make it there," Vivian says. She explains that she has a long history with her mother. Mel is anxious to hear more but Viv keeps pulls her to the edge of the balcony. Carly suddenly rushes in yelling. She points a gun at Viv and orders her to back off. As Viv stumbles, Carly shoots and hit Melanie. She freaks out and runs to her bleeding daughter. Vivian soaks it in, "Thank you, Carly. You've done my work for me," Viv snickers. Philip rushes up to them. "I shot my own daughter!" Carly moans. The rest of the guests start rushing up. Philip screams at Carly to get away from his bride. Lexi rushes over to try and revive her.

February 17, 2010
Sorry, I Didn't Mean To Upset You.

On the roof of the Kiriakis compound, Carly is dragged off of Mel while Philip yells at her. Vivian reminds everyone that Carly just said she was Mel's mother. Carly wails and screams. The EMT arrive and take Mel away. The cops cart away Carly. Victor corners Viv. He confronts her about her murder attempt and disobeying him. He warns her that things will go very badly for her if Mel dies... but if she lives, things could turn out very well indeed. He advises her to pray for Mel so that Carly will go to jail. They go back downstairs. Kate is eager to get over to the hospital. Lucas gets in their way to ask about the situation. After Viv and Victor depart, Kate wonders why Vivian is jumping out of her skin. "If she hurt Philip, she's going to pay," Kate says. Lucas groans.

At the chalet, Elvis tells Anna that he's not going to kill Sami. He orders her to go and see Rafe and stick to the script they've discussed. EJ tells her to get him the clothes Syd was wearing when she took the baby. He takes the clothes down to the pier and dumps them in the water. They're all stained with blood from a nosebleed Syd had. He calls Sami and asks her to meet up.

At the pub, Sami complains to Rafe that none of the interviews he plans to conduct will help. She's frustrated so he asks her to sit in his lap. He tells her he'll always love her and they will get Syd back. He goes over to the station. Anna is waiting for him. They sit down to talk. She's nervous when he begins recording it. Anna rambles and agrees to answer any of his questions. He gets a call and then tells her she's free to go before running out the door. Anna goes back to the chalet and plays peekaboo with Sydney.

Sami arrives at Casa DiMera. EJ shows her the new picture of Syd he just had framed. "Sorry, I didn't mean to upset you," he says, offering to give her the picture. She's confused. He apologizes for judging her lifestyle choices. They begin bickering about her lifestyle choices. She continues defending Rafe's role in her life. They argue some more. Rafe shows up. He's dour and informs them that they've just fished out some of Syd's bloody clothes from the river. Sami cries and wonders how someone could do this to Syd. EJ tells her that the evidence isn't conclusive until they hear from forensics.

At the hospital, Daniel explains to Chloe how she could have had a positive result on her pregnancy test without being pregnant. She rants and rambles until he finally makes her stop. "Your body is mimicking pregnancy," he explains. She wanted it so badly that she convinced her body it was true. Chloe cries. He reminds her that they have other options. Dr. White sticks her head in to tell him there is an emergency. He rushes off. Chloe stares at the blank monitor and weeps.

Lexi and the others arrive at the hospital. Maxine is shocked to see them wheel Mel in. Daniel comes out and is shocked too. Lexi tells him that Carly shot her. They rush Mel into surgery. Philip asks Carly if Mel is really her daughter. She confirms it and insists that she was only trying to save Mel. "If she dies, trust me, I will save you the same way," he threatens. Chloe drifts in, confused by everything. Philip rants about Carly. Chloe gives him a hug and then leaves with Ari to get some take-out. Maggie tells Philip that Carly would never hurt Mel. Abe advises Carly to call a lawyer. Chloe and Ari go to the pub. Chloe tears up and twists around before explaining that she isn't pregnant after all. "Sorry baby," Ari says. Chloe says she'll never be able to give Daniel a baby.

Back at the hospital, Bo is in Hope's room. Maxine comes in and tells him that Mel was just brought in. He's confused. "Who would want to kill that wonderful, spirited child?" Maxine wonders. Bo wanders out to the waiting room and begins questioning Carly. She doesn't tell him much. Instead, she starts screaming death threats at Viv. As Bo promises her that Viv will pay, Victor pops up to explain that it was actually Carly who shot Melanie. Justin goes in to see Hope. "I love you Bo," she mumbles. Down in the operating room, Melanie flatlines.

Over at the ski lodge, Nathan accidentally knocks over Steph's purse. She returns and grabs her stuff away from him before he can find Mel's note. He stares at her cleavage. She admits that she's nervous that they're about to have sex. They get naked and play mattress tag.


February 19, 2010
So Sorry

Posted without images due to technical difficulties, but you can see pics on the Blog.

At Casa DiMera, EJ tells Sami to keep up hope. She asks Rafe how long it will take forensics to confirm things. He makes a call. Sami cries; she can’t even talk about what’s happening. Elvis attempts to reassure her and accuses Rafe of upsetting them pointlessly. Sami tries to be optimistic. She weeps into Elvis’ shirt. He suppresses a smirk. Rafe returns with no news. Sami asks EJ to tell her some Syd stories. Rafe suddenly gets a call saying that the results are in. DNA tests confirm that it’s Syd’s blood on the clothes. Sami sits down and cries. “So sorry,” Rafe offers. He promises to find out who is responsible for this. She doesn’t care about that; she just wants her back. As Sami sobs, EJ fantasizes about Syd’s new life. Sami’s tears shake him out of it. They rehash everything that’s gone wrong. Sami starts blaming Rafe for this.

At the chalet, Anna is packing Syd’s clothes for her new life. Elvis arrives and tells them that he finally has things set up and is ready to give his children a stable life. Anna’s not happy when he explains that he’s let everyone think that Syd is dead. He says that’s fair considering what Sami did to him. He’s sure that she could never give his children a good life. “I have a new life with them. We’re going to disappear,” he says. Meanwhile, Sami goes to meet Rafe at the pub. She went to check on her family but they were all asleep or busy. When he walks off to make calls, she calls Lucas over. When he arrives, she worries about how she will tell Allie, again, that she’s lost her sister. He promises to be there for her. She cries on his shoulder and stares at Rafe. “I can’t stay here. Not with him,” she says, running off.

At the hospital, Vivian is declaring that Carly should be arrested for shooting Mel. Bo tells her to shut up. “Just because you’re sleeping with her…” Viv starts. Abe tells Bo that he better arrest Carly now before they have to find someone else to do it. Carly asks Bo to let her into the OR so she can help. Philip forbids it. Lexi comes out of the operating room and explains that they are doing all they can. Carly offers to donate blood. Philip grouchily allows it. As Bo leads Carly away, Viv begins offering Philip profuse apologies. Kate storms in and begins accusing Viv of trying to kill Mel. Philip orders his two moms to shut up. Viv turns to Victor. He worries about his son and warns her that she’ll be in trouble if Philip loses his bride. Kate tells her son that her heart is breaking for him and she is praying for Mel.

Daniel and Lexi are in the operating theater fiddling with Mel’s guts. Once she’s stabilized for a transfusion, Lexi breaks the news to Daniel that Carly is Mel’s mom. He stares. Meanwhile, Bo takes Carly down the hall so she can give blood. She explains that Vivian had her kidnapped so she could force her to watch Melanie being killed. Bo says Viv won’t get away with this. “She already has,” she points out. She explains that Victor switched the combs and she took Hope’s gun. “I never should have come back to Salem,” she whines. He tells her that it wasn’t a mistake, but she won’t listen. When they return to the others, Victor says, “If she’s done bleeding herself, please escort her out.” Bo defends her. Abe points out that he should actually arrest her now. He then turns to Viv and says she’s being taken in as well. Kate smirks. After Viv and Carly are taken away, Kate begin laying into Victor for letting Viv back into their lives and hurting their son. He thinks her concern for Melanie is rather disingenuous. She accuses him of being responsible for all of this. Philip walks over and interrogates his father about his involvement. Victor assures him he only wants his happiness. They hug. Kate sneers. Daniel and Lexi come out and tell Philip that he can go in and see Mel. When he goes in, he slips her ring on and tells her that she is too feisty to let anyone take their love away from them.

Bo questions Viv at the station. She’d rather remain silent. He confronts her about her crimes and how poorly she’s covered her tracks. “Blah, blah, blah, blah,” she says. He tells her to pray to whatever she worships that Mel survives. He takes a call and then informs Viv that she is free to go. Meanwhile, Carly paces in the interrogation room. Lawrence’s ghost shows up to clap and taunt her. “Next time you want to protect the ones you love, turn the gun on yourself,” he says. Bo comes in an interrupts her hallucination. She hopes for the death sentence if Mel dies because she could live with herself. He reminds her that everything she has done has been for her daughter. Carly prays for her daughter.


February 19, 2010
Vivian's Already Won.

Justin is in Hope's hospital room. She's grumbling to herself about Bo. When she wakes up, she has a headache. He explains that Carly shot Melanie. She asks him about the comb and explains that Viv was trying to kill Mel. Hope leaps up and gets dressed as he talks about the wedding.

Bo paces around his office yacking on the phone until Carly is led in. Bo asks to be left alone with her. She cries about her 'baby'. He explains that Mel made it through the night but she's still comatose. "What if she doesn't wake up?" Carly says. Bo orders her to stop falling apart and promises that Vivian will pay for this. "Vivian's already won," she says before complaining about what a drag being locked up is. He leaves to check on something. She prays and rocks back and forth. He returns and tells her she can go home. He posted her bail, even though he doesn't have the money. Bo tells her not to jump bail and not to go near her daughter. This causes instant argument. He offers to keep her posted and returns to work. "I can't let you or anyone else keep me from my daughter," she mutters to herself, running off. Bo returns after she leaves. Hope pops in and explains that she's the one person who can help Carly out of this mess. They discuss Victor's role in this and he admits that he bailed Carly out. She's sure this means he loves Carly. She'd thought that his saving her again would change things for them, but now she's sure it's too late. Hope sobs and walks out.

Philip sits by Mel's bedside. Daniel comes in and suggests the groom go and have a shower. Philip is anxious for her to wake up. The doctor explains that they don't understand a lot about comas but he knows that Mel needs to feel safe right now. He calls Maggie in so she can spend some time with the newlyweds. Maggie and Philip sit with Mel and talk about the honeymoon. When he leaves, Maggie holds Mel's hands and tells her how much Philip loves her and begs her to wake up.

Ari and Brady wake up in her bed. "This is awful," she says, realizing that she is happy while Mel is comatose. They worry. He tells himself that Mel will be alright. Brady heads to the hospital and checks in with Philip. He suggests that he go and change his clothes. Maggie walks out of Mel's room and Brady offers to take the next shift. As he goes in, Maggie tells Philip to take a shower. "How could Carly have done this?" he wonders. Maggie calls Nathan and leaves him a voice message. Meanwhile, Brady sits with Mel and jokes about how weird it is to be around her with her not opening her mouth. He loves her; she's like a sister to him.

Daniel runs into Chloe in the waiting room. She senses something is wrong. He tries to be optimistic about Mel but he can't deal in false hope. She mopes about her imaginary pregnancy. He tells her she doesn't have to go through this alone. "I think you need help," he says, claiming he doesn't think she's crazy; she just needs help. His beeper keeps going off so he hands her the therapist's card and runs off. "Well Daniel, looks like you have it all worked out for me," she grumbles. She heads over to the pub and grumbles to Ari that Daniel thinks she should see a therapist. "Maybe he's right," Ari says. Chloe crumples up the shrink's card.

Carly tries sneaking into Mel's hospital room. Daniel stops her. "Are you out of your mind?" he asks her, telling her to be a responsible doctor rather than threatening her daughter's recovery. He orders her to leave. She argues that she is what's best for Mel and she needs to be by her side. When she starts crying, he gives in and lets her in for five minutes. He leaves the women alone. Carly takes her daughter's hand and begs her to let her be the mother she deserves. As Carly leaves, Mel coughs and wakes up. Carly runs back to her and begins stroking her face. Meanwhile, Justin stops by the mansion to see Philip. He fills him in on everything Hope said about Viv... and Victor. Philip thanks him and asks him to go. Once Justin leaves, Philip calls Vivian downstairs.

At the ski lodge, Nathan rolls around in bed with Mel... but it's only a dream. Steph wakes him up. "Looks like you were having a good dream. Hope it was about me," she says. He lies and says it was. They go snowboarding and then return. He pinches her cheeks and pulls her into bed. She notices he has a message. He chucks his phone away and makes out with her. After they have sex, he decides he needs a shower. Once he climbs out of bed, she yanks Mel's note from her purse. As she looks it over, Nathan returns and asks what she has. "It's a letter from Melanie," she says. He doesn't want to talk about Mel and orders her into the shower. She tears up the note.



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