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4th Week of February Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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February 22, 2010
What Happened?

At the pub, Ari serves coffee to a baffled Brady. He's just received a message from EJ asking him to meet at the pier. After he heads out, Rafe comes in, yelling on the phone about having the river dragged. His sister approaches him. Distraught, he explains the bloody clothes they found. He tries insisting that Syd is still alive and then explains that Sami has pushed him away again. She suggests that he let Sami handle this her own way.

EJ arrives at the pier. Anna calls to tell him he is being beyond cruel. He tells her she can do what he orders or she can go to jail. When Brady arrives, he hangs up on her. Elvis asks him to break the news to Nicole that Syd is dead. Brady's shocked. EJ wonders how Sami will be able to get through this. Ari arrives and pays her condolences. Elvis lays the blame squarely on Rafe and trudges off. Ari defends her brother to Brady. He knows that this isn't Rafe's fault. Brady explains why EJ called him there. "Are you kidding?" Ari asks, blaming Nicole and hoping the news kills her. He starts defending Nicole but then refuses to argue. "I still feel like she's standing right here, between us," she says. Meanwhile, EJ calls Anna and tells her this will all be over soon. He goes into Sami's townhouse. Rafe arrives.

Victor calls Daniel from the police station to check on Mel and grumble. He gets off the phone as Bo comes in. They sit down to talk about Victor's girlfriend. The bickering erupts and Victor accuses his son of showing bias. Bo tells him about what happened with Hope and explains that he found a receipt for the duplicate comb. Victor tears his case apart and proves it's worthless. "Melanie is fighting for her life because your slut girlfriend shot her. Carly Manning is going to pay for what she did... finally," Victor says, walking out. Abe walks in and points out how badly this all looks. He advises him to slow down and think things over. Bo grouses and worries he's made a mistake.

Mel wakes up in her hospital bed. Carly runs to her side. "What happened?" Mel asks. She begins calling for Philip and then starts crying hysterically. After Carly tells her she was shot, Mel remembers that she's the one who pulled the trigger. Melanie begins screaming for help. Daniel rushes in and tells Carly to get out. "It's great to hear you yelling but you need to relax," he says, trying to calm her down. He brings Carly back in to tell her everything else she needs to know. Carly explains that she shot at Viv because she was going to beat her with a rod. Mel's confused. "It was about me," Carly says. Slowly, she explains that she's her mother.

Over at the mansion, Philip yells at Vivian to come and see him. She asks him if there is bad news. He begins mocking her and grabs a fire poker, demanding some answers. She tells him he's being overwrought. He tells her how angry he is about the fact that his father was covering for someone and now Mel could die. Philip puts the poker to her throat and Viv winces and begs him to think of Mel. She admits that she thinks Carly deserves to die. He takes that as confirmation of her guilt. Although he winds up to smash her head in, he drops the poker. Vivian continues defending herself but he's sure that she was behind all of this. She tries putting the blame on Carly. He tells her to stop talking. Victor arrives and explains that Mel is awake. Philip curses Viv and storms off. "I've lost him," Viv says. Victor says it's what she deserves for her stupid plan. "The three stooges on crack could have come up with a better plan," he lectures her. He explains that Bo can't do anything to her as long as he stays silent, but if she disobeys him, she'll be going away. She thinks he would miss her too much and he'd end up exonerating Carly. Victor tells her not to push it. Meanwhile, Philip runs to the hospital to see Mel. Daniel stops him before he can enter her room.

February 23, 2010
This Is Horrible, Horrible!

When Rafe goes to the townhouse looking for Sami, he finds EJ instead. Sami eventually comes in and starts breaking down when she assumes Syd's body must have been found. Rafe tells her that's not the case. She explains that she had to take her mourning clothes to the dry cleaners. Elvis tells her that they are in this 'hideous mess' together because they are her parents and only they can understand what each other are going through. Rafe says this isn't over. "It's over," Sami says. She only wants to remember the good things, not have to live through everything terrible that's happened. Rafe asks to speak with her alone. EJ offers to leave but she tells him to stay and asks Rafe to go. Nothing he can do will bring her baby back and she doesn't want to talk about this anymore. Reluctantly, he goes. EJ makes Sami some tea and tells her that Rafe never really knew or loved Syd. He doesn't think that Rafe had a real connection to her. "Rafe is beginning to show his true colors," he suggest. Sami says she's glad he's there. EJ asks her to call him if she needs anything.

Anna and Syd sit in the chalet. "I don't see a happily ever after for any of you," she tells the baby. Elvis arrives. She shows him the passports he ordered. Smiling, he tells her that he and the kids will disappear. "Then we'll see how Samantha feels, when she's lost both of her children and her boyfriend," he mutters. Meanwhile, Rafe sits at the station. He calls to try some new leads and then stares at Syd's clothes and tries to stop himself from weeping. He can't resist and breaks into tears as Sami arrives.

At the hospital, Melanie starts laughing when Carly breaks the news that she's her mother. Mel thinks this is crazy and tells her to get out. Carly doesn't budge. Mel's confused and angry. Meanwhile, Daniel is doing his best to keep Philip out of Mel's room. They hear Mel yelling at Carly and rush in. they drag Carly out and Daniel makes excuses for her as Chloe watches from across the room.

At the station, Bo barks orders at his men to find some evidence against Viv. When he turns around, Vivian walks in and offers to help with the case. She claims she's afraid Carly will try to kill her. He explains that Carly has already had her bail hearing and she's back on the street right now. "This is horrible, horrible!" Viv complains. Daniel calls and tells Bo that Mel is awake and Carly is with her. Bo informs Viv and then runs off. Lawrence's spirit appears and asks his auntie what they are going to do now. She makes excuses but he's not impressed and worries that Carly will pull Mel onto her side and that will send him straight to Hell. He orders her to finish what she's started.

Back at the hospital, Philip sits with Mel and tells her that Carly may actually be her mother. Mel is confused and cries. She sends him off to get some water and thinks back over her run-ins with Carly. When her husband returns, she tells him she needs his help. In the waiting room, Daniel walks over to Chloe. They go to the pub and she lectures him for shipping her off to a shrink. She wishes he was as committed to her as he is to Carly. He makes excuses but she doesn't want Carly to ruin his life like she's ruined Bo's. The doctor assures her that he still wants her, with or without a baby, and she will never be alone.

Bo takes Carly down to the park. She knows he's furious at her for breaking all of her promises. She needs to find a way to make things right or she can't live with herself. She gushes about how wonderful Mel is and how she needs to protect her. Philip calls and tells Carly that her daughter wants to see her now.

Mia returns to Maggie's and finds Chad waiting for her in the kitchen. He wanted to know how she was doing since her roommate was shot. She's been avoiding the hospital; she's been avoiding them since she lost her baby. "I don't think I can lose anyone else," Mia says. Chad's sorry for her. Gabi arrives, at Chad's request. Chad wanders off to take a call and Mia advises Gabi not to get serious with him or she'll get hurt. Gabi accuses her of being jealous. "I'd hate for you to be just a hook up to him," Mia says. Chad returns. Gabi is pouting.


February 24, 2010
You Pig.

Posted without images due to technical difficulties, but you can see pics on the blog.

Philip calls Carly and tells her that Mel wants to see her. Bo forbids it. She ignores him. He offers to go with her. As they rush over, Philip is busy in her room, trying to get Mel to rest. That's hard since she keeps remembering getting shot. Carly and Bo arrive. Philip stands guard and Bo walks out. Mel forbids Carly to ever call herself her mother again. She asks her husband to give them some privacy so they can get this over with. After he leaves, Carly explains that she never knew what a monster Trent was. She tells her about her awful marriage to Lawrence and how she cheated on him and then was forced to give her away. Carly remembers Lawrence letting her say goodbye to baby Mel. She tells her that she killed him when he snapped and vowed to track her down. Mel thinks this is all her fault: Lawrence's death, her shooting, Bo and Hope's marriage being ruined. They scream at each other. Carly explains that Trent isn't her biological father.

Hope is at the station doing paperwork since no one will give her her old gun back. She gets the call that Syd is dead. She gasps and runs to the hospital. In the waiting room, Hope walks up to Bo and breaks the news about Sydney. They remember what happened with Ciara and hug. Hope suggests they have dinner with their daughter. He can't; he has to look after Carly. Hope isn't thrilled and points out that he could go to jail for what he's done for the other woman. She accuses him of sacrificing everyone for Carly. "I hope to hell she's worth it!" she declares, plodding off. Philip comes out and tells his brother that he is angry at everyone, including him. Bo claims he couldn't have let the secret out. They bicker about who is a bigger threat to Mel. Philip refuses to let him use him to twist the facts for Carly's benefit. Meanwhile, Hope heads over to the mansion to question Victor about the attempt on Mel's life. He suggests she focus on her true enemy, Carly. He suggests she get Carly out of their lives forever. She refuses to make some 'disgusting deal' with him. He shrugs and has a drink.

At the chalet, Anna frets about how awful everything is. EJ orders her to get Syd's things ready so they can leave Salem for good. He needs a break from the stress and he's taking the other kids for 'moral support'. As Anna tells Syd how much she'll miss her, EJ taunts her about her failed maternal instincts when it came to Carrie. He tells her that his children will never be torn between two families. "They're DiMeras, through and through," he says. After he leaves, Anna tells Syd that she's worried EJ's plan is going to blow up in his face.

At home, Stefano receives the news that Syd is a goner. Kate comes in and tells him that Mel is going to recover. He weeps and explains that the bloody clothes were found. Kate comforts him. He'd always thought the child would come back safely. He stares. She tells him he can't blame himself. He vows to find whoever was behind this. "God only know what will happen to them!" he swears. Elvis saunters in. Stefano calls him a 'swine' for never telling him what happened. EJ tells him he has always been an outsider in his life. Now he is taking Johnny and leaving. "You pig" Stefano says. EJ can't let his child stay there with all the 'bad vibrations' in the house. He leaves to have his things packed. Stefano can't shake the sensation that there is 'something amiss' with his son. Victor calls and asks Stefano to meet immediately.

Rafe sits in his office and weeps over Syd's clothes. He can't work. Sami watches him crying and pounding on the desk. She starts to cry too. Walking over, she realizes that he's just been trying to be strong for her. She apologizes for pushing him away. He tells her he broke his promise to get Syd back and he can't forgive himself for failing. Sami says he can't take all the blame and she can't get through anything without him. She wants him forever. They hug and cry. He vows again to hunt down the Sydnapper and get justice. She wants that too. They leave together. When they return to the townhouse, he tucks her into bed. She asks him to stay with her. As they settle in, EJ comes to the door. He knocks but there's no answer so he uses the hidden key to go in. He walks into her room and sees her sleeping in Rafe's arms.


February 25, 2010
What Might Have Been.

In her hospital room, Mel complains about what a nightmare her life is. Carly tells her that Trent wasn't her biological father... but she won't tell her who it is, although she says he's a good man and still above ground. Mel assumes it must have been Bo but Carly assures her it isn't. She needs more time before she can explain. Mel yells at her to leave. In the waiting room, Hope confronts Bo for still being in love with Carly. He doesn't want to do this in front of Philip. Hope is sure he is helping Carly because he really loves her. "Yeah, I do," he admits. Carly walks in on them as he says that. Philip walks off to see his bride. "Are you in pain?" he asks her. She's weeping. She doesn't know who she is. Maggie comes in and hugs her. Mel sends Philip away to get some fries. When he leaves, Mel cries and tells Maggie that Philip doesn't know the real her. She just wants to know who her dad is... Maggie tells her that she has to find a way to deal with all of this, but that doesn't have to happen now. Mel cries and fears her marriage will fail. As Maggie leaves to find Philip, she gets dizzy. Back outside of the room, Carly tells Bo that she needs to tell Mel's dad before she tells her daughter.

EJ seeths! Elvis walks into Sami's room and sees her sleeping in Rafe's arms. EJ seethes. Sami wakes up and sees him. He walks out. Rafe wakes up. EJ walks into the living room, smashes a vase and stomps on the floor. Sami comes out and asks him what he's doing. He claims he let himself in to pick up Johnny's things. Rafe comes in and Sami gets her son's things. EJ offers to pay for the vase and then tells Rafe he should be ashamed of himself for taking advantage of Sami while she's grieving. Rafe wonders why he's more concerned about Sami's love life than he is about his daughter. EJ refuses to argue with him about this. After Sami hands him Johnny's stuff, EJ leaves. Rafe thinks something is 'off' with Elvis. She thinks he's just upset and suggests they have a memorial for Syd and include EJ. She thinks everyone needs some closure and worries about how she will break the news to Will. He offers to help but she wants to handle it. Rafe leaves as Will arrives. She explains things to him but he refuses to accept that his sister is dead.

Victor and Stefano talk business. EJ shows up at the chalet. He launches into a rant about Rafe. "Silly bitch," he groans, pouring himself some scotch. He starts to scream and gesticulate about Sami crawling back in bed with Rafe. Anna says Sami will never be alone. She's needy and always looking for a hero. If he wants Rafe out of her life, he needs to find her a new hero. EJ decides she's on to something. Meanwhile, Stefano and Victor meet at Casa DiMera to go over some business. They talk about Mel's recovery and Victor remarks that Stefano seems distracted. With some difficulty, Stefano explains that Sydney has died. Victor is appalled. "Death to whoever did this," Victor says. Stefano agrees. Later, Rafe arrives. He's looking for EJ. Stefano asks him if it looks like Elvis has been grieving. Rafe guesses he hasn't seen him grieving much either. Stefano kicks him out.

Daniel and Chloe dish over dessert. Daniel and Chloe are having dessert at the pub. She rolls her eyes when he tells her he should check in on Carly. Chloe rants about how terrible Carly is. He thinks she's just venting about not being pregnant and offers to go to her therapy session with her. His beeper goes off. He grunts. She insists she'll be fine and tells him to go. He goes down to the pier. Carly is waiting for him. She tells him that she's come clean with Mel. They sit down and she says the secret she had to keep wasn't just for Mel's sake... she was also protecting her father. He assumes she's talking about Bo, but she's not. "Daniel it's you. It's you. It's you," she blurts out. Meanwhile, Philip bumps into Chloe back at the pub. She's pouting so he wonders what's wrong. She explains her false pregnancy and how she's afraid that she can't be honest with Daniel anymore. He advises her not to isolate herself.

Vivian meets up with Gus. Vivian meets with Gus at the pier. She tells him that she's going after Mel again and then leaving town. She thinks this entire thing is a fiasco and vows that Mel will die tonight. Viv stares at her hands. He warns her about the police and offers to help her. She tells him to pack while she finishes this herself. Vivian returns to the Kiriakis mansion and looks around. "What might have been..." she wonders. She picks up her gloves. Victor walks in and asks where she's going. She says she's taking a walk. He admits that their reunion may have been a sham, but she doesn't have to go. She says she does and heads straight to the hospital. Since Mel's guard is looking after Maggie, she slips into her room and picks up a pillow.

Bo and Hope at the station.Bo and Hope are at the station. He puts out an APB on Gus. She informs him that she is there to help and she may be his only chance to save Carly. Hope tells him about what happened in the cannery. He stares and tells her she's a good cop.


February 26, 2010
There is Something Off About Elvis.

Rafe at Casa DiMeraRafe arrives outside of Casa DiMera, talking on the phone to EJ and inviting him to the memorial for Sydney. Elvis isn't interested but Rafe talks him around. As he hangs up, Kate arrives. Stefano opens the door and sees that the Fed is still hanging around. Rafe pointedly wonders why EJ isn't more upset that his child is gone. Stefano ushers Rafe away, but he can't shake what he just suggested. "There is something off about Elvis. He's up to something," he tells Kate. Meanwhile, his son is busy prodding Anna to put the finishing touches on her latest task. She worries that he's not thinking things through. He barks at her and then looks over her latest piece of handiwork. Smirking, he says this is exactly what he needs to blow apart Rafe and Sami. He heads over to the mansion to pick up Johnny. Stefano tries to offer him a warning about Rafe. Elvis doesn't want his advice. In fact, he doesn't want anything from him and warns his father to steer clear of Syd's memorial. "You are dead to me," Elvis spits. After he takes his son and stomps away, Kate wonders why he didn't tell him about Rafe's questions. "Let Mr. FBI take Elvis down. It will serve him right," Stefano decrees.

Victor bumps into Philip at the pub and asks after Mel. His son is still furious and launches into a rant. When he's calmed down for a split second, Victor explains that Bo isn't Mel's father, not that he knows who the daddy is. They continue arguing. Philip calls him out for keeping the fact that Carly is Mel's mom a secret and lays the blame for this entire mess on him. Victor insists that the blame rests on Carly's head. "You want to make sure somebody gets punished... she's your target," Victor says.

Carly rehashes the carnal carnival that led to Mel's inception.In the park, Daniel is still in shock over what Carly's told him. She explains how it happened and rehashes their carnal carnival at a medical conference. It was just supposed to be some 'slumming' between friends. After she found out she was pregnant, she couldn't ruin his life with Rebecca so she kept it to herself. He wonders if Melanie knows. "I couldn't tell her," she says. He's still furious she never told him anything about this. "Lawrence built walls around me," she adds. Daniel thought that they were friends and could always be honest with each other. "I couldn't. I could have told you early on, but later it would have signed your death warrant. Lawrence would have had you killed," she explains, warning him that Vivian could still kill him for this. Neither of them know what to say so he promises to protect his daughter. She cries and says that, other than Bo, he's her only friend in the world. "Do you hate me too, or can you forgive me?" she asks. He can't answer that. As he walks away, she cries.

Over at the hospital, Vivian prepares to snuff out Mel with a pillow. Mel struggles. Viv stares and pulls the pillow away. Mel begins to scream and then stares up at Viv. "You have to kill me, right? Because of your nephew," Mel gasps. Viv goes into shock that she actually understands. "Oh God! Oh God! You are such a sweet, cheerful girl. Melanie... Melanie..." Vivian weeps. Mel weeps too and says that everything will be better if she dies. She tells her that everything in her life has always gone wrong. She runs through the list of Trent's sins, her many mistakes and now having Carly as a mother. "She won't even tell me who my father is, so if I have to die, then today is a good day to do it," Mel declares. Vivian starts to break down and begs for her forgiveness.

At the station, Bo informs Hope that they've brought Gus in. She agrees that they have to take down Vivian any way they can. They interrogate Gus but all that he will tell them is that Vivian went home to get a pair of gloves. That's enough to make the cops suspicious. They hurry over to Mel's hospital room where Philip has just walked in on Viv with his bullet riddled bride and they are screaming at each other. Melanie woozily tells them that she just had a dream about Vivian. Viv walks out and Bo begins lecturing the guard who let his guard down. He gets a call from Carly and rushes off to meet her at the pub. When he gets there, they hug and she tells him how angry Daniel is. "All I wanted to do was protect him and Melanie and I think I have lost them forever," she cries. Meanwhile, Daniel arrives at the hospital and stares at Mel as she sleeps.

Viv sees a ghostWhen Vivian returns to the Kiriakis compound, Lawrence's ghost pops up. He's angry that she broke her promise and failed to kill Mel. "I realized she's an innocent girl," Vivian explains. He's furious but she refuses to do this anymore. After she bids him adieu, he vanishes. As she wanders inside, she wonders what she's been doing. Victor interrupts her ruminations and asks her what she was up to. "I had a sudden realization. I hate to change plans but I have to," she explains. She couldn't kill Mel, which may be for the best, but at least Carly will still be going to prison and her daughter will always hate her.

Will won't believe his little sis is gone. At home, Sami attempts convincing Will that Syd is really gone but he still finds it impossible to accept. She turns to Rafe and thanks him for all of his help. He's annoyed that EJ got to decide that they are having the memorial at the pier. He beats up on himself again for failing. They go down to the pier and Elvis soon arrives with Johnny. EJ asks to speak to Sami alone. In spite of Rafe's protests, she sends him home with the kids. Elvis explains that he's not ready to deal with something like this. Sami reminds him that they are all suffering. When he tries to leave, she demands to know what is going on. He tells her it's nothing but then picks a note out of his pocket. "I think Sydney is alive," he says. Sami nearly hyperventilates.


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