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1st Week of January Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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January 4, 2010
The Toughest Chick I Know.

Mel anxiously waits for Phillip at Maggie's. She gets a call telling her that Nate and Philip have been arrested. She fills Steph in with an awkward laugh. Meanwhile, Philip and Nathan are locked up in the cells. They bicker about Mel and what she really cares about. Nathan accuses him of being too defensive with his answers. Philip throws Nate's relationship with Stephanie in his face, reminding him that he is dating her while pining for Mel. Nate infuriates Philip when he suggests that he is going to do to Mel what he already did to Steph. Mel and Steph walk in before they can come to blows. As Steph leaves to look into bail, the guard comes in and tells Philip he has been released. He's escorted off to do some paperwork. Nathan is left along with Mel and tells her that she can't marry Philip. He says she's being impulsive and this doesn't make any sense. She claims she has to do this and reminds him that he broke up with her. "I don't have feelings for you anymore!" she cries. Outside, Philip tells Steph that 'doctor golden boy' is trying to hijack his fiancée. He thinks that Nathan is using her as a cover when he really wants Mel. That suggestion doesn't do much for her ego. After he leaves, the guard hands her the bail papers. She tears them up and says that Maggie can bail him out. Down in the cells, Philip arrives as she yells at Nathan that she does love Philip.

Hope and Justin are searching Vivian's room. They hear Viv and Victor returning. Thinking fast, they create a diversion by making out. Victor is shocked to walk in on this sight and tells them both to get out of his house. Hope tries making an excuse and claims they were just feeling sorry for themselves. Justin says it was impulsive and wrong. Vivian is still grossed out that they were acting like teenagers in her room. Victor doesn't buy their excuses and asks for some time alone with Hope. "You're not the woman that I knew," he says. He doesn't know what could make her behave this way. "Carly," she says, explaining that she caught her rival with Bo. "If I didn't think my marriage was over before, it is now," she says. He still thinks she's been egregiously irresponsible and he won't let her off the hook for it. She tells him his anger is only fueling the breakdown of her marriage and she needs him to stay out of it. He can't do that so she decides she's taking her daughter and leaving. Victor backs down. Downstairs, Vivian confronts Justin about his 'dalliance'. He says Victor will get over it. She thinks this will upset him too much. "Bo has moved on, Vivian, with Carly Manning," he tips her off. She gags and then asks for details. He averts saying much and leaves. Hope calls and he tells her she should stay put so she can find Carly's secret. She tells him that what happened between them was wrong. He claims it was only a strategy.

Brady goes to see Nicole in her cell. The guards have told him that she hasn't been eating or sleeping. She's not in the mood for another of his pep talks either. He advises her to get herself together for her hearing. She doesn't have much to live for. Brady begs her to fight for her life anyway. She remembers when he came back to town; she knew then that he was the love of her life and she wishes she had acted on her gut. He felt the same way and continues begging her not to give up. "You are the toughest chick that I know and you are not going to give up," he says. She agrees to go to court and do what she has to. With tears in her eyes, she thanks him. After he leaves, she calls her lawyer and tells him that she wants to plead guilty.

On the pier, Bo tells Carly that her secret is still safe. She thanks him and gives him a hug. She pulls back and he tells her about what a downer Christmas has been, especially since Justin is making the moves on his wife. She's not surprised because she already suspected that he had feelings for Hope. She wonders if it would change anything if there was something between Hope and Justin. He says it would change everything. He puts a flashing New Year's ornament on her head and she heads back to work. As he wanders around, Viv tracks him down to talk about 'a little succubus names Carly Manning'. She implies that his liplock with the doctor has thrown Hope into the waiting arms of his cousin. He tells her to just spit out what she means so she details Hope and Justin's passionate kissing. He turns pale and grits his teeth. Meanwhile, Justin runs into Carly. He tells her that Victor kicked him out. She probes for details.

January 5,  2010
Alone At Last.

At the mansion, Justin is preparing to move out. Hope tells him how sorry she is for this. Bo arrives and asks who is moving. "That would be me," Justin tells him as he leaves with some boxes. Hope explains that Victor kicked him out. She guesses he's heard about her tongue play with Justin and insists that it's not what he's thinking. He interrogates her. She doesn't know how she feels about anything anymore. She's been one half of 'Bo and Hope' her whole life and now she doesn't know how to just be Hope. He says he would have done anything for her but she walked out. When she tells him she needed him to trust her instincts, he says he couldn't do that. She's realized that no matter how long they've been together, part of him has always belonged to Carly. Hope calls for Ciara and then warns Bo that she will 'act' if Carly's secret ends up coming out and harming her daughter. After Bo leaves with his daughter, Justin returns and asks her to call him if she needs help. He hopes someday she may want to kiss him without it being part of a cover-up. Meanwhile, Bo has gone to see Maggie. They sit down and she explains that she and Mickey are going to go on a cruise and make sure they spend a lot more time together. She asks him what he is going to do to fix his marriage. He doesn't know what to do so she suggests he try to rebuild things slowly.

At Sami's, Rafe covers up his naked chest so he can answer the door. It's Brady. He's looking for Sami. They notice she left a note saying she went out. Brady tells him that he visited Nicole and tried convincing her not to give up. Rafe rants at him and then warns him that he will come after him if his sister gets hurt. After Brady leaves, Tim, the FBI guy, shows up.

Troy meets with some goon on the pier and hands him a picture of his target - Ari. The goon thinks she's cute and wants to play with her before he slashes her but Troy orders him to keep it clean. Meanwhile, Gabi wakes up and meets her sister in the pub. Before they can start inventory, Chad calls Gabi and asks her to meet up. She flutters away as Ari grimaces. Brady shows up and worries about the fact that she is all alone at the pub. She tells him to relax. As he tells her about visiting Nicole, the goon arrives and glares in the window. Gabi returns and goes upstairs. Brady departs, advising her to lock the door. The goon returns. "Alone at last," he groans. He groans again when Gabi shows up. The sisters talk about the disappointing holidays and Ari remembers being in prison last year. They begin talking about Chad but the Sex ED conversation is interrupted when Troy calls. Ari says she has to work and sends her sister off. Gabi runs into Brady at Java. He panics when he realizes that Ari must be alone. Back at the pub, the goon sneaks in.

Sami meets with EJ in an alleyway. He shows her that he got another letter from the kidnapper. They go into the Java Cafe and read it. She doesn't know how to follow the instructions. He decodes it for her. She thinks they should call Rafe but he refuses. They bicker and he tells her she's hysterical. Sami is sure that they need Rafe's help. He suggests that getting him involved could end up getting their daughter killed. Elvis suddenly figures out what the note's hidden message is. They put the numbers in his GPS and then run off to the river. He finds a phone tied to the end of a yellow ribbon. Anna calls, using a voice disguiser. Sami rails at her but EJ tells her to stay calm. That doesn't work. They hurl insults at each other and then Anna says that Syd is safe but she won't be coming home unless they follow her orders and tell no one about this... especially Rafe. Anna requests five million dollars in twenty four hours. Sami demands proof that Syd is still kicking so Anna hands her the phone. "A la la la la," Syd burbles. Sami promises they will get her home soon and then begins crying. Elvis kisses her hair and tells her he will get their baby back. Sami goes home and apologizes to Syd's picture. Rafe comes in and asks her what's wrong. Before either of them can say anything, they're interrupted by a call. Across town, EJ argues with his accountants about money. "That's impossible," he says.

January 6,  2010
Nicole's Hearing.

Sami arrives at home. Rafe has something to tell her but a phone call interrupts. She debates with herself about whether to tell him about the note. Rafe gets off the phone and tells her he's officially back with the FBI. He's going to be the man working on Syd's case too. They get dressed up for Nicole's hearing. Will arrives and says he wants to go too. As he's getting ready, Rafe tells Sami that Brady says Nicole is depressed.

In her cell, Nicole insists to her lawyer that she's not suffering from 'diminished capacity'. She won't plead insanity. She's guilty and doesn't want, or deserve, mercy. Meanwhile, EJ paces around the mansion arguing on the phone. He runs off. He goes to the courthouse where Rafe and Sami soon arrive. They're all sure that Nicole brought the hearing forward so that no one else could testify.

At the Java Cafe, Chad promises Gabi that he will help her through her first day at Salem High. Mia watches them and rolls her eyes. When Gabi steps away, Mia comes over and tells Chad she has to testify today. He wants to testify too. When he walks off to get some time off, Gabi returns. Mia tells her to come to the courthouse with her.

Troy's goon creeps into the pub. As he approaches Ari, Brady walks in and interrupts. The goon hides his gun. Goon claims he just wants some coffee. They tell him the pub is closed and show him the door. Brady asks her to go to the hearing with him. She refuses and then agrees to stop by later. He doesn't like leaving her alone but does anyway. She remembers her arguments with Brady about Nicole. Meanwhile, Troy barks at his goon to go back and finish the job. Unfortunately for them, Ari gets bored doing inventory and heads off to the courthouse.

At the courthouse, Chad's dad tries convincing his son not to testify. Chad won't back down. Mia and Gabi arrive. Gabi still doesn't understand what is going on. Across the room, Sami and EJ bicker about what to do with the kidnapper until the judge comes in. The hearing begins. The prosecution wants her sentenced to seventy years. The judge doesn't bother with listening to Nicole's lawyer. They call Elvis up. He talks about losing Grace and all of Nicole's lies. Sami is up next. She weeps while talking about Grace and blames the kidnapping on Nicole. Mia follows and talks about how hard lying was. Chad goes up after her. Gabi's jaw drops when he talks about getting Mia pregnant. The judge thanks everyone and then Brady arrives, asking if he can speak up for Nicole. He talks about how much pain Nicole has been in and thinks that she went insane. Ari comes in and listens as he talks about Nicole's madness. No sentence can be any worse than what she is suffering now. The judge asks Nicole up last. In tears, she tells everyone that there is no excuse for what she did: It was all unforgivable and she doesn't deserve mercy. All that she cares about is Sydney coming home. She breaks down. The judge admires how remorseful she is. EJ explodes when he says this. The judge isn't impressed to see a DiMera demanding justice. EJ and Sami argue with the judge until Rafe calms them down. The judge points out Sami's penchant for custody battles, lies and manipulation. As he renders his verdict, Gabi tracks down Chad and confronts him about knocking up Mia. Mia listens and smirks.

Nate runs into Steph at the hospital. She teases him about getting arrested and lets him know she's still upset that he attacked Philip over Mel. He guesses that ruining New Year's made her feel bad and apologizes. He announces that he is making some major changes starting with her. He claims the Melanie fiasco made him forget what he really wants. He was only chasing a fantasy with Mel but he's done with that. "So now what?" she asks. He'd like a second chance.

Philip carries Mel over his threshold and tells her they can run off and get married tonight. They go upstairs to pack his bag. They try to figure out if he needs pants and then make out. After they play naked hokey pokey, he goes off to pack his razor and she imagines being in bed with Nate. Philip returns and interrupts. She asks him if they can honeymoon in Europe so she can show him all about her past. Later, Philip drops by the hospital to tell everyone that he and Mel are going off for awhile. He fills Steph in first and asks her if Nate will go ballistic about Mel again. She says he needs someone more 'real'. Meanwhile, Mel is filling out some paperwork when Nathan finds her. She tells him about her honeymoon plans and the fact that she is dropping out of nursing school.

January 7,  2010
Stay Away From Me.

In the courtroom, the judge asks Nicole to stand up for sentencing. He admires how repentant she has been and believes that she was genuinely unstable. When he decides to reduce her sentence in light of her lamentations, Sami explodes. Rafe calms her. The judge imposes a twenty year sentence. Nicole starts to collapse. Brady runs up and grabs her. Ari looks repulsed. EJ claps. Nicole has something else to say... it's about Syd. She's more afraid of what Sydney is going through right now than she is of going to prison. She begs them all to work with all of their hearts and souls to bring her home. Nicole is sent back to the cells. Rafe and Sami snuggle. She thanks her son for coming. They hope Mia can move on with her life now. EJ tells Sami and Rafe they should get back to concentrating on the kidnapping. Rafe informs him that he is back at the bureau. When he leaves to take a call, EJ wonders if they should have told Rafe about what's been going on after all. Before she can run off and get him, EJ stops her and they argue about it some more. Rafe returns and interrogates them about what they were discussing. EJ covers.

Brady follows Ari back to the pub. She doesn't think she'll ever understand him. He encourages her to be compassionate but she says that's not the problem. The real problem is that he wants Nicole to be free. He refuses to speculate on what would happen if Nicole wasn't being locked up. She tells him to go and say goodbye to her. Once he leaves, she sobs. "You're still in love with her Brady," she says. She imagines Nicole is there. "I'll be in his heart...always," the hallucination says. Ari refuses to let that be.

At her hideaway chalet, Anna shudders as she thinks about Nicole being sentenced. "I'd rather die than be caught," she tells Syd. She hears a noise at the door so she goes out to check. It's nothing. Later, she hears a noise again. When she walks to the door with Syd in her arms, EJ shows up. Over at Sami's, Rafe asks her if there is something she needs to tell him.

Gabi pops into the Java Cafe to confront Chad about knocking Mia up and never telling her. His manager calls him away before he can explain. Mia mopes over to tell her she deserves to know the whole story. She and Chad have been through a lot, and they are still going through it, as more than friends. Mia feels like Chad is her soul mate and she doesn't want to see Gabi get played by him. Will calls Mia and tells her about the sentence. They arrange to meet up. She fills Chad in on the news. He's glad Nicole will be miserable and asks Gabi to stick around. After he walks off, Mia tells Gabi that Chad is very controlling. Mia bustles away. As Gabi heads for the door, Chad stops her. "Stay away from me," she says. He stops her again and asks what's up. He knows he was stupid and irresponsible with Mia but it's all in the past. She doesn't believe that and walks out.

Maggie is at the hospital telling Chloe that she's sure that she will do a good job filling in for her while she's on vacation. Chloe doubts it. Maggie jokes around about her cruise. Lexi interrupts and tells Chloe what's happening at the hearing. As Chloe heads off, Lexi takes Maggie home. She finds a photo of Maggie and Mickey on their wedding day. The redhead talks about how happy she is to be married to her best friend and how much she enjoys their pillow fights. They discuss their husbands and hopes for a happy future.

Chloe runs over to the station to see her friend. Nicole will never forgive herself if Syd doesn't come home safe, she can't shake the feeling that they all know the kidnapper somehow. She wishes they had spent more time being friends and asks her not to take Daniel's love for granted. Nicole wishes that she hadn't chased after false love when she could have been with Brady. Chloe leaves before she can cry. Brady comes in. He feels like he could have helped her more. She tells him to be careful with Ari because she's a drug dealer. "Don't let anyone ever hurt you like I did," she says, asking him not to call her or write to her. Nicole needs to let him go. Even though she'll never see him again, he will be with her forever. She kisses him and is taken away.

Will and Mia meet up at Maggie's. She tells him that the only place she wants to be is in his arms. They hug and kiss. Gabi interrupts to give Mia back her scarf. Mia sends Will off to get her a drink. Gabi wonders why she was kissing Will when Chad is supposed to be her soul mate. "I don't have to explain myself to you," Mia sneers. She apologizes. He goes into the kitchen, where Maggie asks him to water the plants and make sure Mia doesn't leave all the lights on. When he returns to Mia, Gabi is leaving, asking her not to lead Will on. Meanwhile, Maggie comes down the stairs. She sits at the table in the kitchen and begins to cry.

January 8, 2010
Twinkle Twinkle.

Justin runs into Bo at the pub. They share some low key hostility over coffee and then Bo mockingly congratulates him for winning Hope. "You've been after my wife ever since you got to Salem," he accuses. Justin claims he doesn't know what he's talking about. Bo asks him to stop tap dancing around the truth and then turns on the sarcasm. Justin's sick of playing the good guy in this mess, claiming he did all he could to convince Hope to stick it out with him, even if he is a jerk. Bo doesn't understand his 'lawyer speak'. Justin tells him that he refused to file Hope's separation papers. "Don't blame me for the fact that you have no idea what you want," he says, walking out.

Maggie sits at her kitchen table, devastated. Hope bustles in and babbles about the cruise until she notices something is seriously wrong. Maggie holds back the tears as she tells her about finding Mickey. She tried to revive him but it was too late. "I just hope he wasn't in any pain," she whimpers. Maggie can't move and worries that he'll be upset that she didn't have the courage to go back upstairs. Hope goes off to check and then calls 911. She returns to Maggie after saying goodbye to her uncle and they cry together. The ambulance comes to get the body. Maggie holds Mickey's hand and slips his wedding ring back on. After the body is taken away, Maggie weeps on Hope's shoulder. The brunette promises to be there as long as she needs her. Maggie worries about telling Alice. "She'll never be able to take it," she sobs. Hope doesn't think they can protect her from this. Before she heads off to tell her in person, Maggie tells her she really wants to be alone for awhile while she calls the girls.

At the front door, Mia tells Will that her 'thing with Chad' is history. He thinks he should talk to Gabi about this. When he heads out the door, she runs after him. They get to the Java Cafe. She can't see why he wants to talk to Gabi so much. He points out that Gabi hasn't lied to him but she has. He's tried to be understanding with her after the dance fiasco. She begs him not to leave her when she needs him. "I can't do it. We're done Mia," he says, walking out.

At home, Rafe senses Sami is keeping something from him. "If there were something, I'd be crazy not to tell you," she says. They argue about EJ and he says they will get Syd back in spite of Elvis. He's sure that there was a motive behind why Syd was taken but something is missing... Bo pops in. As Sami goes to check on her kids, Bo admits to Rafe that the investigation hasn't gotten anywhere. After Bo's gone, Sami returns and tells him to just believe that they will find Syd.

EJ shows up at the Sydnapper's chalet. He's not pleased to find Anna answering the door with Syd in her arms. He tears into her for disobeying his orders. She doesn't like him talking to her like she's an idiot when she's been helping him. He advises her just to concern herself with making sure the plan goes off right so she can have her money and he can have his daughter. Elvis admires his daughter's new teeth and then Anna puts her down for a nap. Elvis calls Sami and tells her to keep making Rafe feel like he's in the loop. She's having a hard time. He thinks she has great maternal instincts and tells her that what happens next is her call. Anna returns with Syd; she didn't want to go to sleep. EJ accuses her of eavesdropping on his call. She laughs and mocks Sami for being a spoiled brat. She has no idea how she turned out that way with Marlena for a mother. EJ advises her to keep the angry words to a minimum. They hang out with Syd. Elvis laughs when Anna talks about her McMansion in Bora Bora. Syd stares at her father as he tells Anna that this will all be over when he says it's over. He sings "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to the baby.

Carly gets stuck in the elevator with Vivian. As Viv babbles, Carly starts to gag. Vivian talks about how much she enjoyed burying her alive... but she still regrets that she didn't just bury her 'good and dead'. Carly quickly breaks down and confesses that she killed Lawrence. She screams about what a monster he was. Viv says confession isn't good for the soul without remorse. When the door pops open, Viv orders her to get off before she finds herself dead in a box. Carly won't budge. "I'll see you in Hell," Vivian promises as she walks out. The elevator begins to malfunction. Carly flips out. She squeals and hyperventilates. She flashes back to being buried alive. "Bo! Please help me!" she cries. They can hear her screaming all over the hospital. Viv listens and snacks on chips. The maintenance man tries to get the door open. Bo arrives as Carly tumbles out. He takes her to her beer filled room and they drink on her bed. She claims Vivian is driving her crazy. She's afraid that she isn't the same person anymore. "You are the same Carly Manning I fell in love with," he assures her. They make out.


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