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2nd Week of January Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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January 11, 2010
Who Died?

Vivian camps out at Philip's table in the Java Cafe. She's annoyed that he doesn't want her help planning the wedding. He gets rude and reminds her that he doesn't want her in his life at all. When she agrees to back off, he assumes she's up to something. "I just want to have a relationship with the boy I carried in my tummy," she claims. He guffaws and wonders why she wants to show him support. She insists that he's the closest thing she has to a son and she just wants him to be happy. Viv offers him a jewel that Victor once gave her and asks him to pass it on to his bride. Philip's taken aback, but thanks her, takes it and walks out.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor mocks Brady for his ongoing support of Nicole. "When are you going to learn? The woman is a whore," Victor says. Brady says that people change if you give them a chance. "That woman has had more chances than a roulette wheel," Victor barks. Brady repeats that people change. Victor says that people get older but that's about it. His grandson isn't going to take romantic advice from someone who has hooked up with Vivian. Once Brady leaves, Vivian drops in and tells him that she's been bonding with Philip 'like crazy'. She informs him that her men have dug up more on Carly. He looks over the latest report and tells her how eager he is to be rid of Carly. Vivian says that when Carly finally finds her daughter, she'll find out what it's like to lose someone she loves.

In Carly's room, she and Bo fly into a passion and begin making out. She pulls away. He tells her that they shouldn't feel guilty. They tear off each other's clothes as she sucks on his ears. Post coitum, he feels like they're back on the boat.

Julie tracks down Nathan and breaks the news of Mickey's death to him. They return to Maggie's to comfort her and offer to help her in any way they can. Maggie thanks them and sobs. They sit down and Maggie slowly explains how her husband passed away. While Julie is comforting her, Nate goes into the kitchen and calls his mother to tell her the news. He glumly looks down at the note Mel left behind about eloping. Julie approaches him and they talk about the loss. He wishes he could have been there when it happened. Julie suggests he move back in with his aunt.

Outside of the pub, Troy is on his phone berating his hit man about picking up a silencer. Mel walks into the pub with her wedding dress. She notices that Ari has been staring at the newspaper article about Brady helping Nicole. They change the subject and talk about Mel's wedding plans. She doesn't have anything borrowed so she thinks she'll stop by Maggie's on the way out of town. Ari gives her a hug and tells her to be happy. Before Mel leaves, she reminds Ari of how much Brady loves her and then runs out the door. Brady saunters in and tells her he's done with Nicole. "Who are you kidding?" she asks. He doesn't want to lose her and offers to prove that he is over Nicole. She agrees to try again and hugs him. She wants to pretend that everything is normal and there are no more threats.

Back at Maggie's, Doug and Julie are trying to get her to rest when Mel walks through the front door. "Nice welcome! Who died?" Mel asks. Maggie runs off in tears. After she's filled in, Mel finds Maggie in the kitchen to apologize. Maggie and Mickey taught her that it is possible to love someone for a long time. "You and Mickey are like the parents I always dreamed about having," she says, hoping that she and Philip have half the happiness they did. Maggie talks about how lucky she was and then tells Mel that she needs to run along and be with the man who makes her eyes so bright. "Don't waste time," Maggie advises. They hug as Nathan watches them from across the room. Maggie returns to her other guests. Nathan can see that Mel's talk with Maggie helped her so he thanks her. They're awkward. He tells her he'll miss her. As she heads for the door, she drops something. When they reach down to grab it, their hands meet. Meanwhile, Maggie checks her text messages. She accidentally deletes the last one that Mickey sent her.

January 12,  2010
Worse Places Than Limbo.

Bo and Carly's carnal bliss is interrupted when Hope calls. He's going to let it go to voicemail but Carly tells him to answer. "It's a bad time," he tells Hope as he answers. She breaks the news to him and breaks into tears. "That's terrible... um... where's Maggie?" he asks. Hope asks for a favor: She wants him to go with her to Mickey's office. Bo uncomfortably agrees, gets off the phone and fills Carly in. He pulls on his clothes and she tells him she'll be there if he needs her. "It was a lovely afternoon," she tells him as he leaves. When he's gone, she takes out a photo of her daughter and stares.

Hope meets with her father at the pub. Crying, she tells Doug that she is trying to be strong but she still hasn't filed divorce papers. He says that there are worse places to stay than limbo. She worries. He reminds her that she and Bo are still in love. "That's what makes it so complicated," she says. He advises her to take her time and heads out. Hope wonders if she should just go home. Bo comes in and they hug. As Hope tells Bo all about how strong Maggie and Mickey were in spite of everything, a doctor walks up and tells Bo that Carly is lucky that he's been there for her. Hope puts things together and guesses that he was in bed with Carly when she called. "I'm sorry," he says. He offers to drive her to Maggie's, but she turns him down and walks out. A cop comes in with news about the kidnapping for Bo.

At Maggie's Nathan pulls Mel into a kiss as she's about to leave. He pulls away and asks himself what he's doing. She shakes her head and says he just wasn't thinking and got carried away. He wonders if it was really 'all him' and asks why she wasn't pushing him away. Outside, Steph finds Philip about to enter. She breaks the news of Mickey's death to him. They walk in as Nate and Mel argue. The men go to see Maggie. Steph hands her her earrings so she will have something 'borrowed' and then advises Mel to take Philip and leave for the time being, assuring her that Maggie will have plenty of people to look after her. When Philip returns, Mel tells him about Steph's advice. He doesn't think they can run off to Vegas in this situation.

At the chalet, Anna worries that the device on the phone doesn't change her voice enough. EJ's busy trying to think. Anna worries that Sami must be going out of her mind because this is going on for so long. Elvis advises her to stop thinking and just do what she's told. He promises Syd he will be back soon and then departs. Anna tells the baby how lucky she is to have a loving daddy.

Sami is at home, calling EJ and leaving messages. Rafe comes in and asks her what's up. Julie calls and breaks the news to her. Sami sobs. She tells Rafe the news. He hugs her. She bucks up and tells Rafe that the kidnapping has changed her. When she finds out who did this to her, "I'm going to kill him." He's glad that she's not keeping things bottled up, whether they are good, bad or kinky. She gives him a kiss and then sends him out to track down Will. As soon as he's gone, she begins grunting and cursing EJ. He arrives a moment later. She rants at him about not returning her calls and insists that they tell Rafe about the note. Then she worries about Will and tells EJ that Mickey is dead. Elvis backs down and says that they can tell Rafe tonight. He promises that she can trust him and then offers to bathe Johnny, joking that he is going to put him through the washing machine. He puts the boy to sleep. They return to the topic of Rafe and she decides that they should keep their secret. "I really do trust you," she says.

Will finds Mia crying in the Java Cafe. She informs him that his uncle just died. Will runs through denial and then acceptance. They head to Maggie's. Rafe runs up to them and guesses he's heard the news. The men sit down and Will admits that he still feels for Mia. "She only has Maggie," he says. They talk and Will decides that he should at least try to be Mia's friend.

Lucas walks in through the front door as Maggie screams at her phone. She accidentally deleted the last message Mickey left for her. Lucas cradles her as she breaks down. He promises her that he will get a friend of his to get it back for her. "He called me 'Red' like he always does," she sobs. He assures her that Mickey was happy when he died and he was lucky to have her. Doug arrives and tells her that Mickey's office has closed down for the day and they are making all of the arrangements. There's a knock at the door. Mia answers it and finds Carly standing there. Mia tells her this isn't a good time. Hope comes in and spots the other woman. "You whore! You sleep with my husband and then you have the nerve to come here!" she says.

January 13,  2010
Everyone Knows

At the pub, Will overhears a cop telling Bo they got a tip. Bo checks it over and it proves to be a dead lead. He explains to Will that they still don't have anything. Will leaves to see Caroline and Bo calls Carly, leaving a message to tell her that Hope knows. After Bo leaves, Lucas comes in and finds his son. They talk about how unreal everything feels. Will tells him he broke up with Mia. His father tells him he can still be there for her.

Carly shows up at Maggie's. Mia tells her this isn't a good time. Hope finds her in the doorway. "You whore! You sleep with my husband and then you have the nerve to come here?" she screams, ordering her out. Maggie begins to cry and ushers the assembled mourners into the kitchen. Carly stutters and tries to excuse herself. Hope thinks they should finish this now. "Is my life your new hunting grounds?" Hope taunts. Carly gets sick of her taking the moral high ground and reminds her that she's been pushing Bo away for months and has never been 'the constant wife'. Hope thinks it's hilarious that she's blaming her for this. They scream in each other's faces and kick up the sarcasm. "I am sorry for your uncle, I am not sorry about Bo," Carly tells her, saying she never meant to fall in love with Bo again. "You murdered your husband and now you're in love with mine," Hope says. Mel has returned to listen and jumps into the fray. Mel tells Carly to go. Hope sends Mel off and Carly whines at her for drudging up her private life in public. As they bicker, Bo stumbles in and suggests that Carly leave. Once she does, he offers to try and clear things up with Hope. He starts doing damage control about Carly's confessions. He thinks it would be better if the details of their private life didn't come out. "Everyone knows," she tells him. Crying, she begs him to leave. After she collapses in a chair, she pulls herself up and goes outside to pace.

In the kitchen, the family tries helping Maggie make arrangements. Doug feels like a jerk for telling Hope to give Bo another shot. Mia tells Maggie that she loves her. They talk about the memorial and cry together. Maggie is exhausted. She thinks of how Mickey always used to call her and will never call again. She decides to sleep on his side of the bed tonight so that she'll feel safe. After she leaves, Mia starts to clean up. She cries and drops a plate as Will walks in with a casserole. He puts it down and hugs her. All the while, Maggie goes up to her room. She weeps as she holds Mickey's picture and lies down on his pillow.

Bo heads to Carly's. She's packing her stuff. She tells him that her daughter hates her and she's leaving town. "You can't go," he says. He tells her that she's not responsible for what happened to his marriage and he doesn't want her to leave. They kiss. Back at Maggie's, Doug finds Hope pacing. "I lost Bo," she cries to him.

Daniel, Brady, Chloe and Ari head over to the Java Cafe after attending the opera. As the men get drinks, Ari compliments Chloe on her positive relationship with Brady. She wonders if he is 'just friends' with Nicole too. Chloe suggests that Brady is just a good guy. Troy wanders in. When the men return, he walks across the room and stares at them. Brady jokes that Ari has groupies from her work at the pub. Ari and Brady go off alone. They sit in the park and he gets a call from Philip. She notices she's missing her phone and runs off.

Chloe and Daniel have stayed at Java to eat. He's realized that she never told him much about her relationship with Brady. She says they just realized that they made better friends. She thinks he has a thing about saving people. When she didn't need to be saved, things ended between them. It was the same with Nicole and Ari better need to be saved, or their relationship will fail. Ari comes back in looking for her phone. Once she leaves, Daniel talks about how their life together is the definition of happiness. She thinks that's beautiful and says it's time to go home. Meanwhile, Ari returns to Brady. He is pensive. He tells her that Mickey has died. She explains that she'll be alone in the pub in the morning. Troy hears this and calls his goon to make plans.

Mel goes to the pub to look for Philip. When she bumps into Nate, she tells him she's not running off to elope tonight. He thinks they should talk about their kiss. "That kiss meant nothing to me!" she declares as Steph walks over. Philip comes through the door. Mel hugs him and claims everything is fine. Nate and Steph make themselves scarce. Philip asks Mel what's going on between her and Nathan. She's not forthcoming. He arranges to have Melissa flown in for the funeral. Mel tells him she wants to get married next month, in Salem, so Maggie can come. She decides to spend the night at Maggie's. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Nathan return to Maggie's and she asks him what was going on with him and Mel. He says that everyone is just being crazy today. He thanks her for being there for him and gives her a hug.

January 14,  2010
No Going Back.

After the service, Bo drops by the hospital to see Carly and get a prescription filled for Alice's high blood pressure. Carly goes about her day. She flashes back to being trapped in the elevator with Viv and vows to kill her before she lays a hand on her daughter.

The mourners return to Maggie's. She runs off to the kitchen to keep herself busy. Most of the family hangs out in the den while Julie, Doug and Hope talk. When they go into the kitchen with Brady, Elvis comes to the back door to offer his condolences. "Send a card. You're not welcome here," Brady says. Doug lets Elvis in. EJ tells them that he feels privileged to have had Mickey as a mentor and friend. They thank him for coming and Hope prays for Syd's return. He leaves. Brady scowls. Bo arrives with Alice's meds. Hope invites him to stick around. Her family gives them some alone time. She apologizes for not being herself and admits that she's partly responsible for what's happened. "It feels like there's no going back now," she says. They remember Zack's funeral. Hope hugs him and cries as Justin walks in. Bo decides to give them some privacy and runs off.

Melissa arrives in the sitting room. She and Maggie cry in each other's arms. Her plane was delayed so she missed the funeral. Mel walks in and offers them hors d'oeuvres. Nate rushes in with Steph. Piles of flowers keep arriving so the ladies decide to take them to the hospital. Nate introduces Melissa to the woman in his life. "You must be Melanie," Melissa says. Steph corrects her. They laugh it off. Maggie drags Nate away for a moment to see some relatives and then teases him about getting into trouble. His mother begins questioning him and he insists his brief jail stays were no big deal. He's defensive about Mel. She worries and he promises he will keep his distance from Melanie.

Rafe shows up at the pub looking for a coffee. He tells his sister that he's got news on Syd's kidnapping. After getting his caffeine jolt, he hops away. Troy lurks outside and calls his goon. Before anything can happen, Brady shows up. He goes in to check on Ari for a minute and then plods off. The goon with the hipster beard crawls out of the alley, pulls on a balaclava and sneaks into the pub. He holds Ari at gunpoint and gets her to empty the register. Brady jumps him and the gun flies out of his hand. The goon runs and Brady goes off in pursuit.

At the mansion, Stefano is flipping through his financial reports when something piques his interest. He starts making calls. When Elvis returns, his father confronts him for selling off millions of dollars worth of stock and asks him what that's all about. "I would actually like to know the same thing," Rafe declares as he steps in. Elvis explains that he is divesting himself of all things DiMera so he can establish a good name for himself. Rafe swallows this and hands EJ an updated sketch of Syd before walking out. Stefano talks about how much he misses the child. Elvis tells him to get used to it because he will be keeping her well away from him. Stefano meets Rafe at the door and advises him to keep an eye on Elvis.

At the Kiriakis compound, Victor is dismissive as Viv talks about hunting down Carly's daughter. She begins to rant about Carly killing Lawrence and vows revenge once more. She summarizes the situation and then realizes that she already knows who Carly's daughter is... but she won't say until she is certain. Viv putters off and pops up at the hospital. Carly runs as she strolls in. Mel and Mia arrive with the flowers. Vivian watches them. "This must be my lucky day," she says with a smirk. She approaches them and asks Mia if she got her bone structure from her mother. Vivian drifts away as Carly walks in. The two young women stare daggers at her. Carly approaches. Before they can run away, Carly begins probing about Mel's engagement ring. After the girls escape from the conversation, Bo comes in. "My daughter hates me, Melanie hates me!" Carly complains to him. Meanwhile, Viv returns to Victor's and tells him that Carly's daughter is a 'blonde haired moppet named Mia'.

Anna and Syd sit in the chalet. They're both getting tired of hanging out there. She packs her bags and prepares for her 'contingency plan'. EJ shows up and assures Anna that he has covered everything and phase two is about to start.

Everyone gathers in Maggie's sitting room to remember Mickey. One by one, they stand by Mickey's giant portrait and recall their fondest memories of him and what an inspiration his marriage to Maggie was. Everyone wishes they could have what they had. Mel hopes she can grow up to be like Maggie. The redhead remembers when she met her husband. Everyone rises and toasts to Mickey. The guests file out for the luncheon at Chez Rouge. Maggie stays behind for a moment to remember her husband. She sobs and slowly walks out.


January 15, 2010
You're Sleeping With Her Aren't You?

At the hospital, Carly complains to Bo that her daughter hates her. Bo tells her that Mel is complicated and aggressive. Carly informs Bo that Mel is marrying his brother. That's news to him. She worries that Melanie could end up living in the same house as Vivian. She decides that she needs to see her daughter immediately. She runs off. He groans.

At the mansion, Vivian tells Victor that Mia is Carly's secret daughter. Victor points out that they don't even look alike and rains all over her parade. Vivian begins backtracking and decides she isn't certain of this after all. She whips out a tracking device. Victor grimaces and wonders how she is going to attach that to Carly. Before she can rush off, Bo shows up and slaps her with a restraining order. He begins ranting and threatening to come after her if anything happens to Carly. "You're sleeping with her aren't you?" she guesses. Bo runs out. Victor explodes and begins yelling at Viv to get Carly and stop beating around the bush. He fumes and wonders if Bo was even thinking of his daughter in all of this. He suggests that Viv is partly to blame for this and orders her to destroy Carly immediately.

At home, Sami freaks out and calls EJ, leaving another message asking him why he isn't picking up his phone. Rafe comes in and tells her that there is no news... but he's now sure that EJ is keeping something from them. When he tells her that EJ was selling off his stock and Stefano warned him that EJ can be 'duplicitous', Sami explodes and rants because he's been listening to Stefano. She turns red, her eyes bug out and her veins throb. He guesses there is something else she wants to tell him. Sami says it's just getting harder to be hopeful and asks him to stop interrogating her about EJ. He can't do that. Rafe gets a call about Ari getting robbed and runs off.

Mel and Mia are at Maggie's. Mel begins talking about how hard things are for Maggie. Mel wonders about how wonderful it would be to have had a mom like Maggie. Mia asks about her mom. Mel didn't know her. She complains about her father and how much she misses Max. Will shows up after receiving a text from Mia. They leave for Java. Mel stares at photos of Maggie and Mickey. Her ruminations are interrupted when Carly pops up. Mel's not welcoming. Carly claims she needs her to understand what's been happening. Mel doesn't see what this has to do with her. She apologizes for overreacting but tells her that she should apologize to Maggie for showing up yesterday. When Carly brings up Melanie's engagement, Mel blows up and warns that she's stepping over the line. She wonders why she seems to care so much. Carly decides this has been a mistake and walks out, although she instantly regrets it. Bo arrives. Carly complains that everything has gone wrong and she should just tell the truth. "Tell me the truth about what?" Mel interrupts.

Chad walks into the pub and finds Gabi filling in for her sister. The ice machine starts to malfunction. Chad fixes it and tells Gabi she owes him now. He assures her that he's not a total jerk and he's trying to be a better person. When he offers to hang out 'as friends', she assumes that he's still into Mia. He assures her that he and Mia are over. He prefers 'fun and funny' girls like Gabi anyway. He offers to plan a 'just friends' date with her. After he leaves, Rafe arrives, looking for Ari. Gabi tells him that everyone is fine and sends him back out to look for Syd. Meanwhile, Mia and Will go to Java. She admits that she's screwed up but she's realized that he's the only person she wants to be with. He agrees to give her another chance. They smooch. Kenzie and T. come in. Kenzie mocks Mia's squinty eyes. She points out that Mickey died. T. tells Kenzie to shut up and offers Will his condolences. Kenzie asks Mia if she is back with Will. She is. Chad comes in and Kenzie tells him the news. He congratulates them. Will leads Mia out. Gabi arrives as Chad announces that his parents are letting him go up to the Olympics for the winter break. He asks her if she wants to come. As he tries to talk her into going, Mia returns and pouts.

At the chalet, EJ chuckles when he sees that Sami has called ten times. Anna worries. Elvis reads nursery rhymes to Syd. "Woof woof," he says. Anna thinks he's going to make Sami suspicious. EJ ignores her and then explodes, ordering her to stop insulting his intelligence. He's organized everything in this plan and his next move will be just as flawless. Syd starts walking in her crib. Elvis gets super excited and tells Anna that he is doing all of this so he can see things like that. Everyone else has forfeited the right to participate in his daughter's life. He goes home and calls Sami over. When she arrives, he gives her another ransom note and acts really spooked. When she suggests they call Rafe, he becomes furious that she's changed her mind again. As they debate, Anna calls to give them instructions. She thinks they should call Rafe but he insists they don't have time. When they rush down to the pier, Rafe stumbles into them.


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