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3rd Week of January Daily Summaries

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January 18, 2010
What's In The Suitcase?

At the chalet, Anna tells Syd that she hopes this will be over soon. Meanwhile, back in Salem, EJ and Sami go down to the pier to drop off the cash for the kidnapper. As soon as they get there, Rafe rears his head. "What are you two doing? What's in the suitcase?" he inquires. EJ and Sami stare and think. Elvis declares that he is taking a trip to Chicago. Rafe didn't know the pier was an airport. Sami does her best to make excuses but that doesn't go well. EJ finally gives in and lets her tell the truth. Sami blubbers excuses as she fills Rafe in on the ransom notes. Rafe swallows it all and orders EJ to take the suitcase to the drop spot like they were asked. He orders Sami to go home and then proceeds to call the FBI. Sami erupts, worrying that he's going to get Syd killed. She hyperventilates as he makes arrangements. Rafe has to ask Elvis to take Sami away. They head back to the mansion. Another FBI agent arrives and Rafe makes some more arrangements to hand off the cash. He lectures Sami for lying to him. Elvis slips into the hall to avoid the arguing. When Sami asks Rafe how he found her so easily, he admits he was having her followed. Calling Anna, he leaves a message warning her that Rafe is now involved. When he returns to Rafe and Sami, they are still bickering about their trust problems. The FBI agent plods off. Sami cries. EJ reminds her that this is bigger than her and her boyfriend. Rafe rushes back after receiving a call that someone has been spotted at the drop spot.

Troy paces around and calls his goon to fire him, vowing to finish this job himself. In her room, Ari tends to Brady's latest wounds and suggests that he go and see a real doctor, instead of just Dr. Feelgood. He'd rather make out with her. After their latest bed romp, he announces that he has to go and see Mel. Ari got a call from her too. He leaves to take a shower and she gets a call from Roman who informs her that they have a big problem. When they meet up, he explains that the plug is being pulled on her undercover operation. She protests but his hands are tied. He offers to let her talk to his bosses and then leaves to set it up. Later, she makes the call and tries to make the case but her bosses aren't buying it. Troy drifts in and suggests that he can arrange a meeting with Mr. Big. They arrange to meet in her room later.

Hope bumps into Vivian at the Kiriakis compound. Vivian blathers about Bo and Carly's torrid affair. Hope tries to avoid saying anything. Viv goads her to seek revenge. "It's not like Carly borrowed a cup of sugar. She borrowed your husband to take him to bed," she says. Hope is sure there is more going on and walks out, suddenly remembering the box she found in Viv's closet. This makes her sure that Viv knows more than she's letting on. Meanwhile, Viv makes a call and then meets with Gus. She orders him to follow Carly to see which young woman she's spending time with. Gus wonders if her suspicions were wrong. "Wrong? We do not use that word in connection with me," Vivian huffs. She orders him to get her a birth date for this child while she gets Bo and his restraining order out of the way.

"Are you talking about me?" Melanie asks after she overhears Bo and Carly gabbing outside of Maggie's. She brings them inside and asks for the lowdown. Carly claims they were just talking about Hope. Melanie blows up and rambles. "She already knows you're sleeping together, unless... Have you never heard of birth control? That's it! Not only are you sleeping with her husband behind her back, but you're carrying his kid," she suggests. Carly's not knocked up, but that won't stop Mel from continuing her rant. After she accuses Carly of wanting to go after Philip and ruin her life, Carly suggests that Miss Mel live her life on another planet. The bickering goes on until Bo can't take it anymore and pulls Carly away. Mel fumes. Later, Brady arrives. Melanie explains that she is going to ask Ari to be her maid of honor and asks him if he will give her away. He's taken aback. He worries that she is rushing into marriage and giving up her career plans. Mel jokes that she's going to be rich and points out that she can just take a leave of absence from nursing school. He agrees to give her away. She calls Daniel to make an appointment to discuss her career and grimaces at the thought of having to work with Carly.

Hope takes Maggie to the Java Cafe so she can have some coffee and relax. Maggie can't. She worries about Alice. Hope asks her to let people worry about her for once. Maggie worries that Hope is worrying about her so she won't have to worry about herself. Maggie wants to help Hope with Bo. "He loves you. If he's precious to you, fight for him. Tell him how you feel," Maggie urges.

Carly and Bo go to her hotel room. She can't understand why it's so hard to talk to Mel. Bo asks her to stop beating up on herself and tries to change the subject. He assures her that he will help her through this and they will find a way to get Vivian off her back. Carly continues to worry, sure that her daughter will hate her for giving her away. "Melanie has had a tough life, but what life she did have is because you did a selfless thing," Bo points out. Carly stares at a photo of Mel and remembers giving her up. She's starting to resign herself to the idea of never being accepted as a mother. "You're wrong, princess. It will happen. I'll make sure of it," Bo says.

Brady returns to the mansion and runs into Vivian. She's plotting Philip's wedding. Brady points out that Philip isn't her son. She insists that he is. Meanwhile, Melanie heads to the hospital and decides to wait in Dr. Jonas' office until he shows up. Carly shows up first. She has to fill in for him while he's in surgery. Mel gets insolent.

January 19,  2010
Sentimental Crap.

Viv sits down with Kate at the Java Cafe and begins taunting her about Philip. "Don't you ever refer to him as your son again!" Kate explodes, grabbing Viv by the arm. Vivian walks across the room and sits down with Gus. She moans about Kate and tells Gus that they have to make sure Carly's daughter really is Mia before she destroys her.

Nate shows up at the hospital. He discovers that Steph has arranged for him to have the day off to grieve. He wants to work anyway. She has a surprise for him. Taking him by the hand, she leads him over to the pub and then gives him an internship of the year award. He's thrilled. She reveals that she showed it to Mickey before he died and he was so proud that he cried. Nate appreciates everything she has done for him. He thanks her and they kiss.

Bo arrives at the mansion. Philip tells him that he wants him to be in the wedding. Bo doesn't think he's a poster boy for a good marriage, but Philip wants Mel to walk down the aisle and see his brother there, welcoming her into the family. Bo can't say 'no' to that. They talk about Hope and Bo claims the marriage is dead in the water. Philip makes it clear that he can't invite Carly to the wedding. Bo understands. They discuss Hope's explosion at the memorial. He feels terrible for how she found out about his 'indiscretion'. He notices Viv has come through the front door and hides to eavesdrop as the men discuss Carly. Bo pointedly tells his brother that he's the reason Carly came back to town. "We've been in love for a long time... we still are," he says. Philip doesn't buy it and points out that Bo is still wearing his ring. Bo slips it off. Viv walks in and starts to dig. Bo walks out. Viv tells Philip his brother is very 'sour'. She lets him know that she was eavesdropping. "Poor Hope... talk about collateral damage," she remarks. Viv ponders and then asks Philip if Bo always opens about his tawdry affairs. She slips off and calls Gus to say that Carly might have killed Lawrence just to be with Bo.

Mel is waiting for Dr. Jonas in his office. He's busy so Carly has to fill in for him. Mel sneers at her. Carly stares at her. Mel gets creeped out. "It's a little weird being stared at by a murderess," Mel says. As she begins filling out paperwork, Carly flashes back to giving birth. Lawrence was there, not allowing her to take any painkillers. He gloated as she screamed. Mel notices her glazed stare and snaps her out of it. "I remember I have to do something: stay away from the crazy lady," Mel says, walking out. Carly flashes back again to Lawrence taunting her when she was in labor. When she gave birth, Lawrence took the baby and began threatening to drop her. He made it clear to Carly that she could never see the baby again. As Mel plods down the hall, Kate tries to chase her down. Mel pushes past her. "I've been snubbed by Smurfette," Kate groans to Maxine. The nurse knows how she feels and tells her that the only person who seems to get through to the young woman is Maggie. Meanwhile, Mel makes her way back to Daniel's office. This snaps Carly out of her memories. Mel is just there to get her jacket. Carly tries to be friendly but Mel snipes at her and then explains that her father was a pimp. "Both of my parents are dead. Best thing that could have ever happened to me," Mel says. Carly tells her that her mother must have loved her. This only annoys Mel. "I don't want your sentimental crap," she says, begging her to stay out of her life. Carly tears up. She hallucinates Lawrence sitting across from her. "I won," he says, bursting into laughter. Simultaneously, Mel goes to see Philip. She complains about Carly and then wonders why she told the woman she can't stand all about her family problems.

Bo meets with Abe in the Java Cafe. He tells him that he's been trying to throw Viv off the track with misinformation. Abe worries about who will end up getting hurt in all of this. Bo assumes it will be Hope. "Your life is a mess," Abe says. Bo's figured that out already. Abe wonders what his friend is hiding. Bo admits that Carly has a big secret. The mayor gets intense and points out how much simpler Bo's life would be without Carly. Bo explains that he is going to wait until everything blows over and then tell Hope the truth... he's not betting on a happy ending though.

Maggie goes home. Melissa is waiting for her. They talk about the memorial lunch and how everyone remembered Mickey's jokes. Maggie tells her how much Mickey loved her and then asks for a cup of tea. Left alone, the redhead weeps. Later, she says goodbye to Melissa and promises to call her. As soon as she is gone, Kate shows up to see how she is doing. Maggie claims she is fine. Kate begins probing about Mel and what a handful she used to be. "Would you like to take notes?" Maggie asks, guessing she wants tips on how to fool Mel into thinking that she is actually human. Maggie is sure that Mel will see right through her. "I'm going to be watching you like a hawk," Maggie threatens, warning her that she is itching for a fight. She kicks Kate out. "That felt good," Maggie says to herself.

January 20,  2010
Wear It Proudly Princess.

At the mansion, Sami frets and tells Rafe to pull his people out of this before Syd gets hurt. Elvis clears his throat and asks them what's going on. EJ backs Sami up. Rafe answers the phone. His men have just seen a woman at the pier and she's going for the money. Sami beams with hope. Rafe hears the woman has been arrested so they all run down to the station. When they get there, Rafe talks to his people and they find out that the woman is Marion O'Brian and she just took the briefcase because she was curious. EJ tries calling Anna but has no luck. Rafe leads Sami over to the interview room to see if she can identify the woman in custody. Sami recognizes her as some woman she's seen around town. EJ's never seen her. He smirks. O'Brian is sent off for questioning. Sami tries to figure things out but Rafe says it looks like she couldn't be the kidnapper. EJ begins flipping out and accuses Rafe of blowing it. Sami paces around, panics and cries. Rafe tells them that Marion's story checks out and there is no evidence against her. Sami sobs. A fax comes in with another note. It says that she will never see Syd again because she brought in the Feds. Sami cries.

Syd sits alone in the chalet while EJ tries to call. Anna shows up with some necessary supplies, like a stuffed kangaroo. She notices that she left her cell phone behind and checks her messages. He sends one to tell her that everything is going according to plan.

At the pub, Bo spots Mel walking in and decides to talk to her for Carly's sake. Mel makes faces as he sits with her. He thinks they need to have a chat, as future in-laws, and tells her that there are people who care about her... like him and Carly. Mel guffaws in disbelief. Bo blathers about how connected they are and how Carly wants to be her friend. Mel thinks this sounds lame. Bo encourages her to give Carly a chance. When he accuses her of having double standards, she gets upset and walks out.

Vivian finds Hope getting breakfast at the mansion. Before Hope can escape, Viv begins making cryptic remarks about Carly and her secret. Hope digs so Viv tells her about what she overheard yesterday between Philip and Bo. Hope doubts that Carly's coming to town to seduce Bo is really her big secret. She snaps at Viv and flounces out.

Philip arrives at the hospital. Carly tells him she wants to apologize. He tells her to apologize to Hope. She's more interested in talking about Mel and her career plans. Carly digs for details on Mel's childhood and he tells her to stay out of their lives. He attacks her for plotting to seduce Bo. Later, Philip tells Justin how upset he is that Carly has destroyed Bo's marriage. He's starting to feel like all of the Kiriakis men are cursed. He heads over to the pub where he meets up with Mel. She tells him that his brother was trying to convince her to let his mistress be her friend. As she pulls out a wedding magazine, Vivian arrives and begs them to let her help.

Carly runs off and tracks down Bo at home. She shouts at him that his plan isn't going to work. It annoys her that he's making her into the home wrecker of the year. "Wear it proudly Princess," he says. She thinks he's making himself look bad too. Hope comes to the door. She stomps in and confronts Bo about Carly coming back for him. They don't deny it. Hope didn't think it could get any worse but now she knows her entire marriage was based on a complete lie. She notices that he's taken his wedding ring off. "Was that before or after you slept with her?" she asks, storming out. Carly apologizes for everything. Bo says Hope made her bed and can lie in it. He's promised to protect Carly and her child and he will keep that promise.

Mia walks into the Java Cafe and watches Chad beg Gabi to go to Vancouver with him. When Chad steps away, Mia probes Gabi about whether she is going. "I'm just worried about you," Mia says, suggesting that Chad is only going after her to make her jealous. Gabi refuses to accept that he is using her and accuses Mia of using Will to make Chad jealous. Mia walks off and sits down with Will while Gabi informs Chad that she will be going with him. T. and Kenzie arrive and the four of them chat. Kenzie and Gabi go to powder their noses while the boys talk. Chad claims he's moving on from Mia and then stares at her. Gabi returns and tells Chad that she used to dream of being a figure skater. Mia can't watch this anymore and leaves. She goes to visit Grace's grave and sobs that Chad isn't thinking about either of them anymore... not now that he likes another girl. She thought that she was over him but she's not. Although she's sure that wanting Will and Chad is wrong, she can't stand the thought of losing someone else.

Justin stops by the mansion to drop off some papers. He finds Hope staring and weeping. She explains that Carly came to take Bo away and he let her. She cries in his arms about how Bo has always been thinking about Carly. He asks how he can make this all go away. They kiss. She pulls back and tells him she's not ready. He tells her that Bo doesn't deserve her.

January 21, 2010
He's Not My Hero Anymore.

"An heir for an heir," Viv quips as Carly finds her standing over Mel's bloody corpse on the pier. Carly weeps and then snap out of it. It was just a fantasy. She runs off to hunt down Vivian, but then goes to work instead. She runs into Nate and they chat. He accidentally discovers that Mel has dropped out of the nursing program. The intern blames himself for this. They wonder if Mel will be better off leaving town...

Nate calls Steph from work to tell her that their meeting will be delayed. She goes into the pub. Viv is and Mel are sitting at the back. Viv's trying to help plan her wedding and begs her to give her a chance. Mel can't back her off. Mel spots Steph and instantly latches onto her, telling Vivian that she was planning on going shopping with her friend. Steph explains that she double booked herself and already has lunch plans. She lurches away. Viv tells Mel that she has a stylist waiting for them at the mansion and ushers Mel out the door. When they get to the mansion, her stylist has come and gone and left a few dresses in bags. While Mel tries a dress on, Victor calls Vivian and she tells him that she's starting to think that Carly only came back to town to get Bo. He's running out of patience for her to do whatever she's going to do to whoever she's going to do it too. She gets off the phone as Mel strolls in and decides that the dress she's wearing is the one she wants. Viv calls her stylist and has to argue for it. Mel doesn't know why she is doing all of this for her. Vivian is doing it for Philip and tells her she has some jewels for her to wear on her special day. After Mel changes out of her dress, they get sentimental about wedding days and Mel tears up thinking about saying 'I do'. They run around town to show off the dress but none of Mel's friends are around.

At the Kiriakis compound, Justin hopes that he and Hope won't be awkward with each other. She's grateful for his support but she needs more time before she can move on from the ruins of her marriage. However, after everything that happened between Carly and Bo, she wonders if her marriage was ever worth saving at all... They change the subject and discuss the stories he's been reading to Ciara about toads and crayons. This makes Hope realize he must miss his family. She wishes she had a magic crayon.

Victor corners Carly at the hospital so they can talk about who is more morally repugnant. "For what you did to my son, you're going to be sorry you ever showed your face in town again," he warns her. He accuses her of being a masochist and tells her that Bo is only using her to get back at Hope. She orders him to leave them alone. He's sick of Bo and he's sick of looking at her face. So sick, in fact, that he and Viv are going to accompany Philip and Mel as they cruise around the world. Carly flips out when she hears this. They threaten each other some more. Carly walks off to the Java Cafe where Viv is playing with Mel's hair. Carly spots them and fumes.

Hope goes to the pub and meets with Julie. She fills her in on the latest, telling her that Carly has been trying to get back into Bo's life for years. Julie says that story makes no sense. It makes sense to Hope. She assumes that Bo was already ready to move on and he loves a chance to be a hero. "He's not my hero anymore," Hope cries. Nathan stumbles by and Julie chats to him about how happy Melissa was to see him with Steph. She pops up and they snuggle and drift away. Hope admits to Julie that she still loves Bo, but it's too late. "It's never too late," Julie insists. Hope suddenly decides that she's been too hard on Justin and he's been there for her the whole time he's been back... She insists that Bo is still the only man in her heart. He is the only man she has ever loved. "What are you gonna do about it?" Julie asks. Meanwhile, Steph and Nate eat pie and she tells him she's going to Philip and Mel's wedding. He's cool with that but he doesn't think they should tell anyone that they are dating.

At the station, Sami breaks down when a note is faxed in saying that she will never see her daughter again since she got the Feds involved. Sami explodes. EJ rubs his stubble. Rafe assures everyone that things might be okay and plods off to check on something. Sami asks EJ what they should do now. Rafe returns and they go over things again. He explains that the fax was sent in the area so Syd must be nearby. After Elvis has a tantrum, Rafe walks away again. Sami starts blaming herself for everything and he tells her not to think that way. Rafe watches as EJ vows to hunt the kidnapper down. "If you do that, it will be the last thing you do," Rafe says as he steps back in. After some bickering, EJ walks off. Sami rants at Rafe, claiming that she trusts Elvis when it comes to her children. Sami and Rafe go back to her place and argue about her lies. She insists that she wasn't scheming, she was just lying to help her daughter. "If you hadn't found that ransom note, I would have Sydney back right now!" she yells, screeching that she doesn't know how she can believe in him anymore.

Anna and Syd hang out at the chalet. The blonde one tells her that they are reaching the end of the road. Sydney gets upset and cries. Anna worries that Syd has a fever. Elvis arrives and cradles the baby. Anna tells him the child might have a cold and worries that she may need a doctor. She points out that he just handed five million dollars to the Feds and asks him where her money is. He's not making any promises. Anna's starting to think he's never going to give Sydney back.

January 22, 2010
I'd Marry You In The Nude.

Bo goes to the hospital to see Daniel and chat about Carly. He fills him in on the restraining order against Vivian. Daniel doubts it will actually accomplish much. Bo knows that and that's why he needs his help. He asks him to keep his eye on Carly at work. Bo then goes over to the pub and runs into Philip, who apologizes for being so hard on him over Carly.

At the Java Cafe, Vivian is playing with Mel's hair. Carly walks in and chokes on her rage at the sight. Viv asks her what's wrong. Carly rants about how evil Viv is. Mel says she can hang out with whoever she wants. "Vivian wants to destroy you and I won't let it happen," Carly says. Mel thinks she's melodramatic and asks her if she's been forgetting to take her meds. She asks her again to stay out of her life. Viv encourages her to let Carly spout off about how evil she is. Mel rants at Carly for stalking her and barging into her life. Carly tells her all about her enemy's 'unspeakable' acts. She gives her the whole catalog. Although Mel isn't keen to be buried alive, she doesn't know why Carly gives a toss. The doctor claims she is just trying to do the humane thing. "I faced down the devil and it was no contest. He lost!" Carly warns Viv. Vivian tells her to go and spew elsewhere. Daniel walks in and gets between them. He brings up the restraining order. She points out that Carly is unhinged and came after her. As Daniel tries to drag her away, Carly keeps ranting and spills coffee all over her wedding dress. Carly gushes apologies and offers to get her a new one. Mel flips out and asks her to leave her alone. Daniel leads her away. Mel sobs and Viv promises that she will have another dress made for her. When she tells her that she and Victor are planning to accompany she and Philip on their honeymoon, Mel makes an excuse and runs. Viv starts to think that Mel may actually be Dr. Manning's daughter. She calls Gus and asks him to check out Melanie. Outside, Carly explains things to Daniel and then stops herself because he's Victor's godson. He asks her to open up to him as a friend. She starts again and he asks her why she is so protective of Mel. Carly shuts down and walks away, straight over to Bo's to launch another rant.

Chloe drops by the mansion to see Brady. She tells him that Nicole isn't doing all that well in prison. She keeps calling for updates about Sydney. Chloe suggests that Nicole must be missing him too... He tells her that Nicole banned him from her company, but he still thinks about her. She encourages him to call Nicole for a chat. He refuses and reminds her that he is with Ari now and has promised to stay away from Nicole. Brady insists that he's moved on and that's the end of the story. Philip arrives as Brady walks out. Philip shows Chloe a necklace he bought for Mel. It's for when they have their first kid. He'll add a new stone for each one she has. After Chloe leaves, Mel arrives and rants about Carly ruining her dress. He says that he'd marry her in the nude.

At the chalet, Anna's starting to think that Elvis isn't planning on ever giving Syd back. He promises that this will end soon. He laughs as he thinks about how he has punished Nicole. Now he just has to punish Sami and Rafe. She reminds him that the child will need a normal life some day. Syd chews on her teddy bear. Anna explains that she can't be a nanny forever and tells him that she needs more meds for Syd. After he leaves, Anna tells the baby that her dad is complicated but rich. She worries that they don't have enough medicine.

Troy pops up at Ari's to tell her that they have a problem with the new shipment. She tries to get rid of him but he won't budge. He announces that there is some primo stuff coming in and they have to move fast. Brady calls to say he will be late. Troy pulls out a sample of his stuff for her and spills it all over her desk. She flips out and tries to clean the white powder up by using her copy of Cosmo as a broom. They bicker and he gets nasty. "You're not going to take my place," he says, stretching out his scarf in his hands. He chases her around the room. She goes for her gun but he throws her on the bed and begins strangling her. Elvis suddenly runs in and rescues her, sending Troy off. She calls the cops and collapses. When she wakes up, she asks EJ why he's there. Roman arrives and asks what happened. One of his men calls to say they just apprehended Troy in the alley. They all go down to the station. EJ tries to comfort Ari and then wanders off to make a call. Brady rushes in and asks what happened. She explains and he stutters. Elvis returns and says he saved her. Brady wonders what he was doing there at all. EJ walks away without answering. Anna calls to remind him to get Syd's meds. Roman returns and takes Ari aside to chat. Troy watches them and figures something out. "She's a narc!" he screams at EJ.


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