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4th Week of January Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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January 25, 2010
You've Ruined My Life.

At the station, Roman whispers to Ari about sending Troy up the river. Troy watches and figures out that she is a narc. He yelps about it as EJ stares. Troy continues to leap around yelling that she's a narc. After he's dragged away, Brady ask Elvis why Troy was so intent on telling his suspicions to him. Elvis plays stupid and furrows his brow. Roman asks EJ for his statement. Brady wonders Elvis what he was doing in Ari's room. EJ thought she'd like to be there for her brother and explains the drop off gone wrong. After Elvis gives Roman his statement, he leaves. Roman tells Ari that the operation is over. She realizes that this means she's going back to prison. Brady gives her a cuddle and tells her not to worry. That's hard since Troy's boss will be coming after her now. He claims that he will always be there to protect her. "What about tonight?" she asks. Roman returns and explains that he's been ordered to take her back to prison.

Hope daydreams at the pub about her past with Bo. When she gets up to leave with her model sailboat, Bo walks in and bumps into her, smashing the boat. They both apologize. The boat was for Ciara. "How could you lie to me?" she abruptly confronts him. She's guessed that he and Carly are still hiding dire secrets. He insists that the secret didn't end their marriage, Hope did. "I never meant to hurt you," he says. She's tired of his cliches and asks him for the real reason Carly came back.

At the mansion, Vivian calls Gus to prod him into finding out who Carly's daughter really is. She slips into the living room and begins chatting with Mel and Philip about the wedding plans. She asks Mel how many of 'her people' are coming. They get awkward. Mel tells Viv that she was hoping her brother could fly back... but her father is dead and so is her mom. Philip stops Viv when she begins to pry. Viv encourages her to open up. Victor walks in, looks them over and goes for the booze. The young couple run off and Victor tells Viv about Trent getting stabbed in the back. "He met the same fate as my darling Lawrence," she observes, explaining her suspicion that Mel could be Carly's kid. Victor's bored with all of this. "I want that witch gone now," he says. Since she isn't doing it fast enough, he's decided to get rid of Carly himself. Viv gets inspired and runs off.

Maggie is at home weeping when someone comes to the door. It's Carly. She comes in when she knows that the young women who hate her guts aren't around. Carly wanted to apologize. Maggie thanks her for dropping in and sends her back out the door. Mia comes in and tells Carly to get lost. Maggie tells her that she can't throw anyone out of her house. She sends the little blonde off to study and apologizes to Carly before asking her again to go. Once the doctor is gone, Maggie begins weeping again. She sits in the dark until Mel arrives. She offers to make Maggie some tea and sends her up to bed. Vivian shows up. Mel slips off to take the tea to Maggs. Gus calls Viv with some 'excellent news'. He explains that Mel must be Carly's daughter. Viv gasps as Mel returns.

Carly corners Mia on the pier and reminds her that it was the place they first met. She wonders what changed between them. Mia is getting creeped out. Carly promises never to bother her or Melanie again. She heads over to Bo's and tells him that she managed to offend everyone tonight. He looks pensive. They flop onto the couch. Meanwhile, Hope sits in the park and remembers her sea voyages with Bo.

Over at Casa DiMera, Stefano is throwing a tantrum. Kate asks him what's up. He explains that EJ lied to his face about selling off his stock. She thinks he should learn to be a little more cynical about his son. He refuses to be like that and tells her about the ransom notes. Stefano is sure that if the ransom deal hadn't gone awry, they would have Syd back and he could bond again with his son. Kate points out that his son doesn't forgive and he needs to live with the consequences of his actions. They bicker about whose children are more difficult. She's sure her children are more forgiving than Elvis. "We have a special bond between us and it will never be broken," Stefano insists.

When Elvis gets home, Anna calls to remind him to bring Syd's medicine. He tells her that he'll be by later. When he turns around, his father is standing there. Stefano offers to help his son find Syd and apologizes if he's hurt him. Elvis claims he's sorry too... sorry he may never see his little girl again because of his father's machinations. "You've ruined my life," Elvis says. Stefano tells him to go to Hell and walks off. Troy calls to apologize to Elvis and promises that he won't rat him out. "You'll be safe as long as you are loyal," EJ assures him. Later, as Stefano looks for papers, he knocks over Elvis' jacket and finds a syringe and drugs in the pocket. "Why do you have a medicine bottle for an infant?" Stefano asks Elvis as he returns.

Kate tracks Philip down at Java and announces that she wants to do something for Mel. He tells her that Viv already helped her get a dress. Kate is outraged and reminds him of how dangerous Vivian is. She's starting to fear that he's even stupider than she thought. He compares her various crimes to Viv's and suggests that Mel would be worse off with her.

January 26, 2010
Not You Honey.

Carly brings Mel and Philip some hors d'oeuvres. He walks off to check on his brother and Carly begins apologizing for pushing them into a dinner party. "You're my mom and you're in my life and that's good," Mel says. Carly is so happy she convulses in tears. Suddenly, Mel's cheeks puff out and she falls over. She's been shot in the back. Viv walks in with a gun. "Payback's a bitch," she quips. Carly wakes up from this dream when Justin shows up. Bickering erupts. He accuses her of coming and stealing Bo away without giving a damn about anyone else. She's not enjoying his moral policing. He prods her for why she went to Maggie's and, when he suggests that Lawrence was driven to be so bad because he had to live with her, she slaps him across the jaw. "You've kept in shape," he jokes. She accuses him of being a glib hypocrite biding his time to comfort Hope. He insists that what she has with Bo isn't real. "This isn't all my fault," she claims, walking him to the door and taunting him some more about Hope.

At Maggie's, Mel catches Viv talking to someone on the phone about her and asks what's going on. "It's a surprise," Viv gasps. Mel wonders why she looks so freaked out. Viv begins fixing her necklace and then calms down. She explains that she has a maelstrom in her, but she finds Mel charming. "For a second it looked like you wanted to kill me," Mel says with a laugh. "Not you honey," Viv says. After Vivian leaves, Maggie comes down. She drinks tea and chats with Melanie. They discuss Kate and how manipulative she is. Mel wonders what Vivian is really up to. Maggie gets tired and decides she wants to roll back into the sack. Mel gives her some Zen advice and they hug. Meanwhile, Vivian is with Gus at the pier. He informs her that Melanie is actually Carly's daughter. Viv grouses. She thought she could enjoy destroying her enemy's daughter but this puts a real damper on things. However, she soon decides that Mel is just a pawn who can be sacrificed.

At the mansion, Victor notices the bilious look on Philip's face and assumes he wants to talk about Vivian. "Are you in love with her?" Philip probes. Victor almost dies laughing. "I haven't laughed so hard since Kate's wedding," he says. The only place they are in love is in Vivian land - way, way over the rainbow. Philip asks him about Viv's desire to accompany he and his bride on the honeymoon. Victor assures him that won't happen and tells him not to worry. Philip heads over to Maggie's to see Mel. He asks her out to eat. She can't leave Maggie alone so they eat leftovers and discuss Viv. Meanwhile, Vivian returns to the mansion and wanders around with her envelope of info. Victor asks her what's going on. She slips him the proof that Mel is the one she's been looking for. He advises her to think long and hard before she does anything that could hurt Philip. She has to think things over. Simply killing Carly just seems so anticlimactic at this point...

Sami cleans up her living room. As she piles up the FBI sweat clothes, she remembers fighting with Rafe. He comes through the door to tell her that there is no news. She begins apologizing and telling him that she was just lashing out. "I think you just told me what's in your heart," he says. Deep down, she just doesn't trust him. Sami cries and makes excuses. They bicker over what went wrong. The screaming is interrupted when Gabi drops by. Sami plods off to the other room while Gabi tells her brother what just happened with Ari. They run off. Sami returns and finds them gone. She throws a fit and flies out the door.

Over at the station, Roman informs Ari and Brady that she has to go back to jail since her assignment has been bungled. Brady begins ranting and Roman advises him to stop being stupid because things could get worse. Roman lets her know that she will be locked up with Nicole and then walks off. Brady tries to reassure her. Rafe and Gabi arrive to comfort their sister. Brady asks Roman if there is anything his family can do. "Don't go there," Roman says. Brady turns back to Ari and tells her that this isn't right. Rafe leaves in a huff and tracks down his friend in the bureau. He spins the reasons for why his sister shouldn't be sent back to jail and then sends his friend off to issue threats to Ari's bosses for him. Back at the station, Ari cries to her sister and Brady. As she's led off in cuffs, Roman stops them and announces that the DEA has issued a stay. He assumes Rafe was behind this. Ari's thrilled.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano finds an infant's medicine bottle in EJ's jacket. He asks his son what is going on. "This is about Sydney isn't it?" he guesses. Elvis plays stupid and then tells him it's not of his business. Stefano chuckles. They argue. When Stefano threatens to take the pills to Roman, EJ claims they are for Johnny. Sami plods in. Stefano shows her the medicine and she backs up EJ's story. After he leaves, the parents discuss not knowing anything new. She just doesn't want to be alone and tells him she hasn't been getting along with Rafe. EJ gives her his sleeve to sob on. As he promises her that he will get their daughter back, Stefano peers in and wonders what his son is really up to.


January 27, 2010
Someone's World Is Ending.

Bo notices Rafe spent the night sleeping at the station. Rafe gives him a chance to look over the latest evidence. Bo's seen it before and couldn't come up with anything. He suggests that Rafe go home and be with Sami. "I don't think Sami wants to see me anymore," Rafe grumbles. They bond over the kidnapping gone wrong. The forensics report comes in. After looking it over, Rafe throws out an expletive and storms off.

Hope meets with Justin at the pub. He stops her from babbling to point out that Carly is sitting nearby. Hope refuses to budge. Carly takes the hint and leaves. Justin opines that Carly has completely changed and Bo is in for trouble. As they chat, he gets a call and they decide to reschedule their meeting. Hope runs off and catches Carly on the pier. "You hurt my husband, you answer to me," Hope says. Carly thinks that's rich coming from her and accuses her of being jealous. Hope plays the Ciara card and says that whatever baggage she's dragging into Bo's life, it better not hurt her little girl. They argue over the past and how they've changed. Bo arrives and asks what's going on. Hope takes a swipe so Bo takes Carly and leaves. "I have nothing," Hope realizes. Bo and Carly go back to his place. He offers to speak to Hope for her but she tells him not to bother. They have coffee and she suggests that he talk to Hope again. He won't. "I'm right where I want to be," he says.

At the mansion, Victor gets annoyed that Viv spends all of her time fantasizing about how to kill Carly instead of doing it. He doesn't give a toss about Lawrence, he just wants Dr. Manning out of Bo's life. He makes it clear that Mel is off limits and tells her to keep his fingerprints off of this. Viv goes out and corners Carly on the pier. She chops her up with a butcher knife. This is just a fantasy though, and it's giving her a headache. As she ices her head, Lawrence appears. He warns her about Carly and tells her not to focus on killing her. Death is too good for her and it would mean she would be stuck in limbo with him. He just wants to see her suffer for the rest of her life. They bicker and he tells her to give him justice by killing Carly's daughter.

At Maggie's, Mel shows her landlady what Carly did to her dress. Maggie gets to work trying to clean the dress as Mel moans about the weirdness between Carly and Viv. She admits that she doesn't feel bad about being mean to Carly. Maggie doesn't like her being rude. A deliveryman shows up with something for Mickey. Maggie bursts into tears. It's a box of his stuff from work. They find an anniversary card for her inside. Maggie sobs and reads it, then she opens the gift he left her. It's ballet tickets. She decides to give them to charity. They hug and Mel carts off some stuff for the local shelter. Maggie goes through another box and finds a bottle of scotch. Before she can pour it down the drain, she stops herself.

EJ calls Anna to ask how Syd's teething problems are. Anna says they're okay but she misses him. He hangs up as Sami comes in. She tells him that she's starting to forget what her baby looks like and rants about how all of her decisions are wrong. He gives her a pep talk. "I hope someday you will be able to forgive me," she says. He whips out Syd's baby book and tries to assure her that their daughter will come home safe. He promises that he is using his vast criminal network to track her down. Sami knows he keeps his promises. Rafe barges in and explains that EJ's fingerprints and DNA are all over the ransom notes. Because EJ kept the notes from them, he ruined any chance at getting evidence from them they had. EJ claims his people checked the notes over and there was nothing to find. Rafe tries to reassure Sami that this isn't over. They begin arguing over her relationship with EJ. Elvis slips into the foyer to call Anna. Even she can hear the battle between Rafe and Sami. "It sounds like Armageddon," she says. He's sure that someone's world is about to end. He smiles as Sami storms past him and out the door.

January 28, 2010
Please Tell Me Why I Mean So Much To You?

Rafe is at the mansion yelling at himself when Elvis notices he's still there. EJ offers to tell him what his arguments with Sami are about. He explains how Sami must be feeling and says that neither of them will ever stop blaming Rafe for their daughter vanishing. Rafe already had that much figured out.

Sami paces around the townhouse angrily picking up toys and thinking about her latest fight with Rafe. Ari shows up at the door and Sami tells her that Rafe is never coming back. Ari tells the blonde that Rafe saved her last night. "I wish I could say the same for Sydney," Sami groans. Ari explains a little more and Sami blows up at her, demanding to know what else Rafe has been keeping from her. The man himself shows up so Ari escapes. Sami flips out on him and blames him again for Syd being gone. He doesn't see the point in rehashing this again. She loves him, but she can't do this anymore. "I guess I should start packing my stuff then," he concludes. "You're moving out," she interprets. As he packs, she turns pink and cries. As he leaves, he stops so they can share a stare.

Anna calls EJ at the mansion to check in. He gets sarcastic and then gloats about how dumb the FBI has been. He bursts into gales of laughter as he talks about how miserable Sami is. Syd gets on the phone. "Adadadadada," she says. Elvis offers to get Anna some chocolates and then hangs up so he can answer the doorbell. It's Arianna. He lets her in and leaves his phone by her purse. She thanks him for saving her from Troy and then explains that she has been working for the DEA for months. She's worried that the head of the drug cartel is still on the loose. "Yeah, I would be," he says. He shows her baby pictures until a business call comes in. When Elvis leaves to take it, his phone rings. She picks it up and Anna immediately babbles, "Go ahead and bring the chocolates whenever it's safe."

Chloe is at the hospital making calls when Daniel drops by for a grope and cuddle. Carly wanders in as the doctor and the diva make plans for later. After Chloe skips away, Daniel drags Carly off to talk about her latest freakout over Vivian. Carly worries that Mel thinks she's a nutcase now and Viv is still on the loose. "It's a downer," Daniel summarizes. They vaguely rehash their history and talk about his dead wife. When Daniel leaves, Chloe runs into Carly and they talk about how worried Chloe is about her fertility issues.

Steph and Nate wander out of the pub bloated from breakfast. She tells him that she has lots of energy for dancing later. They make out. The phone rings. It's Melanie and she wants to meet up. Steph gets off the phone and tells the intern that they should inform Mel that they are dating so things will stop being so awkward. He gets nonchalant and walks away. Steph meets with Mel in the pub and they talk about the wedding plans falling apart, which gets pretty awkward. Before Steph can say that she is dating Nate, she notices the time and runs off to work. Daniel comes in and asks Mel how she's doing since her latest incident with Dr. Manning. "The dress can be fixed, Carly cannot," she says, asking him to explain why his friend is such a wacko. Daniel gets defensive and tells her that the person who doesn't deserve her respect is actually Vivian. She complains about Carly flipping out over her wedding and walks out.

Maggie sits in her kitchen, miserable and contemplating a bottle of scotch. Later, Nathan arrives and finds it open. Maggie walks in and assures him she didn't drink it, though she was tempted. She's feeling guilty about not getting to Mickey sooner. She breaks into tears and cries on his shoulder. Mel walks in and watches from the door as Nate reassures her. After Maggie leaves to run some errands, Mel tells Nathan how wonderful he is. He declares that he has nothing to talk about with her and walks out. Frustrated, she walks out. Wandering the streets, she thinks of kissing Nathan and punches some metal. Carly finds her yelling at herself and checks out her knuckles. Nothing is broken but there is a bone bruise. Mel doesn't understand why she is always being compassionate to her. "Please tell me why I mean so much to you?" she begs. Carly asks if she can keep a secret. Meanwhile, Maggie goes home and cries over Mickey's picture.

Chloe walks into the pub to see Daniel. He can sense something is wrong so he gives her opera tickets. She's thrilled. "You obviously don't understand how amazing I am," he says. She thinks he's pretty amazing. Back at the hospital, Steph bumps into Nathan and they each admit that they didn't break their news to Melanie. They agree not to say anything until after Philip and Mel are married.

January 29, 2010
Out Of Her Friggin' Mind.

At the mansion, Viv tells Victor that she's just had an epiphany. That doesn't make him less grouchy. She's decided exactly what to do about Carly. He mocks her and asks for her idea. Viv explains she is going back to her plan of eliminating Mel. He reminds her that she is about to marry his son and, besides, she likes Melanie. Viv claims that's wrong and Mel actually annoys her. Victor doesn't buy that and accuses her of lying and going back on her word. He demands to know what made her change her mind. "Lawrence," she says. When she tells him her dead nephew could be listening to them, Victor begins talking to mid air. "Your aunt is out of her friggin' mind," he yells. He forbids her to go anywhere near Melanie again. "I'll talk to you when you've calmed down," she says. He forbids her plan again. After he stomps off, she calls Gus. They meet on the pier and she advises him that they have to be more discrete and make sure that Mel's demise looks like an accident.

Carly and Mel are at the pier. The doctor offers to tell her 'the truth'. Carly asks if they can go somewhere less public. They head to Maggie's. When they get there, Carly tries to avoid explaining things but Mel hammers at her. As Carly ices her hand, she explains that she had a daughter. Mel's not that interested. Carly tries explaining why she has been insinuating herself into her life. Mel begins babbling about how she never had a mommy, but ever since she got engaged to Philip, she's had more moms than she knows what to do with. Carly decides to leave. Mel reminds her she was supposed to tell her something. When Carly tells her she lost her daughter, Mel assumes she has a dead daughter and must be empathizing with Mia. Mel begins apologizing. Carly cries and tells her not to apologize. Mel continues talking about how hard it must be to lose a child. Carly tells her about Nicholas and then hints that Bo isn't the reason she came back to town. Carly avoids telling the truth and says that Salem just feels like home to her. Mel decides that they are sort of friends so she confesses that she doesn't actually like Vivian.

At the townhouse, Rafe packs up his stuff and heads for the door. Sami stops him before he can escape. She gives him the Saint Anne's medal that the nun gave her when she was pregnant. "This medal gives me hope," she says. It makes her feel close to Syd and she thinks he needs that more than she does. "I can't take this," he says. She begs him to take it. When he does, he promises not to rest until he finds Syd and brings her home. Maybe then things can be different for them... She has no idea and begins crying, insisting that she was only doing the right thing for her daughter. Rafe leaves. She keeps crying.

Arianna accidentally answers EJ's phone when she's at the mansion. Anna babbles about chocolates. "Do I know you?" Ari asks. Anna hangs up. "What are you doing?" Elvis demands, accusing her of spying on him. She points out that they have identical phones. He apologizes. She asks him if he has something to hide. When he claims he's just under a lot of stress, she asks him who Anna is. A stupid grin fills his face and then he begins stuttering and playing dumb. After trying to deflect the question, he explains that Anna is his brother's widow. She asks him why she said he should come when it's safe. He clears his throat a lot and dodders through a convoluted explanation. "I think there is more going on here than you are telling me," she says. He explodes. "Just relax," she says, explaining that she can see in his eyes how much his father has hurt him. She feels sorry for him. Before she can leave, he asks her not to let anyone known that Anna is in town. After she's gone, he starts cursing Anna to himself and then calls her to scream at her. Anna asks him to stop being mean and wonders what they should do. "Don't you worry about Arianna Hernandez. I'll take care of her," he says.

Brady shows up at the station to rant to Roman about how worried he is for Ari. Roman gets offended and claims he's been busy trying to protect her. Brady decides to go and find her on his own. After he trudges off, Rafe shows up looking for news. There isn't much so Rafe explains he's left Sami's. Meanwhile, Brady goes to see Sami. He's looking for Rafe. She explains that he's not coming back and then flops on the couch to tell him about all of the fights she's had with Rafe. He heads over to Ari's, where he finds her in her room. She tells him that she went to thank EJ for saving her and talks about what a hard time he's been having. He reminds her of what a big time criminal EJ is. They change the subject to Rafe and Sami breaking up. Outside, Rafe walks by the pub. EJ stops him and tells him how sorry he is that he's broken up with Sami again.


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