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1st Week of July Daily Summaries

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July 5, 2010
Don't Destroy Me.

In the cells, EJ tells Ari they can always appeal if the judge denies her bail. He repeats that he is sure Nicole is behind all of this and they will soon catch her. Meanwhile, Rafe runs into Nicole on the pier as she gets off the phone. He heard her say his sister's name and accuses her of being mixed up with what's happening to her. Nicole snorts at him and he heads to the courthouse. Gabi is pacing around and worrying. Nicole comes in with her crew and Rafe arrives and gets defensive. They bicker until EJ and Ari come in. Nicole sends her camera guy off and wishes Ari luck. "Are you serious?" Ari asks. Elvis ushers her away. Nicole paces and worries about what her ex is up to. The bailiff shuts the court room door in her face. She waits with her camera man until Ari and EJ come out. The lawyer announces that she has been granted bail. He adds that he told the judge he has proof that someone else was behind the attacks. Nicole cringes. EJ explains that he took care of the bail payment. Brady arrives and EJ keeps smirking until he leads his client away. Brady and Rafe stand in the corner and wonder why Ari hooked up with EJ. "You've got to find a way to get through to her," Rafe says. Brady fills him in on everything that's been happening while he was away. He wanders over to Nicole and they discuss how cozy Ari is getting with EJ. She urges him to move on and then leaves to take a call. He tracks Ari down and tells her he would have posted her bail. They argue about who has more faith and he says the only thing that matters is that she's free. She tells him they need to cut all ties and gives him his ring back. Even if she loves him, that's not enough. He refuses the ring, advising her to sell it so she won't have to be indebted to EJ. "Sooner or later he will want your soul," he warns. After he leaves, Elvis wanders over and she assures him she doesn't think he's the devil. When Nicole pops up again, Ari departs. EJ tells the blond to scram and says it will be delicious to imagine her covering her own trial.

Shane and Kimberly are at the pub. He's resigned from the ISA to dedicate himself to her. She apologizes for being so hard on him. They sit down and he tells her that he will be there for her now. "It's too late," she says. He refuses to believe that but she thinks they are leading separate lives. He knows they can't go back to where they were, but they can go on together. Later, Rafe strolls in and joins Shane at a table. Shane tells him he's back with Kimberly and gives him a pep talk about dealing with the DiMeras. Kimberly comes in and then takes Shane away with her. Rafe calls his superior and requests that he not be sent out of town in the near future.

Chad, Will and T. get out of the water at the old swimming hole and towel off. T. runs off to talk to Kenzie and the boys talk about their school work and grades. Chad disses Will's mom and Will gets defensive. Chad says that things have been weird since Mia disappeared. T. and Kenzie plod over and  notice Gabi is gone. Will runs off to look for her and bumps into her at the pier. She tells him her sister is out on bail so he invites her out to the lake. She thanks him for caring and checking up on her. They return to the others and Chad gets uncomfortable when Will helps Gabi take her top off. Chad sends Will off to get the food from the chef at the mansion.

Kate groans as Madeline shows up at Casa DiMera. The judge barges in and tells her that she can't tell Stefano what she found out or lives could be destroyed. Kate tells her this is all her fault for stirring things up. Madeline keeps begging and Kate keeps saying she has to think about this. They talk about what good friends they were and what a great prostitute Madeline was. Madeline continues to fear she will lose the new life she has built if her secret comes out. "Don't destroy me," she begs. As they talk about their past in detail, Will strolls by the door and overhears.

July 6, 2010
Dude Holds A Grudge.

At Casa DiMera, Katie promises Madeline she won't mention the document unless Stefano brings it up. When they talk about the old days when they were whores, Will just happens to walk by and overhear them. He gasps and scurries away. The women continue to talk until Stefano wanders in. Madeline claims she is just there to get some closure. He thinks she's lying through her teeth. After they trade barbs, he drifts off and returns to his wife after Madeline leaves. Kate assures him 'the hyphenated woman' has been de-fanged and hands him some booze. They chat about Will and he explains that he is giving the boy an internship at DiMera Enterprises. She's impressed that he is becoming so fond of Will. "I've begun to feel as if he's my own grandson," he says.

At the mansion, Henderson informs Viv that Victor won't be home for dinner. "Better be a business dinner," she grumbles. Meanwhile, Victor goes over to Maggie's to ask her out to dinner so they can discuss his plans for the Mickey Horton scholarship. She's not going anywhere with him. He insists that he isn't trying to con her into dinner. Viv shows up. Victor barks at his wife to leave. Maggie asks Victor to leave and Viv to stay. Viv admits she's disgusted that she has to chase her husband into the suburbs and accuses Maggie of being her romantic rival and tells her she makes Betty Crocker look like Lady Gaga. Maggie calls her a neurotic shrew. "Damn you for being right," Viv sneers.

Jenn runs into Carly by Salem's cheery spot -- the pier. She wants to stick around if Carly needs a friend. The doctor explains that she has yet to resolve things with Daniel. They begin talking about Bo and Hope. Jenn doesn't think her friend is seeing things clearly. Carly is willing to learn to live with Hope always being in Bo's life. Later, Jenn wanders around alone, calling Jack and telling him she will see him soon. She bumps into Viv, who gives her condolences about Alice. Jenn tries to run but Viv bring up Lawrence. "I'm going back to London and you know exactly where you can go," Jenn exclaims.

At Casa da Bo, the bearded one has a hard time sorting through Ciara's crayons. He starts staring at the divorce papers until Hope arrives. They sends Ciara upstairs and Hope announces that she has a big problem with Ari being out on bail. The detective thinks that Ari is a 'sicko' who will compulsively attack people. As she rambles about Ari's MO and motivations, it turns into a rant about powerful men. Bo starts to think she is too close to this. "I'm worried that you could be next," she says. Hope notices the divorce papers and thinks they should discuss them. As she recommends they get on with it, Carly walks in. Hope plods off to see her daughter and then they leave together. Bo tells Carly that they are moving on to the divorce. She asks him if he is absolutely sure this is what he wants. He's tired of being in limbo. She worries that Hope is suffering from more than grief and acting wacky. He's uncomfortable discussing this with her. Meanwhile, Ciara and Justin return to the mansion. He sends her off to get some cookies and offers to look after Ciara for Hope so she can get some rest. She thanks him and goes upstairs and pops some pills. After she sleeps for five minutes, she leaps up and her eyebrows arch. Downstairs, Ciara sells Justin a picture. She tells him her mommy had his wallet.

In the underground gambling place, Baker plays with his poker chips and thinks about Hope. Nicole barges in and complains about Elvis. "Dude seems to hold a grudge," Baker opines. Nicole has a plan. He wants to run but she orders him to listen. She advises Dick and his partner to take EJ out. That's not going to happen. She asks him how much he needs to give up his partner's name and offers him some cash. He tells her that his partner means something special to him. She's impressed he's not spineless anymore and saunters out.

On the beach, T. tells Gabi and Chad that it's impossible to be masculine while licking an ice cream cone. He leaves to take a call form his mom and Gabi and Chad talk about his fight with his parents. He's sure he'll never live up to their standards. T. returns and they talk about Chad's college plans. Kenzie calls and T. runs off to meet her, leaving Chad to invite Gabi to Wakeforrest. Will sticks his head out of the bull rushes. He wanders over and says he forgot the food. Gabi strolls off and Will instantly calls Chad out for putting the moves on Gabi as soon as Mia left. Chad is defensive but Will thinks he's a big jerk and grabs him by the throat when he starts bad-mouthing Sami. Chad thinks Will's mom is a skank and chucks him on the ground. "At least my mother wasn't a whooooore like yours was!" Will yelps.

July 7, 2010
Bad Girls Have All The Fun.

At Casa DiMera, EJ and his father discuss Nicole. Stefano worries she will soon figure out that Elvis has nothing on her and offers to turn up the heat. He's glad they are on the same team again. EJ wants to put their hard times behind them. He regrets the things he did to Sami. His father is afraid that he is heading for a fall when it comes to Sami. EJ insists he's not an idiot. "You're in love - that's exactly the same thing," Stefano says. EJ insists that he is 'a little bit smarter' than Sami and will manage to keep his cover-up going. He assures his father that everything will be fine. "Famous last words," Stefano says.

At the pub, Caroline is teasing Sami about living in the mansion with a bunch of cooks. She starts to probe and asks her how deep she's been letting EJ in. Sami gives her the 'EJ is different' talk but Caroline isn't terribly convinced. She tells her that Victor always wanted to change but he couldn't. Meanwhile, Nicole stands outside watching and starts to wonder if EJ confided in Sami about her. She goes inside to probe. The blonds bicker. Sami grabs her fried chicken and leaves. Nicole sits down for a martini. Stefano plods in and sits with her to utter threats. He suggests that she get out of town before everything crashes around her. After he wanders off, she walks down to the pier and runs into the man who has been following her. She starts to argue with him then tears her shirt and begins screaming. A cop arrives. She claims she was attacked and leaves the guy with the cop.

Sami arrives at Casa DiMera and finds Elvis brooding. He says he's thinking about her and what a tough year she's had. She's thinking about dinner and flashlight tag. He guffaws. She asks him to go picnicking with her and the kids. That sounds like a date to him. He fondles his hair and they decide to talk about him saying that he loves her. She explains that she's confused. "Confused is wonderful," he says. She thinks she's still acting like a sixteen year old. He tells her that she should do what's right for her, even if that means walking away from him. He puts on his pink shirt and grabs a bag of wine so they can go out and celebrate the time she spent under his roof. As soon as they leave with their picnic basket, Nicole breaks in and begins searching for whatever proof EJ might have on her.

Down by the water, Will explodes at Chad for dissing his mom. "At least my mother wasn't a whore like yours was! My mother made mistakes but she never turned tricks," Will says. Chad jumps on him. A cop arrives to stop their kerfuffle. Will explains that he is Commander Brady's son and this will never happen again. "Stay in school," the cop says, dropping Chad and walking off. Chad asks Will why he thinks his mother was a ho. "Ask her yourself," Will suggests. He explains that Madeline was part of Kate's weird past. Chad thinks this is all crazy so Will reminds him of the picture they saw of the two women. Chad ponders and then heads to the pub to see his mom. She notices he's been fighting and worries that anything that goes on his record could come back to haunt him. "You talkin' from personal experience?" he asks. He begins probing for how she paid her way through the school. She doesn't want to talk about it and doesn't want him to go through what she did.

At the mansion, Ciara sells Justin some of her art work and tells him his wallet was with all of the other men's wallets under her mom's bed. Justin gets confused and rushes upstairs. Hope is in her room laying on the lipstick and calling Dick. She interrupts his reading, "Bad Girls Have All The Fun," to tell him she's back. They arrange to meet. When she goes to the door, Justin is standing there about to knock. He asks her where she's going. She needs to go and clear her head. He brings up the wallet and she flips out, exclaiming that her daughter lies. Calming down and patting her hair, they discuss how Ciara could have come up with such a wacky story. He offers to get Ciara to confide in him about what she thinks she saw. Hope decides to halt this conversation by sticking her tongue in his mouth. Back downstairs, Adrienne arrives and checks out Ciara's latest drawings. The little girl tells her that Justin is up in Hope's room. She rushes upstairs and sees Justin in Hope's arms. They notice her so Hope explains that Justin was just keeping her together. He wonders why she is there. She needs him to sign some paperwork. Hope rushes them out of the room and then sneaks out to meet Dick in his underground den. He's pleased as punch to see her. His life was so boring without her. She tells him her ex will pay for what he did to her. Hope hands him a list of stuff she needs. He gags when he reads it.

July 8, 2010
You Ruined My Life!

Stefano runs into Theo and his mom on the pier. He pulls a model boat out of his bag and hands it to his grandson. Lexi worries he's spoiling him. Abe strolls over and acts polite. Stefano takes Theo off to look at the boats and the married couple argues about how they wanted to keep them apart.

Sami and EJ are down by the water getting the picnic ready. He giggles. She whips out the Chex mix and they do a commercial until she spills salad dressing all over his shirt. He thinks she dragged him down there just for this and does a little strip tease for her. She tries to fix his shirt but it's beyond repair. Johnny kicks sand at them and then takes his dad away to meet one of his friends. Sami talks to Syd. Syd looks for ways to escape until Will and Gabi arrive. Sami notices that Will's face has been pummeled but he's not explaining why. Elvis returns and Will helps him clear up the mess. EJ sends him off to see his mom and Gabi comes looking for a lightning bug container. She thanks him for defending her sister. Gabi runs off and Sami returns. Stefano calls and orders his son home immediately. Sami's reluctant to let him go. After he runs off, Sami finds Gabi singing a lullaby to Syd and starts crying. That's the song Rafe used to sing and hearing it makes her miss him. Gabi's sure he misses her too. After she leaves, Will returns and finds his mom sobbing. He suggests that she call Rafe but she can't... because they were just a 'fantasy' and he can't deal with her real life. Will assumes she's talking about EJ's role in it and wonders if he's changed.

At Maggie's, Carly shows up to see her daughter. Mel lets her in once she discovers she has ice cream. Carly explains that Daniel and Chloe are driving her crazy. Mel is afraid that Chloe will hurt her dad and then she'll have to kill her.

Daniel and Chloe lounge around in bed and talk about their baby. This all seems too good to be true. He offers to get dinner ready after he goes to see his daughter. He rushes off. She stares and thinks of Carly and wonders if she's had a change of heart. After she gets dressed, Viv comes to the door and they bicker about Chloe botching the attempt to kill Carly. Chloe's glad she screwed it up. They keep arguing and Chloe realizes that Viv set her up (Viv made it really easy). "You ruined my life!" Chloe gasps. Viv wonders if she ever stops whining and calls her 'a wimp with very large breasts and no backbone'. Chloe orders her out. When she opens the door, Carly is there. Viv sighs and walks out. Carly demands some answers from her and assumes that she has been manipulating Chloe all along. Carly stalks her down the street and continues demanding answers. Viv regrets enlisting Chloe to help her since she couldn't find her ass with a map but vows again to destroy Carly. The doctor drifts off and worries about what to do next.

Daniel drops by Maggie's to see his daughter. He says they've missed a ton of years but she is still his first born and no one will take her place in his heart. She tears up and then takes out her 'I am a big sister' shirt. Mel gives him a book to write down his thoughts about the baby in. He gives her a hug.

Nicole sneaks into Casa DiMera and begins rummaging through EJ's desk. She goes up to his room and mocks his cologne and pockets some cash before discovering a sonogram of her baby. Overwhelmed, she sits down. She stuffs it in her pocket and guesses EJ really has no proof... or does he? She sneaks back downstairs and hides as she hears Stefano arrive. She eavesdrops as EJ arrives and his father informs him that Nicole gave the man they had following her the slip. Her ears perk up when she hears EJ admit he has no evidence against her. Stefano accuses his son of defending Ari just to get into Sami's good books. Elvis doesn't want to trick Sami, not when he's so close to getting the family he wants. Stefano warns him again that Sami could find out what he did. Nicole turns on her recorder. All of the details of the Sydnapping come out and Stefano assures his son no one will ever know.

July 9, 2010

I Don't Even Bat In Your League.

Carly calls Chloe to see how she's feeling. Chloe wishes she would just leave her the hell alone. Carly wants to finish this conversation in person so the diva says she can come over. When Carly hangs up, Kate is standing beside her and asking what Chloe did to screw up her life this time. Carly's not forthcoming. Kate hopes Viv is torturing Chloe in some way. She moans that Daniel is an idiot and he's throwing his life away on Chloe. The anti-Chloe rant continues until Kate gets tired of bothering and leaves.

At the pub, Nathan gives Caroline a bunch off forms for volunteer work at the hospital. Maggie strolls in and Caroline starts sniping at her. Maggie asks for a moment alone with the other woman so Nate runs. She asks Caroline why she is so hostile. "You ignored my advice about Victor," Caroline says, demanding to know what she is doing with 'that man'. The redhead thinks she needs to calm down but Caroline tells her it's a mistake to get involved with him. Maggie insists that her meetings with Victor are all business, but this is none of her business. Caroline tells her to have her meetings somewhere else. Maggie thinks this is insane. Victor walks into the conversation and declares that he is the one Caroline is angry with. Maggie flounces off and Victor and Caroline argue. She tells him to bring on the threats and accuses him of using Maggie. He tells her to stay out of his life and storms out.

At the mansion, Daniel and Victor are bickering about Chloe. the doctor tells him how grateful he is for his help over the years, but he's finally make a life for himself... with Chloe and he needs him to be supportive. Victor sighs. Daniel leaves with a box of his parents' stuff. He heads home and shows the box to Chloe. It contains a christening gown. He wants their child christened in it. She admits she's terrified the baby will never come. Thew doctor tells her it's a miracle and all is well. They hug and kiss until he runs off to work, bumping into Carly in the doorway. Daniel blows a kiss and leaves. The women return to their endless argument. Carly now knows that this mess is all because of Vivian... except for a certain bad decision that Chloe made. After spotting the christening gown, Carly declares that everything is clear now. She is sure that Daniel will be happiest raising his child. Chloe cries and thanks her, assuming she's not going to tell. After a hug, Carly explains that she is only staying silent until a paternity test proves the child is Daniel's.

Philip moans as Mel drags him over to the hospital to pick something up. She bustles off to get it and Steph bumps into him. She starts probing him and accusing him of acting jumpy. He doesn't know why she cares and tells her to get lost for her own good. Mel returns so Steph putters away and the newlyweds suck face. Meanwhile, Nate and Steph go down to the beach and drink orange juice and champagne. They start making out until Mel and Philip giggle past and stumble onto them. Things are uncomfortable. The newlyweds run off. Steph groans and then complains about the couple before singing Nate's praises. Meanwhile, Mel and Philip go back to Maggie's. When she goes to get something, he looks in her bag for his card and discovers her 'I'm a big sister' t-shirt. Mel returns and explains that Chloe is pregnant. "Oh..." he says with a gulp.

Kate drops by the hospital for her checkup. She's still is remission and tells Daniel so. They pay lip service to her poisoning his fiancee and then she says it's tragic that he's deluding himself about Chloe. He thinks she's insane. "She must be doing something right if she has Vivian going after her," Kate says.

Nicole calls EJ and tells him he's a 'heartless creep'. He's groaning in his chair and reading his accounts as she dishes threats. He gets bored and hangs up so she calls again and threatens to ruin his life. She demands that they meet in a public place so they arrange to meet at the pier. Moments later, they meet. He's impatient and snarky. She tells him she has a big bomb and she holds all the cards now. He guffaws at her mixed metaphors and wonders if Brady gave her amphetamines. He rehashes all she did to him and she tells him he's outdone her in the sociopathic department. "I don't even bat in your league, honey," she says. The rake over the kidnapping she did and she insists it was about love. Finally, she says it was wrong because he wasn't worth the effort. He's laughing and twitching. Nicole screams that he's lost everything. She explains that she was in the mansion last night. She heard everything. He nearly chokes when she explains that she knows Anna stole Syd because he told her to.

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