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2nd Week of July Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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July 12, 2010
What's Your Price?

At Casa Da Chloe, the diva and Carly get wrought up about whose baby she is carrying and whether the truth will have to come out. Chloe cries and admits she really has no idea who the father is. Carly agrees to let this go if Daniel is the father. She hopes the other man won't become a complication.

At the hospital, Daniel orders Viv to get lost. She thinks he's unbelievably rude. He tells her there will be hell to pay if she doesn't stay away. He walks off and calls Chloe to let her know that he knows Viv has been harassing her. Carly putters in and he asks her if she knows about the Chloe and Vivian battle. She does. He wonders why he is being left out of the loop. They go to the pub to talk it over. He asks why she is so upset. She claims she's just tired. After he thanks her for having his back, he rushes off.

At Maggie's, Mel's shocked when Philip seems bummed about Chloe getting knocked up. He claims it must just be another hysterical pregnancy but she explains that Carly did the sonogram and it's for real. He wonders how far along she is. She wonders why that matters. They go over Chloe's past failures in the baby department and the hospital sends her a message, asking her in for an emergency shift. He decides that he should pay Chloe a visit and see how she is doing. After he leaves, she gets a call telling her she's not needed. Viv pops up at the door. Mel doesn't want to let her in. Viv starts to prod her about Philip and whether she knows what's been going on in his mind. Mel shouts at her to leave. Vivian seems sad that she's chosen to believe in her mother's lies. "She will blow a hole in your world," Viv warns her before leaving. Mel heads to the pub to find her mom. She senses something is wrong so she gives her a pep talk.

Philip shows up at Chloe's and asks her when she was going to let him know that he is going to be a father. She admits the baby could be his and says that this is all in Carly's hands now. The diva explains the deal she just made with the doctor. He promises to be there for her if the child is his. They hug and then worry about what Carly will do. He's even more worried that Chloe won't keep her mouth shut. If she's really carrying his child though, he doesn't think he can go on lying to Mel's face... She forbids him telling the truth and tells him he's not thinking clearly. He agrees to do things her way. Daniel walks in and stares at them gruffly.

As Sami searches the bushes for the missing penguin, Rafe pops up without a top on. As he towels off, they talk about the penguin. He finds it on the ground and she gushes about how great the penguin is and how the kids always ask about him. She starts to sob. He misses the kids. Gabi interrupts their moment. After Sami leaves, Gabi tells her brother how much Sami misses him. He misses her too but that's not enough.

On the pier, Nicole confronts Elvis for being the evil Sydnapper. He's smug and doubts anyone will believe 'her fable'. She rants about how much worse his crime was than hers. She had to pay so now it's his turn. He sneers and insults her, claiming she'll never prove anything. Nicole stops him in his tracks and whips out her recorder. He blinks, twitches and then claims he's not surprised. She plays the tape for him. He nearly implodes and looks utterly aghast. She plays it again and he has trouble breathing. He tears it out of her hands and smashes it. Nicole says she has lots of copies and they're all ready to be mailed to the authorities. "What's your price?" he asks. "There is no price," she says. He has nothing she wants; she only set up this meeting to watch the blood drain from his face. She backs away as he lurches at her like he's going to kill her. Sami suddenly arrives and Nicole leaps away.

July 13, 2010
Big Happy Family.

At Daniel's Philip and Chloe agree to keep things between them. Daniel walks in and asks what they are talking about. Philip announces that they need to tell the truth. He says he found out Chloe was pregnant and rushed over to congratulate her. Daniel doesn't see why they would be secretive about that. Philip claps and congratulates Daniel. After he leaves, the doctor tells Chloe that he would have done everything he could have to stop Mel marrying Philip if he'd known that she was his daughter. He worries that Philip is pushing Mel around. They bicker and he asks her to put some distance between herself and Philip. He's uncomfortable with her being around her ex. "I am jealous," he admits. She agrees to avoid the other man and gets sarcastic. He yells at her and she backs off, telling him he's the most important person in the world to her. She fills him in on what Viv admitted to her and the games she was playing. He realizes she didn't hallucinate all the stuff about Greg and the affair but was actually set up. "I feel as if I've betrayed you," she adds. She tries to explain again but that doesn't go anywhere. A minute later they're naked. They go to bed and then he goes to the shower to sing some classics by a-ha and Winger.

Ari goes down to the beach and finds Mel preparing for their day out. Brady arrives. The former couple quickly realize that Mel planned for them to meet together like this. Brady tells her that this is none of her business. Mel challenges them to tell her they don't love each other anymore. Brady and Ari explain that what they have is not enough. Mel rants about how unfair everything is and orders them to talk to each other. After she leaves, Ari asks Brady if they made a big mistake. He still loves her and wants her and wonders what went wrong. "It was Nicole," she says. He doubts that this was all Nicole's fault. He claims it was really because she didn't trust him, she trusted EJ instead. She thinks he relates to Nicole more than her. After she gets a call, she tells him they're done and swans off.

Sami arrives at the pier and wonders why Nicole asked to meet her down there. "Do you want to tell her EJ, or should I?" she asks. Sami and EJ go on the defensive and begin ranting at Nicole for trying to destroy everyone else's happiness. Nicole can't believe how clueless Sami is. "Are you gonna do something to screw with my life again?" Sami asks. She leaves to take a call from Caroline. Nicole warns Elvis that she can spill the truth any time. He claims he can convince Sami the tape is a fake. Will and Gabi arrive on the pier and EJ begins telling Nicole that they are part of his new 'big, happy family'. Nicole tells him that the clock is ticking on how long that lasts and then strolls away. Sami returns and EJ starts leading everyone to the pub. Nicole hurries back and says that her crew is coming so she can reveal the 'incredible exclusive' she just got. EJ's eyes start to bug. Ari arrives with the camera and EJ paces. Brady arrives next. EJ corners Nicole and she reminds him that he dumped Syd's clothes right where they are standing. The taping begins and Nicole starts talking about 'an unsolved mystery'.

Philip goes home and finds Mel. They kiss in the kitchen and he hands her some daisies. He says that her father knows that he knows about the baby. She puts the flowers in a vase and tells him about Viv's visit, but what she really wants to talk about is their future. Mel suggests that they start looking for a house of their own. He likes that. She sits on his lap and says she wants a little cottage and an extra baby for when they have a baby. He gulps so she leaps off his lap. After an awkward moment, they agree to look for a house.

July 14, 2010
Unsolved Mysteries.

Bo goes home and calls Carly to come home to him. Justin comes to the door. Bo tries to shoo him away but he's there to talk about Hope. Justin reminds him that they are family and then says he's interested in Hope, but she's not doing well. He wants to look out for her. Bo gives him the stink eye as his cousin explains that he is becoming more than friends with Hope. Justin wonders why Bo think it's okay for him to find someone new but his former wife can't. They bicker and Carly comes in as Bo talks about how he still cares for his ex. Justin decides to leave and heads out the door. She notices that it really bothers him that his cousin wants Hope. They sit down and Bo mopes about how much he'd like to beat the crap out of Justin. Carly understands this since Hope was his soul mate and it must be hard to give her up. They make out, then go upstairs and have sex before talking about Hope some more. Carly tells him how great he is and how she quickly fell in love with him again. She wonders if he has any regrets about getting back with her. He doesn't. They make out some more.Adrienne shows up at the mansion to talk to Hope. "Something is definitely not right and it's you," Adrienne says. Hope goes on the defensive and Adrienne insists that she isn't acting like herself anymore. When the cop claims that she is just friends with Justin, Adrienne thinks she's playing games. It quickly becomes apparent that Hope has no idea what she saw the other night. She plods off.

Abe's seeing a doctor about his sleeping problems. The mayor wants to know what the side effects could be. The doctor explains that the medication tends to turn women into people with alternative personalities. After Abe leaves, Hope shows up, looking for another refill of her drugs. She talks about going off and on the pills but insists she hasn't really had any side effects. He writes her a prescription for another month. She grabs it and runs off. When she goes into the pub, she runs into Justin and begins babbling about the case. He brings up Bo and explains that he told him they were getting closer. Adrienne comes in and Hope runs. The former couple sit down and she warns him that Hope doesn't seem to think what he thinks is happening is happening at all. Meanwhile, Abe drops by the hospital and Lexi notices his sleep medication prescription. She wonders what he's stressed about. Hope sticks her nose in and wonders what as well. He doesn't explain. When he leaves with his wife, Carly and Bo stroll in, all lovey-dovey. Hope cringes.

Baker reads the paper in his motel bed and talks to himself, recapping the situation until he turns on the TV to watch Nicole. She's broadcasting live from the pier about the 'unsolved mystery' she's got the low down on. EJ watches and look nauseous. As she begins her story, EJ asks her to wait and announces he has a statement for the public. He grabs the microphone and explains that he was once foolish enough to fall in love with her. He says that she is a pathological liar and only got her job because of him. "This report is a complete and utter fabrication," he says. She threatens to show her proof but Ari yells 'cut' and ends the broadcast. Ari explains that there was breaking news that cut her off. Nicole rants until the consultant comes over and explains that he okayed the cut. Elvis tries to round up his family and bring them to the pub but Nicole stops them. The family leaves anyway and EJ stands around to goad her. Brady asks her what she was going to tell everyone. Elvis slopes away and Nicole tells Brady that the truth has to stay silent for a little longer. She runs off, leaving Brady with Ari. Neither of them know what is going on. This turns into bickering and she storms off.

Elvis goes back to Casa DiMera. Sami has just put the children in a tub of water. EJ asks her away with him and the children for the summer. Pirate Island isn't available so they are going to tour his father's properties. She suspects this has something to do with what just happened with Nicole. He tries to explain himself when Ari calls and interrupts. He leaves to take the call and quizzes her about Nicole. Meanwhile, Nicole calls Brady and he tells her that she shouldn't be poking EJ right now. She tells Dick not to worry and then heads to Casa DiMera. Sami opens the door and Nicole asks her if she wants to know why EJ is lying to her.

July 15, 2010
He's Dead!

At the hospital, Hope gasps and smells the palm of her hand to avoid watching Bo and Carly's public display of sappiness. When Bo wanders off, Hope saunters over to give her some romantic advice. She suggests that the police commissioner shouldn't be making out in public with a woman who isn't his wife. Hope adds that she should start thinking about what she is doing to Bo's life. The man himself returns and suggests that they have a little talk. He takes Hope into a room and they begin arguing. She admits that a divorce is not what she wanted. They rehash the collapse of their marriage and she ratchets up the sarcasm, offering to be as sweet as pie to Carly. After Hope leaves, he joins Carly and tells her he doesn't understand Hope's mind games. He's not even sure who she is anymore.

At the pub, Chad sits down with Kate and begins interrogating her about his mom. He wants to know what she was like back in the day and why they went separate ways. Kate decides to leave and suggests that he try asking his mother these questions. Across the room, Justin defends Hope and all of her problems to Adrienne. She thinks something is way off. He thinks she's way off. They argue and she flounces off. He hopes she's wrong about Hope. Meanwhile, Adrienne drops by Casa da Bo to talk about Hope. She claims she's not trying to stir things up and then says that Justin and Hope were kissing.

Charles and Madeline are at the beach toasting to her nomination to the appellate court. He worries that she might have some skeletons in her closet. Kate calls and informs her that she has a problem -- her son and his obsession with her past. Maddie runs off and Charles wonders what she seems to be scared of. She goes down to the pier to meet her son to tell him that he needs to learn to be discrete while she's under public scrutiny. He guesses Kate called her. They bicker until he says he knows she was a 'whore'. Meanwhile, Kate bumps into Charles and tells him she's known his wife forever and they need to have a little talk. It quickly becomes apparent that he's clueless about his wife's past.

At Casa DiMera, EJ calls around to find Nicole. Johnny comes in and asks for help with his puzzle. Elvis flips out at him and throws the puzzle. Elvis apologizes and suggests they go away on a vacation. Downstairs, Sami is bickering with Nicole in the doorway and refusing to listen to anything she has to say. Nicole pushes her way in but Sami bellows and rants. By the time Nicole actually gets a chance to speak, EJ comes down and starts barking. Sami storms off and Nicole threatens to make the tape public. She's enjoying seeing him sweat and advises him to enjoy his freedom while it lasts. Once Nicole is gone, Sami returns and says that her gut tells her that Nicole has something on him this time. He explains that he made her mother's townhouse uninhabitable so she would move in with him. She fumes and then laughs and calms down. He tries talking her into traveling with him so she wonders why he's so eager to run off. They begin arguing about Rafe. That makes things worse so tells him to go to a topless beach and have a good time. After she storms off, he calls Marco to round up Nicole.

At the mansion, Victor eavesdrops as Brady tells Mel over the phone that he and Ari are over. When the call ends, Victor strolls in and refuses to gloat about the good news. He's sure Brady's in pain and he's sorry for that. After Victor walks off, Nicole shows up. He asks her about the scoop she has on EJ. Brady is tired of Sami drinking his kool aid and offers to help her take Elvis down. Slowly, she explains the Sydnapping. "He's dead!" Brady shouts. But that was just in her imagination. She snaps out of it for a few seconds and then has another fantasy where Brady doesn't believe her and the whole thing blows up in her face. Snapping out of that, she decides not to tell him anything. Meanwhile, Justin wanders into the pub and joins Victor for a martini. Victor repeats that he wants him to stay away from Hope. Justin's worried about her. Victor's sure she is fine.

July 16, 2010

You're Almost Like A Hero To Me.

Ari wanders into Casa DiMera and finds EJ bitching on the phone to Marco because he doesn't know where Nicole is. They sit down and discuss her case. He's still sure Nicole set her up. She wonders what Nicole's big story was. Before she leaves, he tells her he may leaving town indefinitely. She wonders is he's in trouble. He's not very explanatory but promises to get her a good lawyer if he goes. She thanks him and thanks him for defending her. When she hugs him, he looks a bit uncomfortable.

At the mansion, Nicole is doing pre-emptive damage control with Brady before she tells him what she has on EJ. He tells her that if he doesn't hate her by now, he never will. She repeats that she loves him and is afraid that the truth will ruin any future they could have. They rehash their botched romance and she says that turning him down was the biggest regret of her life. She claims that she is responsible for his breakup with Ari. He doesn't believe that and claims they just weren't meant to be together. Nicole wonders if he still loves her. He avoids a direct answer so she kisses him to help him decide. As things get intense, he pulls back and turns the topic back to EJ. She says what she had on him is nothing and she's dropping it so she can focus on the positive things in her life. A business call comes in for him so she heads out, bumping into Marco on the way.

Brady is at the beach when Nicole stops by in her bikini and strokes his pecs. She asks him to make the night hot. Brady snaps out of this fantasy when he notices Ari standing beside him and calling his name. They share an awkward moment and he wishes her good luck with the trial. Meanwhile, Marco brings Nicole to Casa DiMera. She and EJ begin their instomatic verbal sparring. He guesses she hasn't told Brady anything because it would expose what she did to Ari. Nicole doesn't care because she's already found another way to make Elvis pay. She wants to punish Sami as well since she's been a jerk. "I want you two to burn in Hell together," she says, explaining that she won't reveal his secret. Her silence won't come free, but he'll have to wait to find out what she wants.

Kate is wandering around when she gets a call, gasps and runs off to the hospital. She meets Lexi and they go to see Stefano. Kate thinks he's dead. He was just sleeping and wakes up. He explains that he ran out of insulin and came there to get fixed up. He has to make a call so Kate hands him her phone. He notices that she was talking to Madeline. Stefano frets that Maddie and her son will screw things up. His wife tells him to calm down but he worries their role in the congressman's death will come out.

By the pier, Chad blows up at his mom for her past as a hooker. When he hopes she wasn't a cheap one, she slaps him. They bicker and he explains that he heard all of this from Will. She stutters through blaming Will and his family. He accuses her of being a hypocrite. When he threatens to go and talk to his dad about this, she forbids it and offers to tell him everything. Madeline admits that what Will heard was true. She tries explaining herself and how she didn't feel she had any choice. After she begs him never to tell Charles about this, she slips and says that there are many secrets. "What else are you hiding from me?" he demands. They argue and he storms off. She runs up the stairs after her but he tears his arm away from her and she falls down the steps.

Hope runs into Carly in the alley and tries being friendly. Carly's baffled since she just about tore her head off earlier. Hope explains that the woman who yelled at her, wasn't her. Carly's bewildered even more so Hope explains that Bo changes her into a different person. Hope admires her for gutting Lawrence. "You're almost like a hero to me," she says. Carly's eyebrows nearly fall off. Hope plays with her hair and talks about how much she admires her fighting back against her husband. Hope sashays away. She goes to see Baker and is miffed to discover that he hasn't followed her orders and accuses him of trying to subvert her plan for revenge on Bo. He worries that she could get hurt, but she's determined to get even and then disappear. The doctor asks her to run away with him but she's determined to carry out her plan so she can find some peace. Baker begs her to explain her plan. "I'm going to murder my husband," she says.

At Casa da Bo, Adrienne tells Bo about the lipstick Hope was smearing on Justin's face with her mouth. She doesn't think that is normal Hope behavior. He blames himself for Hope's wacky ways and thinks he should have tried harder to make the marriage work. After she leaves, Carly drops in on her break and tells him about her recent weird run-in with Hope. He doesn't get it either and tells her about what Adrienne said. They go over everything Hope said and he decides that he needs to figure out what has gone wrong with his ex.

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