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3rd Week of July Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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July 19, 2010

That's A Bad Idea.

Kate and Stefano are at the hospital bickering about Madeline and whether things are under control. He demands to be informed of things immediately in the future. Meanwhile, on the pier, Madeline and Chad argue. When he storms off, she rushes after him. He pulls his arm away and she tumbles down three stairs to her doom. After he calls an ambulance, she tells him she lied for him. The ambulance comes and they rush Madeline into the OR. Chad sits down to quake in a chair. Stefano and Kate walk by and spot him. Charles arrives and Chad explains that he was fighting with his mom when she fell. "What the hell were you fighting about?" Charles demands. Chad won't explain. Lexi comes out and informs them that Maddie didn't survive.

Philip goes home and makes out with his wife in the kitchen. She tells him she's throwing Chloe a baby shower. "That's a bad idea," he says, claiming it's too soon. Mel realizes she left one of Maggie's spoons on the beach and leaves to get it.

Daniel and Chloe are on their couch discussing baby names. She thinks about having sex on the floor with Philip and sighs. He thinks she's upset because he wants to name the baby Ichabod and assures her everything will be fine. She worries about how Victor will react when he finds out she's having a baby with his son. "Uh, godson," Daniel corrects her. He tells her how much it bothers him that Victor is mean to her and then leaves to get their dinner. Once the doctor is gone, Philip jogs in. She tells him that Viv was behind everything. "I am going to break that bitch's neck!" he says. Chloe forbids it and says there is still a chance that everything could work out. She admits that she told Father Matt about their indiscretion but assures him he can't say anything. They're glad they are still friends.

Nate and Steph get out of the water at the beach, admire each other's bodies and then he hands her a gift in a little pink box. It's a bracelet. They make out. When she climbs on top of him, Mel walks by and gasps. Steph accuses her of stalking them. Mel tells them to get a room and Nate tells her to back off. They have another swim and then she informs her that her roommate is moving out. He suggests that she let him move in. Meanwhile, Mel goes home. Philip comes through the door. She kisses him and tells him she's lucky to have him. They go up to bed. She suddenly realizes that they can have a baby by having sex and he could be an amazing dad.

When Daniel gets to the pub, he runs into Father Matt and starts winking. Daniel asks him again if he'll perform the ceremony. The priest tells him there was no problem with the annulment. Daniel's confused so the priest suggests that he speak to his fiancee. Daniel goes home and tells Chloe about his conversation with Father Matt. She claims that she and the priest aren't getting along anymore and she changed her mind about him performing the ceremony. "You canceled the wedding plans and you didn't tell me?" he asks, demanding to know what her issues are.

Roman drops by Casa da Bo and Beauregard explains all of Hope's strange behavior. Roman hasn't noticed it and tells him to back off. Once Roman leaves, Bo runs off. He drops by the mansion and chats with Ciara about her 'stories'. She insists that the stories are real and tells him that her mom was hugging a man, maybe the man who swiped her treasure. He sends her off to bed and Henderson comes in to say that Hope isn't in the house.

In the gambling den, Hope admits to Baker that she's going to knock off Bo tonight. They look at her bag of Bo-killing material and he says this isn't right. "Time for Bo to die," she sings. He stops her from leaving and starts talking about his feelings for her. After admitting that he's falling for her, he begs her not to go through with her plan and offers one of his own. He suggests that they knock Bo out and clean out his accounts, then leave town. She's touched that he wants to make her happy. She agrees to think it over but still demands that he get her stuff together. He leaves and she tells herself that no one will talk her out of this. She heads to Bo's and cries that she has nothing to look forward to but destruction and death. As she's about to leave, she runs into Bo in the doorway.

July 20, 2010
I Wonder Why...

Bo is startled to walk into his place and find Hope there. She claims that Ciara asked her to stop by and get a video game. He hands it to her. "Hang in there Beauregard," she says, giving him a kiss. He's bewildered and asks her what she did with Hope. She seems different to him. Hope says she's undercover. Beauregard is sure something weird is going on and he worries about her. She gets snarky and tells him to stop listening to 'the gossip fairies' about her. He's frustrated and demands to know what is going on. She becomes distraught and tells him how painful it is to watch Carly sashay around the place she used to call home. He says that she is part of his family and he still loves her. She's moved by this and tells him they'll always have a connection. He gets a call from Carly and that ruins the mood a bit. Since Carly will be in surgery all night, Beauregard offers to chat with Hope. When he drifts off to make coffee, she plays with her pills and declares that her job will be finished soon... and so will Bo. He returns and puts the coffee down before walking away to make a call. She drugs his coffee.

At Daniel's, the doctor is demanding to know what the hell is going on with his fiancee. Chloe claims she just changed her mind about what kind of ceremony she wants. He doesn't buy it so she says Father Matt think she's a nasty piece of work. He's not buying this and offers to talk things over with the priest. She kind of talks him out of that and apologizes for making everything 'confused'. They have sex to get less confused and then he suggests they talk to one of the other priests in town. She suggests they wait a month or so but he's eager to get married right away. "Absolutely not," she says. He flips out and starts to accuse her of not wanting to marry him at all. She wishes she could explain but she can't.

At the hospital, Lexi breaks the news to Chad and his dad that Maddie didn't survive her injuries. Charles storms across the room. "You son of a bitch! You killed her," he tells his son. As he rants at Lexi, Stefano stalks over to defend his daughter until Kate backs him off. Charles rails at his son for being selfish and a killer. Chad tells his father he loves him and needs him to understand. "Stay away from me," Charles says, walking away. Chad follows him and begs him not to cut him out. Lexi explains that Madeline was on medication for a very serious condition and the fall didn't kill her on its own. Madeline died of a ruptured brain aneurysm. Charles doesn't want to listen to this and trudges off. Stefano walks over to Chad to tell him that his mother loved him and was a good woman. That doesn't make Chad feel better and he walks away. Kate later approaches the young man and tells him he should be with his father. Chad's starting to blame himself for what happened. He's sure his father will always blame him... not that he's ever acted like a father. "I wonder why..." Kate mumbles to herself.

Nate stops in at the pub to see Steph. He thinks they need to have a serious talk about moving in together. She thinks he's backing out but he just wants to make sure this is what she wants. Steph says it is. They make out. He wanders off as Adrienne walks in. Steph happily tells her the news about her new living arrangement.

Philip gets out of his bed and goes downstairs. Mel feeds him chocolate and talks about Chloe before babbling about how important honesty is. They make out and she offers to tend to his needs. He picks her up and they go upstairs. After they have sex, she goes back downstairs in only a shirt and Nate walks in, startling her. He's returning Maggie's bowl and spoon. Philip comes down and asks his wife back to bed. She bids Nate good night and he putters off.

July 21, 2010
Maybe I'm About To Get Stupid!

Sami walks into the station and runs into Rafe. She's just bringing him his mail. They discuss the nuances of forwarding mail and he wonders why she came in person. She informs him that her mom is selling the townhouse so she will be living with EJ permanently. Rafe gets sarcastic. Sami defends EJ's fathering skills and says he's very loving. "Loving to the kids or to you?" Rafe asks. She has a hard time admitting that Elvis loves her. She's decided to give him another chance and then loudly defends her decision. Rafe continues being sarcastic and says he's happy for her and EJ. Sami insists that she's just looking out for her kids. He doubts her kids will be happy if she's not. Sami says her life will be easier with lots of servants but he thinks her life will be hell. The secretary interrupts to drop off a file and flirt with Rafe. Once she's gone, Rafe notices Sami staring. She moans about the secretary and then talks about her future with EJ. Rafe asks if she loves him. She evades the question and tells him to respect her decision.

Ari drops by Casa DiMera to fire EJ. He's shocked and asks for a severance check. She explains that she feels like a burden to him and worries because he's leaving town. He's changed his mind about going away. Ari keeps panicking and doesn't want to be a distraction from his other issues. He says she will be his top issue. When she asks him how he will get the dirt on Nicole framing her, he starts to mutter. Johnny runs in and leaps into his father's arms. Ari decides to make her exit and agrees to officially rehire Elvis.

Brady is on the phone at the mansion when Nicole shows up. She wonders if he still has feelings for Ari. He tells her his head is all over the place and he can't consider another romantic entanglement. She burbles and tries to leave. He stops her to explain his emotions. Nicole wonders if he will ever get over Ari. Brady states that he'll never get back with her. They talk about their kiss and he says he's still going to do all he can to get Ari free. She advises him to back off of the case, claiming that she can put her terrible past behind her if she has a future with him. He says they will always be friends and they need to take things one step at a time. She leaves and runs into Elvis down by the water. After he blinks maniacally at her, she tells him she will be blackmailing him until the end of time. They hurl threats around. She didn't think he could get stupid like this. "Maybe I'm about to get stupid!" he screams. She orders him to prove Ari innocent fast. As they argue, Rafe lurks around the corner.

At Casa da Bo, Hope drugs her ex's coffee. He returns and she places the drugged mug in his hands. Her eyebrows arch as she watches him nearly drink. He puts the mug down and says she's not being honest about why she's there. She admits that she only came there to talk to him. He gulps his coffee and offers to listen. Hope stares so hard he gets uncomfortable. She wishes he'd fought harder for them. Bo claims he fought as hard as he could. That's not very convincing to her. She's infuriated that he won't take responsibility. Things get ugly and he claims Carly didn't replace her. He asks if it would change things if he broke with the other woman and had her back. She stares and then takes away his coffee and begins panting. "Your coffee was getting cold... but it's empty," she says. Her eyebrows twitch as he explains that Carly isn't responsible for any of this. "It's all you. It's you," she accuses. Bo suddenly starts heaving and gets dizzy. Hope tells Beauregard he gets all the blame and she's taking her revenge. He collapses. She takes her bag and goes to meet Dick. Baker got the rest of the stuff for her. She pulls out the gas can and smiles. Baker thinks this is evil but she's determined to obliterate Casa da Bo. Dick worries when she tells him she drugged Bo and left him inside. He refuses to let her murder Beauregard... or help her do it anyway. She sneers that she can do it on her own and leaves. Hope heads back to the house, douses it in gasoline and then lights a match.

July 22, 2010
If I Had Half A Brain.

Chloe bumps into Carly at the hospital. The doctor assures her she won't tell Daniel anything about her getting a paternity test. The diva tells her the latest complications and lies. They go over the blame game and Carly promises again to forget all about this if the test proves Daniel is the dad. Chloe worries that everything has gotten out of hand and she might not have a future with Daniel regardless. Maxine comes by and takes Carly away, leaving Chloe to talk to herself about what to do. She meets Father Matt at the pier. He's not that thrilled to talk to her since she's been manipulating him. She tells him she's pregnant and needs him to keep her confidence. The priest listens as she tells him she couldn't survive without Daniel. He thinks she has to come clean before she gets in deeper.

Hope douses Casa da Bo in gasoline and then whips out her matches. "Finally I'll be at peace," she declares. The match goes out as she stares at a photo of Ciara. Daniel shows up. He tries knocking but the door is open. When he goes in, he finds Bo on the floor and smells gasoline. Hope has slipped into the kitchen and drawn her gun. She peers through the door and points it at Daniel as he attempts to revive Bo. Before she can squeeze off a shot, sirens start to ring out. Roman and the EMT arrive. An anonymous man tipped the cops off. Bo is loaded up and taken off. At the hospital, Daniel orders a tox screen. Carly runs in and starts to flip out. After they get some results back, he tells her that someone did this to Bo. Carly keeps flipping out so Daniel orders her out.

On the pier, Nicole offers to keep the tape a secret if EJ gets Ari free before Brady digs anymore. As they agree to this deal, Rafe looms in the bushes and eavesdrops. After they walk off, Rafe is amazed that everything he's been looking for just fell into his lap when he stopped looking. "If I had half a brain in my head I'd forget what I just heard," he grumbles.

Rafe shows up at Casa DiMera. Sami answers the door and he asks her if they have another chance. She claims she would walk away from EJ in a heartbeat. He kisses her. She wakes up. It was just a stupid dream. She talks to herself until the doorbell rings. It's Rafe (for real). He tells her that he just saw EJ and Nicole discussing their 'secret truth'. She refuses to believe that so he accuses her of believing in EJ even when she shouldn't. The bickering continues until he leaves. EJ returns and tells her about Ari's case when she asks what he was up to. He rambles about running into Nicole. Sami is sure she's up to something. He claims Nicole is just bored because her life isn't glamorous, after all, 'this is Salem, not Baghdad'. Sami decides to trust him and then informs him that her mom is selling the townhouse and she was hoping she could live with him. He smiles broadly.

Nicole tracks down Dick in his gambling den to tell him that they are off the hook for setting up Ari. She'd love to ruin EJ's life but is going to have to settle for seeing Sami be miserable with a 'world class bottom feeder'. They decide that this is the end of their relationship and part ways. He worries about Hope. She shows up and confronts him for tipping off the cops to save Bo. "Someone had to save you from yourself Duchess," he says. He didn't want to see her destroy her life. She rambles and screams, accusing him of destroying her plan. He wants to help her but she refuses and leaves to finish what she started. She goes to the hospital just as Daniel stabilizes Bo. Hope listens to Carly and Daniel and then slips into Bo's room when they walk away.

Rafe goes to the pub and starts drinking. Nicole comes in and begins ranting on her phone to her landlord. Rafe listens in and then bribes the waiter to spill food on Nicole. She screeches and he takes her into the kitchen to clean her off. Rafe checks her phone messages and her address and then hurries off.

July 23, 2010

Don't Get Sad, Get Even.

Nicole tries turning the lights out in her hovel to see if it looks any better in the dark. It doesn't. She moans about how much her life sucks. Rafe calls her using a voice scrambler and asks her to meet him at the pier for a story. As soon as she bustles off, Rafe slips into her room and starts to search. He soon discovers a notebook but it's all written in code. He takes some photos of it. Meanwhile, Nicole gets to the pier but no one is there. She guesses she was set up.

At Casa DiMera, Sami tells EJ she's learned to trust him, much to her surprise. They rummage through their past and he talks about the terrible things he did and asks for her forgiveness. He remembers telling her that their baby was dead and then says he's been conning her ever since they met... but he fell in love with her the moment he saw her. Syd starts to cry so he goes up to see her and gets her back to sleep. Nicole calls him to accuse him of sending her off on a wild goose chase. After she hangs up, he moans to Sami about Nicole annoying him. When she probes, he tells her that he will deal with Nicole. "She's jealous of us," he says. Sami agrees and they discuss how unforgivable Nicole is. She goes up to see Syd. When she returns, he tells her that he's arranged for a family portrait and even got her something to wear. She invites him to be in it. He's excited and kisses her goodnight. Across town, Nicole returns to her room and realizes someone was in there.

At the hospital, Roman and Abe try to keep Carly calm and the situation contained. She's nauseated to think about what happened to Bo. Daniel decides to chat with her to get her mind on something else. She weeps and he hugs her. The cops talk over the case and Abe assumes this is related to the other muggings but Roman thinks it's strictly personal. They wonder if Stefano could have done it, but realize that wouldn't make sense. Meanwhile, Hope sneaks into Bo's hospital room and slips on her black gloves. She gives him the kiss of death and then pulls out a syringe to inject an air bubble into his IV. He snores and then wakes up. She hears Carly and Daniel approaching so she runs out the back. The doctors come in. Bo grumbles Hope's name and then flatlines. Daniel puts the pads on to revive him. He's soon stabilized and regains consciousness. All the while, Hope heads back to the mansion and tells a sleeping Ciara that she loves her. She tells her about how Bo cost her Zach and never listened to her about anything. Carly calls, but Hope doesn't answer, just assumes the cops must be after her.

Maggie sits in her kitchen fondling her tea pot when Victor calls and asks if he can come over and show her his plans. She's excited to open his spreadsheet. Before he can leave the mansion, Viv corners him and tries to get him to drink with her. He claims he has a meeting but she knows where he's really going. They bicker and she says that Maggie is exploiting him. She hands him a business plan for the scholarship and announces she's taken care of everything so he won't have to. He looks it over and says it's crap. She's sick of them living like brother and sister. "I can make you happier than that redheaded cow," she blurts out. He's offended and walks out. She goes off to the pub and has a martini with Gus. He listens as she groans about how awful Victor treats her. He tells her to remember who she is and what she's capable of doing. She decides to go to Chicago and pick up moussaka for Victor. Gus mourns the loss of the Vivian he used to know. She feels like a nun and Maggie is getting on her nerves. "Don't get sad, get even," Gus encourages. Meanwhile, Victor shows up at Maggie's and complains about Viv before moving on to business. She actually wants to talk about them. The redhead isn't sure they should be friends, let alone anything else. He could care less what Viv thinks but Maggie insists on doing the right thing. The hospital calls to tell him about Bo so they run off.


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