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4th Week of July Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
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July 26, 2010

Wake Up Barfing With A Doctor.

Victor and Maggie sit in the hospital waiting room. He wakes her up and tells her to go home. Caroline walks in and rants at him for not bothering to call her about their son nearly dying. Maggie rolls her eyes. Caroline's furious and storms off. Victor begins teasing Maggie because she's so upset that two women think she's 'the other woman'. She orders him to go and make things up to to Caroline. He follows Caroline and apologizes for not calling her.

Hope rolls over in her bed and notices that Carly called. She goes downstairs as Justin arrives. He tells her that Bo was attacked. Meanwhile, Bo wakes up in his hospital bed with Carly by his side. She asks if he remembers who did this to him. Roman comes in and teases his brother before telling him never to worry him like this again. Bo has no idea what happened. Roman fills him in on what he knows. Carly becomes distraught and cries into Bo's chest hair as Hope wanders in. Roman leaves and Hope sends Carly out so she can question Beauregard. He doesn't know anything. Carly gets the tox report and says he's lucky to be alive. Victor and Caroline come in so Hope takes Carly out for an interview. Justin arrives as Hope gets a call saying that the crime scene was wiped clean. She returns to Bo's room and he wonders if she will tell Ciara what happened. She's not planning on it. Carly returns to see them holding hands and saying they will always be family.

Philip calls Mel and tells her to be ready when he gets home. After he hangs up, Nathan shows up at her door to get some of his stuff from the basement. He explains that he's moving in with Steph. After a stunned moment, she says it's great Steph will be able to wake up barfing and be next to a doctor. He goes to the basement and Philip arrives to drag her outside.

Adrienne shows up at Stephanie's and tells her that Patch called her and worried that she is moving in with Nathan. He wants to come back to town to talk to her in person but she talked him out of it. Steph thanks her. Her aunt gets uncomfortable when Steph begins talking about how she could be happy with Justin again. Adrienne worries that Justin is so wrapped up with Hope he's become delusional. Later, Nate arrives and begin stacking his boxes. As he goes to get more, she opens a box and finds a picture of him and Mel.

Philip takes Mel out for a picnic at the beach. She's impressed. He hands her the results of her exams. She aced them all and gets excited thinking that she could be certified in time for Chloe's delivery. He doesn't want to talk about that while they're eating. After handing her a gift, he tells her she's the greatest thing and then thinks about Chloe. They go back into town and he runs into Adrienne in the pub. She tells him she had to vouch for him to stop a neighbor from calling the cops when he was seen going into Daniel's. Mel wonders what he was doing at her dad's. He stutters through an excuse.

Theo begins telling his parents about Hope's treasure. They wonder what he's talking about. The family goes down to the beach for a picnic and worry about Bo and Hope. She's surprised when he says that he put Hope on Bo's case. Theo digs up a wallet in the sand and shows it to his parents, telling them it's Hope's treasure.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano and Kate talk about Madeline dying. He's not sorry their secret died with her. Kate's not convinced it's all over. He wonders what she's thinking about. She's not forthcoming. When she heads over to the pub, she runs into Charles and pays her condolences. He tells her to go to Hell. When she offers to make a donation to one of his wife's charities, he says he has no idea what she would want. She even left her safety deposit box empty. She goes home and looks at Chad's birth certificate. As she mumbles about how she may be the only person who knows who his real father is, Stefano walks in and asks her what she's talking about. She covers and he teases her for talking to herself.

Will goes into the pub to see Chad. He feels guilty and asks if Chad blames him for his mom's death. Chad doesn't blame him. They go down to the pier to visit the place where Madeline died. Chad wonders what other secrets his mom was keeping. He needs to know the truth and decides to talk to Kate. Will doubts that's a good idea but Chad won't let this go.

July 27, 2010
You're So Busted.

Chloe drops by Maggie's and interrupts Mel and Philip making out. She says Daniel has vanished and she's sure something is wrong. Mel tells her not to worry and then rushes off to check on Bo. Chloe goes inside and worries to Philip, blaming Carly for their problems. She's not sure she can keep things a secret much longer. He assures her that things can still work out the way they want.

At the hospital, Carly ask Daniel why he dropped by Bo's. He explains that things have 'gone to Hell' with Chloe. When he claims that his fiancee doesn't want to marry him, she tells him that can't be so. Later, Mel shows up to check on Bo and have a natter with her mom. Mel tears up as she tells her how much she cares about her.

Daniel goes home. Chloe walks in and tells him how much she loves him. She doesn't want to put their wedding off indefinitely, but she's worried about how many things could go wrong. As she rambles, he makes her stop and begins apologizing. She asks for a month. He agrees to that but demands that she always tell him what she is thinking. Chloe compliments him on being a great father to Mel and he thanks her for clarifying everything for him. He rushes off to his father-daughter date with Mel at Maggie's. When he gets there, he hands her some earrings. She loves them. He gets a call asking him to assist on a skin graft across town. Meanwhile, Carly goes to see Chloe and assures her that her worries will soon be over: she made an appointment for her at the hospital across town.

Nicole sits in her room and reads her coded diary. Brady shows up with flowers. She's embarrassed by the dive she lives in. He says it's kind of cozy. As she gets him a soda, he spots her diary. When he picks it up, she runs over and grabs it away. He asks if he's in her diary and tries to pry it from her hands. She snaps at him. Brady thinks she should take it easy. "I'm feeling humor challenged," she says. He doesn't like the place she's living in and offers to find her somewhere better. Nicole doesn't want help. They chat about her plans and joke around. Once she sends him off, she calls EJ and says they need to talk about their deal.

Rafe sits in his office and looks at the photo of Nicole's coded diary, vowing to decipher it. Ari shows up. He tries to get rid of her so she guesses something is up. Rafe says it's classified. She guesses this is about EJ. He tells her that Elvis is not the man she thinks he is. She think he's a complicated guy who is trying to be better. Rafe shrugs. Once she leaves, he gets on his computer and finds what he's been looking for. "You're so busted," he mumbles.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano groans when he catches Kate reading Madeline's obituary over and over again. He thinks she should be relieved that the threat against them is gone. Chad calls and tells Kate they need to talk. When she gets off the phone, Stefano tears up the obituary. Kate tells him how much she feels for the dead woman's son. He advises her not to have anything to do with Chad. They bicker about it and he tells her to learn to deal with her enemies like a DiMera. After he putters off, Chad arrives. He thanks her for being so kind to him since the accident. He still has questions about his mom's past and asks Kate about hers. She tells him that he should just focus on the love his mother had for him and let the rest go.

Stefano meets with Will at the pub and tells him he wants him to work for the company once he's done his internship. Will says he'll work his ass off. Stefano laughs and tells him he'll be a great asset. William feels bad about keeping all of this secret from his mom but Stefano says this is for the best. When Stefano goes home, he finds Chad talking to Kate. Master Woods leaves and Stefano hopes his wife didn't say anything to him. "We have to make Chad Woods go away," he says.

July 28, 2010
Lie Low Or Lie Underground.

Justin drops by the station to see Hope. She's stressed and upset. He hugs her as she whines about how Ciara could never handle losing her daddy. Justin promises they will find out who did this. She apologizes for crying on his shoulder again. She's sure that there will be another attempt on Bo's life. He massages her shoulders and promises to help any way he can. Hope wants time and space alone. That shocks him since she kissed him the other day. She has no clue what he's talking about and claims she may never be able to move on from Bo. He sighs.

When Carly drops by the hospital, Bo is eager to run after his attacker. She accuses him of having a death wish. As they bicker, Victor walks in and agrees that Bo is safest staying there. Carly leaves the men alone. Bo defends Carly and Victor says whoever tried to toast him will be sorry they were born. Carly collects Bo and takes him home. He tries to remember what happened but thinking makes his head hurt. Carly gets him to lie down. Hope wanders in. Hope stares as they talk about relaxation techniques. He thinks of a calming memory - sailing with Hope. Once he's relaxed, Carly asks him about what happened last night.

Nicole is taunting Elvis over the phone. She demands cash for her silence. "I'm not going to play butler to your every whim," he says, threatening to ruin things between her and Brady. She heads over to Casa DiMera. He repeats that she has no more power over him than he has over her. She's unconvinced. He agrees to fork over the cash but threatens to kill her if the tapes ever turn up. "Don't fret big boy. It's all under control," she says. As he walks her to the door, she hears Syd crying upstairs and gets upset. EJ seems amazed she still misses her, but doesn't doubt that she loved her.

Rafe sits in his office tying to crack Nicole's coded diary entry. One of his cohorts comes in and Rafe explains that he thinks the code points to a locker number at the bus station. He's sure there must be incriminating evidence against EJ in there. Johnny drags Sami in. He wants a photo of the finger printing machine for show and tell. After they send Johnny off to see the cops and their machines, Rafe nearly tears up as he tells Sami he is doing everything for her. She's confused. He rambles and paces. She moans about the mixed signals he's sending to her kids. He assumes that EJ doesn't want him around his kids. "You can't have it both ways," he tells her. She doesn't like that and storms out. He heads over to the bus station to look around. The locker he finds is empty. He vows to catch Nicole and EJ.

Sami and Johnny go home. He begins complaining to his father about how mean Sami is for denying him a popsicle. Johnny runs around with EJ and then returns and apologizes before running off again. Sami's happy and Elvis tells her that she's wonderful and amazing. He keeps talking and talking about how wonderful she is. She picks up the penguin and strokes it. They discuss how confused Johnny is because of their joint custody. He brings up marriage and her eyes nearly pop out.

At Maggie's, she tells Brady that his body thinks he relapsed, even if he was slipped a mickey. She worries about his involvement with Nicole and tells him to take care of himself first. He gets defensive about Nicole and insists that she is turning over a new leaf. The redhead is skeptical. Nicole calls so he stands in the corner to take it and tells her he's busy. He returns to bickering with Maggie and she worries that he has trouble looking her in the eye. Victor shows up to say that Bo is going home. He notices Brady is there. Brady heads out the door and Maggie worries that she's blown things with him. She tries getting rid of Victor by reminding him that he's a married man. Meanwhile, Baker sits in his room and thinks of his last fight with Hope. He calls Nicole and asks her for some money to leave town. She tells Dick to chew on it. "Lie low or lie underground, Dick," she warns. He heads down to the pier. As he stares out, Brady walks by and spots him.

July 29, 2010
The Guy Has To Pay.

At Casa DiMera, Sami and EJ realize that Johnny is confused by their joint custody. He mentions getting married and she starts to freak out. She stutters and says they'd be better lying down on train tracks. That hurts his feelings. He doesn't think it's such a crap idea but he's not proposing. After he points out that their children are happy with them living together, he says they would want them married. All the same, he claims that he is happy with things as they are as long as she is. When he begins talking about getting married in the future, she says she's okay with the way things are. "If I ask you to marry me, you will know," he says, demonstrating exactly how he will do it. He says that he has always loved her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She trembles and holds his hand. "I'm glad you're not proposing," she gasps. He mumbles and says they should wait until they are positive.

Vivian walks into the mansion and finds her husband downing some scotch. He suggests that she might have had something to do with his son's brush with death. Viv says whoever did this was an amateur. He knows she's innocent but thinks she's full of hot air. When she tells him she loves him, he says neither of them have enough of a heart to feel that. She guesses he's really annoyed about Maggie. Victor refuses to discuss it and repeats to Viv that their relationship is all business. After he storms out, she wishes he understood that she has his interests at heart. Maybe then he could love her...

Brady walks down to the pier and spots Dick, who immediately runs off and Brady bolts after him. Meanwhile, in her dump, Nicole is on the phone with her bank checking that her five million is in the bank. She hops off to ask Brady out for lunch. As she heads to the pub, she finds Brady panting on the street. He informs her that he just ran into Baker but he escaped. They go into the pub and he explains. "The guy has to pay," he says, adding that he called the cops. He notices she's shaking so she explains this is all scary. Baker suddenly calls her and soon guesses she is with Brady. She hangs up, claiming it was some 'pea brain' named Jane. Nicole hurries off to deal with things and Brady decides he doesn't like the vibe he's getting. He chases Nicole down and demands to know what is really going on. She admits that it's about Baker. Knowing he's around creeps her out.

Stefano stops by the station and chats with Theo and his dad. He tells Theo to get his mom to bring him by the house since his cousins are living there now. Stefano goes home and admires a family photo. EJ explains that Sami is moving in permanently. Stefano already guessed that. "Whatever it takes to live rent free," he says. Elvis explains that he intends on marrying her. His father thinks he's an imbecile but EJ is adamant.

Sami goes over to the pub and sits at the bar to mope to Caroline. Joking, Caroline asks if EJ popped the question. Sami stares so her grandma guesses he actually did. Sami doesn't know what to do. She talks about how sweet and adorable EJ is... but she's still in love with Rafe. Since she has no future with the Fed, EJ seems like a reasonable option. "Well then, marry him," Caroline advises.

At Casa da Bo, Carly relaxes Bo and tries to make him recall his near death experience. Hope's ears perk up. He suddenly stares over at Hope and begins talking about the smell of gas. He talks about Ciara and Hope. That doesn't go anywhere so Carly asks some more questions. "Stop!" Hope blurts out. Caroline wanders in and notices that Bo is in a trance. He snaps out of it and Caroline storms out. He's confused so the women explain that no one told his mom that he was in the hospital. Hope leaves to pack up Ciara for camp. Carly tells Bo that she's scared that his attacker is still out there. He wants to go to the station but she forbids it. Bo promises to call her and walks off. She rushes after him.

Hope goes back to the mansion. Dick calls and asks to talk to her. She doesn't know who he is. He warns her and hangs up. Carly shows up and asks her to try and calm down because he thinks rest is for sissies. Meanwhile, Bo stops by the station. Abe wonders why he's out of the hospital. When Bo takes out his wallet to show Theo an old baseball game ticket stub, Theo blurts out that Ciara's treasures are wallets. Theo goes on to explain that the treasures were from Hope.

July 30, 2010

I Annoy Myself Too.

At the station, Rafe is trying to crack Nicole's code. He finds a clue and runs off. Over at the pub, Caroline is trying not to say much to Sami after the blond tells her she's considering EJ's proposal. Caroline doesn't want to talk to her about all of this stuff. She knows it's a waste of time and tells Sami to stop asking for her advice when she doesn't actually want it. Sami makes faces, twitches and sighs. Caroline notices she's not happy. Sami feels like Rafe doesn't even notice that she exists. "I annoy myself too," Sami admits. Caroline tells her EJ is no consolation prize and then bustles off to make clam chowder. When Sami turns around, Rafe walks into her. They talk awkwardly until he says he misses her and asks her to have coffee with him. She tries to tell him the latest about EJ and then begins babbling. The minutes roll by and then his phone rings. He leaves to take it and she gets annoyed. When he returns, she decides he's too busy to talk. He doesn't understand why she is so angry. They bicker about that until he gets another call and leaves. "Jerk!" she shouts at him.

In her dive, Nicole pulls out a copy of her recording of EJ and Stefano's conversation. Her phone rings. She assumes it's Baker so starts to spazz. It's just her mom. Fay wonders what's going on so her daughter hangs up on her. She calls Elvis and orders him to meet her at the pier. When she arrives, he's waiting and in a pissy mood. After some bickering, she tells him she needs to use Marco. He agrees to send him to her. When she gets to her place, Marco arrives and she orders him to pay Baker a visit. Back at the pier, Sami stumbles onto EJ wearing a fishing cap and holding a rod. She laughs at him. He claims he's trying something new and hands her a pole. "I just wanted to show you I can be a regular kind of Joe," he says. He gets excited and tells her she has a bite on her line. When she reels it in, there's a ring on the hook. Elvis drops to his knee and blinks as she quivers. He loves her and wants to spend his life loving her. "Will you marry me?" he asks. She cries.

Over at the station, Theo explains Ciara's treasures to Bo. Abe returns so they send Theo off to draw pictures. The men mull over what all of this means. Abe offers to help him question Ciara but Bo wants to do it alone. He heads down to the park and chats with the babysitter, who tells him that Ciara is really easygoing. That's news to him. Ciara runs over and Bo begins asking about her mommy's treasures. She refuses to discuss that. He probes and says he just wants to help her mom. She asks him to promise not to get a divorce. He can't make that promise but says he wants them to be a family. Ciara tells him all about the wallets and who they belonged to.

Hope is confusing Carly at the mansion. The doctor doesn't understand her weird twists of attitude. Viv strolls in and begins suggesting that Carly could have tried to kill Bo like she did Lawrence. Carly explodes and orders her to shut up. Hope tells Viv to go away too. Viv advises her not to trust Carly and walks off. They discuss what Viv said and Carly admits that there is always a kernel of truth in what Viv says. Hope asks her if she knew she was going to kill Lawrence before she did it. Carly claims she was just desperate and regrets it but she did it to save her daughter's life. The cop tells her she was very brave. Carly leaves so Hope can get some sleep. When she goes up to her room, she discovers that she's out of pills. After digging one out of the bottom of her purse, she gulps it down, sleeps for a minute and then wakes up. Meanwhile, Carly runs over to the pub to confront Viv and orders her to treat Hope with kid gloves. Viv smirks and Carly storms off. Vivian guesses she must have a new secret.

Baker is at his place talking to himself and packing his Hawaiian shirts. He keeps thinking of Hope and guesses things will only get worse. Meanwhile, Rafe shows up at the hospital where Fay works and begins questioning her.

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