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1st Week of June Daily Summaries

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May 31, 2010

I Don't Have A Treasure Box!

Hope and Ciara arrive at the mansion. As soon as they walk into the foyer, Viv tosses her bouquet. It lands in Carly's hands. Bo takes Hope aside and explains the surprise wedding. Ciara asks her father if Carly is going to marry him. Awkwardness follows. The guests mill around. Maggie hangs out with Ciara while Justin chats to Carly, who says that Hope has been acting weird. Brady chats with Victor about Ari being arrested. As Brady heads for the door, Nicole chases him down. He complains about how Ari is using the public defender. She thinks he needs to keep his distance until things settle down. He leaves anyway. Maggie strolls by and over to Chloe and Daniel to congratulate them on their wedding news. When the redhead steps away, Carly steps over. Before she can open her gob, Victor takes the doctor away. The women bicker and Carly explains that she's decided it's not her place to say anything. Meanwhile, Daniel taunts Victor, who admits that he could never love Vivian. Viv listens and pouts. Kate sneers.

Out in the garden, Mel hopes that she and Philip have really worked everything out. He says they have. She tells him he's the perfect husband. He thinks about tearing off Chloe's clothes. Carly comes out so Philip runs. Mel complains to her mother about how she can't trust Chloe and doesn't want her dad to marry her. Meanwhile, Philip corners Chloe inside to congratulate her. They talk about what idiots they've been and how happy he is that they are now in the clear. Mel walks in on the end of one of his sentences. He covers and they run off to watch the cake cutting.

Bo is talking to Hope outside. He tells her that he believes their daughter's stories. When she angrily declares that she doesn't have a treasure box, Ciara comes out and says she does. She tells Bo that her mommy is lying. Ciara runs off and Bo wonders why she would lie about such a thing. Hope accuses him of accusing her of lying. He claims he's not. She suggests they go upstairs and look under her bed to see if there is a treasure box. They go upstairs and he finds a box. Hope has no idea how it got there.

Back inside, Victor chats with Maggie and she tells him his family loves him. "How about you?" he asks. Viv comes over and drags him away so they can have their picture taken. Victor goes into hiding immediately afterward. Viv approaches Carly and asks her about the bouquet. Kate strolls in and snipes at Vivian. After the bride steps away, the two women discuss Chloe and Kate explains how terrible and untrustworthy she is. Carly strides off and corners Chloe, declaring that she has just changed her mind and has decided to convince Daniel not to marry her. Carly runs out and Chloe cries. Viv pops up to comfort her.

Maggie goes home and talks to Mickey's picture about the wedding. She cries as she wishes they could have laughed about this together. Victor shows up and jokes that the wedding was more like a wake. She laughs.

Stephanie wanders into the pub. Nathan looks miserable. He explains that he's been offered a research grant at Johns Hopkins. The intern talks about how great Baltimore is. He asks her to go there with him... but he's realized that he can't make her change her entire life so he's decided that he'll stay in Salem with her. Mel and Philip walk in and spot them. They join the other couple and talk about the wedding. The men leave and the women taunt each other about Steph's pregnancy plan.

Dr. Baker watches the news report about Ari's arrest. Dr. Dick decides he better leave town before his partner finds out. Meanwhile, EJ watches the report as well and makes faces. "Rubbish," he complains, walking out of the pub. Across town, the public defender pays Ari a visit at the station and tells her that they don't have a whole lot to work with. Since anyone who can give her a deal was a victim, she doesn't have a good looking future. Elvis strides in and explains what a bad lawyer the public defender is. He offers himself as Ari's lawyer. He asks for a dollar. She hands him her good luck dollar and he says they are now covered by attorney-client privilege. They go over the evidence against her and he says that he really believes she's innocent.

Nicole chases after Brady. He refuses to sit back and let Ari doubt him. After he walks away, Baker comes out of the bushes. He begins demanding cash. Meanwhile, Brady arrives at the station and catches EJ holding Ari's hand.

June 1, 2010
These Are My Secrets Now.

Gabi shows up at Casa DiMera to ask Sami where Rafe is. Sami is clueless. Gabi suggests she talk to Roman about her sister. She guesses that Sami thinks Ari is guilty. Gabi blows up at her and storms off. Meanwhile, Brady arrives at the station and is shocked to discover that EJ is now Ari's lawyer. Elvis leaves them alone. Brady tells Ari that he does believe in her and never thought she was guilty. She asks him to leave her alone with her lawyer. EJ returns and says that the arraignment will begin shortly. Brady offers to get some clothes for her and walks off. EJ paces and fondles his pink tie before explaining that the case against her isn't that great. She thinks she's been set up. He has another idea about how to get her out: They need to get her an alibi. Ari can barely remember yesterday... but suddenly remembers that she saw Nicole the night that Justin was attacked. He plays with his pen and she thanks him for giving her hope. EJ runs off on a fact checking mission. Sami arrives and Ari informs her that EJ is now her lawyer.

At the hospital, Daniel gets a call from Father Matt. He hops around excitedly and then tells Carly that he is getting married tomorrow. She grits her teeth and tries to keep her mouth shut. Stuttering, she admits she has a problem with him marrying the diva. He gets agitated and tells her that Chloe taught him to love again. She says that's why what she has to say is so hard. His beeper goes off. He declares that he has to go and he doesn't need her help. He's determined to marry Chloe tomorrow.

Vivian is trying to cheer Chloe up and offers to help her achieve her goal of getting rid of Carly for good. Chloe leaps up and says she and Daniel will be fine. She heads out the door and Viv assumes she's really terrified of the other woman.

In the park, Nicole tells Dr. Dick not to threaten her. She asks him where all the stolen wallets are. He stares at the sky and then explains that his partner has them and he can't control what she does. She demands to know who his partner is. When Dick leaves, Chloe comes over to her. "I think I'm going to lose Daniel," she complains, explaining that she did something terrible. Nicole assures her that things will be cool once she 'locks Daniel down in front of God' and urges her to make the marriage happen now. After Chloe leaves, Brady wanders by. Nicole probes him and he admits things are rough with Ari. She says he shouldn't take it to heart because Ari's just afraid but she'll go back to him soon. She kicks herself for letting him slip away. He leaves and she kicks herself for just admitting that. When she goes over to the Cheatin' Heart, EJ shows up and claims that he knows what she did to Arianna but he doesn't know why.

When Chloe gets home, Carly shows up and tells her that she's getting married tomorrow so she has to come clean with Daniel tonight. Chloe tells her to go to hell but Carly orders her to come clean so Daniel can forgive her. "If you don't, I will," she challenges. After she storms off, Chloe decides she knows what she has to do. Daniel runs through the door and tells her they're getting married tomorrow. She thinks they should get married tonight. He thinks that's great but they should wait until tomorrow and do it with Father Matt. The doctor runs off to tell his daughter. Chloe wonders if she should call Viv...

At the mansion, Hope and Bo are surprised when they look in the 'treasure box' and discover it's empty. She thinks her daughter is going bonkers. He's clueless but thinks they can work this out together. She can't stand it when he acts concerned for her. Meanwhile, Ciara is out by the pool playing with the wallets. She loads them into her bag. "These are my secrets now," she says. She goes inside to see her parents. Bo takes her and leaves. Hope pops pills and jumps into bed. She gets up soon after and calls Dick to say she's eager to do some serious damage. Across town, Bo arrives at home and forces Ciara to say hello to Carly. He whispers to the woman about Ciara's problems and Hope's stress. When he wanders off to call his mom, Carly offers to read Ciara as story. The little girl is annoyed when Carly reaches for her bag.

Victor is at Maggie's with her. She's weeping. He tells her that everyone cries; he just married Vivian so he'll be doing it a lot. She thinks he should be with his bride but he's sure she's found something else to do. She's realized that life keeps going on without Mickey and she worries that she will forget him. He remembers Isabella and chokes up until his phone rings. It's his wife demanding to know where he is. She orders him to come home. He hangs up on her and then tells Maggie he wants to establish a scholarship in Mickey's name. While they joke around, Viv is left alone at the mansion to weep.

June 2, 2010
Elevator To Hell.

At the mansion, Gus arrives to wish Viv well. She admits that the ceremony wasn't what she expected but the reception wasn't a total loss. Meanwhile, Chloe paces around her place remembering Vivian's offer of help. She whips out the phone and calls Viv. Chloe umms and ahhs about how she needs to take control of her life and asks for her help. Viv invites her over. As soon as the diva arrives, she has second thoughts but Vivian talks her around. Chloe agrees that Carly wants to ruin everything so Viv asks her to leave the details in her hands. Vivian begins explaining things and hands her a number to put in her phone. She explains that she just needs to get Carly into an elevator and then call that number. Chloe needs more information, but as she babbles about it, she figures out that the man isn't simply going to stall the elevator. "He's going to turn the elevator into an express and send it straight to hell," Viv explains. Chloe gulps.

Brady runs into Caroline outside of the pub. He mentions the wedding. It's the first she's heard of it. "Who did he marry?" she asks. When he tells her, her head nearly explodes. Meanwhile, over at Bo's, he goes off to call his mom while Carly tries to look in Ciara's backpack. "Stay away from me," Ciara snaps. Bo hears this and returns. He sends Carly off and sits with his daughter to ask about her treasures. She agrees to let him see them. Before he can look in her bag, Caroline shows up, ranting about Victor getting married. He insists that his father does what he wants and they have to accept it. "Never," she says, wondering why he isn't as upset as she is. Ciara pulls them apart so they can bake cookies.

Daniel hunts down Mel and Philip at the pub to tell them that he is getting married tomorrow. "No!" Mel blurts out. He insists that Chloe needs a real commitment. Philip offers his support. Mel's confused. Her husband walks off to take a call and Daniel asks his daughter why she's really against the marriage. She says it's just too soon. This all seems desperate to her and she wonders what's really going on. He insists that Chloe will not hurt him and they will be happy. When Philip returns, Daniel asks him to walk Chloe down the aisle. Excited, Daniel jogs off and Philip wonders if his wife is still upset. She doesn't know what's bugging her. Mel asks him to swear on her life that Chloe is right for her dad. Meanwhile, Daniel walks down to the pier and runs into Carly. She apologizes for being intrusive and he explains he's already asked the bride to an early wedding.

Ari is on the jail telephone to her mother. She's sorry for disgracing the family but she insists she's innocent. When she's back in her cell, Brady arrives to check on her. She can't tell him any more about the case. He says that he only wants what's best for her. The guard comes in and announces that visiting hours are over. Meanwhile, EJ drops into the Cheatin' Heart to confront Nicole and accuse her of framing Ari. He brings up the fact that Ari has an alibi for the night of Justin's attack. "You're her alibi," he says. Nicole coughs. He asks her to corroborate receiving a check from Ari and help him find out who was really behind his attack. "I think you are going back to prison," he smugly says. She points out that if Ari has an alibi, then so does she. Elvis heads over to the cells to see Ari and tells her she could be home free. She hugs him and thanks him. Across town, Nicole worries that her plan is screwed. She gets a call asking her to do a story on DA Woods. She pouts until Brady walks by and she declares that she knows how to get Ari off.

Hope calls Dr. Baker and tells him she wants to do some serious damage. He gulps. He goes to meet her at the pier and wishes he'd left town. Hope arrives with her gun out and accuses him of betraying her. She explains that she's not doing any more muggings. It's time for her to go after her real target. She takes him to Bo's. They stare through the windows and then she explains that her husband left her for another woman. The men she's been attacking have just been substitutes. As she looks back in the window, she sees Ciara taking the wallets out of her bag and flips out.

June 3, 2010
Adult Supervision.

On the pier, Carly complains to Daniel about Chloe rushing him into a wedding. He points out that this is none of her business and wonders what's really going on. He thinks she just has too much time on her hands and asks her to buy him a toaster if she wants to help. She backs off and hopes he'll be happy. He goes to see Maggie and asks for her opinion about his marriage to Chloe. She wishes them well.

At the mansion, Chloe figures out that Viv wants her to kill Carly. Viv lists Carly's crimes and insists the world will be better without her around. Chloe panics and Viv taunts her to prove herself. The diva goes home and wonders how she can seriously consider killing someone. She decides to tell Daniel the truth instead. Daniel walks in and she confesses that she slept with Philip. He blows up at her. "We are through," he declares, telling her she's a whack job who screws up everything she touches. Chloe snaps out of it. That was just a fantasy. She decides she can't say anything. Carly calls her. Chloe explodes when Carly says she's acting crazy. Panting, she calls the number Viv gave her.

Victor is on the phone at Maggie's arranging things. He gets off the line and tells Maggie he's only throwing around money to get back in her good graces. She thinks he's trying to forget he's married. He tells her not to be so old fashioned. She orders him to stop being an idiot and go home to face the music. "I hate you," he says as she taunts him with imaginings of Viv waiting for him in bed. He heads back to the mansion where Viv is waiting with her bags. He thinks they should just have a staycation. "You stay in your room and I stay in mine," he says. He warns her that nothing can happen to Carly while they're away or she'll find out the true meaning of 'till death do us part. They leave for Niagara Falls.

Hope starts to freak out when she looks through Bo's window and sees Ciara about to give the wallets to her dad. She turns to Baker for help. He gets an idea and runs off. When he sets off an alarm, Bo gets distracted and Hope hopes for a miracle. Caroline calls Ciara into the kitchen so Hope rushes in, grabs the wallets and runs out. Bo returns and finds Ciara's bag empty. She wanders in and looks confused. Caroline joins them and Ciara complains that her treasures are gone. Caroline gives her a rosary to make her feel better. The little girl runs off with it and Bo worries about what's going on. Meanwhile, Hope gets a terrible headache and wonders why Dick is still hanging around. He cares. "You're the only one who does," she says. He tells her that he's on her side. When he puts his arms around her, Ciara looks out the window and sees them.

Stephanie and Nathan are in her room eating popcorn and talking about how they waste time. She thinks they should waste less time by moving in together. They talk about how great he is and then have a carnal conference. After that, his pager goes off. He talks about a kid with a weak heart. She thinks he'll be a great father one day. Nate doesn't think he's grown up enough to be a good dad yet. Fatherhood is the most important decision he can ever make, he explains. He climbs out of bed and she mulls over what he said. Steph runs out to see Adrienne at the Cheatin' Heart. "I could really use some adult supervision," she says, explaining her conundrum. She hates herself for trying to trap Nate by stopping her birth control. Adrienne tells her about another pill she can take and then thanks God she had something useful to do.

At the pub, Mel and Philip argue about her dad's rapid wedding with Chloe. They go over it all again and Mel is sure that Chloe is hiding something and Philip knows what it is. She stops herself and he suggests they let her father sort out his own life. Mel wonders why she hasn't got along with Chloe since she got out of the hospital. "She was in a coma," he points out. Nathan wanders in. Mel leaps over to him and the chat about the sick kid at the hospital. She hugs him. Philip sighs. After the intern leaves, Philip asks Mel if she can stop talking for awhile. Meanwhile, Stephanie goes home and takes the pill. Nathan bursts in and notices the box.

June 4, 2010

- Preempted -


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