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2nd Week of June Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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June 7, 2010

Going Down.

Rafe is in the jail on the island yelling for water. Shane makes jokes and then they talk about Rafe's problematic love life with Sami. Rafe marvels at how cool Shane is acting, but he points out that he spends all night screaming for Kimberly in his sleep. They talk about the DiMeras and the kidnapping. It all sounds familiar to Shane. They hear a guard coming and begin to wrestle so the guard will come into the cell.

Nicole and Brady are at the pier chatting about Ari's alibi. She warns him that there could be a hitch to this working out. Going over to the pub, she asks him if he's sure he actually wrote the check on the right night. Nicole never cashed the check; she tore it up and she can't remember the date. "I'm pretty sure it was the same night," he says. She suggests they just lie to the police. He thinks that's crazy. She thinks he should write another check and backdate it. As they bicker about this. DA Woods walks over after eavesdropping and says they've just made things worse. "You're friend does not have an alibi after all," Woods declares, stomping away. Brady's annoyed.

Elvis is in Ari's cell apologizing for not getting her out tonight. She says she'll be fine as long as Nicole comes through for her. He keeps apologizing and she keeps thanking him. They argue about whether they can trust Nicole. Meanwhile, Sami chases Johnny around the house to try and make him tired. He's missing Rafe. Elvis arrives later and hangs out with her and the kids. Johnny draws a family picture and puts Rafe in it. That makes things uncomfortable so they put the kids to sleep. The parents debate whether or not Rafe will ever come back. She tells EJ he's a good guy for defending Rafe's sister. Johnny screams. They run to him. He bumped his head. They cradle their child and EJ calls over the family doctor to check him out. Johnny tells his parents he wants to 'bunk' with both of them and joins their hands.

Gabi goes to see her sister in the cells. Ari asks her to tell Brady she's sorry. After Gabi leaves, DA Woods arrives to tell her that her alibi is shot and tells her to ask her boyfriend why. Meanwhile, Nicole walks Brady home. She thinks he hates her but he doesn't. They apologize to each other. As he hugs her, Gabi arrives.

Carly paces the hospital and talks to herself. Lexi notices and tells Carly to go and handle whatever is bothering her. Carly worries that she is butting in and decides to stay at work. Meanwhile, at home, Chloe calls Viv's contact, 'Otis'. He tells her that everything is in place and he will send her a text about when to get Carly in the elevator. Chloe's jaw hangs open and she says she's not sure. Staring at a photo of Daniel, she debates with herself about what to do. She decides not to let Carly die and tries calling back the assassin and then Vivian. Neither answer. The diva runs to the door so she can stop Carly from going near any elevators. Before she can leave, Daniel walks in. He tells her she's not going anywhere. The doctor gives her some jewelry. She thanks him and runs off in a panic. She arrives at the hospital and corners Carly. They debate and Carly tells her that she will regret it if she doesn't come clean with Daniel. Chloe tells her not to push her. "Who knows what a crazy woman will do?" Chloe warns her. Carly storms off. Chloe tries to stop her from getting on the elevator. They continue arguing and Carly suggests she needs serious help. Chloe thinks that Carly can't stand to see anyone else happy. Carly pushes the button for the elevator and says she has to go. "Yes, you do," Chloe says. Meanwhile, Daniel gets a message from Carly saying she needs to speak to him urgently. He rushes off.

Nathan is shocked when he discovers the box for the morning after pill on Steph's bed. She explains that she stopped taking her regular pill by accident and was just being cautious. "You might be pregnant?" he gasps. He's miffed. They get upset and then calm down and he tells her they are in this together.

June 8, 2010
Snuggling Up To The Evil Tramp.

At Casa DiMera, EJ is admiring Johnny's drawings. Sami is drinking and telling him that she could never survive losing another child. She worries about going over the edge and he tells her no one should have to go through what she's been through. He promises that they are all safe now. She starts to worry that she is turning into Kate. Elvis gets her to sit down and empty her mind. That's fast so he asks her to imagine a time when she was with all of her children. She smiles and gabs about how happy she was when she got Syd back. Sami feels better. He talks about how bad he feels for hurting her. She can't imagine her life without him... because of the children. As they talk about being happy, they get closer and closer until she kisses him. When he stops inhaling her, she hyperventilates and runs up the stairs.

In the cells, Ari panics and calls EJ to tell him that DA Woods says her alibi is crap. Meanwhile, Gabi arrives at the mansion and catches Brady hugging Nicole. She tells him her sister will kill him for 'snuggling up to the evil tramp'. He thinks she's overreacting. Gabi accuses him of not loving her sister at all. He appreciates that she is trying to be a good sister but insists this is between him and Ari. Brady leaves them alone so he can go and see his girlfriend. "Loser," Gabi snipes at Nicole. Brady arrives at the cells to see Ari and she tells him about her alibi falling apart. He tells her the whole story about the DA eavesdropping on him and Nicole. Her heart sinks and she claims there is nothing left to say.

Nicole goes to the pier to meet with Baker. He tells her that there will be no more attacks. She assumes this means Ari will go down. He tells her that his partner is a 'cool chick'. Nicole begins gloating about how she will finally have Brady all for herself soon. She's sure that Brady still loves her but Baker doesn't seem very convinced.

On the mysterious island without a name, Rafe and Shane fool a guard into coming into their cell by fighting. They knock him out as soon as he walks in. As they try to escape, a guard catches them and holds them at gunpoint. The other guard gets up and they order their prisoners down the hall. They are beaten and then returned to the cell. When the guards leave, Shane says their plan worked brilliantly.

Daniel arrives at the hospital and pushes the elevator button. Upstairs, Chloe and Carly are bickering. The diva starts freaking out. The hitman sends her a message and she lets Carly get on the elevator. Suddenly, she changes her mind and tries to pull her enemy out. She shoves the doctor out and falls in herself. Lights flash and alarms blare as the elevator crashes. Daniel pulls the doors open and tries giving her mouth to mouth. Carly arrives and they take her upstairs. Lexi rushes her into surgery and orders Daniel to step back. He paces.

Philip and Mel are in bed. She asks him how he could have cheated on her. He wakes up. It was a dream. Philip goes downstairs for some water. Maggie is pacing and worrying about Alice. He admits he had a nightmare about something he's done. He claims it was a business deal and, if he comes clean about it, it could be a big mess. She suggests the consequence might not be as bad as he thinks. As she encourages him to come clean, Mel wanders in. Maggie decides to give sleep another try and goes off. Before the couple can talk, Daniel calls to say that Chloe was in an accident. They run to the hospital and start asking questions. Carly says that Chloe saved her life. When she explains how that happened, Mel wonders what she was arguing with the diva about.

On their honeymoon, Victor berates Vivian for being bad company and tells her how great his fish was at dinner. "What are you trying to hide?" he asks. He threatens to have his way with her if she doesn't come clean. Victor warns her that he will make her life a living hell if anything happens to Chloe. She accuses him of being obsessed with 'home wrecker' Maggie and wonders if she is trying to seduce him with her knitting. He slouches out. Viv calls the hospital using an accent and asks about the elevator accident, learning that Chloe was the victim.

June 9, 2010
She Raised All Of Us.

Julie walks into Maggie's and they talk about Alice. Hope wanders in and asks what's going on. Maggie says that Alice hasn't been the same since Mickey died. They all hug and Julie says their sweet grandmother is slipping away. Maggie remembers some of Alice's words of wisdom and they discuss how unique she made their family. Hope runs off to talk to Bo. Julie begins making calls and asking people to pray for Alice. Julie admits that most of the time, Alice was more like a mother than grandmother. "She raised all of us," Maggie says.

Nathan wakes up in bed and Steph hops in with him. She tells him she's not pregnant. He's relieved so they make out. Maggie calls and ruins the mood by requesting that he pay Alice a visit before it's too late. Meanwhile, Stephanie pays Caroline a visit and tell her that Nathan is 'the one'. Caroline wonders why she'd think that, so Steph tells her about trying to play the pregnancy trick. Suddenly, a call comes in and Caroline's face drains.

Nathan goes to Maggie's and tells her that Alice opened her eyes and said, "Oh Tom! You're here." She knows what that means. They cry.

Kate finds Stefano wandering around Casa DiMera. They're both worried about Madeline and wish they could just kill her. They complain about how annoying the judge is and he tells her about the threat to release the tape. "You don't threaten me and get away with it," he says. She doesn't think he should bump the judge off and suggests he not waste time looking for the tape. He still wants to retaliate and he knows where to start. Stefano dug up some of Madeline's banking records and knows she has a safety deposit box. He thinks they should use a lookalike to go into the bank and ask for a key. Kate's not thrilled when he picks her for the task.

Madeline is at the Cheatin' Heart with her son discussing his graduation party. She's annoyed when Will pops up to say he'll be at the party. Chad refuses to debate this with his mother. T. arrives and chats to Will about what a MILF Madeline is. "You guys talkin' 'bout my mom?" Chad asks as he wanders over. The topic of the photo of Kate and Madeline comes up and they continue to wonder what it was all about. Chad complains about how he doesn't know anything about his mom so Will suggests they dig into her secret life with Kate.

Mel goes over to the hospital and asks Carly what she was arguing with Chloe about. Carly says that Chloe almost died and that puts everything in perspective. She thinks they should leave the diva and the doctor's problems alone. After she walks off, Philip arrives and his wife begins searching for Chloe's chart. He snaps at her but she plods off. Philip tracks down Carly and asks her if he should know what she knows about Chloe that Mel thinks she should know. She tells him there's nothing he needs to know. "She does know something," he grumbles to himself.

Daniel sits by Chloe's bed. He wonders what she was doing there. She wakes up and tells him that she's ruined everything. As she mutters, he gets confused and assumes her mind is just in a fog. He asks her to calm down and tell him about the accident. Carly comes in and sends Daniel out. She warns Carly that she won't be able to contain her secret much longer and then leaves. Meanwhile, Daniel fills Philip and Mel in. She runs off to get her dad some food. Philip slips into Chloe's room and she informs him that Carly knows about their one night stand. As he tells her that they have to keep this quiet, Daniel walks in and asks what he's talking about.

Abe and Theo arrive at Bo's. Theo runs off with Ciara to look for her lunch box. Abe and Bo talk about never doing their homework and then the topic turns to divorce. Ciara explains to Theo that she saw her mom hugging another man and her treasure disappeared. Bo overhears this and asks what they are talking about. Ciara explains the stolen treasure so Bo sends the kids outside. The men discuss the secret treasure and worry. Bo mulls over the collapse of his marriage but Abe's not convinced it's over. After the mayor leaves, Hope arrives in tears and runs into Bo's arms. As she sobs, Carly walks in and stares.

June 10, 2010

I Am Onto You.

Carly walks in on Bo and Hope hugging. Bo explains that Alice is rapidly deteriorating. Carly decides to make herself scarce and leaves. Hope asks him why he called her over there. He stares down at the divorce papers but doesn't mention them. They sadly discuss Alice and she talks about how fragile life is.

Jennifer arrives at Maggie's in tears. Maggie cries too and blesses her for getting there so quickly. They sit down and chat. Alice taught them both what family really means. When Jennifer takes a walk, she runs into Carly by the pier. They catch up and Carly talks about how Mel and Bo are her whole life now. Jennifer goes over to Bo's. Hugs all around. When she mentions Ciara, Bo decides to go. When he's gone, Hope talks about how rough things have been, but she's counting her blessings. Jack calls Jennifer and she looks for a pen and paper to write down his number. After she hangs up, she notices the divorce papers. Hope spots them and stares. Meanwhile, Bo goes to commiserate with Caroline. They sob and remember Alice.

In the pub, Nathan tells Mel that his great grandmother doesn't have much time left. He tells her how wise Alice was and all the great advice she gave him. She decides to tell him about Stephanie not taking her birth control pills. He asks how that is her business and barks at her to back off. The intern says that he already knows and declares that he is done talking to her. Steph saunters in. Nate stomps off and Steph trails after him.

Nicole walks out of the Kiriakis patio while Brady is toweling off and flexing his abs, they begin kissing... until the fantasy ends. Brady snaps her out of it. She explains that she is going to Ari's hearing to give her some support. She wonders if there is anything to the accusations against Ari. He vows to destroy whoever is behind this.

EJ calls Ari and tells her he's arranged for some strategy time. When she goes up to meet him, Nicole is there. She begs her to let Brady help her. Ari explodes at her. "I am onto you!" Ari says. Nicole accuses her of being paranoid but Ari won't back down. Elvis arrives. Nicole heads out and he follows her, cornering her and accusing her of trying to get Brady back by putting Ari away. He accuses her of being behind the muggings. She shakes her head and calls him crazy. "I'm going to make sure you go back where you below. Prison!" he threatens.

Daniel walks into Chloe's room and asks Philip what secret he and Chloe are keeping. He covers. Chloe claims her heart hurts. She sends Philip out and tells the doctor that she's afraid he won't love her anymore after what she has to say. He claims he could never stop loving her. His beeper goes off so he leaves. She weeps. Philip runs back in. She explains that she wanted to come clean but she can't. He's grateful that she's keeping her mouth shut. Chloe says their future is still in Carly's hands. They complain about how annoying Carly is and he tells her to stay calm.

Philip goes to Chloe's apartment after she asks him to pick up Daniel's present for her. As he leaves, he runs into Adrienne and then walks off awkwardly. He brings the gift to Chloe in the hospital. She has a nap until Daniel returns and then she gives him the gift. It's a watch with an inscription. He loves it and her. He climbs into bed with her and excitedly suggests they call Father Matt and get married today. She likes that idea. He runs out to the nurses' station to call the priest. As he asks him to come over, Carly overhears him. Then he calls Mel and tells her. Mel's head nearly explodes. Meanwhile, Carly sneaks into Chloe's room and repeats that she has to come clean before the marriage.

June 11, 2010
The Stupidest Things Of All.

At Bo's, Jennifer is apologizing to Hope after handing her the divorce papers. Hope didn't even know she was getting divorced. Jenn offers to go after Bo with a baseball bat. Hope explains that she asked for a divorce a few months ago but they got distracted. Jenn is sure she doesn't want the divorce anymore. Hope insists that the only thing that matters right now is Alice. After Hope sends her off, she stares at the papers and weeps. She heads over to Alice's and flashes back. Her memories are interrupted when Bo wanders in. It's awkward. He tells her none of this is okay; he doesn't want her to suffer alone. As she sobs, her purse spills and he spots her pills.

Maggie goes home to see Jenn. Marie arrives. They sit around and drink tea, reminiscing about Alice. "How am I ever going to be able to say goodbye?" Marie wonders. Solemnly, they all file out together.

At the mansion, Brady is calling around to get his people to get Ari out. Victor comes in and Brady wonders why he isn't doing a jig. Victor announces he's there to help and hands Brady a new money clip. He doesn't want him to face things alone and advises him to face the facts about Arianna. Victor reminds him of how much he loves him, even if he always screws it up. He offers to be there to help him through this. Brady hugs him and leaves.

EJ grabs Nicole at the pier. She tears herself away and he begins taunting and warning her. He tells her she's stupid for coming back to town and messing with his friends. "If you think you are going to get another pardon, that would be the stupidest thing of all," he says. She accuses him of just being out for revenge. Nicole has no idea how she could have ever loved him. "The person I loved didn't exist," he says. She says he loved the real her and he was never happier than when he was with her and Syd. He claims she's delusional and yells about how happy he is now. Elvis begins railing about Brady, saying that he's like a puppy and then that he's like a reject from NSYNC who doesn't understand how much he sucks. "It's pathetic. And by 'it', I mean you," he rants. He continues to insult her and wraps his hands around her throat. She sneers and accuses him of being a jealous little boy. Elvis accuses her of being behind the muggings and says that she is toast as soon as he remember the guy who hit him. She heads off to track down Baker, tell him the latest and ask what they should do next.

Mel goes to the cells to visit Ari. Mel complains about the injustice of the situation. Ari admits she's scared. Mel offers to give her an alibi but Ari won't allow it and breaks the news that she dumped Brady. Mel thinks she's nuts. After Mel leaves, Elvis shows up. Meanwhile, Mel hunts down Brady and tells him he needs his head examined. He goes into the pub. One of Baker's gambling friends runs into him and notices his money clip, saying that he's seen it before.


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