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3rd Week of June Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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June 14, 2010
We Can't Get Married.

When Daniel walks into Maggie's, he's happy to hear Mel say that if Chloe makes her dad happy, she's happy. Philip makes himself scarce and Mel gives her father a saint's medal. She hopes no one takes Chloe away from him. He says that she may have been a mistake, but he's glad she happened.

Carly goes into Chloe's hospital room. The diva is sick of seeing her and says that she made one mistake and has been tortured about it ever since. She refuses to cave into Carly's self-righteous blackmail. The doctor refuses to 'conspire' so Chloe reminds her that she lied to Daniel for more than twenty years. Chloe tells her to go away so Carly sits down and asks her to postpone the wedding. As soon as the doctor leaves, Viv rushes in and demands to know what happened. She plays dumb and then walks out, vowing to make Chloe pay for being 'a stupid little twit'. Philip stops by next and Chloe admits she's thinking of coming clean. He thinks that's a terrible idea and tells her to marry Daniel and forget Carly. Daniel and Mel arrive for the wedding. As Father Matt is about to begin, Carly walks in. Chloe stops the ceremony. "We can't get married," she declares.

On the pier, Nicole is telling Dr. Dick that she's not going to jail. He refuses to let her make him take the fall for this. She walks off and he trails after her. He has an idea for how they can both keep their cover. Dick assures her that EJ is stupid enough that they can keep things secret. She worries about his mystery partner but he thinks she's skipped town. Nicole heads over to the mansion. Brady's not there so she trades insults with Viv, who begins teasing her for being in love with Brady. Viv says that Brady's heart will always belong to Arianna.

In the pub, Brady questions a gambler who says that he's seen his money clip before. Brady offers him some cash for information about when and where the next poker game will be. He heads off to the secret location and bribes his way into the game. As he is dealt cards, Baker peers in and spots him. He backs out and tells one of the other gamblers that there's a cop inside. Dick hands him a roofie to drop in Brady's soda.

Elvis sits at Casa DiMera and thinks about kissing Sami. He spots her as she heads out the door. He doesn't want her to run away over what happened between them. She claims that she was just lonely and vulnerable and he was there. He thinks she still wants him and starts feeling up her collarbone. She claims kissing him was a huge mistake. EJ says he won't chase after her. She explodes at him so he shows her a picture their son drew of them as a family and says that's what he wants. Sami flounces off and Stefano comes in. EJ tells his father that he suspects Nicole is behind the muggings. Stefano breaks the news that Alice is dying. He muses on his old opponent. After EJ leaves, Stefano gets a call telling him they are taking care of Rafe.

In the prison, Shane and Rafe discuss how they can escape. A guard arrives and announces that Shane will be executed today. After Shane is taken away, another guard sneaks over and offers to get Rafe out. The guy claims he was sent by the bureau. When Rafe turns his back, the guard pulls out a cord and begins strangling him.

Sami goes up to her room and worries about Rafe, wishing he was there. When she has a nap, she imagines Rafe arriving. He tells her he doesn't think that he will ever come back. Fantasy Rafe says that she is a smart person, but she also has a thing for EJ. Meanwhile, Elvis approaches Nicole on the pier and grabs her again, accusing her once more of framing Ari.

June 15, 2010
End Of The Road.

At the underground gambling joint, Baker watches as Brady is dealt another hand and handed a drink with a roofie in it. The drug starts talking effect immediately and Brady becomes disoriented, declares he has to go and leaves. He stumbles down to the pier and collapses. Baker creeps up and says it's the end of the road. The doctor pours some scotch in Brady's mouth and over his clothes.

EJ is at the pier on the phone worrying to his father that Anna might return. Meanwhile, Sami is at Casa DiMera reading the newspaper to herself and counting her fingers as she thinks about Rafe. By the time Elvis arrives, Sami is worrying about Alice and Will. EJ offers to drive her around so she apologizes for kissing him and they head out the door.

Nathan and Steph go over to Alice's. Jennifer and Adrienne are there. They all catch up and then Jenn leads Nate upstairs to see Alice. Steph tells her aunt all about what happened with Nate and Adrienne tells her that he's a keeper. They chat about Philip and she notes that she saw him at Chloe's. Sami soon arrives and hugs everyone. When Jenn takes her up to see Alice, EJ calls his father again and begs him to have Anna tracked down. When Sami returns, he's texting and she demands to know what he's keeping from her. It turns out that he place is fixed and he didn't tell her. He claims he was going to wait until tomorrow to tell her and he wanted to help her break the news to Will. "If you want to leave, then leave," he says. Jenn comes back down so EJ wanders off. The women catch up and Sami gabs about how perfect Rafe was until he figured out that she's not perfect. They remember Alice. Later, Jenn's parents arrive.

Sami and EJ go back to Casa DiMera and he tells her she should leave if she feels like he's forcing her to stay. She thanks him for all of his help and explains that she'd like to stay. They both smile.

In his cell, a man tries to strangle Rafe. The Fed battles him off and knocks him out. A guard returns with Shane and notices the man on the floor. This distracts him so Rafe attacks the guard and then Shane and Rafe head out. On the other side of the island, Anna wakes up in her hospital bed. She tries climbing out but hears someone coming so lays back down and pretends to be asleep. After the guy checks her out, he leaves and she tries to climb out again. As she heads for the door, she spots Rafe coming and hides.

At the hospital, Father Matt is about to begin the wedding ceremony for Daniel and Chloe when she declares that they can't get married. Daniel wonders if there is something she hasn't been telling him. The bride to be asks to speak to him alone. Everyone files out and she explains that she can't marry him. Father Matt returns before she can explain more. She says that she would like to go to confession and have absolution before she starts the next chapter of her life. Daniel's confused but leaves them alone. She offers the priest her full and detailed confession. After that, she asks him to get Carly to back off. He can't do that and tells her that a sacrament like marriage can't be based on a lie.

In the hall, Mel, Philip and Carly speculate on what's going on. Mel is clueless and Philip is cringing. His wife wonders what's up with him. Reluctantly, he lets the women leave to talk alone. Mel and Carly go to the pub and the doctor admits that she's afraid Chloe could break Daniel's heart. Carly asks her to be there for him if things don't go well and let's her know that she can lean on her. Back at the hospital, Steph and Nate arrive and run into Daniel and Philip. As they split up to head back to work, Steph asks Philip why he looks like he's going to jump out of his skin. He stammers and tells her this is none of her business. She worries that his wife is going to run to Nate to cry on his shoulder but he assures her that they are happy. Meanwhile, Daniel hurries back to the priest who tells him that he can't perform the ceremony. He goes to see Chloe and asks her why Father Matt has refused to marry them.

June 16, 2010
Doing The Right Thing.

At home, Bo is on the phone to Hope until Carly arrives. She hugs him and offers to go and see Alice with him. He's uncomfortable. She decides she's being selfish but he tells her that Mrs. H. never judged his feelings for her. Carly decides to head back to work.

At the hospital, Daniel asks Chloe why Father Matt is now refusing to marry them. She says that everything has changed. The doctor needs an explanation so she claims there is a problem with her annulment to Lucas. He's confused so she explains that she can't explain what she doesn't understand. The doctor is pissed and says they will find someone else to marry them. She refuses to allow that. He decides to ask a justice of the peace to marry them. When he gets up to make the call, she tells him he can't; she needs to make her vows before God. She promises that everything will be perfect but they have to wait. He leaves to cancel some things and Carly plods in. "You bitch! This is all your fault," Chloe barks at her. She explains that she's postponed the wedding and confused the hell out of Daniel. The diva wishes she could run away. Carly tells her that Daniel is very forgiving and she needs to do the right thing.

As Madeline and Chad head to the pub, she takes him aside to talk about the DiMeras. He's heard it all a thousand times before. He rants about how hard his life has been for the past few years and how he can't stop thinking about the baby he lost. He wishes she would let him make his own decisions.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano tells Kate that the forms are on the way so they can get Madeline's tape. She shakes her head when he doesn't ask about her children. She tells him about Alice and is furious to find out he already knew and never told her. He explains that Alice's family all hate her. She resents being treated like a fragile little girl and storms out.

Jennifer's parents show up at Alice's. Everyone sits around. Jenn and her mom go up to see Alice. Bill answers the door. It's Kate and she's shocked to see him. He flatly asks her why she married Stefano. She reminds him that he's not longer part of her life. They rehash their past and he says he's been wondering about a lot of the choices he's made. He wonders if they could have been happy together. As he asks her if she is proud of who she has become, Laura interrupts and says this is for family only. Kate says Alice is a special person who makes the world a better place and leaves. Laura grills Bill but he says that Alice would have welcomed Kate. Meanwhile, when Kate gets back to Casa DiMera, Stefano apologizes for earlier and suggests that she spend time with Lucas while he deals with Madeline. "I want to spend my life taking care of you," he says. She says that she will always be on his side and they will solve the Madeline situation together.

Nicole finds Brady unconscious at the pier and stinking of booze. She asks him what happened. He tells her that she looks pretty. As she helps him up, their faces meet but they resist kissing. A cop arrives. Nicole tries to keep a lid on the situation. "We got places to do and people to go," Brady says. The cop arrests him for public intoxication. Brady lunges at him and falls on his face. Nicole takes him to the hospital. Maxine moans about binge drinking and says that Brady is lucky he's not dead. Bo arrives and asks what happened. Nicole says it's all her fault because she ruined Ari's alibi. She asks him to make this all go away, even though she now realizes how much he loves Arianna. After Nicole wanders off, Carly rushes over and hugs Bo. Meanwhile, Nicole returns to Brady's side and offers to tell him everything.

Victor approaches Maggie at the pub. As he takes her hand and offers his help with Alice, Caroline spots them and glares. After Maggie leaves, Caroline blows up at Victor over his marriage to Viv. He reminds her that she broke his heart recently and wonders if she regrets turning him away. Victor explains that he only married Viv to protect their son, but he can't explain how.

June 17, 2010

Sami finds Will moping at the pier about Alice. They hug. When he mentions that her townhouse is fixed, she informs him she's not moving back... yet. She claims the kids are more comfortable at Casa DiMera. He wonders if she's really thinking of herself. That annoys her.

Lexi calls Maggie and tells her that Brady was admitted to the hospital and drugs were found in his system. As Maggie runs over, Nicole sits at Brady's bedside and explains that he fell of the wagon because of something she did. She blames herself for driving Ari over the edge. He says that's not what happened and he was set up. Lexi comes in and tells Brady that Nicole saved his life. When Lexi asks her to leave, Nicole walks out muttering that she is going to get Dick.

Victor and Maggie arrive at the hospital. He's ready to blame Brady's girlfriend, 'the once and future prison whore' for his falling off the wagon. She orders him not to go in ranting or his grandson will shut him down. He agrees to back down and trust her. They go in to see Brady and he swears that he was set up by someone. Victor agrees to believe him and manages to keep himself calm thanks to Maggie holding his hand. When they walk out, he tells her she understands him better than most people. Meanwhile, Nicole tracks down Dick at his place and threatens to kill him for what he did. He claims he had no choice but she thinks the cost was too high.

Elvis arrives in Ari's cell and informs her that he has bad news. Her arraignment is being delayed, but he still promises to get her out. She thanks him for all of his help. Lexi calls him to say that Brady went on a binge. He gets off the phone and tells Ari that her boyfriend had a relapse.

Chad walks into the pub and tells his parents that he's not leaving town because he doesn't want to leave his friends behind. They assume he's talking about Mia. As he leaves, she makes him promise to come to dinner. Once he's gone, Charles says it might be good to keep their son around so they can keep an eye on him. Madeline refuses to let him stay around under bad influences. They bicker and then she tells him she was going to give their son some bonds. They're in her safe deposit box.

Mia runs into Gabi on the street and tells her she's sorry about her sister. Gabi blows up at her and tells her she doesn't want to be her friend. Mia apologizes for treating her badly and says it was just because she loves Chad. The man himself stands in the bushes and eavesdrops. He comes out of hiding and tells Mia that he's staying so he can be around her and then talks about how weird his mom has been acting.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano hands Kate a key to unlock Madeline's box. She leaves with her disguise. He plays chess by himself as she gets the deposit box at the bank. As she digs through the box, she hears someone welcoming Madeline. Kate throws everything in her bag and ducks out as the clerk confusedly tells Madeline that she seems to have already signed in. Madeline checks her box and discovers that it's empty. She flips out. Meanwhile, Kate is already back at Casa DiMera handing Stefano the tape. "Madeline is finito," he declares.

At Alice's, Doug and Julie talk about her grandma. "I'm not ready to say goodbye," she cries. Neither is he. Sami and Will arrive. He runs up to see Alice and Sami tells Julie that she's been living with EJ. "What in the world are you thinking?" Julie asks. Sami defends EJ and says that people change. Julie thinks she's making the worst mistake of her life. Sami continues claiming that Elvis is an amazing father and has changed. Julie thinks she's just replacing Rafe with EJ and will regret it. Meanwhile, Doug and Will discuss Alice and then everything else. He explains that he moved away from his mom but she moved in with him. Doug is shocked when Will tells him that he thinks Stefano is a pretty cool guy.


June 18, 2010

You Must Tell Daniel The Truth.

Ari calls Brady from her cell to ask for the truth about his falling off the wagon. He insists that he didn't slip and realizes that she doesn't believe him. The guard kicks her off the phone. Nathan walks into Brady's room as he's climbing out of bed. Brady continues angrily insisting that he didn't go on a binge. He goes to the cells to see Ari in person. When she wonders how he could have gotten wasted, he explodes. She thinks he needs to admit what happened. He's shocked that she doesn't believe him. "The shoe is on the other foot," he points out. He thinks this is the end for them. Although he loves her and will still help her, he doesn't think they have a future. He mopes all the way to the mansion and remembers kissing Ari. Back at the jail, Ari begs the guard to let her make a call but she's already had her call for the day.

At the motel, Nicole complains to Baker about seeing Brady bombed out of his mind. She rants at him for what he did and warns him that she'll destroy him if he hurts Brady again. She heads over to the hospital to see Brady but he's already checked out.

Daniel goes to see his daughter at Maggie's to tell her the wedding has been put on hold. "Wow," she says, admitting she's kind of happy. He suggests that they go over to Alice's and check in on Maggie.

Over at Alice's, Maggie and Melissa cry about her as they remember her. Melissa goes up to hold her grandma's hand. After that's done, she returns to Maggie and then they talk about Nate and what a troublemaker Mel was. Moments later, Mel and Daniel arrive. Maggie sends her off to make some lemonade and then talks to Daniel about her latest tests. Her disease is in remission again. She's thrilled and hugs him. He leaves and Mel returns with lemonade. Maggie informs her that she's in remission. Mel gets excited and jumps around. Maggie tells her how fabulous she is and how she lifts her spirits.

Father Matt goes to see Chloe in her hospital room. He knows that she lied to Daniel again. She claims she couldn't tell the truth. He tells her to stop piling on the sins. "You must tell Daniel the truth," he says. He announces that he has to leave for his retreat and departs. She rolls over. Nicole walks in and Chloe fills her in on her elevator trauma. The topic quickly turns to Brady's bender. Nicole says he was set up. Chloe assumes she knows something about it. They go back to talking about Daniel and Chloe worries things will end. She explains that she cheated on him and Nicole wonders why the doctor needs to find out. Chloe tells her about Carly. Nicole advises her to rush into the wedding because, once they're married, Carly won't have any power. She offers to handle Carly while she makes the arrangements. Nicole rushes around, discovers Carly is in surgery for hours and then tells Chloe to get married immediately. The diva points out that Father Matt is gone so Nicole tells her to call the hospital chaplain. Nicole heads over to the mansion to check on Brady. He thanks her for believing in him. She always will. They hug. Back at the hospital, Chloe tells Daniel they should get married anyway. He demands to know what is going on.

Stephanie and her mother are reunited at the pub. They hold hands and talk about Steve and Joey. Steph tells her that things are getting serious with Nate and he makes her happy. She vaguely explains that they had some serious problems but she lays the blame on Mel. Nathan arrives and joins them before wandering off to take a call. His mother arrives and they join Kayla and her daughter.

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