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4th Week of June Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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June 21, 2010
My nightmare is coming true!

At the hospital, Daniel asks Carly to tell him why she keeps changing her mind about the wedding. "If we don't get married tonight, we never will," she says. Chloe thinks forces are conspiring against them. She explains that she had a nightmare that he vanished. He tells her he would never abandon her. She says she will be haunted by this dream until they are married. He's starting to think they should wait. "My nightmare is coming true!" she yelps. He says she's traumatized and they shouldn't make panic decisions. She debates this and he gives in. "You are the best," she says. He hurries off to get his daughter.Nathan is surprised to run into Mel at Alice's. He blows up at her and then calms down and apologizes. Things are uncomfortable. Steph calls and arranges to come over. He and Mel return to arguing about Steph until her father calls and asks her down to the hospital for the wedding. She tells Nate she's not on board with this idea. He doesn't think she should be. Before he can explain, Steph arrives. Mel rushes out. Nate hands Steph some hot air balloon ride tickets. She's touched.

When Mel gets to the hospital, she asks her father why she's rushing the marriage. He doesn't know but it's what Chloe wants. She makes him happy and he wants to make her happy. Mel goes to see Chloe and walks in on her leaving a rambling message to Nicole about how Daniel will never leave her if they're married. Mel asks her what kind of games she's playing.

Lucas and Allie walks into the pub to see Sami. He asks her where she is calling him these days. They decide to put aside the bickering and share flashbacks of Alice. He remembers the Christmas ornament she gave him. They tell Allie how lucky she is to be named after Alice.

Madeline stalks around town, worrying that Kate and Stefano may have discovered something in her box. Meanwhile, at Casa DiMera, Stefano and Kate put on the tape and see Madeline performing her escorting services. Stefano blushes and they discuss how Kate enlisted Madeline to be a prostitute and blackmail a congressman for Stefano. The congressman realized he was being recorded and flipped out so Stefano barged in and beat his head in with a cheap motel lamp. After watching the tape, Stefano runs off to meet with the judge at the pier. She confronts him about stealing her tape and says she made copies. He claims he has his bases covered and won't give her the rest of what was in the box. "Your blackmailing days are over," he says. He wonders if there is more she's hiding from him. She agrees to let everything die if he'll just give her her stuff back.

Maggie and everyone else stand in Alice's kitchen crying and being thankful that they had a chance to say goodbye to her. Laura wishes they'd had the same chance with Mickey. Lucas and Sami arrive with Allie. Everyone hugs. After seeing Alice, Lucas gets a call from his mother. She wants them to have dinner but he's cold to her. Meanwhile, Sami and Steph sit around and talk about boys. Nate intrudes. He tells Steph that Alice smiles when he told her he was the happiest he'd ever been. Meanwhile, Kate searches through what else she swiped from Madeline's box. She discovers an envelope. When she opens it, her jaw drops.

June 22, 2010
All The Way Married.

Chloe calls Nicole from her hospital room to tell her that everything will be alright and Daniel won't leave her once they are married. Mel walks in and clears her throat, accusing the diva of playing games with her dad. Chloe insists she's not playing games and has never doubted for a second that Daniel is the man she wants to spend her life with. She reminds her of how many people tried to stop her from marrying Philip. Mel thinks it must be weird that she nearly married the guy who is going to be her 'step son in law'. Chloe says it's Salem so stuff like that happens and promises she will never stand in the way of her having a relationship with her father. Mel gives her a necklace so she'll have something old and borrowed and then warns her that she will crush her if she mistreats Daniel.

Stefano is with Madeline on the pier. She wants the rest of her stuff back untouched. He promises she will get it all back. Over at Casa DiMera, Kate discovers an envelope among the things she stole from Madeline's safe deposit box. She reads it and gasps. "Stefano can't possible know about this... can he?" she wonders. Stefano arrives and tells her they can send everything back to Madeline. She's not so sure. He's confused and just wants the judge out of their lives. Kate tells him the situation with Alice is upsetting her and offers to take care of the judge's stuff on her own.

Chad stops by Maggie's to see Mia as Maggie and Melissa leave. When the teens are left alone, he tells her that he is definitely staying in town. She kisses him. He goes off for a walk and his mom finds him sitting on the pier. He repeats that he's sticking around town. She seems cool with that all of a sudden. She immediately heads to Maggie's to see Mia and announces they need to talk about the future. Mia squints.

Philip meets up with his brother outside of the pub and apologizes for being a downer at his wedding. They talk about Chloe and Lucas says he is sure she will cheat again and never get married. Philip checks his phone and then declares that he has to go to Chloe's wedding. Over at the hospital, Daniel is calling around for a justice of the peace. Maxine walks over and teases him, wondering why he is keeping things so low key. He claims it's what the woman he loves needs. Mel and Philip join him. As he hugs his daughter, Philip slips into Chloe's room and asks her what's going on. She starts to fill him in when the others arrive with the justice of the peace. Daniel worries that this isn't the kind of wedding day she wants. She sends everyone else out and promises him that this is what she wants but she needs him to marry her because it's what he wants. They kiss. He calls Philip and Mel in. As they gather, Carly arrives at the nurses' station. Meanwhile, the justice of the peace gets called away in the middle of the ceremony to take care of something. Daniel promises Chloe they will be 'all the way married' soon. Carly stomps in to say something before that can happen. "This is like deja vu all over again," Philip says.

At Alice's, Laura and Jennifer are looking at old photos. Jennifer's still not ready to say goodbye to Alice. They join Bill and the others to share their memories before beginning to talk about how to make donuts. Will arrives and they talk about how proud Alice was of them all. Bill wishes he'd stayed closer longer. Laura cries as they talk about the roses Alice planted and how much she loved flowers. Bill walks into the other room and talks to Maggie, thanking her for taking such good care of his mother. "We're all family," he says.

Later in Alice's kitchen, Nate and Bill talk about Tom's medical bag. In the other room, Lucas asks Will if he wants to get out of town for awhile. Will wants to stick around for his brother and sister. Lucas says that Alice wouldn't be happy to know he was living with the DiMeras. Will heads over to Casa DiMera to pick up some music for Alice. He thinks he shouldn't be staying there while she is still around. Stefano tells him that he is not evil incarnate, in spite of what people say. Meanwhile, Kate meets up with Lucas outside the pub. They look in at the Brady and Horton families as they gather at the tables to flip though a scrapbook.

June 23, 2010
Deja Vu All Over Again.

EJ goes to the cells to see Ari. She's a wreck so he tries to calm her down. she rambles and he explains the arraignment has been scheduled for tomorrow. He's not all that optimistic about it but claims he can prove Nicole framed her. EJ is sure that Nicole is under pressure and will screw up.

Nicole walks into the mansion and listens to Brady talking on his phone about getting justice for Ari. She finally interrupts and tells him she's desperate for help - she's afraid that she's going to lose her job. He encourages her to do a piece on the muggings so they can get Ari out of jail. She claims her producer canned the story so Brady offers to talk to Philip and have that changed. Nicole's not enthusiastic but he's not giving up. He breaks the news that he and Ari are over and then suggests that she do a piece on Alice for her show. She leaves and tapes a piece on Alice outside the pub. As she talks about being Alice's friend, EJ comes out of the shadows. "Even Alice Horton didn't love you," he snipes. Nicole cuts the shooting and begins bickering with Elvis. She taunts him for not getting any 'satisfaction' lately with Sami in his house and he tells her that she will never get Brady.

At Maggie's, Mia and Madeline argue. The judge says that Chad can do better than her and she'd rather not give her another chance to ruin Chad's life. Mia doesn't like her threats. Madeline hands her an acceptance letter from the High School for the Performing Arts in New York. Mia pouts as Madeline explains that her housing and living arrangements have all been arranged. Mia refuses the offer. Madeline hands her a plane ticket. Mia refuses to leave Maggie. Madeline encourages her to follow her dreams for Grace's sake.

Will thumps down the stairs at Casa DiMera to answer the door. It's Carrie. They hug. Sami walks in and nearly chokes when she spots her. Carrie explains that she came to say goodbye to Alice. She asks for a minute alone with Sami. Carrie shocks her by apologizing. She's sorry for her mother abducting Syd. Sami says it wasn't her fault and takes all the blame on herself. Carrie won't accept that. They talk about the terrible things they've done and reminisce about Alice. They apologize and whimper, agreeing to make a fresh start in Alice and Syd's honor. They hug. After Carrie leaves, Mia shows up to say goodbye to Will and thank him and his mom for all of their help. Weeping, she tells them how much she will miss them. Sami tells her that she's doing the right thing by trying to get her life back on track. Will wishes her good luck and opens the door. Once she's gone, Sami gets Will to admit he'll miss Mia. They hug.

Brady goes to see Ari in her cell. She apologizes for not believing him before. Being locked up has made her a bit crazy. She promises to never doubt him again but he doesn't seem all that convinced. He claims he doesn't trust EJ to get her out of there and vows to track down whoever is responsible for putting her there.

"This is like deja vu all over again," Philip grunts as Carly interrupts Daniel and Carly's hospital room wedding again. This time, Carly is determined to say everything. Daniel is frustrated and baffled. Philip and Chloe think about having sex on his desk and then Chloe explains that Carly doesn't think she's good enough for him. Carly asks to speak to the bride and groom in private. Philip and Mel walk out with a whimper and a grimace. Daniel wants Carly to spit out the truth. Carly explains that the latest tests show that Chloe is pregnant. Chloe's confused. Daniel thinks this must be a miracle since she was nearly killed by an elevator the other day. Chloe stares at him. Daniel's thrilled and runs off to track down the justice of the peace. Chloe accuses Carly of lying and tells her she's being pure evil. Once the evil one leaves, Daniel returns and tells Chloe how amazing it will be if she's really pregnant. Carly returns and they give Chloe the probe. Chloe cringes until Daniel confirms that they are going to have a baby for real. Meanwhile, Philip and Mel go over to the pub and wonder what Carly is up to. He wonders why people are always trying to ruin Chloe's happiness.

At Alice's, Maggie and the others worry about where Mike is. They stand around and panic. Jennifer gets a call from Lexi. Over at the hospital, Lexi wanders into a hospital room and finds Mike in a bed. "What am I doing here?' he asks. She explains that he was in an accident. He's eager to go and see his grandma and doesn't have time to wait. Carrie arrives and he explains that someone slammed into his rental car. They sit around awkwardly and he stutters. As they catch up, Jennifer runs in. Carrie makes herself scarce and Mike asks Jennifer to get him out of there, She rushes off to set the wheels in motion. Lexi returns and tells Mike he can't leave until they get the test results. He's anxious to go and see his grandma before it's too late. Meanwhile, at Alice's, Jennifer arrives and finds Maggie coming down the stairs in tears. She explains that Alice just died.

June 24, 2010
Maggie Maintenance.

Roman greets Carrie at the pub. They talk about Anna until Sami butts in. They put Allie on the bar and get her to recite a commercial for them before sending her off to see Caroline. The sisters tell their father that they have forgiven each other, but not Anna. Roman escapes and the sisters discuss Anna some more before catching up about Austin. Sami gabs about Rafe and how she drove him away. She blames herself for it and goes over all of the details of the relationship and its collapse. As they talk, Carrie suggests that Sami is in love with Rafe and EJ at the same time

Bo rushes to answer his door. Kayla bursts in and their sister arrives next. Kimberly sits down with them and says that Shane seems to have dropped off the face of the earth. Kimberly begins ranting. Roman wanders in. When Bo and Kayla are left alone, she doesn't hide that she's not thrilled he's with Carly now. He makes excuses and claims he fell in love.

Shane and Rafe get on a plane. Rafe wonders what Shane is planning to do next. For the moment, he just wants to know what's happened to his family. He's quiet and worries that he may have been away from his family for too long. They talk about Alice.

At Alice's, Julie and Jennifer discover that Alice met with a priest before she died to plan everything for her funeral. Julie has a flashback and then they say that Heaven must be better organized now that Alice is there. Abe arrives and offers the women his sympathy and talks about how nice Alice was, even when he was arresting her.

Hope is in Alice's kitchen blowing her nose on her napkins. Doug walks in and they hug. He wishes he could comfort her like Alice did. She's afraid that she let her down. They go for a walk and she is sure that Alice would have wanted her to fight for Bo. Doug tries to give Hope some encouragement and says that Alice believed she was meant for Bo. Hope sits down and looks at the mug she gave Alice. Jennifer joins her and they talk about how much they miss their gram. Hope can't believe she is going to her grandma's funeral without Bo by her side.

Bill goes to see Maggie at her place. She guesses he's been assigned with 'Maggie maintenance'. She complains about Marie washing her car. "She was a nun. That's what they do," he says. It bothers her that everyone is treating her like she is disabled, not just grieving. She thinks everyone should be looking after themselves, not her. He confronts her about keeping her medical condition a secret and explains that Alice begged him to look after her and so did Mickey. She insists that she's okay. He hugs her and tells her that he still has to stay true to the promise he made to his brother.

At Casa DiMera, Kate and Lucas talk about Alice. She admires how happy and old fashioned Alice was. She misses him but thinks he's doing a great job in Hong Kong. He worries that Sami won't let him raise Allie over there. As they discuss this, Will walks in. Lucas explains that he is planning to stay in Hong Kong. Will is angry that he's been planning this without talking to anyone first. Lucas asks him to move in with him but Will can't leave his friends and school and grandma. Will explains that his living arrangements may be strange, but everyone has been acting decent, even to Sami. "Now I'm really scared," Lucas says.

June 25, 2010

The Rest Of The Days Of Our Lives.

On the plane back to Salem, Shane and Rafe share regrets about how they've been trying to save the world and losing their families in the process. Rafe talks about how hard it is to deal with Sami. Shane says his problem is he can't stop thinking about her. Shane advises him to get Sami away from EJ as quick as he can.

At the pub, Carrie accuses Sami of trotting off and hooking up with another guy as soon as Rafe left. Sami grunts and furrows her brow, insisting that living with EJ means nothing. Her sister tells her that she can't have both men -- she needs to make a choice. Caroline and Allie interrupt the bickering so they can go to the funeral. They tell the little girl that she was named after a great lady.

At home, Maggie cries to her daughter about losing Alice. She says that they have to carry on Alice's path to love and dignity. As they get the table ready, Steph and Nate arrive to help.

At Casa de Bo, he defends his relationship with Carly to Kayla but she thinks that Carly is just a distraction and he belongs with Hope. A second later, Hope shows up. Kayla lets her in and she hugs Kimberly and Roman. Everyone leaves Bo and Hope alone. She explains that she needed to see him before saying goodbye to her Gran. Hope wants him to say some words at the funeral. He tells her she could have called if that's all she wanted. Bo notices she's crying. She explains she can't make it through the day without all of her family. He tells her that she's not alone and she asks him to sit with her and Ciara.

Mike is still in his hospital bed when Bill and Jennifer arrive. He explains that his spleen has burst. They explain that his grandma is gone. He becomes distraught so Jenn reassures him. Lexi comes in and announces that she can't let him out for the funeral. Mike flips out until Jenn cries. He apologizes and says that they only thing that matters is that Alice went in peace.

Justin runs into Adrienne by the pier. She wonders how Hope is taking things so he explains he's barely seen her. Kayla putters over and Justin rushes off to a meeting. The women discuss Nate and Steph and Adrienne hints that things have been 'intense' and then runs away.

Following the funeral, everyone gathers in the graveyard for the burial. As Hope hugs Justin, Caroline tells her son that Hope should be in his arms. She talks about how great Alice was. Julie talks about how her grandma always wanted what was best for her, even when she didn't approve. Doug talks about what a great lady she was and Maggie says she wouldn't even be alive today if it wasn't for Alice's support and encouragement. Lucas says that she was like royalty and being a Horton was very intimidating but rewarding. Melissa says it was great that she could always read their minds and give them advice. Bo talks about how Alice was an ideal example of how to live and always told him to follow his heart. Jenn speaks of how hard it is to imagine a world without her Gran. Hope's lost for words. Alice was the woman she always wanted to be. "You will look out for us for the rest of the days of our lives," she says. As everyone holds yellow flowers and weeps, Lucas places a photo of Tom beside Alice's. Everyone places a flower on the coffin. Shane suddenly pops up from the bushes and says 'hey' to Kimberly. She flips out and storms off so he wanders over to Bo and Hope to offer his condolences before meandering off and leaving them alone.

Sami goes home to Casa DiMera after Kate calls her. Johnny has a fever and his grandma has been looking after him. Kate says that they may have issues, but she still loves the children. "I guess you must have been doing something right," Kate says. Sami is shocked. She gives Johnny some drugs and puts him to bed before telling Kate all about the funeral. The doorbell rings. Sami answers and her head nearly pops when Rafe is standing there.

The episode was dedicated to Frances Reid.


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