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5th Week of June Daily Summaries

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June 28, 2010
This Isn't Over.

Sami is shocked when Rafe shows up at Casa DiMera. After an awkward moment, they hug. He tells her all about his misadventures and how Anna escaped again. Rafe says he won't give up. Sami rants about his sister and he says he will figure out who has set her up. When he makes a joke about EJ getting bashed in the head, she jumps at him. He wonders what has been going on between them and why she is still there since the townhouse has been repaired. She says everyone is happy in the mansion and she was lonely. Sami insists that nothing is happening between she and EJ but he doesn't believe her. She's offended and says that he has no say in her life. He refuses to let EJ hurt her again. They start making out.

In the middle of the street, Madeline is talking to an envelope, thanking God that Stefano didn't find it. Chad startles her and says he's discovered something he's not happy about. They go into the pub and he moans that Mia has left and only sent him a text message. His mom tells him not to look into it. He's not in the mood to listen to this and leaves. She continues talking to her envelope, telling it that she had to do what she did.

By the graveside, Bo and Hope's hands join as they pick up one of Alice's flowers. She leaves for Alice's and he gets distracted by a flashback about donuts. He wishes he could ask Alice for advice now. Meanwhile, over at Alice's, the family sit around and look at old photo albums, remembering Alice playing Groucho. Hope arrives and talks about when Alice saved her relationship with Bo. Kayla commiserates with Hope and urges her to get back with Bo. Hope says it's complicated by Kayla keeps prodding. Nate and Steph rush in with a video tape. Everyone gathers around to watch Alice's wedding to Tom. Bo and Hope tear up and look at each other.

Carrie corners Lucas in the kitchen and tells him she's leaving. He tells her to give Austin his best. She's sorry for how things turned out. When she leaves, Bo and Roman walk her out, leaving Theo and Ciara alone to talk. They discuss the missing wallets and the strange man her mom was hugging until Hope stops them and orders her to stop making up stories. Ciara leaps away when her father walks back in. After he furrows his brow, he talks to Roman about the case against Ari and then Hope bursts into their conversation, declaring they can't take the case away from her. He points out that there hasn't been any progress in the case so she obviously needs some help. She blows up at him but he's sure she's too stressed out to handle things. Ciara comes in to say goodbye to her dad. Bo leaves and Doug and Julie offer to take the little girl home so Hope can have some time alone. She sadly walks around the house and blows a kiss to Alice's portrait.

Kate wonders what to do with the secret she's discovered about Madeline. She goes to the graveyard and puts a flower by Alice's grave. She wishes that she hadn't stopped her from playing a bigger role in Lucas' life. "I came to say I'm sorry and to say goodbye sweet lady," she weeps. Bill interrupts and asks her if she needs to talk. She doesn't think anyone can help her and walks away. Kate goes to meet with Madeline in the park and tells her that she and Stefano aren't happy about what's happened. "All of what's happened," she says
Kimberly goes over to Bo's mumbling about Shane and telling herself she doesn't care about him. He shows up. She's pissed but he wants to see her. She rants about how he's been running all over the world while she was dying in a hospital. He insists he would have come home if he'd known but he didn't because he was locked up. He wishes he could have been there to help her. When he begs her for another chance, she tells him to go to Hell and orders him out. "This isn't over," he says as he leaves. Meanwhile, a nurse goes to check on Mike at the hospital, but he's gone. He left to have a plaque made for his grandma. "You haven't left us, you never will," he says.

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June 29, 2010
It Was Goodbye.

At Casa DiMera, Rafe and Sami are in an instant argument. She insists that she isn't hooking up with Elvis. They start kissing and groping. EJ arrives as they come up for air. Elvis asks the other man to leave. Stefano wanders in and Rafe announces that he found Anna and talked to her about the kidnapping. EJ stares so hard his eyes nearly fall out. Rafe explains that Anna went into a coma after being poisoned and then disappeared. "You idiot," Stefano grunts. EJ shouts at Rafe, who smugly tells them the truth will come out and leaves. Sami trails after him. They bicker on the doorstep and she demands to know why he kissed her. "It was goodbye," he explains. After he mopes off to see his sister, she goes back inside. EJ gulps and stares before asking her if she is back with Rafe. "For God's sake, where is your dignity?" he asks before telling her that she knows how he feels about her. She's bewildered. "I love you," he blurts out. Sami gulps.

On the pier, Madeline hopes that Kate and Stefano are happy now that they've got the tape. "I know. I know everything," Kate announces. She admits that she checked out Madeline's box and discovered something she wasn't expecting. Kate says she hasn't told her husband about what she found yet. Maddie worries and Kate says that she wants them all to move on...  Kate meets with Stefano later. He tells her that Rafe is back and driving everyone insane. He's sure that something is up with Elvis and wants to know what it is.

Jenn runs into Carly in the graveyard. The doctor tells her about Daniel and the fact that she's found out something that could ruin his life. Jenn urges her to do the right thing and help him out. Carly jogs off. Jenn talks to Alice's tombstone about how she will always feel her presence.

Chloe wakes up in her hospital bed and finds Daniel sitting there. He tells her that they are having a baby and then kisses her. She's shocked and disoriented. "Oh no... that can't be," she says, staring and thinking of her and Philip's naked bodies on his office floor. Daniel's confused. She asks how far along she is. He says it's about two months. She clears her throat. He assures her the baby will be fine. Chloe wishes she could change things and wasn't so insecure. Daniel loves her even though she put him through hell and would forgive her for anything. "I have something I need to say to you right now," she starts. Before she can explain, he tells her he doesn't want to hear any more confessions. He says they are going to be a family and then putters off to get her release papers ready. "What am I going to do?" she wonders. After she gets dressed, Carly shows up. The bickering erupts and Chloe challenges Carly to ruin Daniel's chance at fatherhood all over again. Carly repeats that Daniel needs to know the truth.

Gabi goes to see her sister in the cells and announces that their brother is back. He shows up and tells his sister that he will get her out of there. They send Gabi off and then he asks Ari for all of the details so that he can help her. When she brings up EJ, Rafe nearly explodes and tells her she doesn't need Elvis' help.

At Maggie's, Mel startles Philip as he tries to call Chloe. She says she knows why he's trying to get a hold of the diva. Mel says that he's the one who talked her into thinking Chloe was good for her dad. He sends a bunch of mixed signals and then slouches out of the house, telling himself to get to the bottom of things. After he's gone, Daniel shows up and tells his daughter that she is going to be a big sister. She leaps around and congratulates him before admitting she's not sure she's ready to share him yet. He heads back to the hospital and finds Carly and Chloe having another heated exchange.

Steph and her mom are at the pub chatting. Kayla notices that her daughter mentions Philip an awful lot. Steph explains that they just have mutual friends and she worries about him because he's always blowing things and hurting people. She has the feeling that he is going to hurt Mel and she can't stand by and watch that happen. The conversation gets more convoluted and then Kayla has to leave to take a call. Philip drifts in and Steph tells him she has the suspicion that he did something wrong and it will soon go viral. He tells her that she has no idea what's going on so she should stay out of it. Kayla returns and Steph rushes off to work. Philip and Kayla begin bickering about the mess with Pocket. After she snipes at him, she leaves and Mel wanders in.

June 30, 2010
Um... Um... Um.

When Daniel returns to Chloe's hospital room, Carly is there. He wonders what all the tension is about. Chloe starts shaking her head and Carly begins talking and then stops mid sentence and begins rocking in her shoes. Daniel's confused. The women stare. Carly finally putters off when she's needed in the ER and Daniel skips away to help, leaving Chloe to talk to herself about her problems. Nicole wanders in and begins moaning about how EJ is ruining her life. She notices that Chloe is more out of it than usual and then notices she's not wearing a wedding ring either. Chloe's afraid that Carly is going to tell Daniel everything during surgery. She decides to find Carly and end this now but Nicole stops her. They worry. Out at the nurses' station, Daniel and Carly are arguing about a case and then the topic of Chloe comes up. Carly runs before they can get into it. Daniel returns to Chloe's room as she panics with Nicole. The blond bustles away. "You wouldn't lie to me, would you?" Daniel asks Chloe. He's wondering if there is a problem with the baby. She doesn't know; she's not the doctor. They talk about how much they love each other and then decide to go home and set up a room for the baby. Carly stares at them.

On the pier, Mel asks Philip why he didn't let Kayla and Steve keep Pocket. He says it's hard to explain. She keeps asking questions and he assures her that Pocket has good parents now. She tells him he's not a selfish bastard. "Do you ever think that maybe you would want to have a kid again someday?" she asks. Of course he does, but not yet.

Shane barges into Casa de Bo to talk to Kimberly. She tells him it's over. He tells her she's in denial. She runs to the pub to do inventory. He follows and they yell at each other through the door until she lets him in. He explains that he's leaving the ISA because he doesn't want to be away from his family anymore. The only mission for him is spending his life with his family.

At Casa DiMera, Sami can't believe that EJ really loves her. He insists that he does. She stutters. He can't believe she's this clueless. She's overwhelmed. He wonders why she isn't running away. "My mom's townhouse flooded," she says, digging up excuses. He says that she's in love with him too and needs to admit it. "Um... Um... Um," she mutters, saying she's flattered. EJ says their issues are a thing of the past because they are in love. She won't admit that and says his feelings aren't returned. Sami only thinks of him as a friend. Elvis laughs and says that's the biggest lie he's ever heard from her. She explodes, turns red and calls him a bastard. He thinks she's a pain in the ass. "That's who I am!" she declares. He grabs her hips and asks her to listen to him. He continues proclaiming that he loves her and tells her to admit she feels the same thing. As he prods her, he tells her to stop fighting. She heaves and he claims they belong together. Her phone begins ringing so she leaps away. It's a text saying Ari's arraignment has been moved up. He kisses Sami and says they'll finish this when he gets home.  

In the cells, Rafe tells his sister that she doesn't need EJ's help. Ari assumes this is all about Sami and he must still be in love with her. They bicker about that and then she fills him in on breaking up with Brady. The topic turns back to Sami and he's afraid she's closer to EJ than ever. He tells her about Anna and his trip to jail. Now he's got nothing. "It's fate," Theresa, I mean, Ari says. Elvis wanders in and asks Rafe to leave him alone with his client. "My sister doesn't need you anymore. No one does," Rafe claims. EJ tells Rafe that he is 'impotent' to help anyone and should get lost. Rafe leaves, vowing to protect his sister. Ari worries the judge will deny bail.

Thursday & Friday
July 1-2, 2010

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