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1st Week of March Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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March 1, 2010
You Don't Deserve Forgiveness.

On the pier, EJ hands Sami a new ransom note. She cries, "Our baby is still alive!" and leaps into his arms. The note says she has twelves hours and she can't get the authorities involved. He tells her they need to take this at face value and no one else can get involved. Rafe returns and asks what's going on. EJ covers. As EJ sits down and takes a swig form his flask, Sami asks Rafe to go and check on the kids. Once Rafe is gone, EJ lectures her on how important it is to keep him out of this. Since Sami doesn't trust her own judgment anymore, Elvis suggests he take control of everything. She refuses and barks at him to back off. They argue about getting Rafe involved and EJ insists he's a liability. He relents and tells her that many people will have to live with the consequences of her choice. Sami says she'll do whatever it takes to get their baby back.

Carly is wandering the streets. She calls the hospital to check on her daughter but they won't tell her anything. After she throws a fit, Maggie approaches her and tells her that playing the mother card rings rather hollow. Bickering erupts and Maggie blames Carly for most of Mel's pain, emotional and bullet related. They calm down and Maggie tells her that Mel is doing okay. Carly makes more excuses and asks about Trent. Maggie confirms that he was 'despicable'. Carly kicks herself for depriving her daughter of a decent father. Suddenly, Maggie nearly collapses. She steadies herself. Carly promises that Mel will be looked after.

Daniel sits beside Melanie's hospital bed. She wakes up and asks him why he's looking at her funny. Mel assumes she's dying but he tells her she's actually making a remarkable recovery. They joke around and she tells him how nice it is to now be part of Philip's family. He says he has something to tell her but then stops himself and says it will have to wait until she's stronger. After he promises to tell her later, he gets a message from Carly asking to meet up. When he arrives at the pub, he tells Carly that he couldn't break the news to their daughter. She thinks his daughter would be proud to know the truth. He doubts that and worries that she will just wonder where he was when she actually needed him. She tells him again that revealing the truth before would have been too dangerous. Daniel finds this hard to believe and thinks all of this is too messed up. When she tells him he can still love her daughter, he tells her to shut up. Nothing they can do will make up for what their daughter lost and what she went through. "You don't deserve her and you don't deserve forgiveness!" he declares, storming out.

Rafe goes to the pub and complains about EJ to his sister. She suggests that he cut him some slack. He thinks she must have a thing for Elvis. She stutters and tells him to put his jealousy aside. Rafe thinks EJ is getting a kick out of this whole situation. Ari goes to visit Mel at the hospital. Mel tells her that Carly is sorry, but that's no excuse for abandoning her and ruining her childhood. Meanwhile, Rafe is called back to the pier to see Sami. She and EJ explain that they are postponing the memorial gathering for now. Rafe asks her if they can say a few words for Syd and throw the flowers he brought into the water. Sami can't do that and begins weeping. Rafe stands by the water and says that Syd will never be forgotten. After he drops the flowers in, Sami cries on his shoulder. EJ stares.

Anna sits in the chalet folding clothes and thinking about EJ's latest move. She worries it will blow up in his face. Even if he succeeds, she's sure that nothing good can come from all of this. Back in town, Maggie goes home and has trouble standing. She has tremors in her hands and arm. "What if it's coming back?" she worries.

March 2, 2010
Changed To Stay The Same.

Brady strolls into the pub and asks Ari how they can work things out. She tells him he's too late. He kisses her. She pushes him off and tells him he's not being fair. Roman arrives and tells Brady he tried  to arrange a visit with Nicole for him. Ari walks off. Roman goes on to explain that Nicole is refusing to meet anyone. Brady thinks Nicole deserves to know that Syd is dead. As he begs Roman to try again, Ari slips out. Brady follows her to the pier and assures her that she has nothing to worry about. She worries that Ari is always on his mind. He tells her she's wrong but Nicole deserves to know the truth about the baby. "When are you going to realize that she will never be out of your life?" she asks. He insists his life with Nicole is in the past tense. "Then things changed so they could stay the same?" she suggests. They argue some more and she claims she loves him for who he is, but he needs to change and he's not going to. He tells her that she is his present and he wants her to be his future. She'd like to believe that. He asks her to take the day off work and go away with him.

EJ arrives at the chalet and asks Anna if everything is done. She tells him everything is going fine. He needs more reassurances that they can start counting the hours until Sami and Rafe are history. Anna starts to worry his feelings are getting in the way of his seeing the big picture.

Sami paces around the townhouse and then stares. Rafe interrupts and guesses something must be up. He wants to know why she changed her mind about the memorial for Syd. She claims it was just rushed. He's sure there is more to it and EJ is behind it. They bicker. Elvis calls, orders her to get rid of Rafe, and announces he's on his way over. When she hangs up, Rafe guesses EJ has just made more demands.  He kisses her and leaves for work. Elvis arrives a moment later and claims he just got another note. He hands it to her. They log onto a website and see a video of Syd. She cries and he tells her how much the baby has grown. A message scrolls across telling them where to deliver the money. He promises her that he will get their daughter back. They hug and he runs off, smiling smugly to himself. He hurries back to the chalet and bursts into laughter as he tells Anna about his meeting with Sami. Elvis explains that the video installed a trojan on Sami's computer so he can now spy on her with her webcam.

Rafe goes to the pub to see Roman. He tells him that he wants to hurt whoever killed Sydney. Roman offers him everything he needs, although he's already gone through all possible leads already. Rafe tells him that something odd is going on with Sami. Roman says she's probably just in denial.

Gabi goes to see Chad at the Java Cafe. He asks her to the movies after work. Mia walks in and rolls her eyes. Will trails in after her and hugs her. She sends Will to get her a decaf latte and then corners Chad once he's alone. She asks him to meet up alone after work so they can come up with a plan to cheer Will up. He agrees. Mia smirks. When she steps away, Gabi goes up to Chad to firm up their date. He worries that she'll get grief for dating him but she insists she doesn't mind. She wanders across the room and offers Will her condolences. He tells her he doesn't know what he would do without Mia. Gabi's not so sure that Mia is really into him. Will is bewildered but he knows Mia has lots on her mind and doesn't need to be pushed into a relationship right now.

Chad drops by Maggie's to see Mia. She thinks he's still mad at her for how she's treated him. They talk about how hard their lives have been and she says he's more mature than he used to be. She's glad they can still be friends. "Is that what we are?" he asks. She missed him and wishes she hadn't pushed him away. Mia can't stop thinking about him. He wasn't expecting to hear that and admits that he still thinks about her all the time. When she says part of her will always love him, they kiss. He pulls way, tells her this isn't right and walks out. "I gave up worrying about what's right a long time ago," she says to herself.

March 3, 2010
Without You, I Wouldn't Be Here.

EJ sits in the chalet watching his video feed of Sami and gloating to himself about her grief. In town, Sami watches Syd on her computer screen. Rafe walks in and asks what's happening. She claims that EJ just sent her a vid of Syd that Nicole made awhile ago. He wants to see it but she refuses. EJ calls her and warns her again to keep their secret. He requests that they meet at the mansion. She announces that she has to pick up Johnny and leaves. Rafe is sure that something is up so he checks her computer. Meanwhile, EJ tells Syd that her mother and Mr. Hernandez won't know what hit them.

Sami arrives at the mansion. EJ asks her if Rafe suspects anything. She's sure he does. He thinks she's blown it but she says she just meant that Rafe was born suspicious. EJ rants about 'that man' again. Sami says it's hard to go through this alone so he kisses her head and tells her she's not alone. She thanks him for all of his help and says it's nice to see the good side of him again.

Nathan pays his hotel bill and then tells Steph what a great skier she is. He says that this was the best trip he's ever had. "I have to talk to you about Melanie," she blurts out. He doesn't want to talk about her and insists that Steph is his future. They get naked and have sex. Nate talks about his dream of being a skiing instructor. He finally notices that he has messages from Maggie on his phone. They pack up to leave.

Mel wakes up in her hospital room and finds Daniel there. He takes her pulse. She thinks he looks like he has bad news. He says she's fine. "Thank goodness. Without you, I wouldn't be here," she laughs. He sobs a little and tries to leave. She wonders if Carly has ruined his life too. Philip arrives and asks for a word with Daniel. They slip into the waiting room and Philip promises that he has his back with the hospital board. Philip returns to Mel's room and climbs into the bed with her. She gets upset as she talks about how infuriating Carly is and how her father must be even worse than Trent. They begin making jokes about it and then he tells her that Daniel seems to think of her as more than just a patient. A nurse comes in to check on her so Philip leaves. Mel asks the nurse if Nate has asked about her. The nurse doesn't know who he is. When she walks out, she runs into Nate in the waiting room. She tells him about Mel's gunshot and he bursts into her room.

Chloe walks into the pub and finds Philip smiling. They talk about her problems with Daniel. "Just like me, he's facing the fact that he will never have a child," she says. The hospital board calls him and tells him they are considering disciplining Daniel over letting Carly into his room. He tells Chloe this and offers to do what he can to help. After he departs, Carly walks in. Chloe walks up to her and asks if she's done enough damage yet. "I know everything," Chloe claims. Carly's shocked. Chloe doesn't like her or want to talk things over with her. Carly blathers until Chloe realizes they aren't talking about the same thing. When Carly spills that Mel is Daniel's daughter, Chloe's jaw drops. She refuses to accept this can be true. "You told her?" Daniel asks as he walks in. He's furious and tells her that if Mel hears the truth from anyone other than him, her life won't be worth living. After she walks out, Chloe says, "I guess your dream came true. You're a father." He tells her he's feeling overwhelmed and furious. The doctor worries that this could change things between them. She tells them things will never be the same. Meanwhile, Carly runs into Rafe by the pier and complains about her life. She offers her sympathies about Sydney.

March 4, 2010

You'll Be Back.

Stephanie runs into Philip at the Java Cafe. He explains what happened and then they talk about how happy she is with Nathan. He hopes this means 'that dude' will get a life of his own and stay out of his. She assures him the intern has moved on. Meanwhile, Nate stumbles into Mel's hospital room, stunned to discover that she's been shot. She blurts out that she's never stopped loving him. He snaps out of it. It was just a fantasy. She explains that she took a bullet. He's flummoxed. Mel wonders why he gives a toss. They talk about her bloody wedding day and he wonders if she thinks it was a mistake to marry Philip. She doesn't see where he gets off acting like this. He tells her how much she matters to him. She remembers the letter she sent him and gets upset. As she hyperventilates, he checks her pulse. Steph wanders in and stares at them. When she comes into the room, Mel guesses that she went away with Nate for the weekend. Nate's uncomfortable as they discuss riding the slopes together. Mel kicks Nathan out so she can talk to Steph alone. Steph apologizes for running off with Nathan. Mel says it's fine; she's just annoyed with the intern for not even bothering to read her letter. She asks Steph to destroy the letter. "Done," Steph says. She walks out and finds Nate pacing around. He talks about how crazy the situation is.

Carly and Bo meet at the pub and he tells her about Viv's latest run-in with Melanie. He assures her that everything has been handled but she is adamant that she is the only one who can take care of Vivian. They bicker about who should be cleaning up her mess. She declares that she wants to plead guilty and forbids him to talk to Mel about all of this. He says that he has to speak to her as a crime victim. They bicker about what a disaster his life has been since she came back into it. Carly's sure he would be better off without her. Bo understands how much she blames herself for this fiasco but he's sure her daughter needs her. He doesn't want to risk losing the future they could have.

Carly runs into Philip on the pier. She asks after Mel. He blows up at her and asks her why she wasn't showing more concern when her daughter was being tortured by Trent. She tells him he can't take Mel back to the mansion and he has to protect his wife from Viv.

Daniel shows up at the mansion to shout the odds at Vivian. He warns her not to lift a pinkie finger against anyone he cares about again. She cowers. As Daniel barks, Victor comes in and the doctor explains Viv's latest antics. She claims she is innocent and if she wanted Mel dead, she already would be. Victor turns to Daniel. "What's Melanie to you?" he asks. Daniel claims she's just his patient and stomps away. Victor shouts at Viv for the truth. She confesses that she was going to smother Mel. He rants at her but she explains that she's realized that she doesn't need to going after Mel since Carly has already 'arranged her own poetic justice'. Victor points out that Bo has her under surveillance. He could easily turn her in and she'd end up in a big house full of 'scary, horny women'. She continues swearing that she won't go after Mel. Philip arrives and announces that Mel will not be moving in until his father 'kicks the crazy bitch to the curb'. Victor stands up for Vivian and his son wonders how he can't choke on his own hypocrisy. Philip can't believe if he's willing to blow a chance to be a family again for Viv's sake. He storms off. Vivian offers to leave. "You'll be back," he assures her.

Bo arrives at the hospital and asks Daniel if he can take Mel's statement. "It's not okay," the doctor says. He doesn't think she's up to questioning and they bicker about Carly's secrets. "If you keep being her wingman, you're going to regret it," Daniel warns. Bo goes in to see Melanie anyway. He tells her what a terrible guy Lawrence was and suggests that she might actually be lucky to have a mother who loves her and will do anything for her. He asks her to give her mom a chance. Philip returns and tells Bo that he shouldn't be there and shouldn't be handling this case. Mel offers Bo her statement. She lays the blame on Carly. Back in the waiting room, Carly arrives a moment later to tell Daniel how sorry she is for what happened with Chloe. He tells her it's too late. She decides she has to stop whining and take action. That sounds dangerous to him.

March 5, 2010
Why Are You Lying?

At the hospital, Daniel rants at Carly about how Bo is busy grilling Mel just to get her off the hook. He's sure Bo will do whatever it takes to get her off. Carly explains that she was willing to end this by pleading guilty but Daniel only responds with a string of insults. She screeches and melts down. After sucking it up, they discuss Vivian and he explains that he's threatened her but nothing seems to get through. Carly rants and worries. Daniel wonders if Mel could be the one person to nail Vivian. He promises her that no one will hurt their daughter. She apologizes for keeping the secret so long. He thinks she should stop being sorry and stop telling lies.

In Mel's hospital room, Bo turns off his recorder when Mel tells him that Carly shot her pointblank. "Why are you lying?" he asks. Philip tells him to back off. Bo begins defending Carly. Mel reminds Bo of how he treated her when he was investigating Trent's murder and tells him she won't be intimidated again. She refuses to let him question her motives when he is being motivated by something other than his brain to protect Carly. Bo asks to speak to her alone. After Philip leaves, Bo tells her that her life is still under threat and she should be afraid. "I'm not going to be able to watch Vivian like I have been," Bo tells her. Daniel walks in as he says this and assumes it's a threat. Bo leaves and Mel complains about him. She and her father discuss who has been lying about what. He sits with her and says he will always be on her side. Gradually, he explains that he just found out that he is her father.

Justin finds Hope sitting in the Java Cafe looking sad and alienated. She tells him she's in no rush to go back to the mansion to spend time with Viv and Vic. "I lost Bo," she tells him. She doesn't want it to be true. It's obvious that he loves Carly, however, and doesn't want to be with her anymore. Justin explains that Bo is a man and his situation with Carly isn't necessarily permanent. Hope admits that she loves Bo, but that doesn't mean she wants him back. She says it hurts that Bo can move on so easily. Bo has loved other women but she's only loved one man.

Justin runs into Carly. She's moping by the pier and expects that he is there to tell her off. He offers to take her case. She wonders what's in this for him. He marvels at her cynicism and then says he just wants the hefty fees. She assumes he's actually looking for a way to get Hope into his arms.

Hope arrives at the hospital. She and Philip argue about Bo questioning Mel. She insists that Bo is still a good cop and he should be grateful. He says he will stick by his wife no matter what she tells Bo. "Then you're a fool," Bo says as he interrupts. The brothers bicker until Philip plods off. Bo admits to Hope that he might not be the best person to question Mel. She hopes he hasn't blown everything and offers to take over for him.

At the chalet, EJ tells Anna that this is the beginning of the end for Samantha. Meanwhile, at the townhouse, Sami nearly jumps out of her skin when Rafe startles her. She says that seeing the Syd video was hard on her. He thinks she's suffering from post traumatic stress. Elvis calls and tells her the ransom note was a hoax. "Our baby is dead," he flatly informs her. Sami gasps and goes into denial. EJ hangs up. Anna thinks he's having the time of his life. "I'm not going to let you spoil this perfect little moment for me," he says, hinting that this is the end of Sami and Rafe. Anna thinks he's the cruelest person she's ever seen.

Rafe goes to meet with Will and tells him his mother is falling apart. He's not sure how to deal with all of this. He sends Will into the pub to see Sami and then makes a call to EJ, demanding to know what he said to Sami. Elvis says he's busy and hangs up. EJ hands Anna her five million dollars and orders her to get Syd ready. Anna brings her out. EJ hiccups and then picks her up. She accuses him of loving Sami. He tells her he doesn't and walks out. Meanwhile, Sami and Rafe argue about EJ in the pub. He apologizes for coming on too strong. Rafe wishes he could bring Syd back. Sami turns around and sees EJ standing in the doorway with Syd in his arms.

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