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2nd Week of March Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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March 8, 2010

EJ walks into the pub with Syd in his arms and shocks the hell out of Sami and her family. Sami turns pink with sobs. Everyone gathers around as she holds her baby. Roman and Caroline come in. Rafe asks EJ where he found her. Elvis says this isn't the right time to talk about that but, after another nudge, he explains that he found her in the forest after delivering a ransom. Rafe isn't pleased that he didn't tell him there was another note. Roman says that they should have Syd checked out by a doctor and her clothes tested for evidence. Once again, Rafe vows to find out who took Syd and why. After the family fritters away, Sami tries to thank EJ but she cries too much. He smiles and hugs her. They head over to the mansion so Johnny can see his sister. Sami tells EJ he's her hero and Syd calls him 'dada'. Sami is shocked that Syd would say that after not seeing him for so long. "It's not a big deal," EJ claims. Johnny runs in and Elvis declares that they are going to be a bigger, stronger family now. He suggests that she and the kids sleep in the mansion so they can re-establish their family bond. "Umm..." Sami responds.

Rafe and Roman go out to the woods to look for clues. They discover that Sami didn't go to the hospital so Rafe rushes over to the mansion and accuses EJ of trying to hamper his investigation. EJ acts offended. Rafe walks off to take a call and Elvis warns Sami that Mr. Hernandez will be asking a lot of questions. He offers to make sure the Fed never learns about her role in their deception. Rafe's standing in the doorway as they discuss this. Back at the pub, Stephanie tells Caroline that she thinks she's made a big mistake when it comes to Nathan and Melanie. She explains that she never delivered a message she was supposed to. Steph blathers until Will arrives and then she runs off to find Nathan.

Chloe joins Philip at the Java Cafe and tells him that Daniel has news for Mel that will change her life. After some prodding, she explains that Carly and Dr. Daniel hooked up and spawned. "He already is a  father," she pouts. He hugs her. Meanwhile, Nathan chases Carly down at the pier to confront her for shooting her daughter. She's sick of defending herself to people and barks that this is none of his business. They calm down. She says that Mel will need her friends around to help her recover. He's not sure she'll want him to help. After Nathan mopes away, Chloe arrives. She avoids eye contact until Carly asks how Daniel and Mel have reacted. Chloe's miffed and lets her know it.

Daniel is at Mel's hospital bedside. He tells her he's her father. She tells him to get out. He explains that he didn't want to hurt her. "I'm kind of maxed out on the being hurt," she says. After she asks him to go, she changes her mind and asks for an explanation. He details his one night stand with Carly and tells her he never suspected that he had a child. She hates Carly for depriving them of each other. He sobs and tells her they need to move forward. She doesn't see how he can automatically start caring about her. "I feel a connection with you," he says. Philip arrives and Daniel walks out. Mel cries when she realizes she could have had Daniel for a father instead of Trent. She has a whole new family but it doesn't quite feel that way. He asks her if she has any regrets about marrying him. Mel claims she doesn't. After he leaves, Maxine comes in and teases Mel about what a pain she is. Mel's phone rings. She picks up, expecting it to be Maggie, but it's Carly. The conversation doesn't go well. Melanie doesn't appreciate Carly's Hallmark card quotations and hangs up on her before bursting into tears. As she sobs, Nathan comes in.

Daniel walks down to the pier and finds his wife talking to Carly. He refuses to talk to Carly. She plods off. He tells Chloe that he had an awkward chat with Mel and asks her how she is. Chloe claims she is fine but he's sure she's not. She tells him he'll be a wonderful father.

March 9, 2010
Are We Good?

Posted without images due to technical difficulties, but you can see pics on the blog.

Gabi takes Kate and Stefano's orders at the pub. He's grumpy and teases her about shopping. He marvels at how tolerant she is of Mel. "You didn't even try to kill her," he points out. She doesn't appreciate the joke. They get earnest and talk about how horrible the mess with Syd is. He vows to track down whoever kidnapped his grandchild and make them beg for death.

At the mansion, Syd plays with her dolls while Rafe questions Sami about what she knew and when. She admits she lied to him and apologizes, though she knows that doesn't mean anything. He doesn't lash out at her. Instead, he talks about catching the kidnapper and says that's the most important thing right now. Stefano and Kate drift in. He's shocked to see Syd in Rafe's arms. Elvis orders his father not to touch Syd. Rafe calms everyone down. Sami is eager to take her daughter to the hospital. When she leaves, Stefano says that this is a happy day. EJ insists this changes nothing and orders Kate to pack Stefano's things. Stefano explodes. He's sick of his son's abuse and refuses to allow him to keep him away from his grandchildren any longer. Kate calms her husband down and attempts to rationalize with EJ, pointing out that their legal battle over the house could drag on for years. She asks him to make up with his father for Syd's sake. "Never," EJ declares. He walks out and calls Anna, telling her that he is staying in town after all.

At the hospital, Lexi is jubilant about Syd being home. Steph is happy too so they change the mood and talk about Mel getting shot. Steph is kicking herself, claiming she could have stopped the mess from happening. Lexi tells her that everyone has regrets about things. Steph rambles and Lexi gets confused so the young woman explains that she was supposed to relay a message but she didn't. Sami comes in with Syd. Rafe trails in behind her. Steph thinks it's amazing that Syd is so mellow. A Fed arrives and Sami has to hand her daughter over for a minute so she can be checked over for evidence. Lexi takes the baby away and Sami starts hyperventilating and asks Rafe if he's mad at her. She moans about what a torture it is to lie to him. "Are we good?" she asks. He tells her that the only thing he cares about is getting Syd home and then leaves to track down the kidnapper. EJ arrives. Sami tells him that Rafe is disappointed in her. He apologizes if he's caused problems between them. "Are you sure that isn't what you've wanted all along?" she asks. He pretends that couldn't be the furthest thing from his mind. As Rafe returns, EJ tells Sami he'd like to spend the night with her and the kids.

Mel turns over in her hospital bed and is surprised to see Nathan there. He tells her she's doing great. She stares so he guesses something is wrong. Sobbing, she tells him her life will never be right again. She fills him in on Daniel being her dad. Once again, she blames everything on Carly and then rambles. He gets confused. She tries to explain but that makes things worse. When she brings up the letter, he's baffled. Nate gets a call and has to leave. Mel wonders what happened to her letter. She guesses Steph must have lied about giving it to him. In the corridor, Nate bumps into Steph. He tells her he's confused after talking to Mel. She assumes the worst but he has no idea why. They kiss and he wanders off to work. Steph decides to make sure he never knows that she kept the letter from him. She goes in and asks Mel how she's doing. "How do you think I'm doing bitch?" Mel answers.

Ari and Brady run off to a place by the lake. He tells her that they are there to go ice fishing. She makes faces. He's joking. They have sex. He gets dressed and bustles out to give orders to the staff and stares at the ring he got for Ari. He drops the ring in a glass of champagne. Staring at the glass, he fantasizes about giving Ari the ring and popping the question. She accidentally swallows the ring and chokes. Brady snaps out of it and decides this is a bad idea. He returns to his room with the breakfast tray and proclaims that he's loved her since she first scalded with coffee. Pulling out the ring, he drops to a knee and pops the question. "No," she says.

March 10, 2010
Not Grown Up Enough.

At the hospital, EJ tells Sami that the only thing that matters now is having Syd home. As Rafe walks in, he hears EJ telling Sami that he wants to spend the night with her. Rafe walks over and demands to know what is going on. Elvis explains that he just wants to be with his children... and Sami. She and Rafe furrow their brows. An FBI agent comes in and Rafe suggests EJ give her his statement. After Elvis drifts off with the agent, Sami asks Rafe if he is coming home with her. That's what he wants. He turns around and assists his colleague as she questions EJ about the kidnapping. Elvis is evasive. The men bicker. Rafe wonders why EJ doesn't seem to care about who was behind this. After EJ wanders off, Rafe walks over to Sami and asks for her laptop. Lexi brings Syd out and hands her to Sami. EJ corners Rafe again and asks him about spending the night with Sami. Rafe agrees to it if it's what Sami wants.

Rafe and Sami take Syd home. Elvis arrives. Rafe puts on his coat and says he has to do some work on the video. After he leaves, she tells EJ that everything is a big mess. He thinks Rafe is being egocentric. She asks him to stop being snarky. He laughs. "I didn't just get Sydney back, I got you back," he comments. Meanwhile, Rafe orders his agent to make sure they overturn every stone for evidence and has all of EJ's phone lines checked.

At home, Mia calls Chad and leaves him a  message about their kiss. She opens the door. Will rushes in and kisses her. He breaks the news that Syd is back and gushes about the explosions of happiness that followed. "You are the most important person in the world to me," he tells her before planting another kiss. They wander the streets and he gives her a St. Christopher medal. He wants them to be 'exclusive'. She hugs him.

Brady is in shock when Ari flatly turns down his proposal. She stutters. His phone rings so he runs off. Her phone rings too. It's her sister, complaining about the dripping beer tap. Ari tells her about the proposal and her rejection. Brady returns. They don't know what to say so they kiss. He breaks away, confused. She says she still wants to be with him. "I'm sure I love you enough to marry you... I'm just not sure I'm grown up enough to," she says. He's annoyed, but impressed and her answer makes him love her more. They make out.

Maggie stumbles around outside. She tells herself to get her medication sorted. Nate finds her and they go into the Java Cafe. They sit down and he spills about his problems with Melanie. Maggie guesses he's not over her and reminds him that the woman in question is married. He tells her about the letter... even though he never actually read it. Nate wishes he'd stopped the wedding. Maggie rolls her eyes. She wonders if he's thought about Philip or Stephanie in all of this. He says he likes Steph but...  His beeper goes off she sends him off to work. She goes home and collapses on the floor for awhile and then pulls herself into a chair. Meanwhile, Nate takes the long way to work and thinks about Mel.

Steph sits at Mel's hospital bedside and instantly gets walloped with an accusation. Mel is sure she didn't give Nathan the letter because she wanted him for herself. Steph admits it and they begin hurling insults. Steph says that if she had any class, she would have talked to Philip about her feelings instead of writing to Nate. She threatens to show Philip the letter. Mel doesn't like that idea and thinks she's being a bitch. Steph asks her if she really wants to hurt Philip. That shuts Mel up. Steph leaves as Philip calls to wish his wife good night. As soon as she hangs up, Nathan looks in through the window. Before he can say anything, Steph calls.


March 11, 2010

They Have Everything They Want.

Ari and Brady are at the Java Cafe planning their day. She says she had a great time with him. After she leaves, Chloe arrives. They talk about her meeting with Nicole and she heads out. Meanwhile, EJ wanders back into the townhouse after taking the twins to work. He plucks Syd out of Sami's arms. She guesses that Rafe didn't even come home last night. When she starts to ask how he got their daughter back, he makes an excuse and rushes off. Brady arrives a few moments later to see his niece. Sami fills him in on EJ spending the night and Rafe not returning. They talk over the situation and she insists that having Syd back is the only thing that matters. He doesn't think it's the only thing. Brady says that it's important that she take a chance with Rafe, who may be her last chance at happiness.

In prison, Nicole pummels on her cell mate and tells her that she better learn to get along with her. The guard comes and yells at Nicole to back off. Nicole claims she's being threatened. Her cell mate, Tiffani, hides under the bed and claims this is all her fault. Nicole talks her way into a trip to the infirmary, but she's back a few minutes later. After the guard leaves, Tiff tells Nicole they should have a truce. Nicole's reluctant but offers to make peace if Tiff makes a gesture. They take swigs out her flask and then Nicole vows that everyone will soon know that she is more of a DiMera than they ever thought. She's taken down to the visiting room where Chloe is waiting. They hug until the guard clears her throat. Chloe explains that the baby is back. Nicole's relieved but wonders who did it. "Sami and EJ... they have everything they want now and I'm in here," she says.

Melanie manages to mope in her hospital bed. Daniel looks in sadly and wanders off. Mel rolls over and Ari walks in. She tells Mel that she turned down Brady's proposal. Mel screeches in shock. Ari thinks she's been an idiot.

Daniel goes to visit Maggie at her place so they can discuss Mel. He tells her that he's eager to help and be a parent to her. She points out that Mel already liked and respected him. He tells her that Chloe is trying hard to handle things but he's not sure how she really feels. The doctor guesses Maggie isn't exactly feeling well either. When he takes her hand, he notices a bruise. She insists it's fine and then admits she's scared. He guesses that her condition is returning. She explains the internet doctor told her that stress can make it return. Daniel orders her to see a real doctor. He drags her over to the hospital. After he sends her in to be checked out, he looks in on his daughter. They talk awkwardly and she wonders about how they are alike. As he walks out, Maggie comes in. She tells the doctor she's fine and then admires Mel's flowers. Accidentally, she knocks the vase over. Mel guesses something is seriously wrong. Maggie explains her condition and says she's optimistic. "You have to be alright," Mel sobs. Maggie promises not to go anywhere.

Rafe wakes up at his desk when agent Clark walks in. They go over EJ's phone records. He runs over the evidence and wonders why someone would work so hard to make them think Syd was dead. He's realized there must be something very personal about this case. His sister arrives so Clark makes herself scarce. He mulls over the kidnapping and hopes it's finally finished. She orders him to go and see Sami. Rafe can't do that right now. He's sure that this whole situation was set up just to hurt Sami. Ari wonders if he is taking this case personally and trying to find a way to get EJ out of Sami's life. She then tells him that she turned down a proposal from Brady because she loves him but she's a Hernandez and screws everything up. She urges her brother not to screw things up with Sami. After she leaves, Sami shows up after leaving Syd at the pub.

At the chalet, Anna packs her cash. When she packs her clothes, she doesn't have room for all of her boots and chucks the leopardskin Sydnapping boots on the floor under the couch. Elvis arrives, annoyed that she is still packing. She mocks his inability to leave Sami behind. He admits that he can't leave her behind until she pays for all of her lies. EJ tells her to have a nice life a long way from Salem and walks off. He heads to the pub and finds Ari doing the books. He thanks her for being kind to him, in spite of her brother's attitude. She hopes everyone can move on now.

March 12, 2010
I Hate Sensitive Guys.

Sami arrives at the station where Rafe is hard at work with agent Clark. Sami asks Rafe to take a break but he's busy. She's miffed that he didn't sleep at her place. He's uncomfortable around Elvis and can't talk. Sami takes the hint and leaves. Clark tells him she just got a break. Sami runs back in and guesses this is about Syd. He sends Clark off and tells Sami she should be concentrating on the baby being back. She's happy about that but she can see that she's hurt him. He tells her that if going rogue got them Syd back, then it's okay with him. She wants all the time she lost with her daughter back and she wants them to be like they used to be. Rafe thinks the only thing that matters is that they love each other. They bicker about trust. He just cares about their future, not their mistakes. She wants a future with him more than anything. They nearly kiss and then she tells him how attractive his co-worker is. He thinks she should be at home spending time with her daughter. Sami's too worried about him to do that. Clark calls and has a tip for Rafe. He scribbles it and runs.

Elvis joins Ari at her table in the pub. She remarks that he looks happier. "Life's great," he muses. He tells her he likes what he's seen of her and wants her to come and work for him. She's startled. He assures her his business is perfectly legitimate. Brady watches them through the window and then strolls in as EJ hands her his card. "How about that? She says no to me and yes to him..." he thinks. EJ shuffles off. Ari tells Brady about the job offer. She hopes she's too busy to take it. He takes her by the hand and rushes her out the door. They go to the Java Cafe and he makes mocking proposals. She gets annoyed and tells him she's afraid of getting what she wants and asks him to ask her again. He refuses... and then he proposes again. She finally agrees and they suck face.

Chloe visits Nicole in the prison and tells her the Sydnapping is over. She doesn't know anything else. Nicole has been wracking her brain for details about the kidnapper but it's a big blank. "This is all my fault," she says. She tries to place the voice she remembers and fantasizes about torturing the kidnapper. Chloe urges her to watch what she's saying. Nicole asks about her and Daniel. The diva fills her in about her hysterical pregnancy and how Daniel sent her to a shrink after. "I hate sensitive guys. They're always in your business," Nicole growls. Chloe hasn't been going to therapy and she feels bad. She tells her friend that it turns out Daniel has a grown up daughter with Carly. Nicole advises her to keep her man on a short leash. The visit ends and Nicole asks Chloe to tell Syd that she will never screw up her life again... and she can tell EJ to drop dead. After Chloe departs, the guard orders Nicole to scrub the floor with a toothbrush.

At home, Victor chats to the governor on the phone until Daniel arrives. The doctor is there to explain his connection with Mel. Victor assumes he's sleeping with her. "I'm her father," Daniel explains. Victor is horrified and pours a drink. Daniels says it was a one night thing. "At least tell me you were drunk," Victor says. The doctor gives him some of the gory details and tells him how confused he is. Daniel complains about everything and runs through the alternative life that Mel could have had. Victor tells him to do whatever he has to prevent his daughter from turning away. Daniel says he'll try, but he's not sure what to do since he can't give her piggy back rides at this point. Victor tells him he can be there for her when Philip is a jerk. He's come to admire Mel's backbone and offers to keep Viv in line. He goes off and meets with Chloe. He tells her that he can't wait to marry her.

Carly skulks around on the pier when Viv shows up. "Do everyone a favor: Jump," Viv prods. They exchange barbs. Viv gloats about her shooting her own daughter. Carly suggests she go and burn down an orphanage. She knows that Mel hates her, but she's happy that Daniel will make Mel happy. The doctor thinks they should keep this fight between them. If she goes to prison, that should satisfy Vivian. They agree on that. Victor arrives and tells Carly that she sure gets around. "I'm the town pump," she says. Carly scowls. Victor grimaces. Viv sneers. After her enemies leave, Carly calls Bo and leaves him a message saying that she will plead guilty.

Anna is at the chalet double checking that she's packed everything. She looks around for her boots and finally finds them under the couch. EJ calls and asks why her phone is still working. He orders her onto the plane. She claims she's on the plane and hangs up before trying to shove her shoes in her bag. They don't fit. Moments later, Rafe and Clark kick the door down. Meanwhile, Elvis takes Syd over to Sami's and asks about Rafe. He advises her to concentrate on her daughter.



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