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3rd Week of March Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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March 15, 2010

You're Not My Friend.

Hope goes to visit Melanie in her hospital room. She claims that she is only there as a friend. "You're not my friend," Mel points out. Hope explains that she need to hear all of the facts before she makes a choice about what to do. Mel doesn't see why she seems to be standing up for the lady bonking her Bo. Hope continues defending Carly but Mel is unimpressed by her arguments and wants her mother to pay.

Bo runs into Carly at the pier and lectures her for choosing to plead guilty. She doesn't want to fight this; she just wants to protect her daughter. He assures her that Hope will get to the bottom of things and make everything alright. Carly's impressed that Hope has so much integrity. She babbles. He assures her that she's the woman he wants and needs. He and Hope have outgrown each other. Bo thinks that Carly shouldn't throw away a chance to stick around and prove to her daughter that she loves her. Hope walks up to them and explains that Mel still won't change her story and is determined to punish Carly. He's called off to the station. Hope tries to be optimistic but Carly informs her that she will be pleading guilty. She's sure that her going to prison will be best for everyone. She thinks Bo will go back to her if she's gone. Hope tells her that's very 'noble', but she's being sarcastic and tells her to go to hell.

Max strolls into the pub and surprises Caroline. They sit down and she fills him in on the madness of his sister's life. He wishes he could stay longer to spend time with Mel but he has to go to a conference. She urges him to rush off and see his sister now. He heads over to the hospital to see her. She leaps on him and nearly busts a stitch. Max is sorry he didn't make it to her wedding. They talk over her news. She says they are still brother and sister, regardless of their biology. He gives her a hug. "You're my family," she sobs. He attempts to defend Carly but that doesn't last long. He's sure she'll regret letting her mother go to prison.

Nicole is cleaning the prison floor with a toothbrush. Her guard comes in and orders her to stop whining. "Watch it Sweet Pea," the guard says. This baby name kindles a memory in Nicole's mind. Suddenly, she remembers Anna used to say that. "Oh my God!" she gasps.

Rafe and Clark bust into the cottage. It's empty and full of cobwebs. Meanwhile, Sami mopes around the townhouse while EJ plays with Syd. Sami moans about Rafe and talks to herself about him. They bicker about agent Hernandez. Rafe calls and asks her to meet him at the cottage and tells her to bring Elvis along. She rushes off. EJ doesn't look excited to go. They hurry over. Rafe explains that the cottage must have been where Syd was kept. "You don't have any evidence... do you?" EJ asks. He's agitated and accuses Rafe of bringing them there just to torment them. The men bicker until the caretaker arrives. The caretaker doesn't have anything to say so they send him away. Elvis declares this is a waste of time. The boys bicker more. Rafe promises Sami they will find the kidnapper. They go home and Sami says they are a family again. They hang out. Rafe promises Syd they will find the kidnapper.

Anna sits down in a plane and looks forward to getting far away from Salem. She grumbles to herself and starts to miss Syd. When she looks for a picture of her, she can't find it and worries she left it behind. Twisting in her chair, she nearly hyperventilates as she thinks that 'the limey son of a bitch' and his cleaning crew will be caught. She vows to herself that she won't be going down alone if that's the case. The pilot announces that the flight will be delayed. She calls Elvis, but he's not thrilled to hear from her. He's panicking and tells her Rafe knows about the cottage. The pilot announces they are about to take off. EJ hangs up.


March 16, 2010
A Pound Of Flesh.

Anna anxiously sits on the plane waiting for it to take off. Meanwhile, Nicole paces around her cell and wonders how Anna could have taken Syd. She yells to the guard and demands a call. After she offers the guard a bribe, she gets a cell phone and calls Anna. She asks her to the prison for a visit. Anna refuses. Nicole's sure she will come. After she hangs up, she gets a visit from her mother. She tells Fay that she has hope again for the first time in a long time. That sounds like bad news to Fay. She doesn't want her daughter getting in more trouble and deluding herself. Nicole orders her out and declares that she will never hear from her again. Once Fay is gone, the guard tells Nicole that she has another visitor. Anna walks in and asks her what she has to say. "You bitch. You stole my daughter," Nicole says.

On the pier, Hope tells Carly to go to hell when she offers to take herself out of the equation so she can have Bo back. Justin walks in on them. Carly declares that she wants to let everyone move on. He thinks that's a bad idea. She doesn't care and asks for time alone with Hope. He makes himself scarce and Carly drops apologies. Hope thinks pleading guilty is wrong. Carly is fatalistic and says this is what must be. Hope's sorry for what she's going through. She leaves and Justin lurches out of the shadows. Carly still refuses to be dissuaded from her plan.

Max is in his sister's hospital room. She sobs. Daniel arrives and says that she can be released now. She's excited. The doctor leaves and Max says the doctor is a 'good dude'. Mel says that everything has changed very suddenly. He suddenly has to leave and tells her she can come visit him in London. Max suggests that she try to accept her new family... at least Daniel. After he departs, Daniel returns. She thanks him for saving her life and requests that they never speak of Carly again. He doesn't think they can do that. They arrange to hang out when she's released. He gets a call telling him that Carly could be sentenced today. When he tells Mel, she stutters.

Bo is at the pub. Philip interrupts his phone call. Bo informs him that Carly is pleading guilty. "Good," Philip says. Bo rants at him. Philip isn't impressed and says Carly needs to be out of Mel's life. Bo simmers. Max interrupts their argument. Everyone acts polite and Max tells Philip that his wife is getting out. Philip wanders off and Bo teases his brother about his incompetence at growing facial fair. Bo tells him his life has become very complicated lately. "I don't judge," Max says, although he doesn't understand how Bo and Hope can ever be over. Bo tells him it's all tricky and then he gets called off to work. Philip walks over to Max and tells him he knows he doesn't approve. Max admits that he doesn't trust him to treat his sister with respect. Philip insists that he's the best person for Mel. The topic of Steph comes up and they bark at each other until Max walks away.

Steph arrives at the hospital and asks Nate if they can talk. They go to the Java Cafe and she explains that she never gave him a letter that Mel had asks her to give him. He stares and then demands to know exactly what was in the letter. She claims she doesn't know and explains that she told Mel he refused to read it. He explodes and tells her she can't pull his strings anymore. After he thumps away, she goes after him and ends up running into Max. They catch up and she tells him she's going to make things right with Nathan. Meanwhile, Nathan bursts into Mel's room. Philip is there.

Vivian is in the cemetery where Lawrence's memorial is unveiled for her. She touches it and tears up, asking to be left alone. She vows to avenge his death and get her pound of flesh. Hope wanders by on her way to Zach's grave. When Viv tries to bond with her over grief, Hope blows up and insists it's not comparable. They argue about Carly. Hope explains that Carly is pleading guilty. That's music to Viv's ears. She tells Lawrence's memorial all about it and gloats about the misery Carly will suffer.

Bo shows up at the court house to tell DA Woods and Justin that there will be no swift resolution to this case. He informs Carly that he will keep her from doing what she wants. She continues to insist that this is what she wants. When the hearing begins, Carly declares that she wants to change her plea to guilty so she can get this over with.

March 17, 2010
The Only Baby Stealer In This Room Is You.

Anna is meeting with Nicole at the prison and playing stupid about why she's been asked there. "You bitch, you stole my daughter!" Nicole blurts out. Anna keeps trying to play ignorant but Nicole claims she's finally recognized her voice. Anna breaks down and admits it, which leads to a tirade from the convict. Eventually Anna has to cut her short and remind her, "Face it honey, she was never your baby. The only baby stealer in this room is you." When she attempts to walk out, Nicole threatens to call Roman. They bicker about who he would believe and Nicole lays out all of the reasons Anna would be involved in the kidnapping, like revenge and money. Anna explodes. "Yes. I hate you, Nicole, and the whole DiMera family... and anyone who was involved with Tony's death... but I have moved on. I have known true love and didn't have to steal a baby to make a man love me," she claims. Nicole throws it back in her face and continues accusing her of the kidnapping. She threatens to call Carrie and check out Anna's story and then threatens to call Roman and Rafe as well. Eventually Anna gives in once more. "I'm not admitting anything but... what do you want?" she asks.

At the mansion, Stefano tells Kate how much he misses seeing his grandchildren. His spies are keeping him informed about them but he's desperate to see Syd. Kate has an idea about how she can make that happen. Meanwhile, EJ is at the townhouse when Sami calls to tell him she's having a great time in the park with the kids. Getting off the phone, he smirks at Syd and tells her, "This is much better than the original plan. With me here, I'll be able to make her fall in love with me and I'll break her heart and get to watch the whole thing happen."

In the court room, the judge prepares to pass his sentence when Melanie bursts in and asks to be heard. Everyone stares as she explains why she should get to speak. Justin objects, but Carly asks to let it go. He and Bo bicker with her about it but she won't back down. Melanie goes up to speak. She regales them with the story of her life as Carly's secret love child and her awkward relationship with Carly. "Not once has she ever told me the truth and I don't think she ever will," Mel says. Bo squirms and yelps. The judge and DA Woods tell him to back off. Melanie continues to talk about her situation and finally says that Carly didn't mean to shoot her; it was all an accident and she couldn't admit that to herself before because she was too angry. "She didn't try to hurt me. She's not guilty," Mel states. The judge clears the room of everyone except for the two lawyers. In the corridor, Bo and Carly get excited, expecting that things are about to go well. It turns out they're right. The judge brings them back in and declares the shooting accidental. Carly is placed on probation and the judge tells her she can go. She hugs Bo and he wants to celebrate but he gets a call and has to run off. She thanks Melanie and reaches out to her but the young woman cringes. "Don't touch me!" she says.

At the Java Cafe, Chad hands Gabi her coffee and sugar sludge. Mia strolls in to interrupt their banter. He and the blond one share a longing glance and think of their lip lock. Gabi snaps him out of his fantasy as Will joins Mia at a table. She plays with the necklace he gave her and they talk about being 'exclusive'.  She stares past him at Chad. Gabi picks up the vibe and Mr. Peterson Woods senses it. "I don't think it's fair to you for us to go out when I'm... you know," he explicates. While Gabi is swallowing this, Kate calls Will to tell him she just splurged on gifts for he and his sister. She's just looking for an excuse to check in on Syd. Will arranges to meet her and hurries off. The second he's gone, Mia drifts up to Chad. He informs her that he dumped Gabi because their relationship was 'bogus'. Mia responds by claiming that her relationship with Will isn't serious. They arrange a date but she tells him it needs to be kept hush-hush. That idea bothers him but she doesn't want to drop Will while his family life is such a mess.

Will arrives at the townhouse where EJ informs him that his mother is off at the park with the twins. Elvis gets a business call and has to run off. It's actually a ruse manufactured by Stefano, who arrives at the townhouse with Kate soon after EJ has left. Kate unloads the gift bag on her grandson and Stefano creeps in behind her. Will is not amused to see him. "Mom and EJ don't want you around," he says. Stefano begs him to open his heart and let him see his granddaughter. Will gives in and Stefano sits down for a yack with Syd. Kate and her grandson leave them alone and head over to Java. He worries that his mom will catch them and flip out. Kate assures him that Stefano's spies will keep him safe. As they chat, EJ wanders by and spots them. He jumps to a conclusion and hurries back to the townhouse where he catches his father putting Syd in her crib. EJ launches into an instant rant. "You have no rights with Sydney. None. None!" he wails.

Mia and Chad walk down to the docks and make out. They were going to go to the movies but they suck face instead. While they tie tongues, her necklace falls off. She decides that making out in public isn't wise if they're trying to keep this a secret. "We could find someplace private," he suggests. They arrange to meet up later and she goes back to work for her paycheck. Gabi wanders by and asks Chad if he knows how to get in touch with Kinsey. After he tells her and leaves , she sits down and finds the necklace. As she calls Chad to tell him he dropped something, Will walks up and sees her holding it. She explains that Chad had it.

March 18, 2010
Babes In The Big House.

Vivian returns to the Kiriakis compound in a chipper mood. She hands Henderson some champagne. Victor catches her happy vibe and wonders if she's stuffed Carly in the trunk of a car. "No need for that... Carly Manning's life has already gone up in flames," Vivian says. She surprised to see the place is decorated for a party. He explains that he's holding a fundraiser for the governor. She gets excited but he tells her she's not on the guest list, for trying to knock off his daughter-in-law among other reasons. He wants Philip and his bride to move in but he doubts that will happen as long as Viv is around. She won't take the hint and rushes off to pick out a party dress.

At the courthouse, Carly continues trying to warm up to her daughter but Mel wants her to back off.  "Stay out of my life," Melanie says, reminding her that she's already proven that she's great at doing that. Carly's impressed when she hears that Mel made this decision without consulting anyone. Melanie clarifies what this means for her. "This was my way of cutting ties with you, just like you did when you gave me away. I grew up with a psycho because of you," Mel moans. Carly just wants to be part of her life. Mel refuses again. It doesn't end. They run over it again until Mel starts to come apart at the seams. Philip arrives, wondering why she never told him what she was planning. She's sure he would have stopped her. He promises that he'll never let anyone hurt her again. They head off to look at one of the houses he put a bid on. He leads her there with her eyes closed. When she's allowed to open them, she discovers they're at Maggie's. "I thought you were happy here and this could be our new home together," he says before carrying her across the threshold. They discuss Maggie's Myasthenia Gravis and he explains that they can help her out and help keep it a secret. As they kiss, Maggie walks in. "I'm going to have to learn to knock," she jokes. Philip runs off to make some calls and Maggie wonders why they are moving in to take care of her. Mel wants to repay her for all of the help she's given her. They talk about their recent ups and downs. Mel brings up the latest round with her mother. Maggie points out that Carly is part of her life whether she likes it or not. "Carly can fall off the face of the earth for all I care," Mel says.

Kate is chatting to Stefano on the phone outside of the pub. They talk about what a pain EJ is. She spots her son inside and rushes in to see him. They talk about Melanie and he gives her the latest news. After she arches her eyebrows, she heads over to the Java Cafe and walks into Viv while she's making an appointment for a manicure. Sneers are exchanged. Viv gloats about the downfall of Carly until Kate can't bite her tongue anymore. "You haven't heard, have you? She's free. They dropped the charges," she announces. Vivian nearly dies at the news but it gets worse. Kate goes on to say that Mel is the one who got her mother off. "I really hate to burst your bubble, but I tell you what: I'll call Helga and take your manicure appointment because I really need to keep my nails... well, I need them for emergencies," Kate says.

Chloe goes to see Daniel at the hospital. He informs her that his daughter has been released and rushed off to the courthouse to clear Carly. Chloe's confused. He explains that this was his suggestion. This confuses and upsets her more. He worries that she's upset because she can't give him a kid. They argue about her therapy. The diva claims she's feeling better. He hopes that they can put all of their secrets behind them and move on. They snuggle a little and he gets called off to work. Carly pops up and then immediately tries avoiding Chloe. "We have to straighten some things out," Chloe says. She thinks the doctor has put Daniel through the ringer and needs to back off and give him some space. As they argue, Daniel returns and interrupts. He asks Chloe to meet him at the Java Cafe. She twists and walks off leaving him with Carly. She thanks him for talking Mel into defending her but he insists that he only did that for their daughter. Carly tells him how desperate she is to establish more of a connection with Mel. "I will protect my daughter. I'm sorry but I can't help you," he flatly states.

Anna continues her uncomfortable prison visit with Nicole. After Nicole hurls more threats, Anna asks her what she's looking for. "Just a small, little thing... I want you to get me out of here," Nicole says. Anna's flummoxed and tells her this isn't a movie like "Babes In the Big House." Nicole wants out legally and is sure that Anna can throw her weight around and get it done. She reminds her that she used to date Governor Ford and suggests she warm up the memories with him and get her a pardon. Anna tries to talk her way out of this but it only makes Nicole more determined. She threatens to call Stefano. "He hates you and loves to torment you. If I call the cops, they'll make you my bitch. If I go to Sami and Rafe, same result. Stefano doesn't have people arrested, so I prefer the option of you working your magic on the Governor. You have twenty-four hours. Otherwise, let the games begin," Nicole says. Anna stumbles out the door and immediately makes a call to get on the guest list for the Governor's fundraiser. Later, she shows up on Victor's doorstep. "Well, Little Orphan Annie DiMera. What a surprise. And I distinctly remember telling Henderson to take the trash all the way to the curb," he says.

Chloe runs into Philip at the Java Cafe and they chat. She soon admits to him that her life is a mess. "I won't tell Daniel I'm not seeing the shrink and and will keep pretending. I don't know what else to do," she explains. Daniel just happens to walk in when she says this. Philip decides he doesn't want to be in the middle of this and runs off. The doctor walks up to the diva with flowers in his hands but from the look on his face she can sense that something is wrong. "Why have you been lying to me?" he asks. Meanwhile, Kate runs into Carly at the pier and congratulates her on her freedom. Carly is still grimacing about the whole situation. Kate warns her that she better watch out for Vivian. She knows that she's free and will be on the warpath. After she drifts away, Carly calls Bo to tell him that her daughter still hates her guts. As soon as she hangs up, Vivian appears. "You didn't live up to your part of the deal. What am I supposed to do about that?" Viv asks.

March 19, 2010
Dream On Cookie.

Daniel and Chloe are in the Java Cafe. She thinks he thinks she's impossible to live with and doesn't see the point in talking about it. He's annoyed that she seems to be more honest with Philip than she is with him. He concedes that they probably have big problems and suggests that they go to therapy together.

Nicole sits in her cell doing her nails when Lois the guard comes by. Nicole suggests she get some real shampoo after she pays her off. Nicole keeps giving her attitude about getting out. "Dream on cookie," says Lois. Nicole assures her that she has someone highly motivated on the outside who will chat the governor up for her. Lois hands over her phone and gives her ten minutes for two hundred dollars. Nicole takes the phone and wonders what she will say. She tries calling Brady but hangs up when he answers. She kicks herself. "You're not going to get him back with tears," she says. Lois returns and informs her she has a visitor. It's Chloe. She tells her friend that she doesn't know what to do about Daniel anymore. The diva talks about Daniel pressuring her to go to therapy and rants about Carly. Nicole offers her to find a way to fool Daniel so she can keep her relationship alive.

Anna shows up at Victor's door. He's not happy to see her. After mocking her, she becomes faint and asks for water. He asks why she's really there. They bicker until Governor Ford arrives. He spots Anna and instantly remembers her. Victor suspects something is amiss. Ford suggests that Victor make himself scarce. "Talk about strange bedfellows," Victor snarks as he leaves. The governor and Anna catch up. When she brings up his wife, he tells her that they have a flexible relationship. He guesses that she wants something. She says her friend Nicole is in trouble and he assumes she wants a pardon. He tells her hell will freeze over before he helps her with this. It would be political suicide to cross the DiMeras. Anna turns on the tears and begs. He thinks it's sweet she wants to help her demented friend. Anna weeps loudly and tells her she'll be in big trouble if she doesn't get his help. He can't stand to see women cry so he caves in. She offers to do anything to prove how grateful she would be for his help. They lock lips.

At home, Sami googles around while EJ talks about the kids. She explains that she's applying for a job. Elvis is not pleased and tells her he wants to take financial responsibility for the family. Brady arrives and he's not thrilled to see EJ grinning in his face. After Elvis says he's living there and tells her to pick up some juice boxes, he leaves. Brady wonders if she's nuts. She explains that he's just staying until Stefano is gone. EJ returns and tells Sami he'll look after the kids while she goes out with Brady. After they depart, Lexi and Theo arrive. Theo runs off to see his cousins. Lexi asks her brother what he's up to. They discuss his past with Sami. He insists it was just an embarrassing sentimental slip. She's sure there's more to it but he claims that he's only protecting his children from his father. "Shouldn't you at least be honest with yourself?" she urges. Theo runs out to say that Syd is awake. Lexi runs off to see her. Theo talks to his nephew. "Johnny told me your secret... about Sydney. That she was never gone. She was safe with you all along," Theo says.

Ari drops by the station to see her brother as he's working. She yacks and then tells him she's getting married and flashes her bling. "You can only imagine how many hours he spent at the arcade before he won that," he jokes. They hug and she says that they can all be happy. She drags him over to the pub. Sami and Brady stroll in. Sami is shocked to see Rafe out of the office and suggests he ease up a little. That's not going to happen. She sits and mopes. They bicker about EJ until Ari and Brady interrupt. Sami explains that she's looking for a job and plans to apply for a clerical job with the FBI. Rafe smiles. Sami expects him to give her a reference. He doesn't think that's a good idea.

On the pier, Viv laughs at Carly as the doctor worries about Mel. Viv says she's going to have to re-think things since Manning isn't being locked up after all. They bicker. Carly threatens to smash her face in. She taunts Viv and tells her she'll be 'done with' if she goes after Mel again. Viv groans. Gus comes out of the shadows and Viv explains that they could kill her right now. Carly gets sarcastic. Viv sneers at her spunk and tells her that the sword of Vivian will be hanging over her head. Daniel lurches out of the shadows and warns Viv to back off. He threatens to put her in a psych ward so she threatens to put killing him on her to-do list. She bids them a nice day and walks off. Carly's impressed by how fiercely he stood up for their daughter. She doesn't want to be his problem though. He says that she will always be part of his life since they share a daughter. When she wonders if they are friends again, he says they just have a mutual enemy. Meanwhile, Vivian calls Victor for a meeting. They meet at Java and she tells him that Carly has been exonerated. That means that she will have to take care of her.


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