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4th Week of March Daily Summaries

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March 22, 2010

Guys... They Suck.

Daniel and Carly go to the station to inform Abe and Bo about Viv's latest threats. Bo fumes. Daniel says they need to protect Carly and he doesn't think Bo's been doing a good job so far. Meanwhile,

Gus joins Viv at the Java Cafe. She has new plans for him where Carly is concerned. He whips out his computer and they research poisons until Bo calls and orders her down to the station. She heads over and begins taking jabs at Carly. Daniel and Carly get kicked out of the interrogation room. The doctor tells her that he resents the fact that Bo has known about his daughter longer than he has. He trudges off as Bo continues to threaten Viv. She giggles, calling him linear thinking twit who can't follow through on his threats. She walks off. Bo comes out and tells Carly that Viv is going down. He drags Carly into his office so they can discuss their future. She'd rather use his mouth for something else but she gets a phone call and has to take it.

At the mansion, Anna makes out with Governor Ford. He stops and tells her she's asking too much. He can't pardon a woman who played 'musical babies'. Anna makes a case for Nicole but he's not convinced. He calls for his car. Anna frets and accuses him of not wanting to ruin his life for a 'washed up bimbo'. Ford tells her to take care of herself and leaves. Anna remembers Nicole's threats and decides to pull out the big guns. She goes to Casa DiMera and tells EJ that Nicole has figured out that she was involved in the infamous Sydnapping. She asks for his help. It's not forthcoming and he decides to get rid of her permanently. A goon comes in and shoots her. That's just a fantasy. Anna snaps out of it and decides not to go to EJ. She jumps on a plane to Timbuktu instead. EJ gets on and sticks a gun in her guts. "Stupid, stupid girl," he says, shooting her. She snaps out of it and realizes she can't go into hiding either.

In prison, Nicole is giving herself a manicure when Lois the guard comes by to moan at her. She thinks about Brady and tells Lois all about him. Anna calls Lois' phone. Lois hands the phone to Nicole and Anna explains that she couldn't get the pardon. Anna has another idea though... Nicole gives her twelve hours and then throws a tantrum.

At the pub, Sami asks Rafe for a job reference so she can work at the FBI. He thinks that's a bad idea. She gets angry and walks out. He runs after her. She thought he wanted her to get a job. He tells her she can always rely on him. Brady and Ari decide they should leave but Sami won't let that happen. She returns to their table and begins spilling champale as they discuss the wedding plans. The engaged couple walks away to look at pie so Sami and Rafe can continue to bickering. He says he's never worked with her. She claims she can type and keep secrets. He knows all about that. They bicker and then he reminds her that they would never hire her because she has an extensive criminal record. She suddenly decides that they jumped into their relationship without thinking and they need a break. "Fine, let's do it," he says. Rafe walks out. She makes faces. Brady and Ari across the room making out until she notices her sister across the room. She rushes over and asks her what's wrong. "Guys... they suck," Gabi opines, before complaining about what a jerk Mia is. Her sister informs her of her engagement and asks her to be her maid of honor. Gabi orders her to elope. Across the room, Brady chats with Daniel and worries about Victor's reaction to the engagement. Ari joins Brady and tells him her sister's suggestion. He's down with eloping so they decide to jump on a plane.

In the townhouse, Theo tells Uncle Elvis that Johnny told him Syd was safe with him all along. EJ says Johnny is making things up. Lexi walks in and asks what's going on. EJ makes excuses. Lexi sends her son off and wonders if Johnny might have seen something at Stefano's. Elvis asks her if she thinks their father really had something to do with the kidnapping. After Lexi leaves, Sami returns and tells him that Rafe won't be coming home. She thanks Elvis for being so great since Syd came home. They talk about how swell Syd is and he smiles.

Will walks into the Java Cafe and shows Mia the necklace she dropped with Chad. She lies and he can tell because he grew up with Sami and knows all the tricks. He tells her that she will end up alone and thumps out. He heads over to the gym where he finds Rafe punching on a punching bag. Will guesses he's having Sami-related problems. Rafe makes excuses for her but Will won't accept them. He pounds on the bag and explains that he broke up with Mia... again. While Rafe is working out, Nicole calls and asks to see him. Back at Java Cafe, Mia rubs Chad dumping Gabi in her face. "Drop dead," Gabi groans.

Governor Ford joins Abe and Lexi at the pub. He pays them a wad of compliments and then walks away. Lexi can tell that he can't stand the governor. Abe thinks the governor is a little too ambitious. Meanwhile, Anna goes to the hotel and finds the governor's room. She corners the room service guy, pays him off and then drugs the wine before knocking on the door and running off. The governor brings the tray in. "Nighty night," Anna says.


March 23, 2010
I Love Second Chances.

When Mel wakes up and drifts into the kitchen, she's surprised to find Philip with a woman. He introduces Sophie the nurse to her. Mel quashes this idea and sends Sophie away. Philip apologizes and leaves for work as Maggie comes in. She asks Mel if she's having second thoughts... about Nathan. Mel stutters that Philip is the best and then admits she still has feelings for the other man. Maggie tells her to sort things out.

Nathan and Steph are being awkward at the hospital. She wishes he'd drop the thing about Mel's letter before he gets hurt. After some bickering, she admits that she didn't hand it over because she didn't want to get hurt either. He doesn't understand so she points out that he's obsessed with Mel. They're both apologetic. She wants them to move on but he wants to take a break. He walks away and she weeps. He heads straight over to see Mel. They do small talk and then he asks about the letter. He explains that he would have wanted to read it and asks what it said.

Philip walks by the pier and bumps into Steph. He tells her that he and Mel are living with Maggie. She informs him that Nate dumped her to run after his wife. Steph tells him about the letter and advises him to keep his eye on Nate. He refuses to worry about Nathan.

At the station, Hope makes calls until Justin drops in with coffee. They rehash Carly's hearing and he asks her if she's ready to move on. She's grateful for how much he's helped her but makes it clear that nothing will happen between them. She leaves. He stares. Hope goes to the pub and meets with Maggie. Meanwhile, Justin drops by the mansion and discovers that Adrienne is there; Hope invited her over, claiming he was in trouble. Hope arrives and Adrienne isn't thrilled she dragged her there. She storms away. "I wish to hell you hadn't done this," Justin tells Hope.

Governor Ford wakes up in his hotel room while Anna snaps pictures of him handcuffed to the bed. He can't remember what happened so she shows him the other pictures she took while he was doped up. He gasps. She threatens to send the pictures to his wife if he doesn't do the favor she requested. They toss threats back and forth.

Nicole paces in prison until Rafe arrives. She explains that she has information about the Sydnapper's boots. He's annoyed she dragged him there and refuses to play with her. They argue and he rants about what Sami went through. Nicole finally tells him that she will finally tell him who the kidnapper is. He thinks she's yanking his chain. Lois interrupts to say the warden is on the phone. He puts the governor on and Ford says her punishment was too harsh and she is being pardoned. Nicole's thrilled. She and Lois dance and clap. Rafe is baffled. He asks about the kidnapper. She claims it was Kate. He tells her they already checked her out. He leaves. Nicole gets dressed and thanks Lois for all of her help. Lois will miss her. Meanwhile, Anna erases all of the pictures and thanks the governor for his help. He's shocked that she turned into someone so scary and then asks her if she can take out her sex toys again. "What the heck? It's been a long time," she declares. After sex, she gets on a plan and calls Nicole. Anna tells her that she taped all of their conversations. Nicole says they are both free now. "I love second chances," Nicole says. She calls Brady's secretary and gets her to track him down. Discovering he's in Santo Domingo, Nicole decides to run off to him so they can start a new future. Back at the hotel, Rafe shows up to question the governor.

March 24, 2010
It's a long way from over.

Bo shows up at the mansion and tells Victor that Viv's revenge fantasy has to end. Victor laughs that this won't end until one of the women involved is dead. Bo gets macho and threatens to 'eliminate' Viv and go to jail for it. "You'd really give up your life for a cheap slut?" Victor asks. Bo would. Victor asks him if he's thought about what this would do to his own children and the rest of his family. Bo tells him the ball is in his court.

Viv startles Carly at the Java Cafe and the threats start flowing. Victor calls Viv and orders her ass over to his place. After Viv clears off, Steph comes in and tries making small talk with Carly. That doesn't last. Meanwhile, Viv arrives at the mansion. Victor announces that her vendetta ends today and Carly is free to go. "Are you on some kind of medication?" she asks. He says he won't risk his son going to prison for killing her... but he offers her his hand in marriage as a trade off. She's shocked. He doesn't care what anyone thinks and he doesn't want her dead. Viv doesn't know if she can give up 'sweet revenge' for him and has to wander off to have a think.

Bo chances Hope down at the pier and tells her he's stopped Viv. She doubts it. He tells her about the ultimatum he gave his father. She stares. He vows that no one will ever hurt her. As they make out, Viv watches them from the shadows.

Nathan shows up at Maggie's to ask Mel what was in the letter. She sucks on her fist and then tells him the truth was in the letter. She claims she was just saying goodbye to him. He doesn't buy it. They blather. Mel wanted closure after blowing things between them. When she offers to be friends, he refuses and storms out. He heads to the hospital and chases down Steph to tell her everything has changed. Nate wants to start over. She feels like this makes her his second choice. Back at Maggie's, Mel begins having hallucinations of Nathan modeling on the kitchen counter tops.

Rafe drops by the hotel to ask the governor why he pardoned Nicole. "I had no choice," he answers. Rafe's confused so the governor explains that he was only doing to voter's will. That doesn't make sense to Rafe so he threatens to open an investigation. The governor orders him out and declares this over. "It's a long way from over," Rafe says, walking out.

At the townhouse, Elvis finds Sami sadly looking at a photo of Rafe. He takes it out of her hands and tells her she's not alone. She gushes about how grateful she is to him. He assures her Rafe will come back to her and suggests she focus on the positive. Sami gets uncomfortable so he gushes about how nice it is for them to be a family. Rafe shows up and announces that Nicole is free. EJ's eyes almost fall out. He fumes and runs off. Sami wonders who could have gotten Nicole a pardon. Rafe arranges for guards and then she tells him that she never wants them to be apart. He doesn't see how that's possible so he walks out and sighs. Rafe heads over to the mansion and asks him if he had anything to do with the governor pardoning Nicole. Victor's shocked.

Nicole sits on a place and fantasizes about dropping in to see Brady. She's sure he'll be thrilled to see her and will give her another chance. Nicole starts to worry that someone will tip him off that she's free so she decides to call him. When she hears his voice, she hangs up.

In Santo Domingo, Brady and Ari make out and tickle each other. He explains everything he has set up for their wedding. They're relieved that no one knows they are eloping. They relax and chat until he's called off to set something up. He suggests she call Mel. When Ari makes the call, Mel answers in tears and then changes the topic. Ari explains that she's eloping with Brady. Mel's thrilled for them. Brady puts on some clothes and gives Ari some jewels. She's excited to go to the garden and become the latest Mrs. Brady Black. She rushes off to change. Nicole arrives and bumps into the justice of the peace... who mistakes her for the bride.

Anna sits on a plane thanking God that she's getting out of Salem. Before they can take off, the pilot announces that there is a problem with the engine. Things are fixed and she relaxes. Meanwhile, EJ shows up at the governor's hotel room. "How dare you," Elvis lectures. The governor explains that Anna requested the pardon and he assumed the family wanted it.

March 25, 2010
The Greed And Stupidity Cocktail.

Bo and Carly cuddle on the pier and he promises to always be there for her. As she inhales his goatee, Viv comes out of the shadows and asks how so many 'seemingly intelligent men' can fall for her. Bickering ensues. Bo threatens to kill Viv. She assumes he must really love Carly. "It's not fair," she spews. Bo issues more threats. Viv claims she will let things go and stop living in the past. After she walks away, Bo and Carly jog off to play mattress tag. She keeps ruining the moment by asking him if he'd really kill Viv. He's sure his dad will keep Vivian away.

Hope is at work remembering her fights with Bo. Justin shows up and she tries to get rid of him. He's pissed that she's been playing God with his life by bringing Adrienne back. He thinks she really did this to convince herself she still has a chance with Bo. She claims she's moved on and shows him she removed her ring. Hope guesses that he still wants her to move on with him. Justin admits it. "I'm in love with you... but I guess that's my problem," he says. Adrienne walks in as he says this and asks him to step out so she and Hope can have a 'girl talk'. Justin's apologetic. They boot him out. Hope is sure Adrienne still cares for Justin, though she claims the opposite. Hope tries talking her around but Adrienne thinks she's really talking about her and Bo. She advises Hope to save herself and move on.

At the townhouse, Sami wishes she had a pen knife to use on the governor. She whines to Abe about the pardon and they wonder who would have got it for her. He thinks she should talk to Rafe about this. She says they're on a break. "Again?" he groans. She blathers about her future.

At the mansion, Victor fills Rafe is on Anna spending time with the governor and suggests that this all goes back to EJ. Victor invites him in to gossip and tells him all about the 'greed and stupidity cocktail' that Anna and Nicole seem to drink from. Rafe wonders what Nicole had on Anna to put her in this position. After Rafe leaves, Vivian arrives. Victor tells her his son really would kill her. She decides not to kill Carly; she's going to marry Victor instead. She wants their relationship to be all about trust. "We can trust each other. That would be stupid," he points out. Viv promises to stick to psychologically torturing Carly.

Elvis brings the governor over to Casa DiMera for questioning. The governor says Anna gave him no choice. EJ fumes and tells him he's about to find out how people pay for crossing his family. He grills him for information, then calls him a parasite and kicks him out. Elvis calls Anna and confronts her, worrying that she might have tipped Nicole off about his role in the kidnapping. She says she covered for him. He abruptly hangs up and runs to Sami's where he tells her that Anna blackmailed the governor. Rafe walks in and confirms this. He tells them that Anna was the kidnapper. Sami is shocked. EJ plays ignorant. Rafe says there are more questions to be answered, like why Anna would have done this. Sami rants and EJ says this is all his fault and he takes full responsibility. Rafe gets a call tipping him off that Nicole has gone to Santo Domingo.

Upstairs at the hotel in Santo Domingo, Arianna's necklace falls apart. Paka, the maid, says this is a bad omen meaning the wedding won't last. The manager comes up as Ari frets. He takes the maid away. Arianna remembers her fights with Brady about Nicole and tries telling herself that everything will be fine.

Nicole arrives in Santo Domingo and the justice of the peace mistakes her for Brady's bride. She's confused. He think she's Ari. After he putters off, she wonders if she should do the right thing and leave. Brady spots her before that can happen. He's startled. She explains that she got a pardon and everything has changed. He makes some calls to check that it's legit. Nicole tells him she wants him. He explains he's about to get married. She thinks this is awfully sudden and she doesn't want him to get hurt. "No one has ever hurt me like you," he says. Nicole says she wants him to be happy. As she leans in for a kiss, Ari flounces in, screeching. Brady explains Nicole was pardoned. The women bicker. Nicole explains that she was juts kissing him goodbye but Ari won't back off. She thinks Nicole is playing them and declares that the wedding is off. He thinks she is playing into Nicole's hands. "Do you want to marry me or not?" he asks.

March 26, 2010
Now You've Got No Guys.

At the townhouse, Rafe is on the phone explaining to his colleagues that Nicole isn't stupid and they need to keep an eye on her. Elvis wanders in and reminds Rafe that Sami suggested they spend time apart. Rafe wants to talk to him about Anna. EJ clears his throat a lot and tries not to blink as the Fed explains that Anna wasn't acting alone. He assumes she had a flunky working for her and wishes Syd knew how to talk. Elvis mumbles agreement until Rafe wonders if Anna was actually working for someone else... EJ tries to quash that idea.

Kate chases Stefano around the mansion and reminds him to take his pills. Will shows up. Kate claps and hugs him. He's there to return her gift/bribe. Stefano feels bad to find out he was grounded for letting him in to see Syd. Will is tired of being played by everyone. He plays with the chess pieces and complains about how rough EJ and Sami have been treating him. Stefano promises that EJ won't talk down to him again. Stefano gives them some space and Will tells his grandma that Mia was two-timing him so he dumped her. Kate's proud of him but Will feels like he's losing all faith in true love. Elvis arrives. Will runs away. Stefano begins talking to his son when Rafe arrives and begins questioning him. When he brings up Anna and the kidnapping, Stefano is baffled. EJ tries to implicate his father in this. Stefano is offended by the suggestion and grunts that he has no idea what Anna was up to. Rafe smirks. He thinks that Stefano is telling the truth and decides to fly down and see Nicole. As Rafe leaves to take a call, Stefano wonders how his son could think that he would kidnap Syd. Kate pulls him away and wonders who could have roped Anna into this mess.

In Santo Domingo, Ari tells Brady that Nicole being free changes everything. He won't accept that. She admits that she still wants to marry him. "You know you don't have a prayer, right?" Nicole interrupts. Brady tells her to butt out. Ari scratches her head and thinks. She points out that Nicole will always get between them. He promises that he can be her husband and Nicole's friend. Arianna rejects that possibility and he insists that Nicole can only get in the way if they let her. That convinces Ari. Nicole listens and gets depressed as the couple get their fight out of the way. They rush off to look for the justice of the peace. He wanders in looking for them as soon as they're gone. Nicole decides to distract him. As she chats him up, her mother walks in and interrupts. Fay hands her the cash she asked for and they bicker. The justice runs off and Nicole admits that she's down there for Brady. "He's the one," Nicole insists. 'The one' and his fiancee return. Nicole is shocked that they aren't married yet. Brady explains that the garden was flooded so they are getting married at a bird sanctuary. They hop off. Fay tells her daughter to learn her lesson and stop chasing after men who love other women. Nicole is confident Brady really loves her. She coos about how terrific he is. Fay urges her to let him go and start a new life for herself. Nicole agrees to that.

Ari and Brady go up to their room. She shows him the broken necklace and explains that it's a bad omen. He rolls his eyes as she babbles about fate and suggests they wait. Brady undresses her. They break in the bed and then get a call saying their car is ready. They go downstairs to find the justice of the peace. When he tells them there has been a 'shocking turn of events', Ari spots Nicole and fumes.

At the Java Cafe, Mia informs Chad that she dumped Will. He swoops in for a kiss. Gabi comes in and asks them to stop pawing at each other and give her a half caff with whip. Mia smirks. Chad runs off so the girls can berate each other. When Gabi walks off, Chad confronts Mia for lying to him about dumping Will. "Now you've got no guys," he says. She tells him he can't walk away from her after they had a baby together. He flies off the handle and says she doesn't care about anyone other than herself. He strides away. She pouts.

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