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5th Week of March Daily Summaries

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March 29, 2010

It's So Not That Simple.

Ari is spouting off at Nicole when the justice of the peace announces there is a hurricane headed for Santo Domingo. "We're supposed to be getting married!" Ari objects. He tells her that won't be happening today. Brady runs out to book a flight off the island. Ari and Nicole bicker until the bride-to-be runs off to pack. Brady returns and tells Nicole he's sorry. She doesn't think there's anything for him to be sorry about. He advises her not to go back to Salem. Nicole has nowhere else to go. Brady explains that he's starting a new life and implies she's not going to be part of it. Fay runs in and urges her daughter to leave. Nicole moans about how Brady's heart belongs to her. Brady goes upstairs to get Ari. She promises that she won't let a hurricane or his crazy ex stop them from getting married. He runs into Fay as he goes downstairs. She asks him if he still has feelings for her daughter. He feels worry and concern for her. Ari comes by and ushers him away. Nicole pops up and her mom says she can see in his eyes that he loves her. Pretty soon, Nicky is sitting on the plane with Ari and Brady. "I'm never giving up on you," Nicole thinks.

Hope walks into the mansion and begins profusely apologizing to Justin for bringing his ex-wife to town. He rants at her for messing up his life. As he flounces off, Julie wanders in and asks her daughter what she did to peeve off Justin. After her daughter explains, Julie wonders how she could be so stupid. Hope feels like a fool and adds that she lied to Adrienne to get her there. Her mom thinks she's lame and says it's obvious that she's still smitten with Bo. "It's so not that simple," Hope says. Julie advises her to fix things and fight.

Steph runs into 'hot mama' Aunt Adrienne at the Java Cafe. She tells her niece what a catastrophe seeing Justin was. Justin wanders over to them. Steph runs. He apologizes to his ex about Hope bamboozling them. She says she's actually been missing Salem so he wonders why she didn't come back earlier. He gets called off to work and Steph returns. She and her aunt go over the collapse of her marriage. Hope wanders in. "This is so ironic," she says. Adrienne doesn't want to see her. Hope says she's been a fool and repeats that Justin still loves her. Adrienne accuses her of projecting and tells her to get lost. Hope keeps her there to argue for awhile. When Hope finally leaves, she runs into Justin by the pier. He doesn't want to listen to her 'victim routine' anymore. Hope insists that she's only been trying to help. He rants at her for humiliating him and storms off.

Daniel runs into Mel in an alley by the pub. They're cold so they go inside as Chloe circles the corner. She follows them in as they order pie. Chloe politely excuses herself. Mel babbles about how swell she must be if Daniel loves her. He gives her his mother's locket. She thanks him, cries and hugs him. They chat a little about his family and he points out that he's not her only family. Mel gets upset when he begins defending Carly. She still refuses to forgive her.

Philip shows up in Carly's office to have a talk with her. She rolls her eyes. He orders her to stay away from his wife. She refuses. "Then we've got a big problem," he says. She refuses to back off when it comes to protecting her child. After she storms out, he walks across the hospital and runs into Chloe. She's there for her therapy appointment. They talk about Carly and he wonders if she's going to be a problem for her. Chloe doubts it. He's sure Carly will use Daniel to get into Mel's life. She realizes he's right... but she will be Daniel's life and Carly will just be 'the slutty bitch' he had a one night stand with.

Carly arrives in the pub and walks in on Daniel and Mel. She tells her daughter all about the pain she's suffered and how her life has revolved around making things up to her. Mel says she's not about to forgive her. Carly vows never to leave this alone. Mel sneers at her and barks at her never to refer to herself as her mother again. Carly repeats what she just said. Mel yells that she only has one parent and tells Carly she doesn't exist. When she stomps out, Daniel runs after her, slips on some ice and cracks open his head.

March 30, 2010
What Have I Done?

Sami strolls into the station while Rafe is busy working. She stares until he gets off the phone. He tries to avoid her but she doesn't want to be shut out. Elvis paces and Rafe walks off. Roman finds him and they chat about Anna. "It's like she's dropped off the radar," Rafe says. The topic turns to Sami and Roman tells Rafe he should apologize to her for kicking her when she's down. Rafe insists that he's been on her side since day one and she betrayed him. Roman thinks he's just miffed because she seems to trust EJ more.

Elvis and Sami go back to her place. She and EJ sit down and feel stupid. He feels stupid because of Anna and she feels stupid because of Rafe and how needy she is being. EJ offers her some pity and suggests that not getting back with Rafe may be for the best. She gets defensive so he piles on the compliments and concern as well as a few jabs at Rafe. They bicker about the Fed and he suggests that she's lost him for good. Sami thinks he's probably right and she cries as she wonders how to move on. They talk about what a good mother she is and how much they love Syd. He stares and gets quiet. "I just realized how much I love... uh Johnny," he says. She seems to think that's cute and leaves with to look after Syd. He sits and talks to himself, saying that things aren't supposed to be like this. "What have I done? I love her," he says to himself.

Brady sits on the plane staring at Nicole. Ari sits down with him and hands him a note from the pilot. Brady recognizes his name as one of the old corporate pilots. He's reluctant to leave Ari alone with Nicole but she insist it will be okay. He goes off to talk to the pilot and she immediately plops down beside Nicole and wakes her up. They bicker and Nicole says that she was just letting her fill in for her while she was away. Ari begins skewering her and throwing out insults but Nicole says her faults only prove that Brady loves her. They trade insults until her returns. Nicole leaves him with Ari. He sighs. After they land, they head over to the mansion to plan their wedding.

Chloe is at the Java Cafe leaving messages for Daniel. Victor walks in and suggests he must be avoiding her. When he offers her advice, she tries to leave. He warns her that Daniel could end up in the clutches of Carly. She claims that she and Daniel are forever. He tells her she better work hard to keep him then. She's shocked that he seems supportive. "I'd rather have you in my godson's life than a psychopathic murderess," he says.

In the pub, Mel bellows at Carly, telling her that she doesn't exist. She storms out. Daniel chases after her and slips on the ice, falling and splitting open his head. Mel calls the hospital while Carly looks him over. She sends Mel to get a first aid kit and some spare tablecloths. As they soak up the blood, Kenzie comes out to stare. They rush him to the hospital and he's stabilized. Mel is so upset she can't fasten her locket so her mom helps. When Carly tries to share a tender moment with her, Mel begins ranting that this is her fault and storms into Daniel's room. She stares until he wakes up.

When Chloe arrives outside the pub, she notices blood on the ground. Kenzie explains what happened and says it was all Dr. Manning's fault. Chloe runs off. When she arrives at the hospital, she finds Carly and demands to know what she did to Daniel. Back at the pub, Nicole wanders in and Kenzie recognizes her. She takes her picture and gets giddy. Nicole gets angry and walks out. When she gets to the pier, Sami shows up.

March 31, 2010
You Want A Piece Of Me?

Elvis is at the townhouse with Syd. He's going into shock as he realizes that he actually loves Sami. His sobbing tires Syd out so he puts her to sleep. His sister shows up. He says that he should have listened to her about his feelings for Sami. Lexi's impressed that he's finally noticed how he feels. "I ruined everything," he says. He doesn't know what to do... but Sami and Rafe are no longer together so... Elvis is indecisive so Lexi suggests he take a walk and think things over while she looks after the baby.

Sami wanders down to the pier and runs into Nicole. Sami can't believe she had the nerve to come back. Nicole tells her to get used to it. Sami throws down her purse and threatens to kick her ass. Nicole asks her to be more civilized and asks after Syd. Sami accuses her of letting Anna kidnap the baby and orders her to stay away from her children. While Nicole admits she lied, she points out that Sami has been telling lies and manipulating all along. She accuses Sami of causing all of her own problems and tells her she blew things with Rafe. Sami wallops her in the face. "I think you broke my jaw," Nicole says before she punches Sami. "You want a piece of me?" Nicole bellows. They throw each other around the pier.

Nathan corners Steph at the Java Cafe. She wonders if he's ready to forgive and forget. He says the letter was meaningless. It was just Mel saying goodbye. Steph flashes back to reading what the letter actually said. Nate asks her if they can start over, introduces himself and asks her out to dinner. As he leaves, Adrienne comes in. Steph dishes about her love life.

At the pub, Rafe is shocked when his sister tells him that Nicole is back. She also tells him she ran off to elope with Brady. He's shocked. Although she didn't get married, she's still determined to go through with it. He decides he needs to talk to Nicole about Anna. When he strolls away, he runs into Sami and Nicole pounding on each and tries to stop them. The women are dragged to the station. Roman isn't pleased to see the women still pummeling each other. They're split up. Nicole warns Rafe that Sami will hurt him every chance she gets. Rafe begins disinfecting Sami's face. All the alcohol and gauze seems to turn her on. He's called away to interrogate Nicole before he can be tempted. Roman comes over to hug his daughter. She says she thinks Rafe still loves her. Meanwhile, Rafe questions Nicole about the pardon. "I'll tell you everything," she offers.

EJ runs into Ari at the gym. He notices she's being aggressive on her exercise bike and offers to listen to her problems. She fills him in on the botched elopement and Nicole's role in it. He probes for details about what Nicole said. The blood drains from his face when she informs him that his ex is back in town. He worries and blinks.

Daniel wakes up in his hospital room. Mel is babbling to him about how much he means to her. He starts to see double. Meanwhile, Chloe shows up at the hospital to rant at Carly for what happened to Daniel. A doctor comes out and explains that Daniel's has blood on his brain and that means he'll have double vision for awhile. Chloe panics. Mel runs out and tells them something is wrong. They all go in to see Daniel. He grumbles. The men ask to be left alone. Chloe begins blaming Carly again but Mel defends her. The doctor comes out and says they need to run more tests. Chloe returns to her fiance, leaving Carly to thank Mel for sticking up for her. Chloe mopes to Dan. He tells her she's a hot mess. Mel intrudes so Chloe rushes off to get cake. Mel apologizes and then gushes about how he was lucky Carly was there. Carly comes in and Mel runs away. She wanders down to the pier and runs into Nathan. Meanwhile, Carly is busy apologizing to Daniel. They joke around and she takes his hand. Chloe returns just in time to see this.

April 1, 2010


Vivian corners Carly at the hospital to goad her. Justin shows up and tells Viv to get lost. She announces that she has decided to put down roots. They're confused so she explains that she is marrying Victor and then skips away. Justin is baffled until he realizes that Victor is sending Carly and Bo a message about his disapproval.

On the pier, Nathan and Mel are chatting about her dad's double vision. She cries on his shoulder. Philip appears. Mel notices and leaps away from Nate and into her husband's arms. Nate stares. Philip says he's got this covered so the intern grumbles and walks off. Mel asks Philip is he's jealous. "Should I be?" he asks. She fills him in about her dad and then they makeout. Viv interrupts. They try to escape but Viv blurts out that Victor popped the question. "What are you smoking?" he asks. Viv goes on and on about Victor's virility. Mel gags. Viv blows kisses and runs off. Mel freaks out and says they can't move back into the mansion. "Not when Mary Poppin-pills is there," he says.

Steph is with Aunt Adrienne at the Java Cafe. She explains that she did something she's not proud of. Adrienne doubts it was that bad so Steph explains the mess with the letter. Adrienne's disappointed in her. Steph moans about how unclassy Mel is and how Nathan can never find out the true contents of the letter. Adrienne wanders off and Nathan comes in. He has to cancel their date and confesses that he still has feelings for Mel.  Meanwhile, Adrienne walks into the hospital and chats with Carly, taking jabs about her relationship with Bo and how hard it must be on the children. "Don't get too comfortable. Not with Hope around," Adrienne snipes.

Elvis goes to see Benny, the henchman who was helping Anna. Benny stutters as EJ tells him about the trouble that Nicole is causing. They worry about what Anna could have told Nicole. Benny assures him that he will stay quiet about everything. He panics when EJ reaches into his jacket... but Elvis only plucks out some cash and orders him to leave town forever. Benny heads for the airport bar and orders a vodka. After a final threatening call from EJ, he drops his phone in the trash.

Rafe is interrogating Nicole at the station about how long she's known about Anna's role in the kidnapping. She gets sarcastic and insists that she and Anna just suffered together as sisters-in-law in a horrible family. He doesn't think Anna got her pardoned out of pity. When he offers her his version of events, she tells him he's 'dumb and dead wrong'. She feels sorry for Rafe; he worked so hard to get Syd back and Sami started lying to him when he was no longer useful. He wonders why she came back. "I came back to take what's mine... by the way, tell your sister 'hi'," she says. After she leaves, he flips through some photos and notices Benny. He looks him up and then orders an APB on him. Moments later, Rafe strolls into the airport bar where Benny is counting his mound of cash. Rafe watches him buy drinks and hand out tips. He tells him that he hired a PI to look for his ladyfriend... Anna DiMera. Benny boggles. Rafe introduces himself and pulls out a picture of Benny buying diapers for Syd. Benny acts dumb so Rafe tells him how much evidence they have on him. Benny asks for a lawyer so Rafe calls in a cop to arrest him.

Nicole shows up in the pub. "Miss me?" she whispers to EJ when she sees him. He glares. She sits down and he tries to ignore her but she rubs her clean new record in his face. He admires the bruises on her face and says bullocks to her plan for a clean life. "I think I may make 'Lucky' my middle name," she says before taunting him about Anna double crossing him.


April 2, 2010
It Breaks My Heart.

Victor is at home calling his men to update him on the Alamain property. Viv stumbles in, pours him a drink and explains that she broke their news to Philip. He begins ranting at her and forbids her to have anything to do with the rest of his family. She stifles a gasp when he tells her there might not even be a wedding. “Don’t say that! It breaks my heart,” she yelps, leaping in his lap. He pushes her off and runs away.

Philip and Mel are at the Java Cafe. She’s impressed by how sane he is today. He’s keeping himself calm about Victor and Viv’s upcoming nuptials. He can’t understand why his father would voluntarily do this. As he wonders aloud, Kate overhears and turns pale. She refuses to accept this. He doesn’t understand why she’s bitching when this is her fault. Mel pouts. Philip grimaces. Kate shakes her head. Mel leaves and Philip suggests that his mother not fall into Vivian’s trap of overreacting. Viv walks in. “Let the games begin,” Philip declares. Kate saunters over to Viv and they begin sniping. Kate says that Victor will never actually marry her. They notice Philip escaped.

Mel goes home to talk to Maggie. Victor arrives....

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