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1st Week of May Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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May 3, 2010
You're Evil.

Baker counts his cash and heads for the door when Hope suddenly appears and refuses to let him go. She claims there is no turning back for either of them. He's annoyed and confused so she offers to explain things. She says that she's the detective on this case and all he needs to worry about is making easy money. He tries to leave. She pulls out her gun and orders him to hand over the money he stole from EJ's account. Hope tears it up and then tears up. She grabs Baker's arm and begs him not to go. The partner that she had is someone she loved...  but now she's all alone. As she sobs, he reaches out to her. She backs him off and tells him they'll make a great team.

At the pub, Philip drowns his sorrows as Steph asks him why he thinks he's a bastard. He thinks about Chloe and then tries to fob her off. She assumes...

Find the rest of this recap here.

May 4, 2010
I'm Never Done.

A drunken Chloe arrives at home and finds Carly there. She begins ranting at her until Carly screams at her to spit out what she thinks she's done. Daniel returns and asks what's going on. Chloe screams at Carly, who then runs off. He pressures her and Chloe blurts out that she thought he had sex with the other woman. None of this makes sense to him. He defends Carly and she lashes out at him until he insists that it's all a lie and he only loves her. Chloe cries so he asks her for a full explanation. She relates the whole story and sobs. Daniel's mind boggles. He asks her to help him find out who has been spreading lies so he can make them pay. They go out to the park and find the clerk. Daniel confronts him and he plays stupid.

At home, Philip tries calling Chloe and begs her not to do anything rash. Mel wanders in and asks him what's wrong. He claims Chloe's just having a rough time. Mel wonders what that has to do with him. She quizzes him and then backs off and tells him what a great friend he is. When she touches him, he thinks about making out with Chloe and backs away. She guesses he's not telling her something. Philip tells her about Chloe's leukemia, her infertility and her other issues. Mel admires what a good friend he is. He suggests that they take a break from Chloe and Daniel. They go to bed. He's morose.

Steph and Nate are by the pier. He doesn't feel like going out... he wants to stay in with her. She thinks that's swell. As they walk away, she glances at the birth control she binned in the trash. They go to his place and drink some wine. He talks about Paris and they make out. She says she loves him but he doesn't say anything. After sex, she tells him that he will be taking care of everything now. While they have sex again, a homeless woman finds her pills in the trash.

In the park, Dr. Baker is nervous when Hope begins stripping off an unconscious Brady's clothes. "Is this going to get freaky now?" Baker asks. Hope says she can do whatever she wants, she takes out a little bag so she can leave her mark on him. Baker cringes, notices a money clip on the ground and picks it up. They run off to the pier. He mutters and wanders off while she does her hair. She heads back to her room at the mansion and has a glass of water, leaving her lipstick on the lip. Hope hops into bed and dreams about marking Brady. She wakes up. Meanwhile, Baker sits in on a poker game. He loses all of his cash and then gambles with the money clip. Baker loses it too.

Nicole is at the pub bickering with Gabi. The teen tells her she's done. "I'm Nicole DiMera, I'm never done," she snaps. The battle continues. Gabi doesn't want her sister's life ruined by 'some washed up old porn star'. Nicole vows to make sure that Brady sees the light. Gabi keeps ranting and Nicole orders 'the twit' to get her a drink. She barges behind the bar and starts making a martini. "You may be the biggest loser of all," Gabi says. She squirts mustard in her martini and orders her out. Brady stumbles in and falls on a table. Blood gushes out of his head so they call an ambulance. He's rushed to the hospital. Roman arrives as Carly looks him over. She shows him the mark which Hope left on him. They ponder whether the attacks are escalating and if they are personal. He goes out to see Nicole and she worries in the waiting room. Roman accuses her of smacking Brady. Nicole calls Gabi over as her alibi. Ari arrives soon after and gasps when she hears what's happened. Nicole saunters over and begins  asking Ari where she was when this happened.

May 5, 2010
Sending A Message.

Sami and EJ go into the pub and banter. He's excited to be wearing pants again. When he wanders off, Roman wanders in and tells his daughter that Brady was mugged last night. She tells him that she's moving into the mansion in spite of everyone's advice. He wonders what Rafe will say. She repeats that she has no future with the Fed and then says she might have one with Elvis. The Englishman returns in time to hear this and smiles as wide as the ocean. He pops up and assures Roman that Sami will be fine this time. Roman walks off.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano is on the phone making sure that Anna is behaving herself. Kate wanders in and asks him what he was talking about. He fobs her off. Sami and EJ arrive with the kids. Kate tells Sami that Will didn't want to be there while she was moving in. Kate and Sami wander off with the kids, leaving the two men to repeat the terms of their agreement. Stefano promises that Anna and Rafe won't cause them any problems. Meanwhile, the two women continue arguing about Will. Kate thinks he wants a life of his own; one where he doesn't have to mother his mother. Stefano and EJ interrupt the bickering. Stefano takes his wife away, leaving EJ to assure Sami she can make things right with Will. He wonders if her son is the only reason she's moved in... She says he's one of the reasons and claims she can handle being there... if it weren't for Kate. Out in the park, Kate wishes Stefano would tell her more about what's going on. He tells her that his son is in love with Samantha. She rants about what a user Sami is.

Anna is in her cabana on an island missing Tony. Calliope suddenly shows up. Gasps all around and then hugs. Calliope says it looks like she's hiding out. They talk about the island and Calliope complains about the llama spit. She thinks Anna is hiding from something. Anna pouts and remembers her past with the other woman. Calliope explains that she's in hiding from the IRS. Anna tells her she should leave because she's in trouble. Calliope says she'll see her later. She goes back to her room and tells Rafe that she made contact... but she doesn't like what she's doing.

Nicole smugly looks into Brady's hospital room as Ari, Viv and Victor argue over Brady. Victor vows to find out who did this and make them pay. Brady tells his grandfather that he wants the police to look after this. Victor and Viv storm off and Nicole corners Ari when she's walking across the waiting room. She demands an apology. Ari tells her not to hold her breath and stomps away. Nicole goes into Brady's room. He thanks her for her help. He's realized that they are still friends. Ari returns with a bushel of flowers, makes a point of saying that their boss doesn't want her to interview Brady and then makes out with him. Nicole walks out in a huff.

Hope wakes up in bed and kicks herself for oversleeping. She notices her make-up all over the floor so she brings Ciara in and accuses her of playing with it. Ciara says it wasn't her. Hope sends her daughter off. Roman calls and tells her that the mugger attacked again. Meanwhile, Victor arrives at the station to rant at Roman. When Hope arrives, Roman explains that she's in charge of the investigation. Victor doubts she's up to it. Hope resents him saying that. After he leaves, Roman shows Hope pictures of the mark on Brady's chest. "It's like he's sending me a message," she says, recognizing the mark as a Celtic symbol. She rushes off to talk to Brady. Hope interrupts Brady and Ari making out in his room. Ari makes herself scarce. Out in the waiting room, Viv advises Ari to keep her eyes on Nicole. Across town, Nicole's producer tells her to do a story on underground gambling.

May 6, 2010

She Can Undo Us Both.

Kate and Stefano return home. She agrees to let Sami live there if it will make him happy. He notices that she's been edgy but she assures him it has nothing to do with Sami. He guesses she's referring to Madeline and promises that he will take care of her. Later, she looks through her photo albums and finds an old picture of herself with Madeline. She wonders why she even kept it. Will walks in and she hides the photo in a stack of papers. He's hoping he won't have to run into his mother, even if they both live there. She gets a business call and walks off. He picks up the papers.

Gabi is waiting on Madeline and Chad at the pub. When she walks away, Madeline asks her son how he screwed things up with Gabi. They argue about his friends. She insists that it's Will's family she has problem with, not him. Madeline leaves. Gabi returns to chat with him. He asks her to tell his mom that he doesn't hang out with Will and then leaves. Ari rushes in and begins complaining about her life and her cramps. She acts out a Midol commercial for her sister and then gets a message from her brother. She calls him back. He's busy but promises her that he is going to catch the person who kidnapped Sydney. When she gets off the phone, she tells her sister about the call. They assume this will get Sami back for Rafe. Gabi pouts that she has no one to love.

On the island, Anna is disappointed after her masseur cancels. She decides that she better leave before she has to reunite with Calliope again. Meanwhile, Calliope tells Rafe that she doesn't like being forced to help him catch Anna. He doesn't care. As she complains, he threatens to call the IRS on her. She says he may be good looking but he's not nice. Rafe tells her that she and her husband can go under the bus or she can give up Anna. All that she has to do is get her friend to open up about the thing that's on her conscience. The Fed sets her up with a camera and gives her instructions. Calliope goes looking for Anna in her cabana. They begin chatting about their problems. Anna wonders why she is being so nosy. Calliope tries pulling the pity card and Anna finally agrees to unburden herself.

Will and Chad are at the Java Cafe doing homework. They go through the stack of papers and the photo of Kate and Madeline falls out. They look at it, recognize the women and wonder what it could mean. Chad calls his mother over and confronts her about the picture. She claims that she was just a lawyer on a deal involving Kate's company and then runs out. Once she's outside, she calls Kate and demands that they meet. Back in the cafe, Gabi arrives and Chad talks to her about his mom and the photo. He's determined to discover what it's all about.

At Casa DiMera, Sami admits to EJ that she hasn't been thinking straight and she needs to back out of moving in. He trails after her as she walks out. He asks her what she's having so much trouble dealing with. Sami won't explain and walks off. Elvis turns back inside and lashes out at Stefano over Kate's interference. Stefano tells him to relax and Sami will be back. EJ worries that Rafe will catch Anna and they will lose everything. When Stefano wanders into the office, he sees Kate sighing. She explains that she just lost the photo featuring Madeline. "She can undo us both," she worries. When Elvis walks in, Kate stomps out. Sami returns in a huff and declares that she is not going anywhere. A pipe burst and the townhouse has been flooded. Stefano smirks and leaves them alone. EJ tries to convince her not to stay in a hotel when she can live with him and they can make Kate miserable. They giggle at the thought. Will walks in so EJ walks out. Sami tells her son how much she misses him. He thinks she must have missed EJ even more. She thinks that he turned to Kate just to hurt her. Will is angry at her for blowing things with Rafe and destroying one more chance to be a family. She sobs and explains that Johnny and Allie love EJ, need him in their lives and she has to back him up. After her son leaves, she mopes until Elvis returns. She explains that she basically grew up with Will and now she's afraid that she's lost him. When EJ touches her hair, she flashes back to him kissing her. Jumping up, she demands that they make sure no one thinks she is there for anything other than her children. Slowly, she explains that she's been putting up walls because he kissed her.

Kate meets with 'Maddie' at the pier. They argue about the photo and Madeline explains the cover story she made up. The blonde warns her that if all of this blows up, it will be far worse for Kate and Stefano than it will be for her.

May 7, 2010
None Of Your Business.

At the hospital, Mel is distracted by the spectacle of Nate sucking on Steph's tongue. Maxine knocks her out of it and sends her to see a homeless woman named Rae in the examining room. Rae demands to see her cat. Mel begins looking through her things and finds a bunch of pills. Rae takes whatever she can find. Mel finds Steph's birth control and stutters until Nate and Steph wander in. They help Rae into a wheelchair. After he wheels her away, Mel confronts Steph about the pills. Steph claims she just lost them. Mel accuses her of trying to trap Nate into fatherhood. They argue about who is more pathetic. Nathan interrupts but has to leave to take a call. Steph warns Mel that she will look like an idiot if she says anything. "What I do is none of your business," Mel says.

Down the hall, Brady tells Victor that he hasn't been getting much rest because he's had so many visitors. Victor assures him that whoever attacked him will pay. He worries that only powerful men have been targeted and thinks they should all band together to find out why. Maggie looks in. Mel arrives next. Victor walks out and Maggie goes with him. She's sure these attacks must be hard on him and asks him to drive her home. Back in the room, Mel hugs Brady and tells him how worried she was about him. She recaps what just happened with Steph and he suggests that she stay out of it. Moments later, Mel is gone and Steph arrives. She tells him how great things are going for her. He says that Mel is concerned about her. She doesn't care and walks out.

Mel goes to see Nathan in the doctor's lounge. She's eager to talk about Stephanie. Meanwhile, Victor drives Maggie home. She asks him in to talk. Seeing him with Brady made it clear to her how much he cares about family. She offers to help him mend fences with Philip if she can. He thanks her. She makes coffee and then falls into his arms.

At Casa DiMera, Sami reminds EJ that he kissed her on the pier. "How did you react?" he asks. She acts like it wasn't a big deal but he's sure it was. He apologizes but she tries to assure him that it was nothing."Do you know why you did it?' she asks. He does. He thinks she's beautiful and must have thought he was in a different time and place. She's glad they cleared that up. They joke around nervously and she says she's grateful that they've become friends. Smiling broadly, they talk about the kids and then he tells her he has to go swimming. He invites her to join him but she's afraid to be in a bathing suit in front of him. Elvis thinks she's perfect. They tease each other until Johnny runs in, eager to go swimming. After a swim, Johnny is sent off to get dressed while his parents stand around half naked. He puts a robe on her and then has back spasms. She gives him a massage. Elvis is impressed by her technique so she vaguely tells him about her adventures at massage school. He assures her she's a good person. As she massages him, they get closer and come close to kissing.

On the island, Rafe watches the surveillance feed as Calliope digs for information from Anna. He gets excited as Anna begins explaining the Sydney story and they drink a lot to help digest it. Anna weeps about Tony and how she tried to get a ransom from his family in revenge. They drunkenly ramble and hug until Calliope leaves for a 'hair appointment'. Calliope returns to Rafe and rants about how crazy Anna must have been. He still needs to find out who she was working with. Calliope doesn't want to do this anymore. Rafe tells her that she needs to respect the law and help the government. He assures her that Anna was just a pawn and sends her back to find out who was pulling the strings. Calliope and Anna pick up where they left off. Anna gabs about how Sami was EJ's life and he still loves her. Rafe listens and cringes. Calliope returns to talking about the kidnapping and asks whose idea it was. Anna wonders what's up with all the questions.

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