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2nd Week of May Daily Summaries

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May 10, 2010

EJ Is Not The Answer.

Baker is trying to get into an underground poker game but he's broke. Meanwhile, Nicole is on the pier. She gets a new story investigating the underground gambling in Salem. She calls a contact and then meets up with him. He leads her to the game. After she cleans up at the table, the guy whose money she takes it forced to give her the money clip he won from Baker. She recognizes it and asks him where it came from. When she threatens to put him on camera, he caves and calls Baker over to meet him. He runs across town. Arriving in the gambling den, he's shocked to find Nicole.

Ari shows up at the hospital as Brady gets prepared to leave. She tells him he has to let the cops go after the person who attacked him. He's insistent on not backing off so she decides to join him. They head over to the mansion and he refuses to let her risk her life on this. She says that he will be safe with her. He still refuses. They begin arguing about Nicole. She needs him to say he doesn't have feelings for the blond anymore. He agrees to stay at home and concentrate on her tonight.

At the station, Hope assures Abe that she will get the people who have been doing the attacks. She's sure a woman is behind them. Since she can't find a babysitter, she decides she has to go home instead of work. Hope heads to the mansion and reads to Ciara until she falls asleep. She pops a pill and crawls into bed.

In the doctor's lounge, Mel talks to Nate, suggesting that he is moving too fast with Steph. As they talk, Stephanie arrives before Mel can tell him what's on her mind. Mel tells her that the intern isn't as serious as she is. Stephanie is called away. Nathan tells Mel he doesn't need or want her advice. When he meets up with Steph later, he's sure to tell her that they need to take things slowly. They make out and then he gets called back to work. After he leaves, Steph mutters, "He's so into me... all he needs is a little push." She dumps her birth control into the water.

At Maggie's, he helps her sit down after she has a spell. She assures him she's fine but he still worries and drags her to the hospital. Once she's set up in a bed, Mel comes in to check on her. Maggie babbles about how great Victor has been. After he leaves, Mel makes faces. Maggie guesses something is wrong. Mel tells her what just happened with Nathan and Maggie admires her for taking the high road. Maggie asks her to cut Victor some slack. Mel walks out and tells Victor she's glad he was there for Maggie. He returns to Maggie's room and thanks her for talking to Mel.

On the island, Calliope grills Anna to unburden herself. Drunken Anna starts to find all of this strange and asks what her angle is. Rafe watches and cringes at the surveillance footage as Anna swoons and Calliope shrieks. Anna demands to know why she is really there. Calliope admits that it's not a coincidence - it's fate. They're both a mess and they need each other. Anna takes another drink and cries about Tony some more before admitting that she didn't kidnap Syd alone. Before she can explain, she passes out. Calliope runs off to Rafe. He tells her she has to go back and try again.

At Casa DiMera, Sami massages EJ until it hurts. They discuss her time in massage school. He tells her that if she works hard, she can get whatever she wants. As their lips start to touch, Will walks in and interrupts. EJ pulls on his robe. Will asks his mother if she moved in to be with the kids or Elvis. Sami asks to speak to her son alone. Once EJ is gone, her son asks her if she even loved Rafe or just needs some guy around all the time. He demands to know if she has feelings for EJ. "Maybe I do," she says, explaining that she is grateful to him for getting Syd back... but she doesn't love him. He accuses her of lying. That hurts her feelings. "EJ is not the answer," Will states before walking out. Meanwhile, Stefano finds his son moping around. EJ explains that Will's Oedipal complex is getting in the way of his reunion with Sami. Stefano offers to handle Will. Elvis returns to Sami. She tells him that the only thing between them is their kids - there's nothing else. After she storms off, he mumbles, "Yes there is."

May 11, 2010
I Don't Hate Your Guts Anymore.

Baker is shocked when he walks into the underground poker den and finds Nicole there. "Why aren't you dead?" she asks. He tries to pretend he's someone else but she doesn't buy it. After some prodding, he explains how he fooled Sami and Rafe into thinking he was dead thanks to some drugs and self-strangulation. After she swallows this, she pulls out the money clip he stole from Brady. He plays dumb but she accuses him of mugging people to feed his habit. She takes out her camera and tells him he's going down. He offers her a deal and lets it slip that he is working with a woman. After he tries to cover, she threatens to go to the cops.

In their hallway, Chloe lashes out at Carly and tells her that she's sick and hateful. Meanwhile, the motel owner waddles out of the Cheatin' Heart. Daniel grabs him by the throat when he walks into the alley and demands some answers. The motel owner remembers him and Daniel tells him that someone has been telling lies. The dude says that his girlfriend might have a good reason for hating his other friend. The doctor tells him to get lost.

Viv is at the hospital looking for Victor. She bickers with Maxine until the nurse points her to Maggie's room. Viv sticks her head in and eavesdrops on Maggie telling Victor about his 'lovely qualities'. She interrupts and he wonders why she seems so rattled. Viv tries to drag him away but he won't budge. She bustles away and takes a call. The motel owner tells her that Daniel roughed him up and now he's leaving town. "Bon voyage," she says. She looks across the room and spots Chloe on the phone with Daniel. The diva thinks he sounds strange and wonders if Carly said something to him. After she hangs up, she exclaims, "Dammit! That bitch is poisoning him against me!" As she plods off, Viv calls Gus and orders him to follow her. Back in Maggie's room, she apologizes for peeving Viv off. He tells her that's Viv's default setting.

At the mansion, Ari massages Brady's head until his phone rings. Roman wants to go over some things with him. When he gets up to go, she insists on going with him. They arrive at the station and Roman explains the mark and the likelihood that he was attacked by a woman. Roman leaves to take care of something and Brady tries to avoid talking about the case. They begin arguing about Nicole. He's tired of this topic but they keep going over it. She can't stand him shutting her down like this. He starts kissing her to stop her from speaking. Nicole walks in and cringes at the sight. She ducks out of sight and lets them walk by. Nicole grumbles and realizes that Ari doesn't even have an alibi for when the attacks happened.

Hope wakes up in bed with Ciara and then changes into her alternative identity clothes. She goes out and runs into Carly. She asks her to chat. "I don't hate your guts anymore," Hope says. Carly's shocked but Hope says that she judged her unfairly and no longer blames her for what happened with Bo. She's figured out where the blame really lies - with Bo. Carly's uncomfortable. Hope gives her a hug and wanders off. Carly's confused. Daniel jogs by. She stops him and tells him the latest of Chloe's complaints. She insists that she hasn't done anything. He believes her. Chloe sticks her head out of the bushes and listens as Daniel talks about how dead wrong Chloe has been. After seeing Carly put her hand on Daniel's arm, she rushes off. Gus trails after her and then calls Viv to tell her they've hit the jackpot. Daniel continues telling Chloe he doesn't understand what's going on. He relates all the problems Chloe's been having and wonders how he can make it right. Meanwhile, Gus meets Viv and tells her that Daniel thinks the opera singer could be losing her mind. Viv gets giddy. They track her down the pub and she's sure to rant about Carly as she walks in. Chloe stares over. She tries to run off so Viv corners her and they begin discussing their hatred of Carly. "I think we could help each other," Viv suggests.

Hope tracks down Baker. He's packing and tells her that he's been found out and they need to leave town. She's not going anywhere and tells him he's on his own now. His phone starts ringing. It's Nicole. She's decided not to turn him in... but she needs him to take Ari as his next victim.

May 12, 2010
Everything Is Weird.

At Maggie's, Philip is helping Mel pack stuff for Maggie. He tries to reassure her. She's upset that she never saw any of this coming. When she came to town, she didn't care about anyone, but now she does. Meanwhile, Daniel and Carly sit in the park and he asks her what's weird. "We're in Salem: Everything is weird," she says. He talks about his connection with Chloe and how something keeps going wrong. He wonders if he's being a jerk and worries about Chloe's conspiracy theories. She attempts to rationalize Chloe's behavior and tells him they can get through this. Melanie calls him and asks for a favor. Stuttering, she asks him to take a look at Maggie for her.

Daniel and Mel meet up at the hospital. She asks him if he's been fighting with Chloe. Across the room, Philip listens to a message from Chloe saying that Carly has won. He runs off. Daniel tells his daughter that he's not sure Philip should have told her about Chloe's problems. He thinks she needs time to adjust to everything. Mel tells him he can look after Chloe and she will look after him.

At the pub, Chloe tells Viv how much she hates Carly. Vivian says that they can stop her. She tells her about how Carly poisons men against the women who love them because she's so desperately unhappy. Chloe claims that all of this isn't Carly's fault but Viv won't let her believe that. Chloe wants to apologize to Daniel but Viv thinks that's a terrible plan. The diva heads for the door. When Viv walks out, Carly is waiting for her. She begins uttering veiled threats before walking off. Viv groans that she's tedious. Gus arrives and his boss tells him how dangerous Chloe could prove to be.

Chloe runs into Philip outside of the Java Cafe and complains about how terrible she feels. He asks her to calm down. She can't; her stupidity is overwhelming her and she wants to confess. He feels guilty too but warns her about how much damage the truth would cause. She paces and he promises everything will get better and then leaves. "It's going to get better when I tell Daniel the truth," she mumbles to herself. When she arrives at home, she finds Daniel there and he wants to talk. She wants to go first. "I did a terrible thing," she says.

Baker is with Hope in his room when he gets a call from Nicole. She offers not to turn him in... if Ari is the next person he attacks. He says his new partner won't allow that but Nicole won't take no for an answer. When he gets off the phone with her, Hope warns him that he's toast if he tells anyone about her. He heads off to meet with Nicole and Hope trails behind him. Ciara calls and Hope promises to be home soon. She stalks off while Nicole meets with Baker. He attempts to convince her that his partner won't attack a woman. That's not what Nicole wants. She wants them to make it look like Ari is guilty of the muggings. They bicker about Brady and she insists that he loves her. He tells her that her plan will blow up in her face. "Either Brady and I head into the sunset together, or you end up keeping house with Bubba in cell block C," she warns him.

Ari and Brady are making out in his bed when she gets a text. She reads it and yelps before explaining that Nicole has checked out the equipment and gone out on her own. She's determined to track her down and stop her. He tries to convince her not to run after Nicole. As they argue all the way down to the foyer, Hope suddenly interrupts them. She wishes Ari good luck on going after Nicole and talks about how much damage the former Mrs. DiMera has done. Brady defends Nicole and Hope backs down, apologizing profusely. When they discuss the attacks, she says that whoever is doing them is just getting started. Hope plods off and Ari informs Brady that she has decided to spend the night with him rather than fighting with Nicole. Meanwhile, Hope goes back upstairs to Ciara. Hope warns her that people can always let you down.

May 13, 2010

You're A Great Guy.

Daniel goes home and finds Chloe sleeping on the couch. She wakes up and he asks her what she meant when she told him she did a terrible thing. She thinks about having sex with Philip on his office floor. Slowly, she explains she did something she will regret until she dies. Chloe feels like he thinks she makes things up and she's starting to wonder if he's right. He's confused so she suggests she just twisted things in her head because she feels like she doesn't deserve him. When explains that Philip came over one night, he stops her and claims he knows the rest of the story. It soon become apparent that he only thinks she opened her mouth to Philip. He tells her that none of this is her fault and he only cares about fixing things with her. She cries.

At the mansion, Viv is ranting on the phone about flowers and complaining to Gus about the lack of scones. She wonders why Victor can't at least pretend he wants this wedding. Meanwhile, over at the hospital, Maggie begins teasing Victor about marrying Viv. That makes him grouchy. She starts laughing at him until Melanie and Philip arrive to take her home. Philip pulls his father outside to talk. They argue about Victor trying to get back into his good graces. Philip asks him to leave Maggie alone and drop Vivian. Victor says they don't make women finer than Maggie. Viv walks in and her eyes dart when she hears this. Melanie and Maggie wander out and Philip tells his wife that Viv invited them over for dinner. Sardonic comments follow. Viv hands Maggie some flowers and the redhead tells her she's lucky to have a man like Victor. Mel and Philip take Maggie home. After she bustles upstairs, Philip tells Mel that Maggie suggested he give his father another chance. Across town, Viv goes back to the mansion to complain to Gus about Maggie. Victor arrives and compares their upcoming wedding to a colonoscopy. When she informs him that she's pushed up the wedding day, he spits out his glass of water.

Sami walks into Casa DiMera and finds EJ playing ball with Johnny. She has a gift for Johnny from Rafe. Johnny's excited. EJ mopes across the room and takes a drink. After Johnny runs off with Rafe's gift, Sami guesses that this bothered EJ. He thought the ties would be cut. Johnny returns to say things are no fun without Rafe. After Johnny runs off again, she tells EJ that his son loves Rafe and he has to deal with that. He offers to call Rafe and thank him for the gift so they can smooth things over. Sami stares in disbelief and mocks him.

On the resort, Anna is in her cabana telling herself she'll never drink again... until lunch. She remembers bits of last night and worries about what she told Calliope. Meanwhile, Rafe fits Calliope  with her wire. She whines and he tells her to focus. He shows her a photo of Syd and asks her to do the right thing. She tells him his eyes could melt the Yukon so she'll do what she can. When she leaves, Sami calls and thanks Rafe for Johnny's gift. She hears a familiar voice in the background. Rafe abruptly gets off the phone. He checks his surveillance feed to watch Calliope and Anna in the spa. Anna admits that she wants to tell her more about the kidnapping, but suggests that they travel the world first. Calliope struggles to find excuses not to go. Anna offers to pay off the IRS for her. Calliope gets upset because she's being so nice. When they hug, Anna discovers the wire she's wearing.

When Elvis returns to Casa DiMera, Sami tells EJ that Rafe is angry and won't talk. He thinks that's because he loves her. She finds it weird that all of this bothers him so much. Elvis explains that little boys want their daddies to be like Rafe, not him. He can't imagine his son being happy to discover his father is a mobster. Sami suggests he find a new line of work. "You're a great guy," she tells him. He stares. She tells him he's not like Stefano and she hopes their son grows up to be a man like him.

At Java Cafe, Chad is telling T. and Mia how excited he is to be leaving town. Mia tells T. she won't be around either. "Dude, I was thinking of going to New York and studying dance," she says. T. leaves and Chad accuses Mia of running away. The only thing she knows is that she wants to be gone. She's kind of scared that he's leaving since he's the only other person she knows who will never forget Grace. Meanwhile, Madeline and DA Woods wander the park. He's surprised she wants to send their son away again and wonders why. She wants to stop Chad from hanging around the DiMeras. He's not crazy about it either but points out that their son is a grown man and they have to trust him. She wanders off and meets with her son. Chad tells her he's changed his mind and wants to stay in Salem.

May 14, 2010
Takes One To Know One.

At the pub, Brady and Ari set a date for their wedding. Nicole watches from the bar and creeps out. She calls Dr. Baker and tells him it's time to move on with their plan. They bicker and he wonders if there is an easier way to Brady's heart. She says she already has that; she just needs his head to catch up. Brady comes out and startles her. She gets off the phone and reminds him that she saved him there. Ari comes out and sucks face with Brady. Nicole looks away.

At Casa DiMera, Will interrupts another cuddly moment between Sami and EJ to point out that he hates Elvis' guts. After he storms off, Sami whines about being a lousy jobless, partnerless parent. EJ tells her not to let Rafe make her think she's a bad mother. She admits that moving in with him hasn't turned out to be a sacrifice. She likes having a maid and chef, but especially being with her kids. He amazed they now live in something that vaguely resembles domestic bliss. She mopes until Stefano walks in. Sami makes herself scarce. The father and son argue about why Sami is still there. EJ thinks he's enjoying lording it over him. Stefano admits that Sami is part of the family now, even if he doesn't like her. He'll leave it up to her to ruin things for herself. Johnny runs in in his FBI jacket. Stefano freaks out so EJ sends his son upstairs to change.

When Kate runs into Will in the hall. He hands her back the picture of her and Madeline and asks her why she never told him they knew each other. They go to the Java Cafe and he keeps quizzing her. She glosses over it but he's unsatisfied. Sami wanders in and Kate invites her to join them for scones. Kate leaves them alone. Sami realizes her son doesn't want to talk to her but she always wants to talk. "What is up with and EJ?" he asks. She claims nothing is going on. He wonders if she can be without a guy for two seconds. "I hate you Mom," he says. After he walks away, Brady arrives. He notices she's sobbing and thinks she needs coffee. He informs her that he's set a wedding date so she offers to make sure Nicole doesn't wreck things. They talk about how rough the teenaged years are. She doesn't know where to settle down and admits that she feels vulnerable around EJ. He guesses she still has feelings for him.

Madeline and Chad are arguing about his education in the park. He argues that he wants to stay in Salem but she orders him to go away. She thinks his 'so-called friends' are a bad influence on him. Chad gets angsty and says it feels like she can't wait to get rid of him. As they wander by the Java Cafe, they run into Kate. Chad goes inside and the women plod off. Madeline orders Kate to keep their secret even if it means lying. When Madeline calls Kate a 'whore', Kate snaps. "It would take one to know one," she says.

Nicole and Ari go to the pub. The blond refuses to tell her about her secret story. Nicole advises her to start worrying about Brady's feelings. Ari claims she's not worried about them at all. They bicker and Nicole suggests they drink. Nicole downs a bottle of wine. Baker calls Ari and pretends to offer her a tip. He's whispering so she goes outside to take it. Nicole steals some hairs out of the brush in her purse.

On the island, Calliope starts crying about how everything is wrong. Anna hugs her and then rips off her wire. Rafe loses the feed and freaks out. Anna storms away from Calliope. She searches her cabana for her passport, but before she can leave, Rafe catches her. Calliope is brought in by one of Rafe's men. The Fed offers them their freedom if Anna gives him what he needs. Anna and Calliope argue until the latter is led away. Rafe warns Anna of what she could lose if she doesn't help him. He encourages her to help him get justice for Sydney. When he admits to her that he still loves Sami, she tells him he's a fool. He repeats his threats to send her to prison and asks her again who she was working for.

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