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3rd Week of May Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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May 17, 2010

You Don't Seem Like Yourself Anymore.

At the mansion, Ciara rushes up to her mom with a smile. Hope wonders why she's so happy. Before Ciara can explain, Justin walks in. After Ciara goes to bed, Hope complains that she feels like she's failing her daughter. "You don't seem like yourself anymore," he says. She thinks her life has veered off course ever since the kidnapping and thinks that her daughter must be acting out because of it. He reminds her of how he feels about her and takes her hands. She says she needs more time. He hopes that once she solves the case, she'll have more time for him. After he leaves, she pops some pills.

At the pub, Nicole is slightly drunk and stealing a glass. Ari wonders what's up so Nicole tries an excuse and they launch into a bickering match until Kenzie interrupts and asks Ari to stop making a scene. Meanwhile, Baker sits in his room talking to himself about his situation with Hope. Nicole calls and tells him she has all the proof she needs to frame Ari. They meet up at the underground gambling club and he explains that he still needs to clear things with his partner. He doubts all of this will get her Brady back.

At the Java Cafe, Brady wonders if Sami is 'jonseing' for Elvis. She seems offended. He doesn't know how she can be in the same room as EJ without puking. She throws Nicole in his face and they bicker about moving on. She wishes Rafe would come back to her but she doesn't see it happening. After Sami departs, Ari arrives and rants about Nicole. He reminds her that she can quit her job. She likes the job. He's not sure he can live with her working with Nicole. "There's nothing she could do to us anymore. Is there?" she asks. This leads to further argument and she storms out.

Elvis is flipping his wig at Casa DiMera. He shouts at his father over Anna as they worry if she's double crossed them. EJ thinks that Rafe has found her. He stares at a photo of Syd and calls a contractor to work on Sami's apartment. Stefano isn't pleased about that since he told all the plumbers in town not to help her. EJ is glum and sure that Anna will rat him out and he'll lose Samanther again. He beats himself up for messing things up for the sake of revenge. Although he enjoyed watching her suffer, he soon came to realize how much she really loves her children. He feels like he can't lie to her again. As EJ complains that Sami is only at the mansion because of Will, Will arrives in the foyer and listens. When Will walks in, Stefano leaves. EJ tells him that holding onto anger will leave him feeling empty and alone. Sami arrives. Elvis makes himself scarce. Sami tries talking to her son about Johnny and he agrees to help out. After he walks off, EJ returns and Sami nearly cries as she tells him that Will didn't blow up at her. Will and Johnny come in so they can all play poker. They sit around and play and smile. After the game, Sami thanks EJ for talking to Will and getting things back to normal. He explains that he got a contractor for her and will pay for the work.

On the island, Rafe warns Anna that her only chance at surviving is to tell him everything. She wants a lawyer but he says she can't get a better deal than the one he's offering. Anna claims that the person who out the whole thing in motion was Sami. Rafe doesn't think Sami forced her to kidnap the baby. When she tells him about how much EJ wants Sami, he gets annoyed and nearly loses focus. She complains about how hungry she is and how that's making her incapable of thinking. He has room service wheeled in. She runs out the door but he grabs her and throws her in a chair. Rafe guesses she's terrified of the person she's protecting. He offers to help her disappear if she'll tell him the truth. She agrees so he lets her have cake. They start bickering and she suggests that he won't let this drop because he's jealous of EJ. When she starts demanding things, he gets angry and she backs down. As she starts to give him the name, she begins coughing.

May 18, 2010
Sorry Anthony.

At Casa DiMera, EJ has a feeling that something is wrong. Sami wonders what. Syd starts crying. She runs off to see her and Elvis worries about where Anna is. Sami returns with the baby and EJ tries get her to go to sleep. He uses his magical powers to accomplish this and then tells Samantha how much their daughter adores her. She's amazed he has such a great connection with Syd when he didn't see her for so many months. She's jealous that he's had so much time with the little girl. He tells her they are a family now and she has the rest of her life to have a relationship with her daughter. She complains about how hard bonding is and swears that she will kill whoever was working with Anna. He says the only thing that matter is they have Syd back. Sami can't shake the feeling that her daughter wishes she was Nicole. He tries to reassure her and touches her face. She pants. He plays with his ear and they decide to check on their daughter.

On the island, Rafe continues threatening Anna for the name of who she was working with. She starts choking. She gasps and turns purple. He doesn't buy it until she's face down in her cake plate. After pulling her out of the icing, he calls for a doctor. The paramedics arrive and suggest she's been drugged. Anna is taken to a doctor. Rafe hands him the food for testing. He can't make any promises. The doctor soon returns to explain that the food was poisoned. Anna has a shot at recovering but the poison is usually fatal. Back in Salem, Stefano sits outside and smokes a cigar. He gets a call telling him the delivery was made. Moments later, he gets another one saying that Anna is in the hospital. He laughs and then bitterly says, "Sorry Anthony but it was a move I was forced to make."

Nicole and Baker are in the gambling den. She wonders who his mystery partner is. Hope eavesdrops behind the door. He refuses to say anything that would put him in danger. She curses him and he worries about whether her plan will work. They bicker and she storms off. He grumbles to himself until Hope comes in and teases him. She rants about 'staying true to your partner' and tells him that betraying her wasn't a smart move. He claims that he is only trying to protect them. She could care less about Nicole and refuses to let another woman take the fall for them. He stutters and explains things about Nicole and Brady. Hope thinks Nicole is a fool. Baker doesn't think knocking people out and branding them is wise either. "I will never let another man ruin my life," she vows.

At the Java Cafe, Ari accuses Brady of being addicted to Nicole. Her choice of words bothers him. She thinks he's impossible to talk to and storms out. He tries calling her but she won't pick up. Nicole wanders in and asks Roman if he has any leads on Brady's attack. He thinks this concern for justice is rich coming from her. She says she regrets hurting people. Roman says it's too little, too late. He leaves. Brady stares over and stirs his coffee. She walks over and asks if she'll ever be forgiven by the people of the town. He declares that he can't talk and walks out. Kenzie pops up and fills her in on Ari's tantrum earlier. Nicole smirks. She walks out and calls Ari, who isn't interested in speaking and hangs up. That's exactly what Nicole expected. She calls Baker and informs him that Ari is alone without an alibi. She orders him to plant the evidence tonight. Nicole goes over to the mansion to see Brady. She tells him that Ari has been acting edgy. He tries calling her. She's tossing and turning in bed. Downstairs, Roman closes the pub. When he walks outside, Hope clobbers him.

When Mia goes home, Maggie tells her that Alice hasn't been feeling well. Mia thinks they should bake her cookies. Maggie asks her about the sadness in her eyes and confronts her about cutting class. Mia says school seems trivial. Maggie knows she's been through more than most people her age but she shouldn't act irresponsibly. Mia claims she has a plan she's dropping out of school to move to New York and be a dancer. Maggie thinks she's running away. Mia is reminded of Grace everywhere she turns so Maggie tells her how much she misses Mickey all the time. Even if she moved away, she would still see him because he's in her heart. The redhead encourages her to finish school and asks her to stick around for another year. Mia's touched and tells her she's the best person she knows.

May 18, 2010
High Octane Drama Queen.

Melanie is impressed to find Philip in their kitchen cooking dinner. She worries that Chloe and Daniel's relationship is falling apart. Mel has a hard time finishing her sentences but her point is that Chloe is wrong for her dad. "She's a high octane drama queen," Mel says. Philip points out that her father isn't exactly a paragon of virtue either. She thinks they should agree to disagree.

Nathan is baffled when he arrives at the Cheatin' Heart and Stephanie informs him that she's quit drinking. They talk about how great they are and suck face. As they play pool, Mel and Philip arrive. Mel notices that Steph isn't drinking and confronts her. Steph orders her to keep her mouth shut. Over at the bar, Nate apologizes to Philip for the way he has been behaving around Mel. Nate goes outside to see Mel. He asks her what's wrong. She worries about Chloe and her dad. He agrees that the diva is no good for her dad. Back inside, Steph notices that Philip is moody and something must be going on.

Chloe and Daniel go home. He wants to keep talking but she's all talked out from therapy. She thinks about having sex with Philip and then tells Daniel that she feels worse now. He wishes she would open up to him and asks how he can fix things. The doctor rants about all the help they need but Chloe doesn't want to go back because she feels like the therapist was judging her. Daniel assures her that the only nutty thing about her is that she doesn't know how lovable she is. She admits that she's been hiding something and is scared he'll never forgive her. He pleads with her to forgive herself so they can get on with their lives together. They calm down and make out. As her eyes roll, she thinks of Philip and stops Daniel. He's confused. She just wants to be held but he refuses to do that until she explains.

Hope and Baker ambush Roman outside of the pub. After Hope knocks him out, her phone starts buzzing. Baker tries to plant evidence to frame Ari. Hope neatly catches him so he covers. As he goes through Roman's wallet, Hope makes a print of her symbol on his wrist. As soon as they run off, Carly arrives and finds his body. Meanwhile, Baker and Hope go down to the pier. He complains that she treats him like a slave and declares that he is calling the shots from now on. She claims she has reasons for what she does and her reasons are the only ones that count. Hope tells him he can keep the cash and stop whining.

Ari hears a noise when she's in bed. She goes downstairs and runs into Caroline, who notices she is pale and out of breath. Meanwhile, Nicole goes to see Brady at the mansion and tells him that Ari seems more on edge than usual. He tries calling her. When he doesn't get an answer, he goes for the door. Nicole bumps her knee and then offers to go and see Ari with him. When they get to the pub, they find Roman on the ground. Nicole notices Ari coming out with Caroline and assumes she has an alibi. The cops and paramedics arrive. As Brady questions Ari, Nicole realizes she doesn't have an alibi. Ari and Brady wonder who could be doing this.

Nicole follows Caroline to the hospital. She says she's sorry for her loss. "My son is not dead!" Caroline blurts out. She asks her to do an expose on the muggings. Nicole creeps off and calls Baker to tell him he's an idiot for attacking Roman. Carly comes out and tells Caroline that her son will be okay. Caroline walks off to call the family. Nicole walks over to Carly, who avoids her. When Ari arrives, Nicole asks her where she was when Roman went down. Bickering ensues. Brady returns to stop them. Meanwhile, Roman wakes up groaning as Carly, Abe and Caroline stand around him. Abe chuckles as Roman begs his mom to go home. After the women leave, Abe tells Roman that the perp left evidence behind. Abe walks out and tells Nicole and Brady that they have evidence this time. The call from forensics comes in and Abe informs them all that the evidence points to Ari.

Hope heads back to the mansion and tells herself that she is close to her ultimate target. When she goes up to her room, she says that Bo will never know what hit him. Meanwhile, Carly takes Caroline back to the the pub and tells her that even Hope has come to forgive her for what happened. "She's not blaming you. She's blaming Bo! So now my son is evil. Ho!" Caroline gruffly shrieks.

May 20, 2010

Have You Ever Considered Sex Addiction Therapy?

Bo arrives at home and surprises Carly with a kiss. She tells him that Roman was attacked. Meanwhile, over at the hospital, Ari is shocked when Abe tells her that the lab test places her at the scene of Roman's attack. Brady begins making excuses for her. Abe asks for an alibi and then calls Hope to tell her about the latest events. Nicole defends Ari by claiming she's too incompetent to pull off crimes this sophisticated. She brings up the woman Carly saw. Abe realizes the woman matches Ari's description. Hope rushes in and Brady tries telling her that Ari is innocent. Bo arrives. Hope stares at him. They discuss the case. She explains that a woman is likely behind the attacks. Across the room, Nicole offers to help Ari and gets her side of what happened that night. Ari assumes she thinks she's guilty.

Baker is playing poker. After the game, he calls Nicole at the station and asks her for cash. She blows up at him and the hangs up when she notices Ari and Brady are staring at her. Nicole covers. Hope returns and announces that Ari won't be going anywhere. She questions Arianna and Nicole smirks in the background as Hope requests a DNA sample. If it's a match, she'll have to arrest her.

Steph and Philip are bickering at the Cheatin' Heart. He thinks she's jumpy and wonders why. Outside, Mel wonders why Nate thinks Chloe isn't right for Daniel. He doesn't want to explain. Philip comes out to get his wife. She has to go to work. He walks her off and Nathan returns to Stephanie. When he mumbles, she asks what's bothering him. He heard something he shouldn't have and doesn't know what to do. Steph's impressed that he wants to do the right thing and is sure he will. Meanwhile, as Philip walks Mel to work, she tells him she has to find out what is wrong between her father and Chloe.

At home, Daniel and Chloe are getting dressed after she refuses to have sex. He wonders what's wrong. She tells him he's wonderful but she doubts he can forgive her. She feels like a total mess. He's still confused. Chloe worries about being insane and he tells her he loves her more than ever. She's disgusted with herself. Daniel blames all of their problems on himself and repeats that she can tell him anything. They kiss and cuddle until he leaves for work. Philip calls her and worries that she's going to confess. She insists that won't happen and there's no reason anyone should know. When she mentions that Nathan knows, he nearly explodes. She claims she's handled it and hangs up as Nathan shows up at her door. He confronts her about sleeping around on Daniel and she worries he's going to tell Daniel. The intern explains that he is battling with his conscience; he wants to help and tells her there are options. "Have you ever considered sex addiction therapy?" he asks. She orders him to get out and keep his mouth shut. As she pulls open the door, Carly is standing there.

Mel runs into her dad in the hospital locker room. She asks him if he's kissed and made up with Chloe. Mel wonders if Chloe really makes him happy. He tells his daughter that he knows she means well but he can keep his own life together. When she mentions she was invited to dinner with Viv and Victor, Daniel gets concerned. She gets paged and hurries off, bumping into Steph. Mel begins taunting her about her plan to get pregnant and demands to see her birth control. They begin struggling for her purse. Meanwhile, a furious Daniel shows up on Philip's doorstep and demands to know what he did to Mel.

May 21, 2010
I Know Why The Two Of You Were Arguing.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano tells his son to relax but EJ still has his knickers in a twist about Anna. Stefano insists that she will never tell anybody anything. Elvis doesn't like his father always controlling things so Stefano says he'll leave him on his own. Out in the hall, Sami catches her son trying to leave for a party at Cafe Kinky. She won't let him leave because he has a D in advanced algebra. She thinks talking to him will help improve his grades. He explains that he was acing that class because Rafe was his tutor. They argue about her blowing things with Rafe so she grounds him. He thinks she's punishing him because her life is in the toilet. They shout at each other until Elvis wanders out and interrupts. He begins doling out advice. Syd starts crying so Sami goes up to see her. EJ tells Will that Sami is responsible for him. Will thinks that Elvis is just siding with his mom... not like Rafe, who could see other people's points of view. EJ has a drink and walks away. Stefano comes in as Will pounds on the chess board. Will pouts and explains he was grounded. Stefano offers to make his problem disappear. EJ returns and bickers with his father. Will makes a barb at EJ and wanders off. Stefano observes that William isn't crazy about his son. Elvis blows up and orders his father never to try and convert young William to the DiMera way of life. Stefano complains that he has no one else to mentor. Since EJ doesn't want to take the torch, who else is there? In her track suit, Sami eavesdrops as EJ refuses to let his father corrupt Will. She finally intrudes on the bickering to tell Stefano she is on EJ's side and he can never turn her children into little Stefanos. He chuckles and leaves. Sami smiles at EJ because she now knows he has her back. She tells him he's a good man and they nearly kiss. Meanwhile, Will has to tell T. that he can't go to the party. He thinks about Stefano and decides he's not such a bad guy.

On the island, Rafe tries to wake up Anna. He holds her face and shouts. The doctor explains that they have one chance. They could give her an extremely strong stimulant. Once the drug is administered, Rafe sits by her side and begs her to talk to him. Her fingers start to twitch. Her eyes eventually open.

At the hospital, Mel and Steph bicker as Stephanie refuses to let her search her purse for birth control. They begin fighting over the purse and throw each other around the room. Maggie and a nurse run in to tear them apart. Maggie screams at them to stop and demands some answers. Steph accuses Mel of being obsessed with Nathan. "Bitch!" Mel shouts. Steph is smug and walks away. Mel tells Maggie that Steph will hurt Nathan. Mel doesn't want to explain and runs.

"You bastard!" Daniel says to Philip as he barges into his living room. Philip begins babbling about how he never meant to hurt Mel. It soon becomes clear that Daniel is just angry about the dinner with Vivian. Philip calms down. Daniel admits that he feels like Chloe is keeping something from him. Philip grumbles and claims he doesn't understand Chloe's brain. He thinks she's just insecure. Daniel realizes he's been an idiot and resolves to stop Chloe from feeling so insecure. He runs out the door. Mel arrives a few minutes later and explains that she was in a fight with Mel about Nate. She tells him about the pregnancy plan and realizes it's none of her business. He suddenly starts kissing her, picks her up and carries her upstairs.

"I don't need sex therapy. I need you to get out and keep your mouth shut!" Chloe bellows at Nathan as she throws open her door. Carly is standing in the hall and asks what's wrong. Chloe tries to cover and sends Carly away. She and Nate return to bickering. He thinks she has commitment issues. She throws that back in his face and accuses him of chasing after Mel. He claims that he simply doesn't want her to get hurt. Chloe tells him that's exactly why he needs to back off. "What are you talking about," he asks. She babbles until he gets frustrated and leaves. Chloe sits down and tries to convince herself that things will be okay. Carly returns. "I know why the two of you were arguing," she states. Chloe misunderstands and accidentally admits that she cheated on Daniel. Carly is shocked.

Nate and Steph are at the Cheatin' Heart. He notices she lost a button so she explains she had a fight with Mel. He doesn't want to hear about it. They run off to get some 'rest'. Moments later, they're in bed and she keeps thinking about her fight with Mel. Back at the hospital, Father Matt drops by and Daniel rushes over to him to ask for help. Daniel tells the priest that Chloe has become paranoid and he feels lost. The doctor explains that he has a plan and he needs his help.


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