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4th Week of May Daily Summaries

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May 24, 2010

Not Anymore.

Carly corners Chloe after she admits that she slept with Daniel. Chloe wonders why she's always poking her nose into her business. "All I want is for you to tell Daniel the truth!" Carly bellows. Chloe thinks she's loving this and they bicker about who is a bigger hypocrite. Carly encourages her to confess so they can get through this but Chloe tells her to go to hell. The doctor threatens to tell him herself. The diva wishes she could confess. She agrees to tell him, but she'll blame it all on Carly. That's okay with the doctor and she leaves. Chloe paces and weeps until Daniel walks in. She wants to confess but he begins spilling out apologies and tells her that he's had their wedding moved up. He gets on his knees and asks her to be his wife as soon as possible. They stare at each other until she says yes. Across town, Bo goes home and Carly soon arrives. He gives her a foot massage and then they do it on the couch.

At the station, Nicole deliberately drops an envelope with Ari's name on it. Brady demands to see it. Nicole refuses. Hope walks over and demands to see it so Nicole hands it over. Hope opens it up and claims it puts the case in a new light. It's Ari's juvenile record. Brady stutters as the cop explains that Ari had multiple charges for assault and robbery. This is all news to Brady. Nicole stands up for Ari and Hope tells her to get lost.

At Casa DiMera, Sami tells EJ he's a good guy for sticking up to his father. She grabs his face and they rub noses. As they start to kiss, Stefano clears his throat. Sami grits her teeth and EJ crosses his legs. Stefano suggests they find a room and then leaves. EJ wants to talk about what just happened. Sami drinks a pitcher of water. They awkwardly avoid really talking and then she announces she's going to bed. After she goes upstairs, Stefano walks in and claps. "Well played," he says. EJ accuses him of undermining his relationship with Sami. They start bickering about Anna and Stefano asks him if he really wants him to stay out of this or take care of it once and for all. With EJ's permission, Stefano places a call. Elvis thanks him and asks him why he hates Sami so much. Stefano runs down the list and tells his son to stop playing games. Meanwhile, Sami goes to her room and tries to sleep. Syd's cries wake her up. After she puts the baby to sleep, she wishes she could get back together with Rafe. She goes downstairs and interrupts Stefano and EJ as they argue. Stefano leaves and Elvis talks to Sami about keeping their feelings in check. She declares that she still loves Rafe and walks off.

On the island, Anna wakes up with Rafe at her hospital bedside. Rafe badgers her for the name until the doctor comes in and tells him to stop. He says that the poison could have caused massive brain damage. The doctor takes her off stimulants so her brain won't explode. Rafe gets grouchy and complains. The cops arrive and arrest Rafe for attempted murder. He's taken to jail and locked up. The cop doesn't believe him when he explains he's in the FBI and tells Rafe to have a nice life. He gets in his cot and dreams of going to the DiMera mansion and telling Sami he loves her.

Gabi is visiting her sister at the station. Ari insists that she's innocent but her sister worries that the cops will dig up her juvenile records. Ari explains that her boyfriend at the time put the blame on her for half the crimes he'd committed. Hope and Brady come in. The detective sticks Ari's juvenile record in her face. Ari repeats what she just told her sister. Hope leaves to check some things and Ari apologizes to Brady for keeping this from him. He insists that none of what happened back then matters, but he needs her to trust him. Hope returns with the DNA results. They place Ari at the scene of the crime. Hope places her under arrest. Brady is totally shocked. Ari is crushed and assumes he doesn't believe in her anymore.

Nicole meets with Baker at the pier and tells him the frame up is working perfectly. She also announces that the crimes have to stop happening or her plan will fall apart. Baker says stopping the attacks could be a problem because his partner calls the shots. "Not anymore," Nicole says. She heads back to the station as Ari is led out in cuffs. Meanwhile, Ciara sleeps in her mother's bed. She wakes up and looks through the secret box, discovering stuff from Brady's wallet.

May 25, 2010
Tomorrow Is Today.

At the mansion, Viv goes down to see Victor for breakfast. He says he has indigestion. She offers to take him to a doctor. "I'm not ill... except maybe in my head. I did agree to marry you after all," he snipes. She understands if he's having buyer's remorse but promises no regrets. He's upset that his entire family is refusing to talk to him. She says she's wanted to marry him for years and thought that, at least, she could have his respect and affection if not his love. He respects her nerve and leaves for some antacid. She tells herself that Victor loves her but is stressed out. Hearing a thump, she rushes off.

Ciara and Hope are skipping through the park. The little girl tells her mom that she has a secret treasure box just like her. Hope is confused so her daughter explains that her mom's box is full of treasure she got from other people. Meanwhile, at Casa Bo, Carly goes down to see the bearded detective. He's been making French toast. She sucks on his tongue and says she missed him. When she undoes his shirt to examine his incision, he nearly steps on his daughter's gift. She explains that things seem to have melted with Hope and she's not angry anymore. Hope and Ciara arrive so Carly leaves. Ciara opens up her gift. It's a snow globe. Ciara begins talking about her mom's treasure box. Hope sends her upstairs and then explains to Bo that she's really worried about their daughter. After she leaves, Bo sits down with his daughter and asks her about the treasure box and the missing lipstick.

Brady is visiting Ari in jail. Neither of them has slept. He's determined to get her out but she is sure he thinks she's guilty. He insists that his head was just exploding with shock when the DNA test came back against her. She asks him to go and refuses to be beholden to him. "You're stuck with me," he says. She calls a guard to take him away. After he's gone, Hope drops by to talk about hating men. She shows Ari a picture of the symbol Brady was tagged with and points out that it was often used by the gang Ari used to run with. She points out that two of the people who were attacked hurt Ari and suggests that she might have snapped. If she's making a cry for help, she wants to be there for her.

At the pub, Mel is beating up her coffee cup. She and Philip begin discussing Ari being in jail. She's sure that Brady will get her out. Meanwhile, Nicole is outside of the pub recording a story about Roman's attack. Philip walks out and yells, "Cut!" Nicole bickers with him but he insists that they won't be covering this story. Mel walks out and accuses Nicole of smearing Ari's good name. She accuses Nicole of being evil and stupid. The women bicker until Nicole walks away. Philip offers Mel her job. Nicole wanders back and calls Dr. Baker to remind him that the muggings have to end. He can't make any promises and warns her that his partner could be gunning for her now. Philip returns and tells her that she can report the story but he will be watching. Nicole begins the broadcast and tries defending Ari's reputation. Philip claps and hugs her. Brady pops up and thanks her too. Nicole suggests that he back off from Ari for awhile and then she'll realize she was wrong. Taking his hand, she admits that she will always love him.

Mel and Philip wander down to the pier and he talks about how he used to be tight with Nicole. They go home and he tells her that he's only friends with Nicole. They start fooling around until he gets a text saying that his dad is in the hospital.

Chloe wanders her apartment and thinks about sex with Philip and then making out with Daniel. She remembers that yesterday she promised to tell him the truth tomorrow and that means today. The doctor comes out and pulls on a shirt before asking her what she wanted to tell him. "I don't deserve you," she says. "I'm the one who doesn't deserve you," he responds. They talk about losing their imaginary baby. She feels like she's going off her nut but she knows she'll always love him. They go over to the hospital. When he leaves to check on a patient, Carly corners her and asks if she told Daniel the truth. Chloe claims she tried but couldn't. Carly badgers her and says that she can't keep another secret from Daniel. As they bicker, the doctor wanders over. He asks what's going on but gets a text about Victor before he can get an answer.

May 26, 2010
The Battle For Will's Soul.

Sami looks for her cellphone amid the clutter she's left all over the mansion. Kate isn't thrilled to have her there. She gets a text message and gasps. Sami panics that it could be about Lucas. Kate takes a drink. They bicker and Sami announces that she and her children will be gone the second the work in the townhouse is done. Kate tells her that Will loves living in the mansion and he won't be leaving any time soon. Sami rants about the evil of Stefano but Kate points out that Will has his own opinion about these things. Kate adds that Sami has hardly been a good role model. "All you really have is a bunch of kids," she snarls, unlike Stefano and all of his wealth and family. Sami taunts her but Kate is unphased. She swans off and Sami calls Caroline.

Sami runs over to the hospital to see Caroline. They talk about Roman and gossip about Ari. Sami complains about what a mess everything is. She doesn't want to talk about it so she does. Sami can't believe she's back at Casa DiMera. She wishes she had told EJ to get lost and worries that Will thinks Stefano is cool. Caroline goes ballistic and orders her to battle for her son's soul. She explains that raising children is like planting microchips in a baby's brain and encourages her to use her maternal power over Will.

"I never meant it to happen this way," Vivian says as she sadly sits at the mansion. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Carly tells Chloe she will have to tell Daniel about the affair if she doesn't. Daniel walks over. He's about to ask what's happening when he gets a message about Victor. He rushes off and Chloe trails after him. They arrive at the mansion just as Maggie, Brady, Maggie and Philip run in, having all received the same message. Vivian greets them and they demand some answers. Victor wanders in and asks what's going on too. Nicole arrive and looks disappointed to see Victor is still alive. Vivian declares that she and Victor are getting married today. Everyone looks disappointed, especially Victor. Carly and Chloe arrive. Victor tells them all that he may have to be subjected to this debacle, but none of them deserve to suffer through it. Viv pouts. Victor stalks off. Maggie trails after him and asks him what he's done now. She says they are friends and what he is doing is wrong. Taking his arm, she tells him not to waste his time on this stuff. Maggie tells him to run away so he wonders what kind of ride they could have together.

Nicole tries stopping Brady from leaving the wedding. He thinks she must be sad that she can't dance on Victor's grave. She offers to let him lean on her in his time of need. The other guests berate Viv for scaring them and dragging them there. Philip wonders what she has on his dad. After they snipe at her some more, she walks off. Kate arrives and her son fills her in. She bursts into laughter. Meanwhile, Daniel worries about his daughter while Carly tells Bo that he can't let his father marry Viv to protect her. He agrees to back down, but it would mean he has to kill Vivian. She reminds they cop that would be murder. He returns to the other as they prepare to leave and declares that there is something they don't know about.

Will runs into Stefano at the pub and wonders why he is there. Stefano wanted to see him so they can talk. Will complains about what a nag his mother is and how stupid she acts all the time. Stefano tries to offer Sami's side of things but Will wishes him mom was calmer... like Stefano. "Don't get mad, get even," Stefano says. Will likes that idea. Chad arrives and joins them. When Stefano shakes his hand, Madeline storms in and flips out. Chad wonders how his mother knows Stefano. She won't explain any more. Chad and Will leave to have their gowns measured. Madeline tells Stefano that she will move heaven and earth to keep Will away from her son. She thinks Stefano wants revenge on her. He claims he could care less so she threatens to take out the tape that could ruin his life.

May 27, 2010



May 28, 2010
Maybe He Wants Another Baby.

At the mansion, Maggie tells Victor to climb out the window and then she'll drive him to the airport. "What a ride it could be," he suggests. Viv walks in and asks what's going on. Maggie snipes at her and walks out. Victor tells Viv to shut up. She cries, sure that he won't actually marry her. He won't let her trash Maggie and repeats his offer to marry her, as long as she holds up her half of the bargain. "You're going to be living on the razor's edge and you don't want to slip," he warns her.

Maggie, Chloe, Carly and Mel are downstairs wondering what Victor is doing. They know he's not stupid so this doesn't make much sense. Maggie thinks Vivian is trying to isolate Victor from his family so she suggests they all stick around and show some support to him. Meanwhile, Bo explains to Philip, Brady and Daniel that this circus is his fault. He tells them they can go but he has to stay and face this. Everyone worries about what will happen if Viv officially becomes part of the family.

Kate and Nicole are in the garden talking about being former wives of Victor. They drink and wonder why Victor is getting married. "Maybe he wants another baby..." Nicole jokes. They almost choke in laughter. Philip wanders over to his mother and they begin arguing about Victor. He wants to turn away from him for the last time. Melanie interrupts and tries talking him into sticking around. She sends him off to have a chat with Maggie while Bo comes out to thank her for trying to do the right thing for the family.

Victor and Viv go downstairs. She assures him she will always be there for him. "Don't rub it in," he says. When they turn, they are shocked to see that everyone is still there. The justice of the peace starts the ceremony. Everyone keeps their mouths shut. Victor tells his family that he may be crazy to be doing this, but he only wants happiness for them... well, for most of them. "Let's get this over with," he declares. As the vows begin, Kate remembers her wedding to Victor, Nicole cringingly recalls hers and Carly remembers hers and shudders. He shoves the ring on Viv's finger and the ceremony ends. Viv thanks everyone for coming and Victor plods off looking for a drink. Kate follows him to say that all the scotch won't make him forget what just happened. They bicker about their spouses until he wanders over to Bo. Neither of them are happy and they argue about whose partner deserves to be in jail. Nicole begins calling all the former wives over so they can have their portrait taken together. "I am the last Mrs. Kiriakis," Viv declares. Maggie corners Victor and tells him that he's been nasty and Viv must be an idiot for marrying him.

Across the room, Chloe glares at Carly. Daniel tells Brady that he and Chloe are getting married soon. Mel overhears and flips her wig. Everyone walks away from her. Philip tries but she holds onto him and worries about her dad. Daniel declares to everyone that he and Chloe will be getting married right away. Everyone toasts to Chloe except for Carly and Mel, who wanders out. Philip trails after her and she keeps worrying about her dad.

On the island, Rafe is informed that he will be getting a roommate. "Your new bunk buddy is an assassin," the guard tells him. The man is brought in and dumped on a cot. Rafe pulls off the mask covering his face. "It's you," he says in shock. It's Shane Donovan. He lunges at Rafe and chokes him. Rafe fights him off and then explains who he is. Shane doesn't believe it but Rafe brings up his niece Sami. He explains how he knows her and then relates Sami's recent history. Shane tells him about why he is there, how the ISA turned their backs on him and he wound up in jail. They agree to help each other escape.

After Ciara wins a gold star at her competition, she wants to put it in her treasure box. She reminds her mother about her treasure box, though Hope insists she doesn't have one. Hope gets a message and then rushes her daughter off. They go over to the mansion and walk into the foyer just as Viv is throwing her bouquet. She sees it land in Carly's hands.


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