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1st Week of November Daily Summaries

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November 1, 2010

Sometimes I Do Things That Aren't Warm And Fuzzy.

Kate drops by the mausoleum and informs Viv that she's there to move her. The forklift driver arrives to take her to the crematorium. Viv squeals and then wakes up. It was a bad dream. "With Kate it might come true," she mumbles. Inside the mansion, Victor and Kate toast and he asks her to keep her new knowledge about Viv a secret from Brady. She agrees to stay quiet but wonders what he has planned for Viv. He explains the poisoned paint and how it will drive Vivian mad. She warns him to keep Philip and Mel away until they take care of things.

Maggie drops by the prison to see Hope. She starts weeping and talking about how terrible it must be to be in there. Hope sits down with her and tells her about the dead inmate. They talk about Jennifer and Hope explains that Victor came to visit her. The topic turns to Maggie and Victor and she insists that she couldn't be seriously involved with him. Hope tells her that love is the only thing that matters. She wishes that she had realized that when she was with Bo. Hope returns to the infirmary and Lee gets her to inventory all the aspirin. Once she's left alone, Hope breaks into the records cabinet to dig around.

At their place, Nate smiles and tells Steph that she gives them the happiest days in his life. He drops on his knees and pops out a ring to propose. She agrees and they make out. He asks her to think it over but she's been thinking about it since their first date. They have sex in slow motion. The world stops spinning and she tells him how she imagined he would propose. She's impressed that it turned out to be honest and real instead of the bad version of an Old Spice commercial.

Elvis and Philip wander into the hospital and bicker about the hospital board. EJ thinks they're a lot alike but Philip claims marrying Mel has changed him into a good person. "Out of the bad guy business?" EJ jokes. Philip accuses him of having no feelings and Elvis warns him that this could all blow up in his face. Later, EJ calls and asks someone to meet him. He's figured out how to prove Sami tried to kill him.

At the pub, Caroline tells Kayla to keep her mouth shut about the paternity test. Kayla doesn't understand the concept. Caroline says that no one wants Philip to be the father and they should leave this alone. This baffles Kayla so her mom just explains that she's the one who changed the test. This makes no sense to Kayla. Caroline explains that she felt bad for Steph because she used to go on and on and on about Nate and it had to stop. After accidentally eavesdropping on Steph and Ian, the desperation finally broke her heart. She's a volunteer at the hospital and just had to log in to change things. Kayla still refuses to accept that this is in character or makes sense. They make faces at each other until Kayla accepts this bewildering development. "Sometimes I do things that aren't warm and fuzzy," Caroline says, reminding her about lying about Bo's paternity. She just regrets that the truth came out because the world doesn't need another Kiriakis. Kayla accuses her of trying to get revenge on Victor but her mom insists this is about Steph and forbids her saying anything to anyone. She begs her to respect her and leave town. Kayla needs air and runs out.

Down by the pier, Bo tells Carly not to care about what his sister says because she has a twisted version of reality. He sniffs her hair and she says that he's the only thing that matters. Chloe shows up and tells them all about her honeymoon and how nice it is to be back to Salem where she doesn't have to do anything. She invites them over for dinner. Bo starts stuttering and asks when they became friends. Carly explains it and he wanders off to take a call. Chloe hates that her friend's loyalty is costing her so much. Carly assures her that Mel will be fine without her. Bo returns and tells Chloe about Ari's demise. Chloe rushes off and Bo questions Carly about the friendship. "I don't buy it," he says. She makes him back off.

At Maggie's, Mel tells her dad that she's blown everything. "Chloe's not a good person and I will never be okay with her," she says. He asks her to try and forgive his wife for his sake. The diva shows up to pay her condolences. Mel lets her in. "Sometimes it's better to have family around when stuff goes wrong," she says. Maggie crashes the party. She'd like to hear about the honeymoon but has to pick up some pumpkins. Dan the man offers to help and they head out. This leaves the two women alone. Mel has no idea why she's choosing to protect her.

November 2, 2010
Return The Damn Favor.

Elvis breaks into Sami's loft. As he searches for clues, Sami shows up. They bark at each other and she threatens him with a letter opener. He taunts her for always trying to kiss him and leans in for a kiss. They make out. But that's just EJ's fantasy. He snaps out of it when he hears Sami at the door. He hides and Sami comes in looking for diapers. As she searches, EJ chats with Syd and then hides again. Sami returns and takes her daughter off to the park. EJ comes out and yells to himself about Sami. After he searches the whole apartment and comes up empty, he runs off to yell into his phone about how he's had no luck.

Nicole wanders the park and thinks about Syd. She gets a call and tells someone that they're in a win-win situation. Moments later, Kenzie runs over and tells Nicole that she's planning on being a journalist like her. Nicole realizes she misunderstood something and explains that the job she's offering her is actually Syd-related. When Kenzie says no, Nicole accuses her of being a wuss. "You're going to pay me big bucks," Kenzie demands. Nicole tries to barter her down but this only pisses the young woman off. Nic chases her around and Kenzie demands a job at the station. The blonde offers to do all that she can. As Kenzie does her impression of Caroline's rant the other day, Sami happens by and asks for an explanation. Kenzie says that Nicole was trying to bribe her to see Syd. Sami sends her away before announcing that she will file a restraining order against Nicole. As Sami threatens, Nicole thinks back to her discussion with Viv. She tells Sami that she will stay away and just wants Syd to be happy. Sami agrees to back down but warns that she'll throw her into prison if she makes trouble. After she leaves, Nicole sobs and vows to find a way to get the little girl back in her life. Meanwhile, Sami arrives at home to play princesses with Syd when Ari's ghost shows up. Ari tells Sami that she will lose everything just like she deserves.

Outside of the pub, Bo asks Kayla what's up. She thinks of her mom's shocking confession and tells her brother there's something he needs to know. Carly shows up and Bo demands that his sister respect his new relationship. Kay apologizes to Carly and then drags them inside to explain her change of attitude. She prompts her mom to tell them what she did. Caroline begs her daughter not to do this. Bo is confused. Steph and Nate walk in to announce their engagement. Everyone is thrilled. Kayla looks like she wants to puke. Steph wonders what's going on with her. Caroline grabs her daughter and drags her to the corner to forbid her to open her mouth. As they argue, Bo announces that he has to go and leaves to see Hope. Caroline interprets this as a sign that silence is necessary. Everyone gathers around and Kay asks them to go. Steph is left alone with her mom and grandma. Caroline begs her daughter not to ruin things. Kayla tells Steph that there has been a terrible mistake.

At the prison, Hope digs through the records and gets a shock. It turns out that April had a leg broken and died of cardiac arrest. She jumps away as the warden and Lee arrive. The warden sends the blonde away and then Hope requests that she be allowed to see Bo again. Later, she meets him and tells him something is seriously wrong in there.

Philip runs into his father at the mansion. Victor informs him that he and Mel can't move in because their are renovations still going on. Philip throws a fit but Victor can't be bothered with this. His son guesses this is about something else. Victor runs off. Philip searches for him but runs into Henderson, who informs him that Victor has been spending a lot of time down in the family crypt. Out in the mausoleum, Viv worries that she's losing her marbles. She tries to breathe less so that the poison won't seep into her as fast. Suddenly she's covered with worms and starts screaming. Victor shows up and snaps her out of it. As he taunts her, Philip pops up and says that the renovations are done. He wonders what's really going on. Victor explains that Nicole has moved in and there will be too much tension. He asks for a brief delay and leads his son out. Viv hopes Philip feels a connection to her. "I gave you life. Return the damn favor!" she shouts.

November 3, 2010


November 4, 2010
She Really Has Some Weird Hold On You!

In the park, Brady is sweaty from his jog. He calls Nicole and asks her to call him back. Turning around, he spots EJ and thanks him for calling him about Ari. "I did it for her," EJ says before asking if the dead woman said anything mysterious before she died. Brady guesses he called him so that he could get a deathbed hint out of her. EJ admits it and says he wants the evidence she had. Elvis tells him that Sami shot him and they need to respect Ari's final wishes by proving it. He explains that Sami sent Will after Ari and she ran from him into traffic. Brady refuses to believe that his sister could shoot EJ, but he offers to make whoever was responsible for Ari's death pay.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano is woozy so he orders some orange juice from Marco. Once he has his juice, he tells Marco to find out who shot his son and then take care of them. Later, EJ shows up and his father explains that he got a tip that the judge will side with Sami in her custody suit so they better find the proof against her fast. They begin bickering and Stefano offers to fix everything, just like he always does. Elvis insists that he doesn't want Sami hurt. "She really has some weird hold on you!" Stefano fumes. He wonders if his son wants to send her to prison or put her in his bed.

At the prison, Hope tells Bo that something is up with what happened to April. He hates that he can't protect her in there but promises not to let her down again. They discuss Ciara's reading habits and then she uses code to tell him to dig into what's been going on. Meanwhile, Lee and the warden worry about what Hope could be saying to Bo. "Hope Brady is going to have to go," the warden decides. She makes calls to get Hope moved but it only makes her bosses suspicious so she backs off. Later, Hope comes in and Lee tells her that a young inmate just died of TB and they could have an epidemic. Back in town, Bo tells Carly about Hope's suspicions and she eagerly wants to help.

Philip goes back to Maggie's and informs Mel that his father doesn't want them to move in yet. She plays with her box and he wonders what his dad is up to but he's sure this isn't about her. Maggie interrupts them and they explain that they'll be hanging out for a bit longer. She senses that something is up with Victor too. Philip heads over to the mansion and runs into Brady. He begins probing for why Victor doesn't want him there. Back in the mausoleum, Viv dreams about being dead... but is she in heaven or hell? Lawrence pops up and explains that they are in the waiting area. She insists this isn't her time. She snaps out of it and tells herself that it couldn't have been a vision of the future. Brady shows up and talks to her. She's delirious and thinks he's Lawrence. Philip bursts in. "Is someone in here with you?" he asks.

At the pub, in spite of Caroline's protests, Kayla tells Stephanie that Daniel isn't the baby's father: Philip is. Steph is confused about why her grandma is in on this. Kayla doesn't explain. Her daughter justifies hiding the truth and they run over what the fallout could be until Kay gets a call. Steve has malaria so she has to leave immediately. Before she leaves, she tells Steph that her grandma is the one who changed the results. Caroline confirms this and gives her the convoluted story. Nate arrives and they tell him about Patch's disease and then Kayla forces herself to be optimistic about the wedding. Caroline drags Nate off to get some booze. Steph tells her mom that she doesn't want to lie to Nate and offers to keep her eye on her grandma and stop being so dangerously whiny. Caroline announces that she's buying everyone a round. Luckily for Maggie and Mel, they walk in just in time to hear the toast to the happy couple. Maggie congratulates them. Mel mopes and Nate apologizes to her for finding out like this.

November 5, 2010

Victor Is My Bitch.

At the mansion, Victor fumes on the phone about all the traffic that's been coming to the mausoleum. Nicole comes in and he grouchily offers her a drink and moans about Viv. Kate wanders in and declares that she knows all about it now. She sits by the fire and goads Nicole about how Brady is now in love with a ghost. "Victor is my bitch," she says with a smirk. She thinks they should all enjoy watching Viv go mad. "When Vivian does go mad, how can we tell?" he wonders. Kate keeps taunting them and drinking all of his good booze. Brady is out in the mausoleum talking to Viv when Philip wanders in and wonders why people keep visiting the place. Viv begins mumbling 'save me'. Philip asks him why he's asking someone who isn't there if they are still alive. Brady's touchy. Philip backs off and starts paying his condolences for Ari and then offers to call Maggie for him. Brady assures him that he's not using again. His uncle notices that he has something in his hand and wrestles the bluetooth away, hearing Viv's voice. "I'm in the sarfomus, carposal, coffee, coffin," she explains, telling him that Brady has been a bad boy. He finds this all rather strange and wags his finger at the monitor. Brady refuses to let him free Viv and explains what she was planning to do to Maggie. Viv begs Philip to help her but they head back to the mansion instead. When Brady strolls in, Nicole tells him that Kate knows everything. Victor begins bickering with her. Philip rears his head and tells them all that he knows what's been happening. He was ready to save Viv, but then he heard her talk and realized he couldn't do it. "She can stay in that box and rot," he says. Nicole thinks that sounds like a toast. As they drink, Viv continues hallucinating until the hatch opens. "Nice going Vivian. You're going into the light," she says as someone pulls her out.

At Casa DiMera, EJ explains to his father that he does still want Sami, but he's more determined to get his children back. As his father badgers him about wanting Sami in his bed, Elvis gets annoyed and says he doesn't want to discuss his feelings. EJ calls his spies and gets the latest on what Rafe has been up to. He expects the former Fed to lead him straight to the evidence. Over at the Safe loft, Sami talks to her father on the phone about the memorial they've planned. He agrees to come by and talk about how strong Ari was. When she gets off the phone, Rafe mopes in. He tells her how hard it is to accept his sister is gone. She encourages him to spend time with his mom but he says her sister has got it covered. Sami's sure he wishes he never met her because she's ruined his life but he insists that she's the best thing that ever happened to him.

Maggie finds Mel at the pub. She's trying to write something about how much she loved Ari but everything she tries sounds stupid. Maggie advises her just to speak from the heart. They start to wonder why Victor is now against her and Philip moving into the mansion. The guests for the memorial arrive. Caroline cooks and Rafe hates talking about his sister in the past tense. Maggie commiserates with Rafe. Roman arrives and hugs him, telling him how incredible Ari was. EJ strolls in. Eyes roll. Rafe says that he can stay so he can think about what he's done. Everyone stays calm and sits down so the eulogies can begin. Mel talks about how Ari was her friend and she's never had many of those because of all the stupid things she says. Then Roman talks about how brave and gutsy she was. Caroline weeps and speaks of her kindness. Gabi cries about how she will never stop missing her. EJ downs a glass of wine and then stands up to say that none of them will ever stop missing her. "Even after her death, she's still on my side," he says with a smile. Rafe stands up and talks about how much he loved his sister and how proud he was of her. As the ceremony ends, Maggie tells Mel that she did well. Mel wonders where Philip and Brady were. Gabi thanks Mel. Will, Roman and Caroline leave to get the kids. Sami sighs when she spots Elvis strolling over. He asks for a word with Samanther but Rafe tells him to get lost. "Once I find the proof Arianna had for me, it's over," he declares. Sami accuses him of sputtering nonsense. EJ calls Rafe Sami's lapdog. Justin arrives and calms them down. He explains that he was Ari's lawyer and she left some things behind in a box.

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