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2nd Week of November Daily Summaries

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November 8, 2010

I Bet You Liked That.

Out in the mausoleum, the sarcophagus opens. Viv reaches out and is shocked to find Gus there. He gives her some water and explains that Victor had him thrown into a dungeon. "I bet you liked that," she says. She complains about the state of her nails. Viv wants revenge. Gus agrees that they need to pay for being monsters. She calls Maggie to say that she is worried about Victor's soul and asks her to come by and give her some guidance.  Viv asks her to meet her alone in the mausoleum. Pretty soon, Maggie arrives and notices that Viv looks terrible. Duchess Alamain explains that she's been trapped in the sarcophagus because of Victor. Maggie thinks this is all stupid and unbelievable so Viv tells her about all the conversation she had to overhear. Maggie realizes she's telling the truth and suggests they call the police. Viv says that she'll make Victor pay in a different way. Moments later, Gus and Viv leave with Maggie trapped in the sarcophagus.

At the mansion, Philip tells Victor, Kate, Brady and Nicole that he feels close to them. They decide to toast to Viv getting what she deserves. Mel stumbles in and lectures them all for missing the memorial. Brady apologizes and then leaves to apologize to Ari's family. Nicole trails after him. Philip assures Mel that they were all talking business when she walked in but worries that there could be something dangerous going on with his family. Victor interrupts and explains that they had a big problem they've finally put to rest. Kate decides it's time to dash. Mel walks her out and warns her that she won't be seeing her son much if she isn't nice about Chloe and Daniel. Kate's snide. Meanwhile, Victor admits to his son that he's grown fond of Mel. He talks about how much Viv hated Maggie's goodness and wanted to destroy it. Philip says they don't have to worry about her anymore. They go up to Viv's room to watch her in the sarcophagus.

At the pub, Sami accuses EJ is sputtering nonsense. He accuses Rafe of being her lapdog. Justin arrives and gets them to settle down. He whips out the box Ari left behind. They gather around and EJ goads Sami about what's in the mystery box. Sami encourages Justin to read the will. Rafe takes her aside and they worry together. Nicole and Brady arrive. He orders her to behave and then pays his condolences to the family. He's about to leave but Justin asks him to stay to listen to the reading of the will. Sami corners Nicole at the bar and begins taunting her about Syd. EJ strolls over and says that he'll make sure neither of them have anything to do with Syd anymore. Justin calls everyone together and puts the DVD on. Ari leaves Rafe her car and tells him he's the best big brother ever. She leaves her jewels and DVDs to her sister. After she tells them how much she loves them, Gabi bursts into tears and asks them to stop the DVD. She hugs her brother and leaves. Justin reads a final note from Ari to EJ. She leaves him a Saint Anthony figurine. EJ looks disappointed. Justin puts the DVD back on. Ari leaves everything else to her fiancé: Brady.

Chad drops by his dad's office and is handed his mail by the secretary. Left alone, he stares at a photo of his mom and tries not to cry. When he opens his mail, he's shocked to find his birth certificate with Stefano named as his father. He heads to Casa DiMera. Will is the only one there. Chad has a fit and stomps off so Will goes after him. At the pier, Chad shows him the certificate and says it must be a joke. He doesn't believe it since it says he's a year old than he is. Will offers to help him get to the bottom of this. Chad stares and thinks about his odd conversations with Kate. That gives him an idea.

November 9, 2010

Maggie is in the sarcophagus kicking herself for actually coming to see Vivian alone. She gasps for help. Crying, she hopes that people will soon find her and then prays. Inside the mansion, Victor and Philip go up to Viv's room to check on the feed. All they get is static and Victor starts to worry about what's gone wrong. He tries the ear piece but it doesn't work either.

Viv is outside thanking Gus for rescuing her. He warns her that they could be in trouble if Victor finds out what she's done. She thinks he's being a drag. They go to a hotel room and she orders the room service menu. She wants to soak her bones in bubbles but he continues to worry. Viv assures him no one will know that Maggie is the one rotting now. She hears Victor yelling through the ear piece and starts talking to him, pretending she's still trapped. After he hangs up, she calls Maggie, who tries to bargain her way out. "Your life is not in my hands: it's in Victor's," Viv states. She explains that she planned to put her in there all along and she plans to make Victor pay for what he did to her. She hangs up, has a bath and then starts eating. Meanwhile, Philip and Victor go into the mausoleum to look around. Victor wants to see Viv's face so they prepare to crack open the sarcophagus.

On the pier, Mel calls Chloe and orders her to meet up. The diva assures her that she's been doing the right thing and she thought this was all settled. Mel's changed her mind. When she gets off the phone, Daniel pops up and she declares that she can't hide the truth from him anymore. "I have to go catch the ferry," she suddenly says. He's confused and she babbles about getting a rocking chair ready. After Daniel departs, Chloe arrives. Mel's snippy. Chloe asks her to help with the baby names. Mel begins badgering her about sleeping with another man and then says that she is going to tell her dad the whole sordid truth. Chloe doesn't see what good that would do. Mel is fed up but the diva warns her that this will ruin her life too.

Daniel heads over to work and tells Lexi he had a great wedding. He goes over the problems between his wife and daughter. He'd hoped for a happy family but now thinks it was just a fantasy. As they split up to go back to work, Chloe comes in and grabs the boat keys from behind the desk before sneaking out. Over at the cabin, Mel fantasizes about how miserable her father would be if he knew the truth. Chloe shows up and chucks the boat keys in the lake, announcing that she is there to make her keep her mouth shut. Mel whips out her phone and threatens to call Dr. Dan. When she gets him on the phone, she darts around the room and Chloe begins going into labor.

At the pub, Brady is reluctant to accept anything that Ari left him. EJ offers to take her box. Sami jumps over him and grabs it away because he's a 'total bastard'. She lectures him and Elvis rants about how 'whipped' Rafe is. When the men push each other around, Justin gets between them. Roman arrives and says that there has been a break in Ari's case. Rafe and Sami run off with him. Justin files out. Nicole tells Brady they should chill out but he wants to take care of Ari's final wishes first. They go to the bank to get her things from a safety deposit box. He keeps wondering what Ari was thinking about before she died. They head back to the mansion and he putters away. She opens one of Ari's boxes and starts to snoop, discovering the camera. Turning it on, she sees Sami's confession. "Oh sweet mother of God!" she gasps.

Rafe, Sami and Roman meet with the witness to Ari's hit and run. EJ strolls in and the witness recognizes him, saying that he remembers him as the 'kind gentleman' from the accident scene. They listen intently as the man remembers seeing a small object fly out of Ari's purse. Roman takes the witness away. "I think your luck just ran out," EJ tells Sami. He vows to find the evidence. "Bring it on," she challenges. He rolls his eyes. "Ayayay," Rafe groans.

November 10, 2010
Is The Baby Dead?

In the mausoleum, Philip prepares to open the sarcophagus for his dad. Victor calls Viv on his ear piece and tells her he's coming in. She begs him to stop. Maggie watches from inside and cries. Victor decides to leave. Viv calls Maggie and they begin to bicker. Viv tells the redhead that her friends and family will just think she went on a cruise. Maggie doesn't understand why she hates her so much. Viv tells her that she'll be laughing her ass off when she finds out what happens next. "The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, the worms play penuche on your snout," Viv sings. She hangs up and complains to Gus about all of her past failures. Destroying a farm girl like Maggie just feels low.

"Are you insane?" Mel shouts at Chloe as she goes into labor at the cabin. The diva spazzes and screams. Mel isn't impressed and tries calling Daniel again. Chloe starts dripping all over the floor. Mel changes her tune and tells Daniel the water just broke. She starts to freak but he tells her that she can deliver the baby if she has to but labor usually takes twenty hours so he can get there in time. Chloe gets on the phone and he assures her she'll be fine. Mel gets some towels. Chloe yodels in pain and wishes she had drugs. Things get worse when Mel has to give her a gyn exam. Meanwhile, Philip wanders into the hospital and offers to get Daniel to the cabin. They head down to the pier. Mel calls to say that the baby isn't waiting. She turns back to Chloe, who manages to push the head out. It's blue. "Is the baby dead?" Chloe gasps.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano smokes and probes his son about his search for whatever fell out of Ari's bag. They bicker and Stefano announces that it's time for plan B. Elvis doesn't like being treated like a child but his father asks him if he's really willing to do what it takes to get his children back. EJ claims he's handling things. Marco shows up but he hasn't found anything useful. Elvis fumes. When he stalks off after ranting at his father, Marco asks Stefano if he wants him to go ahead with the plan. "Absolutely," Stefano says.

At the Safe loft, Rafe chats with Sami about Will and the kids. Sami says that they will always be there for him. They kiss and hug before talking about how much they deserve each other and deciding to get married immediately. She begins blaming herself for all of the mess in their lives but he says she only snapped like any rational person would, but it's all good now. She begins stuttering about all of the bad things that happen to her and how trouble follows her everywhere. He loves her anyway. They make out and she tears the buttons off his shirt. They go to bed. After sex, they both put on some plaid and he rushes off.

Over at the mansion, Nicole watches the video of Sami's confession and wonders what she should do with it. Brady returns with some bottles. Rafe calls and distracts him so she hides the camera. Brady explains that there is no camera on the list of Ari's things. After hanging up, Brady tells Nicole that he suspects this mysterious camera is the reason Ari died. As he sadly talks of the dead woman, Victor strolls in and orders Nicole to take a hike. Once she's gone, he tells Brady that they are no longer having any contact with Vivian. Victor then orders him not to feel responsible for anything that's happened.

Nicole wanders the alleys. She spots a woman with a baby and thinks of Syd. Looking at the camera, she wonders, "If I could have a second chance with Brady, why not Sydney?" She ponders putting it on the news but realizes that might not do her any good: there's not a judge who would grant her custody. Nicole heads to Sami's, who isn't happy to see her. "I'm going to be a big part of Syd's life and you're going to make that happen," Nicole announces.

November 11, 2010

In the cabin Chloe tries pushing the baby out. Mel explains the baby is blue and tries to get her to change position. Daniel and Philip arrive. The doctor throws his jacket on the floor and yanks the baby out. He wraps him up and drops him in the mother's arms. She instantly feeds the immaculately clean and silent child and then the parents talk about how swell it is to have a son. Mel mopes away to the other side of the room and drags Philip with her. Chloe calls her over to hold the wee one. Philip seems shocked his wife can lift a baby. Mel tells the baby she'll spoil him. She hands the baby back so Philip can take a picture with his phone.

At the pub, Caroline tells Steph to leave things alone. Steph tells her she sinned. "I saved two marriages," Caroline says, warning her that Mel will snatch up Nate if the truth comes out. She can't believe she's willing to put another Kiriakis into the world. Steph's determined. Her grandma makes jokes about going to jail and then decides she is going to see Roman with her. They head to the hospital and Steph tells her grandma that she'll tell Roman that she's the one who changed the results. Caroline debates this with her. At the hospital, Daniel wheels Chloe in with the baby. They file by and Philip and Mel come in to explain the delivery to Steph. Mel goes to see Chloe just as Daniel leaves her room. The diva begins thanking her for what she did but Mel says she only did it for her brother. However, she's not going to tell Daniel the truth after all. Meanwhile, Steph and Caroline watch as Philip holds the baby. Mel comes out and helps him with the child. Daniel scoops the kid up and takes him in to see his mom. They talk names and he suggests they name him after his grandma – Lillian Parker. The baby sticks out his tongue. Chloe thinks he likes the name. Philip and Mel look in. He says he's finally ready to be a father. Down the hall, Roman returns to talk to Steph but she says that they don't need to talk anymore. He runs off and Caroline tells her she did the right thing.

At the mansion, Brady gives Ari's stuff to Rafe. He eagerly looks through it for the camera. Brady brings up EJ's accusations. On cue, Elvis bursts in and explains he's there for the video. Brady's confused. EJ claims he just wanted a copy of the video will to remember Ari by. He heads out and Brady wonders what they're after this camera for. He may hate EJ, but 'even a broken clock is right twice a day'. He guesses Sami must have shot EJ and says that he hopes the proof is gone. Meanwhile, Elvis goes home to the figurine Ari left him and wonders what it means. He decides to smash it. There's nothing inside.

Nicole shows up at Sami's and says she wants to see Syd. Sami tells her to get bent, but Nicole warns her that she knows everything about the shooting. Samantha accuses her of bluffing so Nicole gets her to check her email. The video is there. Sami stutters as Nicole explains how this fell right into her lap. Nicole plays the video and over until Sami's skin starts to crawl and her chest heaves. "Tell all my homies in the women's prison I say, 'Wassup!'" Nicole taunts. She threatens to let the video go viral unless they cut a deal: she wants to be Syd's godmother. Sami starts to fume as Nicole explains that Syd is the only chance she has at motherhood. When Syd starts to wake up, Nicole races off to check on her. Sami jumps in front of her. As Nicole heads for the door, she stops to taunt Sami about prison and how she will lose everything. Sami tries to talk her out of this and Nicole explains how it could work. Sami still refuses. When Nicole reaches for the door, Samantha pounces on her, and throws her at the kitchen counter, cracking her head open.

November 12, 2010

I Think She's Dead.

At the prison, Hope is brought down to see Jennifer. She's not happy to see her. They sit down and Jennifer begins talking about how she can be exonerated because she was on drugs. Hope knows but doesn't care. "I want to get you out of here and I want you to come and play," Jennifer says. Jack's running around the world for a story so she wanted to come home. Hope claims that she's okay with being in there now and asks her to come back some other time.

Carly walks into the pub and finds Bo ranting on the phone. He complains to her about work and then  notices she has a folder. She explains that she called around about April's death. He wonders how to get the information she has to Hope. When he calls the warden to arrange a meeting, she reminds him that he already saw Hope today and they'll have to obey proper procedure. She pretends to take a message for him and then turns to Lee to plan their next move. "If Hope starts getting mouthy, we'll find a way to shut her up," she says. Meanwhile, Bo walks out of the pub and bumps into Jenn. They talk about Hope and then she tells him how much Salem still feels like home.

Carly shows up at the prison and tells Hope that she came up with some information on Lee. She explains that Lee was a doctor who illegal prescribed meds for her patients. Hope tells her about all the dead patients. Carly says it all sounds like a cover up and advises her to be careful. Hope thanks her

At the Safe loft, Sami fears that she's killed Nicole by knocking her into the kitchen counter. Syd cries. Rafe arrives and sees the body. "I think she's dead," Sami gasps. He has her call 911 and tries to revive Nicole. She gasps and leaps up. She tells Rafe that she knows their secret and has the proof. Sami gets defensive. Nicole heads for the laptop and shows Rafe the video. He flatly threatens to kill her. Sami smiles smugly as Rafe corners Nicole. She gets upset and says that she just wants to get to know Syd again and will give them her silence in exchange for that. Rafe turns to Sami and says they have no choice. Sami's jaw drops. "I want her with you. I don't want her to be a rope in tug of war," Nicole sobs. Sami can't say much but nods with a little prodding from Rafe. Nicole tells her she's a lucky woman and leaves. Sami isn't happy about this but Rafe thinks it's the best they can hope for. They cuddle on the couch and he promises to protect her. Nicole heads back to the mansion. She's alone and fantasizes about spending time with a teenaged Sydney, who complains about Sami. "My life would have been hell if I were stuck with her," Syd says. Nicole snaps out of it and tells herself to take things one step at a time.

Kate runs into Chad on the pier while she's jogging. He sticks the birth certificate in her face and she plays stupid. He's sure she sent it. She insists she didn't and has just been trying to help him out. Stefano calls and interrupts. He hears Chad's voice but Kate assures him nothing is going on. Chad lectures Kate and demands to know why she is messing with him. She warns him about how dangerous Stefano is if he thinks someone is after his family. Over at Casa DiMera, Marco tells Stefano that the trail of evidence has gone cold. Stefano's pissed and orders him back to the field. Kate arrives at home and the phone rings. It's Chad but he doesn't speak, just hangs up.


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