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3rd Week of November Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
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November 15, 2010

You Have Pretty Low Standards.

At the Safe loft, Sami wonders why Rafe is pretending they are going along with Nicole's plan to see Syd again. He says that they'll only go along with it until they get the evidence away from her. They can use Syd to buy time while he prepares his next move. She goes off to get the baby ready and he calls a friend for help stopping the video from going viral. After Rafe leaves with Syd, Will arrives and Sami fills him in on what just happened. She begs him to tell her that things will be okay. Sami tells her son that is a great 'kid, man, guy' for always being there for her and not being a screw up because of her. He tells her mom that she's super strong. She's still afraid of Nicole. He assures her that won't happen because she's a great mom. "You have pretty low standards," she jokes. They hug and he runs off to write a math test.

Elvis sits at Casa DiMera feeling desperate. He has his plane gassed up for Switzerland. Lexi wanders in and he gives her the first pound he ever earned for her to give to Theo. He wanted Theo to have a gift from the person he no longer is. This awkward sentence sounds like a goodbye to Lexi. He claims he's just being more reflective since he's screwed up so much. She starts to worry but gets a call and has to leave for work. Once she's gone, he mumbles that this was his goodbye. He packs his bags and sends them to the car with his minion. Elvis heads over to the loft. Sami doesn't want to see him but he claims he wants to bury the hatchet. One of his men suddenly calls her. She's distracted so EJ pushes inside and knocks her out with chloroform. As he dumps her on the couch, Allie walks out and starts screaming.

Nicole is at the mansion drinking and trying to keep herself calm. She tells herself that she can bring Sami to her knees as long as she keeps the video. After she toasts to Ari for giving her a smoking gun, the doorbell rings. It's Rafe and Syd. He wants to set some ground rules and reminds her about what they agreed to. Once he hands her the kid, he tells her that she can't drink around the child. She suggests he come back later for Syd but he's not going anywhere. He watches as she plays coochacoo with Syd and he asks her not to let EJ anywhere near the child if she truly loves her. She laughs when he says they should trust each other. He slips off and pulls out the computer key he got that will put a worm on Nicole's computer and destroy the video. As she plays with Syd, he destroys her computer.

Jennifer and Bo are at the pub chatting it up. He wonders what Jack must have pulled to make her want to stay there. "He has left me," she explains. Jack would rather be alone by going on a walkabout than be with her. Bo says he's just being a jerk and guys are like that. She goes over to the hospital and chats with Lexi, who introduces her to Dr. Ben. When they shake hands, she sees his walkabout bracelet. "Not you too!" she blurts out before mocking grown men for going out to find themselves. She storms away. He's confused.

At the prison, Hope asks Carly how Bo is really doing. Carly says he's worried that Hope has given up. She assures Hope that he is on her side. They agree to be friendly to each other, though not too friendly since that will make people suspicious. After Carly leaves, Hope goes back to the infirmary and Lee chats with her about how visitors eventually stop coming. Lee runs off when Hope asks her what she used to do. The warden comes in and Hope tries talking to her about Lee. She doesn't get any information and the warden leaves. Meanwhile, Carly visits Bo and tells him about her chat with Hope. From his reaction, she assumes that things are still far from over between him and Hope.

November 16, 2010
Sami on A Silver Platter.

At the Safe loft, EJ wrestles with Sami and knocks her out with some chloroform before dropping her on the couch. He tells her he's going to take the kids a million miles away. Allie walks in and screams. Elvis assures the little girl that Sami's just sleeping. They throw a blanket on her and then Johnny leaps in to play. His father tells him they're going to have lots of time together and they make farting noises. Elvis starts to panic when his son tells him that Rafe took Syd somewhere. He sends him off to pack and calls his spy to find out where Hernandez is. When Johnny returns, his father tells him they're going to have to do this another time. "I'll be back. I promise," EJ tells sleeping Sami before he goes. He goes back to Casa DiMera and his goon tells him Rafe took Syd to see Nicole. Elvis wonders why he would do that.

Maggie wakes up in the sarcophagus and has a freak out before composing herself. Viv calls in and tells her that she sent goodbyes to people for her. Maggie doubts anyone will buy it. Viv taunts her about the mind-altering paint fumes and the crapulent food being pumped in.

At the pub, Nate sits down to eat with Steph but then gets called away. Caroline comes over to harp at her to keep quiet about the baby. Steph is weighing her options. Nate walks over to tell them that Victor just called to say that Maggie went off on an open-ended cruise. He claims that they can't get married without Maggie around. After he leaves, Caroline keeps prodding Steph not to 'let the cat out of the bag before she nails him down'. Steph claims she isn't that desperate and has too much self-respect to act like that. Her grandma stifles a laugh.

Brady stops by the hospital to see Chloe and the baby. He runs into Mel first and she starts to babble. She thinks he looks distraught. Victor shows up and starts asking about Maggie and tells them about the cruise. Mel thinks something must be wrong. Brady thinks that Maggie must have left to get away from Victor. Nathan shows up and joins Mel to deal with a patient. He was bitten by an insect in Guatemala and Nate has to test him but Mel already ordered the tests. He's annoyed when she gets snippy with him. They start to bicker about the secrecy around the baby and then Maggie. She's sick of arguing with him and declares that she will have her schedule changed so she doesn't have to work with him again.

At the mansion, Nicole and Syd are playing with her car keys. Rafe slips off to put a worm on her computer to destroy the video. He returns to them and Nicole starts trying to negotiate Christmas arrangements. He warns her that this plan could fizzle like all of her other plans. Nicole goes off to change the baby at Rafe's behest but the child doesn't need a change. She's tired of him trying to trick her and tells him to leave. They bicker and she insists that she holds all the cards and he should get out. He won't leave without Syd. Brady walks in and wonders what's going on. Nicole hands the kid over. Rafe leaves with Syd and tells her she'll never have to see 'the crazy lady' again. Back inside, Nicole notices her computer has been given worms. Brady wonders what's up. She complains about her computer and he explains software to her before noticing there is a gash in her head. She changes the topic to how much she loves Syd.

Rafe returns to the loft and finds Sami sleeping. Johnny tells him that his father said she wasn't feeling well. Later, Sami wakes up and can't remember what happened. He figures out that she was chloroformed. They guess that EJ was planning to run off with the kids. Meanwhile, Nicole shows up at Casa DiMera and tells EJ that she is there to help him. He rubs his head. She explains that they both love Syd as much as they ever did and she could get his children back for him. He'd give her anything for that. "I can hand you Sami Brady on a silver platter," she says.

November 17, 2010
Bad Day For Love Birds

Nicole is at Casa DiMera telling Elvis that she can get him his children back. He'd give her anything for that. She doesn't want money, she just wants to help raise Syd. When she shows him the video, his jaw drops. He guesses this is Ari's proof. She explains that Rafe and Sami will never let her get close to Syd so she has turned to him. Nicole just wants to feel whole again and asks if he'll let that happen. He listens to her plea but wonders if she can trust him after all they've been through. She knows he has a heart and she loved him once; she's sure he'll do the right thing. "You can count on it," he says.

Bo walks into the pub and finds Carly packing gifts for the baby. They smooch and then turn to see Jennifer gorping at them. Bo runs away and the women chat. Jenn says she's still her friend, even if it's hard to see her with Bo. They catch up and Carly asks her over to the hospital to see Daniel's kid.

At the hospital, Mel and Nate are bickering. She's going to change her schedule so she doesn't have to deal with him. Dr. Ben finally interrupts and tells them to act more appropriately. He orders them to sign out for the day and walks off. Mel rolls her eyes at Nate and then babbles about how much she loves Philip. "I can't work with you. It hurts too much," she says. It hurts him too. She walks out. He heads to the pub for a drink. Back at the hospital, Maxine tells Dr. Ben that the patient Mel and Nate were looking after died. Ben's baffled but orders her to compile a list of everyone who had contact with the dead man.

Down the hall, Philip walks in on Chloe and Daniel making eyes at the baby. The doctor goes off to see some patients. Philip's happy everything worked out. Steph glares in as she thumps by. Daniel spots her and asks if all is well. "No," she says before backtracking. They babble about Mel delivering the kid. She acts stupid and he thinks she's playing some game. Steph babbles about Nate instead. When he finally strolls away, she tells herself that everyone needs to know the truth but she has to make sure it doesn't come back to bite Caroline. Daniel returns to Chloe and Philip. They let him hold Parker and he offers to babysit any time. Daniel walks out and
runs into Jenn. They talk about how amazing it is to be a parent. He wanders off and sees Mel and Carly. Mel tries to act like they're friends again. When Dan leaves to take a call, Carly tries to talk her daughter into forgiving her. Mel doesn't think she can. Daniel overhears this and wonders what's going on. Carly refuses to answer and rushes off. She enters Chloe's room as Philip leaves. They discuss the problems with Mel until Nicole shows up. The doctor leaves and the ladies gab about the situation. Nicole says that things are looking up for her and she has a miracle on the way. "What have you done?" Chloe gasps. Meanwhile, Ben runs up to Carly and tells her that a deadly virus is spreading throughout the hospital.

Outside, Mel wanders by the pier and starts to feel disoriented. Daniel stumbles over to her and starts to talk about the baby. He wants her to confide in him about whatever seems to be bothering her. "Then I won't keep it from you anymore," she says. Suddenly, she faints in his arms. Meanwhile, Steph finds Nate drinking at the pub. He tells her that he got the day off. She needs his help. Her grandma did something awful and it could hurt a lot of people. He starts to stutter and go pale. He tries to stick his head in his beer to stop his fever.

At the Safe loft, Rafe and Sami figure out that EJ knocked her out so he could run off with the kids but they got lucky. He wants to have him arrested but she says no. They can't do that until they know all the evidence against her is gone. He explains that he destroyed Nicole's computer but she still has the confession on the camera. They're sure that she will contaminate the camera and then all will be well. He calls the cops to come over and take Sami's statement while he goes to the mansion to steal the camera. When he opens the door, EJ is standing there. "I think you love birds are going to have a really bad day today," he announces. He waves the video in their faces. As they watch it, Bo arrives and asks what's going on.


November 18, 2010
Like Yesterday.

At the Safe loft, EJ, Rafe and Sami stare at Bo as he wonders what's going on. Elvis pipes up but Bo stops him to remind him that he's violating his restraining order. EJ tries to show him the video but Bo orders him to leave. Sami thanks her uncle and he asks Rafe to leave with him. As they go, Bo tells Rafe that he knows what she's done. EJ shows up again once he knows that Sami is alone so they can have a chat about the evidence. They begin comparing the damage that they've done to each other. She claims that she was traumatized and out of her mind. "I tried to stop the vicious cycle," she says. They bark back and forth about who stopped whom. She doesn't believe he can send her to jail. He tells her that the video is only inadmissible if he has no corroborating evidence... and he already has some. EJ explains that he retrieved the gun from the river. She tells him to bring it to court. "I have your life in my hands and I'm going to squeeze really, really hard," he threatens. He wants to take her life away.

Rafe and Bo are at the pub. Bo admits that he knows what's on the camera and Sami's screwed. Rafe agrees and doesn't think there's anything he can do. "Marry her. Like yesterday," Bo suggests, reminding him that he can't testify against his wife. Rafe decides they'll tie the knot tonight. "You whaaaaat?" Caroline suddenly blurts out. They try to hush her about this and vaguely explain why there's such a rush. That all sounds good to her. After Bo departs, Gabi wanders in and guesses something is wrong. Rafe's evasive for a second and then vaguely explains things to her.

Chloe is at the hospital with baby Parker when Philip shows up with a gift. He impresses her with his organic gift giving and then talks to the baby. Parker yawns. The adults talk about how lucky they are to have had things work out the way they have. He's realized that he's ready to start a family.

At the pub, Steph notices that Nate has a fever. He claims there is nothing wrong with him. He's a doctor so he would know. They return to her telling him how bad what her grandma did was. She can't finish her story because he's obviously ill. He collapses. Down on the pier, Daniel helps Mel sit down when she becomes groggy. He starts asking her about her condition and she passes out on his lap. He carries her off.

At the hospital, Carly starts to flip when Ben informs her that Mel and Nate had contact with the toxic patient. They rush off to search for them. Steph and the ambulance bring Nate in. Ben orders a test for Steph and has Nate rushed in for treatment. Daniel brings in Mel and everyone gathers around her until she is rushed off for treatment. Carly orders the patients placed in isolation. Philip demands to know what's going on. The doctors don't know. He and Steph sit in the waiting room. They mope. They're scared and he marvels at hospital incompetence. "If Melanie dies, you already have other options," she says pointedly. The doctors join back together. Ben explains that they won't have any answers for hours. Maxine explains that the patients are isolated and stable. Philip offers to do whatever he can to help. Steph goes into Chloe's room. The diva is sleeping. Steph sits with the baby and thinks of her arguments with Caroline. Philip comes in. As they chat, Chloe wakes up. They tell her about the deadly virus. Chloe starts to freak. Maxine comes in and says that the baby wasn't exposed. When she announces she's taking Parker to the nursery, Chloe is furious but the nurse says it's for the best. Out by the nurses' station, Bo walks in on Carly and Daniel hugging. They fill him in and Daniel runs off. Bo takes up hugging duty. Daniel returns to say he's uncontaminated.

Mel and Nate are in quarantine. They're blubbering about all the HazMat people around them. Nathan explains that their patient died. They shiver under their blankets and she admits she's scared. He's sure there must be an anti-virus being flown in.

November 19, 2010

Oh whatever.

 At the Safe loft, EJ takes off his jacket and tells Sami they are going to make a deal: one where he gets everything and she gets nothing. He'll forget about her shooting him if she gives him his children. She agrees to split weekends. He rubs the hole in his head and explains he wants her out of their lives completely. Sami recaps what he just said. He explains in detail that she will never have any contact with her children. She says that will never happen so he threatens to go to the police. Sami says she will use the evidence she has of him kidnapping Syd to make sure he never gets the kids either. He tells her that her kids will hate her if they find out what she did to him and challenges her to call the police about this. EJ points out that if the truth comes out, Rafe and Will will go to jail too. Sami starts to shake and turn pink. She says no one will ever believe that she would give her kids up. He doesn't care; he just wants his kids. They go back through the arguments again and he says the only people getting hurt are the kids and she's already done enough of that. She turns on the water works and begs him not to torture his children by taking her away from them. He starts to cry and she touches his arm but then he glares at a photo of her and Rafe and says she has 24 hours to say goodbye to the kids. "Enjoy your evening," he says as he slams the door.

At the mansion, Brady is drunkenly slumped in a chair and dreaming of Viv. He wakes up and his dead mother is there, telling him to set Viv free. "Vivian's not the only one who is buried alive," she says. He wakes up again. He's about to rush out and free Viv but Kate's in the doorway. She stops him and tells him he's out of his mind if he wants to free Viv. She's not going to let him open Pandora's box and ruin their lives and the lives of those they love. Kate is sure that Viv's desire for revenge is off the charts by now. He decides to go and see Mel instead and fills her in about the virus before he runs off. She heads back to Casa DiMera. Chad rears his head. He tells her to get her husband. She goes off to fetch Stefano and he takes out his blade.

Viv and Gus are at their new place toasting to not being worm meat. He tells her that Victor's discovered that he escaped. Viv decides to check in on Maggie. She refuses to free her and says she can't bring her any water because Victor posted a guard at the mausoleum. Maggie thinks this is all an awful joke but Viv claims it's a lot more than a joke. The redhead tells Viv that no one will ever love her and she'll always be lonely. Viv gets upset and tears off the ear piece.

Nicole catches Rafe on the pier leaving Sami a message and begins taunting him. "You sadistic, lying piece of garbage!" he bellows. She doesn't like him being moral when he used Syd to manipulate her and destroyed her laptop. He thinks she's sick but she thinks he's sicker. "Oh whatever," Rafe groans. They bicker. She thinks he's being an idiot and has lost everything because of it. Nicole says that Sami has screwed up so many things that she makes her look like Mary Poppins. He keeps repeating that she isn't Syd's mom and never will be. She insists that she was a mom to the little girl. Rafe's shocked when he finds out that she gave EJ the evidence without a real guarantee that she'll see Syd again. He's sure Elvis will screw her over. After Rafe leaves, EJ wanders by and she asks him how things went and where they stand. Meanwhile, Rafe returns home. Sami weeps and mumbles through what just happened. "This is not over," he says before announcing that they are getting married tonight.

Chloe is in her hospital room with Parker when Victor shows up. He congratulates her. "You finally got something right," he says. Philip comes in and tells his dad about the deadly Loma virus that got Nate and Mel. Victor worries about Maggie being upset. He goes off and calls Viv with his ear piece. She picks up and starts talking about where they went wrong. She says she was a fool for trying to make their marriage work. As they banter, he starts to wonder why she is so cocky. When he gets off the line, Brady rushes in and they talk about Maggie vanishing. Brady becomes suspicious and then goes to see the baby. Philip is pacing around and saying that he can't imagine life without his wife. Meanwhile, Victor goes home and starts putting the pieces together. He starts to guess that Viv might have escaped.


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