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4th Week of November Daily Summaries

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November 22, 2010

Out For Blood.

At the Safe loft, Sami cries when Rafe announces they should get married tonight. She hopes this is a plan to solve all of her problems. That's part of it, but a big part of it is that he loves her. He warns her that Bo said he might have to arrest her. She huffs and puffs so he tries to calm her down and claims the evidence against her isn't good enough. Sami is sure it would take a miracle to get her out of this and she doesn't deserve one. She's exhausted with all the damage control everyone has to do but he won't let her go through this alone. Rafe loves her because she makes his life less boring and asks her to marry him again. "Marrying you is the wedding of my dreams," she coos. She doesn't know how she could have gotten so lucky. Sobbing, she sends him off to get things ready so they can have a wonderful night. She wakes up the children and announces that she's getting married tonight. Johnny's happy but Will is concerned and assumes there is more going on. His mom's not explaining. Meanwhile, Rafe heads to the pub and asks Gabi to be his best man or person. Considering Ari is barely cold and he's marrying Sami, she's not exactly in a wedding mood and doesn't want to go. He says it would mean the world if she was there. Later, Caroline drops by Sami's with something borrowed and something blue. They head down to the park with the kids for a candle and fairy light wedding.

At the mansion, Victor worries about what Viv might have done to Maggie. He calls Viv, who is relaxing in her hotel and snacking. She nearly leaps out of bed when he announces that he might let her out. Viv begs him just to finish the job and let her die. He doesn't buy it and rushes off so she calls Gus and warns him. Victor makes his way into the mausoleum.

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November 23, 2010
Seduced By A Coupon Cutting Suburban Siren.

Victor wakes up on the floor of the mausoleum with Viv standing over him. She taunts him and he tells her to shut up. She continues mocking him for being 'seduced by a coupon cutting suburban siren'. He'd rather die with Maggie than live with her. Viv's about to stab him when Brady runs in and pulls her away. They pop the sarcophagus. Maggie looks dead. Victor finds her pulse and tells her he needs and loves her. Viv cries as Maggie's eyes open. He tells her he loves her again and she passes out.

Doug and Julie drop by the prison to visit Hope. She wonders if something is wrong and asks if Bo has  a message. Julie starts to wonder what Bo has done now. They drill her but she says she's fine. Julie accidentally mentions the holidays and Hope says she's trying not to think about them. She thanks them for their visit. The guard announces that she's leaving for a minute. Hope's perplexed so Doug explains that he bribed the guard to leave alone so they could hug. Meanwhile, the warden is kicking herself for assigning Hope to the infirmary. Lee suggests they make her 'step out of line' so they'll have an excuse to be rid of her. The warden leaves and Hope comes in. They talk about how weird it is to be in there for the holidays. Lee gets defensive when Hope asks about her family. Lee suggests that she stop being so nosy.

On the pier, Nicole encourages EJ to let her into Syd's life for her sake. Elvis dismisses her claims that she loves Syd and will be good for her. He promises that he will do what he thinks is best for his daughter and strolls off. Nicole follows him back to Casa DiMera. He orders her to go away. She doesn't. They keep rehashing their past and it doesn't go well for her. She throws his crimes back at him and tells him he's being mopey and stupid. He thinks she's stupid to talk to him like this. She thinks he needs her to help balance him as a parent. "No one is ever going to need you in their life for balance," he says. When he orders her to get out, she accuses him of being afraid to have her in his life. He accuses her of being delusional but she keeps pushing. She says that he can't keep denying what she says or he'll end up alone and sad. She gets him a drink and offers him a massage, telling him that he will think about all she's said whether he wants to or not. Marco calls and tips him off about the wedding. He drops the phone and then smashes a glass. "Damn that woman!" he bellows.

Sami, Rafe, Caroline and the kids join the park for the wedding. Gabi and a minister are there and fairy lights fill the trees. It's the middle of the night but birds are singing. Sami begins crying uncontrollably as the ceremony starts. They stand aside and she worries about how horrible tomorrow will be. Rafe tells her they can get married any time but she insists that they get married tonight. The ceremony starts again. He regales the guests with tales of the safe house and how he fell for her. Then he tells the kids how much he loves them and begins calling Sami 'blue eyes'. When it's Sami's turn, she tells him he's 'alright or whatever'. He might not be Harrison Ford but he's her hero. She loves him for his big heart and how he wants to protect her and the kids. She vows to always be true to him and thanks him for loving her. They join hands and exchange the final vows.

November 24, 2010
Narcissistic And Promiscuous.

In the mausoleum. Maggie wavers back to consciousness so Victor can tell her loves her. She passes out. He finds her pulse and Brady calls 911. The cops and ambulance arrive in record time. Maggie is wheeled away on a gurney. Brady tells Viv to pray that she survives. They head over to the station. Brady gives his statement to a detective. Viv frets when she hears Brady knocked out Gus. Brady explains the sarcophagus story and the cop finds this all rather bizarre. When the cop leaves them alone, Brady begins warning Viv about what she's facing but she throws it back in his face and vows to take everyone down with her. He offers to take the blame but doesn't see why she would destroy everyone else. "I want my sweet, sweet revenge," she says... before offering him a deal. She wants him to have all charges against her dropped. Maggie is no witness, she claims, because the drugs probably made her think she was being held captive by Liza Minnelli. He's reluctant to accept her offer. The cop returns with his statement typed up but Brady won't sign it.

At the prison, Hope is in the infirmary when Lee shows up with Pam, whose tendon was slashed. They talk and Hope starts to worry when Pam tells her that she has no family on the outside. Hope whispers to her to insist on having her surgery at University Hospital or risk death. Pam tells Lee to take her to the real hospital. The warden steps in and says that's not going to happen because they have the Loma virus over there. Later, Hope notices that the order on Pam's paperwork says that she's to be cremated. That sets off alarm bells to the ex-cop. She tries to wake up Pam but she's been heavily sedated. Hope breaks into a locker and whips out a cell phone. When she tries calling Jenn, the warden catches her and rips the phone out of her hand. Hope claims she was just calling her family but the warden is furious, revokes all of her privileges and decides to place her in solitary.

At Casa DiMera, Elvis flips when Marco calls to tip him off about the wedding. "Samantha is marrying that Neanderthal!" he yelps, furious that his children are witnessing 'the farce'. Nicole tries to calm him by pointing out that Sami won't see her children again after tonight. She reminds him that Sami's marriages only last a day to six months. He hopes this one sticks. Spending a lifetime with an idiot seems an appropriate fate for both of them. Nicole offers to help him with the kids.

In the park, Sami and Rafe exchange their rings. All of a sudden, Gabi brings out Christmas ornaments and they decorate a tree. The clergyman takes out some cords and Caroline starts reading the Bible to explain the ritual they are performing. Everyone takes a cord and they are tied together to symbolize how they will be bound together for all of the days of their lives. The ceremony eventually ends. The bride and groom kiss and she cries. "For the first time in my life, I feel like anything is possible," she says. A star shoots down from the sky and they wish on it. EJ shows up to announce that their time is up. Sami sends everyone else away and Elvis tells her that her time with her children is up. They keep bickering and he gets nasty. When she flips, Rafe pulls her off EJ. Elvis accuses Sami of never putting her children first and declares that he is taking them away from their 'narcissistic, promiscuous' mother. The children return and EJ tells them they're going to live with him. Johnny doesn't want to leave Sami and Rafe. He starts doing the twist and his father talks him into moving back to Casa DiMera. As he holds his son, he prompts Nicole to take Syd from Sami's arms. Sami cries. Nicole cringes. "I gave you a chance," Nicole reminds her. Sami keeps crying and hands the child over. EJ tells Johnny his mom is crying because she's so happy to marry Rafe because he means more to her than everyone else. Sami tries to say goodbye but EJ yanks the kids away. As he and Nicole leave, Sami cries so hard that it turns into uncontrollable hiccups.

Jennifer jogs into the hospital to get an update on her cousin form Ben. They begin apologizing to each other for the other day when Maggie is wheeled in. Jenn freaks. Ben rushes off to treat Maggie. Jennifer questions Victor. Ben soon returns and tells them that Maggie is doing surprisingly well. Jenn rushes in to see her. Victor goes in later and she asks him if he put Viv in the sarcophagus. He says that he did, but he wasn't going to let her die, just leave her in there until she was brain dead. Maggie says it was horrible in there and he took pleasure in torturing his wife. It scares her to know he could do that and she blames all of this on him. He nervously repeats that he loves her. She believes it, but she orders him to leave her alone forever. Sadly, he shuffles out.

November 25, 2010


November 26, 2010

I Feel Exactly The Same About You.

In the park, Sami bursts into tears and Rafe tells her that they have to be strong for the children so they can get them back from EJ. They walk to the pub. She's afraid of facing her family but he says they need to know what's happened. They go in and she tells her family what happened flat out. She runs off in tears. Roman's frustrated so Rafe tries to keep him calm and claims they've just done what's best for the children. Roman guesses that Sami shot EJ and has proof of it. Samantha returns and Caroline tries to put a positive spin on things. Roman tells his daughter that he will always be on her side. They take out the champagne and he toasts to the couple. The bride and groom go home and she thinks about how often her dad has to clean up her messes. "What have I done to my family?" she asks. She hugs the penguin. Rafe hugs her and the fact that they just got married starts to sink in. He assures her that God won't let her lose her kids. Once Sami falls asleep, Rafe puts Allie to bed. Back at the pub, Will and Gabi clean up and he talks about how his family doesn't talk about things. She reaches out to him, saying that they're family now and they can talk.

Bo rushes into the hospital to see Carly. She's frazzled and worries about Mel. He gets her some soup. She keeps worrying so he tries to be reassuring. Meanwhile, Maxine and Daniel discuss the virus outbreak and he gets an idea. He rushes over to Carly and announces that they have work to do. He explains that they can manufacture a drug.

Nate and Mel are in quarantine. She wakes him up with her complaining. She's glad he's there to keep her company, even if he is a jerk. "I feel exactly the same about you," he says. They fall asleep and then wake up. They argue again about how he kept things from her. He doesn't know what to say or how to talk to her and it breaks his heart. They waver in and out of consciousness. She says that she heard him say he loves her in his sleep. He admits he does. She admits she loves him too and then backtracks, saying that they've made their choices and she doesn't want to pull a Chloe. They both feel lousy so he climbs into her bed to cuddle. Carly comes to the door and interrupts. Nate shuffles to the door and tells her that Mel is doing worse than he is. Mel wakes up and cries. Her mother tells them not to give up and promises that she and Daniel won't let them down.

At the police department, Victor tells Detective Hanson to leave him alone with Brady and Viv for awhile. Once the cop is gone, Vivian tells him that she will take everyone with her if they try to take her down. She guesses that Maggie must have dumped Victor and tells them that she holds all the cards now. Brady agrees and even offers to sign a statement that will clear Viv. Victor thinks his grandson is out of his mind. Hanson returns and they bribe him to quash his first report. After he's gone, Bo arrives and looks at the story Brady gave the cop. Bo doesn't buy it and starts asking questions which go nowhere. Brady and Victor leave and Hanson returns. Bo tells him that he thinks Brady is covering something up and he guesses that there must have been an original statement. When he asks to see it, Hanson tells him it no longer exists. Bo is furious and fires him.

Elvis and Nicole return to Casa DiMera. Johnny runs upstairs to play and Nicole clings to Syd. EJ lets her get Syd ready for bed but warns her not to get any ideas. After Syd goes upstairs. Nicole reminds EJ of how much worse things could have gone today. "Those children are here because of me and you're going to change the way you treat me," she says. They have a drink and she offers to help him keep what he just got back. She tells him to enjoy the kids and Sami's misery. He agrees to let her see Syd tomorrow. Nicole's thrilled and leaves. EJ smiles to himself.


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