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5th Week of November Daily Summaries 

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November 29, 2010

Revenge Extravaganza.

At Casa DiMera, Kate is surprised to find EJ with the kids. "It's thanks to you. I'm not sure I should thank you or destroy you," he tells her. She plays dumb but he tells her that he knows she tipped Sami off. She tells him the only person responsible for this mess is him, but she does confirm that she called Sami. Kate has come to see him for the monster he really is and warns him to think about what happens to anyone who tries to hurt her.

At the Safe loft, Allie asks her mom when her brother and sister are coming home. Will would like to know that too. Rafe ushers the little girl out of the room and Sami explains things to her son. Later, she calls EJ and she begs him to let the kids see each other. He refuses to discuss this and hangs up. Rafe returns and she cries on his shoulder. Kate shows up, furious that Sami didn't warn her about what EJ knows. She announces that she has a plan that could help them all. Before she can explain, Brady calls. She runs off. The newlyweds wonder what to make of it. He tells her all will be well. Sami goes off for a nap.

At the mansion, Brady tells Nicole that Viv is free and planning her next 'revenge extravaganza'. She says they'll figure out how to handle her. He's about to leave for the hospital when she tells him that EJ has his kids back. She admits that she found the camera and gave it to EJ. He assumes she made a deal with Elvis and will lose whatever he offered her. Brady warns her not to be foolish enough to trust EJ and walks out. She heads to Casa DiMera and flatly asks EJ if he will let her see Syd. He tells her to come back after the holidays. Johnny distracts him and she sneaks in. Elvis tells Nicole that most of his memories of her are bad, but she clearly loves Syd and always will. He tells her to take the little girl out to the garden to play. After they're out, Rafe shows up and tells EJ that the kids need each other and he hopes they can come to an agreement for their sake. "Never," Elvis says. Out in the garden, Sami sneaks up and Nicole spots her.

Carly goes to see Daniel in the hospital lab. He's been up all night studying the virus and he's come up with an anti-viral... but they don't have time to test it on subjects so he'll test it on himself. She argues against this but he refuses to back down. He thanks her for always having his back and walks out. She stares at the vials of anti-virals and then writes him a note. Meanwhile, Philip and Steph check in with Chloe. She tells them that she's worried that Daniel seems worried. The doctor comes in and tells them that things are looking up. He asks for some time alone with his wife and son. Chloe worries that he's looking at the baby like he'll never see him again. He explains what he's about to do. She panics that this could kill him. Daniel asks her to be strong. She thinks he's the best father ever. He goes out to tell Mel's friends and family to ask Chloe what's going on while he gets to work. Chloe fills Brady in and tells him to pray for Daniel before praying to God not to punish Daniel for her sins. Father Matt arrives and chats with Steph in the waiting room. She blames herself for this whole mess. Brady comes out and tells them what's going on. Kate arrives to hear about it. She takes Brady aside and they discuss Viv while Philip and Steph talk about how badly things could turn out. She warns him that things won't go well even if the drug works.

Mel and Nate wake up in quarantine. They feel awful but he tells her she looks good. He tries to get her to concentrate on the positive things. Soon, Carly arrives and promises her daughter that all will be well. As she sits down to inject herself with the drug, Daniel begins banging on the glass and begging her not to do it.


November 30, 2010
Death Wish Or Something.

At the hospital. Daniel races to stop Carly but it's too late. She's ready to inject herself with the virus as she goes into quarantine. He wakes up the guard she knocked out and sends him away before he goes in to demand answers. Mel and Nate are confused as the doctors argue. Carly demands that he let her do this. They debate until Mel begs her mom not to do it. Carly tells her to go back to sleep and continues arguing with Daniel. She's finally injected. She starts to get sick instantly. Mel sobs and tells her how much she loves her as her mom starts to shiver. Carly begs for an injection of anti-virals. Nate starts coughing up a lung. Daniel tries to calm him but Nate thinks he's going to die. Dan tells him to hang tough. Nate blurts out that he loves Mel. Daniel runs around to each of them as they gasp in pain. Mel begs her mom to stay strong and Nate starts crying and blubbering about how he should have told the truth. Daniel doesn't understand. Mel begins screaming as Carly gasps and then goes still.

In the waiting room, Stephanie confronts Philip about being Parker's father. "What?" he asks, creasing his brow. He thinks this is about Pocket but she wasn't talking about that at all. As they bicker, Chloe walks over and asks what's going on. He says that Steph and her family think he's a loser and can't be a dad. Steph bites her lip. Dr. Ben comes over and tells Chloe that the security guard was knocked out and Daniel and Carly are now in quarantine. "Do they have some sort of death wish or something?" he asks. Adrienne and Justin arrive and hear about what's happening. Justin rushes off to call Bo. Adrienne comforts her niece, who apologizes for being such a 'mean, whiny bitch'. They stare over at Philip comforting Chloe and Steph breaks the news that they are actually Parker's parents. She's afraid of letting the truth out to anyone else though. Justin comes back in after not being able to reach Bo. Philip worries about his wife. "I'm half way between scared to death and crazy," he says. He tells Chloe that he promised Daniel he would look after her and the baby if anything happens.

At Casa DiMera, Rafe asks EJ if they can have an agreement for the holidays. Elvis says that his kids will have no relationship with Sami whatsoever. If she comes near them, she's going to prison. Rafe begs him to think of the children but EJ refuses to back down and accuses Sami of just using the children and everyone else. He forbids all contact. "If you send a present, I will burn it," he says. Rafe shows him a family picture. EJ rips it up and declares that they aren't a family anymore. "That was classy," Rafe snipes. EJ says the kids will move on and forget their mother, sister and brother. Soon, it will be like they never existed. He plans to tell them what a manipulative attempted murderer Sami is.

Out in the garden, Syd and Nicole are having a tea party when Sami sneaks up. Nicole tells her not to be a fool and urges her to go. "Give me my baby," Sami demands. Nicole sends Syd off to play and Sami rants at her about all the things she's done. Nicole says that EJ's come to see her connection with Syd and that's why she's there. She accuses Sami of being jealous and insecure because she knows that Syd actually loves her more. Sami doesn't like that and refuses to leave empty-handed. She claims she just wants to hold the child. When she lunges for her, Nicole calls EJ. He comes out with Rafe trailing behind him. Elvis orders Nicole to take Syd away and then warns the newlyweds that he will send them to prison if they ever try this again. He declares that every year on the children's birthdays he's going to show them her video confession. EJ goes inside where Nicole and Syd are hanging out. He says that she's proved herself for today and lets her put Syd to bed. Meanwhile, Rafe chases Sami down to the pier. He explains the he was trying to get through to EJ. "I ruined that too," she groans. She refuses to give up on getting her kids back.

December 1, 2010
I Don't have Your Brand Of Amnesia.

In quarantine, Nate begins stuttering to Daniel about Chloe. Mel interrupts when she notices that Carly seems to have stopped breathing. Daniel revives her. Down the hall, Kate arrives at the hospital to see her son. He fills her in on the latest about Mel and the virus. She fills him in on Viv getting off scot free. She blames that on Brady. He hears a code blue from the quarantine room and runs to the glass with Jenn to watch. In the room, Mel tells her mom she will never forgive her if she injects herself with a virus again. Nate takes a turn for the worse so Mel begs her father to give him the anti-virus. As soon as he's given the drugs, he starts to recover. A few minutes later, Daniel asks him what he was going to say about Chloe. Nate stutters. They drop it.

The warden meets with Bo at the pub to break the news that Hope is now is solitary. He's not happy. She informs him that Hope will be kept from her family for awhile so she can recover her senses. Jenn calls and tells Bo that Carly is sick. He rushes to the hospital where he's given a letter from Carly. It explains what she did what she did and how much she loves him. He goes to look into the quarantine room. He and Jenn try to keep each other calm, but she's annoyed by Ben walking around and being cocky. Bo fills her in on the latest about Hope. She wishes that Alice was still around to help.

Philip returns to his mom in the waiting room and tells her she can go home. She doesn't. She calls Sami instead to tell her that she couldn't neutralize EJ. "You're screwed and so am I," she says. Ben comes in and tells everyone that the anti-virals seem to be working. Back in quarantine, Carly and Daniel tell each other that they make a great team. He leaves to call Chloe and Mel and Nate talk about what a drag it was to watch each other nearly die. She tells him that she won't forget what happened. "Where do we go from here?" he wonders.

Hope is in solitary when her order of egg rolls and sarcasm are delivered by an inmate. Hope isn't eating any of it so the inmate digs in. Hope asks her if she can find out what happened to Pam. She's told that Pam is being prepped for surgery. "She's going to die!" Hope blurts out. She backtracks and asks the inmate to get the warden for her. Later, the warden arrives, Hope tells her that she doesn't think the recent deaths have been an accident and begs her to stop the surgery. The warden thanks her and says that she will take care of this immediately. She goes up to the infirmary and tells Lee they have to get rid of Hope.

When Stefano goes home, he nearly trips over Johnny's toys. Elvis eagerly tells him that the kids are back. He explains that he has the goods on Sami and they toast to it. Stefano is surprised when his son informs him that Nicole is the one who gave him the evidence. EJ explains that Syd loves Nicole and he wants his child to be happy. Stefano can't support him when he thinks he's acting like an idiot. "Sometimes I think you have a death wish," Stefano says. EJ blows up, accuses him of living in a glass house and tells him that he's married to a 'lying, traitorous bitch'. Stefano doesn't appreciate that so his son tells him that he's turned soft and Kate's been scheming to get away since they tied the knot. He explains that Kate's the one who tipped Sami off about his plan to run away. Stefano doesn't believe it. "Once a hooker, always a hooker. She sure knows how to fake it," EJ says. He wants consequences for Kate. Stefano wishes his son would just drop all the revenge fantasies. Instead, EJ giddily tells him about how he wants to force Sami to watch him and Nicole bond with Syd. Later, Kate arrives at home and finds Stefano waiting for her. She guesses that he knows everything. He says she'll have to wait and see what he's going to do.

Nicole and Brady are rolling around in their bed. She offers to help him forget about his rotten day and sticks her tongue in his ear. After they have sex, they cuddle and she talks about Syd and how she fears EJ will screw her over. Brady gets sarcastic. She realizes he's not happy about something. He reminds her that a woman he loves just died, his best friend is dying and he stuffed a woman in a box to die. He's not happy that she helped hand his niece over to a sociopath either. "I don't have your brand of amnesia," he says. Brady doesn't want her to change, but he can't pretend that what she's doing is good for her or Syd. They get dressed and go out. He gets a call telling him that Mel will be alright. He's relieved and rushes off to the hospital. Elvis saunters over to Nicole and declares that it's time to set some ground rules. He tells her that she'll have to make a choice between having Brady or Sydney in her life.

December 2, 2010
You Betrayed Me!

Sami arrives at the pub to fill her family in on what happened with EJ. He made it clear that she would never see her kids again. Caroline urges her to take this to court but Sami is looking for another way. She's afraid to admit that EJ has won. "The hell he has," Roman says. Sami tells him to back off but he wants cops to track EJ's every move. She insists that they play this EJ's way for now. Will thinks this sucks and leaves. Sami assures her dad that the fight is far from over and she and Rafe will figure something out.

Lexi runs into EJ in the backyard of Casa DiMera and is startled when her brother tells her that he has full custody of the children all of a sudden. He sends this kids off with Mary so he can explain things to his sister. He complains about Sami marrying Rafe and then claims he's fine with it and starts aggressively stroking his baseball. EJ has resolved not to share his children with anyone, especially Sami. He mopes and tells her how low he sunk when Sami dumped him. Lexi guesses that Sami put a cap in his cranium. "She deserves everything she gets," he says. Theo and Johnny run over to them. Johnny asks when his mom is coming to pick him up. EJ averts the question by sending him off for pizza. Lexi goes off to say goodbye to Theo. He gets a call tipping him off about what Rafe's up to.

Rafe is at the pier with a former Navy SEAL. He's recruited him to find the gun in the water. The dude swims for awhile and then comes up without finding anything. Rafe says the gun has been out there for three months and the guy guesses it's either been found or washed away. Rafe heads to the pub and tells Sami his diver came up with bupkis. EJ calls and tells them the gun is in a place they will never find it. The newlyweds go outside and discuss what a monster EJ is. Lexi shows up and snipes at Sami for shooting her brother but tells them that the kids are okay. Sami starts to become a blubbering mess so Rafe drags her back inside.

As EJ says so long to Syd before she goes off to daycare, Roman pops up. EJ defends his actions by saying that they allow Sami to live with her other children. Roman thinks he's being a crummy dad by splitting up the kids. He threatens to track down Anna so he can prove EJ kidnapped Syd. EJ says that would mean he would also have to arrest Sami. Meanwhile, Will and Chad chat at the pier. Chad insists that even if Stefano is his father, it doesn't mean anything to him. Will warns him that it will mean something to Stefano.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano confronts Kate about keeping Sami's guilt a secret. She claims she didn't know for sure. He lectures her for nearly getting his son killed. "What are you going to do to me?" she asks. His eyes narrow. She explains that she couldn't let EJ run off with his grandchildren and Will's siblings. They argue about that but what he's really furious about is that she took Sami's side against him. Kate screams that she wouldn't wish having children taken away on anyone. She claims that memories of what Curtis did to her made her snap and she acted without thinking. Kate wishes they could put all of this behind them but he's not so sure. The hospital calls to say the paternity tests are in. Chad and a nurse are on the way over. Kate thinks he's warming up to the idea. He's surprised she's taking this so well and wonders why she's been pushing Chad at him for so long. He puts things together and accuses her of sending him the birth certificate. She tries to blame the DA. "Whew! Nice try," he says. He's furious that she's kept this to herself and demands to know why. She admits that she found the birth certificate but Maddie begged her to keep it quiet. "You betrayed me!" he yells, accusing her of looking out for everyone but him. He orders her to get out of his house.

Viv drifts into Maggie's hospital room with flowers. Maggie isn't happy to see her, even though Viv says they are both victims. She explains that Maggie can go back to making piecrusts because she's going to put all of her attention into crushing Victor and those around him. Maggie starts hurling things at her and threatens to rat her out to the police. Viv reminds her that Brady put her in the sarcophagus. The redhead refuses to believe it at first but realizes it's true. She's disgusted as Viv points out that Philip and Nicole were also involved.

December 3, 2010
Does Never Work For You?

At the hospital, Nate and Steph meet up and kiss. "Please tell me I'm never going to lose you?" she begs. They sit down and she tells him what a needy mess she is. He's distracted by thoughts of Mel. He tries telling Steph that something happened in quarantine but Maxine interrupts to hug him and say a patient wants to see him before she leaves for hospice. He goes to see the patient. She tells him about her husband and asks Nate if he's found his soulmate. He thinks of Mel and says he has. She explains that she didn't marry hers because soulmates aren't everything. She had a wonderful life after leaving hers behind. He goes back to Steph and tells her that he's looking forward to their life together. They make out and then he leaves to see Maggie.

Daniel goes home. Chloe's flipping out because the baby won't stop crying. He puts the baby to sleep. She feels like the worst mother in the world but he tries to be reassuring. Something starts to burn in the kitchen. He's amazed that she was trying to make lasagna. They make out.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano kicks Kate out. "Suit yourself," she says, storming to the door where she bumps into Chad. Stefano calls him in and Kate wishes him good luck as she leaves. Chad wonders what's up. The doctor arrives with the results and confirms that they are father and son. Stefano kind of smiles. Chad stares and gulps. The doctor leaves and Chad wonders what's next. Stefano decides to write him a check for college. If Chad doesn't want that, he can come to work at the family business and learn from the ground up. He gives him his tailor's card and asks when he wants to move in. Chad rips up the card. "Does never work for you," he sneers. Stefano thinks he's overreacting. Chad worries he'll even start calling him by his proper name Chadsworth. He already has a family he hates, he doesn't need another one. Chadsworth explains that he hates lies and tells the story of Grace and how he never got to know his own daughter because of people's lies. He opens up about his childhood and Stefano tells him that they can grieve for Grace together. He wants to give his son everything that he could ever want. Chad's afraid of the price tag and doesn't care to turn into another EJ. "What if I tell you that you don't have a choice?" Stefano says, pointing out that they share blood and their connection can't be escaped. Chadsworth walks out and slams the door.

Maggie orders Viv out of her hospital room. Victor storms in and Maggie asks him if what Viv says about him, Philip and Brady keeping her in the sarcophagus is true. He admits it. "I never want to see you again," Maggie whimpers. He and Viv leave. She goes down to the pier and stares at the water until Victor interrupts. "Where did it go wrong?" she asks. "You were involved," he says. She thinks they could still be a swell couple but he's furious and vows to make her suffer for the rest of her life. She vows to get her revenge on him and stomps away. He sits by the water. Kate shows up and he complains about young people today. He's not going to let anything happen to his family... and that includes her. As they talk, Stefano watches.

Mel hugs Philip in the hospital waiting room. He thinks of her cuddling with Nathan and says it's time to go home and forget it happened. He takes her home to bed and offers to have her waited on hand and foot. She thinks about kissing Nate. She wants to go back to the hospital to see Maggie. They head over and finds Maggie being jumpy. The redhead sends Mel away to get some painkillers. Maggie lectures Philip about what he did to Viv. He makes excuses but Maggie's disturbed that no one seems to think that what they did was wrong. She orders him to tell his wife the truth. Mel walks in. Philip takes her out and explains the sarcophagus snafu. She sighs. He keeps explaining himself and she easily forgives him. Meanwhile, Viv meets with Gus at the pub to tell him about her plan to get even with Victor and his family. She tells him her plan and he thinks it's brilliant but doubts she can pull it off.

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