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1st Week of October Daily Summaries

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October 4, 2010

The Worst Visual Ever.

At their new place, Rafe tells Sami that he would do anything for her. She knows that and slowly tells him that she knows who shot EJ. She stops explaining and pouts and frets. Rafe begs her just to talk and says she won't lose him no matter what. Before she can say anything more, Ari and Gabi show up. From the look on Sami's face, they wonder if they should leave but Sami insists they stay. After a couple of minutes, they start heading for the door when Gabi notices their plan to go to the Green Mountain Lodge to get hitched. Ari worries about what this could do to EJ. Rafe refuses to put his life on hold for him. The women bicker, Rafe's veins pulse and Gabi worries. Once the sisters leave, Rafe tells Sami not to tell him anything incriminating until after they are married.

At the hospital, Stefano and EJ ponder who to send to jail: Sami or Will. Roman strolls in and starts asking questions. Elvis tells him to pull up a chair. The commissioner orders Stefano to go. The bickering erupts and Stefano accuses Roman of playing more Brady games. Elvis tells his father he can leave him alone while he sets the record straight. Once Stefano is gone, the questioning gets underway. EJ starts calling him 'dad' and Roman drifts off before asking him the last thing he remembers clearly. As he starts talking, his machines beep wildly. Lexi stops the interrogation and drags Roman out to lecture him. He wonders if EJ intentionally gets the machines to act like that to avoid answering questions. Back in the room, EJ laughs to himself. Stefano returns to his son's room and EJ explains that he can actually make the machines ring whenever he wants. He's still not sure who he wants to send to jail but he's determined to make sure his kids never see Sami or Rafe again. He calls Sami and thanks her for bringing the kids in. He plays up his condition and continues asking about the kids. This gives her the creeps. When she gets off the phone, she tells Rafe how much she wants EJ to know what he did to her. Back in his room, EJ tells himself that this charade will soon be over and Sami will be in Hell. Ari arrives. Elvis smiles. He gives her the book she used to read in prison and suggests he get some rest. Meanwhile, at their new place, Rafe wrongly guesses that Sami knows Will shot EJ. Sami wanders off and tells herself that she will never tell him what really happened.

At the pub, Justin argues on the phone with Victor about divorcing Viv. He gets off the phone and jokes around with Adrienne. He tells her how much it hurts to divorce someone you actually love. She says that she has regrets too...

Viv is nauseous watching Brady and Nicole making out on her sarcophagus. They run off. "I'm finding it more and more difficult to got to my happy place," Viv pouts. They run into the mansion and Nicole shows him her pink panties. After they have sex, he stares. She's glad that this wasn't a hallucination since most her day was a nightmare. He seems distant. "Was this good for you?" she asks. He explains that he's had the worst couple of days of his life but she helped him and he's realized that he's missed her. They fall asleep. When he rolls over, he dreams that Viv is in bed with them. "That was the worst visual ever," he groans as he wakes up. He pulls on his clothes and tells Nicole he has to take care of something. Back in the sarcophagus, Viv counts and tries to keep herself calm. Nicole begins speaking to her through the bluetooth. They bicker and Nicole tells her she'll get out eventually. When Viv snaps about Brady, Nicole snaps back and Viv guesses that Brady seduced her to buy her silence. This offends Nicole, especially when Viv calls her a 'washed up porn star'. Nicole decides not to help her after all. Brady arrives in the mausoleum to pay off the men who deliver his 'orangutan'. Left alone, he weeps on his mother's coffin, sure that she would be disappointed to find out how he has turned out. Justin suddenly shows up and asks him what's going on.

October 5, 2010
Oh My Gawd!

Nicole and Viv continue to bicker over the bluetooth line. Viv begs her not to leave her in the sarcophagus to die. Nicole sips her water as Viv chokes, "I've got to take off my shoes." She tries to meditate and pray to Lawrence. Flipping on the sarcophacam, she watches Justin and Brady in the mausoleum. Justin wonders who is in what coffin. Brady stumbles through an explanation. Justin then wonders why he is acting so strangely so Brady explains that he has interrupted his alone time. They begin arguing about what's wrong with Brady. Nicole strolls in and prompts Brady to come clean. Brady gasps. Nicole explains that she had his mom dug up for a story. Justin doesn't buy it. Brady claims he signed off on the story when he was wasted. Justin can't believe how stupid they are and storms out. Nicole tells Brady that she's realized that Viv is evil so she will keep his secret even if he decides to keep Viv locked up for eternity. He's starting to have second thoughts about killing Vivian. She worries he'll end up in jail if he backs off now and she's not going to let that happen. Nicole loves him and wants to protect him. He claims that she only loves the old him. She knows that he knows that she knows he was using her to keep her mouth shut. Brady keeps saying that he's changed and he's not a doormat anymore. They kiss as Viv sits in the sarcophagus cooing that she will soon have her sweet revenge.

At Steph's, Kayla arranges to meet with Sister Anne about the tests. She and her daughter then talk over the mess and wonder who could have changed the results. Steph frets and tries to explain how much she loves Nate. Kayla tells her to stop acting like a desperate teenager. Over at the pub, Bo threatens to eat Ciara's ice cream sundae but she doesn't care. She misses her mom. Kayla pops in and Ciara runs off to play with a toy. Kayla begins lecturing her brother about his relationship with Carly and refuses to let Ciara see Joe unless Carly isn't around. After some bickering, they calm down and she leaves to see Hope. Justin shows up and hands Bo the divorce papers that Hope has already signed.

Hope is being shown around the prison infirmary when the warden comes in and tells Hope to thank her husband for having her moved to a new cell. Hope's not thrilled to hear it. The warden says they are just trying to keep her alive. After she leaves, Hope's new workmate tells her that she must have a good man on the outside. Hope says he was the best but she's let him go. Hope treats one of the prisoners who comes in and asks her about getting attacked. The inmate cries about how she was always the good girl and never thought she would end up inside. Hope knows how she feels. "I don't know who I am anymore," she says. She's taken down to the visiting area and meets with Kayla, who tells her that she has her full support. Hope explains that she just sent Bo divorce papers. Kayla refuses to accept that they are finished. Meanwhile, the warden meets with Hope's new workmate and they discuss her.

Daniel corners Nate at the hospital and demands to know why he hates Chloe. Nate apologizes and claims it's just about how she hurt Lucas. Daniel is sure there is more to it. They go around in circles and Nate gets snippy. Daniel gets livid. Nate apologizes for putting his foot in his mouth. As the doctor demands the details of his problems with the diva, Steph wanders in and interrupts. Daniel drifts off. Nate tells Steph that she's the only person he can trust. He's discovered a secret but can only tell her if she keeps it a secret. "Chloe cheated on Daniel," he says. She acts shocked and wonders how he knows.

Mel and Chloe wander the park to pick the wedding spot. Mel is sure it will all be perfect. Father Matt suddenly materializes. He's shocked to hear that Chloe is getting married tomorrow. Mel runs away. Chloe admits that she still hasn't told Daniel about her indiscretion. She explains that Daniel really is the father of her baby so not coming clean with him was the best idea she ever had. Chloe asks him if he will baptize her child. He'd be honored but warns her that if the truth comes out, she'll lose everything. When he leaves, Daniel shows up and can see that she seems upset. She explains that the priest agreed to baptize their baby. He wonders what she's been crying about then. She moans about how insecure she is. The doctor assures her their kid will have it made and there is nothing to worry about ever again. Back at the hospital, Nate explains to Steph that he eavesdropped and then confronted her. As he talks about it, Mel walks by and overhears. "Oh my gawd!" she gasps, hopping up and down.

October 6, 2010
Say What?

Brady wakes up in Nicole's bed and then wakes her. She complains that he's been waking her up all night and saying Viv's name in his sleep. They debate about what to do with Vivian. She worries that Viv will come after them and she refuses to go to jail. He assures her that he has a plan that doesn't involve jail or death. He drinks champagne and she worries about Chloe's wedding and whether they should go together. She panic about Viv having enough air but he has an idea about how to take care of things and hops off.

Daniel and Chloe are at their place making out. She's sure they have nothing to worry about now. Meanwhile, at home, Mel frets and sobs as she remembers hearing that Chloe screwed around on her dad. She calls Daniel and says they need to talk. He's busy. She whimpers that this is important and makes him promise to talk to her before the wedding. When he gets off the phone, he and Chloe wonder why no one else seems to be in high spirits like them. He talks to her baby bump and they chat over names. Her dad calls to say that her mom and sister have food poisoning so no one from the family will go to the wedding. She refuses to postpone and pouts instead. They suck face and he runs off to do wedding errands. Nicole shows up. Before the diva can shut the door in her face, the blond hands her a peace offering. She wishes she could have a do-over for the shower fiasco. Chloe accuses her of being jealous that she's happy. Nicole promises that she's not jealous anymore and she wants to show her how thrilled she is for her. She talks her friend into letting her be a bridesmaid again. Chloe explains that Mel is now the matron of honor.

Maggie strolls into the mansion to see Victor, who is very pleased to see her. Actually, she's there to lecture him about what he did to Mel and Philip. She blows up at him. He chuckles. Maggie goes home and finds Mel sleeping on the table. She wakes up and mopes about how good things come to an end. She vaguely explains what's upsetting her and that she has to tell a woman's husband about her infidelity. Maggie suggests that she make sure she has the facts straight before she does anything. Mel runs off. Daniel shows up looking for her but Maggie doesn't know where she went. 

As Viv lays in the sarcophagus, she imagines Gus is speaking to her. She begs him to get her out of the death box and into Victor's bed. She remembers giving him an extra receiver and wonders why he can't hear her. She can hear techno as Gus sits in bed with a woman with his receiver sitting in a bag. The woman notices the shrine to Viv he has by his bed and he goes on and on about how terrific his madame is. She gets creeped out and leaves. Meanwhile, Brady has returned to Viv's room. He puts on his bluetooth to taunt her but shuts it down when he hears Victor coming. Brady rambles about Philip and Mel moving in and then asks if he can have Viv's room... and move Nicole in with him. "Say what?" Victor asks.

At home, Steph and Nate bicker about Mel. He's worries about her and her dad. Steph could give a toss. She cries and he hugs her. There's a pep talk and lots of hair tossing. She decides there should be no more secrets between them. Steph explains that she's super insecure and he tells her how great and amazing she is and how he would never leave her. She rushes over to the pub to see her mom. Kayla explains that she had to re-schedule her meeting with Sister Anne. Steph is impatient and explains that Nate knows Chloe cheated on Daniel. Meanwhile, Mel shows up at Nathan's. She stutters about how they've always been friends and the she accuses him of lying to her. He's confused so she tells him that she's angry about what he did to her father and he has to fix it.

October 7, 2010

Sorry Doesn't Cut It.

In the sarcophagus, Viv continues calling out to Gus. He seems to hear her voice but just thinks he's crazy. He does the sensible thing and starts drinking. Eventually, he realizes the voice isn't in his head. He picks up the remote and talks to her. She explains what happened. As she moans about how horrible it is, he tells her that this is what she deserves. She keeps asking for his help. He gulps his booze. "You've made your bed, now you have to lie in it," he says.

Daniel shows up at Maggie's looking for Mel. Philip arrives and the redhead runs off to take a call. The doctor wants to talk to him about his relationship with Chloe. He says that he's grateful to him for being such a good friend to her. Philip breathes a sigh of relief and then informs him that Chloe realized that losing Daniel would be like losing her soul. They toast to always being happy.

At Chloe's, Nicole is miffed when her friend tells her that Melanie is going to be her matron of honor. Nicole warns her that Mel is a daddy's girl. The diva fondles her bump and says that she and Mel will be gal pals. Nicole shrugs and they get positive about tying knots. The blond runs off and Chloe tells herself that all will be well. Philip shows up to tell Chloe that they almost ruined the best things in their lives. He feels like scum for what he did. She says that she's to blame but as long as it stays quiet, all will be well. They laugh about how great things will be.

At the mansion, Victor flips when Brady announces his plans to move Nicole in. Brady says they've bonded but Victor is baffled. He senses that Brady has changed because he doesn't get offended when he throws around insults. Brady explains that he's in control. He's using Nicole for his plan to achieve something he's sure his grandfather would approve of. "She's nothing but a tool and then she's history," Brady says. Daniel shows up. Brady heads off to run errands and runs into Nicole as she walks in. Victor walks off. The doctor guesses that the couple are back together. Nicole putters off and Daniel reminds his friend that she is bad news. The groom runs off and Nicole pops back up. She wonders to Brady if Victor will let them be together. He tells her that it's all cool and takes her upstairs to show her their new room: Viv's old room. She's thrilled.

In the pub, Kayla confronts her daughter for trying to trap Nathan into marriage by getting pregnant. She doubts things are really solid between them if she has to be so desperate. Steph is miffed because when she told her aunt this it was 'so private'. Her mom lectures her and demands to know why she is acting like a freak. Steph finds all of this embarrassing. Her mom makes her promise that she will be okay and then goes off to see Caroline. Adrienne comes in and Steph blows up at her for blowing her secret. Steph lectures her for blabbing and Adrienne explains that she was worried about her and she needs help. Meanwhile, Kayla runs into Philip by the pier and snidely congratulates him about his new marriage. She's sure that Mel will figure out what kind of guy he really is.

Mel goes to Nate's to confront him for keeping a secret about her father. He suggests she talk to Chloe about it. She demands to know if she cheated on her papa. The intern admits it. She paces and then asks how he found out. He explains his eavesdropping. She doesn't know how he can have kept silent about this. "I'm sorry," he says. "Sorry doesn't cut it," she snaps. He's sorry she found out this way but thinks they should keep out of it. She starts to worry if the kid is Daniel's and decides to go out and find the truth before it's too late. He tries apologizing but she says that he's not the man she thought he was. Steph shows up. Mel tells her that she may be a bitch, but even she deserves someone with a spine. After Mel flounces off, Nate sobs. Steph promises that everything will work out. Meanwhile, Mel shows up at Chloe's and slaps her across the face the second she answers the door.

Victor finds Maggie waiting in the park for the wedding. He tells her that Brady has become a mess and he doesn't know how to handle him. "He's gotten back with Nicole," he says. They fret. She says that breaking up with Ari made him reckless. He wishes they could send Nicole to an island. She advises him just to keep an eye on them. He's determined to interfere.

October 8, 2010

I Have My Answer.

Stefano wanders into the hospital to see his son. EJ feels strong and has more hair. He likes being in there so he can send his 'operative' out to find out who shot him. His father guesses that Ari is the operative. She arrives and Stefano runs off. He acts annoyed by his father and tells her that she is the only person he can trust. He asks if she thinks Sami or Will could have shot him and worries about what his father would do if his suspicions are correct.

Kate and Lexi go over Stefano's renovations list at Casa DiMera. Meanwhile, at their new pad, Sami explains to Will that she told Rafe who shot EJ but he didn't want to know. Will assumes that's because he thinks he's guilty and worries about all of the goons who might come after him. They worry together. Lexi shows up to discuss her brother. She explains that EJ wants to see Sami and the children. Lexi also begs her to continue pretending to be EJ's wife. Sami doesn't know if she can do that convincingly since the idea makes her want to puke. They leave. Ari shows up and Will lets her in. She says that she is there to apologize to his mom. Will begins badmouthing EJ. Before she leaves, she wonders if Sami really is upset that someone shot the mother of her children. He gets uncomfortable when she points out how lucky it was that EJ was all alone when he was shot.

Chad shows up at Casa DiMera and asks Kate if her job offer is still available. He says that he will only take it if it's clear to her that he only wants her as a mentor, nothing else. She tells him to get over himself and claims that she only offered him the job for Stefano's sake. Kate shows him the door and he chuckles to himself, wondering what's going on.

Sami goes to the hospital to see EJ. He knows that she is angry with him and why. He apologizes for threatening to take her daughter away and lashing out at her at Grace's funeral. She's not used to people apologizing to her. Elvis says that nothing she could ever do to him could make him stop loving her and he forgives her for everything. She wishes he'd said all of this sooner and bustles off. When she gets home, she catches Ari grilling her son and fumes. They give Ari the boot. Sami grills Will and tells him that he can't trust the other woman.

At the hospital, Daniel is trying to run off to get his wedding license when another doctor stops him to talk about EJ. They discuss the patient's hypertension until Carly arrives. Daniel's about to run off but she tells him they need to talk. They go down to the pier and she hands him a wedding gift and thanks him for the gift of forgiveness. He tells her that they are putting the past behind them to move on with their future. The bad times are over. She sobs and hugs him.

Chloe opens her door only to get slapped across the face by Mel. "You cheated on Daniel," Mel accuses. They bicker and Met trashes the diva for whoring around on Lucas and orders her to prove that she didn't cheat on her dad. Chloe doesn't know how to prove that. Mel lectures her and Chloe doesn't see the point of defending herself. She asks her if she really wants to make her father choose between them. Mel brings up the problems with Father Matt and guesses she must have confessed to him. When she threatens to call the priest, Chloe stops her. "I have my answer," Mel says. Chloe apologizes and then starts throwing the blame on Viv. She tells her the whole story about the fake affair and then how she slept with someone else. Mel admits that she's done terrible things but she's never hurt her dad. Chloe says she slept with some nobody and challenges Mel if she would dare to destroy the future of her little brother or sister. She explains that she had a test done to confirm the paternity and someone else saw the results. Mel demands to know who. "Your mother," Chloe admits. Mel hyperventilates.


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