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2nd Week of October Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
(unless otherwise indicated)

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October 11, 2010

Should You Get Into Your Monkey Suit?

At Chloe's, Mel keeps lashing out at her over cheating on Daniel. Chloe blurts out that Carly saw the paternity test results. Mel refuses to believe it until Chloe tells her that she had the test done at St. Mary's. The diva wishes she'd confessed but that only makes Mel furious. Chloe explains that she only lied out of love. "There's more to this, isn't there?" Mel shouts. Chloe warns her not to ruin the family by tearing them all apart. Mel rips the necklace off of her. "He gave you that. What did you give him? Herpes?" Mel chucks it and runs off. Chloe weeps. She calls Carly and leaves her a voicemail, warning her that Mel is on the rampage.

Bo wanders down to the pier to Daniel and Carly. "I think you're looking at the happiest man on the planet," Daniel beams. He hops away and Carly and Bo cuddle. They discuss how happy they are now. She never thought that her life could be this sweet. Abe interrupts their make-out session and Carly rushes off to work. The mayor asks how Hope is doing. Bo doesn't know much since he's not allowed to see her. He adds that Hope sent him divorce papers. He talks about how Ciara is adjusting until Abe gets a call from the school. Someone got rough with Ciara and Theo stood up for her. Meanwhile, Mel tracks down her mom at the hospital. She confronts her with all she knows. At first, Carly won't say anything but won't deny anything. Then she makes excuses which just makes it worse. She admits that she knew about the cheating almost since the beginning. "You make me sick," Mel says. She's determined to tell her dad the truth. Otherwise, she couldn't live with herself.

In jail, Hope and Lee are working in the infirmary. Lee's impressed by how hard she works and wonders if it's because she used to be a cop. Hope gets defensive but Lee isn't attacking her. April just puked and is brought in for treatment. The doctor has left. April squeals. Hope tries to keep her calm by telling her about her kids and grandkids. April tells her about being all alone. "You have me now," Hope says. April squeals more until she is taken away to the hospital. Lee shows up and tells Hope that she has a visitor. It's Bo.

At the mansion, Victor and Philip talk about the wedding. Victor is hoping that Chloe is dropping out. Philip warns him not to use his celebrated sense of humor today. He starts making calls and Victor wonders why he is so jumpy. Daniel shows up and wonders where his daughter is. Philip goes off to dress and Victor snipes about the bride, which makes Daniel blow a gasket. Victor assures him that he will sit back and let Chloe ruin things herself. He points out that his new bride will never be Rebecca. Daniel knows that, but he doesn't want to be alone. His deceased wife was a saint, but he's not and neither is Chloe. Philip returns and Chloe calls him. She tips him off. He makes an excuse and rushes away. When he gets to Chloe's, she cries on his shoulder and then explains what happened, even all the stuff about Carly. He gets an idea. He tells her to get ready while he tracks down his wife and convinces her to stay quiet. Back at the mansion, Victor tells Daniel to get into his monkey suit. Daniel wants him in his life but he can't allow that if he's determined to make Chloe miserable. Victor hands him his gift and prompts him to open it. It's a statuette that's been in the family for generations. He tells him that if Chloe is so important to him, he will welcome her into the family.

October 12, 2010
I Am The One Who Shot EJ.

Hope isn't happy when Bo pays her a visit in the big house. He needs her help with Ciara. Bo explains that Theo stood up for their daughter and beat up a bully. Hope blames herself for her daughter's problems. He accuses her guilt of keeping her from helping their daughter. "She needs to hear the wacky way you look at things," he says. She gives him some advice to tell Ciara, mostly about imagining her bully wearing a tutu. That makes Bo smile. "Give her a big hug and kiss," she requests before thanking him for coming and setting her straight. He hopes they are climbing out of the hole they've been in. After he leaves, she returns to the infirmary and worries about April, the girl who was in there earlier. Lee explains that April died.

At the hospital, the doctor compliments EJ on his rapid hair growth and tells him he'll be free to go soon. Elvis isn't that thrilled. The doctor tells him he's a lucky man. EJ snipes at him as he leaves and then places a call to Sami. He asks her to bring the kids by because he rather misses them. She agrees to be right over. Rafe shows up and she moans about EJ until they decide to head out together. When she arrives at the hospital, Elvis is eating Jello and a salad. He is disturbed that the kids aren't with her. She brings Rafe and Roman in. They go over EJ's medical record and explain that it's now safe to tell him the truth. Sami says that they aren't married. EJ chews and smirks as Sami vows to keep him away from her children. She recounts all the ways he's tortured her and tells him that he's worse than his father. Elvis sneers and says that he's starting to remember a lot about the night he was shot. The trio sneers back and leaves him alone to rant to himself and smash his Jello bowl. A doctor comes in and bickers with EJ. When he's left alone, EJ vows vengeance on Sami and then calls his father to giggle about it. Meanwhile, Sami and Rafe go back to their place so she can eat and worry about what Elvis will do next. Rafe explains that he resigned from the FBI this morning so that she can tell him anything without it going any further. When he begins talking about protecting Will, she becomes distraught. "He didn't do it!" she blurts out. "I am the one who shot EJ," she explains. He furrows his brow.

Nicole shows up at Chloe's. The diva is pouting and breaks the news that Melanie knows about her indiscretion. Meanwhile, Philip walks into the mansion and finds Daniel sitting around drinking. He sends Daniel home and then calls Chloe to fill her in. Chloe mopes to Nicole. Daniel comes to the door. Nicole keeps him outside. She leaps into the hall and tells him that his bride-to-be had a fight with Mel.  He's confused. Nicole glosses and says the Mel has issues. He leaves to find his daughter and she returns to her friend. Chloe's starting to think she should come clean but her friend says it's too late. Nicole prompts her to think about what she wants and be optimistic. Chloe gets into her dress. Nicole gets giddy.

At the hospital, Mel tells her mom that she is going to tell her father the truth. Carly warns her that this would hurt him and cost him everything. "Grow up," Carly begs. She encourages to let her father have a happy life and be a parent. The doctor says that the only person who is outraged by Chloe's stupidity is her. "Are you jealous of Chloe?" she asks. Mel sobs and says that she doesn't lie to her dad. Carly keeps guilting her about the baby's future until Mel storms out. When she gets home, Philip rushes in and they talk about Chloe cheating on her dad. She wails and he begins telling her that he wants what's best for her. He advises her not to make Chloe's affair become the most important conversation she's ever had with her father. Mel tries to paint Chloe up as a monster and insists that Daniel deserves to know what she's really like. She heads out the door. He heads to Chloe's and tells her that he tried but Mel is still determined to tell Daniel everything.

October 13, 2010
None Of Us Are Above Ruining Our Lives.

Nicole walks the wedding grounds. Brady shows up and she tells him she doesn't think the wedding will happen. He doesn't understand. She claims she's just overreacting to Chloe's overreacting and then they chat about Viv. He arches his eyebrow and says its all cool. Then he adds that Victor will come around to their new living arrangement too. She's thrilled. They make out. Ari stumbles by and spots them. She wonders what happened between them. Nicole tries explaining the theory of relativity and Brady dumbs it down to saying that they are together now. He runs off to get the rings. Ari wonders what Nicole did to turn him into an ass. The blond explains that her screw-ups can't compare to Ari's. The brunette is sure Brady is too smart to ruin his life like this. "None of us are above ruining our lives," Nicole snipes. Ari runs off.

At home, Rafe tells Sami that Will has a big heart and they need to protect him. She becomes distraught and makes him stop rambling about Will. "I am the one who shot EJ," she says. He rubs his head and squints. She stares. He kisses her and asks why she is lying. She repeats that she shot EJ and can prove it. Sami hands over her phone to show him that Kate called her to tip her off. She relates the whole story of the shooting. He tells her not to worry because he will take care of everything. Will shows up. Rafe runs off to the office. She tells her son that something wonderful just happened and starts to laugh. They go down to the pier and she explains that she told Rafe everything and he will protect her. He doubts that'll be enough. As they debate this, Ari runs by and overhears them. She gasps as she hears Sami admit that she shot EJ.

Philip is at Chloe's telling her that Mel is determined to stop the wedding and there's nothing they can do. She slumps onto the couch. He's sorry and leaves. Chloe pouts. Carly suddenly materializes out of thin air to comfort her. The diva cries to her and beats herself up for being a coward. She decides it's time to face the truth.

Victor shows up at Maggie's in his tuxedo and offers her a ride to the wedding. She turns him down. Between his marriage and her grief over Mickey, she's realized that she can't even spend time with him. It feels wrong to her. He doesn't want her to push herself but offers to give her a lift anyway. They head over to the wedding. No one else is there except for Nicole. They wonder if anyone will show up. Nicole spots Philip and asks him if there is going to be a wedding. He shrugs. Chloe and Carly show up. "I don't know if I'm about to be married or be destroyed," the divas says.

Viv mumbles in her sarcophagus and calls out to Gus. As she tells him how much he means to her, Gus listens and tries refusing to help. She offers to turn over a new leaf but he still refuses. As she begs, Brady suddenly chimes in and asks her who she is talking to. She claims she was just talking to herself but she's decided to reform. He doesn't care and shuts off his transmission. She goes back to begging Gus. Eventually, she wears him down.

Mel shows up at the mansion in tears and tells her father that he can't marry Chloe. He claims he knows why she is so upset and tells her that Chloe didn't know what she was doing and didn't mean to hurt anyone. Mel is baffled and wonders what Chloe told him. As he explains what Nicole told him, she sobs but stays quiet. "You have no idea," she finally says. When he tells her that having her and Chloe in his life means everything to him, she cries and wishes he was having a baby with someone else. He tells her that Chloe has taught him to feel things he thought he would never feel again. Mel loves him too much to support this wedding. Before she can explain, Henderson runs in after burning himself making tea. Daniel rushes him to the hospital. Mel hyperventilates. "I guess I have to do this publicly," she decides. Before she can run off, Brady comes in, on the phone to Nicole. This makes Mel fume. She starts interrogating him and then says something is wrong with her dad. "Big Dan? Big Dan the man?" he asks. She wonders why he is so bitter. He tells her to skip off to the park.

Daniel takes Henderson to the hospital and then tries calling his daughter. She doesn't pick up so he calls Chloe. Nicole picks it up and then he's on the way over. He arrives at the park and sees his bride. The doctor says they need to find his daughter and make things right before they get hitched. She tells him their flight leaves soon and they have to get this done. He won't get married without his daughter there. Brady rushes over and says he saw Mel and she doesn't seem intent on showing up. After some prodding from Chloe, he agrees to start the wedding. Mel runs in and yells at them to stop so Daniel can finally learn the truth.


October 14, 2010

What's Going On?

Kayla goes to see her daughter. Steph explains that Mel discovered that Chloe cheated on Daniel. They debate the situation and Kayla tells her daughter to just accept that Nate loves her and stop worrying. The argument goes on and Kayla agrees to go ahead and check with Sister Anne about the paternity test.

Mel barges in on the wedding and declares that she needs to talk to Chloe alone. Daniel's perplexed. The bride walks off with her. Maggie wants to interfere but Victor cautions her not to. Brady wonders what's going on. Carly paces. Off in the distance, Chloe swears to how much she loves Dan the Man and insists she would never hurt him again. She plays the baby card. "You can't think that I will forgive you because you're not that dumb," Mel says. She backs down and agrees to keep her secret because her heart is broken and she doesn't know what else to do. They return and the ceremony finally starts. Daniel pontificates about true love and all the joy he feels. Chloe knows that she's not perfect but she's sure they will be fine. The rings are exchanged and they are married. They kiss and Mel looks like she wants to puke a pound of tears. Maggie admires the groom's smile. Victor hopes he's ready for some heartburn. Brady congratulates the couple. Victor corners him and tells him to watch his back around Nicole. Maggie makes him stop and asks to be escorted home. They go back to her place for tea and he thanks her for making him behave himself. He worries about what a catastrophe Nicole is for his grandson. Maggie decides that he's right and he should step in.

Back in the park, sensing something is wrong, Daniel asks Carly and their daughter what's going on. They don't explain. Across the space, Nicole and Chloe wonder why Mel decided not to destroy her life. Philip runs into Carly and tells her he's sorry about this. She's afraid she's lost her daughter and walks off. "Not going to happen to me," he says to himself. Meanwhile, Mel shows up at Daniel's and he asks her if she worked things out with her new mama. She sobs that she just wants him to be happy. Chloe comes out in a neon green outfit and announces that they need to get going. When Daniel leaves the women alone, Mel threatens to destroy Chloe if she hurts her dad again. After the couple leaves, Philip shows up and sits with his wife. "I'm only now realizing that sometimes you have to lie for love," she says.

At the hospital, EJ is given the go ahead to leave. He's instantly served with papers telling him he can't see the children. Stefano fumes until his daughter gets him to stop. She goes off to get drugs for her brother while their father rants about Sami. EJ explains that Sami could use the secret recordings in a family court. They have to prove that she shot him or he'll never see his kids again. Lexi returns and sends her father off. She asks her brother about his memories. He says they've all come back. They go back to Casa DiMera. EJ's in a rotten mood. He misses his kids... and Sami. "So you did suffer brain damage! This proves it!" Stefano bellows. Elvis thinks he got what he deserves for ripping her heart out... but he's not going to let her take his children away.

Rafe is at the office signing his resignation from the agency. He explains to Tim that this is the only way he can have a future with the woman he loves. Meanwhile, Ari listens in the bushes at the pier and gasps as she hears Sami and Will talking about how she shot EJ. They hear a noise. Rafe calls and asks Sami to meet him at the loft. Mother and son trudge off and Ari gasps and babbles. Sami and Will get home and Rafe tells them he resigned to protect Sami. She has a change of mind and tells Rafe she won't let him throw away his career for her. The kids come home so Will puts them to bed, leaving the adults to continue their conversation. She worries about the evidence that EJ might find. He keeps telling her that she is the love of his life and he would die for her. Meanwhile, Ari putters around, stuttering to herself about what to do and decides to speak to EJ face to face. When she gets to the hospital, EJ is gone. She rushes over to Casa DiMera. Elvis asks her what's going on.

October 15, 2010

I'm Here To Rescue You.

At the mansion, Brady and Nicole are joking around about Viv. She starts to worry that their captive could be dead. He assures her that Viv is still breathing and they begin making out. Victor walks in and tells them to go to a motel. Brady sends his lady away. Victor lectures him for sucking Nicole's lungs out in his living room. Brady orders him to treat her with some respect. Victor's confused and needs an explanation about what's going on. His grandson tells him to back off. Victor thinks he's a pain in the ass and asks him if he wants to go and pray in the mausoleum. Brady's not in the mood.

Viv is snoring in the sarcophagus when Gus calls her. "I'm here to rescue you," he says. He heads over to the mausoleum. The door is locked so he has to pick it. He's spooked by the place. "There's nothing creepy in here but me," she assures him. As he tries to open up the sarcophagus, someone comes up behind him and knocks him out.

Sami and Rafe lounge around their place and she thanks him for doing so much for her. She loves him so much that she pulls out his painting of dogs playing poker. They start worrying about EJ and he assures her all will be well. The topic of Ari comes up and he decides he'll have to talk to his sister. She decides to let him worry about Ari while she deals with Kate. Sami keeps worrying about what Elvis will do now that he has his back against the wall. He makes her his tamales and they reminisce about the safe house. They toast and tease each other. She's glad that he's the most patient man on the planet. They go to their room to play tiddlywinks.

Ari shows up at Casa DiMera. She announces that she has life altering news. She knows that he's not a monster and she wants to help him. Kate walks in on the conversation and decides that it concerns her. She thinks this is about Will and insists that he's innocent. EJ tells her she doesn't have anything to worry about then. Ari tries stuttering her way out when Gabi calls to remind her that they were supposed to be having dinner. EJ tries sending Kate away after giving her a piece of his mind. He gets a business call and yells at the guy before prompting Ari to tell him what she knows. Suddenly, he collapses. The women help him up and Ari runs off to see her sister. Gabi explains that she went dress shopping with their brother and then he quit his job. Ari's shocked. Back at Casa DiMera, Kate urges EJ not to die if he wants to see his kids again. He tries calling Ari and begs her to call him back with what she knows.

Mel and Philip return to Maggie's and he tells her that she did the right thing by not telling her father the truth. She explains that Brady changed her mind. He assures her that Dan is better off not knowing. Carly barges in. Mel fumes. Her mom tells her that what she did was wonderful. Mel still refuses to forgive her and accuses her of lying only to protect herself. She sends her husband away and then complains about how much she wanted a normal family. Mel thought she had that dream for a few weeks but now that's gone because of her. Carly admits that she would do everything the same if she had another chance. She sobs and says this is breaking her heart. Her daughter kicks her out.

Philip runs into Nicole at the pub and they chat about the wedding. He overreacts when she mentions Chloe's one night stand. They discuss it and he claims he knows nothing. She thinks about how many people actually know this secret and wonder when Daniel will find out. Nicole heads back to the mansion and chats with Brady. They toast to each other and make out.

Daniel and Chloe are in Chicago. She babbles about opera. He drinks and stares blankly. She thinks he must be mad at her for trashing Mel. The doctor says that he was upset but they should put it behind them. He adds that they have no way of knowing if Mel forgives her.


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