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3rd Week of October Daily Summaries

All Summaries Written and Copyrighted by SheKnowsLLC
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October 18, 2010

Do You Have A Bully Too.

Bo and Carly are at the pub. Ciara hops in and tells her dad that she's not alright. She explains that she's not feeling well. Carly leaves for work and Bo is sure his daughter is afraid of being bullied again. She promises to go tomorrow if she can see her mom today. He worries that might upset her but Ciara is insistent.

At Casa DiMera, EJ is trying to call Ari but only gets voicemail. He wanders and grumbles, vowing to get his kids back. He tries calling again and she picks up. She stutters as he demands to know what she had to say. This is something she has to talk to him about in person. EJ is annoyed. He goes down to the hospital to see his doctor and lectures him for calling him down there. Carly and the doctor check EJ out and tell him how well he's doing. He's snarky.

Hope is brought into the infirmary to see Lee and the warden. They explain that someone was planning to attack Hope for being a cop so they had her moved. Hope asks about how April died. There are plenty of vacant stares and then a vague explanation. Hope offers to help with an investigation but that's not going to happen. The warden leaves and Bo calls to request a meeting with Hope. Soon after, Bo and Ciara show up. Hope sobs as she holds her daughter. They talk about how lucky Ciara is to have a friend like Theo at school. "Do you have a bully too?" Ciara asks her mom. Hope says she'll be okay. They look at the little girl's ballet pictures. Meanwhile, the warden and Lee discuss April. The warden worries that they can't have Hope suspecting anything.

At their place, Rafe licks Sami's back until she wakes up. She freaks out when she sees what time it is. He explains that he already took the kids to pre-school and he made her breakfast in bed. Rafe gets her to calm down as she worries about the shooting. He thinks they should spend more time having sex so they go at it. This is eventually interrupted by crying (Sydney's crying). The doorbell rings so Rafe pulls on his pants and putters off to answer it. It's Ari. When she notices Sami is there, she wants to leave. Sami offers to get out of their hair so the brunette sticks around. She tells her brother how much she loves him and then breaks the news that Sami shot EJ. Ari says that she overheard her admission. Rafe tries to deny it and then shrugs when she's not convinced. She doesn't know what to believe so he tells her to believe him and accuses her of acting 'whacked out'. When she accuses him of being a liar for Sami, he tries to kick her out. She guesses he already knew the truth. He makes excuses and says that none of what she has said can leave the room. "You're telling me to lie for Sami?" she asks.

Sami brings Syd to the hospital. They run into Lexi and chat until she gets a call from Caroline. The call is dropped so Sami leaves Syd with Lexi and goes off to make a call. EJ runs out and grabs his daughter from his sister's arms. He smells her and kisses her while Lexi gorps. She tells her brother this is a bad idea. Sami returns and orders him to get his hands off her daughter. He reluctantly hands the kid to Lexi and then the parents bicker. He accuses her of damaging Syd by keeping her away from him. They tell each other to go to Hell. Lexi ends the feuding. Sami takes her daughter and leaves. He vows again to get his kids back. Meanwhile, Sami heads home and walks in on Ari ranting at her brother and demanding to know what Sami has done to him. "Go on Rafe. Tell her," Sami prompts.

Nate runs into Carly in the hospital corridor and asks how Mel was at the wedding. She tells him to ask her himself. "On second thought, why don't you just stay away from my daughter altogether," she snipes. A doctor interrupts them and Nate runs away. The doctor asks her out for a coffee. She tells him she has to go home to 'sweet man Bo'.

October 19, 2010
What A Little Bugger.

Viv giggles to herself as she dreams in the mausoleum. That doesn't last. She wakes up after having a nightmare about a snake. She calls out to Gus. Victor shows up instead and looks around confusedly as she calls out to him. When she explains that she's trapped in the sarcophagus, he's angry about where his daughter's body must be. He has a lot of questions to be answered before he helps her. When she tells him Brady locked her in there, he says she's an idiot. Before he can walk away, she claims that Nicole must have dragged him into it. That doesn't make much sense to him. Viv keeps trying to explain. He's gruff and leaves. She imagines what would have happened if Victor married Maggie and she had to crash the wedding from the sarcophagus.

Nicole and Brady look at the pictures of the wedding she took with her phone. She wonders if they will have a happy ending like the newlyweds. He thinks her question is premature. The topic turns back to Viv and she assures him that all will be well. She begins talking about miracles and he tries to make her stop. "When you want something badly enough, anything is possible," she says. He starts drinking. She talks about adoption. Brady repeats that even if they wanted it, it wouldn't happen... she has a record after all. "I don't see children in my future," he adds. She talks about what kind of life they can have but he insists that they remain focused and decides it's time to check on Viv. She stays behind to sob and hold her belly. When she leaves, she runs into Syd and Caroline. "I have to get her inside. She'll get some kind of disease out here," Caroline declares, hustling the little girl away. Meanwhile, Brady goes back to the mansion and his grandfather tells him that he found Viv. Brady confirms that he locked her up and explains the plot against Maggie that Viv had. Victor is shocked but it only gets worse when Brady tells him that Viv had Isabella re-buried in a pet cemetery. That's what made Brady snap. Nicole walks in and Brady explains that Victor knows everything.

EJ paces around Casa DiMera calling Ari and begging her to call him back. Chad drifts in and Elvis tells him to go. Chad refuses and says he's there to talk to Stefano. The man strolls in. Chad mentions the internship and gets snippy when Stefano claims he never heard of it. Stefano stares as the young men start bickering and Chad talks about how he needs the money. Chad decides he's lost interest in this and mopes off. "What a little bugger," EJ says. His father smiles and says that the 'little bugger' reminds him of Elvis. After Stefano teases him about this, he calms his son down by saying that he knows where to find Ari. He calls in the spy he's had trailing her and they get the lowdown on where she's been. Elvis worries that Rafe will convince his sister to keep her mouth shut. He's determined to get the proof out of her one way or another.

At Casa Rafe, Ari is pissed when her brother asks her to 'curb her suspicions' about Sami and let things be. She can't believe that he's lying to protect his psycho fiancée. Sami swans in and defends herself. Ari accuses her of being selfish and then rants about how Sami is a 'slut' and a 'homicidal maniac'. When she threatens to tell the cops what she knows, Sami rails at her for defending EJ. The blond says that EJ is a master manipulator and has twisted her around his pinky finger. Eventually, she storms off, determined to tell the truth. Her brother chases after her. Will arrives at home, sweaty from the gym. His mom tells him what just happened. He thinks they should go on the run but she doesn't think that would be fair on the kids. Meanwhile, Rafe catches up to his sister at the pier and tries to talk her down. He insists that Sami was only acting to protect her children and begs her to help him help her. When she keeps insisting on telling the truth, he says he won't let that happen.

October 20, 2010
You're Some Piece Of Work, Lady.

Nicole walks into the mansion and Brady tells her that Victor knows everything. Victor declares that this was all a stroke of genius. "By golly you are a chip off the old block after all!" Victor chuckles. Nicole and Brady are startled. Victor says he doesn't want to let his wife out yet. Brady hands him the communication device and Victor wanders off. Nicole is amazed that his grandfather was nice to her for once and thinks they should celebrate. Brady seems more dejected though. When she walks off in search of vodka, he suddenly sees his mother's ghost, lecturing him about what he's done. He tells her that his world is upside down and curses Vivian. Isabella wishes that he wasn't turning into Victor. When he tries to defend himself, she worries that he won't be able to live with blood on his hands. Nicole returns and the ghost steps back. She can see something is wrong. "We've done a terrible thing. We need to let Vivian out of that tomb," he says.

Viv tosses and turns in her sarcophagus and wonders why Victor hasn't gotten her out of there. She tries to think positively. Victor shows up in the mausoleum and tells her that he has his facts straight now and she's only begun to pay for what she planned. He confronts her with what he knows and she offers him a divorce if he'll release her. When she mentions the fumes, he demands more information and fumes about the fumes she planned to make Maggie dazed and confused with.

Bo shows up at Sami's to chat about EJ. He knows that the DiMera violated a court order by seeing Syd and wonders why she didn't come to him about it. She claims it was no big deal. Meanwhile, at Casa DiMera, Elvis continues to stew and his father wonders if Ari will side with her brother. Elvis tries calling Ari again. The cops show up and declare that he is under arrest. EJ's taken down to the station. Bo pops up and confronts him about violating the restraining order. As the interrogation progresses, Bo gets annoyed when EJ brings up Hope. Elvis says that Sami's alibi for the shooting is worthless. Bo admits that she had motive and means, but asks EJ how he's supposed to prove she did it. Back at Casa DiMera, Stefano calls the lawyers and sends them off to get his son.

Ari and Rafe bicker on the pier. He wants her to keep her mouth shut but she thinks he's being a hypocrite. She's not thrilled that he wants to be with a woman who would shoot the father of her children in the head either. He says that if she goes to the police, he will tell them that she is lying. Ari can't believe her own brother is doing this to her and covering up a crime. "Thanks to that Sami Brady, the brother I knew is gone," she sobs, stomping away. He calls Sami and tells her to sit tight and keep her mouth shut. He plods off and Sami tries to think of a way to stop everyone lying for her. She calls Ari and asks her over to talk. When the brunette arrives, Sami tries to explain why she shot EJ. She recaps the entire marriage and shooting in sob enhanced detail. By the end, she is turning red and Ari's eyes are drooping. The story continues as Sami explains how she came to confess everything to Rafe. "You shot a defenseless man in the head. You lied to my brother. You made your teenage son lie for you. You're some piece of work lady," Ari summarizes. They argue. Sami calls her a 'bitch' and Ari heads for the door. The blond tries to talk her out of it, but Ari pulls out a camera and says that she has her entire admission on video. Meanwhile, at the pub, Rafe explains to Will that the only way to neutralize Ari is to do nothing but say that she is lying and has a grudge. "She's your sister, man," Will points out.

October 21, 2010

Every Place Is Crazy But Here.

In the park, Steph and Kayla go over the baby mess again. Over at the loft, Ari refuses to go along with the cover up and hopes this will make her brother wakeup. She pulls out a camera and reveals that she has Sami's admission of guilt recorded. Sami tries to grab the camera out of her hands. They wrestle, throwing each other around the room. Sami reaches for her turtle shell ash tray but Kayla randomly barges in before that can happen. Ari runs for the door. Sami shoves Kayla out of the way and runs after her.

Victor paces around the mausoleum admiring Viv's talents with technology. She worries that the fumes will drive her mad. "It won't be a long trip," he says. He tells her that he may be old, but he hasn't mellowed and her situation seems like a perfect way to make her punishment fit her crime. She claims that she wouldn't have gone through with the plan but he tells her to start praying. He tells her the story of Antigone and curses her for disturbing his daughter's grave. Victor shuts off the feed. Vivian begins reciting sonnets to herself and then wonders if she'll survive to get her dry cleaning. "I'm never going to bury anyone alive again. It never works out the way you think it will," she thinks.

At the mansion, Nicole walks in on Brady talking to his mom's ghost. She senses something is wrong. Brady declares that they have to get Viv out. He claims he's had a wakeup call. She thinks he needs a drink and pours him one, urging him not to do the right thing. He refuses to let Viv die and insists that he will pay for this alone. Nicole refuses to let that happen and says they are in this together. Victor comes in and says that he's left Viv in her grave. Brady walks off. Victor thanks Nicole and they agree to keep Brady's secret. Meanwhile, Brady goes outside. He says goodbye to his mother's ghost.

Carly drives over to Maggie's to discuss Mel. The woman in question pops up and tells her mom she shouldn't be there. The redhead leaves them alone. They rehash the situation and Mel realizes that she doesn't know her mom at all. She paces around the room and marvels at what a good liar she is. Carly insists that she never intended to hurt her. Sister Anne calls Carly after seeing an article about Daniel and Chloe and orders her to come over to the hospital immediately. Carly heads out. Maggie returns and tells Mel that they'll work things out eventually. Mel thinks things will get worse. She admits that she's been avoiding packing so she won't have to move. "Every place is crazy but here," she says. Mel sobs and says she doesn't need Carly anymore because Maggie is her only real mom. Meanwhile, Carly shows up at the hospital and the nun tears into her for lying about Chloe. Simultaneously, Steph runs into Ian by the pier and tells him everything is perfect. She tells him what her mom thinks happened with the results but he still suspects that someone switched them.

At the station, Bo and Elvis go over and over the shooting and all the evidence that points at Sami. Bo doesn't know how to prove it. It annoys Elvis that Bo doesn't seem willing to do his job. He becomes irate and declares that he doesn't need the police to get to the truth. Bo warns him to stay away from the children. EJ smugly says that Hope may have been the beginning of the end for the Bradys but Sami will be the end. Elvis' lawyer arrives and ends the interrogation. EJ nonchalantly strolls out.

In the pub, Will agrees to keep quiet. Rafe is eager to get in touch with his sister. Gabi shows up and wonders what's up. Will runs and Rafe sits his little sis down to vaguely explain things. He says that their sister is trying to do the right thing but might just be screwing things up. When he walks out, Sami runs up to him and tells him that Ari recorded her entire confession and they have to get her. He tries calling his sister. Simultaneously, EJ tries calling her and so does Will. Rafe goes back to the loft with Sami and tries to keep her calm. Bo shows up and can see their IKEA furniture has been smashed. Sami ushers him out. Meanwhile, Ari stands by the pub and calls EJ to meet her. Will shows up and begs her not to destroy his mom, not to mention him and Rafe. He begs her not to let EJ win. When Elvis shows up, Ari runs straight into traffic.

October 22, 2010

I Have To Tell You Something.

Gabi shows up at the Safe loft and wonders why Sami and Rafe are panicking when she mentions that Will is with Ari. Gabi heads off. The couple tries to call Will. Outside of the pub, Will begs Ari not to let EJ win and destroy everyone's lives. She whimpers. When EJ shows up, she runs straight into traffic and is run down by a car. Will calls 911. Bo and the EMT arrive. Elvis and Will explain how Ari got hit and then the driver sped off. EJ tries telling her she'll be alright. She whimpers more. The ambulance takes her off. Sami calls her son. He tells her about the accident. Everyone rushes to the hospital. Ari is taken into the operating room. Rafe tells Sami it looks bad. His little sister calls and he tells her what happened. Sami sits with her son and questions him. He's blaming himself. She tells him that Ari recorded her confession. They panic about what EJ could do if he got a hold of it. She freaks when he tells her that EJ is there. They go to the waiting room and see Bo questioning Elvis. He gets snide. Sami shouts. EJ wonders why Will was arguing with Ari. Bo turns to Will for his statement. Maxine interrupts to announce that Ari is out of surgery. Everyone gathers around Lexi who explains that they've re-inflated Ari's lungs and are cautiously optimistic. Everyone wants to see her but the doctor says she's sleeping so it will be family only. EJ tells Bo to get a guard for Ari to protect her from Sami and her son. Bo leads the two of them off to question Sami about their fights with Salem's latest accident victim. They cover and Bo leaves. Sami hopes no one finds the camera. When they walk out, they see a cop bring Ari's purse in and Maxine places it behind the desk. They ogle it. Sami tells her son they'll be home free if they can get the camera. Will pretends he strained a muscle and asks Maxine to get him an ice pack. When she steps away, Sami slips in and starts going through the purse. The cop returns and catches her. Sami stammers about being Ari's sister-in-law-to-be. Maxine returns and tells her they can't release the bag without the patient's consent.

In Ari's room, Lexi tells Rafe and Gabi how lucky their sister is to be alive. They try talking to her but she's unconscious. Rafe tells Gabi what to tell their parents and then sends her off to make the call. He remembers his fight with his sister and tells her how much he loves her. When he walks out, he finds Sami heading off. Dr. Waters takes Rafe into the waiting room to talk. The doctor tells him that they have to keep Ari quiet until she stabilizes or things could go wrong. Meanwhile, EJ tells his sister that he needs to see Ari and why. She offers to arrange it before she heads to the pumpkin patch. He walks off and slips into Ari's room. She wakes up. "I have to tell you something," she says.

At St. Mary's, Sister Anne confronts Carly for lying to her about who Chloe was. The nun doesn't want to hear her excuses. She storms out and Carly trails after her. In the park, she begs the nun not to tell Daniel about any of this. The doctor tells her about the one night stand and the evils of Vivian. Sister Anne still isn't happy. Kayla appears in the bushes and eavesdrops as the nun lectures Carly. She needs time to think about what to do. Carly plays the 'the truth could ruin a child's life' card. After the nun stares her down, Carly runs off and Kayla hops out of the bushes. She tries talking to the nun, but Sister Anne is on edge and excuses herself. Kayla wonders if Carly changed the results. Meanwhile, Carly runs into Bo in an alley. They chat about the hit and run. He worries about how Sami and Will are involved in this. "Sometimes you have to go outside the law for family," she says.

Nate finishes his shift at the hospital. He talks to himself about how he is sick of apologizing to Mel. Meanwhile, Mel shows up at Steph's. She needs a favor: her silence. Steph is impressed that she would do that for her father. She doesn't intend to say anything about this to anyone. They decide that everything is good. As Mel rambles, Nate arrives. He sucks his girlfriend's face until he notices Mel is there. Steph plods off to do laundry. Nate is defensive with Mel. She apologizes and then complains and then apologizes again. It hurt her that he let her walk around clueless. He explains that he was just trying to stop her from getting hurt. They agree to keep this quiet. Steph returns as they are busy exchanging stares. Mel stutters and walks out. Nate beats himself up for not coming clean about what he knew earlier. Steph says all is cool.



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