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4th Week of October Daily Summaries

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October 25, 2010

Keep On Trucking.

Victor calls Nicole and sends her over to Maggie's, who isn't really thrilled to see her at the door. "My life hasn't been this exciting since the day my sump pump broke," Maggie declares, letting her in. The redhead wants to know who sent her. Nicole admits it was Victor. "He thinks he's in love with you," she explains before stuffing her face with carrot cake. Maggie rips the cake away and demands more info. The blonde explains that Victor wanted her to spin a sob story to make her feel bad for him. She claims that he has really changed, become less edgy about business and more mopey about Isabella. That seems to inspire Maggs' sympathy. When Nicole leaves, she calls Victor to tip him off on how things went. He hangs up.

In the mausoleum, Victor tells Maggie that he loves her. As she starts to swoon, Viv knifes her in the back. This was a dream and Viv snaps out of it, eager to escape and make her dream a reality. Victor shows up and they bicker. He's amazed that she almost sounds reasonable. She offers to keep her mouth shut and return to living in her room as his wife if he lets her out and stops flirting with Maggie. He decides that he can't keep this from Maggie much longer so he should let her out. Maggie walks in. Viv listens and gags as Maggie tells Victor how kind he has been and how she doesn't want him to be alone with his grief over Isabella. He apologizes for sending Nicole over and tells her that he's realized there's no way things could work out between them. "Don't ever come back," he says. He tells her about what a disappointment he was to his daughter. Maggie is sure that Isabella would love him no matter what. He may be cynical, but he has a loving heart. Viv listens and cries as Victor softens to Maggie again.

Will stops by the nurses' station to tell the nurse on duty that there is some weird lady down at the baby ward. She goes off to check it out and he slips behind the desk to grab Ari's purse. Gabi catches him. He covers and she takes the purse. They leave together and head over to the pub. She sobs after seeing the yellow police tape on the street where her sister was hurt. Will hugs her and stares at the purse. He tries giving her a pep talk. She goes off to wash her face. He knocks the purse on the floor and searches through it, discovering that the camera is already gone.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Rafe that Ari is lucky to be alive and any upset could destabilize her. He lists all of Ari's injuries. Rafe grumbles about memory loss and hopes his sister doesn't remember they'd been fighting. Meanwhile, EJ sits beside Ari. Her bruises are bigger. Her eyes open and she tells him that she has the proof. Rafe enters and fumes but Ari asks EJ to stay. As they argue about this, the doctor orders the men out as Ari codes. The men pace in the waiting room and Elvis begins pushing him around about who shot him. EJ claims he's the only person who cares about Ari. "If she dies in there, that's on you," he accuses. Rafe doesn't like that and chucks him at the juice counter. Rafe pounds on him until Lexi runs in and breaks them up. EJ taunts Rafe, declaring that Ari will make it and tell him the truth. Then Sami or Will will get what they deserve. The doctor solemnly comes out and explains that they can put Ari on life support, but she won't recover. He advises Rafe to call a priest.

Kenzie and Caroline chat at the pub. Kenzie offers to take Syd to the pumpkin patch and they go off. When they make it to the park, they run into Nicole. Kenzie's amazed by how the little girl looks at Nicole. She's sure that Syd still sees her as her mom; after all, it's not like Sami actually spends time with her kids. Kenzie tips her off that she'll be back tomorrow at the same time and they head off. Nicole sits on a bench and sobs, telling herself that she needs to 'keep on trucking' and forget Syd... but she can never stop loving her.

October 26, 2010
99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall.

Maggie sits with Victor in the mausoleum. They hold hands and she assures him that his daughter would love him even with all the horrible things he's done. Viv watches, weeps and wretches. The redhead asks him if he married Viv just to protect someone. He remembers when she offered to run off with him and wishes he'd gone with her. Brady comes in and Maggie decides that it's time for her to go. Once she leaves, Victor and Brady discuss what to do with Vivian. He says they can let her out and go back to the way things were. EJ calls Brady and informs him about Ari's accident. After Brady leaves, Victor talks to Viv and assures her that he can handle things when he lets her free. When he walks off, she vows that Maggie will find out everything that's happened. She sings '99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall' and then snaps on the video feed to see Nicole.

At Casa DiMera, Stefano tells Kate about Ari being run over. Chad shows up. Kate wants to get rid of him but Stefano lets him in. Master Peterson-Woods apologizes for being rude the other day but repeats that he doesn't think working for them would be a good idea. Stefano says 'ciao' and departs, leaving the duo to bicker about Kate's intentions. He stomps off. "You little fool. You need me more than you know," she says. She sits down and talks to Chad's birth certificate, wondering why Maddie put Stefano's name on it if she never wanted him to know. She's sure that Stefano will be able to accept Chad as his kid eventually and calls Chris to arrange for a delivery.

At the hospital, the doctor informs Rafe that things have gotten worse for Ari. "It's just a matter of time," the doc says, urging Rafe to call a priest. EJ stares. Rafe tries to digest this and then goes in to see his sister. He recounts the story of the diseased tom cat she took home and fattened up as she nursed him back to health. That was a miracle cat and he wishes God would give them another miracle like saving her life. He calls Father Matt and asks him to hurry over. He holds her hand and weeps, apologizing for not being there for her. EJ watches through the glass and then asks the nurse if he can call Ari's friends. He asks for her phone. The nurse can't find it. Stefano arrives and his son fills him in. EJ is sure that she knows who shot him. After he admits that she may have been the only friend he's ever had, they discuss the missing purse. Elvis realizes that there is still something he can do.

Will sits in the pub. He knocks over Ari's purse. As he picks it up, he notices the camera isn't even in there. Gabi returns and, as they pick it up, he touches her arm. He wishes he could tell her things will be alright, but they won't be. She morosely puts everything back in her sister's purse and talks about how everything peaked and then fell apart for Ari. Rafe calls and asks her to get to the hospital right away. She cries. Will hugs her. They head to the hospital. Will blames himself for the accident but Rafe tells him it's okay. Father Matt calls him into Ari's room. He joins Gabi as the priest offers Ari absolution. After she's given last rites, Gabi runs out in tears. Brady arrives to pay his condolences. Rafe gives him a moment alone with her. "What the hell happened to us?" he wonders. "You're too alive to be hooked up to a damn machine," Brady says, telling her that he will always care about her. Kate stands in the doorway as Brady tells Ari about his crimes. Outside, EJ corners Rafe and badgers him about what his sister knew. Meanwhile, Will follows Gabi down to the pier and tells her he never meant for this to happen. "If she dies, it will be all your fault!" she shouts.

October 27, 2010
I Live Here, Toots.

On the pier, Gabi blows up at Will and says that she hates what his family has done to hers. She runs off. Sami pops up and says that they will make things right with Ari. He explains that she's about to die. She's shocked and claims that she's to blame. He tells her EJ's to blame. They rush off to see Rafe. Back at the hospital, EJ continues to prod Rafe about the truth and accuses him of denying his sister her dying wish. They call each other names and Elvis points out how Sami recruited her son to cover up her crimes and he doesn't want a woman like that raising his kids. Sami walks in and tells EJ that he is making everything worse and needs to back off. He drifts away

Kate walks into Ari's hospital room and stands back as Brady confesses his crimes to Ari and sobs about the man he's become. Once Kate's had enough, she sneaks off and Brady continues his apologies. Ari opens her eyes and tells him she was wrong to think the worst of him. He gives her his mother's rosary and tells her that she will look out for her. As he kisses her head, Gabi comes in and cries. He urges her to tell her sister that she loves her.

Kate runs into Mel by the nurses' station and they chat about Viv's vanishing. She has to break the news about Ari to Mel. Brady comes out of Arianna's room and Mel asks how he is. Lexi walks by and finds Will rocking in a chair. He chokes on tears and blames himself for Ari's death. He wonders why EJ is still lurking around. She asks her brother to leave. He refuses. Lexi and Mel go into Ari's room. Mel begs her friend to stay alive so they can go shoe shopping. Lexi manages to keep her alive. The family gathers around her again. Sami brings Brady coffee in the waiting room and tells him that he means a lot to her. She goes into Ari's room and the family invites her to stand with them. Rafe leaves to take a call from his mom. Ari calls out for her mother. She sees Sami standing there. "You won't get away with this," she groans. Rafe returns just as Ari flatlines.

EJ drifts around and sits down with Will, who calls him a 'creep'. Will wishes he had shot him. Elvis knows that Sami shot him. His sister catches him badgering Will and orders him out. EJ quietly threatens Will and vows that Arianna will not die in vain. He goes off and gets some flowers. When he returns, he finds Sami and Will crying outside of Ari's room.

"Who thought it would be so boring sitting in a coffin and waiting for poisonous fumes to make you go mad?" Viv tells herself in her sarcophagus. Nicole pops up on the sarcophagus. Viv offers her the opportunity of a lifetime. Nicole doesn't think she can do squat. Vivian explains that she's a duchess with oil fields and has to give them to someone. Since she doesn't have an heir... Nicole doesn't trust her and turns her down. "You'll be broke and alone cookie," Viv taunts. Nicole hangs up on her and then worries about Brady dumping her. She goes downstairs, where she finds Kate trying to barge in past Henderson. Kate is surprised to see her there. "I live here toots," Nicole says. Kate cracks jokes and then mockingly tells her about watching Brady and Ari and how she is the love of his life. This puts Nicole's nose out of joint and she walks off. Kate tries to figure out what's going on and heads upstairs. She searches Viv's room and starts putting the clues together. Viv spots Kate on the monitor and begins shouting at her and mocking her hair. Eventually, Kate turns on the monitor and nearly jumps out of her skin when she sees Viv on it. Kate tells her that locking her in there was probably the most interesting thing that Brady's ever done. Viv offers her the chance to get revenge on Victor. Meanwhile, Nicole wanders around until she runs into Brady. She tells hum that she never would have wished this on Ari.

October 28, 2010
Incompetence Is Not A Crime.

Bo goes to see Victor at the mansion and they discuss Hope. Victor is grouchy about the whole thing and wishes they would just get Hope pardoned, even if she doesn't want it. They bicker. Bo's exasperated but has to admit that his dad is right.

In the prison infirmary, Lee plays dumb when Hope starts asking about April. She drills her about the investigation and Lee tells her to go and pick up some files. As soon as Hope's gone, she calls the warden to warn her. When Hope comes back, they continue talking about the bureaucracy in the prison. The warden shows up and explains that they had an independent investigation and April died of septic shock. Hope is shown the report and is shocked to see that the woman was already cremated. She gets sent down to the visiting room when Bo arrives. He informs her that Ari has died. He tells her that Ari forgave her so it's time for her to forgive herself. She doesn't want to talk about that so she changes the topic to April and insists there is something wrong with what happened. "Incompetence is not a crime," Bo says. She tells him how nervous everyone is acting and claims she will handle this. He knows trying to talk her out of this is pointless but urges her to keep him informed since she's not a cop anymore.

In the hospital, Rafe kisses his sister goodbye. He and Gabi weep together. Sami sneaks out and EJ throws flowers in her face. She lectures him for using Ari to get back at her. He accuses her of hoping against hope that whatever proof Ari had died with her. She shudders when he threatens to get the truth out of Will. The young man leaps in and pushes EJ away. Lexi chimes in and tells her brother to back off. She goes to sit with Gabi and Rafe and tells them that their sister was a registered organ donor and they need her organs to save a little girl's life. Gabi freaks out but her brother tells her to think about how someone else will fall in love with Ari's heart beating in their chest. Sami walks over and hugs Rafe. Gabi runs off in tears and Will follows her. Ari's body is wheeled away. Rafe holds back his tears and tells Sami about how upset his parents must be. He worries about being strong enough for Gabi. Will and Gabi return. She just talked to her mom. She and Rafe go off to the corner and Will repeats to his mother that he will do whatever it takes to stop EJ. Sami tells him to prepare for a fight. She starts to wonder if Ari hid the camera in her room.

Stefano finds his son moping at Casa DiMera. He pays his condolences. EJ tells him everything he's figured out about who shot him. He's impressed that Will isn't 'melba toast like his mother'. "The cojones have skipped a generation," Stefano says. He gets inspired and explains that he had Ari followed right until the end. EJ gets excited and hopes they can find out where she stashed the proof. Elvis calls Marco but the thug admits that Ari gave him the slip. He fumes and then talks to himself about the dead woman and wonder where she could have gone in her final hours.

In the mausoleum, Kate and Viv continue to barter for her freedom. Kate taunts and mocks. "I wish people didn't enjoy this so much," Viv pouts. Kate lists the crimes she's committed against her and Viv encourages her to think 'outside the box'. That makes Kate laugh and she mocks her choice of words. When Viv challenges her to finish her off, Kate decides she feels sorry for her. As she's about to open the sarcophagus, Victor walks in. He finds the ear device and Kate confirms that she knows his dirty secret. Victor fesses up about everything and Kate moans about how weak Brady is. "I think I have you by the light of the silvery moon," she says. He offers her money. They laugh and go inside to talk figures over brandy. Viv wishes she had a brandy.

October 29, 2010

I'm Not A Saint.

Bo is at the pub with Kayla. She tells him that time changes people and suggests that he doesn't know the real Carly. They talk about his trip to see Hope. He insists that Carly is his future and no one can change that. Kayla thinks he's clueless. Bo claims he's doing the best he can and begs her not to diminish how much Carly means to him. He leaves to take a call. Kayla's eyes nearly roll out of her head. When she walks out, she runs into Carly by the pier and narrows her eyes at her. "How do you live with yourself?" she asks. Carly yells and claps sarcastically before storming off. Kay decides she needs to look for an ally.

Steph and Nate make out in their apartment. He says they need to go out and do something special. Philip shows up to announce that Ari is dead. Nate gasps and reaches for the phone to call Mel but Philip forbids it and berates him. Steph begins defending her boyfriend. Bickering happens. Philip sneers and Steph says they can all be happy if they leave each other alone. Philip hangs his head and walks out. Nate's super impressed that she just stood up for him. Whether they are drinking mimosas or having a picnic, he always thinks of her and wants to be with her for all the days of his life. He drops on his knees and proposes as slowly as possible.

Carly shows up at Mel's. She tries to get rid of her mom but Carly needs to apologize first. She hoped that Ari's death would remind Mel that they need to cherish each other. Mel only wants to care about honest people. "I know that even if Daniel wasn't the father, you still would have kept your mouth shut," Mel suggests. Carly decides this conversation is pointless. Her daughter asks her if Bo knows that she's been lying for months. Carly cries. Mel snipes. "I'm not a saint!" Carly yelps. She cries and wails about how giving Mel up has haunted her life. She storms out. Mel weeps so hard she almost falls over. She imagines what will happen if her father ever finds out that Chloe cheated on him and she let him marry her anyway. Philip shows up and his wife tells him about Ari's big heart. She wonders if she had regrets... Daniel arrives later to pay his condolences for Ari. Mel wishes she had hung out with her friend more. He wishes he had been there more to help her through this. His daughter thinks that he needs someone to help him through the hard times to come. He's confused. She wants to tell him the truth about Chloe.

EJ sits at Casa DiMera and wonders where the proof Ari had is. Meanwhile, Sami sneaks into Ari's room and starts searching around. As she tears the room apart, Will calls and she informs him she's got nothing so far. She drops the phone and keeps searching, finding a box. Before she can run out the door with it, EJ shows up. She tries to push past him but he pushes her back and says they need to chat. Sami claims she just stopped in to get a rosary. Elvis thinks that's crap. They wrestle for her purse and knock it to the floor. He picks up the box and they begin wrestling over it on the bed. She grabs what she can and runs out the door. He throws the mattress around and then tries to think. Meanwhile, Sami heads home and tells Will that she found bupkiss. He wonders if it matters. Simultaneously, an unknown man goes through some of Ari's belongings including the camera. 

Nicole meets with Kenzie and Syd in the park. Kenzie's arm hurts so Nicole offers to take Syd on the slide. "I miss you munchkin," Nicole says as they play. When Kenzie is about to take the baby back, Caroline show up and begins bellowing. Kenzie runs away with Syd and Caroline forbids Nicole from ever coming near Syd again. When Caroline goes back to the pub, she finds Kayla there and tells her about the run-in at the park. Kayla informs her that she's about to destroy Bo's life. She explains the paternity test and that she suspects Carly switched the results. Kayla thinks she has to tell Bo for his own sake even if it will ruin his entire life. Her mother explains that Carly is innocent. Kayla wonders how she can know that.

Chloe meets Nicole in the park and they chat about the honeymoon. Nicole informs her that her life has changed and she's realized that she needs Syd back in it. Chloe reminds her that the child is Sami's daughter and asks her not to do anything crazy again. Nicole insists it will all be fine but the background music suggests otherwise. The diva talks about her problems with Mel. "She's worse than annoying: she's dangerous," Chloe says. They go back to discussing Syd and the diva tells her friend to forget about her. Nicole refuses and swears that she will get the little girl back no matter what.


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