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1st Week of September Daily Summaries

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(unless otherwise indicated)

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August 30, 2010

You're My Dream Come True.

Stefano tracks Kate down to the water as Chad walks away. She rants at him for lying to her and screams that she is sick of his secrets. He tells her that he has suffered in all of this too. She doesn't know how she can live with herself, or him, if she loses her grandchildren because of this. He promises that they will not lose William. She snipes at him and he reminds her of the bargain they made when they got married. Will jogs over and they explain that the wedding is off. He's not that surprised but asks what happened. Kate explains that EJ did something terrible and tells him about the Sydnapping. Will is shocked. Stefano says he's shocked too. Will wants to talk to his mom but Kate wants a chance to explain things to him first. He leaves to talk to his mom instead.

Nicole is at Chloe's congratulating her about the baby. Then diva explains that Daniel is definitely the father and Carly has actually been cool about everything. Nicole guesses dreams really do come true. She tells her friend that she deserves to have everything she wants. Nicole's bodyguard knocks on the door. The blond hints at what happened with EJ and says she can't afford to live in her apartment anymore. Chloe offers her the guest room. Nicole rushes to the door to ask George in with her luggage. Daniel walks in and his fiancee tells him about their new house guest. Nicole says it will only be for a few days and then chats about the baby. Daniel makes faces until Nicole goes off to check out the room. Chloe tells him that her friend has nowhere else to go. He gives in and then leaves to get food. Nicole comes out and thanks her for her help. They discuss how they have averted disaster in their lives. Daniel returns and asks what disasters they are talking about. Nicole covers and then declares that she has to go to her placer to get something. The doctor decides to go with her so they can get a few things straight.

At Casa DiMera, Ari confronts EJ over what he did to Sami. He yells at her and claims he's tried to atone for what he did and doesn't deserve to have his children taken away. He's determined to get some justice against Nicole. She tries to stop him, arguing that he will throw his chances with his children away if he goes out for revenge. He mopes and finds it hard to believe how everything went wrong all of a sudden. Ari says it could have been worse. That annoys him. When he starts talking about explaining himself to Sami, Ari tells him he needs to accept it's over. He asks her to leave. Once she's gone, he walks and sadly looks at the wedding remnants.

Sami and Rafe are hugging at the pub. She's ashamed that she let EJ turn her against him. Weeping, she tells him that she is not an innocent victim in any of this and she's sorry for what she did to him. She tells him that he saved her again. "You're every girl's dream come true. You're my dream come true," she sobs. He's never stopped loving her. They make out. Caroline comes in and says she got the kids to sleep. After she leaves them alone, Rafe asks Sami back to his place to talk. They pass Ari as they leave and Will calls his mom. He agrees to go and see her but there's something he has to do first. When she turns back to Rafe, she finds him bickering with his sister about how much Sami is to blame for what happened.

August 31, 2010
A Dangerous Man.

Outside of the pub, Rafe and Ari bicker about Sami's blameworthiness in the Sydnapping. Sami butts in but Rafe backs her off and tells his sister to get lost. Sami says that his sister has a point but he refuses to let people judge her. They hold hands and walk off. When they get to his place, they start tearing off their clothes. She stops, unable to go on. Sami tells him that she insisted that EJ marry her after she saw him kissing Nicole. This has made her realize that she hasn't matured at all. Rafe knows what kind of person she is and loves anyway. He's realized that he doesn't want to change her. They go back to making out and pulling off their clothes. After they pound the mattress, they talk about how happy they are to be together again. They fall asleep. She snores and dreams of when EJ called to tell her Syd was dead. As she starts to cry out, he wakes her up and assures her that she's okay. She worries that this isn't over and EJ won't stop. He tries to calm her but she's sure Elvis will take her children away.

At Casa DiMera, EJ slumps in a chair. Lexie storms in and begins lecturing him about what he did before noticing how devastated he looks. He feels homicidal. She hugs her brother. He begins cursing Nicole for revealing the truth. After he takes a drink, he storms off. Across town, Ari is trying to call him and leaves a message. Caroline overhears her and then starts tearing into her. "Damnit! Your loyalty is to your family and nowhere else!" Caroline barks.

Stephanie sits on her couch and remembers trying to change the paternity test results. Ian shows up and they begin discussing who could have changed the test results before they had the chance. Meanwhile, Philip walks his wife to work and then makes out with her. They notice Nate is looking at them. The topic of Nate's elbow and how he saved her when she was attacked comes up. Philip wonders why she never told him about this. She tries to brush it off and then says that they never keep secrets anymore. Steph arrives. There's lots of low key hostility. Mel tells them about the pregnancy. The medical professionals putter off to work and Philip snipes at Steph before striding away. Mel and Nate get prepped for surgery and a nurse gets snarky at him, saying that he only gets to operate so soon because he's a Horton. As they're about to carve up the unfortunate soul who is wheeled in, he has a spasm in his elbow. Mel gives him a pep talk. Following the surgery, he thanks her for having his back. Meanwhile, Steph meets up with Ian. She's sure that Philip must have switched the results and worries that he was sloppy so she wants to make sure all of the loose ends are tied up.

Daniel walks Nicole down to the pier. He knows she's terrified but he needs to protect Chloe and can't let her stay at his house if it could pose a threat to her. The doctor refuses to let her screw up Chloe's life. She tells him that if things get screwed up, it will have nothing to do with her. Nicole promises that she will only stay with them for a night but it could save her life. She promises to explain everything later. After he walks away, she calls for George. EJ comes out of the shadows and tells her that he knocked George out. He begins chasing her around and ranting about how his wedding day was ruined. "I've got nothing to lose so I'm a dangerous man right now," he says. She begins saying that he only fakes being human and only cares for his children for the way he makes him look. "You go after people because you are dead inside," she suggests.

Philip drops by Chloe's and she tells him that her fiance thinks they are too close. They discuss how happy they are about the test results and then he notices Nicole's luggage. He worries that she may have told Nicole about them but she insists she hasn't. She asks him not to be cynical when they've been so lucky.

Down by the water, Kate tells Will that she had no idea what EJ was up to. He believes her, but then turns and asks Stefano if he knew. Stefano claims he was in the dark. When they go home, Kate tells her husband that Will will find out that he knew all along. If she loses her grandson because of him, she's walking out the door and never coming back. He reminds her that he's kept her secrets and assures her that he will make sure Will is not alienated from them. They throw warnings around and she tells him he will pay if he screws this up. Over at the pub, Caroline catches Will on the phone to his dad, telling him that Stefano wasn't involved in the Sydnapping. She says he's being a fool if he believes that.

eptember 1, 2010
How Dumb Can You Be?

On the pier, Elvis tells Nicole that she will pay for betraying him. She thinks it's convenient for him to blame her and ignore what he did. He insists that he was just protecting his family. She lectures him about kicking his baby out and he slumps and screams. He lurches at Nicole, grabbing her by the throat and squealing in her face. Daniel rushes back and pushes him off. EJ declares that this isn't over and slouches away. Nicole and the doctor sit down and she cries. She explains the Sydnapping to him and how she blackmailed EJ about it. "He is going to kill you," Daniel says. She worries that she will never have the love of a good man and cries. He tells her blackmailing a mobster was a bad idea. She rambles about how she was once happy with EJ. He shushes her and lets her cry all over his chest. She keeps moping. He leaps up when George returns and tries to run off. George convinces him to let Nicole stay at his place. They go back there and she thanks him for letting her stay. After Daniel goes to sleep, she tells herself that she won't be safe while EJ is still alive.

At Casa DiMera, Kate and Stefano keep bickering about the disaster and she tells him he's done a rotten job handling it so far. He orders her to behave but she worries about Will hating her guts and threatens again to walk out if Will ends up blaming her. EJ walks in, drunk and angry. He orders Kate out so they can talk family business. Once she leaves, standing in the hall to eavesdrop, Elvis explains that Nicole recorded their conversation and now the cops have it. He's decided to take his children and run. "Haven't you done enough to those children already?" Stefano asks. Elvis wanders the house drinking and looking at drawings by his children.

Rafe and Sami are in her bed. She keeps worrying that EJ will come after his kids. He assures her that they can neutralize him if she gets sole custody of the kids. She doesn't think she could win in court but he tells her she can negotiate with EJ in private and blackmail him with the CD. Sami is determined to keep her kids one way or another. When he gets out of bed, Kate calls to warn Sami that EJ is planning to take the kids and run. She thinks he's too drunk to do anything right now but she advises her do something fast. Rafe returns and Sami gets off the phone. When he falls asleep, she kisses him and apologizes for what she's going to do.

At Casa DiMera, Kate returns to Stefano and he informs her that things are even worse than he thought. He tells her about what's on the CD. Stefano assures her that she won't lose her grandson. He thinks they should go and stay on the yacht. After they leave, EJ kicks the servants out of the house and continues drinking. He takes out his gun and goes up to his room to cry. As he puts the gun against his head, Sami arrives and begins searching for him. She finds him passed out in bed and begins yelling at him. He doesn't move so she takes the gun from his hand and shoots him.

At the pub, Will tells Caroline that Stefano wasn't involved with the Sydnapping. She laughs. "How dumb can you be?" she asks. They argue and she insists that EJ couldn't have pulled this off with Stefano's help. He points out that she has no proof. As he goes off, Stefano and Kate arrive outside, arguing about how they care about their families more than each other. She says he still has a shot to fix things. He tells her that he is only going to do that because he loves her. They go inside and begin arguing with Caroline.


September 2, 2010
Shooting Elvis.

Chloe meets Brady at the Cheatin' Heart. She informs him that she's pregnant. He's happy that one of them is getting what they always wanted. The diva worries about him drinking and he tells her not to blame herself for when he got hooked on drugs. Chloe tells him that Nicole is at her place and scared to death. That sounds pretty normal to him.

Nicole is at Daniel's complaining that he has no booze in the house. The doctor reminds her that Chloe is pregnant. He tells her to keep a low profile while she's staying there or she'll be out on her ass. Nicole is determined to take care of EJ permanently so she can get some rest. He doesn't like to hear her talk about killing someone. She calls George in and demands to know what Rafe is doing to protect her. He says Rafe is off duty. She demands he make a call. Daniel tries to calm her down. She cries as she remembers how she used to read to Syd and then tells him all about the miscarriage and how she's lost everything she's ever wanted. All of her screw-ups have taught her to be a survivor. Chloe arrives and wonders why there are so many guards outside. They explain what happened earlier and Nicole tells her about the Sydnapping and blackmail.

Sami storms around Casa DiMera bellowing for EJ. She finds him unconscious and screams at him. He doesn't budge. She spots his gun, picks it up and shoots him in the head. After staring at his brains on the pillow, she gasps and leaves. Stunned, she goes down to the pier and flashes back to EJ proposing to her. She chucks the gun in the water and then goes home to crawl into Rafe's bed. His phone rings. He rolls over and answers it. Nicole rails at him on the line and he hangs up. Turning around, he notices Sami is white as a ghost. Nicole calls again and orders Rafe to put EJ in jail. He groans and hangs up again. Across town, Nicole spazzes and then rants to Chloe and Daniel. Chloe tries comforting her and Nicole nearly hyperventilates and says she doesn't have anything worth living for anymore.

Maggie shows up at the mansion and Victor answers the door. He guesses she's as worried about Brady as he is. They sit and discuss him. She thinks that all of this talk about Isabella could be upsetting Brady. She informs him that she's thinking of going away and then talks about how she couldn't eat in any of the restaurants she used go to with Mickey so she's been forced to live on Thai food. All of that led to her deciding to take the trip she planned with Mickey. Victor thinks that's lovely, but doesn't want her to go.

At the pub, Kate and Stefano argue about what Sami will do next and she demands to know what the plan is. He doesn't seem to have one. She thinks his son is planning to grab the kids and run and she's not about to let that happen. They argue about where his loyalties are and he insists that EJ won't be doing anything tonight, especially with the children. He asks her to trust him. They go down to the pier and run into Victor. He complains that he's had a shipment delayed by customs because of him. As they bandy about threats, Maggie shows up.

In the mausoleum, Viv is regaling Gus with her plans to force feed Maggie gruel through a straw after she buries her alive. Gus thinks she should try spending more time with her husband if she's worried about another woman stealing him. She plans all of the fake goodbye notes she's going to write on Maggie's stationary. Viv begins dictating notes and rolling her eyes. Brady wanders in and demands to know what she's doing. She explains about the sarcophagus and he orders her to get it out and leave his mom alone.


September 3, 2010

I Want To Be A Mess With You.

On the pier, Maggie interrupts Stefano and Victor arguing. Stefano and Kate walk off. The redhead probes Victor about his macho posturing and he tells her that she shouldn't have to look out for herself... or travel alone. Maggie snaps at him and demands that he leave her out of his marital problems.

At Casa DiMera, Elvis lays in bed with his brains trailing all over his shirt. Kate and Stefano arrive downstairs and worry about where EJ seems to have vanished to. They call Caroline to make sure the kids are okay. Stefano goes upstairs and wanders into a room where he finds Elvis with his brains hanging out. Kate comes in and nearly pukes and Stefano babbles in Italian. "I think he's dead," he says as he wipes up the blood with kleenex. She calls an ambulance. Stefano screams at the phone and throws it.

At Chloe's, the diva gives Nicole a pep talk and they chat about Brady and what a sweetie he is. Nicole whines about how she ruins everything and doesn't have a life. She worries about screwing things up for Chloe. They go to sleep. The next morning, Nicole is packed and ready to leave for anywhere that isn't Salem. When she asks her friend to lend her money for a ticket to somewhere full of cabana boys, Daniel squashes the idea. He tells her that the government and her friends will protect her. He suddenly gets a call and then explains that he has to go and perform surgery on EJ because he got shot. Daniel gets to the hospital as EJ is rushed in. Stefano begs Daniel to do everything in his power to save his son's life.

Brady is startled to walk into the mausoleum and find Viv with a sarcophagus. He orders her to leave his mom's body alone but backs down since Victor says her 'gift' is okay. After Brady leaves, Gus returns and worries that Brady might find out that Isabella's remains are now beside a Chihuahua named Pookie at the pet cemetery. Brady goes into the mansion and drinks. The next day, Viv sends Gus off to do her bidding once he's dropped off the forged goodbye letters for her. Victor pops up and tells Viv that he wants her to go to Tahiti so she won't get caught in the crossfire of his fight with Stefano. She's touched that he cares.

Sami and Rafe cuddle in his bed. She thinks about spilling EJ's brain and tells Rafe how much she loves him. He promises her that all will be swell. They have sex again. She dreams about Rafe walking in on her shooting EJ. When she wakes up, he asks her what she was having a nightmare about. She tells him the bad times are over now and she is at peace. When she worries about the future, he promises again that everything will be hunky dory. He gets out of bed, pulls out a ring and promises her a roof over her head, morning coffee and lots of love. She stares for a really long time and then tells him how much she loves him. He confirms that he really wants a life with her. "I want to be a mess with you," he says. She says 'hell yes' to his proposal.

Bo and Carly try to take Ciara fishing. "I don't want to fish. I want my mommy to come back," she says. She wonders if he sent her mom to jail so he could shack up with Carly. They tell her that's not the case and Carly says she never wanted to make her mom go away. They let her dig for crabs and Bo tells her how great she is with his daughter. Carly offers to leave Salem if that's what he thinks would be right for him and his family.

Brady stops by Maggie's to fix her fuses. He guesses she brought him there to bother him about his boozing. When he tells her that Chloe is having Daniel's baby, she tells him she's sorry. He says he's actually happy for her. She keeps pushing him about how hard this must be for him so he reminds her that she barely knows him. "I used to be you," she says, telling him the story of her alcoholism. She thinks he should start avoiding Victor. He assures her that his grandfather won't hurt him but she thinks he's drinking to drive him crazy. She suggests that he get a job and be normal.

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