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2nd Week of September Daily Summaries

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September 6, 2010


September 7, 2010
It's Like Santa Claus Got My Letter.

Stefano rushes Elvis to the hospital and begs Dr. Dan to save his life. They wheel EJ into the operating theater and stand around as his hair is shaved away. Once the hair is gone they start dicing his head up. When they dig up the bullet, EJ codes. Daniel revives him. The surgery continues.

"It's like Santa Claus got my letter," Nicole tells Chloe as they discuss EJ's shooting. She rushes out of Chloe's place so she can see Elvis kick the bucket in person. Meanwhile, Stefano and Kate wait in the hospital waiting room. Bo arrives to ask them some questions. Stefano stomps away so Kate is left to explain how they found EJ. They think about who could have pulled the trigger. Bo talks really slowly and Kate gets an idea. Stefano starts vowing vengeance and Kate tells the cop about the little scene with Victor. She tries to keep her husband calm. He feels helpless so she gives him a hug. Nicole and Chloe wander in and Stefano begins launching threats at the blond. Nicole insists that she didn't shoot EJ. She even has an alibi. Lexi shows up and her father begs her to get them some news. Daniel comes out and  explains that the bullet was extracted with minimal damage. They have to wait and see how bad it turns out to be. Lexi comforts her dad. He wants to see his son.

At his place, Rafe is on his knees in front of Sami. He's holding the ring while Sami bawls about how awful she is. They talk about what a monster they think EJ is and how much their lives suck. He wants his life to be a mess with her. He re-pops the question. "Hellz yeah!" she bellows. They make out and then she turns on the TV while he makes coffee. He thinks they should tell the kids their news. She's sure that Will will be 'psyched'. They go over to the pub to see the kids. Johnny runs over from the bar and Sami tells him she and Rafe are getting married. He doesn't think his dad will like that but she says they won't have to worry about him anymore. She says that Rafe makes her the happiest kind of happy they've ever known. Rafe promises they can go camping and Johnny can be king of the FBI office. Bo arrives and Caroline tells him the news. He sends the kid and his mom away to tell the couple that Elvis was shot. They digest that. When she assumes EJ's dead, Bo tells her that hasn't happened yet. She accidentally breaks a glass. Sami pretends that she's relieved and thinks about shooting EJ while Bo asks for an alibi. She spouts off and acts annoyed until he decides to leave. Rafe promises Sami they can work through this together. Sami nods and weeps. Meanwhile, Bo returns to the hospital and Carly comes out with news.

Nathan runs into Chloe talking to her belly on the pier. They talk about her baby and he asks if the confusion about who the father is has been cleared up. She snaps at him and says he's not nice. He thinks she's hormonal. She says Steph needs her head checked for being with a goon like him. They bicker and she tells him the baby is Daniel's. "If you're going to suggest therapy or sex rehab again, I'm going to toss your ass into the river!" she snipes. He trots away.

At home, Philip checks in with his wife and they have an uncomfortable conversation about Chloe and Daniel being with child. She wonders why he's stopped being gloomy about the baby. He explains that he was just being protective of Chloe. They talk about her future little sibling and look forward to having a bigger family. Across town, Ian shows up at Steph's and she demands some immediate answers. She explains that Philip screws up everything and she needs to know if he switched the results successfully or not. He thinks hacking into the computer again is a big risk but she begs him to be benevolent and think about the baby. She keeps begging until he gives in. She runs off to see her boyfriend as Ian sits down at her computer.

At the mansion, Victor warns Brady that things between he and Stefano could get nasty so he's sending Viv to Tahiti. Brady offers to help him out in his fight. Viv eavesdrops as the men talk about Maggie and Brady tells him that the redhead is onto him and won't be swayed by his seduction attempts. Victor calls Maggie and tells her that it's a good idea for her to go away because there's a crime war brewing.


eptember 8, 2010
You Come To Dance On His Grave?

At the pub, Rafe comforts Sami but she wants to go to the hospital to see if EJ will make it. Meanwhile, over at the hospital, Stefano and Kate are impatient to see EJ. Bo arrives and Lexi tells him that the bullet has been sent to forensics. Carly comes out and informs everyone that they are very hopeful right now. They all turn around when Sami and Rafe stroll in. "You come to dance over his grave?" Stefano asks. Rafe says he was with her all night. Bo says that the list of suspects is very long. Sami says they can ask EJ when he wakes up... unless he has brain damage. Kate corners Sami and whispers that they need to talk about their phone call. Sami says it will have to wait. Rafe stares at them suspiciously. Sami goes off to a waiting room and Rafe follows her. She wants to stick around to see if EJ makes it. Stefano approaches them and the bickering erupts.

Bo asks Carly and Daniel when EJ might wake up. Daniel tells the cop about EJ attacking Nicole but insists that she has an alibi. He leaves to get test results and Bo thinks about Sami. EJ's machines start to ring and everyone stands at the glass gasping. Carly goes out and tells them that they have to clean up some blood on EJ's brain. Lexi tries to calm her father but admits that this is really serious. Stefano tells his daughter to give EJ anything he needs. She informs him that what happens will actually be Sami's decision. Stefano explodes. His daughter explains that EJ legally empowered Sami to make all his health care decisions before their wedding ceremony. This enrages Stefano. Sami stares at EJ and thinks about shooting him. Stefano continues to fume and Rafe tries to keep a lid on things. Sami would love to sign away her rights over EJ but Lexi says that's not possible. Her father goes off to call a judge. Sami sits with Rafe and tells him how much she hates EJ... but seeing him lying around helpless nearly makes her feel sorry for him. Stefano walks over and accuses her of wanting his son to die. He promises that whoever did this will die in pain and alone.

Nate is at the Cheatin' Heart thinking about his recent fight with Chloe. Mel, Philip and Chloe stroll in and grab a table. Mel sticks by Nate to apologize again for his injured elbow. He tells her how great she was during their surgery. A few feet away, Chloe and Philip talk about how everything is now the way it's supposed to be. As they smirk, Steph strolls in and checks things out. Mel joins Chloe and Philip and asks her if she can throw her a baby shower. She wants a theme shower with lots of glitter. Philip decides to go and sit at the bar to chat with Nate. Steph runs over to the men as they talk. "Oh my God! You told him?" she blurts out. They're confused. She covers. Philip returns to his wife and the shower discussions continue. After Mel and Chloe leave, Steph plops down beside Philip and begins interrogating him about what he's been up to. He gets defensive and strides off. She calls Ian and tells him that if Philip changed the results, he must have done it from Titan. They discuss the technical complexity of tracing this. She starts making calls to her old contacts in the company to get some tech information and then heads home to give it to Ian.

Victor calls Maggie as Viv eavesdrops. The redhead tells him she's busy and gets off the phone. Meanwhile, Mel and Chloe go shopping and then haul the loot to the pub. Carly joins them and Chloe talks about how nice it is that they are all friends. Carly says everything will be perfect now. As they chit chat, Viv wanders in and joins them. Mel tells her she's not invited. Viv reminds her that they are vaguely related. Mel gags and leaves. Outside, Mel runs into Philip and moans about Viv. Mel heads home and checks in with Maggie about her travel plans. Mel pouts that Viv is trying to stomp back into her life. Back at the pub, Viv plays dumb while Chloe and Carly confront her about all the things she's done to them. Viv waves it off and says it's all old news. She wonders why they are so cozy all of a sudden.

September 9, 2010
As In Actual Murder?

At the hospital, Stefano continues accusing Sami of shooting his son. He vows to make whoever did it in pain. He goes into his son's room. Daniel tells him that there is no change for now but EJ still has diminished brain function. Dr. Dan leaves and Stefano sobs. His daughter tries to comfort him. After she goes, he sits by his son's bed and tells Elvis that he's always been his favorite son. Even though they fight a lot, they always come back together because of the love they share. Stefano wishes that he'd been shot instead. He tells EJ to fight and vow to find who did this to him.

In the waiting room, Sami takes Daniel aside and they talk about EJ's condition. She worries about having to make the decision to pull the plug and wonders when it's the right thing to do. He explains that there are no clear cut ways of knowing; it's more of a wait and see thing. After the doctor leaves, Rafe comes over and they discuss letting things 'play out'. He suggests she try sitting beside EJ to figure things out. Then he suggests just letting EJ go to make their lives easier. As she heads for the room, Stefano comes out and tries to stop her but Lexi says that he can't do that. As Sami goes in, Rafe tells Stefano he wishes someone had wiped out his entire family. In the room, Sami can't believe she did this. She thinks about shooting him and sobs, "What have I done?" His eyelids start to twitch so she screams for Lexi. The doctor runs in and starts talking to her brother as Rafe takes Sami out. They tell Stefano EJ must be waking up. He's sure that Sami wants his son to die. As they argue, Lexi comes out in tears.

At the pub, Carly and Chloe bark at Viv to go away but she wants to know what is going on between the two of them. Viv drops a reminder of her arrangement with Chloe and leaves. Chloe decides she needs to come clean with the doctor. They go down to the pier and the diva slowly explains that she sort of tried to kill her. "As in actual murder?" Carly asks, freaking out. Chloe tries rationalizing her irrational behavior. She explains about the 'malfunctioning elevator' that was meant to snuff her out.

Viv goes home and finds Philip there. He begins shouting at her and ordering her to stay away from his wife. She agrees to stay away... after all she's busy with her plans for his sister. She tells him all about her ideas and he wonders what she's up to. Viv claims that she's just trying to prove she cares. He tells her that no one cares she cares. "You can't fix a marriage made in hell by moving dead bodies around!" he shouts as Victor strolls in. Philip keeps ranting at Viv until she leaves in tears. She sits down and tells herself that Philip and Victor are all she has so Maggie has to go on a long trip to nowhere. Meanwhile, Philip urges his father to find someone he can actually love. After Philip leaves, Victor meets up with Ciara and they run off to play. Outside, Viv and Gus stand by the sarcophagus and she tells him that Maggie has made her bed and will have to lie in it.

At Maggie's, the redhead tells Mel that Viv is feeling insecure about her relationship with Victor and wants to ingratiate herself with his family. They talk about Maggie going away and Mel says she'll miss her. She thinks that she's running off because of Victor. Maggie objects but Mel prods until the other woman runs out of the room. Mel goes over to her dad's and tells him about the shower and how her mom and his fiancee are getting along. Maggie shows up to deliver a baby gift. Mel tells him her friend is going away and won't make it to the shower. The redhead tells Daniel about the trip she is planning. He doubts she'll get much comfort from it and she tells him he might be right.

At Steph's, Ian is complaining about the new firewall at the St. Marys hospital. He hacks away and discovers that the results couldn't have been changed by Philip. She wonders who it could have been and assumes that it must have been Chloe. Ian doubts it. She worries about Chloe's blabbermouth and decides she has to find a way to keep it shut. As she ponders what to do, Nate walks in and demands to know what the other man is doing there again. Ian decides to leave and Nate asks for some answers.

September 10, 2010

Whacked Out.

At the hospital, the bickering match between Sami and Stefano continues until Lexi walks out looking miserable. The eyes roll around in her head and she explains that EJ's movement was just a reflex and nothing more. Kate corners Sami and says they need to talk and then wanders off. Sami sends Rafe off to check on her kids and fill her grandma in on what's happening. Kate corners Sami again and demands to know if she put a cap in Elvis. Sami moans that she didn't do it and repeats that she was with Rafe all night long. Kate agrees to believe that but says they shouldn't mention their phone conversation to anyone. When Kate walks away, Sami paces and talks to herself, loudly asking, "What have I done?"

Down the hall, Abe tells Lexi and Stefano that they got forensic results on the bullet and the results are 'rather revealing'. Stefano gets uncomfortable as he talks about what kind of gun was used. He heads back to Casa DiMera and discovers that the gun in the living room is gone. Kate suggests it still could have been a professional hit but he's sure it must have been Sami, but he can't understand why she chose last night to do it.

Will drops by the pub looking for his mom. Caroline explains that everyone seems to have gone to the hospital. Rafe shows up and explains the shooting. Will stutters then rushes over to the hospital and finds Sami. She babbles until he stops her. "I know what you did," he says. Sami flips out and he tells her that he heard her yelling and saw her walk out with a gun. She begs him to keep his mouth shut and tries to explain herself. Meanwhile, Rafe goes to see EJ and hopes he doesn't die so that he can make him pay for what he did. His sister runs in and stops his tirade. She drags him out and he complains about how EJ needs to pay. He tracks down Sami and Will and finds them distraught. Will explains that they are just whacked out over what's happened. Rafe gets a call telling him that the bureau thinks this must have been a paid hit.

On the pier, Chloe tries explaining to Carly that she tried to kill her and the doctor makes excuses for her. Chloe swears she'll never do anything so rotten again. Carly swallows that and says they should put all of this behind them. Chloe keeps worrying about Viv. The doctor tells her that she can handle Vivian.

At Daniel's, Maggie tells Mel to use Chez Rouge to cater her shower. Mel talks about how weird it will be not to have her help. Maggie says her plans are flexible and she can stick around a little longer. Mel wishes she could talk her into not going at all. Maggie heads out and Mel tells her dad how worried she is about Maggie. He tells her Maggie is a tough lady and she'll be okay.

In the mausoleum, Viv goes on at Gus about how fab the sarcophagus is. He's not sure that this plan is good. She tells him all about how she has a video feed from her bedroom to the sarcophagus so Maggie can watch her seduce Victor. She announces that she wants to have a test run and asks Gus to hop in. Reluctantly, he climbs in and she shuts the lid. She talks to him through the video monitor. He soon starts begging her to let him out. She keeps testing things until she's satisfied and released him. He tells her how terrible it was and begs her not to do this. Carly shows up as they bicker. Viv tells her to get lost and they argue. Carly shoves Gus around and refuses to leave. They throw around threats and insults.

At Steph's, Ian runs off as Nate arrives. He demands to know why Ian is always hanging out and accuses her of hiding something. He thinks that Ian has a thing for her and is extending their 'study sessions' on purpose. She says that's probably true and they make out. He heads back to work and she calls Ian for advice about how to figure out if Chloe is the guilty party. Steph immediately heads over to Chloe's.

On the beach, Ciara beats Victor at checkers and talks about how much she misses her mom. Maggie eavesdrops in the bushes as the little girl tells her grandpa that she wants to live with him. He'd love that but doesn't think it would work. He encourages her to try and get along with Carly for Bo's sake. They go back to the mansion. She runs off to make cookies as Daniel comes in. The doctor tells his godfather that Maggie will be sticking around for awhile. Meanwhile, Maggie goes home and thinks about what a good man Victor could be. Mel runs in and interrupts her. The redhead announces that she has to leave right away. Mel suspects this has something to do with Victor. Maggie insists that there is nothing going on between her and Victor. They argue and Mel accuses her of being afraid of her feelings.

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